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File: 1561509383895.png (823.6 KB, 1920x1080, 877148.png)

336c8 No.103001[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics

In the North, in Bales, Brie has just aquired a carriage with which he shall make the journey into the Changeling Occupied Zone, alongt with Spark and Onyx. In Baltimare, Dark Star recouperates from injuries sustained in a near fatal encounter with a Changeling opperative. Silver helps treat two traumatized orphans, and Iron examines ancient secrets in the Jungles

2bf59 No.103007

>new thread
>doesn't tell us

262a4 No.103008

IKR? I was waiting in the other thread

336c8 No.103009

Alright, so is Brie ready to go?

bce67 No.103010

So that's why I didn't hear anything more.

262a4 No.103011

Back to the hotel, or en route to contented sigh the Hive?

336c8 No.103013

Lets have the characters meet first at the hotel

262a4 No.103014

To the hotel then!

336c8 No.103015

Meet >>103014
Say something nice

2bf59 No.103016

Hi, how are you?
So…. is Onyx dead? Maimed? In a coma?

e9554 No.103017

If I survived, then so did you.

a7b43 No.103018

Are you a big dumdum? GM wanted you to talk to Brie in character.

262a4 No.103019

Onyx has sustained no damage. Since he's been on autopilot, he's been removed from the actual killing. At this point, if he's either in the foyer or outside the hotel, he would be greeted to the sight of Brie hauling an impressive (both in size and accoutrement) carriage.

336c8 No.103020

By this time, he has finally recovered from his hangover

Next time, be sure to drink plenty of water, and eat a greasy breakfast

2bf59 No.103021

>big dumdum
Exhaustion will do that to you
Okay then, Onyx steps outside and looks over the carriage that Brie is hauling
"How much did this cost?"

262a4 No.103022

Looking around to make sure nopony is near enough to overhear, Brie winks and says "About the price of a pair of carbines and a shotgun."

a7b43 No.103023

262a4 No.103024

Brie silently curses himself for not having the foresight to make himself appear as a young pony, just to fuck with onlookers.

2bf59 No.103025

"I'm not sure if that's the best price, but oh well. I assume I'll be hauling it?"

262a4 No.103026

"We can take turns I suppose, but," he looks down at himself. "I suppose I'll be alright on flat ground, but anything more adventurous would require either you or perhaps tandem. And what do you mean 'not sure that's the best price'? This thing is weatherized against cold, rain, and even flooding. I'm told it will float away if the wheels lose contact with the ground,… but that aside its got mud-traction wheels, reinforced axles and frame for offroading,… honestly pulling it is probably going to be the biggest difficulty.

336c8 No.103027

File: 1561512922701.gif (86.6 KB, 300x234, 0625BE13-6E22-4A7C-8860-42….gif)

You’ll get’em next time

Built Pferd tough

2bf59 No.103028

"And, pray tell, why did we need all of that?"
He walks around it a few times for inspection
"Hauling it won't be a problem though, that was my whole job in the army"

e9554 No.103029

336c8 No.103030

It’s pretty big, fairly blocky, and has both metal and wood on it’s black painted exterior. The ground clearance is high, and the wheels are wide, have a large radius, and are wooden at the point of contact

262a4 No.103031

"I don't know that we do to be honest. I have no idea the terrain, weather, and situations we might find ourselves in. Besides, the firearms were free, bloodletting aside."

2bf59 No.103032

"Fair enough, I guess. When should I be ready to leave?"

262a4 No.103033

"That depends. Have you seen Sparks, and the little ones? Last I saw them, they looked ready to eat him. I told them to ask nicely, but I can't guarantee they listened."

2bf59 No.103034

"I'll go up and check, gotta grab my halberd too"
Onyx heads up towards the room

336c8 No.103035

File: 1561513895788.jpeg (32.82 KB, 474x548, 7CF8B47F-4DD9-4877-9842-2….jpeg)

You see this cutie. What do?

e9554 No.103036

You should find a pony in there still petting two changelings in disguise completely equally… as long as they didn't eat me.

2bf59 No.103037

"Uh, um, hello ma'am. Can I help you?"

a7b43 No.103038

Keep in mind it's a filly.

262a4 No.103039

"Don't be a knob, that's Wesley."

bce67 No.103040

I thought he was disguised as a colt.

336c8 No.103041

It’s a colt, there are just no cute colt pictures

It continues looking up at Silver mud with big, unblinking blue eyes

a7b43 No.103042

Was more trying to point out it's not a threat or a disguised changeling adult.

262a4 No.103043

Thats not true

2bf59 No.103044

That would have been nice to know before I said ma'am
>a colt
thanks for specifying that
"Sorry, can't really see it… him that well"
Onyx turns his not blind eye to the colt

262a4 No.103045

Onyx has a blind eye?

a7b43 No.103046

He was a pirate before Crystal duties. He doesn't wear the eyepatch now because he was tired of that life.

336c8 No.103047

File: 1561515047546.png (Spoiler Image, 113.86 KB, 600x625, 65CCE491-43B0-4E8E-B5BD-9A….png)

ONYX. Damn it, it looks up at ONYX

*silently Hi anons Onyx*

2bf59 No.103048

I guess it has been a while… But yes
"uh, hi"
He pats the pone

a7b43 No.103049

Can't keep his floof out of your mind, GM?

336c8 No.103050

File: 1561515319663.jpeg (29.62 KB, 600x653, 8D67165C-A7F5-4E25-AECA-1….jpeg)

*silently closes his eyes, and enjoys the pets*

2bf59 No.103051

Wait! HEY
"So… uh… Spark? You around here?"

e9554 No.103052

"Yeah? How goes it bartender?"

262a4 No.103053

File: 1561515526449.png (201.5 KB, 1260x633, colt.png)

Here's one
"Wesley, you should remember Onyx. Yes, he's been catatonic for most of the train ride, but you recognize him don't you?"
Brie then remembers himself, shuffles close enough for a whisper, and reiterates:
"Wesley, du solltest dich an Onyx erinnern. Ja, er war die meiste Zeit der Zugfahrt katatonisch, aber Sie erkennen ihn"

a7b43 No.103054

A bit too punkish for a sweet, innocent colt…
who was diddled by some rando uniperv

262a4 No.103055

You just had to remind me

2bf59 No.103056

"Ah good, the gang is all here. I'm doing well, yourself?"
He continues to pat the colt

e9554 No.103057

"Good. The changelings haven't killed me yet, which is always a plus."

bce67 No.103058

While I'm waiting around, I'm trying to figure out some universe-appropriate names for firearm manufacturers. What would be the pony version of Winchester? Would the name play off of the -chester part of the name, like Chestnut, or would it play off of the Win- part of the name, like Windigo?

262a4 No.103059

Please wait, while GM translates shit

262a4 No.103060


a7b43 No.103061

Good enough.

336c8 No.103062

>Wesley, du solltest dich an Onyx erinnern. Ja, er war die meiste Zeit der Zugfahrt katatonisch, aber Sie erkennen ihn
Ja, er ist der große rußfarbene. Er hat weniger Aura als der Knochenkopf.

*Is pat*


262a4 No.103063

Oooh! I've got a good ponified firearm name!


2bf59 No.103064

"I see they're just full of surprises…."
He noogies the colt a bit
Gimme a minute and I'll think of a Mossberg one

262a4 No.103065

"Welches ist der Knochenkopf?"

a7b43 No.103066

Coughing in the crowd

336c8 No.103067

"Das hier"
*Points hoof at Spark*

bce67 No.103068

Appreciate it. I wonder why the only breech-loaded rifles they use for technologies in EaW are single-shot ones? Where's the love for repeaters?


e9554 No.103070

Spark gets the impression he is being talked about… and not in a positive light.

262a4 No.103071

"Warum ist ER der Knochenkopf?"

336c8 No.103072

"Wegen des Knochens, der aus seinem Kopf wächst"
Wesley places his right hoof over his forehead

262a4 No.103073

Brie thinks about it for a moment, looks over at Spark, nods twice, and turns back to Wesley.
"Ja, das macht Sinn"

336c8 No.103074

The little ersatz pony sort of smiles, and nods at Brie

336c8 No.103075

Okay, so what next?

e9554 No.103076

Hmmm…. on to the wagon?

2bf59 No.103077

I'd assume

336c8 No.103078

He/they can get hitched up. Do they feel like they have adequate supplies?

e9554 No.103079

Agree with >>103076 ?

262a4 No.103080

Brie doesn't, luckily he has other bit-notes that he swiped from the safe. He just hadn't gotten around to provisions yet.
But no, I won't be able to get to that tonight, unless its super-brief.

336c8 No.103081

Oh noes!

Anything else they wish to do in the city before heading West?

2bf59 No.103082

Nope, Onyx would just have to grab his halberd and hitch up to the wagon before they leave

262a4 No.103083

Acquire provisions. Brie has 100+ notes gaffled from the safe, he would use those to get noms.

336c8 No.103084

Alright. Grocery store?

262a4 No.103085

262a4 No.103086

Too late, passing out
(do we really need to role-play groceries anyway? Dried meats, dried rations, dried fruit)

336c8 No.103087

Nah, just take note of expenditures

a7b43 No.103088

Will the horned fellow, the utensil-throwing rockhorse and the bat orphan ling sympathizer be able to carry out the mission set out by themselves?

336c8 No.103089

That’s the question we all have

a7b43 No.103090

Do the former two even know what they're doing and where are they going relatively speaking in character?

262a4 No.103092

File: 1561564518295.png (138.13 KB, 645x600, rdwingflip.png)

Will do. Brie still has (iirc) about 100 bit-notes from the train safe, and the Lings should each have 600 bit notes from Comte's safe, which he gave them when he thought he was gonna get killed during the revolutionary's train attack.
>pic related

a7b43 No.103093

File: 1561566406571.png (217.52 KB, 283x301, 1515457240639.png)

Love you too, Anon.
Cryptiness has its drawbacks.

88984 No.103094

That sounds approximately right, although I may need to revisit the earlier threads to verify. Be sure to leave money for other expenditures that arise, especially if the group wants to ever leave the Changeling lands

262a4 No.103095

Alright. I'll be ready to continue in a couple hours, though I can't speak for Sparks and Onyx, who's participation would technically be more essential going forward.

84b63 No.103096

File: 1561576489209.gif (155.09 KB, 772x736, eeeeeee.gif)

88984 No.103097

File: 1561576679011.png (267.18 KB, 662x800, 69A8D4F5-62B5-4E87-9EEE-55….png)

a7b43 No.103098

What a nice bat.

bce67 No.103099

File: 1561577547097.png (1.45 MB, 3535x2293, 2066033__safe_artist-colon….png)

84b63 No.103100

Alright, so we're at the Hotel, we've got the carriage, we've got the food,… ready to disembark? Oh hey, maybe a map would be good.

a7b43 No.103101

Maybe there is somepony who has intel about the place you want to go, but it could notify the bugs of your arrival.

84b63 No.103102

Well, its not like we're gonna sneak up on them,….

84b63 No.103103

Dice rollRolled 5 - 1

Gather Information - Seeking a map or directions

84b63 No.103104

Dice rollRolled 13 - 1

Well thats lovely. 2nd attempt

a7b43 No.103105

They could set up an ambush to capture you and make sure you're not a threat or something along those lines.

84b63 No.103106

File: 1561578728366.jpg (371.5 KB, 2048x1360, newspaper.jpg)

*bap* Bad! Stop giving GM ideas!

bce67 No.103107

More likely a Partisan group would approach them and question as to whether any of them are changelings, I'd think, especially if none of them showed any interest in being escorted safely out of Changeling-occupied territory at that moment.

84b63 No.103109

a7b43 No.103110

Ow! That hurt!
I didn't hurt you!

84b63 No.103111

Your ideas might Xp

88984 No.103112

Upon obtaining a map, Brie can see that a Bales itself is pretty much perfectly on the border.

The area is defined by the convergence of two Rivers, where the Unity river meets the Wye. The Unity runs south from the Crystal border and the Neighagra, while the Wye runs West and slightly south, until the Wye and the Unity merge, and the Wye continues running South and West. The city of Bales is located on this convergence, with the main commercial area and the great train yards being east of the Unity and North of the Wye, an industrial area south of the Wye, and residential areas on all sides.

The Border between the Changeling Lands and the Bales District of East Equestria is West of the Unity, and North of the Wye, right across the river leaving most of Bales in East Equestria. A portion of Bales located West of the Unity is also in East Equestria, but sone little satellite communities are in the Changeling Lands

2bf59 No.103113

>Utensil throwing
It was utensil whispering unless something happened while he was in an alcohol induced coma that I don't know of

84b63 No.103114

So can I assume that the map directs toward the hive?

88984 No.103115

To Brie’s West are 2 million square miles of formerly Equestrian and Crystal Empire land, and only then the Changeling Core Lands. It’s peobably safe to assume their are new Changeling hives in the occupied Lands, but those are not on the map. The closest big pony city is Whinniapolis at around 150 miles Northwest, but there are closer, smaller cities

84b63 No.103116

Brie shows the map to Onyx and Sparks.
"So how do we want to do this? Its not too late to back out."

e9554 No.103117

“No backing out, but maybe let’s not go in the most obvious spot to get caught.”

84b63 No.103118

"Fine by me. I doubt we'll be able to make the trip without trouble, either from the Hegemony or from native creatures, but I'm for minimizing the threat."

2bf59 No.103119

"Well I can't very well back down now. I'm not sure what would be the best route. But preferably somewhere we actually can take the wagon without it being more trouble than help."

a7b43 No.103120

You mean the easily ambushed paved road?

88984 No.103121

At this point, the main concern should probably be whether they want to enter the Changeling Lands by admission by Customs, or whether they want to enter without admission. Also there’s the question of where to cross

2bf59 No.103122

I meant preferably no minefields, sharp rocks, forests are out, and I suppose mountains are too. Why I say the paved road sounds wonderful!
Without admissions sounds easiest/best

84b63 No.103123

You can do that? I assumed you had to sneak in like it was Mordor n shit

88984 No.103124

File: 1561583141451.jpeg (21.65 KB, 224x225, 56CA681D-AC5A-4719-B375-D….jpeg)

84b63 No.103125

File: 1561583208696.jpg (69.03 KB, 600x1050, 1z3iue.jpg)

Look what you fags have done. Now he's thinking.

a7b43 No.103126

Be grateful he's not taking Onyx's idea.

2bf59 No.103127

I'm calling it now, one of the three won't return from this trip.
And if they all do, then it's not gonna be easy

88984 No.103128

File: 1561583896762.jpeg (15.92 KB, 300x168, 99D4C061-5377-421D-9DA2-1….jpeg)

>Minefields, sharp rocks, forests, and mountains
This region is relatively flat, so no mountains

I had initially intended the colony territories, if not necessarily the hives, to be little more threatening than the Soviet Union. But now that you mention it…

2bf59 No.103129

Wew, Onyx can manage the wagon on plains. Prepare the little house on the prairie references.

>Little more threatening than the Soviet Union

>Implying the Soviet Union is better the Mordor

84b63 No.103130

What? No Oregon Trail references?
"You already made one"
Quiet you

a7b43 No.103131

You mean dysenetry?

84b63 No.103132

You missed my post about fording the river then

a7b43 No.103133

I was going for another reference, but that, too.

88984 No.103134

File: 1561585084916.png (128.07 KB, 1000x686, 4F7C344C-07FB-46AE-9303-E9….png)

Should they stick to more rural areas, they may want to avoid certain water sources, as well as be certain they avoid any sort of lice

2bf59 No.103135

I mean we can shoot buffalo until we have too much meat to carry back, but I think that's murder in this world
Hopefully one of us has survival as a skill…
Just kidding, no one takes survival ranks.

84b63 No.103136

"So we're going where there's roads kek then? Fine by me. Is there ANYTHING we might need that I haven't acquired?"
I'm assuming that Water is included in those provisions, but if not, consider this my bid to have water available.

2bf59 No.103137

"Roads or plains, I can work with either. As for supplies all I need is good for the trip."

a7b43 No.103138

What about food for your pet parrot?
I suppose it could be a girlfriend, considering the movies, tho.

2bf59 No.103139

P-parrot? Alright you fuckers, what did I miss?

a7b43 No.103140

You? Missing anything?
Nah, you didn't miss anything.

2bf59 No.103141

What do you mean? I've been here every session.
Watching, Learning, Waiting, but mostly waiting to be honest.
Except that time I fell asleep and missed a few months of sessions, now that was a shame.

336c8 No.103142


>Parrot NPCs
Oh shit, that’s a good idea

a7b43 No.103143

What kind of parrots, exactly? Latest MLP movie-like, actual parrots or pegasi with parrot characteristics like that pidgeon pony?

336c8 No.103144

MLP movie parrots

>pegasi with parrot characteristics like that pidgeon pony


2bf59 No.103145

I like the idea of smol pegasi that act like birds

a7b43 No.103146

File: 1561588881562.jpg (49.62 KB, 883x960, 4c3.jpg)

Like pic related. I remember there was one where she'd ask for breadcrumbs to a nigger but I can't find it.
I'm more afraid it'll try to perch itself on somepony's shoulder, making them fall down.

84b63 No.103147

I'll be unavailable for a bit

336c8 No.103148

a7b43 No.103149

True. The actual movie parrot had a way to perch on others' shoulders.
Honestly, it's a better pick.

bce67 No.103150

File: 1561589724211.jpg (205.78 KB, 1280x988, 2057605__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

Meanwhile, in Severyana…

336c8 No.103151

a7b43 No.103152

Stronk floof hoers.

bce67 No.103153

File: 1561591531544.png (1.34 MB, 2700x3100, 1706155__safe_artist-colon….png)

Cyka blyat.

a7b43 No.103154

Hardbass orchesta intensifies.

80aee No.103155

Okay, I'm here again

e9554 No.103156

Hello again.

bce67 No.103157

File: 1561592549781.png (189.27 KB, 1200x500, 1079447__safe_artist-colon….png)


bce67 No.103158

Fuck, wrong reply.

336c8 No.103159

Alright, so what are we doing?

a7b43 No.103160

Iron's having a marem full of ponies he barely interacted with.
Don't know about the others.
Batty fellow, know that it is a joke and you don't have to puke into the toilet.

e9554 No.103161

Loading up everypony into the wagon to start.

bce67 No.103162

Silver's currently taking a pair of colts to the zoo, like the good pony he is.

80aee No.103163

inb4 they're disguised changelings

80aee No.103164

I think we're ready to disembark. Is tipsy full up?

e9554 No.103165


80aee No.103166

How big of a container IS tipsy?

e9554 No.103167

Able to be balanced easily in one hoof I hope. I pictured a shotglass originally, but it is sort of up to what the bartender in the first bar on our first mission passed out that day. I don't recall that the moment.

336c8 No.103168

Alright, declare your next action

They come upon what seems to be the zoo - a beige stucco wall with trees belong it, a ticket window in a little booth, and an opening with a white, arched sign that says "Baltimare Zoo" on it

a7b43 No.103169

Damn. My joke comment has been shrugged off!
In truth, Iron was walking further in the cavern thinking about his current choices.
Most likely he'll stick to Cauldron but will try to part in as good terms as possible.

bce67 No.103170

"Это зоопарк, если я когда-либо видел." He trots up to the little booth. "Three tickets, please. One adult, two foals."

80aee No.103171

Not get us all killed

e9554 No.103172

I approve of this action.

336c8 No.103173

The yellow earth pony, with orange mane and a red uniform says
"Alright… 3 for a foal, and 5 for an adult… That'll be 11 bits."

bce67 No.103174

10 Bits in notes and a 1 Bit coin, it is. Silver addresses the colts on his back as he's (presumably) hooved his tickets. "This will be fun!"

336c8 No.103175


Any first priorities?


bce67 No.103176

Probably a good idea to head inside and see what they have and where, first. Maybe they have a zoo directory, or an information booth with maps.

a7b43 No.103177

Can we see the chained ponies at the other end of the zoo?

80aee No.103178

Legitimately, the next action would be to head out on the most well established and stable road that is indicated on the map, that leads toward the Lings' home-hive.

bce67 No.103179

Okay, now I'm lost, what kind of fucked up zoo is Iron at now?

a7b43 No.103180

Oh no. I'm in a temple with more metal bits from taking down a group of bandits several times making sure Cauldron gets more than her metal bit she received.
You're at the zoo.

