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File: 1558984225990.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 1472367.png)

038a3 No.101000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride to Bales is over, with Brie, Onyx, and Spark reaching their destination a little bruised but not dead or arrested. Before them lies a new and unfamiliar city and world, at the crossroads of Equestria's past and present, and also the Changeling Occupied Zone and East Equestria. In Baltimare, Dark Star prepares to set out on a mission to track down and arrest unfaithful and unreliable local law enforcement that have been leaking information to rebel forces. Silver may finally have a new toy he can use to clear the Catacombs of their undead presence. Iron, meanwhile, has drifted further into an temple in his search for a treasure sough by an archaeological expedition that was ambushed by bandits.

ad8a6 No.101004

Nice. I finally have a decent amount of free time to join as well.

038a3 No.101005

The train should be arriving in Bales Union Station shortly. The description of the scenery as entering is found >>100661. Note that that would be the view looking out the windows next to the corridors, to the west and to the left of the north-bound train. The view from the right side, or facing the east, would be different. There would be no power station, and no converging river. There would be a great sprawling rail yard, and many more single family homes, as well as town houses. These vary in evident age and style, though trending towards a more modern construction.

Brie has tried to deliver a number of weapons to Onyx and Spark, and he seems unsure about how to hide them

ad8a6 No.101006

I'm going to need Brie here to work out a way to hide them in character. Meanwhile, how is that wounded pony and the doctor doing?

038a3 No.101007

That scene would have concluded 6 or so hours before.

Needle pusher continue(d) cleaning wounds, and placing bandages over parts that bleed, as well as checking the ears for damage

b800b No.101008

Neat, new bread!

I hope this does not go poorly… With permit in hoof, Silver trots up to his Dusty acquaintance. "About that SMG…"

038a3 No.101010

The pony is standing in the lobby, near one of the counters, and carefully sucking off the last little remnants of his cigarette. In the era of civilization's twilight, smoking so blatantly in such a public area would be strictly prohibited. But the weary war veteran, whose hind legs were entirely replaced by prosthetics, continued to calm his nerves with his Luna's Lucky Strikes.

"What about an SMG?" He asks, not changing his facial expression

b800b No.101011

>>101010 (super checked)
Making sure that the permit is still within Dusty's vision, Silver shows him the Bits Gun. "I was curious about if you could help me with maintenance."

I'm coming up with a fanon timeline of historical events for Severyana. Am I taking this too seriously?

038a3 No.101012

Ah, hell.

Iron can see deeper into the room, which also has a sort of oblong shape, evidently following the natural shape of the cavern. There is indeed something there: In the center, is what looks to be a sarcophagus, almost like what you'd see in Sonambula. It seems to be made of bronze, long tarnished, with some silver overlay on the top, which, together with layers of gold, form the figure of a mare (Hummingbird Feather was a Stallion). Still other figures adorn the room - golden vases, gilded armor, a classical sword, a golden idol upon a pedestal, and some other items.

He comes closer to the permit and squints. It would hardly be surprising if he normally wears glasses when he reads
"Do you have it with you?"

b800b No.101013

Silver makes the Bits Gun apparent to him. "Right here."

038a3 No.101014

He nods, silently
"Follow me"

He starts walking off, over to the right, through the door, then down a flight of stairs to the right into a wide, white tiled Hallway. He motion to open a couple wide doors with widows that have been boarded up

b800b No.101015

Strange… Unless they're locked or require more than basic effort to open, Silver presumably opens the doors.

038a3 No.101016

They open fairly easily. The doors themselves, on the other side, have a thick coating of drywall or some other substance over them that has been caked on top of thinner doors. The room is massive, and in its center is a large swimming pool. Not quite olympic sized, but large. It has been drained, and near the bottom at the back are a large number of sandbags stacked high and thick, with sand spilling out and covering part of the floor of the rear of the pool in a small incline. Stapled onto a few sandbags, above the sand incline, are a pair of bullseye targets, one in a basic circular shape, another in the shape of a pony standing upright and facing forward. Above the rear of the pool are a few more stacked sandbags. In front of the drained pool are a couple tables by the wall. The walls of the room in places are caked with the white insulation-like substance, but in most areas are clear. The walls beneath are painted with scenes of the shores of Baltimare harbor on one side, and of the approaches to Dragon Isle on the other

"Alright. What do you need?"

b800b No.101017

That is…interesting mural…they really did number on this room. "Some help with maintenance, as I said. Ammunition would help, if it can be purchased or otherwise provided. And now that I look at this improvised range, some time to practice would also be appreciated."

038a3 No.101018

"Now let me see it."
He holds out a hoof

b800b No.101019

Silver hooves him the gun, as requested.

038a3 No.101021

File: 1559007737587.jpg (47.93 KB, 652x323, W-Ordnance-3-4C-Feb16.jpg)

He holds the gun and looks at it
"Bits gun, model year 1010, looks like a more basic model"
He pulls the long, box magazine off the top of the weapon after pressing a button on the side. The mechanism works well enough. He pulls the bolt back and lets it fly forward, which it does not seem to do cleanly. Then, he pulls a part of the back, and with that the entire rear section of the gun comes apart, and he starts to inspect the bolt.
"Looks like the bolt may have some rust"
He goes to the back of the room and removes the spring, then looking through a small box in the back, pulls out another. Then he pours some lubricating oil on the bolt and starts to clean it with a basic cloth. He takes some pipe cleaner and starts working the same lubricant on the barrel of the gun as well
"The thing about the Bits gun is that it is designed to be used in poor conditions. Jungle, heat, moisture… it will stand up to conditions that would destroy lesser guns…"
He places the bolt back into the rear assembly, then places the barrel back in, making the gun one piece.
"They don't need much love to be made whole."
He pulls the bolt back and lets it fly forward, which it does with a satisfying "clack clack"

b800b No.101022

Silver definitely keeps track of the process. It's extraordinarily handy to know how to take a weapon apart and put it back in one piece like that. It's also handy to know a little bit about this particular model of firearm, when he knows only the bare basics about it. "You can certainly tell you have experience handling this type of firearm."

038a3 No.101023

"I carried one myself in the later years… We first got them round-about the Hellsword campaign… But it was in the Jungles of the South East they make the difference"

Also, a correction, he twists the barrel after pulling up a pin in the front of the gun to remove it, and pulls up the pin and twists the barrel to put it back in place


b800b No.101024

"In those conditions, compared to our more general-purpose Limestone submachineguns? It would not surprise me." Silver takes the SMG, feeling it both in his hooves and in his magic, looking down the sights and getting used to the weapon. "Feels nice. So, about ammunition…"

2a6a3 No.101025

b800b No.101026

New phone, who dis?

2a6a3 No.101027

Cuz its not a new thread?

038a3 No.101028

Sights are on the left side of the weapon, as the magazine is along the top. Exactly how you are supposed to hold a gun with hooves long troubled Equestrian military planners, who envisioned vast conscripted armies of not-unicorns carrying mundane weapons. The solution they came upon was to have weapons fired in the prone position, which inspired the side-feeding magazines of the Equestrian Army, and the top feeding gun of New Mareland.

He limps over to the table again, and pulls out a long magazine
“33 rounds, but the spring doesn’t work well if it’s loaded all the way. 30 rounds.”

Is it the bat?!

2a6a3 No.101029

No, its ur mom

ad8a6 No.101030

Can you run through what you are trying to hide again?

2a6a3 No.101031

2 carbines and a 12-gauge

038a3 No.101032

File: 1559009533928.jpeg (73.36 KB, 1098x957, AADD00B4-CD9D-415C-ABF9-3….jpeg)

b800b No.101033

30 round load. Noted. "How much are they, and what caliber?"

ad8a6 No.101034

Spark looks at the guns.
"So, are we looking for a way to smuggle them off the train?"

2a6a3 No.101035

"It would be a shame to just dump them"

038a3 No.101036

“9 millimeter. Same as a pistol. We can sell you loaded magazines for maybe 10 bits per box magazine.

ad8a6 No.101037

"I might be able to make an illusion around it if we can put them in a box or something."

2a6a3 No.101038

Brie looks down at himself, in a fine suit with a frilly cloak, and then at the Lings, also in fine suits and neat cloaks.
"I got nothing."

b800b No.101039

9mm? As pistol round? I suppose they must not use Colts in New Mareland. It takes Silver a couple seconds to decide how many he needs. He decides to pull out 110 Bits-worth of notes. "11, if you please."

ad8a6 No.101040

"Think the kitchen supplies would have a spare?"

aa65b No.101041

How dandy!

He looks at Silver
“How about three or four magazines, and a box of bullets for refill”

b800b No.101042

It'll be a bit of a hinderance, should he come into contact with a large number of ghasts, but… "I will probably need couple boxes of bullets, but alright."

2a6a3 No.101043

Brie's is not unlike the expression he wears when throwing his knives. "Fine".
Brie shifts into the juvenile bartender's appearance. "I'll be right back."
"Ihr zwei, bleibt einen Moment hier," he says to the Lings.

038a3 No.101044

They nod

“Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have such infinite supplies that magazines can rain down like candy on Nightmare Night in law enforcement units outside of frontline military operations. 4 magazines, and a box.”

2a6a3 No.101045

Brie makes his way toward the kitchen.

b800b No.101046

"…Alright then. That will be fine. How much for that?"

038a3 No.101047

Alright, he goes his way towards the kitchen if the dining car… presumably

Sone doors are opening for ponies preparing to get off

“Only 60 bits”

b800b No.101048

60 Bits-worth of notes it is.

038a3 No.101049

He takes it, and provided 4 magazines and a box
“Anything else you want?”

b800b No.101050

"Can I get few minutes on range, to get feel for this weapon?" Silver looks at how many bullets come in the box.

2a6a3 No.101051


038a3 No.101052

I assumed he was going to the kitchen if the dining car versus something like the rear lounge car

At least 150 bullets in the box

2a6a3 No.101053

Yes, the dining car

038a3 No.101054


The door is unlocked. Inside, there is one pony, who is picked up cleaned dishes and pots

b800b No.101055

That will work. Silver nods. "Thank you for all of your help, Dusty." With that, he makes the descent into the drained pool-turned firing range. …I suppose it works, but…I can not help but feel this is just little bit odd.

2a6a3 No.101056

Dice rollRolled 6 - 2

spot check

2a6a3 No.101057

"Hey, you got any empty boxes in here? I got a passenger asking for a long box."

038a3 No.101058

“Uh…. check the utility closet past the diner near the vestibules. I think there might be a disassembled box for vacuum cleaner”

What’s odd about it?

2a6a3 No.101059

"Sweet. Thanks boss!" Brie says over-enthusiastically. He proceeds to the closet, affecting an air of an awkward youngster the whole way.

b800b No.101060

To him, mostly just the idea of a pool being turned into a firing range.

Also, you described a couple tables in front of the pool. Are those inside the pool, or outside it?

038a3 No.101061

To the left are some brooms and the like, but to the right is a collapsed cardboard box that is fairly long

Outside, by the wall

b800b No.101062

Weird, but alright.
Silver does some cursory checks on where the various functions of the firearm are located, such as the bolt, safety, and select-fire if that's a feature.

2a6a3 No.101063

Brie takes the box back to the room with Sparks.

038a3 No.101064

Selector switch is to the left side of the trigger

And thus he does so

ad8a6 No.101065

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Spark puts the weapons in the box and uses an illusion spell to make the contents appear to be apples.
Rolling an attempt for the spell.

ad8a6 No.101066

This is how you welcome me back to the game, huh game?

038a3 No.101067

Oh they look like apples alright

Also, we’ve told you repeatedly that you don’t roll when casting a spell

b800b No.101068

Dice rollRolled 2

Well that's a good omen for this dice roll I'm about to do…

"Good." Silver sets it to single-fire, and turns the safety on. The eternal question of "how do non-Unicorns use firearms" comes back to his mind, and he gets an idea to try.

Balance: Setting the Bits Gun to the side, Silver rears up and attempts to stand on his hindlegs, Like a Griffon or Dragon would.

b800b No.101069

The old pony just broke his back. F

038a3 No.101070

Uh… not very balanced. At all

Also did you read >>101028

b800b No.101071

Yes, I did. Just trying to have a bit of fun, alright?

"W-w-woah!" Silver falls back onto his hooves, rather than falling on his back. "Ack…that probably is out of question, then…" Thank goodness he's a unicorn, who can use his magic to hold onto firearms. He demonstrates this by picking up the empty Bits Gun in his magic and looking down the sights at the targets down-range.

2a6a3 No.101072

"Its fine"
I'm gonna assume that since Brie could carry the box, that he could carry the box of guns.
"Okay, wir sind bereit zu gehen. Benimm dich wie normale Ponys." Brie says to the Lings.
"Shall we then?" Brie says to Sparks, while resuming his normal Bat-pone image.

aa65b No.101073

And thus he is looking down at a target
“Pull the selector switch all the way down for full auto”

Essentially, any number of die per turn, limited by the number of bullets remaining in the magazine (30)

Wesley: “Okay…”

b800b No.101074

Even if he doesn't respond, he acknowledges this tip. He loads a magazine into the top of the machine gun, sets it to fully automatic, and breathes in.

With the full modifier, I take it?

ad8a6 No.101075

“Just don’t let anypony think those are free apples.”
Spark readies to follow the bat with the plan. He does have a plan, right?

aa65b No.101076

Is he proficient?

2a6a3 No.101077

"Oh right, cuz I was gonna set up a stand and give these away?"
Yes, he does have a plan. The plan is to get the fuck off the train. Meta, the plan is to sell the guns and then secure a transport out of Bales and into the changeling territory.
Brie leads the way off the train, ready to drop the box and stab anyone who tries to stop him along the way.

b800b No.101078

I haven't explicitly taken a feat for it if it's considered an Exotic Weapon, so if that's what you mean, then he'd probably have to take the -4 penalty.

aa65b No.101079

The train is already in the station, with beige stone walls and marble floors, then a high ceiling in a large room with ticket booths and still more ponies, then thorough the front door, down a flight of stairs, into the busy streets. There is a cold wind blowing, strong

aa65b No.101080

Lets go with at least a -4 penalty for full auto

b800b No.101081

Breathe out…

Silver lets out a small burst on the exhale, aimed at the pony-shaped target.

b800b No.101082

Dice rollRolled 3, 1, 14, 20, 4 + 5 = 47

Well I fucked that up.

2a6a3 No.101083

Ha I DID avoid paying for the food!
Brie looks around for some signage that suggests where local lodging might be. He assumes there might be some close to the train station.
Search check

2a6a3 No.101084

Dice rollRolled 3 + 6

2a6a3 No.101085

Brie tries again, taking his time and therefore taking a 10 on his search/spot check

038a3 No.101086

Some hits and some misses


Hotels both cheap and fancy in the downtown area

b800b No.101087

Dice rollRolled 10, 4, 5, 12, 14 + 5 = 50

Silver lets off another burst.

038a3 No.101088

Much more consistency with this batch, most hitting, some missing

b800b No.101089

Dice rollRolled 13, 14, 20, 16, 15, 10, 11, 17, 19, 12 + 5 = 152

A little more confident with that last burst, he lets off a longer one.

ad8a6 No.101090

“So, what hotel are we going to traumatize with our little friends?”

038a3 No.101091

Every shot hits, one perfectly. 10 bullets remain

b800b No.101092

Dice rollRolled 20, 4, 18, 16, 20, 19, 3, 2, 3, 11 + 5 = 121

Silver empties what's left in the gun at the target until he hears the telltale *click*.

038a3 No.101093

4 misses, but damn, two perfect hits

2a6a3 No.101094

"Any place is fine by me. We'll need to gather information before disembarking, and then likely need to rest, but I don't care for the nuance of the location."

2a6a3 No.101095

Headshot, Headshot

b800b No.101096

"Not bad. Not bad weapon at all." Silver removes the empty magazine and sets it to safety. He's only been there what feels like a few seconds, but he doesn't want to waste all of his ammo on paper targets. As he lets the gun cool off and his magic works to reload the spent magazine, he admires his hoofwork. This will definately make dealing with ghasts easier. "Not bad for pony who has only used submachine guns only few times, if I do say so myself."

038a3 No.101097

Dusty nods to Silver

ad8a6 No.101098

“Is it a bad time to mention I’m low on bits? I don’t suppose you have any to get the changelings a more comfortable bed. I’ll gladly sleep on the floor, but restless changelings won’t do anypony any favors.”

b800b No.101099

He waits until the empty magazine is loaded back up before stepping out of the pool, machine gun at his side. "One has to give credit where credit is due: you New Marelanders certainly make stellar firearms. Not surprising, considering all of your current and former neighbors, but still."

038a3 No.101100

He nods slowly, closing his eyes and opening them

2a6a3 No.101101

"I have enough, don't worry. It won't be an issue."