336c8 No.103181

This is a difficult question to answer if taken literally. Let's start with the issue of simply crossing the border. To do so, there are two separate bridges that go across the river where the border is on the other side - one in the North over Unity, and one in the South over Wye - and one that crosses into Red Fields, where the opposite side is in the same country, but there is a land border three quarters of a mile away. There is of course also the river itself, which may be crossed, though probably not with the carriage, at least without a ferry

The mundane, the exotic, and the dangerous

a7b43 No.103182

What about the VIP changeling chambers?

15f07 No.103183

Hmmm. We could float the river,….

2bf59 No.103184

Wasn't it said that the wagon would float away in a flood?

336c8 No.103185

That's true of a regular car, You still wouldn't drive it into a deep river, especially because you know it won't float for long

Unless maybe it can be made to float for a while

bce67 No.103186


Silver turns again to the colts on his back. "Well, this is your special day, after all. I feel like you two are more qualified to choose what to look at first than I am."

336c8 No.103187

They bolt straight out of the gate

bce67 No.103188

"…Дерьмо." He chases after them as best as he can. "Wait! Hold up!"

336c8 No.103189

White Orchid to the left, a little further away, and Mint Marine to the center, a bit closer

15f07 No.103190

Brie goes catatonic cuz debates

bce67 No.103191

He calls out to Mint. "Mint, can you let me know where you are going to be?"

a7b43 No.103192

Iron is in limbo for the time being.

336c8 No.103193

Mint Marine is outside the Winterchilla exhibit, looking at the little fuzzy creatures through the bars
"Uh… Oh… okay"

bce67 No.103194

Silver silently curses the likely-bad decision to let them choose where to go. "Okay…be safe!" He chases after where White Orchid went.

336c8 No.103195

Down a little stone path, past some trees, he can finally see white orchid, on a fence overlooking an encloser where some foxes are kept

bce67 No.103196

Oh thank goodness… Silver lets out a sigh of relief as he approaches Orchid. "Splitting up and bolting right out of gate was not exactly my idea."

336c8 No.103197

He blinks
"What was your idea?"

a7b43 No.103198

Come on, Silver.
They only want to have fun looking at the animals all alone and without supervision

bce67 No.103199

"That you two would come up with ideas and we would go to see them. It is alright this way, I just want to be able to make sure you two are safe, and that you do not get lost." He ruffles White Orchid's mane and looks at the foxes.

336c8 No.103200

It's a family it seems. A male, a vixen, and at least one pup is visible, sitting on a section of grass near a little pool of water in the enclosure. The pup is playing around, or trying to

White Orchid closes his eyes and enjoys the mane ruffling

bce67 No.103201

What happy-looking fox family. Hmm. I wonder if there is any deeper meaning as to why Orchid choose this enclosure to look at. He pauses in the ruffling of the mane, no matter how nice it may be. "Should we go look for Mint? He might like having company while looking around zoo."

336c8 No.103202

He continues staring, now somewhat more sadly

bce67 No.103203

"What is wrong, little one?"

336c8 No.103204

"Many things… let's go find him"

bce67 No.103205

"Hey." He puts a hoof on Orchid's right shoulder. "It is no use to go find Mint if your own business is not in order. Tell me what is wrong. Even if I can not do anything, acknowledging what is wrong is good idea."

336c8 No.103206

"You say Mint Marine needs a companion… all of the sisters and even the other orphans place the two of us together. And in a way we are. But it's for all the wrong reasons"
He is definitely tearing

bce67 No.103207

It doesn't take long at all for what the colt means to hit him. "Oh…OH! I apologise, I did not think…I am sorry, really." Silver sits down, putting himself more at Orchid's level as he stands.

336c8 No.103208

"And on top of that, even the little foxes have a mommy and daddy"
Now he's crying, holding his head down

bce67 No.103209

Silver feels like this is good time to hold the poor colt close, and give him a shoulder to cry on. "Just let it all out. It is okay."

336c8 No.103210

White Orchid is the larger and more muscular of teh two ponies, but even so, he is soft and fluffy on the outside. Well, a little

*crying pony noises*

bce67 No.103211

Silver stays largely quiet while he lets him cry it out. He occasionally tells him that it's okay, or he strokes his mane or pats his head or back. Mostly, for even as fluffy as Silver is, he stays strong for the poor colt so he has something to lean on, support himself, and keep himself grounded.

a7b43 No.103212

Silver does not have a mommy or a daddy either!

bce67 No.103213


336c8 No.103214

White orchid leans against him, silently, slowly soaking Silver's fur

bce67 No.103215

It's been a while since he's had to do this bit of fatherly duty, but he happily takes up the mantle for the colt who needs him. He has as much time as he needs for White Orchid.

336c8 No.103216

It's a good thing there are no ponies in Baltimare that would want to kidnap or hurt Mint Marine, because that foal is still unattended

a7b43 No.103217

>Comte Burger 2: Electric Diddledoo

bce67 No.103218

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that's what I'm trying to solve!

336c8 No.103219

"You kind of remind me of my grandfather…"

bce67 No.103220

"Oh? And what was he like?"

336c8 No.103221

"Old… always happy and kind… missing a lower leg, I never knew why. he gave me gummy candies"

a7b43 No.103222


bce67 No.103223

Silver chuckles. "Well, I can only hope to strive to be like him. Minus missing leg, that is." He wiggles his legs a little.

336c8 No.103224

he looks up at Silver with big, happier, but still tear filled eyes, with an expression only a child could give. It seems to be saying "buy me gummy candies"

bce67 No.103225

Silver responds with an smiling expression only an old father/grandfather can give. It seems to say "I will later".

"I am sorry about what I said before, but there is more practical reason to go and find Mint Marine; it is not good idea to leave colt unattended in public place, no matter circumstances."

336c8 No.103226

He follows Silver, and briefly looks back to the vulpine enclosure

bce67 No.103227

Silver waits for him, while considering what White Orchid said to him. "…White Orchid? What would you say to spending some more time together tomorrow, just you and me?"

336c8 No.103228

"We could do that. Maybe"

bce67 No.103229

Silver chuckles some more. "Well, my day is open tomorrow, unless something suddenly comes up. If and when you want to spend time together, I would be more than happy to."

336c8 No.103230

He smiles and wags his tail

bce67 No.103231

It's always nice to see a smile on his face. He starts trotting slowly towards where he last saw Mint Marine, motioning for White Orchid to follow. "Thankfully, I only have little bit of work to do after we part ways, then I will be finished with work for while if I so chose. I just have to dispatch some zombie-ponies from catacombs near outskirts of city."

336c8 No.103232

"Zombie ponies?"

Mint Marine is actually in precisely the position he was left 4 or 5 minutes ago, staring at the Winterchillas

bce67 No.103233

"Ghasts, really." He rubs the back of his neck with a foreleg upon realizing that it's probably inappropriate to tell him this if he doesn't have any idea that the undead exist. Still, he's committed now. "Soulless corpses of ponies that have been resurrected by dark magic and necromancy. Catacombs they are located in is connected to quarry some company is working on filling in, so I was hired to put them to rest so they can not hurt workers, or anypony else for that matter."

He turns to Mint Marine as he approaches. "Are you doing okay, Mint?"

336c8 No.103234

White Orchid's eyes go wide
"What do you do?"

Mint Marine:
"Huh? Oh. Yes. I am okay"
he looks at Silver, but turns back at a single winterchilla that slowly walks across a mulch covered bottom of the cage/covered-enclosure

bce67 No.103235

He nods at Mint, and gives Orchid a bit of a confused look. "Hmm? What do you mean? What I do for living?"

336c8 No.103236

bce67 No.103237

"Like I said before, I am soldier of sorts…" He sighs. "…I am mercenary. It is what I use to describe my job, even if it has little bit of dirty connotation. Ponies hire me to fight for them or protect them when they can not fight for or protect themselves. I also sometimes am hired to fetch or gather something for ponies, or to send messages through areas that are too dangerous for others."

336c8 No.103238

Fetch quests as a job
White Orchid subtlety nods, and looks uncertain about how to feel about what he’s heard, or if he even understands what Silver told him

bce67 No.103239

I.E.: Every Bethesda RPG ever.
"It was not my first choice of career. Still, it pays bills, sometimes I make difference in world, and it is how I met my wife, long ago." He looks into the winterchilla enclosure, curious about this type of animal.

336c8 No.103240

File: 1561608189172-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.64 KB, 938x896, 7cjbtdvzn1iz.jpg)

File: 1561608189172-1.png (Spoiler Image, 636.8 KB, 1280x720, Close-up_on_the_winterchil….png)

Silver may have to describe how he met his wife

It's a small, fuzzy little creature with six limbs, giant ears, a fuzzy tail, and little rodent teeth. Kind of cute. During the day time, anyways. They dash about in the cage. Mint Marine particularly seems to be focusing on one that remains mostly in place, and does not interact with the others

bce67 No.103241

What strange creatures. Seems like Mint has found one that acts remarkably like him.

Silver gives him a slightly abridged version. "I met her…what was it, 44 years ago? She was leader of group of brigands that were terrorizing roads and caravans. When I had fought through to center of their camp, I found her there, demanding one-on-one duel with me. We fought for what seemed like hours until our bones felt as if they were going to break and we could barely move our muscles. It was this beautiful dance of death, and we gained respect from each other for it. In end, though, I was victorious, and so I took her captive, to bring her back for reward. Over journey we got to know each other better, started to fall for each other. By time we had almost arrived, we were in love. And so, I released her, and she stayed with me, our hearts belonging to each from then onwards."

He lets out a sigh. "She was…beautiful. In more ways than just her beauty on outside. She was like hurricane: fierce, untamed, furious…but, once you got to her eye, she was calm, serene, peaceful, kind, loyal, strong. She was sweet on those ponies she cared about, and protected them from dangers to best of her abilities. She knew what it was like out there in world, how harsh it could be, but she never let it get her down. She could brighten your day simply by being in her presence. I loved her. I truly did" He looks down, sadly. "She…is in better place, now. Has been for while. I still miss her, every day, but…I am glad I got to know pony like her, and got to father three foals of my own, thanks to her. She helped to make this fool pony's life worthwhile."

a7b43 No.103244


88984 No.103245

File: 1561656469017.png (158.07 KB, 849x1344, 059B3FE1-FF83-4F9E-8F2B-B7….png)

*is interested*

a7b43 No.103246

*Pet bug with hoof*

bce67 No.103247

*pats the cute bug hors*

88984 No.103248


88984 No.103250

White Orchid tilts his head
“You… married a bandit?”

bce67 No.103252

He seems a little amused by the question. "I suppose that is one way to put it, yes."

88984 No.103253

Mint Marine looks over, and comments
“She sounds lovely”

bce67 No.103254

Silver smiles at Mint Marine, though it's bittersweet. "Thank you. She was indeed." He continues looking at the winterchillas. "Looks like you have found one you like."

88984 No.103255

“I like looking at the animals… this one is by himself, even though he’s surrounded by the others”

bce67 No.103256

"Sort of like you?"

a7b43 No.103257

While I think GM wanted you to say that, I'd advise against reminding the orphan of his loneliness unless you're going for an adoption or something.

88984 No.103258

“…. ….”

bce67 No.103259

"…Sorry. Just idle thoughts."

88984 No.103260

He then says
“They are all in a cage, but only that one seems to know it”

bce67 No.103261

"Hmm? What makes you say that?"

a7b43 No.103262

Cuz he's by himself cuz he knows all of this isn't real.

88984 No.103263

“The others play around as normal”

White Orchid interjects
“They don’t feel caged because they are with their friends”

bce67 No.103264

"Perhaps both have merit, in some way." He looks at the chilla in question. "I wonder how long he has been alone. Is this all he knows?"

88984 No.103265

This question seems to intrigue them. White Orchid in particular responds with enlarged eyes

bce67 No.103266

"This life is incomplete without friends. It is something I know very well."

a7b43 No.103267

But Silver, you have no friends. At most you have acquaintances.
Perhaps both romantic interests at best.

88984 No.103268

Mint Marine:
“Why do you say that?”

bce67 No.103269

"This world, it can be cold, hard, and uncaring at times. Trying to weather it alone wears on you. It tears at your very being, as if trying to make you into its splitting image. But with friends, it is easy to withstand its influence. Friends care for you and about you, not out of sense of duty, or guilt, but because they are simply your friend, and because they know you would do same for them. They share some of same interests, laugh at some of same things, and even when they do not, they are always there to support you. They offer shoulder to cry on when you are feeling down, smile with you when you are feeling great. They console you are your lowest, and they celebrate with you at your highest. They are warm, friendly, caring. They are opposite of how this world can be. And together, you and your friends supporting each other, when you face against harshness of this world, you are stronger than you ever are alone. Together, you can withstand anything, overcome anything.

"We were never meant to be solitary creatures, and we were never meant to be alone in this world. Even in our earliest days, before civilization, we were together, in our herds, supporting each other to make survival that much easier. That has not changed, even after so long."

a7b43 No.103270

It would be quite funny if the foal got distracted by a butterfly and didn't hear a single word from Silver and proceeds to run off to another zoo exhibit in sad awe

bce67 No.103271

Top kek. Foal-like attention spans strike again!

88984 No.103272

Mint Marine looks up, and nods at Silver with big, purple eyes. He takes in the lesson

White Orchid also nods, though in reaffirmation. To him, it is well known dogma

bce67 No.103273

Silver looks at the exhibit. "Perhaps they all know already they are in cage: you would have to be very unobservant, or else, not to notice cage bars. But, because they have each other, they can pull through where this lone one is having trouble. Perhaps he will decide one day to look for friend, or another winterchilla will make attempt to become his, and he will be able to stay strong because of it."

a7b43 No.103274

Psst. GM. Are you planning something for the native or are you stalling since it would desync me with the others by a day?

336c8 No.103275

He nods, trying to understand this new point of view

Not really

a7b43 No.103276

File: 1561676162792.gif (Spoiler Image, 906.9 KB, 440x248, 1550512139787.gif)

336c8 No.103277

File: 1561676324266.jpeg (22.29 KB, 625x416, 09CE0D8E-49B1-4CD1-ABD5-6….jpeg)

a7b43 No.103278

File: 1561676469775.png (403.24 KB, 500x499, 1527953507150.png)

Oh whoops. I didn't actually see it was
a) A gif
b) A gun pointing cat

Any message you've gotten might have been severely distroted by my carelessness.

462c2 No.103279

File: 1561677656594.jpg (190.38 KB, 680x665, E.jpg)

a7b43 No.103280

File: 1561677704637.jpg (100.15 KB, 444x617, 1534046296111-1.jpg)

336c8 No.103281

File: 1561677821416.gif (122.33 KB, 374x366, 430974.gif)

a7b43 No.103282

File: 1561679365351.jpg (46.66 KB, 540x629, 1533405573711.jpg)

Now we need the other two peeps.

bce67 No.103283

"I do wish best for him, no matter what path is right." He looks away from the enclosure, silently wishing for a friend for the lonely winterchilla. "I wonder what other creatures they have here. Maybe they have something from my homeland, like wolverines. Those were nuisances back home."

88984 No.103285

“Ooh! You think they have wolverines?”

“What are wolverines, and why are they a nuisance?”

bce67 No.103286

"They are like badgers, except bigger, stronger, and more ferocious. Meaner, too, if that is even possible. Some can be as big as pony. They wander alone in forests of Severyana looking for their next meal. They are like to go into rage should their next meal try to fight back. Supposedly there are rarer, bigger versions called Dire Wolverines which can grow to 12 feet long, and weigh as much as 1 ton. Both versions make it very dangerous to go into forests alone, and sometimes one will wander too close to town or village. I do not know if they have any here on display, but it would be worth taking look. Might be they also have bears or Severyanan tigers."

336c8 No.103287

MM: “Oh dear…”

WO: “Neat! Let’s go see if they have any”

a7b43 No.103288

White Orchid accidentally falling in wolverine pen to force Silver to fight them off when?

bce67 No.103289

Silver nods to White Orchid, and addresses Mint Marine. "You do not have to come along if you do not want to, but it would be appreciated to know where you will be so we can find you."

>that happening
Wow, I can't believe Silver is fucking dead.

336c8 No.103290

“No, I can come along”

a7b43 No.103291

Another one for the 'fall into pen' sidequest!

bce67 No.103292

Silver nods again, and thus sets off to look for if they have any wolverines among their more dangerous animals.

I'm not even sure if Silver has a weapon on him.

43b89 No.103293

Sorry for my absence as of late. I,ve been in The Real world. And i've been less depressed latly as a result.
I just got home, and im very sleepy. I'll probably be on Saturday.

a7b43 No.103294

Ey, that's cool.
Good on you, my edgeboi!

bce67 No.103295

It's good to see you're doing better, Starry boi.

336c8 No.103296

File: 1561689048921.jpeg (146.48 KB, 1024x1024, DC2DA530-A2F4-4019-B729-9….jpeg)


There are indeed wolverines in the mundane section. This is an enclosure that is fenced off and at a lower level, with plenty of rocks and plant life inside

a7b43 No.103297

With a very small fence that foals can easily slide through

bce67 No.103298

Silver looks down into the enclosure. "I definitely remember those. Very glad they are down there."

336c8 No.103299

A pair of the big clawed, brown animals are down there, wondering about their business.

White Orchid stares at them a moment, and Mint Marine tries to take in the sight of the animals

bce67 No.103300

I wonder what they do all day, with them being down there all time. Silver keeps an eye on the two colts to make sure they aren't going to suddenly fall into the enclosure.

a7b43 No.103301

My job is done

336c8 No.103302

They don’t look like they are going to fall in. Yet.

“My grandfather used to tell me about Wolverines. I didn’t understand much, but they sounded impressive”

bce67 No.103303

That's a load of Silver's shoulders. For now.

"They very well can be. I got into fight with couple when I first left home to make it on my own. One of first major scars I ever got was from them." He looks over to White Orchid. "What did your grandfather do, by any chance?"

336c8 No.103304

“I think he was a farmer out in the Hayseed forests”

bce67 No.103305

"Seems pretty far south for wolverine encounters. Maybe he traveled in his younger years?"

336c8 No.103306

“I don’t know… the way my mother talked about him, maybe”

bce67 No.103307

Silver gives him a curious look, prying for more.

336c8 No.103308

“Well… she would remark about him hiding things in carts, and avoiding the Revenue men”

a7b43 No.103309

Sounds like the hooked beak griffins bullied his father

bce67 No.103310

"Tax evasion?" He considers it for a second before shrugging. "I can understand sentiment little bit."

336c8 No.103311

“I don’t… know. He would cook things”

bce67 No.103312

Although he's a little hesitant, he asks: "Like what?"

a7b43 No.103313

Wacky drugs
Or possibly gunpowder to create explosives for a resistance group.

336c8 No.103314

“I Uh…”
He freezes

bce67 No.103315

"…You okay, little one?"

336c8 No.103316

“… Sure”

bce67 No.103317

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3

Sense Motive: Silver gives the colt a concerned look, as well as looking for what could be wrong.

336c8 No.103318

Silver is asking a child of perhaps 11 to remember what he saw his now deceased grandfather doing when he was perhaps 5. Silver is suggesting that the child’s grandfather was involved in illegal activities, and White Orchid neither wants to dishonor the memory of his grandfather, not does he understand many years later what he saw but didn’t understand then

a7b43 No.103319

What an oopsie.

bce67 No.103320

"…Apologies, forget I asked. I was just curious about him, is all."

336c8 No.103321

“It’s okay…”

bce67 No.103322

Silver decides that now would be a good time to change the subject. "I wonder, if they consider wolverines to be mundane, then what is it they consider to be dangerous?"

88984 No.103323

Mint Marine is still staring
“They don’t look too threatening so far”

bce67 No.103324

"I guarantee you, it is much different story in wild."

336c8 No.103325

“Well… let’s not meet them in the wild”
Roll die

bce67 No.103326

Dice rollRolled 18

Oh boy, I'm ready for Silver to fuckin' die.

336c8 No.103328

Silver does not lose any foals

bce67 No.103329

Well, thank goodness for that.

"I wonder what exotic animals they have here. Do you two want to look?"

a7b43 No.103330

Try to look for nice hervibore exotic animals that either don't crave pony flesh or are extremely territorial.

336c8 No.103331



bce67 No.103332

And thus, they galivant in search of the exotic section of the zoo.

336c8 No.103333

File: 1561698490927.png (70.7 KB, 200x258, 62378E38-6139-4361-BB87-42….png)

Pear Faucet is new best pony

Anyways, I have to go to sleep now

bce67 No.103334

Checked, and goodnight.

a7b43 No.103336

I wasn't expecting that.
Although she seems to like to cosplay as a pegasus.

bce67 No.103337

I wonder what question GM had for both Starry boi and I.

a7b43 No.103338

I'm betting it's for changing allegiance from strictly Black Hooves to mercs.
That, or dealing with Skies' love triangle.

bce67 No.103339

I'm thinking it's either your spoiler, or that he'll ask if we would want our characters to collaborate on a job for the Black Hooves.

336c8 No.103340

File: 1561779114996.gif (3.47 MB, 480x270, 9A284942-AD8D-44E9-BA41-06….gif)

That wasn’t it. It doesn’t look like Dark Star will be back soon

a7b43 No.103341

You'll get him tomorrow.
He should be there according to his last post.

bce67 No.103342

/pol/eague day 3, and we'll get to see Starry boi (hopefully). Tomorrow will be a good day.

ce1f8 No.103343

Any early risers?

bce67 No.103344

ce1f8 No.103345

File: 1561819262196.jpg (9.78 KB, 204x212, 1532163680019.jpg)

bce67 No.103346

'Course I rose early today. Can't miss the big game, after all.

ce1f8 No.103347

But Silver, the game is in about 4 hours.

bce67 No.103348

I'll say it again, can't miss the big game, after all.

925e5 No.103349

2 hours, unless they're as >LATE as last week

bce67 No.103350

Kek, that was an 'orrible show. Still, we tied despite it.

336c8 No.103351

File: 1561820999319.gif (210.04 KB, 955x853, CE6494D6-D9FE-4A4F-8085-BF….gif)

bce67 No.103352

File: 1561821486597.png (149.61 KB, 790x694, 2048726__safe_artist-colon….png)

28418 No.103353

ce1f8 No.103354

Now that all three of you are here, you could present your question to the floof and edgeboi.

bce67 No.103355

>the floof
I accept this nickname.

46014 No.103356

File: 1561839553727.jpeg (31.9 KB, 190x265, F296C7A4-A1E1-4178-85F5-8….jpeg)

Okay, so a question for players, and really Dark Star and Silver in particular.

Several of you have mentioned characters in your character’s backstories that could plausibly make an appearance at some point. Dark Star has an aunt, a brother, and Scar. Silver has three children. No one else has any likely characters, though Iron alluded to a sister, and Spark to unnamed family in Canterlot.

So, if these characters are introduced, how do you want them to be handled? Should they be controlled by the players, should they be controlled by me? Should they be controlled by me at introduction and for the first quest or what have you, then controlled by the players? How would you want to do this?

ce1f8 No.103357

>Allusion to a sister
R00d. Iron also had a brother.

In the case you do want to introduce them to the game, the best bet not to accidentally mischaracterize them is by giving him/her the player in question to control. If you feel like it's too much power, you'd have to study how the players use the new PCs, then try to emulate the personality you got out of them.
Although I don't think there'll be a problem with Silver since you already took some of their created characters and didn't complain.

bce67 No.103358

Oh, THAT is the question you were going to ask. Wasn't expecting that.

First off, you should definitely be the one to introduce them. There's no doubt in my mind that you would have the best ideas on when, where, and how to introduce them. After that, it gets a bit tricky. If we control them, there's the risk that we'll just end up talking to ourselves and get nowhere, while if you control them there's the chance you might accidentally mischaracterize them. I'm thinking maybe you should control them, though, and that you can ask for appropriate help with the characters when you need it.

28418 No.103359

i would prefer if you controlled them.

ce1f8 No.103360

Well darn. I'm guessing you'll control all of the PC created NPCs then.

46014 No.103361

Alright, just tell me essential personality traits, likes or dislikes

*hordes NPCs*

ce1f8 No.103362

File: 1561842196532.jpg (228.07 KB, 1280x960, 1527915155068.jpg)

Y-you better treat them nice!

28418 No.103363

Give me some time to think about it.

bce67 No.103364

Same, gimme a minute to put it into words.

ce1f8 No.103365

Well, I've finished building the monk character in a mechanical level. How are you two going along?

bce67 No.103366

Working on it.

28418 No.103367

still thinking about the personalities

ce1f8 No.103368

Wait a second, do you want the brother or the sister as an NPC/PC?

bce67 No.103369

For me it isn't figuring out the personalities, it's just figuring out how to translate what I've got in my head down into a readable format.

46014 No.103370

I mean… you don’t have to make them now. I just wanted to avoid doing something with a character that is greatly opposed to your conception of them

ce1f8 No.103371

I have a feeling that in my case, this is not going to be an issue, since Iron's quest will not continue until a certain parameter I don't know of checks out.

bce67 No.103372

Think I've got something, though it's more in bio form than anything. Apologies if that's not what you're looking for.

>Silver Rain:

A member of the old mafia creed. His life parallels his father's in some ways, with regrets about how he left his family behind and the things he's done since coming to Las Pegasus, regrets that he hasn't found a good way of coping with or solving yet. He's strong and hardy, he can handle himself in a hoof-to-hoof fight, and learned a couple things about saying the right things to the right ponies during his time in the Sin City. His thoughts are often occupied by family, whether it's the one he left or starting one of his own. He appreciates trust and honesty, and dislikes disloyalty and just general stupidity (as well as "those damned Wingbardians"). His favored weapons are a full set of Brass Horseshoes and a right-side Wingblade left to him by his deceased mother. He also carries a police-model .357 revolver, though he most certainly favors his hooves in a fight.

>White Light:

A bit of the black sheep in the family. She's quite intelligent and skilled with magic, having graduated with top honors from Canterlot University in the schools of magic theory and practical applications of magic. She's friendly, but has problems with initially interacting with new ponies, though they aren't as bad as they were before the semi-frequent visits with her brother Spec. Still, she favors a magic treatise or good book to most social interactions that don't involve her family. She worked in the Royal Canterlot Research Institute before the end of the Great War, working on various projects such as the "Luna Nova" Prototype Magic Rifle and the Magic-Nuclear Reactor. She isn't the most physical pony in the world, with her body somewhere in the chubby range, but in the rare fight encounters she has her magic more than makes up for it. Similarly, she doesn't have anything on her in way of a weapon, besides a spell book she keeps with her at all times.

>Spectral Streak:

To the soldiers of both Equestria and Hegemony, most know him as "The White Death" due to his lethal accuracy in combat, but to his friends and family he's more simply known as "Spec". His military career has been fairly successful considering the general lack of fighting experience Equestria had. He distinguished himself in the Stalliongrader Civil War during the Battle of Baicall and has participated in a small number of volunteer forces sent off into foreign wars. The recon company he led, the Hengstwolves, grew to prominence during the Great War as a sort of commando unit, combining Special Forces training with the general recon training they had already received. He is very close to his sister White, with frequent visits between them until the beginning of the War put that to an end. He's driven, calm under pressure, and knows how to brighten up the days of those around him, though the experiences of the Great War had made him harder, more cynical, and almost fanatical in his goals to protect ponies and put an end to the Hegemony. He believes a good portion of the Equestrian General Staff was incompetent during the war, for instance with the lack of evacuation orders for Las Pegasus or the lack of supplies in the Siege of Shire, and believes that the age of the Grand Battleplan is dead and gone. While his feelings about the State of New Mareland aren't exactly warm, their position creating a safe haven for ponies fleeing the Hegemony's brutal regime means he's willing to leave them be…for now. His favored weapon is a scoped Lavender Rifle he's modified slightly, though he also knows how to use the left-side Wingblade left to him by his deceased mother.

ce1f8 No.103373

Pretty sure this is what he was looking for, albeit he'll have to fill the blanks in terms of stats, feats and other skills depending on how much the GM will use the now tangible NPC.

bce67 No.103374

Considering he's be far better at that than I am, I'm fine with that. I thought the bios were alright, at least. He's also free to add, remove, or modify as he sees fit, I can only give the template to use.

Just a couple misc. things I thought of to add:

- White's likes include a good book (romance is her guilty pleasure), research, and the occasional slice of chocolate cake. She dislikes the kind of stuffy, snooty behavior she experienced much of during her time in Canterlot, as well as just that general kind of full-of-yourself behavior. She also does not have much of an opinion on the various factions fighting over Equestria besides favoring which ones will let her pursue her passions of research and magic, and which currently aren't a risk to the safety of her family.

- Spec has a common saying he's attached to his Hengstwolves: "We Resist, We Fight, We Bite". He's carved this phrase into the stock of his rifle.

46014 No.103375

What are you bitching about?


ce1f8 No.103376

Eh, it's nothing my dude.
You got what you asked for.

46014 No.103377

Let me give you an example of how I think about it:

White Orchid:
Temperament: Sanguine?
Extroversion-Introversion: More extroverted
Conscientiousness: probably lowish
Neuroticism: lowish
Agreeableness: high, and well learned on politesse
Openness to Experience: medium to low, learned conservatism
Willpower/Assertiveness: fairly high
Other relevant details: has been at the orphanage for a long period of time and has mostly adjusted. He has imbibed the teachings of the nuns fairly well. He does not show his trauma under most circumstances

Mint Marine
Temperament: Melancholic-ish
Extroversion-Introversion: more introverted
Conscientiousness: relatively higher, maybe because of boredom
Neuroticism: medium
Agreeableness: medium to high
Openness to Experience: relatively higher
Willpower/Assertiveness: less assertive
Other relevant details: between a poor family situation and horrific abuse, he’s not taking it well. Less adjusted to the orphanage, and perhaps more curious

ce1f8 No.103378

Ah, so you use the JP method of creating character personalities.

bce67 No.103379

I've never seen it done like that before.

46014 No.103380


I mean, I never write it out, but I do try and think through how they would react to various things, what motivates them, and why

28418 No.103381

File: 1561858696078.png (462.97 KB, 830x650, White Star.png)

white Sar
Born 7 years before Dark Star. White Star was the Beloved First Born Son of North Star.
His Days were mostly spent with his Father Tilling, Picking,rotating crops.
He Came to understand the Spirit of the Farmer,Very well.As He Grew His Demanour Changed From one of happy and content Colt, to One of longing to Serve his country.
North Star and Dark Days Were Able to Scrounge up enough money to send him to School.
This is where he,First Heard of The Going ons of the political world in New Mareland.
He Fell in love with the idealology almost instantly. Taking to it like a Seapony takes to water.
About half way through his 2nd year in School He got the news that he was going to be an older brother.
White Star Was Very Excited to meet his little brother, And when the Day came that he was going to Meet him.
He knew for sure they were going to be best friends. As they Grew older they Formed an unbreakable bond.
He was Very Protective of his little brother, He interveind muliple times to help Dark Star when he would Mouth off to the wrong pony.
White Star was Grief Stricken when his Father Passed away in the war, but he knew he had to be strong for his family,And he knew that his Father Died in Service to the Greatest Country on the Planet.
This is Around the Time he Dropped out of School, in order to Provide for his family. He went to workon the docks for a short while,this bored him to no end. so after about 3 mounths, He applied To the Equestrian Air Force.
He was placed under Seargeant Maple Leaf, as a Workpony that Clears the runways for take off.
He Advanced through the ranks Fairly quickly,This Time in the Air Force Hardened him to the World, But he was still loving towards his MareFriend Sour Patches whom he met in Training, he was still warm to His Brother and Mother as well.
Until She was murdered by Scar. He was at home the Night the police Brought Dark Star home, he was filled with Rage at the news of what happend to Dark Days. He consoled the Anguished Dark Star. This Around the time White star got involved with weapons smuggling to New Mareland.
This was also around the time larry berry Campagined on Agrarian reform and won, then he siezed their farm. and that put DS and WS(and his mf)out on the Streets. where Dark Star resulted to stealing, so White Star could feed himself and Her.
then as we know sometime after that the Great War started which liberated Equestria.

ce1f8 No.103382

I meant the OCEAN method of creating character personalities.
Got mixed up with something else I saw related to it.

ce1f8 No.103383

So something like this?
Temperament: Choleric
Extroversion-Introversion: Extroverted
Conscientiousness: High
Neuroticism: Low
Agreeableness: Medium to high
Openess to experience: Medium to high
Willpower/Assertiveness: Medium
Other relevant details: The elders’ favored child for his attentive, flexible and dutiful nature. Unearthed latent Earth Pony magic (very weak psionic powers) through special tutoring by Stream, one of the younger elders.

336c8 No.103384

Back home now

That’s pretty good. White Star sounds sweet

Uh, okay

I… also don’t know what that is

b6c0a No.103385

i'll write up His Aunt in a bit,You can make scar whichever way you wish.

ce1f8 No.103386

>Don't know what it is
Really? Perhaps you know it as the Big Five personality traits. That's another way it's called.

bce67 No.103387

File: 1561863382912.jpg (42.9 KB, 479x904, 2068683__safe_screencap_ra….jpg)

336c8 No.103388

Okay, so who wants to play?

I have a few ideas for Scar

Oh. Yes, I looked to the big five when writing that, though mostly extroversion-introversion is the only one I really look to. I more often think about the four temperaments.


bce67 No.103389

I'm always up for more.

ce1f8 No.103390

I'm going out on a limb here and say all three present players.

b6c0a No.103391

336c8 No.103392

Uh… I think Silver is trying to take the ponies to
A new exhibit at the zoo?

Iron is waking through the cavern

Dark Star’s pancakes have arrived

c6187 No.103393

File: 1561864720020.png (168.45 KB, 2000x1734, aryannepose.png)

bce67 No.103394

Eeyup. Something more exotic, hopefully.

ce1f8 No.103395

"Did you find any metal bits for the coat shredder? SMG" he whispers to Cauldron as they go for those pots.

b6c0a No.103396

He smiles at the waitress
Then he digs in to the pancakes

336c8 No.103397

I don’t know if that’s Brie, but if it is, Brie is set to leave Independence, Missouri, with his companions on his wagon

Silver comes upon a larger enclosure, with more Jungle like and thicker foliage, and cage bars on the viewing area above

Extra buttery. Skies has nothing to say at the moment

“No… only a pistol and one clip for rifle”

bce67 No.103398

"This seems exotic." He looks into the enclosure. "I have never been in jungle before."

336c8 No.103399

White Orchid:
“It’s gets pretty wild not far south of here”

No creature yet

ce1f8 No.103400

Iron nods.
"It will have to do."
Sneaking a glance at Grant and Pear, he checks if they're armed with anything.

b6c0a No.103401

He looks up at Her
"Getting shot really works up an apatite."

bce67 No.103402

"I am not very familiar with this area. North-east, North-west, yes, but my work actually has not brought me down here before." He looks up at the viewing area. "Perhaps we can actually see what is in here from there?"

336c8 No.103403

“It looks like it. Are you sure you are okay?”

Neither appears to be armed with anything, as they cross over the ridge inside the cavern

“Well, maybe”

As Silver looks deeper inside, he can see the denizen of the enclosure almost blending in with the foliage around it: a very large, yellowing colored frog with no less than six big red eyes

b6c0a No.103404

"Just a little sore.i don't think i'll be getting in anymore gunfights for awhile."
He Grins

bce67 No.103405

"…What kind of godless land bred those things?"

ce1f8 No.103406

Iron feels a bit more confident in his and Cauldron's odds, but can't shake off a little seed of doubt with him.
(If this Grant fellow attempts anything and is subsequently killed, Pear is going to be extremely unreceptive to any sort of contact for a very long time. I should try to avoid that.)
A low buzz from all of the metal bits inside him, combined with the slightly shorter breath intake from that last punch he received, only makes the seed spread its roots further.
(I am not going to be able to take him down non-lethally and Cauldron is not going to take any chances)
He focuses on the stallion's physique, comparing it to Cauldron's.

336c8 No.103407

“Well, the thing about here is, you never really know when your next encounter will be”
She then adds
“Be grateful it’s more pacific here than in some occupied areas”

Mint Marine
“The plaque says these are called Bufogren. They can be found in the Hayseed swamps and the forbidden jungles.”

The bufogren gives off a strangely high pitched “ribbit”

Females being smaller than males, the fairly buff, for a mare, Cauldron is around the same size as the prissy unicorn that is Dr. Grant. Cauldron could probably win

b6c0a No.103408

"Oh i'm Grateful. Still hurts to be shot though."

bce67 No.103409

Silver looks a tad disturbed by this realization. "That is…uh…"

ce1f8 No.103410

Iron sighs.
(Alright. She could win against him in a hoof on hoof fight, but making her risking her hide again sounds quite bad.)
His mouth puckers.
(Perhaps he can still find my raw physique intimidating enough to make him not attack.)

Blinking, he turns to Cauldron.
"Do you have any particular spots to sell the contents inside the pots?"

336c8 No.103411

“What is it?”

The creature blinks with all six of its red eyes, and opens its tubular, toothy mouth

*she pays him*
“You’re feeling better at least than that worker. And probably better than that corrupt cop we arrested”

“There are multiple black market dealers”

Iron’s 0 HP is as plainly visible as a red sweatshirt, if that red sweatshirt left trails of blood

bce67 No.103412

"…I do not know that I have words for that." He looks over to White Orchid for an explanation, as if he can explain all of this away.

ce1f8 No.103413

Seeing how he's leaving a trail of blood as he goes, he thinks that Grant will catch on and see right through the tough colt charade.
(Only other option is to claim merit of getting the place clear of the bandits to explore and loot its contents.)

He nods.
"Like that griffon you escorted me to?"

b6c0a No.103414

He Smiles and rubs his Head against her hoof
"I Wonder which gang he's with?"

336c8 No.103415

White Orchid has a smile on his face

The bufogren gives another strangely high pitched “ribbit”

“There’s only one criminal syndicate in Baltimare. The question is, who else is he connected with?”

She responds
“Well… yes, like that Griffin I sent you to, but he is a scrap metal dealer. Artifacts usually go through an antiquities dealer.”

bce67 No.103416

"That is one word for it." Silver looks for the next exhibit, or at least the one closest to it.

ce1f8 No.103417

Iron raises in eyebrows, somewhat relaxing his posture.
"You mean he could buy all the metal I just got inside my body?"

b6c0a No.103418

"That is… A Intriguing Question. let's hope he talks."

336c8 No.103419

The next exhibit is a watery one, with a large set of blackish rocks at the bottom, but no foliage yet visible

“… No

She sighs
“Getting then to talk can be difficult… I think I could have made that Worker sing

bce67 No.103420

"Now, I wonder what this will be."

ce1f8 No.103421

Iron frowns, kicking a pebble in the way.
He looks at her saddlebags.
"How much are you carrying?"

336c8 No.103422

“I’m carrying what I brought, plus the rifle and the ammunition”

It’s pretty plain, until the rocks start to move

ce1f8 No.103423

Nodding, his mouth flattens.
(This means that the pots must be extracted.)
"So, what is you opinion on the ponies in front of us?"

336c8 No.103424

“I do not trust either of them”

ce1f8 No.103425

"I understand. They are taking what should be ours."
He frowns.
"Did you speak with Pear when I dived in the stream to reach the other side?"

336c8 No.103426

“Only briefly. She tried to talk to me about history”

ce1f8 No.103427

Dice rollRolled 2

He nods
(She's cold to her. Hopefully Pear doesn't 'convince' her to shoot her)
Using his limited empathy, he tries to gauge for as many reasons as possible to explain her distrust.
Apart from potentially taking our rightful loot.

336c8 No.103428

ce1f8 No.103429

His frown is quite noticeable.
(She is such a good secret keeper. I guess I will have to ask directly. Hopefully she does not have to conceal any sort of hidden motives.)
"What makes you distrust the mare in particular?"

bce67 No.103430

Silver indeed takes notice of this. "Are there creatures underneath rocks? Or are rocks themselves creatures?"

336c8 No.103431

“I never trust the bourgeois. And she’s so quiet, following along without saying much”

336c8 No.103432

Oh, it’s the rocks themselves. Below Silver is a massive crocodile, which is almost rocky in its exterior appearance

bce67 No.103433

"Oh, I think I have heard about this one, before, actually." Silver most certainly would not want to face one of these in the wild.

336c8 No.103434

Mint Marine:
“It’s a cragodile!”
Mint is excite

ce1f8 No.103435

"I do not think we have that much in common to talk about with her. Still, she does not seem too suspicious."
He looks over Pear's form.
"Is bourgeois related to her job and state of life? She seems quite frustrated with it."

bce67 No.103436

"Yes, those!" Silver looks at the cragodile. "It looks like very big specimen."