038a3 No.101102

So… is he going somewhere?

2a6a3 No.101103

A modest place. Not fancy, not cheap.

b800b No.101104

Silver offers him a hoofshake. "Thank you again for all of your help. If I ever need help with firearms in future, I hope I can call on your aid."

038a3 No.101105

Alright, I need to go to sleep as I have work tomorrow
And my credit card is missing so I am super anxious…
Also I’m setting a keurig tomorrow morning

2a6a3 No.101106

Keurigs are awesome

b800b No.101107

I have no idea what a keurig is, but I hope you sleep well! Also hope you find your credit card. It's probably just hiding somewhere in your house.

2a6a3 No.101108

Its an indivdual-cup coffee maker. They're soooo worth it

b800b No.101109

Oh, right, those! I've heard of those before. Not a big coffee drinker, so that's probably why I had trouble remembering them.

2a6a3 No.101110

A keurig is second only to a french-press in flavor, and superior in time-efficiency.
If time is the essence, a keurig is the way to go, with a reusable coffee-grind pod. Otherwise, a french-press is the best, except it takes alot longer.

37e4f No.101111

I didn't fucking notice the new thread tag.
Sorry for yet another late response.

Iron's eyes glimmer over the sight of the loot in front of him, but as he sees a figure of a mare, he wagers that this could be Feathers' somepony.
"Now this is what I am talking about."
Looking back, he walks backwards towards the stone wall he thinks separates him from his current companions.
(I wonder if they are worried about me disappearing from their vision.)

038a3 No.101115

Is no one there? Okay…

Dark Star is still kill

He shakes his hoof back. Silver is now free to go directly to the catacombs, unless he wants to do something else first.

The first hotel, a little on the lower end, has a plain enough lobby with a simple wooden counter, and seems strangely compact with a stairs going to the second floor, appearing almost like the entrance of an apartment building

The wall looking back is flat with occasional vertical lines going down it. From its geometrically straight angles it appears to be artificial. There are a number of rocks a little over to the left, and a flat piece of the wall seems to have fallen down, formerly taking the place of the rocks. The rocks do not go all the way to the dueling, there seems to be a gap

cbbd1 No.101116

>no one is here
So lets see. We have 3 adults and two children. All maes. Why do I sense Chris Hanson if I reserve just one room?
"This will be fine. Objections?"
"Wir werden hier schlafen. Ist das in Ordnung?" Brie says to the Lings.

038a3 No.101117

Kerr is sort of wondering around, looking into hallways, while Wesley is playing around with… a dry cleaning ticket? I don’t know, he’s playing around with some kind of piece of paper

“Ja. Das ist gut.”

038a3 No.101118

*he’s batting the curved piece of paper on the floor, usually pressing down on one end to make the other go up

cbbd1 No.101119

"Was haben sie?" Brie asks Wesley.

038a3 No.101120

The ersatz foal looks up at Brie, almost startled, or like he had been caught.
“Ich weiß nicht … eine Sache”

Kerr is further away, but looks back at the two

cbbd1 No.101121

"Verliere es nicht" Brie responds, the voices in his head telling him its probably important somehow, but unable to see how he leaves it for the young Ling to play with.

038a3 No.101122

Wesley holds onto the orange slip of paper

cbbd1 No.101123

Brie proceeds to lead the group (?) Is Onyx assumed as following? into this particular Inn.

038a3 No.101124

Alright. Does he buy a room?

b800b No.101125

Silver's got a bit of a shopping list before he's going to go after the catacombs. Just some things to set the odds a little bit more in his favor.

First thing, after heading outside and hitching himself back to his cart, is to find a hunting supplies store, to get bear traps and snares.

So, explosives and fire are a no-go in the Catacombs. How hard would it be for Silver to make fragmentation bombs?

038a3 No.101127

As easy as placing explosives inside of a coffee can packed on the outside with nails and ball bearings
I never said explosives were a no go, just be mindful of the low ceilings and cramped environment - low power

The Jungle Rush awaits
“Good’ay mate” a pony greats him
“What can I do for ya?”

b800b No.101128

Duly noted. I really hope this all works.

Must have been New Marelander immigrant before invasion. "I suppose one could say I am doing some big game hunting. I need bear traps, snares, supplies for tripwire traps, maybe caltrops if you have them. Oh, and some really potent predator bait."

cbbd1 No.101129

Two rooms. 1 with 2(?) adults, one with 1 adult and 2 children. Separate beds for both rooms (unless Sparks and Onyx,… nevermind Xp).

038a3 No.101130

“We don’t have caltrops, but we have everything else”
A bear trap, a snare, wire for types of traps, and
“Just a wiff of this in the air and everything dangerous in miles will be comin’ for ya.”
It’s a cylinder that is closed
“Keep it closed when necessary, obviously”

50 bits for two rooms with two beds each, unless Brie needs three beds… like 65 bits

b800b No.101131

A shame he doesn't have any caltrops, but for all of these good-quality supplies Silver is willing to consider it an acceptable loss. "Can you throw in three more bear traps and couple more snares? There are numerous prey where I am going, and I would prefer to stay as predator rather than become their prey in turn."

038a3 No.101132

He nods, seeming to understand, and not thinking anything out of the ordinary
"Sure. Do you need a gun?"

b800b No.101133

"I have that covered, but thank you for offering." Silver gives the pony his trademark friendly smile. "How much for these supplies?"

038a3 No.101134

“All of this? 120 bits.”

b800b No.101135

120 Bits-worth of notes it is, as well as an offered hoofshake for excellent service. "You will certainly be first I think of when I need hunting supplies."

038a3 No.101136

"Happy hunting. Hope the Cockatrice's don't get ya'."
He shakes his hoof and takes the money

4 bear traps, 2 snares (or three?) two trip wires, and a mysterious cylinder

b800b No.101137

Let's go with three, maybe? Unless that would change the price, then two is fine. It's up to you.

"I appreciate it."

Next stop after putting his new hunting equipment in his cart: somewhere to buy supplies for low-yield explosives and fragmentation bombs, as well as some hardware supplies for a makeshift barricade if that's available.

cbbd1 No.101138

2 rooms, 2 beds each should be fine, since Brie is just gonna get mobbed and eated again.

038a3 No.101139

Poor Brie. Maybe he should buy a separate room, or a couple pet carriers.

Anyways, it is so

Oh dear. Where shall he get those?

b800b No.101140

I have no idea where one would find things like that, so I couldn't tell you.

cbbd1 No.101141

He doesn't know they're eateding him yet. He knew it was inevitable in his journey to the changeling hive, but he didn't anticipate it this soon. He assumed he would be chained in a dungeon first.

038a3 No.101142

That comes later
Well, Brie now has two rooms. Does he want to go drop off his weird cat things or what?

Hmmm… Silver can go wherever now

b800b No.101143

Okay…so, he goes in the direction of explosives, or supplies for explosives?

038a3 No.101144

I’m not wholly convinced this character knows how to make explosives all by himself

b800b No.101145

Okay…so, in the direction of supplies for fragmentation bombs, then?

038a3 No.101146

What does he want to buy?

cbbd1 No.101147

I knew it would
Yes. Brie leads them to one room while offering the key to the other to Sparks and Onyx I'm just going to assume that Onyx came with, otherwise he'd be sitting catatonic on the train or elsewhere "Jungetiere, Ich muss für ein bisschen gehen. Halten Sie Ihre Messer in der Nähe und merken Sie sich das Klopfmuster."
Does Sparks come with him, or is he investigating his own room?

038a3 No.101148

File: 1559105415171.png (195.58 KB, 876x912, 2DA7397E-41CD-482D-AFA3-BE….png)

“Okay…” Kerr almost has a tone of suspicion in his voice
“Okay…” Wesley has sadness and disappointment

b800b No.101149

I mean, you're asking someone with net zero knowledge of making bombs IRL what supplies their character would need to make bombs. You mentioned coffee cans, nails, and ball bearings. I'm not sure what he would need for the explosive element of the frag bomb, or for the tripwire trigger, or where he would get either.

Bring your buggy bois with you, spend some quality time with them!

ad8a6 No.101150

I got my own room? Cool. I guess I would check that out.

038a3 No.101151

Sure, but the issue is that I'm not sure the character would have any greater knowledge. His intelligence is low… very low, and I don't think he has much craft skill. If he were like a super intelligent engineer or a former member of the IRA or Green Beret or… something, I would say sure, but I'm not sure a normal soldier would have much experience with improvised explosives

The rooms are not all that big, with a simple bathroom, a window on the far end of the rectangular room with maroon curtains, a reddish wall to the left, two twin beds against the left wall with white sheets with floral patterns on the covers, a pinkish floor, and a white right and far wall.

b800b No.101152

So, since you were the one who suggested explosives in the first place, that leaves us with the question of what can he do.

cbbd1 No.101153

No, you're sharing with Onyx, who is here god-dammit.
"Was? Wolltest du mitkommen?" He pauses and sighs as he observes their expressions in response to the question. "Natürlich wolltest du mitkommen." He rolls his eyes. "Okay, Sie können mitkommen, aber bitte machen Sie nicht auf sich aufmerksam. Wir sind so weit gekommen, es wäre eine Schande, in einer Gefängniszelle zu landen oder noch schlimmer."
You're not helping Xp

ad8a6 No.101154

Spark sits on the closest bed and takes in the (hopefully) silence. A relaxing moment after all of the tension he has been though in the last few days.
"Well… not too bad considering, eh Tipsy?"
Ah, right.
And then the bartender walks in and ruins the moment of relaxation. Kek.

038a3 No.101156

File: 1559106553467.png (206.33 KB, 1024x1214, 3C06774E-ABA9-4F9C-8266-8A….png)

What do you want him to do?

As Brie decides it would be a good idea to take children along for criminal activity in an unfamiliar city, Wesley jumps up in excitement
“Ja! Ich möchte die Stadt erkund!”
Kerr keeps his distance, and apparently finds the heater at the end of the room favorable. Wesley admits
“Obwohl es draußen sehr kalt ist”

b800b No.101157

That isn't the question I asked.

Preferably, he'd get something. I don't know what he can get, but he'd get something.

038a3 No.101158

I need a bit more specificity

37e4f No.101159

Iron, trying not to desecrate the temple itself by breaking it until it's the absolutely necessary, decides to peek in the gap to see if be can see through the other side.
"Hello? Are you mare over there?"

b800b No.101160

That's the thing: I don't know what all he can do, I don't know what he needs for what he can do, and I don't know where he can get what he needs. I know he needs something akin to explosives or a fragmentation bomb. It's the entire reason I bought the tripwire setups, because you put those ideas in my head.

038a3 No.101161

Yes, he can see both Cauldron and Pear on the other side
Cauldron: “You’re alive!” with a bit of joy
Pear pulls out a bit and tosses it to Cauldron

37e4f No.101162

Iron chuckles to himself, a warm smile over how Cauldron cared for his life.
"I am indeed alive. Have you found any other way around this wall?"
Hah! Pear doesn't know the extent of Iron's stubborness to be alive!

038a3 No.101163

"No, it appears that rocks filled this hole right hear caused by one of the panels being dislodged, which of course was previously filled by the panel"

038a3 No.101164

And I have to go to sleep already

b800b No.101165


37e4f No.101166

Oh, night.
"Do you see any sort of writing on the other side? I could try to make the hole big enough for you to fit."

b800b No.101167

[Cyrillic Horse Noises]

c56f9 No.101168

“Writing about what”Pear asks

Cyka Blyat!

37e4f No.101169

Completely unintentional.
"I mean the drawings and symbols on the walls. Are there any that would be destroyed by opening up this hole for both of you to slip through?"

c56f9 No.101170

“No. The wall consists of rectangular slabs of stones that were placed vertically. One has dislodged. The ceiling above has partly collapsed into the gap left, probably at the same time this guy over here was crushed”

37e4f No.101171

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

Iron ponders for a bit, then turns around to prepare for a test buck to see if the stones would dare move by his thick hindlegs.
Rolling power attack +5 unarmed attack.

c56f9 No.101172

The rocks move, and some fall over to the side, but neither do all move

37e4f No.101173

Dice rollRolled 6 + 6

Iron peers in the hole again.
"I suggest you two move back in case something bad happens. I am tearing this wall down."
Returning to his original bucking position, he slams his rear hooves against the wall again to start creating a slightly bigger entrance for the mares to get inside.

d2b56 No.101174

Dark Star's eyes return to normal from being glazed over.
And he looks around

c56f9 No.101175

File: 1559165292706.png (84.79 KB, 1024x1024, B62D8A02-A2B7-4706-B365-53….png)

It’s the same lobby. Skies is there

Some more rocks move, but not fully there yet

37e4f No.101176

Dice rollRolled 17 + 6

(Yield at my hooves, you stubborn stone bricks.)
The bucking keeps on coming.

c56f9 No.101177

And with this, rocks fly backward at a high rate of speed. Good thing the other ponies moved out of the way. The path now is clear

d2b56 No.101178

"Sorry, i spaced out there."
He Rubs the back of his head

37e4f No.101179

Iron exhales in satisfaction, a grin on his face.
"Alright, the path is clear. Are you both ready to see what is on the other side?"
Iron walks slowly back towards the recently discovered tomb, expecting the mares to follow suit.
Any comments along the way are appreciated.

b800b No.101180

So, question still stands from yesterday: what can Silver do, in relation to what I'm wanting done with explosives and/or frag bombs?

c56f9 No.101181

Please note I’m actually still at work, so don’t be surprised if I can’t respond promptly or well

“Are you ready?” She says

Cauldron says “yes”
Pear simply nods, as if she were anticipating this

On the slabs are numerous figures and landscapes, a different scene on each slab. The body of the shot pony, who was likely a graduate student or helper, lays face down now, and partly covered in the rocks that were pushed over top him. His limbs and body generally are oddly contorted. Before, he lay against the rocks, as if they fell, or at least most of them fell, before he did

Silver can buy any components for anything he names (if legal), and can craft whatever he thinks of putting together

b800b No.101182

Well, a coffee can, nails, and ball bearings would be legal, obviously. The issue is that I don't know what would serve as the low-yield explosive element, nor if there is something that would both serve that purpose and is legal.

37e4f No.101183

Got it, Mr GM. Don't multitask too hard for our sake.
Iron, deciding that maybe these dead ponies could have some more info about this place, walks over to the deceased pony and looks for anything that stands out.
Iron and crew are in that tomb of the mare with all the gold, right?

d2b56 No.101184

"Yea, although i need some shotgun shells. in case something goes wrong."

d2b56 No.101185


b800b No.101186

Would >>101185 work?

37e4f No.101187

Pretty sure GM told you this already.

b800b No.101188

He did? I must have forgotten if he did.

c56f9 No.101189

She motions over to a guard, and after 30 seconds, he returns with a number of shells
“Remember, we prefer them alive”

Dude, I’ve given you extremely detailed and extensive advice on this subject in very long posts

He has nothing on him. Either what he had was taken from him, or he had nothing at the time

He does, however, have a couple basics like note paper, and a flashlight

This is the scene in front of the tomb

b800b No.101190

Sorry. My short- and long-term memory is shot all to hell, some things I can't remember mere minutes after being told while others stay around for years on end, and I forgot to write all that down.

d2b56 No.101191

"I Won't pull it out, unless they get aggressive. even then i'll go for a wounding shot."
He Smiles at her

c56f9 No.101192

Literally everything I said was written down. In posts in the last thread

She nods, half smiling back

37e4f No.101193

Iron, nodding at the new magic light thing in front of him, picks him up and hoofs it over to Cauldron.

With that, he decides to check out the slabs, now that he's more relaxed about the existence of at least some treasure to give to Cauldron.

b800b No.101194

It's gonna be a while, then.

d2b56 No.101195

"Let's get going miss Skies."
He Walks outside and heils a taxi then helps Blue inside.

c56f9 No.101196

I think the next posts will have to wait a while until I am back

She does so
“To Colton Hill”

b800b No.101197

So, coffee cans for the housing, plenty of nails and ball bearings for the fragments, a mixture of fertilizer and diesel for the explosive, and stuff to make the part of the tripwire mechanism that actually sets the bombs off. And enough of those said materials to make two, maybe even four bombs. Am I missing anything?

b800b No.101198

Oh, and some spare materials in case Silver ruins some of them on accident.

038a3 No.101199

File: 1559176838621.png (718.15 KB, 1280x720, Ahuizotl_preparing_for_rit….png)

On the first slab is depicted a number of ponies in a beautiful city, with rectangular stone buildings and pyramids. A small crowd is around a trio of ponies. To the left is an Earth Pony stallion with a traditional sword, and the skin of a tiger as headdress and armor. Two ponies with traditional swords stand at attention next to him. To the right is an Earth Pony mare wearing a brilliant headdress of bright feathers. She seems to be saying some incantation over a bowl, and vapors rise from it. She wears long robes, and two more ponies, wearing long robes prostrate themselves near her, but not to her. And in the center, ontop of pyramid in minature, is a large throne with a pegasus stallion on top. He wears a large headdress sort of similar to the mare, but larger, and with circles of turquoise radiating out along the edges, around the ears. He has a staff, and most ponies look up towards him.

The next panel in large part portrays a similar scene. It's the same city, and the pegasus stallion remains high in the center. But from the left intrude new characters. There are a number of ponies, by and large pegasi, who carry spear, and wear the plate armor of Equestrians. They wear simple metal helmets. They now take up much of the left side of the image, and they, not the pony on the pyramid, are the center of attention. All eyes converge on them, especially, a prominent pony among them who looks up to the pony on the pyramid. The Tiger wearing pony, sword now relaxed on his side, has been displaced from his position on the left. He stands alongside the mare, and her attention is on the intruders. The ponies beside her no longer prostrate themselves. They, too, standby in anticipation.

Panel three is the panel that has been dislodged, and now lies on the ground.

In panel 4, the scene has changed. There is no city, no large structures, and no staff wielding pony at the center. Some of the characters, however, remain the same. Over on the far left are a small number of huts and low level rectangular stone buildings. There is one pony in Equestrian armor, with metal helmet and spear standing in this scene, and he looks off to the left. Perhaps 4 ponies are also in the village. But a small trail of ponies head towards the right side. The middle of the panel is divided by a hill with a few trees on it, and ponies go over it. On the right side is a scene around either a small building or an entrance to a cave. A number of ponies prostrate themselves around a small fire, which itself is at the convergence of four small idols that are placed at corners around the fire, which they face. A few ponies in robes pour some sort of liquid into that makes the flames go higher and give off streaks of gas. Near the center of it is the Mare in the headdress, who stands on her high legs as she makes motions with her forelegs before the fire. The Tiger wearing pony lays prostrate beside and just behind her. Though he is down in a suppliant position, he has his head up and looks up, and so too, do several armed ponies around him. What is most interesting about this scene is what is depicted above: in the smoke that rises fly several horse shaped ethereal entities that fly in a circle.

Panel 5 is the same location. Over in the village, a number of ponies either lay on their backs, sit down and lay against buildings in a look of discomfort, or just lay on their stomachs not really looking alive. The Equestrian soldier lays sprawled partly on the ground and partly ontop of a step to a house. His rear legs are stretched all the way out, his mouth is open, and one foreleg reaches out as if to grasp something. Most have a black streak coming down from each visible eye. Water in a well has a sickly blackish hue to it, and looks unpalatable. In the skies above the clouds are thick and seem to move quickly with fast winds, as lightning comes down in multiple points. Above the clouds, above all, are the ghostly horses, dancing around. But even below, ponies dance. A number of ponies dance around the structure on the left side, around a fire. The mare moves a hoof up towards the sky. To her immediate right, sitting on the ground, is a new pony: a foal, very young, who couldn't be older than a yearling. As in the panels before, the Tiger wearing pony is not far away. But he stands proudly, sword raised to the heavens. So too do the other armed ponies stand proudly, swords raised.

Panel 6, same location. To the left is the village, but it is completely empty. There is nothing growing in the fields, no water in the well, and no livestock nor ponies. In the center, however, is a different scene. This panel depicts a battle, largely ontop of the hill. Ponies in the hides of predators, or with no armor, or with shoulder plates, clank their swords against the plate armor of Equestrian soldiers who wear their metal helmets, and who in turn thrust their spears back. And here is our Tiger wearing pony, joining in the battle, and swinging his sword. A few archers join in down the hill, but over towards the structure, a few ponies huddle. Some look thin, or even sick. Some look scared and hold onto the ponies next to them. But the mare in the headdress stands tall and confidently, looking over towards the hill with no expression of uncertainty. A yearling, now identifiable as a filly, stands next to her, and leans against her shoulders. The other robed ponies likewise stand. But far above, on the left side, the clouds dissipate, and rays of sunlight shine in. Over to the left one horse figure rides through the sky, but he seems to be heading further left and off the panel.

038a3 No.101200

File: 1559177379000.png (10.45 MB, 3000x3000, 1721796.png)

Panel 7 is the final panel. There are far fewer ponies in this one. There is no life in the village, no great battle on the hill, an no sign of the tiger wearing pony nor any other hide-wearing pony. The skies above are perfectly clear, with no sign of cloud, and a bright sun's rays stretch across the panel. Part of the structure that was wooden on the far left is gone, burned down, and what remains is recognizable as the temple entrance seen above, with large basalt blocks. There are not as many ponies in robes in the center, nor as many unclothed-ponies there. Four ponies look on as the headdress wearing pony uses her two hooves to plunge a dagger into her stomach, and their heads face down. The four idols sit in the back as they did before.

Over on the left, past the hill, are several unclothed ponies. All look thin. They walk up to two ponies wearing Equestrian armor, and the two in the lead prostrate themselves. Along with this group of ponies is the yearling filly, slightly larger than in the last painting. She is behind in the group, towards the right, and carries a couple feathers. But she does not look to the left, towards the soldiers. She looks to the right at a sight she could not see, beyond the hill and at the temple entrance.

b800b No.101201

File: 1559187191439.png (1.59 MB, 1587x2100, 1846734__safe_artist-colon….png)

Anyone here?

Also, posting a cute agrarian pony.

37e4f No.101202

Had an unannounced nap. Now trying to catch as much info as I can about this lore piece dropped on me.

b800b No.101203

At the very least, the lore makes me feel as if me coming up with 1,000+ years of lore for Severyana is fairly normal.

It kinda sucks that the Watertowns are nothing more than a pawn piece on the chessboards of the surrounding powers. Their leader is top qt3.14.

37e4f No.101205

>,joining in the battle, and swinging his A few archers join in down to the hill
Not sure if it's a typo of just missing a dot or an unfinished sentence.
Iron looks on, amazed by the sight before him. He watched as the Earth Pony, tiger skin wearing stallion and his supposed mare face off against the Equestrian Army.
(Wait, why do these statues seem so familiar. Could it be that I am holding one of them right now?)
He focuses on the fourth panel's small idols, trying hard to identify their shapes and if they're the ones Iron and Co. were currently carrying.
After that, he carries on reading about the demise of the seemingly powerful empire over their supposed overconfidence.
"It seems they thought to have won the war due to the idols, but failed," he mutters out loud, "what a tragic disgrace they have fallen into."
He makes note of the filly standing next to the female leader of the Empire as well as how the robed mare essentially stabbed herself behind her.
"Was it a pony sacrifice to them?"
He then notices how the filly was suspiciously doing something different.
"It seems either her mother did not want her daughter to witness her death or someone betrayed somebody."
He check around him to see if Pear is currently reading this to see how right he was processing the information in front of him, walking towards the third big slab that was laying on the ground and turning it around to see what was missing from this story.
I sure hope you can abide by my continuous posting for this one.

37e4f No.101206

By continuous posting I mean continuous acts of action declaring in the same post.

038a3 No.101207

File: 1559190325450.png (136.32 KB, 407x562, 1214082.png)

Whether the idols in the painted reliefs are one for one, the exact same idols as Iron now possesses is impossible to know. What can be determined is that they do indeed seem to be idols to the same deities as Iron possesses, or at least, take the same animal forms. A dog, a turkey, a jaguar, and a pony skeleton.

The third panel lays upright on the ground. It features the same setting as panels 1 and 2 - the city - and the same individuals. What is new, however, is one pony: an Alicorn. She wears gold regalia, and has a heavenly mane, but isn't much more ornately dressed than the other ponies in the image. Though she has no headdress, the sculptor has chosen to display rays of sun emanating from behind her head in a radial pattern resembling a headdress. She stands tall beside but not on the steps that lead to the throne, and looks down to the pony below her. The pony on the throne, who wore his great headdress of feathers and turquoise, now bows before the alicorn, descending from his throne to stand before her. The Equestrian soldiers bow likewise, though some, like the soldier who stood out in front as the evident leader in panel two, bow their heads, but not their full bodies. Most of the other ponies in the image, who are not clothed, or wear ordinary civilian clothing, likewise bow to the Alicorn. A number of small columns tip over, and an idol can be seen crashing to the floor, and cracking in two. Above the city, the sun shines with bright rays, and the rays from the sun in the center link with the rays emanating from the Alicorn. But over on the right side of the image, many familiar ponies, our mare with the headdress, and the Tiger hide wearing sword wielder, do not bow before their new God Empress, nor do several other robe wearers and sword wielders, nor a few unclothed ponies. Their reactions very from horror, to disgust, to fear. Most, including the mare and stallion that become the centers of the later panels, turn their heads away.

b800b No.101208

So, about >>101197 and >>101198

37e4f No.101209

So Celestia herself probably caused the attack. How scandalous!
Iron is dumbfounded.
(A pony with wings and horn? What is this I am seeing? Why would the Empire's leaders act so hostile to begin with? Did she try to placate them with peace, knowing that reliance on technology is bound to weaken their spirits? Did she simply waltz in and declared war?)
Iron was quite confused at this new revelation, rubbing his temples.

038a3 No.101210

File: 1559193670149.jpg (314.88 KB, 696x870, d5rjryc-68118d8d-2aba-4cfc….jpg)

Pear looks at Iron, then at the painted reliefs, then back at Iron.

"Critical Theory - My department head at the University - wrote that there is a new consensus as to what happened in the Equestrian integration of the Southern Ponies… They say that viceroy Valiant Cello sent in High View to bring the independent Marexica ponies to heel, and then when a portion of them did not submit, crushed them violently. They say that Hummingbird Feather was kept as a nominal vassal to justify the conquest as a prisoner of High View. They say that the disaster that followed in the Tenochtitlan basin, the drought, the storms, and the cocoliztli was caused by Equestrian mismanagement and indifference. They say the cocolitzi was caused by Equestrians moving the natives closer together, and among new livestock, which, combined with drought forcing fewer and more contaminated water supplies, caused bacterial outbreaks. They say the bad weather was caused by Equestrian weather control taking over a carefully balanced southern ecosystem. They say all of this happened under the watch of Celestia, who herself forced the Southern ponies to assimilate culturally and forced them to become part of her empire."
She seems a little emotional, not really to the point of tears, but perhaps halfway there.

"But that is not what this says here. The Marexica were a proud and culturally productive herd, and they were independent and prosperous in the generations after the fall of Quetzalcoatl. But they were not bullied by Equestria the way the revisionist historians say they were. The Marexica were very religious. They saw nature as controlled by a number of deities. When they saw that the Goddess of Sun and Light herself appeared before them, they recognized her as the head of the natural order. Hummingbird Feather was not kept hostage as a political prisoner by Equestrian conquerers…"
She points her hoof at the third panel on the ground
"When he saw Celestia, he saw her for who she was, She who brings the Sun, and who can instill harmony in ponies. He willingly accepted her as Suzerain over his Kingdom, and the majority of his ponies did as well."

Her eyes look over to the right, towards panels 4 and on
"But the Marexica were a proud and religious herd… The Neighuatl pantheon has a number of Dieties in it, both light and dark, good and evil. To them, all were gods, and masters of the Universe, and ponies were subservient to all. Equestrian religion, though perhaps possessing a greater claim to good and the light, has no place for Darkness nor Evil. Many of the idols of the Marexica were destroyed, and this change in religious practice, as well as other societal changes and subservience to foreign rulers caused unrest in a portion of the population, especially among the priesthood and the military, who didn't fit in well after the changes the Equestrians brought. They saw their culture and country as being subverted and destroyed. So they fled to their hideouts in the hills and in the caves.

There, they once again prayed to their gods, the gods who had their idols smashed, and prayed for them to take vengeance on the invaders and the traitors. When they saw the Cocoliztli and the drought, they must have thought their prayers had been answered - whatever the true cause. So they resisted, and waged a guerilla war against the Equestrians. But the Equestrians had faith in their own God to carry them in battle, and what is more, they had steel. And Equestrian faith, blood, and steel lead them to victory over the rebels. The last rebels either surrendered, or committed suicide. And that's what in this temple. Not Hummingbird Feather and his treasure - he's under a cathedral in Tenochtitlan - but the last free pony of the Marexica. She decided to die rather than to surrender, and her followers buried her here along with the idols of her lost religion"

37e4f No.101211

Iron nods.
"An honorable demise, I would say."
But Iron's ropes started to be pulled in thought.
"Although I feel like the clouds raining lightning is quite familiar, seeing how the mare with the big gun died. The circumstances seem similar…"

b800b No.101213

File: 1559241669546.png (5.06 MB, 2000x2000, 1665506__safe_artist-colon….png)

Cyka blyat.

37e4f No.101214

Pinche marica
More like mareica, amirite?

b800b No.101215

*Pon(y)che mareica
These horse puns are endless.

37e4f No.101216

Mare is the ultimate pun master key.
Marexico, Ausmarelia, Polmare, etc. You get my point.

b800b No.101217

I would have gone with "Austrotlia".

37e4f No.101218

That's because I want to show the power of the word mare in pun creation.
Great Maretain, Swemare, Normare, Switzmareland, Maretugal, Jamareica, Armaretina, Marezil.

b800b No.101219

Kinda pushing it with Swemare and Normare, there. Let's see, there's Maretana, North Mareolina, South Mareolina, Tamareipas, Nuevo Mareon, Mareizona…

37e4f No.101220

>pushing it
Mare fits with anything and everything!
Sunmare Shimmer, Twilight Marekle, Starmare Glimmer, Rainmare Dash, Marekie Pie, Limemare Pie.

b800b No.101221

Eh, "Mare" is only one slice of the horse pun pie. I mean, you've got "Colt" in Coltorado, "Filly" in Fillydelphia, "Foal" in New Braunfoals, "Stallion" in Stalliongrad, "Trot" in Trottingham, "Hoof" in Hoofston…

37e4f No.101222

Trust me. Mare has a lot more flexibility than those other pun words you've mentioned.

b800b No.101223

There's also "Hay" in Haywai'i, "Mane" in Manehattan. And this is all not including the other horse puns, like Nicker or Fetlock, or all of the other places that are literally just horse puns in and of themselves, like Van Horn.

37e4f No.101224

The amount of other possible options is half the number of available words to pun it up with mare. It's a be all end all pun that always works

b800b No.101225

There's also "Oat" in Oatlahoma, "Tail" in Tailahassee. Other puns include Winter Hayven, Haynes City, Oatkeechobee, Coral Haybales, Manebourne, Maneticello, Colttahoochee, Pensacolta, Applechicola, Tarpony Springs, Cape Romaneo. And all of those are just names of places in Florida, alone.

580cc No.101226

b800b No.101227

Applechicola could also be named Applechicolta if you wanted to go with the double pun.

37e4f No.101228

That's what griffon lovers would say, because their words can't be used to pun as effectively.

b800b No.101229


580cc No.101230

Reeeeee read my long life pieces Appreciate them
Shit takes like two hours to type

37e4f No.101231


b800b No.101232

I agree.


580cc No.101233

Well fuck you too then

37e4f No.101234

I think we may need some context before we resort to insults.

b800b No.101235

Where the hell did that come from? I'm genuinely curious what it is you're referring to, because this >>101230 was your second post of the day. I don't see anything about "long life pieces".

b77f9 No.101236

Y'all niggas is crazy

37e4f No.101237

Retardation =/= craziness

b800b No.101238

Hey, I represent that statement!

580cc No.101239

*Read my long lore pieces

Do you fuckers understand me now?

37e4f No.101240

Ah, so that's what you meant. Whoops.
Don't worry, I read the lore pieces.
Was it autocorrect that made you put life instead of lore?

b800b No.101241

We did read them. Calm the fuck down, Jesus Fucking Christ. Where the fuck did all this come from?

580cc No.101242

Well I know you did because you clearly acknowledged them

Again, fuck you too

b800b No.101243

You know what, I'm going to go so you can cool down and think about exactly what the fuck you think I did that would deserve you telling me "fuck you".

37e4f No.101244

Now's not the time to go full ape mode, you two. That's my role, not yours.
In any case, GM is signalling that Silver, the player, haven't really achknowledged a lore piece he worked on and is currently angry about it. Try to analyze the GM's recent responses for any interesting tidbits that stand out as important lore-wise.

b800b No.101245

I don't know what to tell ya. I came here, we had a pun-off, then he starts going off on us for no reason. The last thing of lore he wrote was for Iron, and I thought it was pretty good. I'm sorry if he needed verbal confirmation, but as Silver wasn't involved in that scene and I couldn't think of anything else to comment or add beside "bretty gud" I declined from commenting.

So, that leaves me with thinking he either is looking for comments on the lore piece he wrote for Iron's dream, or he wrote something and it didn't post to the actual site.