336c8 No.103437

“She works indoors teaching things that happened long ago… I don’t trust that as a career”

“It’s big alright!”

ce1f8 No.103438

That causes him to cock his head.
(Would she trust the elders then?)

336c8 No.103439

She waves a hoof
“Doesn’t seem like honest work to me”

ce1f8 No.103440

Iron nods.
"But she seems to know what she is talking about. Does that not make it the slightest bit honest?"

336c8 No.103441

She waves the hoof again in front of her face
“Oh, nevermind”

ce1f8 No.103442

Dice rollRolled 19

Iron blinks in confusion
(It is time for empathy to tell me what she feels. Hopefully.)

336c8 No.103443

Feels about what? About Iron or about Pear?

ce1f8 No.103444

336c8 No.103445

Cauldron’s distrust in Pear seems to be two fold. The first is a general contempt for the concept of a liberal arts professor, rooted in the belief that certain groups of “intellectuals” are a part of a parasitic class that produces next to nothing of value, while being weak and having a sort of arrogance about it.

The next issue, and the more serious one, is that Cauldron doesn’t really know Pear well, and she does not trust what she does not know. To her, Pear is kind of mysterious. Who is she exactly? How did she escape the bandits? Why is she following Iron and Cauldron? Why is she talking to some guy who evidently collaborated with the bandits, and evidently wants to take the treasure? All of these surround the questions of what does she want and what does she know that we do not? All of these questions can have perfectly innocuous answers, but they may not.

Thus, Cauldron doesn’t fully trust her

ce1f8 No.103446

Ah, so it's a mix of lack of respect for her profession due to other ponies in her work do next to nothing and expect to be respected for it and simple lack of knowledge about her motives and facts she hasn't shared, as well as being against our inmediate interests.
He nods, now understanding her reasoning.
"The gods set this up for us. Her part of the deal was accomplished. We have little to worry about."

336c8 No.103447

Something to that effect
“Very well…”
Cauldron doesn’t sound perfectly convinced

ce1f8 No.103448

Dice rollRolled 13

I don't expect her to. Speaking of being convinced…
Iron decides to feel how has his relationship with Cauldron changed after dealing with the bandit menance.

28418 No.103449

"maybe we can use the same play we used last time."
he puts his hoof to his chin in thought

336c8 No.103450

“What do you mean? The jail interrogation?”

She seems more comfortable around Iron now

bce67 No.103451

Silver smiles at seeing Mint so excited about the cragodile. "I wonder: how rock-like is it actually? Or are those just scales with rocky-appearance to help it ambush prey better?"

336c8 No.103452

The gragodile opens its mouth as it swims along, and produces a “rurrr”

Mint Marine: “I think it’s more rock like…”

ce1f8 No.103453

Iron grins to himself.
(All is going according to plan.)

Alright. I think I am ready to tackle pot 'negotiation' and know at least some possible outcomes such as
a)Cauldron shoots both Grant and Pear, which hopefully doesn't happen
b)Both exploration ponies back off from being injured when she aims her equipment at them
c)Grant reveals he was the bandit leader all along, contracting them to make sure he got all the treasure to himself, essentially justifying his death, but adds the possibility of getting us fucked over unless Cauldron can withstand more shots than Grant and/or Pear pulls a power move against him.
d)Iron proclaims he and his partner are the ponies responsible for reaching the inside of the temple, triggering the empathy of the exploration team, hopefully not having to spill anything vital and leaving in relative good terms. I find the last one doubtful tbh

336c8 No.103454

e) Grant gives Iron a single punch, with -1 modifier in damage because of low strength, and Iron collapses in defeat

bce67 No.103455

"What interesting creature."

ce1f8 No.103456

True, but I'm not counting on Iron defeating them with his magestic muscles.
It would also aggro Cauldron into shooting him, so I think that would, eventually, turn in my favor. However, I think I know what you're implying. Either rest or pull out a potion of cure minor wounds. Let's try the latter while we're on the move.

Iron looks at his striped partner.
"Do you have any magic drinks to make me feel better?"

336c8 No.103457

File: 1561911064463.png (1.59 MB, 1495x650, 804B37A2-43D0-459E-9549-14….png)

“Oh yes, there are many interesting creatures out there”

bce67 No.103458

Silver looks to Mint Marine. "Do you know any other interesting facts about them?"

336c8 No.103459

File: 1561911813217.png (108.19 KB, 340x192, 6E494DFB-D34D-4927-AAD7-05….png)

“They have incredibly powerful bites, and live in swampy environments…”

“You’ve consumer a lot already. I have part of a container”

bce67 No.103460

"I am glad it is down there, outside of its meal range."

ce1f8 No.103461

That's a scary croc
He's rock-hard.
"If it makes me able to at least land an actual punch instead of a poke on somepony, I will take at least part of that part."
Iron is reminded of Cauldron's one wound on her chest.
"You could take the other part in order to be at full strength."

336c8 No.103462

There’s only part left

And a good thing the foals are up there
“Yeah, imagine being in there with them. I’m just fine staying at a distance”
White Orchid too is leaning on the railing and looking over

ce1f8 No.103463

Darn. Now I feel guilty.
Iron reluctantly nods.
"Alright, I will drink it."
How much HP do I get? A 1d6? Half health?

bce67 No.103464

"This was not what I originally had in mind when I thought 'exotic', but this is still nice." He looks between the two colts. "Should we see next exhibit?"

336c8 No.103465

Dice rollRolled 8 + 2

Let’s say this much


This new enclosure is at almost ground level, with bars in the side looking in, and concrete walls above that. It’s larger, more open, and with deciduous trees planted inside

ce1f8 No.103466

>10 HP
Not bad.
Iron is now partly energized and ready to throw down against any attempt from the expedition ponies from taking the loot.
"Thank you, Cauldron," he whispers. "You are a lifesaver."

336c8 No.103467

I was hoping for less, but that is the risk of the dice
She smiles
“And the way you work, you need one”

bce67 No.103468

"This seems more like temperate environment. But what are concrete walls for?"

ce1f8 No.103469

You can make the posh pony a bit more stronger if you want, like a +1 or +2. Crit damage with a 3 would instantly knock Iron out in one hit.
Iron chuckles, then smiles back.
"I am glad it is you."

336c8 No.103470

Now why would I limit his powers to punching? He’s a Unicorn, and he’s wearing clothing that has never been searched. He can shoot a laser beam from his horn, then pull out a concealed pistol, then swing a telekinetic sword, then pull a grenade out from under his hat
“Now what are we doing?”

“To keep them in”

bce67 No.103471

"Keep what in, though?"

cd5e3 No.103472

"yeah perhaps,it would work again."

ce1f8 No.103473

That is true. It'll still be a 2v1 where hopefully one of us takes him down, unless Pear prefers her own partner instead of the two foreigners that stole some history from her and has a weapon too.
"Since they are ahead of us, they will most definitely reach the pots first. If they leave them be and explore deeper into the cavern, we simply pick them up and leave. If they pick it up or are guarding it, we point out we are the reason we even made the temple explorable so we deserve the pots. If that does not work, we turn to intimidation. Failing that…" A little drop of sweat. "I am not sure to kill them or knock them out."

336c8 No.103474

And there Silvet sees it, lying lethargically on a rock under the sun: a large lion, but with back wings, horns, and the tail of a scorpion. From its mannerisms, it doesn’t look very threatening, merely resting lazily. But it’s where size, muscles, and sharp teeth show its potential.

“But he’s seen you”

She tilts her head, evidently as puzzled as Iron is
“Well then”

The ponies ahead have disappeared out of line of sight

ce1f8 No.103475

"We will have to improvise for that last part."
Iron feels the urge to pick up the pace, going from a walk to a trot.

bce67 No.103476

"Is that manticore?"

cd5e3 No.103477

"He's seen me and he thinks i'm with his gang."

336c8 No.103478

“But he got arrested immediately there after, so he will know something is up”

“Yes it is!”
Both colts are excited to see a live manticore

cd5e3 No.103479

"i'll be ""Arrested"" too."

bce67 No.103480

Silver is kind of excited, too. "I have never seen one of these up close. Look at size of that stinger…"

336c8 No.103481

“He was in the car after you got shot…”

It’s pretty huge.
“They say these things can swallow a pony whole”

bce67 No.103482

Silver looks down at the size of his own body. "I think it might need two bites to eat me."

336c8 No.103483

Mint Marine laughs

bce67 No.103484

Silver smiles at that. "It seems content, just laying there."

cd5e3 No.103485

"was he? i don't remember much except you dragging me out of there."

336c8 No.103486

“He doesn’t look like he has to worry about anything”

“He saw you and me together in the back, then you confronted him, then he was ambushed by me as he left, then he was in the back seat as you came in shot and mentioned you killed his partner, who was a disguised Worker. He was arrested by me, and I took him to the blackhooves after dropping you off”

ce1f8 No.103487

He's also quite bored about his life.

cd5e3 No.103488

"well there goes one way to interrogate him, Damn."
He Goes Back to eating his pancakes

bce67 No.103489

"He probably does not. I wonder how long he has been here."

336c8 No.103490

“There are ways of extracting information, it just takes more less time, and creativity”

“I… don’t know… doesn’t seem too bad to me”

bce67 No.103491

"I suppose so. Should we leave him be to look at next creature?"

336c8 No.103492

“Well, we could”

cd5e3 No.103493

he continues to eat

ce1f8 No.103494


336c8 No.103495

“Well, some-pony wise cousins interrogate him, he could be offered a deal or some sort of incentive or threat, and so forth”

ce1f8 No.103496

I hope he's not into torture, because it could be quite hard to take information out of him if it is.

bce67 No.103502

Silver tilts his head. "It is your decision. What do you want to do?"

ce1f8 No.103503

Dangit Silver. Why do you post the moment I posted?

336c8 No.103504

They get a last look at the Manticore, before moving along

bce67 No.103505

'Cause /pol/eague and post-/pol/eague shenanigans. In fact, I still need to drawfag something related to that.

bce67 No.103507

"So many interest creatures in this zoo. I can only wonder as to what is next."

336c8 No.103508

In the next pin, there is not only thick bars, but a thick glass-like substance, perhaps plastic around a smaller enclosure. This one is dominated by grass. Inside, are multicolored blue, pink, and red hedgehog-like creatures

5b080 No.103509

"Well, i guess thats true."

336c8 No.103510

For the moment, Skies is left silent

ce1f8 No.103511

Now propose using chaining the prisoner into a bed and have him suffer the wrath of a single drop of water falling on his forehead. That'll break him

bce67 No.103512

"Well, it seems like little bit excessive, but knowing what we have seen so far, perhaps there is more than meets eye with these."

336c8 No.103513

File: 1561954514930.png (579.75 KB, 1059x816, 371792.png)

Alright, so I have gone through the 4 countries in the “Burning Sea” update and have thought through how their cultures would affect military occupation and eventual colonization by an expansionist New Mareland.

The best country in the group for any would-be colonizer is The Free Towns of Gryphus. Gryphus is a region that was lightly populated by settlers from the Gryphian host and then colonized by a trading company from Sicameon. It’s sort of like the Hanseitic League. Since, knights from the Herzland have joined as well, and they own considerable land. Now the society is split between the Company, Natives, and the Knights, as well as Free cities that are probably associated with the Company, but I can’t be sure. The society overwhelmingly is dominated by the company on top, then the knights, then the natives, and they all speak different languages. This society is basically ideal for any colonizing power, because it’s so divided and top-heavy. First off, eliminate the knights. This should be easy, because many of them should be killed or captured in the initial conquest, and those remaining can be given the choice to accept a more obscure roll in society, leave the country, become essentially a local lord under a higher colonial authority, or accept a position in the Territorial Army. The fifth choice, fight and die, is one that could preserve their dignity, but also one that anti-partisan forces can handle quickly.

The Company can and should be cannibalized in the same way, with those at the top removed and replaced with Pony corporations and executives, many of the workers and leaders forced back into the general population, and some executives integrated under pony leadership, or perhaps even left in place as equals (if desirable). Confiscation of property may not be wholly necessary if New Mareland companies, coming from a richer, more technologically advanced, are able to outcompete the Gryphus company to begin with. The natives, and maybe a working proletariat class, should be beneficiaries of a portion of any power or wealth taken from the other two classes. The Gryphian language, for instance, should be elevated, and the country divided into autonomous areas giving more relative power and land to these lower classes. Hopefully, this lowest class should be placated by their elevation. Illiteracy is moderate in the country, and it’s a bit poorer, leaving room for improvement in the lives of its inhabitants. Free Towns can be either given more autonomy, or integrated as needed. The interior area of the country is only lightly inhabited, and thus may be suitable for Pony settlement

The County of Cyanolisia is almost as suitable. The area of Cyanolisia is historical Minotaur territory that was conquered by the Griffonian Empire. A Griffin noble class was installed to rule the country, with the costal areas being dominated by griffin towns, and the inland area, the “Outback,” being basically a no-go-zone for the griffin population, as it is inhabited entirely by unruly Minotaurs. The griffin population is ordered hierarchically, with an unelected count, a separate military, a “capitalist” class, and presumably a lower social level of griffins. Griffins are a minority, with Minotaurs at minimum being 55% of the population, perhaps even 90%. The country is in basically perpetual insurgency, and at fear of invasion by neighboring Minotauria. There are multiple opportunities here, including simply replacing the top of the Griffin nobility and capitalist classes with Ponies and continuing the status quo, reducing the status of Griffins and raising the status of Minotaurs such that the two groups are somewhat balanced and the colonial administration is on top and mediating, deport the entire griffin population and grant the Minotaurs semi-autonomy, hoping they’ll be grateful, and give the country over to The Republic of Asterion in exchange for an alliance.

The next country, however, is absolutely terrible for colonization, that being The Republic of Asterion. Asterion was founded by the Minotaurs, who migrated there from the area that is now Nimbusia to escape Pony rule. The founded a number of colonies that became a confederated republic, before that was turned into a monarchy after unrest. The mainland colonies were invaded and colonized by the expanding Griffonian empire, and later, the islands of Minotauria were conquered as well, and placed under a puppet regime for ~170 years, until the fall of the Griffonian Empire allowed them to regain independence as a republic. Society is relatively equal among classes and racially homogenous, although the various minotaur tribes disagree with and dispute each other. However, the Minotaurs are united in an irredentism towards the former possessions on the mainland, an opposition to Monarchy, and against any kind of foreign occupation. The determination of the inhabitants not be subjugated, as well as the absence of racial or class divisions for a colonizer to exploit, makes Asterion very difficult to hold indefinitely. The country does at least have extensive tribal divisions that may be exploited.

It may be asked whether Asterion needs to be conquered at all, and the biggest reason it would be is because it has the largest supply of rubber in Southern Griffonia, as well as very respectable steel and tungsten reserves that could hardly be passed up. Perhaps one option in dealing with Asterion is to force it into an alliance as a junior member, perhaps after conquering the islands, installing a fascist government, taking control of the natural resources, then giving Cyanolisia over to a newly “independent” Asterion to form a “greater Asterion” under the direction of New Mareland. This would be at least somewhat comparable to Hungary in WW2, which joined Germany as it regained territory lost in the treaty of Trianon.

ce1f8 No.103514

So basically, Cyanolisia, Gryphus and the Company will, inevitably, be controlled by superior horsepower and using their diversity of races and current ruling powers to subjugate while the last one cannot be annexed without some serious extermination. Am I reading this right?

336c8 No.103515

File: 1561961320950.jpeg (220.3 KB, 1047x562, 341983.jpeg)

And now we get to the worst of the four countries to try to colonize: The Federated Parishes of Sicameon. Sicameon began its existence 750 years before present, when a number of syndicalist… communes? Whatever the hell the subunits of Syndicalism are, “parishes” I guess. Anyways, they formed a confederation together to help resist invasions by foreign powers. Eventually, they were conquered by the Griffonian Empire under Emperor Grover the somethingth, and the country was made into a duchy. However, the population resisted the Griffonian Empire, destroying armories, assassinating officials and so forth, until the Griffonian Empire withdrew after an occupation of 80 years or less. (I wonder if this is a reference to the Dutch winning independence from Spain after the 80 years war). Sicameon is thus the only country to win its independence from Imperial rule through resistance prior to the revolution.

Sicameon continues to be an independent federated republic of syndicates, although it’s more centralized now, and it still instills patriotism through national holidays celebrating its independence. It relies primarily on militias for defense, which of course means more disciplined, trained, and possible armed griffins for possible partisan actions. The economy is relatively egalitarian, the nation is racial homogenous except for a few Minotaur migrant workers. The country is fairly advanced by Griffonian standards, and fairly industrialized. It’s actually pretty close to perfect with very few problems that need solving, so much so that Sicameon rely feels out of place in My Little Pony generally – where griffins are portrayed as being less well off than ponies – and in Equestria at War especially, where pretty much every country on the planet has something seriously wrong with it. The only problem Sicameon has is pirates and mafia, with there being an option for the Mafia to corrupt the government and sort of take control. The existence of bandits, mafia, and pirates isn’t necessarily good for a colonial government, as they can be a whole new faction to fight or contribute to arms trafficking to partisans. The country has a large navy that it is easy to imagine refuses to surrender and instead goes to a foreign nation. If Hippogryphia, for instance, were a hostile power, it’s conceivable that it could send arms to nearby Sicameon.

It’s worth asking why you would invade Sicameon in the first place, rather than just leave it free or leave it to Wingbardy. Unfortunately Wingbardy must always be conquered as New Mareland as it always attacks sooner or later. Sicameon, on the Historical path, forms a pact with Asterion and thus must be attacked to attack that nation (which will also justify a war goal against New Mareland if New Mareland holds Cyanolisia… which is the only option for a port expanding East). Harmonic nations have a nasty tendency to intervene in every war of conquest not done by a Harmonic power no matter where it is on the planet. There’s also the fact that Sicameon is right along the path from New Mareland towards the East, and thus sort of necessary for the ports and supply lines. It has a great set of factories, even as the resources are lack luster. Simply, there’s not much sense in leaving it alone, especially if it attacks first. At the same time, there are not many options for subduing it. It cannot be colonized in a normal matter. As a fully independent Republic, it will recognize being given the status as an autonomous district or a vassal state as inferior to its proper station, and even occupying until the danger passes, then granting it independence is questionable, as republics of that sort tend to hold national grudges for extended periods of time.

The least bad option with Sicameon, I think, is to do to it basically what America did with Cuba. Conquer Sicameon, and annex a tiny area for the exclusive purpose of creating a naval base. Take the most important industries, and deliver them to New Mareland based corporations. Then, place the Mafia in power. The whole country would be ruled by a mafia cabal, while New Mareland industries can exploit the resources. Nominally, Sicameon might be entirely independent, while being open to New Mareland citizens, corporations, and interests. Cuba in the first half of the twentieth century, especially under Batista, was pretty much exactly this.

336c8 No.103516

File: 1561961598124.jpg (81.81 KB, 1194x668, 613372.jpg)

That, of course, is assuming alternatives are possible. The final option is one I like to call, “Operation Enduring Occupation.” That is, just accept that no long term colony, nor amiable puppet state can be created, and the only way to deal with a subject territory is through indefinite military occupation. This is of course the worst option, because it definitely requires a number of military forces as garrison and probably dooms the territory to eternal partisan warfare, but at least it allows resources to be extracted, infrastructure to be used for logistics, a portion of industrial production to be taken through exactions, and some troops to be raised as territorials.

Let’s use some historical comparisons to try to understand how many troops would be necessary for a military occupation. The German Occupied Zone of France, in 1941, had a population of 25 Million, and had a German occupation force of 100,000. (This is before the Commando raids, so those probably aren’t defending from naval invasion). As another point of comparison, Iraq had a population of 31 million in 2009, and the maximum number of U.S. troops ever to be stationed in Iraq was 180,000 in late 2007. This sounds like a reasonable number of soldiers even for a small nation like New Mareland, as most of the subject territories are also small. There are a little more than 4 million inhabitants in Sicameon, and 6 million in Minotauria. (For comparison, the entirely of East Equestria is probably about 28 million). This means something like 40-60 thousand soldiers could garrison Sicameon and Minotauria combined.