37e4f No.101246

I feel this is not only not acknowledging the lore piece presented by Iron, but a combination between our confusion over his comment as well as other stuff IRL we shouldn't really know about. Maybe work stress or a heated family argument.
Try not to let an anonymous person on the Internet using harsh language shock and disturb you, for it only breeds more harsh language that only makes things worse. No matter if the person didn't properly communicate his message or you don't understand the message being sent, don't retaliate with your own swear words and aggression.
My case should be enough testament of that.

b800b No.101247

That all comes with a caveat, that you shouldn't just come out and tell someone "fuck you" and expect them to take it well. I especially don't take getting cussed out well. If it's a misunderstanding, or IRL drama, I get it, I know how that can impact how you reply online, but it's at that point where you need to take a step back, just like how I have to learn to take a step back in moments like this.

And could you not talk down to me, please? I apologize if you aren't, it's just that with everything going on it comes across as such to me.
I have no idea what case you're talking about, but alright?

37e4f No.101248

An understandable claim. No one wants to be badmouthed. However, shitflinging is going to slow down the game and cause other players discomfort. GM was the firestarter, but you don't have to be the fuel to spread it, even though the spark is tempting to pick up.
Trust me. I am only interested in resolving the current issue because it's going to halt the current story progress as some time is needed to deal with these sort of situations, and I'm not talking down to either you or the GM since it would go against the primary objective of making amends and restore order to keep playing.
I'm the guy who basically first shit talked a character enough to almost have her killed due to my poor tact. We both know the character we're talking about.
Hint: You're currently infatuated enough to date.

b800b No.101249

Fair enough, I suppose. You have a good point.
Oh, right, I remember seeing that when I first joined.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, there. Yes, I did read the lore you wrote for Iron, and I thought it was pretty good.

b800b No.101251

So, seeing that there's apparently not going to be anything else going on tonight…I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow?

038a3 No.101252

I don't know, maybe

8648b No.101253

b800b No.101254

038a3 No.101255


a9aa4 No.101256

File: 1559269689055.gif (155.09 KB, 772x736, eeeeeee.gif)

8648b No.101257

File: 1559269887645.jpg (12.79 KB, 333x285, th(2).jpg)

He's an imposter, I'm the REAL Eeeeee!

038a3 No.101258

File: 1559269944390.png (105.27 KB, 680x607, 8d5.png)

Does anypony want to play?

b800b No.101259

I'm always up to play.

I know how to find out who is the real BriEEEE.

8648b No.101260

It's the same guy, 2 IPs

b800b No.101261

File: 1559270610948.png (923.33 KB, 1024x576, Mangoes.png)

Aww. What am I going to do with all of these mangoes, now?

8648b No.101262

Reee, I don't have all my reaction images on this device Xp

8648b No.101263

Besides, those mangos aren't fully ripe yet

b800b No.101264

File: 1559270828182.jpg (15.75 KB, 450x450, Mango.jpg)

Awwww. Poor Eeeee. Here, have a mango.

8648b No.101265

Better. So last time, the Lings were guilt tripping Brie about wanting to go outside (fuggin Hunchback of Notre Damme and shit), how are we doing?

038a3 No.101266

File: 1559271122128.jpg (36.31 KB, 400x320, 28450855@400-1535162411.jpg)

Would a real batpony even care?

Yes. That's exactly right. Brie was pondering the merits of taking two small children into an alien city while he intends to do criminal work with unsavory characters, or locking them up unattended inside of a small room

8648b No.101267

No, he already determined that he was better off keeping them close, that way he at least knew what sort of shit they were getting him into.

038a3 No.101268

File: 1559271544558.gif (122.33 KB, 374x366, 430974.gif)

Very well then. Proceed with caution

8648b No.101269

So assuming Sparks isn't joining, Brie would try to find a pawn shop or a (((merchant))) who might accept such goods without too many questions

038a3 No.101270

If he's looking for Griffins, he may be disappointed. Baltimare is by the Ocean, and thus is easily accessible to Griffin immigrants. Bales… not so much

8648b No.101271

Who said Griffons? I said (or implied) unsavorable merchants with questionable ethics who might turn a blind eye to unregisterd merchandise (or worse, merchandise that might resiter badly)

038a3 No.101272

Okay… Roll Die

8648b No.101273

Dice rollRolled 2


8648b No.101274

Oh ffs

038a3 No.101275

A nice enough pawn shop with a charcoal gray earth pony. Not really any sign this shop buys and sells firearms, but who knows

8648b No.101276

"bleib nah Jugetiere". Brie enters the shop

b800b No.101277

Is there anything I'm missing from >>101197 and >>101198 in order to make the bombs I'm wanting to make?

038a3 No.101278

“What can I do for you?”
The pony asks

8648b No.101279

"Hello my good stallion. I was hoping to see what you have in the form of armor."

038a3 No.101280

That’s a roll-die if ever there were one

8648b No.101281

What do you mean? I just wanna see if they have body armor?
"He's lying, he thinks this is gonna blow up in his face"
"Oh no? GM, check test"
God dammit

038a3 No.101282

But there is nothing on test…


8648b No.101283

Don't lie,…

8648b No.101284

Dice rollRolled 16

038a3 No.101285

"… Take a look around back"

8648b No.101287

File: 1559280586501.jpg (12.54 KB, 250x250, 652.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 7

I ain't goin' out there nigga

038a3 No.101288

Well then…

37e4f No.101289

IF you're still there, the response was given yesterday.

b800b No.101290

[Pyrotechnician Horse Noises]

37e4f No.101291

Don't blow me up, bro.

8648b No.101292

37e4f No.101293

File: 1559340814247.png (396.45 KB, 847x927, 2042358__safe_edit_edited ….png)

My nose hath been booped!
My pride has been shattered!

53f0a No.101294

File: 1559341350261.png (471.17 KB, 2772x2048, _Boop 3.png)

37e4f No.101295

File: 1559341458966.gif (333.8 KB, 800x451, 2047646__safe_edit_edited ….gif)

Seizure-like pony noises

53f0a No.101296

File: 1559342216864.png (466.44 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 1.png)

37e4f No.101297

File: 1559342436257.gif (840.71 KB, 720x720, 2052274__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Darn it. You better quit your booping before I fall unconscious.

53f0a No.101298

File: 1559343066942.jpeg (24.91 KB, 375x523, _boop card.jpeg)

37e4f No.101299

File: 1559343197450.gif (2.17 MB, 662x892, 1999326__safe_artist-colon….gif)

I warned you, you persistent human!

53f0a No.101300

File: 1559343387319.png (286.16 KB, 1280x1435, _aj shotgun.png)

37e4f No.101301

boops gun
Ah ha! I have shamed your gun with a boop!

4b96b No.101302

File: 1559344143138.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 2.png)

You won't shame me!

37e4f No.101303

Ow! You big meanie! You better apologize for your transgression or else I'll…
Do you dislike getting very salty japoneighse peanuts?

038a3 No.101304

File: 1559344630578.gif (254.23 KB, 284x486, 421BCA08-0A85-4B4F-AF73-83….gif)

What’s going on here?

37e4f No.101305

Passing time.
Are you ready to continue?
Last post should be >>101211

038a3 No.101306

Pear: “What do you mean?”

37e4f No.101307

"The idols looks similar enough and, according to this, it used the power of the dead to do supernatural things." his eyes narrow in thought, looking slightly upwards. "I think. I am not too far off, am I?"

8648b No.101308

I'll be around to continue Brie's adventure of WTF have I gotten myself into this time in an hour or so

038a3 No.101309

She blinks, but then answers
“They believed their gods could be called upon to avenge slights, and they believed their gods had control over many parts of nature”

In the last episode’s adventure, Brie was noping his way out of going to the back of a pawn shop

b800b No.101310

File: 1559346200944.png (3.01 MB, 3000x3000, 2052824__safe_artist-colon….png)

You thought you were safe…
But you weren't!
No snootendootle is safe when I'm around!

038a3 No.101311

File: 1559347172063.png (510.54 KB, 4000x4000, 45ABBC57-27B3-4C35-AFFA-62….png)


b800b No.101312

Anyways, I'm still curious about the validity of >>101197 and >>101198. Would Silver be missing anything from his shopping list to be able to make some bombs?

038a3 No.101313

What kind of fertilizer, and how do the detonators work?

4b96b No.101314

File: 1559348996300.png (1 MB, 5314x5699, _boop ponk.png)

You Getting booped

b800b No.101315

I'm not a pyrotechnician, nor even just a pyromaniac like my dad. I don't know how bombs work.

b800b No.101316

I would assume the fertilizer would have to have a high nitrate-content, and the detonator…well, again, I don't know. Something simple, maybe? Just something to light a spark.

038a3 No.101317



b800b No.101318

Might be pushing it, but could you please help me out a little with this? Bomb-making isn't exactly something you can search freely online, and while I know a little bit of physics, having a mechanism interact with something explosive or inflammable is out of my league.

038a3 No.101319

I mean, I could, I’m just not sure if I should. It’s all part of the quid pro quo of taking certain classes. A rogue or wizard normally would be the explosives expert, while a fighter would not be. After all, a rogue is seriously threatened by a single bullet as it could reduce their health to where the next one could be fatal. A fighter, however, can take many shots.

Maybe with a high enough craft role?

b800b No.101320

So, you want me to roll a 1 now, or later?

038a3 No.101321

b800b No.101322

Dice rollRolled 18 - 1

Incoming natural 1.

b800b No.101323


038a3 No.101324

It looks like Silver's years of service have done him well. He can craft lower intensity explosives

b800b No.101325

That's a pleasant surprise, to be sure. So, supplies for 4 fragmentation bombs: is that doable?

038a3 No.101326


b800b No.101327

Then that would be next on Silver's list.

038a3 No.101328

And that would be a relatively simple process, though finding something like Ball bearings might be a little harder

b800b No.101329

Knowing that this will most likely be a natural 1, can I roll Search to find an obtainable source before going with my plan-B of how to acquire them?

e071b No.101330

Hmmm…. What is plan B?

b800b No.101331

Honestly? Just ask nicely around some automotive and bike shops to see if they have any ball bearings they can sell.

8648b No.101332

b800b No.101333

Plan C is to see if Yo-Yos in this universe have ball bearings in them, and to buy a shit-ton of them if they do.

8648b No.101334

8648b No.101335

4b96b No.101336

b800b No.101337

8648b No.101338

File: 1559360460501.jpg (646.3 KB, 3072x1728, thf2.jpg)

4b96b No.101339

a coot

b800b No.101340

Are you going to boop her?

8648b No.101341

Heavens no. Its complicated. But no. That was for Dark Star.
But I am still hoping GM returns.

b800b No.101342

>But I am still hoping GM returns.

4b96b No.101343

e071b No.101344

Okay, out now

b800b No.101345

8648b No.101346

GM, is that you?

e071b No.101347



b800b No.101348

Not sure if it's possible, but can we have a basic schedule, to know when you're likely to be on during the week?

8648b No.101349

Dice rollRolled 13, 2 + 11 = 26

"You don't have anything available up front? Then I'm not interested."
Brie turns to leave.
Frogging knives, sleight of hand

038a3 No.101350

I’m available all of tomorrow and probably much of Sunday, but not late at night nor in the midday. Next week I’ll probably be available like 7 PM to midnight, and sometimes can post before then

“Alright then”
Brie exits the store, not seeming to be followed

A white earth pony at a bike shop has this to say
“Not many ball bearings are available, and prices are through the roof. I know that plane landing gear factory uptown always gets the first shipment, and the truck factory gets second priority…”

8648b No.101351

"Wir sollten zurückgehen. Mir gefiel nicht, wie dieser Ladenbesitzer reagierte."
Brie whispers to the Lings.

b800b No.101352

That's handy to know, thanks.

"Good to know, thank you for information." Second stop on his quest for the elusive ball bearings: the uptown plane landing gear factory.

038a3 No.101353

Wesley: “In Ordung”

Kerr: “Warum sollten wir zurückgehen?”

Small green pony, also Earth pony, with ruffled looking fur outside factory gates
“What do you want?”

b800b No.101354

Here is hoping he will cooperate. "Ball bearings. I heard they are at premium, and that you might have some."

038a3 No.101355

“Well yes, we use them to complete our orders”

b800b No.101356

"Do you have any spare I might be able to purchase?"

4b96b No.101357

Dark Star and Blue were Riding towards colton hill right?

038a3 No.101358

Yes. This area of town is on the west side, a little to the north. It’s higher class, and it’s buildings are a bit older, tending to have a “historical” look to them. It’s mostky red brick town homes that are several stories tall, though there are some shops, and they pass the old Temple of Boreas with its white marble walls and golden domes

“Where did you want to encounter them?” She asks

“Not really, we order them as we need them, so any we don’t use this week, we just use next week”

b800b No.101359

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Sense Motive: Silver tries to get a feel for if this pony might be able to be…persuaded…to suddenly "misplace" some of those unused ball bearings.

038a3 No.101360

Accent is local, looks like he’s been working in rough or tiring conditions, and he speaks to Silver in that sort of “this is what I am supposed to say” voice of disinterest that is more common in the service sector

b800b No.101361

Hmm… Silver wonders to himself why these ball bearings are so damn rare. "And you do not know of any…misplaced…boxes of ball bearings, or where they might be found?"

038a3 No.101362


b800b No.101363

Silver pulls out 100 Bits-worth of notes, making them apparent to the pony working. "Absolutely sure?"

4b96b No.101364

Dark Star Whistles
"Nice Place"
"I Was hoping we could catch them in between Buildings."

038a3 No.101365

“Perhaps a box or two may be lost in transit” he says

038a3 No.101366

“Well, they are cops. They would head back to station, do paperwork there, then leave if they aren’t called into action again”

b800b No.101367

"You never know when logistics will make mistake like that." Silver gives the notes to the stallion, and pulls out another 100 to show him. He nods to the pony, hoping his intentions have been made clear. "Never know when something might just simply disappear into ether…"

038a3 No.101368

He nods
“How many are we talking about?”

b800b No.101369

"Two, if you can. One will be fine if it is not possible, but I will throw in bonus for both."

038a3 No.101370

“Two then”
He brings out two boxes, weighing at least 5 pounds each, of the silver spheres

b800b No.101371

Silver takes the boxes gladly and gives the worker an additional 200 Bits, bringing the total for this acquisition to 300. Probably more than he would need to spend, but he has the Bits, and a little generosity shown to such a diligent worker never hurt anypony. "Here, you look like you have worked hard today. Treat yourself when you get off for me, okay?"

4b96b No.101372

"Perhaps we can Ruse them, Maybe We Can Trick one into thinking that i have been stabbed. Then we can interrogate one."

038a3 No.101373

“Yes sir”

“Tell me what you want to do”

b800b No.101374

"You have yourself good day, now." Silver sets the ball bearings in his cart with his other recently-acquired equipment. Now all he needs is to buy the rest of the materials he needs for these bombs, and buy the materials he'd need for some wooden barricades.

038a3 No.101375

Okay, so what shall he buy?

b800b No.101376

For the bombs: high-nitrate fertilizer, diesel, plenty of nails, and four coffee cans.

For the barricades: a set of basic construction tools (hammer, screwdriver, saw, tape measurer, etc.), nails, screws, railroad spikes, l-brackets, and enough 2x4s for three different barricades.

He's also going to buy two bottles of whiskey: one to steady his nerves before, and one to celebrate after.

b800b No.101377

Oh, and the stuff he'd need to make the detonators for the bombs, so they go off when the tripwires they're attached to are tripped.

4b96b No.101378

"I'll Go Act Like i've Been Stabbed you Go in and lead Them out to me. Bring Only one if you can."

37e4f No.101379

He turns to Pear with that pensive expression, thinking there's a connection. "Is it simply a 'belief', Pear, or is it a hidden power these idols have? If the bandit knew about this power, it would explain even further why he would want to pursue something that might as well be a myth to the average pony. Do you not think so?"

038a3 No.101380

Well, that’s quite a lot of material. Approximately 100 bits

“Well, if they believe it, it doesn’t matter if it is true or not. It would affect them all the same.”

“Sp you want to encounter them before they go to the station?”

37e4f No.101381

Iron nods with a worried expression.
"I fear that they may be right in believing they have this amount of power. We are still missing some of them, and they may both have it and know how to use them. It could spell doom for everypony."

038a3 No.101382

“The scholars don’t take the old gods seriously, saying they are nothing more than superstition. Certainly my colleagues didn’t. And the Marexica certainly didn’t believe they could be directed around like peasant levies marched by a feudal lord. They believed the dark gods to see themselves above Equines, they themselves the lords over serfs. They act for their own pride and power.”

37e4f No.101383

Iron hums to himself.
"I shall take your word on the matter. Hopefully you are correct in asserting they cannot use their power."
He decides to look around some more for any ways to continue further into the cavern or anyother eyecatching thing in this tomb.

b800b No.101385

Indeed it is, but it's all part of the plan. 100 Bits it is.

Silver has one more stop to make: the Cathedral. He's going to stop there and meet with the Father, ask for some last bits of information that might help him.

038a3 No.101386

Inside of the sectioned off room, some cases exist to the side, as well as the remains of a sword - the wood rotted away by time, but the obsidian flakes as sharp as they were centuries ago - some other pieces of military fanfare like a shield (rotted in the center, but with gilded edges remaining - and far in the back, a gold idol upon a pedestal

Silver is able to walk in simply. A certain fairly chubby older colt in religious clothing comes in, and immediately starts to smile wide
“It’s you again!”
He continues smiling with his mouth open in part in excitement
“Uh, what was your name again?”

37e4f No.101387

Iron's eyes focus on the far away gold idol on a pedestal, wondering if it's one of the set he currently has two of.
He closes the distance carefully, as to not disturb anything else along the way.
(Maybe this is the third idol that can be used to call upon powers.)

b800b No.101388

Silver smiles at remembering the energetic colt. "It is Silver, Silver Sword. I was hoping to speak with Father. I have couple questions I hope he can help with."

038a3 No.101389

The idol is fairly ornate, more so than the others, made of Gold, or at least, is entirely gilt. It is a statuette of an Equine Skeleton, with open rib cage and eye holes

"Let me go get him!"
Slow Burn bounces off
"Father! That sword pony wants to see you again!"
"Alright alright, I'm here"

From the door in the back, Father Maren walks slowly into the room, and takes his glasses off his face, carefully placing them in the pocket of a robe. He addresses Silver
"And what brings you back, dear child?"

37e4f No.101390

Dice rollRolled 16

Iron thinks he remembers Pear saying that one of the idols was of an equine skeleton back when they cleared the bandit camp.
He decides to check the pedestal for anything that could be identified as a trap.
Spot roll

038a3 No.101391

The idol seems to have been placed there carefully as a respectful hiding place - or resting place - to sit indefinitely. No trap is apparent

b800b No.101392

Silver bows to the pony in front of him. "Thank you for seeing me, Father Maren." Standing up, Silver pulls out Curwhinny's silver locket. "I wanted to know what you know about liches, and phylacteries, as you seem to be quite knowledgeable on these sorts of matters."

37e4f No.101393

Iron decides not to grab the idol out of respect.
(Perhaps I could find the other resting places for the other two idols we have in our inventory. That should be more than enough to grab some of the gold here in exchange.)
He smiles and nods over it, eager to get some of this precious, Cauldron-saving gold.

038a3 No.101394

Again, the options for treasure don't quite look like they are quite up to the level of a proper treasury. But even with that, there are more than a few items of obvious value. Vases and chalices of gold. Pendants and ear rings studded with emeralds, turquoise, and topaz. Golden face masks. A larger circular… something, that is gilded and covered in a large amount of writing. There is one empty pedestal

038a3 No.101395

His eyes go wide at this
“And what am I looking at”
Referring to the locket

b800b No.101396

"This…is Joseph Curwhinny's phylactery. He is still around, albeit sealed away in stone coffin. He did indeed manage to turn himself into lich, before group of militia ponies raided catacombs underneath his farmhouse and sealed him away in that dark, dank place. Even I, who was raised like Earth Pony and did not receive much training in magic, can feel his presence near where he lay."

He holds the locket out for Maren to inspect, should he so choose. "I am hoping to put him to his long-overdue rest, so that he might be reunited with his beloved family he lost long ago."

37e4f No.101397

Iron understand this is not the main crypt but the prospects of getting gold are not lost on him.
(Maybe we could drop most of the guns we picked up. I only need my precious hooves.)
His head leans forwards, kissing one of his forelegs in a narcisstic display of self-affection with a cocky grin on his face.
He looks to the empty pedestal.
(Perhaps I can place the dog idol there.)
Walking over there to do so, he attempts to remember what was the second idol retrieved by Pear.

038a3 No.101398

Father Maren nods, but he does not pick up the locket

"We'll put him to rest, if such a thing can indeed await him, however we have to do it."

The second idol is a large Jade Turkey, seemingly made out of a single giant glob of Jade, or at least, several pieces well put together.

37e4f No.101399

Figuring that the dichotomy between the golden equine skeleton with the dog idol works better than a turkey in his head, he pulls out the dog idol and places it on the pedestal.

038a3 No.101400

The Stone Dog (black Marble) sits well on the pedestal

37e4f No.101401

Iron smiles to himself.
(That should make the gods happy. I should keep on searching for the main treasury before I grab any gold though, including beating down the bandit leader threatening us currently.)

b800b No.101402

Silver nods right back, taking back the locket. "Do you have any ideas on how that may be done, or any general information on liches and these phylacteries?"

038a3 No.101403

There cavern continues slightly, but definitely narrows

"Aye. Burn incense to repel the harshest of the evil spirits, then, destroy the physical entity of the phylactery with with a magical sword. Then, the real work of cleansing with Holy Water and prayer may begin.

To become a lich is to separate one's soul from one's physical body, and to bind one's soul with the physicality of another object. It is a terrible, cynical prospect that often shatters what parts of your soul you could otherwise take to the other world. I don't know precisely how it is done, as that information is kept deep under lock and key in the Canterlot archives. It is often said that in order to split your soul from your body, you must commit a horrific act to fracture yourself. Some say you must shatter yourself spiritually and emotionally by sacrificing what you love. In some versions of the stories, the process is magical and available only to the most practiced of unicorns. In other versions, an alchemical process is involved. What is certain is that the process binds the spirit to the physical realm in a vessel generally less corruptible than the equine body, but at a cost."

37e4f No.101404

Iron calls over to his mare companions as he walks further in the cavern.
"Let us keep moving. We must still deal with the bandit leader."
(Hopefully my body can squeeze through this narrow path.)

f4a77 No.101405

"Yes, it would most likely be better, and assuming they leave their weapons at the station, it would be safer.

b800b No.101406

Silver nods again. "Joseph Curwhinny lost entirety of his family to plague, in event that would lead to him originally pursuing necromancy in first place, and he was quite skilled with both magic and alchemy if numerous alchemical materials I found in catacombs and process he used to create ghasts are anything to go by. I can see how he originally became lich in first place." He glances back to his beloved greatsword. "While my sword is not in-and-of-itself magical, I do have couple of vials of Magic Weapon oils. Should I coat its blade blade in oil prior, will it suffice in destroying this phylactery when I am ready?"

b800b No.101407

*just one "blade", there

038a3 No.101408

Not so narrow, but when he goes through, he can see what this area is. To both left and right are holes carved into the cavern walls in small arches, some of them sealed. On the ground are vases, these ones being fired clay pots.

There are some treasures here that have clearly been lost to time. Decayed bits of organic matter are strewn along the floor in little piles, and one may speculate that they were once ornate robes, tapestries, wooden statuettes, or rolled up rugs. Bronze and copper have not fared much better. Small cups and head pieces of metal have been reduced to crusted blue-green flakes. Even silver earrings and statuettes are now coated in an unsavory black tarnish. Gold alone shines pristine in among the cave, in some areas the sole survivor of centuries of moist stasis. It alone testifies to the artistic mastery and wealth of the civilization whose last patriots are entombed here.

At the far end, leaning against a wall, is a number of obsidian shards around a pile of dust. Over top the pile is a set of hairs and decayed organic matter.

The taxi lets them off near the police station, a relatively modern building of beige stone facade walls, rectangular in shape and a couple stories tall, with a rectangular pyramid of bronze color in the center of the top.

The hell are weapon oils?

37e4f No.101409

Iron is quite saddened by all of this wealth rotting away.
(Imagine how much more these items will sell for money?)

The eye catching obsidian shards around a pile of dust is a sight worthy of closer inspection.
(What kind of person would set shards like these around an ash pile? Maybe there are traps in here?)
He walks closer to it in an attempt to better see the scene.

b800b No.101410

Potions that you apply to your weapon, rather than drinking them. In this case it's an oil that applies the Magic Weapon spell effect to the weapon that the oil is smeared on, giving it a +1 enhancement bonus.

038a3 No.101411

blunt on one edge, sharp on the other edge. They are all something like 5 centimeters wide, 4 centimeters long, and maybe 1 thick on the think side. There must be twenty of them. Some of the pile is recognizable as one wood, but it crumbles in the hoof and is covered in fungi. Ontop are a few scattered hairs and dried up animal skin

"Few ponies who turn to necromancy ever do so without some sort of strong provocation… You wouldn't rather use the order's sword?"

f4a77 No.101412

"Nice Architecture."
He Hugs Blue
Dark Star looks for an acceptable Area down the street a little to Feign being stabbed in

37e4f No.101413

The closer inspection doesn't help much to poor Iron.
"What is this in front of me?"

b800b No.101414

"That would be useful, yes." Silver looks to the Father. "Father Maren, I seek to clear undead from Catacombs on this day, and put them to their final rest. I fully expect to either return victorious…or not return at all. When I return, if I return, I would ask for your aid in putting Joseph Curwhinny to rest."

038a3 No.101415

File: 1559433501936.png (391.71 KB, 1280x720, 22321A4D-7C09-4620-AC06-E4….png)

The area is not quite perfect for rape in a dark alley, at least in the mid morning. Never the less, there are some alleys nearby that go behind shops, and some backyards behind abandoned, artillery damaged homes

Pair walks right up to it and inspects it
“Looks like the remains of a sword, with something… animal skin? Draped over it

038a3 No.101416

“Very well….”
He nods
“Go with Harmony”

f4a77 No.101417

Is anypony Around the houses?

37e4f No.101418

This only confused Iron even further.
"Did they bring a dead animal in here to place as a trophy of some pony in here or did it sneak in here and got killed?"
He rubs his temple slightly. He didn't want to deal with predators inside a narrow corridor.

b800b No.101419

"Thank you Father, it is very much appreciated. Regardless, I have plans in place to turn tides in my favor in this coming battle. With Her grace, I will return." Silver places a hoof on Father Maren's shoulder. "May Sun's Light forever guide your hoofsteps."

038a3 No.101420

In most instances there are houses nearby, and it is impossible to verify there is no pony in any of the houses. In one instance though, the backyard is against the blank wall of a community performance theater, and there could be any pony to see through at least portions of that area

“No… otherwise we’d see bones. It’s a skinned animal hide from some sort of prestige animal, probably treated to make it studier or last longer. It may have been a carpet, hung up as decoration, or even worn into battle by a soldier.”

“You don’t need any sort of help?”

b800b No.101421

Silver gives him an inquisitive look. "What kind of help?"

37e4f No.101422

"Oh. That makes sense."
He smiles sheepishly.
"Nothing to worry about, then."
With that, he continues walking along the mostly rotted treasure save from that juicy, boner-inducing gold that could buy him absolutely anything he desired.
(Patience, Iron. We must make sure the bandits do no try to mess with the temple, put that the turkey idol in its proper pedestal and then we can take anything we desire.)

f4a77 No.101423

Dark Star Goes into the one that is against the theater

038a3 No.101424

Before I do any big lore dump, what kind of help might Silver want, be looking for, or accept?

038a3 No.101425

It looks that at this point, Iron has reached the length of the cave, at least the portion that is accessible to ponies

37e4f No.101426

Iron hums in slight annoyance.
"Do I really have to dig my path through this place?"
He looks at the now too small passage that he should walk on, going prone to see if he can observe the treasury from here.

b800b No.101427

Really, he'd accept whatever help is offered, though he'd be hesitant to accept additional ponypower when compared to other forms of help.

038a3 No.101428

Though the neighborhood is old, this house is older still, being a two story wooden building with black shingled roof of a colonial style architecture. What's left of it anyways… there is a massive hole on the second floor, and part of the ceiling to the first floor sags in. There are some boards around the doors, and plywood over at least part of the hole on the second floor, but it looks like this structure is at a hiatus for any sort of reconstruction. The house next to it, a new model, also looks abandoned, or at least unoccupied, and on still another side are brick walls of a shop. There is no guarantee that no pony could or would be looking into the backyard, as the fact remains that this part of the city is fairly dense with buildings. A small rocky path leads to the back yard, and the backyard itself is covered in high uncut grass and has one bird fountain.

There is a crack in rock that is kind of jagged, going down

038a3 No.101429

"You know… we used to have military orders."

b800b No.101430

He looks unsure, yet intrigued. "Could you explain?"

038a3 No.101431

"Aye. Warriors of Harmony under the institution of the Church."

b800b No.101432

"What happened to them?"

f4a77 No.101433

Dark Star looks inside the Building that he is currently in the backyard of

038a3 No.101434

Through the back door, most of the living room seems to be clear floor, as if cleared of furniture. A chair sits along another wall, and it looks molded. Bits of wood and drywall lie along the floor on the far right side. Viewing through a hallway to the central foyer on the left, the front door is boarded up, even as this one has only one board along it.

f4a77 No.101435

Which Side of the First floor ceiling is sagging?
Dark Star carefully walks through the bottom floor and looks for the stairs.

038a3 No.101436

File: 1559443623322.jpeg (242.73 KB, 1620x2160, 1481555.jpeg)

He nods
"The Tribes of Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi, fleeing a changing climate and ravaged by war and famine, fled to the southern part of Equus. When they found that the challenges facing them could be solved by unity and facing problems together, they united to create the United Tribes of Equestria - a new homeland for the Equestrian races. But though they stopped fighting with each other, they found that the threats from the outside did not cease. And though they were united by the principles of unity, friendship… and Harmony, they were disunited in culture, language, and on most levels, government. Yet there was one very clear unity between them all - that being the principle of harmony itself. The Church, what became its secular clergy - was founded to aid ponies in their spiritual development, and orientation towards harmony. Soon enough, they began running education for the youth as well. In a way, it was natural that they would take up defense as well. Various nobles raised their own levies, and cooperation between the nations of Equestria could be difficult. But the Church, alongside the pillars, was one of the only truly Equestrian institutions.

Thus the first military order was founded to fight against threats from Griffins, Changelings, Yaks, Diamond Dogs, wayfaring Dragons, rogue sorcerers, heathen pony tribes, and the ever present dangerous wildlife. Often it was the military orders that strove southwards to unite the long detached ponies of Southern Equis in a Crusade to Unite the ponies under the Principles of Harmony and under the goddess of the sun. It was the church who integrated them, who made them Equestrian. Even as the United Tribes slowly started to centralize, and the Pegasi so often served as a professional soldiering class, the military orders welcomed all races who were faithful. And they fought for Harmony, whether on their own or alongside militias, levies, and Equestrian regulars, where ever Harmony called, from the halls of Hayfeather to the shores of Wingpoli, from the slopes of Mount Everhoof to the Dragon Sea. It was the knights of the church who proved decisive in breaking the enemy lines at the Battle of the Ubrum Cage. It was the mares-at-arms who held on against all odds against the mighty Arimaspi at Canter Creek. Knights escorted the Inquisitors as they scoured the caves and forests of the Windy River valley for the Windigo worshipers, and fought alongside Pegasi troops against the rebellion. Most of all, it was the Order who, in those early, critical years of Equestria, drove back the Disciples and their web-winged ilk to their caves in those dark days during and after the Civil War.

As Equestria united the South, with the Buffalo, Dragons, and Diamond dogs pushed back to their enclaves, and only scattered tribes remaining, their was no more need for large forces there. The Order's defeat at the Battle of Frozen Lake by the forces of Severyana marked the end of the Northern Crusade, and with it, the last large military operations independent of the Equestrian Military. Iron Shield's mutiny also did much to tarnish their reputation. The practice of banking and lending loans at interest among some branches even caused their expulsion in a few territories.

Moreover, as time moved on, there were fewer monsters to be slain, and fewer enemies to be conquered. Equestria had fewer enemies to fight, as it became more united, and more capable of defending itself. The many petty lords and nobles were slowly replaced by a central diet in canterlot. Feudal levies were replaced by a professional royal guard. Equestria became more harmonious and able to act as a collective. With the objectives of the Order achieved, it could retire and wither away…

Or could it? Even as large charges of knights were no longer necessary, great evil lurked in the darkness… Sorcerers practicing dark magic, necromancers, vampires, Changeling Succubi… Paladins of the Order were often called to track down and fight these threats where local law enforcement and militias could not locate or defeat them.

The last large free units of Knights were integrated into the Equestrian military during the Zebrican Bush and Boar wars. Most of what remained after that was mobilized to fight in the Army during the Great war. But even now, at least some resources exist for fighting against Evil."

The stairs exist in the entry foyer to the leftside. The ceiling sags in the room further to the left of the foyer, what seems to have been a dining room

b800b No.101437

Silver is quite frankly in awe at having listened to such a story, especially one so closely tied to his beliefs. "They taught us at length about Celestialist crusades against Severyana when I was in school, and about our people's eventual conversion to Celestialism and Harmony…but I can certainly say I did not know history of Celestialism and the Church ran so deep." He remains stunned for a bit before continuing. "So, I suppose this brings us to today, and your offer of help."