That is, of course, assuming the situation is less bad than a complete revolt. To use more pessimistic figures, in 1920 the Mandate of Iraq had a population of 3 million, but perhaps 135 thousand British and Territorial soldiers were required to put down the mass revolts. (Some say those numbers are way too high. Also, the British won in only a few months). The Mandate of Syria in 1925 had a population of just over 1.7 Million, and a little over 14,000 French soldiers. That number ballooned to 50,000 in 1926 to put down the revolt that occurred there. In 1943, in Operation Case Black, 137,000 Axis soldiers were involved in an operation to try to put down partisans in Yugoslavia, which had a population of 15 million. (The operation failed).

So that's something to think about.

ce1f8 No.103517

I assume extermination is not viable due to something akin to sapient rights?

bce67 No.103524


ce1f8 No.103525

File: 1562031546643.jpeg (158.86 KB, 1171x1175, 1224ffsbsvjv wgsjgtyhfdwe….jpeg)

Have a pic.

336c8 No.103526

File: 1562031553893.png (88.74 KB, 250x218, EE9359E3-354A-4C33-9295-E5….png)

Art Thou a Sheep?

336c8 No.103527

>Anonymous of Ponyville
Ponyville confirmed as a town in Florida

bce67 No.103528

ce1f8 No.103529

File: 1562033156009.jpg (311.48 KB, 1024x970, 1534050182438.jpg)

Absolute truth there.
Seeing how the town usually has a ton of monsters attacking it.
Ursa minor, wandering magician turned megalomaniac superpony, random zebra making the townsponies cower in fear in their homes, Bugbear, a giant castle that sprung from the ground.
It's definitely Florida, now that you mention it.

b0168 No.103531

Oh my god, every episode can be described as a Florida man does X article.

336c8 No.103532

I was going to object to the giant castle popping out of the ground being something that never happens in Florida, but then I remembered hearing about some weird loner immigrant guy who built an entire castle all by himself in Florida, and was sometimes claimed to use supernatural or strange magnetic powers to do it. Also there's the Disney World castle appearing out of the swamp

ce1f8 No.103533

I'm expecting to see a Florida man headline for Ponyville on the newspaper now.
>"Ponyville Pony shed a Manitcore's hair off and made a doormat out of it"

336c8 No.103534

So accomplishing something tonight may be possible

bce67 No.103535

It certainly is within that realm.

ce1f8 No.103536

File: 1562036544410.png (161.92 KB, 385x509, IMG_20190120_135157.png)

I don't think I can participate this time, sadly.

336c8 No.103537

The hedgehogs move about, before noticing Silver through the scratched, plastic wall

8b247 No.103538

Has Brie and co disembarked yet?

336c8 No.103539

Yes, just chose the destination.

Again, the options are to cross the river into a town on the other side, then go through customs or try to jump the wall, to cries a bridge directly into customs, or to try to cross the river further north or south and attempt to avoid being noticed

8b247 No.103540

I thought we were resolved to Customs

336c8 No.103541

Alright, take a pick of where

bce67 No.103542

The scratches are a bit alarming, but he waves at them anyways.

8b247 No.103543

What do you mean where? Following the map along the most civilized and paved >road toward customs, and then from there onward - making detours as necessary - opting for the most paved route from our location to the Hive in question, assuming that last part is determinable from the map/directions acquired

8b247 No.103545

Dice rollRolled 10 - 2

Spot check

8b247 No.103546

There are other wisdom scores involved in the determination

336c8 No.103547

Alright. Brie goes along a road that leads through the center of town. It's a well trafficked road with many ponies with carts - carts being definitely more popular than any mode of transport that is propelled by its own power - and past tall buildings, tenements, a library, and row houses, until the river front and a few derelict hotels are reached.

Here, at the riverfront, Brie encounters a bridge. There's something out of place, almost anamchronistic about this bridge, as one side of it has a set of turrets almost like a castle wall. Indeed, the red stone facade on this part of the bridge does have a couple low towers that makes the whole contruct resemble a medieval fortress. The bridge itself is a concrete or perhaps stone archway, about the equivalent of two lanes wide. Not much traffic passes on the bridge. At the center of the bridge, in a span perhaps two arches in length that lies between the bridge's two towers, the red stone turret stops, and the pavement of the bridge turns a subtly lighter shade of grey. This little span seems to mark a great change in the scenery moving forward. There are a number of buildings on the otherside, but these become increasingly likely to seem unoccupied, or perhaps even over occupied. A shop is abandoned and its windows broken, while a hotel seems to be converted into makeshift housing where more than one family shares a studio. Broken windows are common, as are buildings with great gashes and collapsed walls. Carts are fewer in number, but when they are seen, they are seen overloaded with grandfather clocks, suitcases, and farm animals, headed in the opposite direction. A couple ponies look on to Brie and company as the pass with evident curiosity or confusion.

As they progress further, they pass what was once the Red Fields Fire-station. Now, it has an automobile, and a small barbed wire barriacde around it, as well as a number of Griffins in military uniform. They wear a brown uniform that Brie has likely not seen before, as well as brown caps, and wear on their shoulders a green flag with yellow cross. This is hardly the last view of soldiers to be had, as Brie nears what seems to be the crossing point.

Just beyond a two story apartment building is what seems to have once been a road. "Once been," because there is now a wall spanning down its length. It's made of steel, including both plates and grated sections, and perhaps only 18 feet in height, but it's there. It's what's along this road that is more interesting. There is a guard tower on one end, and a number of ponies standing around. These ponies wear a light green uniform, and are accompanied by similar brown uniformed griffins. The Griffins stand around, sometimes bored, sometimes talking to each other, often smoking, but occassionaly taking careful note of the movements of a line of ponies in a fenced off section. It is this line of ponies that the uniformed ponies mind themselves with, as some uniformed ponies talk to the ponies, some shine lights in their eyes, and some look over papers, while still others search carts that are pulled through. The ponies themselves vary in appearence. Some look as anxious as a pony can be. Some are patient and look well off, often wearing relatively fancy clothing. More than a few look fatigued or even ill, though the ponies around them see no need to quarantine them. They may look famished.

Above this whole scene flies a flag that is not unfamiliar, though rarely seen flying. In some ways it resembles the Equestrian flag, the one with two princeses together in the center of blue field surrounded by stars. This one, however, has fewer stars, and the princesses are replaced by a pair of horse shoes. Whereas the Princesses of the Equestrian flag faced each other in evident unity, the two horsehoes of this flag face away from each other, though their backs meet in the middle. It's almost like a pair of horseshoe magnets back to back, polarizing that which is around them.

Brie himself heads towards a shorter line, mostly of better off ponies, heading towards a pair of ponies on the other side

ce1f8 No.103548

Holy shit, that's a lot of text.
I think I can get into the game, actually. If you're up for it, of course.

336c8 No.103549

The little hedgehog things move along. Then they see Silver. They turn, one by one as if in a formation towards silver, and stand on two legs, silently. Then they arch their backs, and screech

If Iron has moves, sure, but note that I want to have some more dialogue between Grant and Pear, which will have to come before it is interrupted by actions, and will take some time to type

ce1f8 No.103550

>Iron has moves
I don't know what do you mean by that, but sure. I can wait to hear that dialog.

8b247 No.103551


336c8 No.103553

Brie and company experience what is described in >>103547. He may move forward through the checkpoint, talk to players or accompanying NPCs, back the hell out, or take whatever other measures you can think of

28418 No.103556

Sorry i got drunk last night. and kinda lost track of the thread.

336c8 No.103557

I think that post was supposed to be “sompepony else could interrogate him.” Anyways, good to see you back. And stay away from alcohol, it’s bad for you. Unfortunately, I have to go to sleep right now.

ce1f8 No.103558

Darn. Have good sleep.

28418 No.103559

But Drink is fun. in all seriousness, i keep it light.GoodNight

30bea No.103560

File: 1562080553996.png (322.32 KB, 977x849, 508D64D4-6FED-4B30-B2DA-49….png)

Is anyponer here this morning?

a7b43 No.103562

I sort of am, but not for long.

bce67 No.103563

I am.

Silver's ears fold backwards at the sudden assault. "Well…"

30bea No.103564

File: 1562082515360.png (78.14 KB, 600x341, 211E417C-1B66-4784-A3C8-94….png)

You said that last night
But more seriously, that’s fine. I’m still at work but have absolutely nothing to do

One of the creatures turns its back towards Silver, and shoots a quill as a projectile in the direction of Silver and the colts. It hits the plastic, and is deflected. White Orchid moves back, while Mint Marine dives to hide under Silver behind his forelegs

a7b43 No.103565

Real shit, I'm having a test today at midday. I somehow am still alive after sleeping for 3 hours.
Do you think you'll have your dialog ready when I come back in about 2 or 3 hours later?

bce67 No.103566

Silver flinches in surprise, half-expecting to look down and see a quill stuck in his hide before he realizes that it was deflected. "I suddenly see why there is plastic screen." He looks first back to White Orchid, then down to Mint Marine between his forelegs. "Are you two alright?"

30bea No.103567

Oh shit! Well good luck. I am technically at work for these next three hours, including a long lunch break that shall be spent at a local taco place, so I will be posting from phone and may not have a long set of dialogue ready. But I’ll keep it in mind

“Y-Yes” says Mint Marine, looking out. White Orchid has flinched as well, even if he did not dive for cover.
“… Pukwudgies”

One of the brightly colored little creatures leans forward and gives a “Raaah!” While two more must believe their business is concluded, as they turn away and start to wonder off.

bce67 No.103568

"They seem like fairly aggressive creatures, for being so small and colorful."

30bea No.103569

“That, they are”
White Orchid is trembling a bit, and the Pukwudgies stare now

bce67 No.103571

Silver takes note at how afraid the two colts are. "Should we leave them be and look at next exhibit?"

30bea No.103572

Mint Marine takes another long look at the Jelly bean colored terrors before moving off

The next location is more open, with just a basic fence and some grass

bce67 No.103574

"Hmm. Some kind of grassland creature?"

30bea No.103576

The first creatures to be seen are little brown rabbits with antlers on them. They seem almost curious, and approach

28418 No.103577

Dark Star Continues eating

bce67 No.103578

"I think I have heard of these before, but I can not think of name." He waves at the approaching rabbits. "Hello little ones."

30bea No.103579

I’m not sure what Blue Skies would have to say at this moment…

They don’t say anything back to s Silver, though one of them blinks. The little foals come closer to the fence, and lean over it
“Jackalopes!” says White Orchid

a7b43 No.103580

I am back with the angery. Feels ultimately bad man.

bce67 No.103581

"Aw, yes, that is name." Silver does much the same as the foals, though all he needs to do is peer over the top of the fence. "Cute little things, these."

bce67 No.103582

>tfw you hit reply too early without replying to someone else

That sucks to hear, Anon. I hope things get better for you soon.

28418 No.103583

28418 No.103584

30bea No.103585

Well fuck, that sucks

White Orchid leans a hoof forward, into the cage, in an attempt to pet one of the Jackalopes.
“No touching the animals” says a brown mare, who looks a big older and wrinkled, definitely skinny.

a7b43 No.103586

>No touching the animals
Touch the animal, Silver. Do it.

bce67 No.103587

Silver lets out a chuckle and musses up the colt's mane. He remembers being like White Orchid, once. "Sorry, little one." He also waves to the mare as a friendly greeting.

30bea No.103588

She still has a serious look

Now three of the Jackalopes have formed up

bce67 No.103589

It's difficult to resist such disappointed faces. But, rules are rules. "At least we get to see them. And it is not like you can not interact with them. You just can not touch them."

30bea No.103590

File: 1562099667750.png (473.24 KB, 1136x640, 3A709472-97AF-4350-9E8A-0B….png)

a7b43 No.103591

Uh oh. The foals are pulling out their puppy eyes.

e9554 No.103592

Did I miss Brie?

bce67 No.103593

A strike right to the heartstrings. "Come on. We do not want to get in trouble and get kicked out, yes?"

30bea No.103594

Shimmer observes, and now encounters, the scenes described in >>103547

30bea No.103595

File: 1562101858482.jpeg (16.76 KB, 346x224, 9EE84A14-27E7-4F64-8F9E-5….jpeg)

They hang their heads in defeat, yet another one in a life short, but overflowing with disappointments and unfairness

bce67 No.103596

He gives them a pat on the head, each. "Maybe some other day I will have to take you two to petting zoo."

a7b43 No.103597

Are you offering your body to minors, Silver?

30bea No.103598


Next, in a similar enclosure, giraffes are visible
“I’ve never seen a giraffe before…”

bce67 No.103599

I'm not even gonna touch that sentence…

"Neither have I. I have heard that were they come from in Zebrica, there are tall trees, so they needed long necks to be able to even eat."

336c8 No.103600

"That's interesting. But how do their necks get long enough?"
At the moment, one walks up casually to a tree, and starts to rip leaves off

a7b43 No.103601

Extensive elongation exercises.

bce67 No.103602

"Maybe they just stretched their necks over and over again until they could finally reach leaves?"

336c8 No.103603

“Maybe. Hehehe”
The giraffe reaches out for more leaves

a7b43 No.103604

Do a giraffe imitation!

a7b43 No.103605

Alright. It's nap time.
Taking some time for some actual shut-eye.
I'll check in again in the morning if you're up as wel.

336c8 No.103606

bce67 No.103608

"Hmm…" Silver stretches his neck up as far as it will go. "Am I doing it?"

336c8 No.103609

File: 1562117806535.png (162.56 KB, 640x360, 98F9DDF4-3FDC-40EE-BA60-95….png)

“Hehe” the little ponies giggle and laugh

bce67 No.103610

After a few more seconds of stretching his neck up, he gives up. "Aw, well, I suppose I am still not giraffe. Yet."

336c8 No.103611

Mint Marine is laughing. White Orchid laughs as well, “if you keep it up, you will be able to eat free leaves someday too”

bce67 No.103612

"You make good point. I will keep practicing. Anyways, want to see next exhibit?"

336c8 No.103613

The giraffe looks back with an almost offended look at Silver and the foals.

The next area also has a low fence, and more grass

bce67 No.103614

"Hmm, more Zebrican animals?"

336c8 No.103615

Not necessarily. A giant tortoise lumbers through, slowly going towards a cabbage that has been placed on the ground

bce67 No.103616

"That is one big reptile." Silver peers over the fence.

30bea No.103617

it looks back over at Silver with a partial smile. It must be at least as tall as Mint Marine at the shoulders

bce67 No.103618

"I wonder where these tortoises live. I do not think I have even seen anything quite like this." He pauses for a second while that sinks in. "Now that I think of it, that is probably exact reason behind exotic animal exhibits in zoo."

336c8 No.103619

Mint Marine is a bit amazed
“I’ve heard they live on the islands far south of here… it’s nice to see one”

bce67 No.103620

Silver looks to Mint Marine. "How far south? Spa Islands? Or even further?"

336c8 No.103621

“I think there are some on the Spa Islands… but some are further”

bce67 No.103622

"Neat." He continues looking at the tortoise. "I do not know anything about lands further south of Spa Islands. I think I heard though that there is tribe of dragons on some islands far south of here, across ocean."

336c8 No.103623

“Oh yes… great big isle of dragons, and other dangerous creatures”

bce67 No.103624

"Probably not very good vacation spot, but it sounds like okay place to see."

336c8 No.103625

he looks at Silver and blinks
“Will you take me?”

bce67 No.103626

The question surprises Silver. He most certainly wasn't expacting that question, out of the ones he would be expecting. "Uh…well, I do not if I will ever go, or get chance to go, but…I suppose if I ever do, I will come to you?"

336c8 No.103627

He wags his tail and smiles slightly
“I hope that if I do go, the creatures I meet are more like this tortoise than those Pukwudgies”

bce67 No.103628

This one he can work with better. "I would not think so. Especially if you go to take look at local marine life. I do not think Pukwudiges can swim." As expected 'Pukwudigies' is not a word that comes naturally to the Severyanan.

336c8 No.103629

It may not slip off the tip of the younger, but the terror instilled in the last encounter has ensured that the name of the Pukwudgies shall be seared into Mint Marine’s mind
“I hope not… I hope they can’t use boats either”

bce67 No.103630

Silver chuckles at the image that crosses his mind. "I do not think they make boats that tiny."

336c8 No.103631

“Hehe… I would like to see the boats sometime. The ones in the harbor”

336c8 No.103632

Dice rollRolled 11


bce67 No.103633

Well, that is a spooky roll.

"We will have to go sometime, then." Silver looks to the two colts. "In meantime, do you two want to go to next exhibit?."

336c8 No.103634

White Orchid is leaning over the fence trying to lean in to touch the tortoise, his hind legs in the air

bce67 No.103635

Silver has to pull out the father voice for this one. "White Orchid."

336c8 No.103636

The colt has basically managed to balance himself on the upper wooden rail of the fence, with the first half of his body sling inside of the enclosure, and the other half dangling outside. He moves his eyes up towards Silver

bce67 No.103637

Silver gives him the old fatherly 'come on now' look he hasn't had to use for a while.

336c8 No.103638

The little pony blinks. He had not received such a look in a very long time, and though he averts his eyes, he does not react.

bce67 No.103639

Silver's voice takes a more stern tone. "White Orchid. You are going to get all of us in trouble. Get down from fence."

336c8 No.103640

He hangs his head, then moves his legs, and shows himself to be stuck

bce67 No.103641

Silver lets out a sigh before coming over to help him. "Alright, let us see, here…"

a7b43 No.103645

And I'm back.
Feels great to sleep continuously.

a7b43 No.103647


30bea No.103648

File: 1562160461822.gif (1.32 MB, 498x249, 9A51D19F-304F-4CEE-BC5D-81….gif)

a7b43 No.103649

File: 1562160645663.jpg (92 KB, 1487x1104, f92189bdd3cac245ec2f15168d….jpg)

bce67 No.103650

r00d d00d

30bea No.103651

File: 1562165660291.png (215.17 KB, 510x1024, 2C0076F3-DD5F-4C0B-A7AC-6C….png)

bce67 No.103652

a7b43 No.103653

>Have me hanged.
She probably means hang her arms in a tight embrace over my neck!

08e3b No.103654

that would be fantastic

30bea No.103655

Princess Luna shall show you the true meaning of the phrase, “hung like a horse”


a7b43 No.103656

Right. Because she'll hang her forelegs on my neck. Silly me, mispronouncing that.
inb4 Equestria frees itself from bughorses and New Marelanders through Nightmare Moon's rise to power.
That, or the New Marelanders just cum straight on the spot when seeing such an authoritative and strong mare

30bea No.103657

File: 1562182567177.png (84.79 KB, 1024x1024, D66272B2-830B-4EBC-BE68-46….png)

Skies may not know what to say, but she does look expectantly at Dark Star. She is exceptionally cuddly

a7b43 No.103658

d00d, don't push Star into the spotlight like that! He's gonna get stage fright!

08e3b No.103659

He looks up and smiles at her
then he pets her

30bea No.103660

File: 1562184196359.gif (963.61 KB, 600x576, CFB5E272-02F1-4066-BA14-AC….gif)

She looks at him with those turquoise eyes. The top of her head is soft, and her ears come down as his hoof makes contact

bce67 No.103661

You have any references for what Dark Star looks like? Thinkin' of drawfagging.

a7b43 No.103662

All this time I thought that gif was a static image.

30bea No.103663

File: 1562185972225.jpeg (107.67 KB, 1101x744, C644AE31-4650-4891-B84C-D….jpeg)

He’s posted a couple images

08e3b No.103664

File: 1562190233295.png (572.87 KB, 830x650, ponyWithBackground.png)

>pic related
He smiles, Genuinely happy
He then Goes back to eating those Delicious Pan Cakes.

a7b43 No.103665

Aw, no topics to talk about?
Ask her if she likes flowers.

08e3b No.103666

i'm bad with Date topics

08e3b No.103667

File: 1562190484938.png (28.96 KB, 240x600, 240px-Fasces_lictoriae_svg.png)

Although i did change his cutie mark from that to a Fasces

a7b43 No.103668

I never noticed he had a toxic sign.
Bundleofsticksism all the way!

336c8 No.103669

The pancakes are delicious. But Blue Skies continues staring at Dark Star, evidently expecting something

bce67 No.103670

a7b43 No.103671

You could take this downtime for some of that Big Dialogue that Fleshes out the New Best Pony. I'll try some small talk with Cauldron for the time being.

Poking Cauldron on her shoulder, Iron's walk is a bit slowed.
"Did you get some of the flowers you wanted?"