038a3 No.101438

He smiles
“If you believe you have this covered, you may be on your way. Please remember, be thorough. The undead can last centuries… what you don’t kill now, may rise again to threaten ponies far in the future”

b800b No.101439

Silver nods, feeling strangely more confident than he was even just a bit ago. "I will make sure there is not another left to threaten innocent ponies again in future. And when I return victorious, I hope you will help put this matter to rest once and for all."

038a3 No.101440

He nods, smiling
“Very well then”

I mean, obviously I’d send along a Paladin or a Cleric, just so I could create a new character. But the only player that likes having a combat NPC along during quests is Iron… at least I think he likes it… so I’ll leave it be

b800b No.101441

Whoever said they don't like having Combat NPCs along for quests?

038a3 No.101442

Well… you did, very explicitly just three hours ago in >>101427. Also an offer to do the same the last time a team went en masse to the catacombs was rejected. Ash, back when he played, explicitly said “no, questing is for PCs” when I asked if they wanted to bring along Black Cauldron on the warehouse quest so they could have a rogue to search for traps. The line pissed me off so much I didn’t tell them they went to the wrong warehouse the first time, and made damned sure there were traps when the went to the correct one. Also Dark Star didn’t seem too enthusiastic to take along Blue Skies for his current mission (realistically the blackhooves are not going to send a rookie alone to do this), and Silver never asked Dusty if he would accompany him (or if dusty could help with explosives, barbed wire… maybe a real machine gun…)

b800b No.101443

Not really a rejection, explicit or otherwise. Silver would be hesitant to put somepony else's life at risk like this, but he's not against the help. He'd just insist that whoever comes along to help would put their own lives above Silver's. The last time we went to the catacombs, we thought with the group we had we would be able to handle it: we didn't account for fire. And Dusty…gonna be honest, I didn't really think of that as an option. Also, dammit, why didn't I think of using barbed wire? Is it too late for Silver to get some?

Anyways, if you want to make a Cleric or Paladin to send along with Silver, I'm perfectly fine with that. With Ash gone, Onyx basically gone, and half the party halfway across Equus, having all the help we can get would be, well, a help. Plus it means you get to play with us, and I feel like that just makes it that much more fun and interesting for you, which in turn makes it that much more fun and interesting for the rest of us.

4b96b No.101444

Fantastic Lore
Dark Star goes halfway up and looks on the 2nd floor

038a3 No.101445

Well, since the Baltimare region is essentially forest, there wouldn’t be as much barbed wire for sale as, say, further west, since there wouldn’t be as much pasture land. And I’m kind of surprised you never thought of barbed wire.

Sometimes I don’t know exactly what to do with NPCs. For instance, that time Dark Star brought Blue Skies along in the catacombs I didn’t know what to do with her. Eventually I figured that she would parasitize the efforts of the group and try to advance the interests of her own faction, which lead to the book stealing

To the right (formerly his left) part of the wall is replaced with plywood and stapled plastic. To the left is a wall of some sort of what is probably a bedroom. At the top of the stairs are three doors, one to the right, one in the center, and one on the left. There is an overturned table at the top

b800b No.101446

It just never came to mind. Kinda sad I thought of caltrops before barbed wire, but it looks like Silver wouldn't be able to find any, anyways.

I suppose the only advice I could offer is to have the created NPCs and DMPCs act in-character. Like Blue did by stealing books from the catacombs and then hiring Silver to gather Curwhinny's research and finish stealing the books.

4b96b No.101447

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

Dark star listens for anything alive up here

038a3 No.101448

Well, I don't know. You can have him do all of this alone. I do want to note that this is the last place in the story, at least for a while, that I can think of having a good reason for a friendly Paladin or Cleric… Unless in a world where mercenaries and adventurers are often hired to deal with magical wildlife, bandits, and ancient evils, the Church's Paladins serve as the warrior equivalent of a Public Defender's Office.. which is sort of what was implied, but still

A Warrior that isn't attached to the police or occupying military would come with a question though, and that is why they are still there when any able-warrior would have been eligible for the draft, and in any event should have volunteered to defend their homeland. As I have it now, New Mareland (and the Changelings) treat Equestria more like the occupied lands of a present enemy than an actually defeated country, and thus keep POWs and "disarmed enemy combatants" (surrendered soldiers at the end of the war) as prisoners, thus meaning that pretty much every pony that went to war didn't come back. So why is the Paladin or Cleric still around? Were they over the age of 35-45, and thus not eligible to join the war? If so, does that mean that they are old veterans, constantly talking about encounters with Vampires in Mareida, cultists in Hoofington, and other experiences, while experiencing severe anxiety at being possibly the last of their ancient tradition, and having been unable to save their country from Partition? Are they perhaps younger, but for whatever reason did not volunteer and missed their number in the draft, like if they were slightly disabled, too young, or too cowardly? If so, are they guilt ridden for not going to fight? Do they feel pressure to try to continue an ancient tradition of warriors for Harmony as old as the Princesses? Are they perhaps so obsessed with Dark Magic and fighting it that they didn't think the Great War was even the most interesting phenomenon… I don't know…

He doesn't hear anything, save birds chirping in the distance

b800b No.101449

Sounds like coming up with a new PC. I can wait if you want to come up with something.

You know, I imagine New Mareland keeping POWs will be what breaks them in the end, especially with the lack of military personnel they have in Equestria. If a well-armed enough Partisan group found a list of POW camp locations and organized a mass breakout, New Mareland would find themselves at the mercy of a large number of very pissed-off, elite veteran fighters.

4b96b No.101450

He Goes Down the stairs,back into the back yard. and lies down in a corner.

038a3 No.101451

Well… that's why they would remove them from Equestria. Send them oversees to either Metropolitan New Mareland or to the conquered Griffin territories to serve in work camps… When France surrendered in WW2, Nazi Germany kept the entire French army as prisoners, and shipped them to Germany to serve in work camps, and the same thing for Poland. What else are they going to do with 1 million very-pissed off, elite veteran fighters? Just release them back into the population? That sounds like a much quicker way of ending up with a bad result

*poke poke*
"Dark Star?"

4b96b No.101452

He opens an eye

038a3 No.101453

"Why are you lying down in a corner?"

4b96b No.101454

This is Blue Talking to me right?
"The Plan."

b800b No.101455

Either way, it doesn't seem like a good idea to keep POWs after a war has already been won. Just seems like it would serve to piss off the conquered population even more, and guarantee no end in sight to hostilities.

038a3 No.101456

"Shall I fetch them?"


Germany kept 1.8 million French Soldiers prisoner in WW2 until the end, mostly laboring in Germany, despite the fact that France surrendered and was a vassal state at that point. Even though Belgium surrendered, around 79,000 Belgian soldiers out of 225,000 deported to Germany remained in captivity in Germany until the end of the war. Despite the fact that Italy was an Ally, 1 million Italian soldiers were taken prisoner by Germany in 1943 upon Italian surrender, including 600,000 deported to Germany. Germany kept thousands of Polish POWs after that country surrendered, and in 1943, officially changed their status from POWs to "civilian workers" so they wouldn't be protected by the Geneva convention. Many of these were sent to concentration camps.

But enough of the little kiddie examples, let's get to the real examples. When Germany surrendered at the end of WW2, 5 Million German military personnel were taken prisoner by Britain and America, in addition to the 2.6 million taken during the war. Because there were so many Germans flooding into the small American and British occupation zones from the Soviet expulsions in that time, there was no way the prisoners could be provided with sufficient food. So, Eisenhower had the status of these 5 million surrendered German soldiers - again, surrendering after the end of the war - listed as "disarmed enemy combatants" so they wouldn't have the rights of POWs under the Geneva Convention, and thus they didn't have to feed them. These 7.6 million prisoners were not released until 1948 and 1949 - three years after the war ended. At least 790,000 German prisoners died in camps after the war ended. The surrendered soldiers of Japan were also taken prisoner after the end of the war, and kept prisoner until at least 1947.

Another one, just for funsies - the Soviets took 200,000 Polish soldiers prisoner in 1939. In 1941, the Polish Government in Exile became an ally with the war with Germany. Yet the Soviets kept these soldiers prisoner until 1945.

There's a reason I use the phrase "Disarmed Enemy Combatants" in reference to the Equestrian Soldiers. It's because this while set of stories is based on historical events from human history, and I try to follow it and reference it where I can. And if history is troublesome, don't blame me.

b800b No.101457

I'm not here to argue or debate with you. Not everything I say is an attempt to try to debate.

038a3 No.101458

File: 1559457430405.png (100.63 KB, 558x600, aea.png)


Okay, I have to make a correction here. There were probably not 790,000 dead in American and British camps after the war. The missing persons probably come mostly from hundreds of thousands of Volkstrum being released early, or older prisoners being released, and the actual death toll is probably only something like the 56,000 claimed by the German Office of Military History. Probably

37e4f No.101461

Come on now, GM. You know Silver isn't trying to cause trouble. He's actively engaging in your lore and thought there might be something amiss in there since he cares.
Does this mean there's a path going downwards if I were to clear out the obstacle in front of Iron?
I like to have Cauldron along with me. Gives me a nice safety net for when I fuck up, as well as spending some time with her. Having friends on your adventures is always nice and helpful, be it NPC or PC.
Well, even love interests in this case wink wink
Although I haven't been talking to her that much since I'm so focused on getting that treasure. Hopefully there is some amazingly valued treasure at the end to improve Cauldron's life.
I-I'm totally chaotic neutral gaiz. Don't look at me like that!

038a3 No.101462

There does not appear to be a navigable path going downwards, just a crack that water could fit through

"Looking for bats?"
Cauldron says, as she is inspecting pottery

37e4f No.101463

Iron stands up with a huff.
"I am trying to find the path again. This place is a complex mess in its current state."
He gently pokes the narrow pathway in front of it to see if it budges.

038a3 No.101464

Though the rock is not as strong as the best of limestone, neither does it move aside

37e4f No.101465

Iron looks at the stone with a deadpan expression.
"Were there other paths to follow other than this one back at the mare's tomb?"

038a3 No.101466

“I don’t believe so”

37e4f No.101467

Dice rollRolled 19 + 6

Iron nods.
"Alright. I am going to try and open this up. Stand back."
He positions himself in front of the too narrow path and plants a hopefully firm buck to widen the path forward.
Rolling max power attack unarmed strike.

038a3 No.101468

The Rock shatters and cracks at the point of impact, and a crack runs now higher up. The room shakes slightly, causing dust and at least one stalactite falls to the ground and crashes on the floor. This scares the he’ll out of Pear, who jumps back
“What in Celestia’s name are you doing?!”

37e4f No.101469

Iron stares at the taunting blocked path in front of him.
"I am trying to open this up, but it seems it will try to take us with it if I try again."
He sighs.
"I suppose this is why we do not see more recently dead corpses around here, because of the constant obstacles preventing access are here."

038a3 No.101470

“No, Celestia damn it, this is the end of line”

37e4f No.101471

Iron doesn't buy it.
"We have only found the mare's tomb. What about the other one? He should still be here somewhere."
He decides to go prone and look under the slightly damaged blockade to see if something opened up.
"It must be hidden somewhere. It could be right after this small blockade."

b800b No.101472

>first part
Basically this.

038a3 No.101473

File: 1559489190415.jpeg (31.78 KB, 210x240, 86C63D6C-EB5B-4DBA-BA2D-5….jpeg)

“Do you mean the military commander depicted in the frieze?”
She walks closer to Iron.
“He died before all of this was made. His body has long since rejoined the earth, and become one with his native lands”
She now comes now even closer, to the point where she is standing next to Iron. She picks up a piece of sharped obsidian from the long decayed sword
“This little decayed memorial is all that remains…”

There is no source of light inside. It looks like a crevice of eroded rock

37e4f No.101474

Iron's, from his prone position, slackens, sprawling his legs around his body.
"So is this really it?"
His mind is currently processing the fact that the exploration's current payoff is substantially lower than he'd hoped.
"The tomb of Hummingbird is just ashes and shards?"

038a3 No.101475

“Hummingbird never left Tenochtitlan”

038a3 No.101477

“He’s still out there, you’d best believe.

What is it? Were you expecting mountains and valleys of gold? Tenochtitlan was never as wealthy as advertised. With the line of Hayfeather only three generations old at the time of contact, the government lacked authority over some of its further provinces, needing lavish ceremonies, building projects like temples and canals to impress the populace, and a large standing army to put down rebellions and to repel incursions of the other neighuatl tribes with whom they shared the basin. When the Pegasi came, some of the wealth was seized by the conquerers as booty, tribute, or received in payment for foreign goods. Some, probably most, never left Tenochtitlan, with its various owners simply retaining it, or burying it. And only a portion was spirited away with the rebels in their flight to the Windy River Valley. They varied with them the robes, idols, ritual masks, and incense burners of their temples, and the jewelry and wealth of their noble families, but they could carry no more than what they could place on their backs, as they cantered out under cover of night. They hoped one day to take back the rest, and push out the foreigners and the puppet regime.

As the years dragged on, the rebels found that food mattered more to them than their trinkets, and no doubt much of their treasure was spent and dispersed in that time. And on top of all of that.”
Pear points down to an object to Iron’s right. It’s s lantern.
“Did you think you were the first to try to rob this ancient grave? Probably much of what could be carried easily has already been carried away. Only the danger of the jungle, the isolation, and the relative lack ways to carry heavy objects has saved this location. And besides, what else do you want?”

Looking over, Cauldron has taken the top off of a pot, revealing the pot is filled to the brim with gold coins. Cauldron herself is now jamming an iron tool into one of the sealed off portions of the wall - probably a grave - and smashing it. Pear decides to go for a physical demonstration and pick up one of the pots with her right hoof, and hold it up against her back. She pulls it up with an “ugh!” but finds that the weight is too great for her to sustain, and it slips down, until it falls. Only her hoof being in place to keep the pot upright prevents it from falling over, shattering, and spilling its contents everywhere. It makes a loud “clink!” noise as it falls in place to the ground, and Pear makes an “ook”

She returns to her description
“There are earrings, brooches, face masks, chalices, of gold, turquoise, and emerald. The frieze outside and the cal set wheels alone would go for a fortune to a private collector, and those aren’t even good. There is more here than you could possibly carry.”

She then stops her almost exasperated tangent, she says,
“Those stories of mountains of gold and vast wealth, were nothing other than stories. The creation of impressionable and adventurous young minds upon seeing the city for the first time, and of unscrupulous expedition leaders who wanted to trick adventurers into giving up their established lives to brave hot and disease ridden jungles, and to trick cautious governors… and deans, into giving the financial backing for risky expeditions.”

37e4f No.101478

I think this is for me.
Iron looks downcast as Pear dispells the myth that there is no big tomb full of hidden gold and the fact that there isn't a big climatic scene for him, but is ultimately content after seeing Cauldron open the vase and seeing it's full of coins.
(A good thing there is a lot of wealth in here. I did not want Cauldron to risk her life over nothing.)
He stands up, now with a calm, understanding smile.
"It was rather fun exploring the cave and learning its history. I guess deep down I did not want it to end at all and keep going deeper and discover with my own eyes what other secrets this temple hid."
(There is also the fact that we did not battle the bandit leader before reaching the tomb, which unnerves me a bit.)
He stands up, a little more energized over this new revelation, and picks up the pot that Pear took out.
"You are right. I was quite excited at this adventure, but my expectations were set too high. Still, this is an acceptable outcome. I thank you for your help and hope you have found the history behind this place worthy of writing."
He decides to walk over to Cauldron.
"How much more weight can be carried with the bags? If we do not have space for the spare guns we took, we can always leave them here except of course for your newly acquired coat shredder SMG."

038a3 No.101479

Shit. Wrong link then
Pear is not quite placated
"There's a story they tell - I think it's apocryphal, but I repeat it anyways because of the moral - of a Pegasus of Highview's army who filled his bags to the brim with gold seized from a noble's mansion before Valiant Chello could order that the property of the natives be respected. He tried to fly his way out of the city, across the lake, but found himself too heavy to fly. So he tried to cross along rocks the natives used, but misjudged his ability to jump even small distances. He lost his footing, tripped and slipped into the lake, weighed down with gold. As he drown in shallow water, his comrades jumped in not to save him, but the gold he carried."
With this, Pear concludes

Cauldron looks over at Iron with her orange eyes. She has cracked open one of the rock seals. It is indeed a tomb, with no obvious wealth, and it looks like there were more pony bones crammed in their than the small size would imply.
"We have some space in my bag, but honestly my bags aren't that big. I brought a tent, quite a few supplies, pots… but I wasn't expecting to carry too much back. I hope you can get some things."