Uh, good luck.
I thought thay by now you would've started already tbh

bce67 No.103672

I was waiting for dinner, as well as a response from the poner himself. Now that I have both, I can begin.

08e3b No.103673

He looks up at her
"I Love You Blue."
He Hugs Her

30bea No.103674

That’s what she wants. She leans into it, even as the table is in the way. She is both soft and feathery

30bea No.103675

“Before our trip took a… side tour? Some”

a7b43 No.103676

Hope I'm not treading into pause territory here.
"What did you pick up?"

08e3b No.103677

"Want To Go Visit the Boys with me?"

bce67 No.103678

>"Want To Go Visit the Boys with me?"

Well, shit, guess Silver needs to get done galivanting with the colts, soon.

Also, I'm finished with the drawing of Dark Star. Just need to get it scanned, then I can post it. For some reason, it looks a bit more like anime than I was expecting it to, and I don't know why.

a7b43 No.103679

We shall see how anime it actually is.
tbh Star is sort of an anime character in at least some standard.

bce67 No.103680

We're all anime characters when you get right down to it.

a7b43 No.103681

Aw. I thought I was at least a western caricature, not an asian one.

30bea No.103682

“Well… I guess I could…”

bce67 No.103683

File: 1562195214988-0.jpg (785.88 KB, 5040x6552, DarkStar.jpg)

File: 1562195214988-1.jpg (864.3 KB, 5040x6552, SilverSwordScanned.jpg)

Whelp, here it is. I'm not very good at drawing, but I do genuinely hope you like it, DS. I also got the thing I did of Silver scanned, so y'all can see that in its whole glory.

Not sure what to do about the empty space on both of them. Might be I'll doodle some other stuff for the characters at a later date.

a7b43 No.103684

I say you did a good
Although I have no idea what he's wearing.

bce67 No.103685

I had no idea either, honestly. I just took what I saw on the image he posted and added a Black Hooves pin because of his faction affiliation.

28418 No.103686

I Do. you did a Good Job.
"Great. i'm Sure they'll love you."

a7b43 No.103687

Completely missed out the fact he was wearing a vest.
If you want a challenge, dare to draw Iron's poofy hair!
You don't really have to, by the way.

bce67 No.103688

What exactly does Iron's hair even look like?

30bea No.103689

She smiles awkwardly, and turns her head and eyes away a bit
“Well… we should probably meet with Seabreeze to show him you’re still alive”

a7b43 No.103690

File: 1562195895373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.69 KB, 600x649, 1557019201711-3.jpg)

I was about to post the pic but it seems I've deleted it.
For insert swear word here's sake

bce67 No.103691

RIP pic.

28418 No.103692

"You Didnt tell him?"

a7b43 No.103693

File: 1562196416467.png (Spoiler Image, 25.95 KB, 830x650, 1543979235466.png)

Good thing I posted it back in the first thread.
Lift the spoiler… if you dare!

bce67 No.103694

…Why is his hair kelp?

a7b43 No.103695

I dunno, really. Though it looked… natural

bce67 No.103696

I suppose that's a word for it. Might have to see if I can do that someday.

a7b43 No.103697

I don't think his kelpy hair color is going to matter when you're not coloring.

336c8 No.103698

“Well, I told him, I meant letting him see you…”

Why does he look like a gorgon

a7b43 No.103699

Thought it signalled his Nativeness well.

28418 No.103700

He Touches his chin
"Hmmmmmmm Ok."

336c8 No.103701

“So what are you wanting to do with these… foals?”

28418 No.103702

"Maybe take them to see a Moving Picture."

336c8 No.103703

“Where are they located now, exactly?

a7b43 No.103704

Oh, they're in a zoo filled with predators.
They should be fine.

28418 No.103705

"the orphanage. Why?"

336c8 No.103706

“Okay… why are you taking an interest in them?”

28418 No.103707

"What do you mean?"

336c8 No.103708

“Oh, nevermind…”

a7b43 No.103709

Mission passed.
+ Respect

336c8 No.103710

White Orchid moves all four of his hooves. He’s not perfectly stable, but he did manage his way partly over the fence

a7b43 No.103711

Doo beedoo beedoo

bce67 No.103712

"Well, this should be simple." Silver sees if he can use his telekinesis to at least push White Orchid's lower half down, like a lever.

336c8 No.103713

Yes, he can

bce67 No.103714

Well, unless he needs a roll, he does so. Hopefully it will allow White Orchid to get off the fence on his own.

28418 No.103715

Dark Star Finishes his pancakes and stands up a little more firmly than last time.

336c8 No.103717

The little pony is knocked back out, and falls to the ground, still managing to land on his feat

He’s able to stand, even if still injured

28418 No.103718

"I'm Feeling better already"
He Chuckles
Then he helps blue up and pays the bill

bce67 No.103719

Silver's tone of voice returns to normal upon the colt touching the ground. "Now, are you alright, White Orchid?"

336c8 No.103720


“That is good”
The golden pony provides the bill, and Dark Star pays. Skies nods, and stands up

bce67 No.103721

"Good." He pats the colt on the back. "Now, what do you want to do? Continue looking?"

28418 No.103722

Dark Star tips 50

336c8 No.103723

“I… don’t know, what do you want to do?”

The golden pony can only smile and nod

bce67 No.103724

Silver rubs the back of his head and sighs. "Well, I do not know. I still have work to do, and should probably do, but I do not want to disappoint you two like that…"

28418 No.103725

"I Hope SeaBreeze isn't Mad."
He Hails a taxi and tells him to go to the hotel

336c8 No.103726

“We can see a few more things…”

“One way to find out…”
They do so

bce67 No.103727

"Alright then. I wonder what will be next."

336c8 No.103728

The next area is sort of like a cage, but with thinner and closer spaced bars, almost like chicken wire. The walls do not simply end but curve up to the top, and provide a ceiling to the (smaller) enclosure

bce67 No.103729

"Okay, this is interesting cage. What would need to be contained by it?"

336c8 No.103730

On a limb that is set up to hang from a wall, Silver sees one. It’s a bat, hanging upside down, and looking at Silver

Thankfully it is not one of those perfidious web-winged, slit-eyed, vampire-fanged, fluff eared Pegasi, who worship dark forces in their mountain-top cult gathering under the light of the moon, or join communist newspapers and the puppet governments in greatly disproportionate numbers. No, it is a regular bat, completely red in color, with big, cute eyes, and with the dots and texture if a strawberry. Another one hangs nearby, having the coloration and texture of a purple grape

bce67 No.103731

Silver decides to take a wild guess as to the name of these creatures. "Fruit…bats?"

336c8 No.103732

Mint Marine smiles.
“Fruit bats!”
They make little sounds. Another one joins, this one looking like a lemon. Their ears are like leaves

bce67 No.103733

"What bunch of fruits." Silver sticks his tongue out at the bats.

336c8 No.103734

The bats simply look back at him, while one gets up to fly around in the aviary

bce67 No.103735

"Ah, well." Silver waves it off. "You know, that makes for very effective camouflage."

336c8 No.103736

White Orchid: “Imagine receiving a basket full of them. You think they are fruit until one of them opens their eyes. Then the other ones do, then they fly at you”

28418 No.103737

Dark Star Pets her as the ride there

bce67 No.103738

Silver involuntarily shivers. "Or worse…that you do not realize they are not fruit until it is too late…"

336c8 No.103739

Indeed, unlike those elven-eared ersatz equines who in there cavern cabals conspire and calumny against harmony while cooperating with communists and collaborating with invaders, these bats do not wear their identity on their wings, but rather may competently camouflage as common citruses or culinary curiosities.

Skies accepts the pets, and seems to need the affection. They arrive soon enough

336c8 No.103740

Should have said, “Unlike those… who wear their treachery on their webbed wings”

bce67 No.103741

"Or imagine trying to harvest orchard, and you buck tree with bunch of these hanging from it."

336c8 No.103742

White Orchid’s mouth slowly hangs open as his eyes grow wide, and his head moves back

bce67 No.103743

"Hmm?" Silver looks to where White Orchid is looking at, to see if there's anything he's missing.

336c8 No.103744

Nothing more than the image Silver gave him

bce67 No.103745

Silver just shrugs."

28418 No.103746

He Hugs Her

336c8 No.103747

File: 1562212775499.jpeg (127.21 KB, 1197x834, B0545828-1E30-40F3-A8F3-E….jpeg)

Exactly what she needs. She feels a little cold to the touch, but she has her Dark Star to warm her. She moves her wings a bit to make her more accessible

28418 No.103748

He Squeezes her tighter

336c8 No.103749

She’s still cold, and smells lightly of lavender. Dark Star can feel the *coo* vibrate out of her. She’s kind of skinny, but her wings provide extra fluff for hugging

e490d No.103750

I should be back around beginning tomorrow. Carry on

336c8 No.103751

File: 1562217357487.png (109.5 KB, 622x729, B4829DA4-793B-46DA-A46A-93….png)

28418 No.103752

File: 1562217471527.jpg (190.36 KB, 680x665, _E.jpg)

"Your Fur feels Soft, It Smells Good as well."

336c8 No.103753

“As it should” she says, smiling and looking into Dark Star’s eyes with her own green orbs

d62cd No.103754

File: 1562217868513.jpg (85.17 KB, 742x500, thanos.jpg)

F's in the chat boys

28418 No.103755

Big F
"Your Eyes Are More Lovely than any gems, that i've seen."

336c8 No.103756

She grins in her smug, malign way
“Tell me more”


336c8 No.103757

File: 1562271159793.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 138.5 KB, 1167x1685, 5D614892-9CD4-4D93-A2FB-8….jpeg)

Is any pony there?

bce67 No.103758

What a cute bug-hoers.

a7b43 No.103759

e490d No.103760


24efc No.103761

File: 1562274528140.jpeg (23.22 KB, 236x349, A4746B19-5532-4510-B9F8-E….jpeg)

Does anypony want to play?

bce67 No.103762

a7b43 No.103763

24efc No.103764

Silver was shrugging


a7b43 No.103765

You wanted to flesh out some more dialogue between Grant and Pear before doing the pot negotiation.
Not sure what about, exactly. You didn't mention the topic.

bce67 No.103766

Nothin' else to do except see the next exhibit.

e490d No.103767

As long as I don't have customers

24efc No.103768

Well, Brie last prompt was >>103547

There is a divider in the aviary, then a new exhibit, with a few more dead branches located in it


bce67 No.103769

Silver looks around for what lives in this exhibit.

a7b43 No.103770

Your answer does not give me much hope of getting the dialogue…
Hopefully we don't reach into retcon territory.

24efc No.103771

He sees it soon enough. Lethargic but menacing, there are at least two visible, both perched from their dead branches. They are bats of black and grey, with pug noses, wrinkled faces, and visible fangs. Multiple shriveled apples litter the otherwise clear floor

bce67 No.103772

"Eh…vampiric fruit bats?"

24efc No.103773

White Orchid: “It… it looks like it”

bce67 No.103774

Silver whistles at the sight. "They are quite beauties. I suppose I can say now that I have met vampire…of sort. Much better than meeting actual vampire, with less of chance of death."

24efc No.103775

Mint Marine stares at the bats

White Orchid: “… Actual vampires?”

bce67 No.103776

Okay, this causes Silver to stare at White Orchid. "…Wait, you do not know about zombies, or vampires? You have not heard of them at all?"

e490d No.103777

Dice rollRolled 14 - 1

Sounds like a plan. Brie attempts to gather information from the party in front of them.

e490d No.103778

Do I get a bonus for trips?

24efc No.103779

“I’ve heard some… I figured they are myths”
Now Mint Marine is concerned

bce67 No.103780

"I suppose it would be for best that they remained so." Silver sighs. "But alas, they are real, undead ponies brought back by necromantic magics and bloodsucking denizens of night. Used to be, long ago, there were many great vampiric clans spread across Equestria. Or so I have heard. Celestialist crusaders were very efficient in seeking them out and dragging them into light over past few centuries. As far as I know, only remaining vampires in world live in Dread League, far in frozen northeast of Griffonia, still under watch of Arcturian Order." Silver himself isn't sure on how many vampires remain in Equestria. They don't exactly openly give away their positions and numbers, after all.

24efc No.103781


The pony in front of Brie, who is dressed fairly proper and has a briefcase:
“Yes, this is a checkpoint to enter Blueberry Fields, specifically the town of Hawthorne. You can navigate the Changeling Zone If only you can convince them that you are there for a purpose. Be absolutely sure to carry your papers at all times, and make certain you have them in order when you cross, and when you try to get back. Avoid eye contact with any creature in a Hegemony uniform where possible. They feel like they have the right to search you, or even to steal off your pony. And the ponies themselves sometimes want to steal your papers.”

A yellowish Pegasus coming from the other direction:
“Why would you want to enter? Well, if you do, hold on to any papers you have. The Changelings do not take kindly to foreign visitors, but they are much nicer to foreign subjects than to their own… ‘livestock.’ But try to not look like you are aiding partisans. They are fond of arrests. When you try to come back, don’t think it’s easy to run the border… they have guards, and magical alarms over their walls. But the more rural areas do not have walls. The Fascists are similar in some ways. They don’t care about most ponies entering, but they fear every pony that enters could be a disguised Changeling infiltrator, or an agitator or partisan. They will try to track you down and ask questions, and will send you back if you fail. But they do not care if you do or do not have any kind of papers. They are not fond of ponies who resist the Changelings. They think any pony who will take up arms against the Changelings may take up arms against them.”

Another pony, trying to go in
“The guards will let ponies in, but are concerned about ponies who may be spies, or who may aid rebels. They will search you and your cart for weapons.”

Mint Marine is in awe, and White Orchid is almost excited

e490d No.103782

"Fascists? Revolutionaries? Hegemony? How many factions are operating in this area?"

24efc No.103783

“This is the border of the Changeling Hegemony’s pony colonies and the State of New Mareland’s ‘Bales Autonomous Region,’ basically a puppet government. On this side of the border are local Bales soldiers and a number of Griffin mercenaries for support. Occasionally New Mareland secret police come by, but they don’t normally make their presence known. On the other side of this checkpoint are Changeling colonies. The Changelings have many of their soldiers, or even colonists around. Sometimes they are disguised as ponies, but they don’t really feel like they need to. They also have a secret police, and its much more ‘secret.’ I don’t know if Equestrian freedom fighters are around in either side of the border, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that both the Changelings and the Fascists don’t want Equestrian Freedom Fighters to exist, and act like they are afraid of them.”

e9554 No.103784

Hello again.

24efc No.103785

tldr, 2. Changelings on one side and the occupying New Mareland government on the other. Note that there are no actual blackhooves agents or New Mareland soldiers, just local guards and Griffin mercenaries, who may have their own motivations. Partisans fighting either or both sides, and organized crime smuggling ponies, as well as individual thieves or highwaymen are possibilities, but they have not been seen.

Spark’s prompts are >>103547 and >>103781

45d58 No.103786

"There's that Beautiful smile of yours. Its far more Beautiful than any piece of Art."

24efc No.103787

Pony is flattered

They arrive

28418 No.103788

He Helps Her Out of the taxi

e490d No.103789

It will be a minute for me

24efc No.103790

She nods, and gets out. With Dark Star’s condition, she probably out to be helping him out

bce67 No.103791

"Well…" Silver thinks for a second. "…there might be one, maybe two clans left in Equestria. There are all sorts of rumors coming from Tramplevania and Trottingham. They would most like be hiding from rest of world. I have not had fortune, or misfortune to some, to meet one in person. I have heard some being referred to as heroes in their own tales, protecting ponykind from shadows without ever being seen. I have heard tales of them being villians, preying upon hapless ponies in dark alleyways and streets on moonless nights. And I have heard tales of them simply trying to survive, hunted for simply existing, on run for rest of their ageless, deathless lives. Nopony really knows, except perhaps vampires themselves, or very rare half-vampire offspring.

"Now, those vampires who live in Dread League, who work underneath Coven of Blood…those would most certainly be evil."

24efc No.103792

Thus Silver relates his tales to White Orchid and Mint Marine. Perhaps Silver tells them of nocturnal ponies, perhaps ordinary bat ponies, lynched by weary townsfolk after disappearances or murders. Perhaps Silver relates to them the story of an evident serial killer who stalked the streets of Trottingham in the night when Silver was their age, and who brutally killed a number of mates there. Perhaps Silver decides to tell them about the all too real and present threat of Changelings, vampires by another name. Either way, little Orchid seems excited by this
“It’s like the fairy tales!” He seems amazed, if not convinced of the existence of legendary vampires
Mint Marine, by contrast, correlates Silver’s stories with a silent movie he saw when he was younger with his Grandmother. He was terrified by the creeping, elder vampiric figure, and he seems afraid now, cowering

28418 No.103793

Dark Star puts his leg around her shoulder.

a7b43 No.103794

You might want to specify which leg are you talking about.
inb4 using hindlegs

28418 No.103795

File: 1562286970962.png (Spoiler Image, 13.08 KB, 128x128, _think thanos.png)

24efc No.103796

She smiles back at him
“Well, I guess we need to go in”

28418 No.103797

"Lets Go."
He steps towards the door

24efc No.103798

The two ponies go towards the door. Felipe is somewhat surprised to see Dark Star in that state, and opens the door for him, leading him into the lobby

28418 No.103799

"Thanks, Felipe."
He continues towards the desk

24efc No.103800

He sees Sea Breeze, and Sea Breeze looks back with clear concern “Are you alright?”

bce67 No.103801

When there's an afraid foal, it's a father's job to comfort them. Something Silver knows all to well as he goes to Mint and pats him on the back. "It is okay. Most vampires who would be left in Equestria, as I understand it, are just ordinary ponies, like you or me. They just want to make it another day. Still, you have big ponies like me to help keep you and others safe from any mean old vampires that have thirst for blood."

He turns to White Orchid. "I suppose it is little bit, yes. I do wonder what they truly are like, even with danger meeting one could pose. I have heard they have super-equine strength, ability to turn into bats or wolves, and ability to command minions or other creatures of night."

24efc No.103802

Mint Marine is not fully placated: “but they drain ponies completely of their blood!”

White Orchid is impressed by Silver’s account of Vampire powers. “Ooooooh!”
He looks back to the bats in evident curiosity, wondering what they are hiding

24efc No.103803

After thinking about it further, I think what I had thought I would do in dialogue due Iron is best saved for later

a7b43 No.103804

What does this mean?

bce67 No.103805

Silver gets a grin on his face. "You say that like that would stop ponies like me."

a7b43 No.103806

To be fair, you can't handle a single ghast. Vampires should be at the same level of power.

24efc No.103807

We can probably just proceed

White Orchid zooms in on the bats as he gets closer to the wire

Mint Marine: “what do you mean?”

a7b43 No.103808

Alrighty. I shall Iron-post.
Iron squints his eyes on the path ahead.
"How long have we been walking?"

bce67 No.103809

"When I know ponies like you are in trouble, I will go to great lengths to see you made safe, even if there is threat that I would lose all of my blood." He ruffles Mint's mane. He's starting to like the action, himself, even if he's the one doing the mane-ruffling. "Either way, I do not know where you have been hearing about vampires, but I do not think they can suck out all of your blood. Or at least, it would take them very long time to do so."

24efc No.103810

“Are you going to fight them as they suck out your blood?”

“A few minutes now…”

28418 No.103811

"I'm Fine,Sir. Just Got a little Lead poisoning."
He Laughs

a7b43 No.103812

The heavy clip clops continues as the duo travels ever closer to the pots.
"Alright. Do you remember the plan?"

bce67 No.103813

"That I would. But I doubt I would need to." He smiles at Mint. "You have nothing to fear from vampires. I can tell you there would be none here in city, and certainly none that would try to hurt you. Besides, vast majority are just like you or me. They have their hopes, their dreams. They just want to live their lives…err, 'un-lives' as best as they can." He's suddenly reminded of his (short) time with the changeling drones, and how much like ponies they can seem to be, when you get past their…strange eating habits. Perhaps that is what many vampires are like. Maybe not. I do not know.

a7b43 No.103814

They obviously follow the Masquerade.

e9554 No.103815

Somehow I keep missing Brie's player. I kind of need to cook up a plan with him because we are entering a critical part of the mission now.

24efc No.103816

“I heard you almost were killed”


a7b43 No.103817

He nods.
"We will first try to simply take the pots. If they stop us or have taken at least one of them, we bring up our massive contributions to reach this temple and securing it from the bandits. If that does not work, we intimidate. The last part can either be knocking them out or killing them."
His mind reminds him of the possible option to woo the history mare.
"Hopefully we do not have to come to that."

28418 No.103818

"Those rumors were greatly exaggerated."

24efc No.103819

“…. but if you’ve never met a vampire, how do you know they are harmless?”

This gets a smile out of Sea Breeze.
“Let’s go to an enclosed room and speak about what happened this morning”

“Very well”

a7b43 No.103820

Iron nods again.
"Any advice of your own against dealing with these two before we commit?"

28418 No.103821

"Right Away,Sir."

24efc No.103822

“I’ve never been in a circumstance quite like this before, and I don’t know these two ponies. All I can say is expect them to ‘know somepony’ or something like that”

24efc No.103823

The three go down to the usual room, which still retains many of the features from its origins as a hotel room, despite its current purpose as a secure conference or interrogation room

They sit down. Sea Breeze says,
“Tell me precisely what you heard, and what happened”

a7b43 No.103824

He nods, a focused look to where they're heading.
"I understand. Let us get what is ours."

bce67 No.103825

"I did not say they were harmless. I said I believe they were much like us. I mean, would you go and try to suck another foal's blood out for no reason?"

24efc No.103826

“Well, no… but I’m not a vampire”

bce67 No.103827

He gets a chuckle out of that. "Fair enough, but point still stands: would you just attack somepony randomly without reason?"

24efc No.103828


bce67 No.103829

"Then what would cause you to believe that you are suddenly attacked by vampire out of nowhere?"

a7b43 No.103830

Because they're hungry?

24efc No.103831

“Well that’s what I saw in the movie…”
He trails off at the end of this softly spoken sentence. He pulls his head back and a little of the the side as he breaks eye contact.
“But they drink your blood. It feeds them, or gives them superpowers or something…”

bce67 No.103832

"Perhaps. It might be they need that life essence to continue to live. I do not know. But there are easier ways to acquire blood than attacking ponies, especially if you are vampire trying to avoid being found out. It might be they can subsist on blood packs, instead." He lifts an eyebrow at Mint. "What movie did you see, exactly?"

28418 No.103833

"That may be Hard Sir, I Don't Exactly Remember that much previous to getting filled with lead. Except the Fact that the police mare i was talking to turned into a Changling."

336c8 No.103834

He looks at Dark Star seriously
“Did she say anything?”

Mint Marine’s eyes go up at the thought of vampires acting his life essence as well as his blood
“It was…” he looks up trying to remember “No-Nose…” he struggles a bit more, but eventually conceded defeat
“I don’t quite remember…”

To the side can be heard a “RAAA!” and a “whihehehe!” whinnying sound as White Orchid rears back, then moves back in fear from the aviary cage

bce67 No.103835

Unfortunately for Mint, this new occurrence takes priority. Silver jumps up and quickly tries to get a hoof on what's going on.

336c8 No.103837

A bat has hissed or otherwise made a threatening sound directed at White Orchid, who was startled by the noise, and now Mint Marine is somewhat startled as well

bce67 No.103838

"…White Orchid, were you taunting bats?"

a7b43 No.103839

336c8 No.103840

"… N-no…"

bce67 No.103841

Silver sighs, though he's slightly amused at his coltish antics…so long as he doesn't get hurt by them. "You are both alright, yes?"

336c8 No.103842


bce67 No.103843

"Good." He looks between the two colts. "Perhaps we should leave these bats be for now."

336c8 No.103844

Mint Marine:
"These bats… Vampires… they are almost as bad as Changelings"

a7b43 No.103845

What a callback to druid lioness.

28418 No.103846

"No Sir. Her Eyes turned Green, i asked Her how Chrysalis was. she Said Hail Chrysalis. she shot me in the barrel then i turned her into mush with my shotgun. Then.."
He Turns and looks at Blue
"Miss Skies Her Got me to the hospital, if not for her i would be dead….again."

28418 No.103847

*Miss skies Here

336c8 No.103848

"Well, it looks like Miss Skies earned her pay. It seems she identified herself as working under the Hegemony… It's possible that Hegemony agents are working to incite partisans. You know, on the train that was attacked, there was a pony who was completely drained by Changelings, suggesting there were Changelings in that group of rebels that attacked."
Skies: "Or, he met a bar slut, got embarrassed when he was drained and didn't want his wife to know, so he blamed in on the rebel attack…"
Sea Breeze
"There's that possibility as well, but Changeling influence needs to be investigated"

28418 No.103849

"Hmmmmmmmm who was this pony?"

336c8 No.103850

Grant and Pear are standing before the entrance to the treasure room, again talking with each other.

>"These frescos tell the story of the rebels after the Equestrian annexation of Tenochtitlan. See how they are carved?"

>"Is it it really fair to call the resting ponies ‘rebels’? The Equestrians were invading."
"The government of Tenochtitlan pledged vassalage before that, so they were fighting against the newly established order."
>"Like a population fighting back against new masters"
"Actually, as this tomb itself shows, many of the rebels were from the highest classes of society, the military and the priesthood."
>"So you say it is two aristocratic classes fighting against each other for dominance."
"I guess if you squint hard enough, you will find something like that. But it was about much more than dominance. It was about what gods could be worshiped."
>"Yes, the conflict is usually characterized as a war of religion. Of course I am familiar with the analysis of Rose Luxenwings that many of these religious wars are wars of competing power structures. The Aristocracy of the Tenochtitlan Basin justified their rule through their worldview and set of gods, and the Equestrians through their respective gods and morality. Of course when they met a differing interpretation of morality they had to fight, as the Equestrian power structure was jeopardized by the competing worldviews"
"I can sort of see where that interpretation is coming from, but it's a gross oversimplification of the motivations of the ponies involved. There were indeed power structures behind each side, but that fact alone does not adequately explain either why the existing noble classes risked their lives to preserve it, or why the common ponies would either support or revolt against a particular viewpoint."
>"Still, that leaves the Equestrians imperializing over ponies who did not share their religion, and a set of ponies fighting for their freedom of worship."
Pear sighs, and begins a long lecture that, to her, makes sense,
Again, that is an interpretation of the conflict that glosses over the important philosophical disagreements of each side and replaces both sides with simple caricatures. The Equestrian moral and religious worldview is one where Harmony is the cornerstone of the Good, and it is a force in the universe just as any other. Moral good and evil are thus parts of the Universe as surely as Truth. Likewise, Good is Good, and Evil is Evil, and thus Goodness is to be spread, and Evil is to be rooted out, or better yet, converted into Good. And because this morality applies to the entire universe, because Celestia is held as the great teacher of Harmony, and because the doctrine of Harmony emphasizes relationships between ponies, it only makes sense that all ponies be brought together in relationship under the Universal principles of Harmony as taught by Celestia. Thus the expansion of the United Tribes of Equestria.

The ponies of Tenochtitlan, by contrast, did not view good and evil as being basic principles of the cosmos, but rather as only things that applied to ponies and certain other creatures. They viewed gods and the bounds of the cosmos as beyond good and evil, and thus could not be judged by it. They viewed the gods as meriting respect because of their control over nature, and thus, meriting worship regardless of whether they were good or bad. They also did not make much of a connection between the divine and the universal, as to them, it sort of made sense for each society to have their own god or set of gods, and thus gods could be particular to nations. Now, the Equestrians thought that some of the gods worshiped by the Tenochtitlan ponies were demons they knew from their own history, and thus needed to be snuffed out, as they thought worship gave power. The ponies of Tenochitlan thought the gods were just as powerful with or without pony help, and so you may as well placate evil gods by worshiping them.

Grant does not seem to have understood all of that, and perhaps did not even hear all of it
>"You say all of that, but in the end it all sounds like killing for abstractions. I find that kind of hard to believe. Ponies don't hide out in caves because of something that abstract, they do it for power, wealth, or class interests. on existent gods generally serve as masks for an upper class for what these class interests generally are. In the case of Equestria, it meant the imperial system itself, and the right of Alicorns and the noble classes to rule over newly integrated populations until they learned to live like the Equestrian old guard, thus perpetuating and expanding Equestrian power"
"No, you don't understand. To these ponies on both sides, gods and Harmony were all too real, and they defined how many of these ponies lived their lives, and thus how they died. It was not a means to power, because that just begs the question of what you are going to do with power. For them, it was their purpose for life."
>"You can't possibly deny that wealth, power, pride and resistance played a part."
"And I don't deny it. Equestrians at that time had pride in the unity of their nation and what they believed to be a divine mandate to bring harmony to all ponies. they wanted to serve their Princess. The ponies of Tenochtitlan had pride in their newly created nation, and their roles in serving it. They did not want to give up their roles, their nation, or their traditions. They fought to preserve their religion and their sovereignty.
>"It still sounds to me like the Equestrians were in the wrong here in trying to force their worldview on the Other."
"But you are presupposing a universal definition of right and wrong, which is what you are criticizing the Equestrians for doing. In any case, take it up with your ancestors"
>"Oh not my ancestors. I'm a unicorn, not a pegasus."
"Of course they're not…"

336c8 No.103851

"We don't know, some passenger"

28418 No.103852

Does Dark Star know they are on the train?

336c8 No.103853

Who? Brie, Spark, and Onyx? I don’t think he does

a7b43 No.103854

Iron's ears swivel from Grant's first sentence.
"Oh no. There is history on the pots," he whispers to Cauldron. "This is going to be tougher than expected." Frescos are pots, right?
Seeing how the two entered into another historical discussion, he decides to wait and hear.
(Pear put out that the Tenochtitlan ponies fought the Equestrians due to their differences in god worship. It sounds logical to me.)
He grins to himself.
(Why soften up and control nature when you can let nature mold you into a strong pony? I can see why they would fight back against them, to the point where one could kill because we believe in something they did not.)
Grant's addition does not change Iron's mind a lot, figuring it had a role but it wasn't what motivated a war of this scale.
(To think ponies like them caused ponies like me suffering because we did not believe in the same things. I bet they did not even fought honorably and settled their differences with some hooffights.)
A hard nose exhale follows.
(Remember, they are not the same ponies. They are not the same ponies, Iron. They will not try to subjugate you because you are only one pony that does not have a big difference in the grand scheme of things-)
Ultimately, Pear's recollection seems to be what had inspired the Natives in this area to fight the war for the Native present, but Grant's hoof pointing does sounds like it makes sense.
(They were the ones that decided to take over. They could have simply left them be, but they did not, and their vassalage only cemented the conflict further.)
His gaze turns the slightest bit downwards.
(Perhaps the leader also had a part in this for not consulting with his ponies instead of simply giving them out to a bigger group. He should have known, but why did he pick that path? Was he afraid of the possible blood on his hooves if he declined? Was he tempted by treasure?)

The last comment sounds a bit strange to Iron, releasing him from his lowkey anger at both parties.
"What does Grant mean by 'not his ancestors'?", he whispers to nopony in particular.

28418 No.103855

"It Feels "Off" to me"

336c8 No.103856

As the two ponies bicker, Iron and Cauldron approach
a ‘fresco’ is a painting on a wall. I meant to say ‘frieze’ which is a sculpted scene kind of like a painting

336c8 No.103857

“What do you mean?”

28418 No.103858

"I Don't Know, Something feels Strange About it."

a7b43 No.103859

Hm. Not sure to ask them questions or go for loot…
Fuck it, question time and a party split-up to ensure pots are safe and sound.
Iron uses his hoof to signal Cauldron to go ahead and ensure the pots are right where they left them.
"I want to ask some questions," he whispers to her, hoping it does not throw a stick in their snare.

Apporaching even further, he meets the two expedition ponies.
"What made the leader sign the vassalage in the first place?"

336c8 No.103860

Pear smiles
“Many have asked that question, but I believe I know why. Hayfeather first encountered Pegasi of the Castallion Pegasi nation, one of the United Tribes, and skirmishes occurred. Celestia herself intervened, and decided to visit Hayfeather personally. After their private meeting, Hayfeather decided to accept vassalage. There are several practical reasons he may have done so. Perhaps he was afraid of the threats that faced his nation, like the Quetzalcoatl Empire, and figured they would be stronger together with the other Equestrian tribes. Maybe he was impressed by the wealth trade could bring, or wanted help against more hostile natives or even in power struggles against his own nobility. I think it was something simpler, yet higher. Celestia is said to have a certain charm to her, a motherly quality that gives her an air of natural authority. In the Tenochtitlan religion, the goddess of the Sun hold a special place above all others. It is the sun that brings harvests and warmth, and ultimately life, and it is the sun that must be pleased above all else. And here he was, with the goddess of the sun herself, evidently, drinking coco before him. As if that was not enough, her gait and demeanor suggested she could lead like none else. He may have thought it nothing less than blasphemous to refuse her her place as Suzerain and teacher over his nation. Not only could she raise the sun, bring peace and stability, she could show them a better way of life, through Kindness, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty and Friendship.”

Grant shakes his head, and says his own piece
“The Equestrian ponies were indigenous to Lands far north. The migrated south because of climate change, but in the process became stronger. Unified. And they took with them a very special technology. Iron metallurgy. Something the natives of Tenochtitlan did not have. Thus, when the United Tribes started to expand in all directions, and the Castallions in particular sent expeditions beyond the badlands into Tenochtitlan, they found they could neither properly counter the Pegasi’s flight, nor the Iron armor of the Castallions. Several skirmishes happened, and while Tenochtitlan inflicted losses that were significant upon the small Castallion forces, it was clear who tended to get the better of the fights. The Castallions even raider Tenochtitlan itself before Celestia was called in to mediate. Hayfeather had to then make the hard choice to accept vassalage, rather than a continued war, since it was obvious who would win if more Equestrian forces joined in. Celestia and the United Tribes, for their part, would have rather taken Tenochtitlan as another competing, semi-equal partner than let all the spoils go to one tribe who could become too powerful. Of course, they weren’t really admitted as equals.”

a7b43 No.103861

The dichotomy between Pear's admitedly cute explanation of a secret fire inside the leader's heart for both her physical visage and what she represented to him to the point where he witnessed what probably the nuns back at the abbey meant, and Grant's gritty viewpoint that also made quite some sense tactic-wise seeing how the bigger tribes, throwing away their honor to ensure victory, leaves Iron with a small grin and frown, emotions swimming around his mind that he can't make sense of.
"What did happen to the United Tribes after the failed vassalage? I thought they would have taken the lands for themselves by now."
(Or maybe they all died due to that disease Pear told me long ago)

336c8 No.103862

“They are still there. Well, minus the whole Changeling invasion.

When Tenochtitlan was accepted as a vassal, many of the common ponies accepted the situation, perhaps because they were too busy tending to their lives to do anything, perhaps because they agreed with Hayfeather. But a part of the military and priesthood fled to the rainforests away from the city, and started a guerrilla war against both Castallion occupiers and the Tenochtitlan government, and they were joined in this by some of the villagers of these areas. Equestrian soldiers, mostly Castallions, were called in to fight this rebellion. For reasons unknown, but probably relating to either the social upheaval caused by Equestrian contact or the rebellion, a drought occurred in the Tenochtitlan basin, which reduced food output, and the number of sources of water. This combined with newly introduced livestock and changes to agriculture that placed these livestock in closer contact with ponies, that probably caused the few remaining water sources to become contaminated. A disease that has never been indefinite, but resembles typhoid, spread and killed vast numbers of ponies, definitely a majority of the native population. Eventually, the revolt was put down, and inquisitors were called in to make certain the threat was contained.

All the while, there were skirmishes with other native tribes. The Marexica of Tenochtitlan were and are the largest native tribe, and one of the few to live in civilized cities at that time. But they are not the only Neighuatl speaking native tribe in the jungles, and these other tribes continued to skirmish with both parties. They had done so centuries before Equestrian contact, and would continue to do so centuries later, sometimes rebelling after being subjugated. Eventually, Equestrian settlers moved in to settlements on the south and Western coasts of the south east if the Equus continent. The United Tribes still exist… kind of, as does the city of Tenochtitlan, albeit transformed by time.”

a7b43 No.103863

Iron nods at this new nugget of information, somewhat transfixed. Pear has awoken the colt in Iron.
"So do you mean that the cities themselves are still lived in but are now filled with non-Natives? Why would they start to live here again when a lot of ponies died from disease? Did they know what caused it? Did they only need to move the livestock elsewhere and not have a drought?"
Hopefully Cauldron can wake him up of his childish stupor.
Unless she doesn't want to.

bce67 No.103868

Well, I certainly fell asleep.

Silver doesn't know if Mint is talking about changelings as a species or the Changeling nation.

a7b43 No.103869

Don't worry. GM went to bed too.

24efc No.103870

“No, this region is more native. At least it seems to be. Unlike with populations of Griffins, it’s a bit harder to tell whether a population replacement has taken place. They lived here after the disease because the disease affected the entire drainage basin. There was no where else to go, except into forests that were often unfriendly, and did not necessarily have food. In any event, they saw the plague as divine, and did not think hiding or running would save them. Every city has been subject to epidemic at some point or another, be it Cholera, Cutie Pox, Sleeping Sickness, Typhoid, Purple Plague, or Potomac Fever. They did not know what caused it, but our best guess now is that it was some kind of waterborne illness that came from non-pony creatures, and spread because of the change in farming and the drought meaning more water sources were contaminated. The disease killed over a span of three days or less by causing tissue fissures and bleeding in internal organs, which resulted in bleeding through every orifice of the body. The natives had no immunity to it, while the Castallions were confused and generally thought it was Typhoid.”

Silly Silver, everypony (and everybug) knows that they are the same thing

a7b43 No.103871

Iron blinks in confusion.
"I do wander why the gods made them suffer that, though. Were they getting too weak and stable, only threat being amongst themselves and not nature itself?"

24efc No.103872

“Humph! It was not gods who did it, but none other than the Equestrian government and society”

a7b43 No.103873

Iron looks at Grant like a newborn who heard something brand new.
"How do you know it was them and not the ones above us?"

24efc No.103874

He looks at Iron with a very serious expression
“In a way… it was the ones ‘above you’ in that it was the malfeasance of a ruling class.”

a7b43 No.103875

Iron nods, knowing what he said is right to some extent.
"While I do not think gods rule in a direct sense, they did let it happen."

24efc No.103876

“Pfft! The Equestrians didn’t need the permission of any phantom gods to do as they did. By the contrary, they felt quite entitled to speak for the gods.”

a7b43 No.103877

He shakes his head.
(What a stubborn pony.)
"Do keep in mind that the gods led us here and saved your flank from being a bandit's toy."

24efc No.103878

“Heh, if you say so”

Pear blurts out:
“The Equestrians only intended to spread Harmony”

Grant retorts
“And they ended up spreading only misery”

a7b43 No.103879

Iron's left eye twitches.
(This pony…)

Although Grant does make sense, he feels deep within himself that something else caused it.
"Perhaps this idea of harmony was only a ruse to trick them into letting their guard down. Maybe the Equestrians in charge misused it to further their own gains."

24efc No.103880

Black Cauldron, who until now has remained uninvolved in the matter, asserts
“I don’t imagine Celestia as power hungry or imperialistic…”

Grant does not directly respond to Cauldron, but answers Iron
“We know for sure many of the lower level ponies did. General Highview’s decision to centralize many settlements in particular ended terribly”

“They were centralized to make them easier to defend from rebels and other tribes”

“And to make them easier to administer and see who was worshiping what”

“That too…”

“And all the same, it help the disease spread in crowded villages where livestock were within defensive walls”

“But they didn’t know - couldn’t know - how the disease would spread”

a7b43 No.103881

Iron blinks at Cauldron's presence.
(Was she here this whole time? Maybe I got too engrossed with the talk to notice her walking in and out and checking the pots.)

Iron simply looks slightly defeated at this discussion.
(Why can these things not be solved by hoof to hoof combat?)
"Grant does make some sense, but Pear is right in them not knowing unless we think the Equestrians intentionally poisoned the population."

24efc No.103882

Something something “Cutie Pox blankets,” something something that only happened once, in a besieged fortress much further north and to a different population than the Marexica, blah blah blah

Grant: “so Dr. Faucet tells me you have already removed some items?”

a7b43 No.103883

Iron nods.
"Nothing of historical value."

24efc No.103884

“And how did you ascertain that?”

a7b43 No.103885

"Because it does not have any drawings or writing on it."
Iron shrugs.
"Besides, the frescos you mentioned give a pretty clear picture even to me, so you have that part covered."