37e4f No.101480

Iron nods as Pear warns him not to be overburdened with greed.
(I do not think Cauldron will simply leave me to die. At least not because she would want to but due to my weight if a situation like that ever happened. Still, I should tread carefully for I could suffer his fate.)

After Cauldron's request to carry some stuff, he puffs his chest out in unabashed pride.
"My body can handle some weight. You can rely on me."

038a3 No.101481

Cauldron smiles and nods, then places a hoof on Iron's shoulders
"That, I believe"

b800b No.101482

So, you decided on what you're going to do?

37e4f No.101483

Iron's smile mixed with the slighest shade of red covers his face.
With that, he looks over to the opened pot filled with gold and decides to test how heavy it is for his body in lbs if possible since my sheet uses that

038a3 No.101484


That one pot? At most 80 pounds, which I’m sure is well under what Iron could carry, and would be within Cauldron’s range if she didn’t need to carry much else

b800b No.101485

I'll take that as a no? I guess I'll give you some more time to think on it.

37e4f No.101486

Iron doesn't feel too heavy. In fact he felt like he could easily carry 5 of these at most.
"This is quite light, all things considered."
He proves his point by easily trotting in a small circle with the pot on him.

038a3 No.101487

Caudron nods
“So what are you wanting to do? Take what you can carry and get out of here?”

038a3 No.101488

Uh… what do you want? Making consequential decisions is difficult

Also material support is possible

b800b No.101489

Again, Silver would accept whatever support or help is offered, no matter what it is. I just want to know what you want to do so I can plan around that.

811a5 No.101490

File: 1559499624435.jpeg (33.7 KB, 236x232, B69A6E51-8A2B-4DEB-8F16-7….jpeg)

Be advised that I have trial tomorrow, and that I am heading back into work about now, so I will only be able to mane so many posts tonight

Um…. okay…

b800b No.101491

I'm more than willing to wait and give you time to think, if you want.

37e4f No.101492

"That is pretty much the plan, yes."
Iron looks around for 4 more of the pot's weight and worth.
"I promised a big payoff and I am not going back on my word. Traversing this back across the bridge is going to be a challenge, though."

811a5 No.101493

Iron is able to take at least 1 more pot. In the other room, iron can take a golden vase, and a chalice, and fill it with earrings, brooches, and the like. These can be tied to his back, and a mask lad atop it, using ropes Cauldron has

37e4f No.101494

Of course, Iron takes the opportunity presented by his thoughts and starts walking over to the other room, looking towards Cauldron with two pots filled with valuables in it.
"I will bring the chalice and the golden vase back in here so we can fit some more valuables in there, but I will have to ask you to tie them to my body in order to secure it and not fall off."

He wonders what Pear's current actions, thoughts and position.
(I wonder if this discovery brought her some satisfaction.)

811a5 No.101495

“Alright… what are you going to do if you encounter the bandits”
Caudron has some concern

Pear slinked off, first going to a jar of coins, picking some up and looking at the images on the obverse and reverse, until Cauldron’s staring drives her away. She goes to the sarcophagus at the center of the sepulcher, and looks down upon it for a while, placing her hoof along it. Then she goes to the guided circle with engraved images, and studies it for a while. Finally, she removes the jade turkey from her pack, and places it carefully on a pedestal

37e4f No.101496

Iron considers it for a moment.
"I will definitely become slower so running may not be an option, but I am not sure how much bits each pot on its own costs approximately."
Iron, now feeling the weight of two pots reducing his speed to 20 feet per turn, ponders a bit.
"I am not sure about it. There is always the option to drop what I am carrying in order to fight against the bandits, along with your help by scouting ahead for enemies. However, by the chance I have to escape from them, I probably cannot do so unless they are carrying some heavy equipment themselves or I drop all but one of the pots. We could try to sneak by them if we spot them before they do."

He nods at Pear's actions.
(It seems she will have a lot of information to look over. Good thing we helped her out with researching this place.)

811a5 No.101497

“Alright… let’s hope we spot them first…”

37e4f No.101498

Iron nods.
"On that we can agree."
With that, he decides to go for both chalice and golden vase, going back to Cauldron to fill them up with valuable goods and covering their tops.
(I guess we can risk it.)

811a5 No.101499

He does so
though this was initially described as already carried by Iron

37e4f No.101500

Nodding to himself, he straps them on to himself, officially carrying 5 pots which should be 400 filled with valuables. He looks over to Pear.
"Are you ready to head out? I did promise to return you to 'cee-vee-lai-sei-tion', after all."

37e4f No.101501

400lbs if every pot, improvised or official,
weights 80lbs each.

d4422 No.101502

"Please Do."
Dark Star Flips onto his stomach and holds it. to make the "stabbing" look more real
"I Don't Like Napping in The Dirt."

038a3 No.101503

“Just don’t get shot, and you won’t have to”
Skies flies off. She is not seen for a minute. Then two minutes. Then more. It seems to take her a while

The soil is soft and kind of moist, with some insects in it. Hopefully there are no snakes in the grass… hopefully. A black caterpillar moves up, then onto Dark Star’s leg, and inches forth over Dark Star.

After at minimum, 5 minutes, he can hear a pony coming forth, sounding not quite like Skies
“Yes, officer. He’s over here.”

37e4f No.101504

038a3 No.101505

Suffice it to say that Iron has entered the next phase of the story, and I don’t quite want to start now.

d4422 No.101506

he can hear a pony coming forth, sounding not quite like Skies

Dark Star Starts Groaning in Pain.

37e4f No.101507

Got it.

038a3 No.101508

A pony runs up. Unicorn, burnt orange, with fluffy curls of red hair. She speaks
"Where are you hurt?"
The accent is local Baltimare

d4422 No.101509

*More Groans of Pain*
Dark Star Makes his eyes glaze over

d4422 No.101510


038a3 No.101511

Something starts to tug against dark star’s Shoulders in an attempt to turn him over

Then the mare, whose horn glows blue, places her hooves near his legs, just beneath, to attempt to push him over
“Let me see.”

“How did this happen?”

d4422 No.101512

Dark Star Pants
"All Happen So Fast… Don't Know."

038a3 No.101513

She looks around, not yet finding a stab wound
“Were you attacked?”

d4422 No.101514

"Attacked with Magic… Insides Burn!"
DS Contorts his face into a painful expression

038a3 No.101515

She continues asking questions
“How did it happen?”

d4422 No.101516

"Stallion asked for smoke. next thing i know he has me in magic"
DS Glances around looking at anyother pony that she brought with her

038a3 No.101517

Indeed there is. A bronze colored Earth pony, with straight, vertical mane

37e4f No.101518

Damn these unicorns and their shooty laz0rs they have.

4b96b No.101519

I Know Right
"It Feels Like i'm Boiling Alive!"

038a3 No.101520

The Stallion approaches, and takes over
"Sir, where are you hurt?"

The unicorn now places the frog of her hoof near Dark Star's neck

From the edge, Blue Skies walks into view

4b96b No.101521

"F-From My Chest down,S-Sir."
Dark Star Winches at her touch

038a3 No.101522

The mare looks around to the left, then to the right

“Where were you injured, how, and when”

4b96b No.101523

"On The Inside… With Magic…10 minutes ago."

038a3 No.101524

“Sir, we need to know if the threat is still active that way they don’t come back to finish you. In what location were you shot?”

4b96b No.101525

"I'm Shot?!? Am…Am…Am i Gonna Die? I Don't Remember a Gun Shot…"

038a3 No.101526

"Sir, you said you were injured with unicorn magic. Where"

4b96b No.101527

"My Insides, My Heart! My Lungs! My Stomach! Everything Hurts!"
Dark Star Grabs his Torso in "pain"
Does this Stallion look like either of the 2 in the file?

038a3 No.101528

Oh yes, both of them

With Dark Star's non-responsive answer, The Stallion moves back, then himself looks behind, to the left, and to his right

37e4f No.101529

>inb4 they shoot Star in the head to 'hide the evidence'

4b96b No.101530

"I… Think He Might Have went inside the house. Please Don't Let him come Back"

038a3 No.101531

"But where did he shoot you?"

4b96b No.101532

Am I having a Stroke?
"He Didn't Shoot me….He Used his Magic."

038a3 No.101533

"Where did he shoot you with his magic, or use his magic or whatever. Where. We need to know where he was to identify if he is still present and a threat so you are not even more magiced"

The unicorn uses her magic to open Dark Star's mouth during this to look inside, as well as into his eyes

37e4f No.101534

In this episode, we see Dark Star having a stroke from the stress of lying about being injured to a group of ponies.
RIP Dark Star, he tried to bamboozle only to bamboozle himself.

d4422 No.101535

"My Torso… Officer Please Don't let him Come Back."
R.I.P may he rest

038a3 No.101536

The officer moves back, until Skies says
"In front of the house. We were walking in front of the house when pony approached us asking for cigarettes"

d4422 No.101537

Dark Star Groans

038a3 No.101538

Not sure what the endgame is…

d4422 No.101539

Get them into the house. thats the first thing i need to do.

038a3 No.101540

They would be inclined to stay by Dark Star’s side until an ambulance arrives

4b96b No.101541

"Did You Hear That! He's In The House!"

038a3 No.101542

They move away. First, the unicorn goes forth, and she draws a nightstick. Then, the Earth pony, and he draws a night stick. They go to each side of the door, look in, then first the earth pony then the unicorn

4b96b No.101543

He Glances over at Blue as they do this

811a5 No.101544

She tilts her head, as if awaiting a sign or signal

d4422 No.101545

When they arent looking at him, He mouths the words to Blue
"Throw a Rock inside the house"

038a3 No.101546

Skies jumps up, then spreads her wings, and flaps and flies up and around, dropping a rock through the opening in the ceiling

d4422 No.101547

Be Back In A Second

4b96b No.101548

Dark Star Watches the officers

811a5 No.101549

They go inside the building, out of line of sight

4b96b No.101550

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

He Listens to see how far they are inside

038a3 No.101551

Approximately to the foyer area

4b96b No.101552

He Stands up
He Motions at blue to go in through the roof

038a3 No.101553

She does so, jumping in

4b96b No.101554

Dice rollRolled 13

Dark Star Sneaks through the door

4b96b No.101555

Thats a +5

038a3 No.101556

Is sneaky. Their attention is forward

b800b No.101557

File: 1559603797301.png (385.17 KB, 1139x702, 860120__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Beep beep.

37e4f No.101558

Remember, Sword-kun.
GM is busy dealing with a trial.

038a3 No.101559

File: 1559603895350.png (217.08 KB, 940x1032, 4FD7D1B8-9660-4D4B-AB7E-3B….png)

038a3 No.101561

File: 1559604052364.jpeg (107.02 KB, 737x695, 319EB051-8384-4A43-8BBE-1….jpeg)

It got reset…

b800b No.101562

File: 1559604071111.png (680.98 KB, 4000x4000, 917307__safe_artist-colon-….png)

I know, I just wanted to beep.

37e4f No.101563

Aw man. That sucks(?)

fc274 No.101564

Awww, you ruined it

37e4f No.101565

I like it. Excessive use of descriptions of simple things are always fun to read.

b800b No.101566

038a3 No.101567

Yeah, I was hoping to go on it, but the defense attorney - who was pulling bullshit by calling ready for trial in a felony court the same day - made an issue about some video not being in her possession. And the police department screwed us over by not telling us about this video, but that’s another story.

On the plus side, I got to tell a defense attorney who demanded a dismissal as he insisted we couldn’t prove up a case where his client blatantly changes his story in the video, to just set the case for trial if he’s so sure it’s going to be a not-guilty

eb863 No.101568

Jesus fucking christ, how many times am I going to have to introduce myself before you realize 'that oddball is probably Brie's faggot'?

eb863 No.101569

37e4f No.101570

I see this as a balanced outcome where you both got in trouble while sending trouble to your opponent.
Rather nice, overall since you got last laugh.
Wait, are you the battiest bat that ever batted better than anyone, Dark Star?!

eb863 No.101571

Iron has a brain aneurysm and dies.

038a3 No.101572

Okay, basically ready


37e4f No.101573

Darn! Just when I was about to donate my whole bag to the batty fellow for his edgy battiness.
I guess that's the end for the primitive horse. Cauldron would get all his belongings and probably make a small statuette for lil' old Iron.

b800b No.101574

Don't know what you're talking about, I already assumed you were Brie.

Made a decision, yet? Sucks to hear about the trial, by the way.

038a3 No.101575

I don’t need to burden Silver with a new NPC, he can do it alone. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get paralyzed, need healing, or overlook something important

37e4f No.101576

Dude, you gonna jinx it.

b800b No.101577

Well either it'll be enough, or I'll end up making a new character.

"Harmony be with you, Father." With a final goodbye, and all of his supplies readied, Silver finally makes the trip to the catacombs.

Can I have a map of the catacombs, if you have it? I wanna do some planning for trap placement.

Who knows, maybe that's what he wants? I certainly don't know.

038a3 No.101578

File: 1559608868719.png (69 KB, 1412x1419, More catacombs map 4.png)

This is the most advanced version of the map, but the left and right sides are symmetrical. It does not include the entire lower level

eb863 No.101579

Is there weed in that bag?

b800b No.101580

How long are the first left and right hallways, roughly?

038a3 No.101581

looks like 70 feet before they narrow off into the smaller hallways

b800b No.101582

Nah, not those hallways, the ones you use to get to either side of the catacombs when you're entering from Curwhinny Farm. Though that is useful to know.

I suppose I should also ask how wide they are so I know what I'm working with here.

37e4f No.101583

Nope. Iron's not a drug user, unless you count grass as a weed, which it can be.

eb863 No.101584


038a3 No.101585

35 or 40 feet at least. The whole site is huge, much bigger than you’d think a single necromancer would need for his secret experiments. At least, if it was built for that purpose

b800b No.101586

Alright, thus begins my planning stage. Thanks.

038a3 No.101587

No drugs in Occupied Equestria

Okay, I’ll admit that having illegal dependency-inducing drugs did feel like kind of a “missing gap” in the criminal syndicates’ efforts to exploit the poor and keep them as a permanent, dependent underclass - especially with no alcohol prohibition - but I didn’t want to use real world drugs, and I also didn’t want to make an entire biochemistry for drugs in this world

b800b No.101588

File: 1559613062608.jpg (31.88 KB, 1030x291, CatacombTrapPlan.jpg)

Got it figured out, I think. Crossed-out boxes are barricades, thin lines are tripwires, circles are bombs, diamonds are bear traps, squares are snares, and the star represents Silver's position once he's all set up. The barricades on either side should keep the horde busy while they gather together on either side of the hallway when Silver uncaps that bait, while the barricade Silver is standing behind should let him fire over at any approaching undead and require that the ghasts have to climb over to get to him.

038a3 No.101589

Uh… are the diamonds the circles that are white in the center?

b800b No.101590

No, those are the circles. The filled-in ones are the diamonds. In hindsight, pretty hard to tell them apart.

038a3 No.101591

I will admit I am a bit confused as to why the barricades on the ends of the halls are there when Silver will not be able to shoot at them while standing behind the third barricade. They would basically just accumulate and accumulate until the barriers break, so that instead of like a dozen coming over the span of 30 seconds or a minute, they'd be almost all at once. And with Bear traps set behind the center, Silver couldn't just stand in the center and shoot at them, because his retreat would risk him getting caught in the same bear traps that are supposed to slow down the undead

On second thought, you construct your defenses however you see fit

b800b No.101592

Might be a stupid plan, who knows (and with the trouble I had spelling "stupid", that very well might be the case). Basic idea is to force them to all come at once so when they activate the tripwires, the bombs will kill or immobilize most of them. Most of the rest will get caught in the snares and bear traps, and the few lucky ones who get past all of that will have to contend with Silver standing safely behind another barricade with an SMG and holy water on his side, a barricade which attempting to get over would (presumably) give Silver an AoO, and them trying to break it down would leave them open to Silver cutting them down from his safe position. His ass is facing the way he came in, which is free from any of the traps he set up should retreat prove necessary.

17c3d No.101593

b800b No.101594

I am interested in hearing what you would do with what Silver has, though. It isn't finalized, and with as many ideas as you've given me already, you might have something I never even thought of.

038a3 No.101595

Well, I don’t want to stifle your creativity, since you are the one playing

My first intuition would be to not use all of the bombs and materials at once, but instead try to first clear the upper chamber, then the lower chamber. Of course then again they may all come to the location of the noises anyways, and so break any barricades. Another thought would be to do basically what you have there, except make the center of where the three corridors meet be Silver’s spot, and keep some bombs on the other side of each of the barricades in the main halls, which are detonate them manually, and have the opportunity to shoot at them as they accumulate. This wouldn’t allow as many of them to be killed by a single blast at once as your method, though. Still another thought is, if you have a device that can attract them, place it in the bottom of the catacombs, let them come towards it, slowly real it out on a fishing line through the quarry entrance, then try to drag as many as possible towards the unexploded 500 lbs aircraft ordinance, and you can guess the rest, while shooting at them from the safety of the quarry top. The difficulty of that plan is that it involves getting the ghasts into water, which may just make it more difficult to get at them

b800b No.101596

I completely forgot about the bomb in the quarry. I'm kinda liking that idea, since Silver bought that jar of bait.