24efc No.103886

He looks over to Pear for some kind of support:
“I saw coins placed in pots, and several masks”

“Coins? Coins provide available insight as to what time the the events took place, and can also tell archeologists who was trading with who. Masks are also of great historical importance, because they tell us about religious practices and customs.”

a7b43 No.103887

Iron nods.
"I see. This means you need about… 5 coins at most from each pot and perhaps some of the masks."
He leans over to Cauldron.
"What would those masks cost again?" he whispers to his partner.

24efc No.103888

“I don’t even know”

“Hardly, as any coin could be a view into the world at the time. What if the one coin that would show trade with Somnambula is not among that five? Then we would be deprived of the important historical knowledge”

a7b43 No.103889

Well that mask part is boggled.
"Seeing how these bandits pretty much perished at overall equal times, it is highly likely they have not used more than two types of coins to trade with others."
(I hope that makes sense. I think I am going to intimidate rather quickly if not.)

24efc No.103890

“You misunderstand. These coins are not from the bandits, but from the Marexican rebels. The question is whether any coins from foreign countries entered and are among the horde. In any event, these all belong in a museum for public viewing”

a7b43 No.103891

Iron squints his eyes at Grant's last part. "You do realize that me and my partner allowed all four of us to even reach this far."
He puffs out his chest to show his collection of bullet wounds.
"You may say that your female partner guided us here, but if we did not clear the bandits we would not be having this discussion right now and you would have been killed and thrown into a ditch like the other members of your team after you stopped being useful and Pear would be either coweing in fear, lost in the jungle or in civilization empty hoofed."
He breathes in.
"I am being quite generous in allowing to part ways with some coins to begin with, so I would say you take the deal. If you really want to, you can inspect the inside of pots and those other two improvised ones repurposed as one for any foreign coins."

24efc No.103892

File: 1562341248698.jpeg (31.78 KB, 210x240, 22EB0620-E0C7-4319-8444-C….jpeg)

This quiets Grant for more than a moment, and he physically back away
“I cannot deny that you and… this fine mare have been more than a little helpful. It seems that a finders fee may be in order”

a7b43 No.103893

Iron simply cocks his eyebrow.
"What do you propose, then?"
Is the pic Pear's face? Man, I'm not going to have her in a positive relationship anytime soon.

24efc No.103894

Yes. Yes it is.
“Well, perhaps a 10% return on any gain netted after we get back to Baltimare, and a mention in the papers”

a7b43 No.103895

Sorry, Pear. I promised Cauldron some good money to keep her around for this quest and I'm not going to break my word.
Iron simply deadpans at the poor trade.
"10 percent? Do you take me for a fool? You will take 5 percent while I take 95 percent, otherwise I will simply take the pots with me and leave you two behind. After all, you have all of the temple ripe for finding historical knowledge. Some chalices in the river and some dropped coins scattered inside the temple to pick up, too. You can take away the mention in the papers. I will not hold it against you."
Iron leans towards Cauldron again.
"Do you think they might accept only to break their part of the deal?" he whispers to the street-wise zebra.

24efc No.103896

Cauldron, whispering:
“He made some kind of deal with those bandits, and didn’t care when they were shot in front of him. I have no idea what he thinks, but I can almost guarantee you whatever happens, the first ponies he talks to in Saltmane will be the Territorial Police. I don’t think he intended to honor his deal with the Bandits.”

“95%?! Good heavens, that’s absurd, and most definitely out of custom for finders payments”

a7b43 No.103897

Iron nods.
"It seems we might need to eliminate him."
Good thing Iron shouldn't appear in any sort of Baltimare records. Cauldron could be found out, so… I might be forced into doing something naughty to the stallion. Let's see what he does next
Iron shrugs.
"Fine then. I will go on my merry way and pick all of those pots up. Be sure to pick up the coins on the floor. Maybe they might be what you are looking for."
He starts walking to where he assumes the pots are, ears on alert and ready to be interrupted by anything.

a7b43 No.103898

That first line is a whisper to Cauldron.

24efc No.103899

Cauldrons ears perk up

“You can’t do that! These are historical artifacts that belong in a museum!”

a7b43 No.103900

"Sure I can. You have other history pieces inside the temple for you to substitute them. The pots themselves are not worthy of historical value by themselves, there are some gold coins on the ground to pick up and present to your superiors and you have history to spare with the frescos. You have other options than the pots."

Iron leans to Cauldron again.
"Be at the ready, Grant may try to attack us. It should justify killing him," he whispers to her. "Spare the mare if you can, but if she tries anything funny, you can do what is best."
With that, Iron continues his slow walk towards those juicy pots filled with money.

24efc No.103901

“Alright, tell you what. How about a 20% finders fee?”

a7b43 No.103902

Iron fakes a long yawn, clearly uninterested as he walks even further.
It would be funny to be jailed by police into doing Black Hooves service.

24efc No.103903

The pots are indeed there
“You only found this because of us, you know@

a7b43 No.103904

"I believe I have already told you why that point is moot. Do you want to be reminded of your impending demise with the bandits? You would have died and not even see the pots to begin with. You have all of the history scattered in other parts of the temple."
He slows attaches one of the pots to his person, taking his sweet time.
Don't tell me I have to accept his in order not to break the rest of the plot.

24efc No.103905

Pear slinks off to the area around the entrance, Grant stomps around, complains to pear, then heads towards the entrance. Cauldron gets to the pots. Grant ultimately lopes over to near Iron’s position

a7b43 No.103906

Iron takes note.
"They might try to ambush us," he whispers to her. "Be at the ready."
Seeing Grant close to him, he awaits any sort of response while he finishes strapping his first pot and starting the second one.

24efc No.103907

He hears
“Raiding native grave sites is a crime”

a7b43 No.103908

"Good thing I am a native, then."
(Is he looking to be killed or something?)
"Why did you not bring up that to the band of raiders you were with before? Maybe they would have relented in their search and let you go."
He chuckles, then turns stoic.
"If it did not dissuade them, why should I?"

24efc No.103909

“Ugh! Very well.” He lopes on by Iron, past the two of them, and disappears out of line of sight beyond the appex of the cavern trail

a7b43 No.103910

"I smell an ambush." he says out loud for Cauldron to hear.
"They may try to use that police you mentioned in order to steal the loot we have worked for. Any alternatives or methods you know to either make it before them or other sellers closer to this place?"

24efc No.103911

“We’re out in the middle of the Jungle. There are many ways to avoid police or Saltmane”

a7b43 No.103912

"I will trust you on that. They are certainly going to try and take these pots back."
Smiling at his prudency, his pot tying increases in pace, going for those last three pots after securing the second one, but wavers as other possibilites are brought up.
"Can they track your identity from how you look? Perhaps they will submit a report to arrest you."

24efc No.103913

“I don’t know. I know they’ve never seen me before, and to the police, one Zebra generally looks the same as any other”

Cauldron looks back, and it becomes evident that Pear is slinking up. She has all four idols with her

a7b43 No.103914

Iron nods to his partner, knowing she is relatively safe from institutional retaliation.
However, when Pear brings the idols with her, a small chill courses through Iron's spine.
"Uh oh. They are definitely planning something," he mutters.

24efc No.103915

Pear casually slinks up to Iron and Cauldron
“For all of my colleagues… ‘lack of tact,’ he has a point. Removing items from an archeological site without careful cataloguing can disrupt the investigative process”

a7b43 No.103916

He nods.
"While I agree, I must point out that these pots are not the only examples of coins inside the temple. There are some strewn about the floor, even including chalices still untouched by us."
(Time to make my play.)
He sighs.
"I have risked my body for you to be able to document what history is in here."
Looking at Cauldron's most recent wound, he continues.
"I simply cannot take a measely 10 or 20 percent of profits when I almost died about 3 to 4 times and even got my partner injured because I insisted on being here when she was extremely reluctant to accompany me."
He looks back at her, determined. "We deserve better for enabling you to reach the story you waited for so long, risking your boss' mood for it. This was what you wanted. A story worthy to document. Not some pots that add to the footnote of what really matters here: What happened to these ponies."
(Hopefully this works.)

24efc No.103917

She blinks, then says “very well,” and slinks past Iron, almost as if the question never interested her in the first place

Cauldron has a kind of irritated look on her face

a7b43 No.103918

Dice rollRolled 15

Iron uses empathy to feel Cauldron's emotions that cause her irritation.
aka Sense motive.
(That went better than expected. I assumed something bad was going to happen. Still, that should spread the tiniest seed of doubt on enforcing her partner's wishes… hopefully. Cee-vee-lized folk are strange.)

24efc No.103919

She’s been shot, personally killed at least 2 ponies, and has generally been involved in a large amount of haste she is not used to

a7b43 No.103920

Surprised she only showed these emotions now, tbh. Guess adrenaline is fading.
Iron is bemused that expedition ponies are trying to implicitly state threats if he doesn't give away the pots and agree to their rather unfair trade.
He wraps a foreleg around Cauldron, knowing the pain she's going through, and pats the zebra's shoulder.
He checks his body to see if all the pots are strapped on his body.

24efc No.103921

The DA randomly decided to pretty much dismiss all of the misdemeanor marijuana cases. Going through every unresolved case from the last six years took a while

Some defense attorney went around my back and got the first assistant to dismiss a cruelty to animals case I spent hours working on. I am not pleased

She accepts the foreleg, but remains serious in her demeanor
“What is next?”

a7b43 No.103922

Oof. That is quite the sudden and dickish moves that have recently happened to you.
That defense attorney is a real dick. Pretty sure he/she wants to hinder you because he/she's scared of you having better success than her tbh.
"We are in the final stretch. If we were to stay the night here and rest aka get some HP through hours of resting and losing rations., do you think they will have enough of a headstart to reach a city and report us?"

24efc No.103923

“I do not know, but much can happen in a day”

a7b43 No.103924

Iron hums.
"We should leave then, before they decide to actually go through with reporting us. It should be a safe trip with you watching my flank."
He squeezes a small hug with his foreleg.

24efc No.103925

This gets a brief smile out of her
“I’m skeptical as to how safe things are going to be”

a7b43 No.103926

Iron ponders.
"Do you know how much we need to travel to reach cee-vee-lai-sei-tion?"

24efc No.103927

“We are a number of miles from the nearest railway station. We could also follow the river. There should be a village or saw mill eventually, and onwards to Saltmane, Mareida, or Tenochtitlan.”

a7b43 No.103928

"Perhaps going along the river is best. It would increase our chances to pass by without much issue and allows us to rest and heal our wounds before setting off."
BTW how much heal for simple resting instead of sleeping?

24efc No.103929

“It increases the chances of encounters with other ponies, if that matters to you” she says. She sounds calmer, but with a slight air of stress still about her
Perhaod half as much, but Iron still needs to sleep eventually to avoid being exhausted

a7b43 No.103930

Seeing Cauldron calm herself with the proposition means that she really needs this rest to restore her sanity.
"I do not think it will be much of a problem. We fought hard and now we rest for a bit."
He squeezes her again.
"It gives me more time to feel your smooth coat."
Good enough. Real sleep comes when mission is complete. I'll take this downtime to excuse myself, since I have class soon. See you in 4 hours!

24efc No.103931

File: 1562359935122.jpeg (99.11 KB, 1280x720, 20502D97-13AC-4A71-80E4-C….jpeg)

*Zebra is hugged*

e9554 No.103932

I hope Brie comes around today.

Spark looks around to see if there is anypony passing by talking. It seems Spark's favorite pastime is eavesdropping.

336c8 No.103933

Coming from the area of the check point are two earth ponies, one of a grey coloration, the other of a pink, scurrying by:
“We can’t leave Cinnamon Heart”
“The consulate will provide us with papers… don’t lose hope. We will get her soon.”

Two ponies, both unicorn stallions, in line to go across the border:
“I’ve seen commissars occasionally, visiting the Paper Mill at Riverside. I was an engineer on the pulp mill there when one visited, in a random inspection. He didn’t ask me any questions, but I could see he looked at me with clear disdain when he passed”
“I haven’t had that issue, or at least I haven’t seen it. I did a number of geological surveys in the occupied zone in the Messabi area two months back. Bare woods. No pony bothered me. The woods were surprisingly quiet. I was expecting them to be teaming with action.”

An earth pony mare mare with two foals, petting the medium length hair of s lime colored filly:
“It’s okay, you will see your father. We’ll just have meet him at Whinnychester. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

e9554 No.103934

Although all are interesting and a bit depressing, Spark tries to listen in to the ones talking about a Cinnamon Heart and hopefully learn a bit more.

24efc No.103935

Through listening to them, Spark learns that the group of mares is a group of either friends or relatives who are trying to emigrate from the Changeling zone into East Equestria. “Cinnamon Heart” is the third member of that group. These two mares were able to cross, but due to some defect in paperwork at some point, Cinnamon Heart was not allowed to emigrate. These two mares seem more than a little disturbed by this fact, and one of them hopes to talk a consulate into providing the requisite paperwork

e9554 No.103936

Hmm… I don't know how we could help as we would be going the opposite way, but worth a shot if we run into her.

24efc No.103937

And thus, Spark chooses to do nothing

e9554 No.103938

What's that mean? I don't think I can cross the border, snatch a pony, and bring her back by myself. I need some level of teamwork.

a1e58 No.103939

Use sorcerer magic to teleport the last mare to the other side.
Teleport as in sweettalk the guards to death.
Gimme a minute or two to reach laptop status to continue. I need my Mad Fast Typez to treat the zebra like a chieftain!

e9554 No.103940

Fine. I guess if I should die on this mission, it might as well be now.
I approach the ponies that were discussing Cinnamon Heart.

336c8 No.103941

Spark would have been sitting inside of the cabin of the carriage in a red cushioned seat that facing an opposed set of seats, along with the ersatz foals. To listen to the condensations, he would have pulled the latch up on the window, and slid the window open to look out at the passing ponies. Now, Spark opens the door on the carriage to get out, possibly doing the same careful opening and closing one night use to prevent a pet dog from exiting a house as you leave, Spark doing the same to prevent the ersatz foals from roaming about. Spark walks towards the two mares, looking at them. The grey earth pony mare is the first to take notice of Spark, looking at him approaching, but not saying anything to him. As he comes closer, the pink mare notices the grey mare looking over to her left (and the pink mare’s right), and decides to look over that direction for herself. Neither yet says anything to Spark

e9554 No.103942

"I heard you mention something about somepony not making it though the border?"

bf4fe No.103943

You are severely underestimating the trickster power of the sorcerer, Spark. Channel your inner rich kid and demand the mare pass.
Or hide her either under or in the carriage inside a barrel. That works too.

bf4fe No.103944

Iron lessens his grip on Cauldron, smiling like a doofus.
"I think you would like some time to relax and let go of any and all fears. Do not worry. I am here to help you through and create the best opportunity you will ever have in your life."
He frowns, looking ahead of Cauldron, then returning his gaze, smiling again.
"At least for now. There might be even bigger opportunities that can help you accomplish any dream you have ever had."

336c8 No.103945

Grey mare:
She looks at him uncertain of his intent, but she is swiftly outspoken by the pink mare.

Pink mare:
“Yes! My sister Cinnamon Heart was supposed to come with us, but the border guard said that she did not have adequate cause for going through the border. Now on my paper it said that the two of us were going to live with our grandmother in Manehattan to help support her, and Cold Stone here had her paper that said she was going to Manehattan to live with her husband whom she said emigrated earlier. Now the guard saw us and saw that the three of us were together, and they passed through Cold Stone here first, then they let me through and stamped my passport, but when Cinnamon Heart came up and also told them that she was going to live with our grandmother to support her in her old age they told her that our grandmother only needed one pony to support her. So they refused to stamp her papers. I thought that that wasn’t right, so I tried to argue with the guard but he told us to get back, so we had to go on through and Cinnamon Geart had to get out of line. She’s my sister and so we’ve been around for years, I don’t want us to be delegated. Cold Stone says she thinks we can get permission from the consulate here, but I don’t know about that. I do not want to lose my sister…”

She speaks quickly and indefinitely. Her coat has a kind of faded appearance, almost like a pastel colored Easter egg dipped in the dye only momentarily. She looks unhealthy, a bit undernourished and slightly wrinkly. Her eyes look tired, even as her voice conveys energy.

She looks at him, then let’s our breath in a very long sigh
“I guess that’s true. These should sell for quite a large amount. That should open up some opportunities

e9554 No.103946

"You aren't going to lose your sister. Don't worry."
Spark turns to Cold Stone.
"Do you really think you can get permission here? How much of a long shot is that?"

336c8 No.103947

“Oh thank you, I don’t even know how I could live without my sister I really need her…” she continues speaking very quickly

Cold Stone’s disposition is more reserved.
“Who are you? We were going to go talk to the consulate to see if they could provide us with a visa”
Cold Stone is also slightly malnourished looking, but has more muscle than the thin pink pony

bf4fe No.103948

Iron does his best to huggle the zebra.
"You still sound rather sad about it."

e9554 No.103949

"Just consider me a friend. Now, if you try for that visa and it doesn't work out, come back to me. I will get her through."

336c8 No.103950

“It’s been a long day.”
Cauldron actually doesn’t really feel that soft. Her hair is short and slightly course, Iron can definitely feel that she has been sweating, and under her skin she has tangible muscle. All in all she is built more for work than for show. Her skin fits on kind of loosely, but not too losely.

Cold Stone is left in skeptical silence

Pink mare:
“Oh thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!”

e9554 No.103951

Spark smiles at the pink mare.
"Now hurry and see about that visa."

bf4fe No.103952

That's more akin to smooth. Still like. Iron is most likely sweaty too, so no issue there.
"'The biggest rewards are always at the top of the mountain'," he chuckles to himself. "That is what my brother told me once."
His goofy smile is still plastered on his face.

336c8 No.103953

“But the consulate is in downtown. At least I’ve heard it’s in downtown. I’ve never been here before and I’ve never spoken to a consulate…”

e9554 No.103954

"Well, if you would like, I can tag along to make sure we get to the right place."

336c8 No.103955

“Did your brother give you any advice on fighting entire hordes of bandits? If it were just me, I would have let them be”

336c8 No.103956

hmmm…. if I’m committed to realistic time on this one, Spark would not really have the time to go all the way back into the city. Maybe if it’s nearby?

bf4fe No.103957

"Oh, my brother would have simply rushed them, dodging everything they threw at him. Perhaps grapple one of them to use as a shield or do some flips, bucking down at an unsuspecting bandit."
He smiles.
"He is really, really hard to hit to begin with. He would have made defeating these bandits a dirtwalk."
(I would have done the same if I did not leave my armor and shield at Cauldron's place.)
He frowns.
"He may not like the idea of taking this for profit, though."

336c8 No.103958

“Hmmm…. I don’t know about all that. What do you mean ‘taking this for profit’?”

e9554 No.103959

It's up to you.

bf4fe No.103960

He shakes the pots on his pony body to highlight the thing that might annoy his brother.

336c8 No.103961

“No, I know that. I mean why would he not like it?”


bf4fe No.103962

Iron looks up, a bit uncomfortable
"His master made him a goody-four-horseshoes. Help the weak, punish evil-doers and the like."
He ponders a bit.
"Now that I think about it, this situation would probably stumpt him if it happens with the results we have gotten. Sacrifice your brother's work to make the expedition ponies happy or make the weak ponies sad by allowing us to leave with the gains we have rightfully gotten by combat."

336c8 No.103963

“Oh, so he fancied himself a knight in shining armor”

bf4fe No.103964

Iron nods.
"He most definitely would not agree to help if this was the outcome."
He pointed at the expedition ponies.
"If he had cleared the place of bandits himself, he would have gladly given almost everything to the expedition ponies, escort them back home and even do any special favors they would ask later."

336c8 No.103965

“Oh really? You say his ‘master’ made him like that? What do you mean?”

bf4fe No.103966

"From what I managed to witness back when I was a foal, my brother would always commune with one of the younger elders. He would give some sort of rule of his moral code, then go on to teach them his techniques."
He yawns.
"It was as boring as you would imagine. Laying in place for half of the day, repeatedly punch the air and other silly stuff like that."

336c8 No.103967

“And what made you different?”

bf4fe No.103968

Iron deadpans.
"Do you think I can lay still for half a day, doing nothing? That is boring."
He pulls his free foreleg up and flexes it.
"This is the result of endless fights and other competitve activities from young. Only through brawling and having fun I learned."
A sudden pain from his chest forces Iron to stop flexing.
"I should not have done that… Ow."
He rubs his chest.