038a3 No.101597

The water may be an issue, unless it can be drained first or easily traversed by the ghasts. The walls of the quarry, however, are a great place to shoot at the undead with impunity, including with the rifle. Beware of the bait attracting something worse

b800b No.101598

Yeah, they all have flaws. The question is which one has the least flaws for the most benefits.

On the second of your plans: If the bear traps and snares were already put into position without being set, could Silver quickly set them with his magic while running past, or would that be beyond his capabilities do you think?

038a3 No.101599

Well, the problem is the meaning of the word “quickly,” since that word means something radically different in the context of being chased by several ghouls only a few feet away than it does when you are just prepping bear traps in the woods

b800b No.101600

I'll definitely take that as a no, then. I suppose that's the flaw in that plan, that Silver would have to set up the traps beforehoof and have to avoid them should the ghasts break through one or both of the barricades. Still, seems like the most effective at killing the largest amount of ghasts with what he has.

Gonna be honest, I'll be surprised if killing a dozen or so ghasts doesn't result in a level-up.

038a3 No.101601

Sadly, I’ve discovered that hemocyanin is only half as efficient, at best, as hemoglobin
I guess that’s okay if you really aren’t relying on normal metabolism

Well… good luck on avoiding bear traps while being chased by ghouls

They weren’t really intended to be ghasts

b800b No.101602

Now you've got me interested. What were they intended to be?

038a3 No.101603

I don’t really want to say more, since not-knowing the exact nature of your enemies until you are fighting them is all a part of the game

b800b No.101604

Not exactly aligned with the logic of this scenario, but alright.

How exactly would the water impact your third plan? Wouldn't Silver just be able to move the lure after blowing up the bomb so he could properly aim at the surviving ghasts?

f4a77 No.101605

So, Both of these ponies are the ones in the file?

37e4f No.101606

IIRC, they are.

f4a77 No.101607

I Think So as Well. But i want to make sure.

37e4f No.101608

Look back at GM's posts with you. You'll definitely find the answer in one of them since this is not the first time you asked this.

038a3 No.101609

Yes, or same description

b800b No.101610

Talk about an early post. You must have made that when you got up for work.

3793b No.101611

Yes, basically.

3793b No.101614

Who can beep today?

b800b No.101615

I can beep.

0c42c No.101616

File: 1559685568066.png (386.48 KB, 1280x800, 22ACEA7E-1818-4F57-8DE1-AF….png)

Can you though?

3793b No.101617

Lifts hoof.
I can always boop.

b800b No.101618

File: 1559687520024.png (1.13 MB, 2000x2000, 458859__safe_artist-colon-….png)

3793b No.101619

Oh, I feel like I'm not able to beep since I have no beep images. Whatta shame.

038a3 No.101620

File: 1559690528184.jpeg (46.19 KB, 400x374, FEB875A8-D2C8-4D59-9CD9-3….jpeg)

3793b No.101621

I like yepling from surprise. Is that a crime?

038a3 No.101622

File: 1559692855199.gif (3.47 MB, 480x270, 12EE38F2-2B59-4088-BC7C-3E….gif)

Around two weeks ago I was finishing making up the story for Iron, I realized that the story actually could take several different turns, and have several possible endings. And further I realized, to my horror, that I had not yet even thought about adapting H.P. Lovecraft’s greatest work. There are so many more stories to be told, so much more history to uncover…

b800b No.101623

Talk about a deep dream sequence.

So, how exactly would the water impact that third plan of yours?

3793b No.101624

Oh, so that is why the story was halted. You're drowning in wondrous, potentially infinite possibilities.
Water is dangerous.

038a3 No.101625

It's questions like would they fall into the water and sink to the bottom if it's deeper in some areas than it looks, would the water impede their progress and prevent them from reaching the bomb, will it absorb the blast and shield them, will it make spotting them harder, would it result in ghouls with limbs missing still roaming about in the lake in a way that's hard to get to… so forth

b800b No.101626

Is the pump equipment still down there, or would he have to find a way to acquire one?

038a3 No.101627

It was never removed from the scene, though it's not necessarily clear if it is workable

b800b No.101628

Hmm…well, I think I'm ready. Are you?

038a3 No.101629

File: 1559695839491.jpg (125.01 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

As ready as I am going to be

Video is what I think of when asked if ready
"I am ready! How 'bout you?"

3793b No.101630

Do you mean you metaphorically get stabbed in the back by a giant laser sword hologram only to punch the offender back like a badass?

b800b No.101631

Press F to Pay Respects.

As Silver trots by the quarry, ideas flowing through his head about how to deal with the undead menace, he catches a glimpse of the unexploded bomb's resting place and the abandoned drainage equipment. Hmm…that might work. He swiftly unhitches himself from his cart to trot back to the front office, giving the door a good ol' knock. "Hello? Anypony home?"

038a3 No.101632

A scarlet mare with a big, sangria bun mane prances into the room
"How may I help you?"

b800b No.101633

"Yes, I am part of group that was contracted to deal with undead infesting catacombs. I saw there is still pump equipment in flooded part of quarry. Is that still operational?"

038a3 No.101634

“What? Oh, do you mean the development project on Silver Lake? Let me check”

The mare turns behind herself and pulls out a booklet, with her hooves as she is an Earth Pony, and looks into it

“Well… they were turned off after complications arose… unless the hoses were cut, they should run just fine”

b800b No.101635

Silver nods. "Do you mind if I go see if they will run?"

038a3 No.101636

"Are you already authorized to be on that property? If so, than no"

b800b No.101637

Silver nods again. "Thank you for your assistance. With luck, we will be finished with this business today."

038a3 No.101638

She nods
"You're welcome"

b800b No.101639

Silver excuses himself from the office to go to the pump equipment. I wonder where everypony else went. Seems like I am only one who is interested in getting this done.

038a3 No.101640

I know right. To the Victor goes the spoils, anyways…

The lot is empty, as per usual, with the fence surrounding it. In the lots around there is active work, with at least one construction machine operating.

Besides the edge of the quarry is a machine with a round cylindrical hood that looks most like a pot-pan turned upside down. There is an exhaust tube, another fat circular cylinder going underneath, and the whole contraption is located on sort of parked cart, with legs on one end and giant wheels on the other end. A hose feeds from the device into a long depression in the ground that seems to be a dried creek bed running away from the quarry

b800b No.101641

Was this creek bed around before quarry began, or was it made specifically for drainage? Silver looks around at the strange-looking drainage pump. Черт, where is on switch?

038a3 No.101642

Looks like I described the creek wrong

The creek eminates away from the quarry, before turning nearly perpendicular to a line parallel to it, and away from the property. The hose extends even further, all the way to near the edge of the property where the little creek meets a drainage ditch

There is no obvious switch

b800b No.101643

Dice rollRolled 7 - 1

Search: Silver's snout scrunches up as he takes a more in-depth look as to where in Tartarus the on-switch could be.

038a3 No.101644

Only a little handle thingy on one chord… Actually, a couple smaller switches

b800b No.101645

Any identifying marks or labels for the switches or cord?

038a3 No.101646

One switch, small and on the top portion on the "pot-pan" is labelled "fuel." the chord, also near, is not labelled. A level on the bottom section is labeled "pump"

b800b No.101647

Well…here goes nothing. Silver uses the level on the bottom section. Hope this works…

038a3 No.101648

And it moves… Something, inside the machine. So he did something. But he definitely didn't start any process

b800b No.101649

Дерьмо. Well, better than blowing it up. Maybe if I try hitting this switch?

Silver flips the switch on the top portion of the machine.

038a3 No.101650

"Click!" it goes up

b800b No.101651

…Maybe I need some help with this. Silver turns both the switch and the lever off before heading back to the front office.

038a3 No.101652

It is so

"May I help you?"

b800b No.101653

"You would not happen to have some kind of instruction manual for pump out there?"

038a3 No.101654

"Uh.. sure" She looks through the desk, and it takes a while, but she pulls a small one out

Among other things, the instruction manual gives the following information for starting the device
"Make sure there is petrol in the tank
Turn on the fuel line by placing the fuel switch in an up position
Make sure the pump is NOT engaged
Pull the starting cord repeatedly, until the petrol engine is stable and running
Engage the pump"

b800b No.101655

Silver quietly mumbles the instructions to himself before giving it back to the mare. "Thank you."

038a3 No.101656

Thus he does so, presumably returning to the lot

b800b No.101657

Indeed he does so. Okay step one… Silver looks for a fuel cap on the device, and/or a way to check on how much fuel it has.

038a3 No.101658

Black cap. The smelly liquid is at about 40% according to a mark inside of the tank

b800b No.101659

That should work. Okay, step two… Silver flips the switch on the top portion of the pump. …step three… He makes sure the pump isn't engaged. …step four… Silver begins to pull the starting cord.

038a3 No.101660


b800b No.101661

Dice rollRolled 2

INB4: nat 1, and he yanks the cord completely off.

038a3 No.101662

Well… it doesn't turn on. Not even close, actually

b800b No.101663

Dice rollRolled 17

Well, come on, now! Silver tries again, because he's totally not insane.

038a3 No.101664


It is on now, vibrating and making a pretty loud sound

b800b No.101665

Sounds good. Finally, step five. Silver engages the pump.

038a3 No.101666

He engages, and the engine slows down as more sounds are produced. And then, the hose distends. It looks like it is pumping

b800b No.101667

Spooky trips.

Silver looks down into the quarry to watch the progress being made.

038a3 No.101668

You're damned right
It looks like this pump will take… a while, to drain several acre-feet of water

b800b No.101669

That gives Silver the perfect opportunity to get someplace to buy some fishing wire.

038a3 No.101670

"Hallo" greats a dark-gold furred griffin with a clear scar blocking out his left eye at a fishing supplies shop
"Vat kan ik voor je doen?" realizing he's said that not necessarily correctly, he says
"Vat Kan I do voor you?"

b800b No.101671

Griffonian griffon? They certainly do have wealth of different peoples and cultures here. "Fishing wire, my friend. Lots and lots of fishing wire."

038a3 No.101672

"Hoe much you vant?" asks the griffin

b800b No.101673

"500 feet, at least."

038a3 No.101674

He looks at him with a blank expression for a moment, then consults down to a paper next to the desk. Then he says
"Oh ja, honderdvijftig meter. I vill get it for you." He goes into a back room, and comes out with a relatively large spool of fishing wire

b800b No.101675

"Ah, right, you use meters in Griffonia. Apologies, my friend. How much do I owe you for this?"

038a3 No.101676

"16 bits"

b800b No.101677

16 Bits it is. "Have yourself good day."

038a3 No.101678

Not so fast little pony,
What is the method of payment?

b800b No.101679

I would assume he'd use 16 of the regular coins he has.

038a3 No.101680

Smart cookie, as not only would the Griffin be unwilling to accept worthless scrip in payment, he might be offended at the thought of being asked to exchange 4 good coin in change for a 20

"Thank you, kom again"

b800b No.101681

Silver nods, and heads back to the pump at the quarry to see what progress it's made.

038a3 No.101682

Well, let's see. A large Chinese made irrigation pump I found on the internet can move 3600 liters of water in one minute, which means it could move, let's say, 5 acre-feet in 28 hours. Without very much to say with specific number's, let's just say that it would take a while, but still get the job done in what would be a reasonable time for the construction workers

b800b No.101683

Hmm…might need to think of something else.

038a3 No.101684

An american version that moves 60,000 gallons an hour would take 27 hours

The lake is not consistent in depth, with sort of "rings" being excavated at different depths. The southern, or right portion is higher, the left/northern portion is lower. Obviously Silver can reduce the depth without removing it all

b800b No.101685

>Obviously Silver can reduce the depth without removing it all
…It's obvious?

038a3 No.101686

Well.. yes?

b800b No.101687

I…guess I must be retarded or something? I'm completely lost, here.

038a3 No.101688

I'm just saying the water becomes more shallow as time progresses

b800b No.101689

Oh, that's what you meant. Alright, I understand that much, at least. So, how long would it take for the quarry to get drained to an acceptable level?

038a3 No.101690

What does Silver consider acceptable?

b800b No.101691

Where the water won't conceal any ghasts, whether they're standing or legless.

038a3 No.101692

For some reason I'm feeling a sudden urge to increase Zebra representation

Hmmm…. Probably some hours, and of course portions are already above water

b800b No.101693

Watching the Anonfilly thread, too, I take it?

Looks like Silver has some time to kill. He thinks for a moment before deciding to visit a newspaper stand and getting caught up with current events.

4b96b No.101694

>TFW My Sleeping Schedule is so fucked, im awake when no one else is.

3793b No.101695

I wonder if this is meant to trigger someone
Dun worre. You with me, although I can't say you can RP with me unless you can both dream travel and currently not be on mission.

4b96b No.101696

File: 1559736231161.png (13.08 KB, 128x128, _think thanos.png)

>although I can't say you can RP with me unless you can both dream travel and currently not be on mission.

038a3 No.101697

File: 1559736776481.gif (562.91 KB, 504x504, 539.gif)

3793b No.101698

Heyo GMo, nice to see you alive and kicking at this time of day.
Focus on your mission to improve your position with the Black Hooves, then you can dream travel.

4b96b No.101699

I'm Sorry. I'll Try to Stay awake all day and go to bed at night.
Hmmmmmmm, But Luna isn't in the BlackHooves

038a3 No.101700

File: 1559754600344.png (397.64 KB, 1024x614, 5317AF7E-09F0-4CB9-99EE-02….png)


b800b No.101701

Sudden GM. Lunch break, I take it?

3793b No.101702

I believe it's more likely that he returned to his home.
Unless he's been GMing a horsefucker D&D session at work all this time.

b800b No.101703


3793b No.101704


b800b No.101705


b800b No.101706

Got a joke for y'all:

What do you call a mare who was born in Sunset, lived in Baltimare, and died in Detrot?

3793b No.101707

No idea. What do you call them?

b800b No.101708

ad8a6 No.101709

I laughed at that more than I should have.

3793b No.101710

Well, that was quite an unexpected anti-joke.

b800b No.101711

My little sister came up with that one, if you can believe it. I just made it related to the game. Got another one, here:

If a plane crashes on the border of Equestria and the Crystal Empire, where do you bury the survivors?

ad8a6 No.101712

>Bury the survivors
Depends on which government had it out for those survivors.

3793b No.101713

On the ground?

b800b No.101714

You don't bury survivors.

>Depends on which government had it out for those survivors.

3793b No.101715

Good thing I didn't say in the ground, then.

038a3 No.101716

File: 1559778812077.png (113.62 KB, 496x600, BFEC5F9E-4CEC-49A9-9BAE-4D….png)


3793b No.101717

Hello, kind sire. It is an honor to see you with a happy face.

ad8a6 No.101719

Super cute buggo.

dcea8 No.101720

038a3 No.101721

File: 1559783041237.png (61.17 KB, 650x500, 0C32C395-3B8D-48DD-B07E-81….png)


dcea8 No.101722

Just Barley, can hardly keep my eyes open.

3793b No.101723

I wonder if Dark Star will be able to complete his quest to do… something I don't really know.

038a3 No.101724

File: 1559783828731.jpeg (21.16 KB, 208x250, A0E8D807-15F6-40C2-8015-9….jpeg)

Hang on there. You just got to last a little longer, and you should be almost back to a proper sleep schedule

dcea8 No.101725

*Tries Not To Shleep*

b800b No.101726

I apologize for my absence. Mother Nature decided to be a bitch and knock out the power.

3793b No.101727

No worries, Sword-o. GM probably is still lurking, hungry for some story progression.

038a3 No.101728


Also probably F for >>101725

b800b No.101729

Well, at least I'm here! Anyways, if you wanted to continue, I believe Silver was going to go buy a newspaper from a stand. So you get the chance to use some of those newspaper article ideas you had.

3793b No.101733


4b96b No.101734

b800b No.101735

File: 1559855156197.png (225.44 KB, 1084x1206, 2037697__safe_artist-colon….png)

3793b No.101736

7b37d No.101737

File: 1559856624004.gif (210.04 KB, 955x853, B63174D3-27F2-49AA-BB30-64….gif)

Justice of the Peace was really bitchy when I met him today about why I had not come in earlier. Like no shit I didn’t do anything not on the calendar, because how would I know?

On the plus side, this book I am reading (in audiobook as I am driving) is really fascinating. It tells a long history of the diplomatic exchanges leading up to World War 2, and how it started.


3793b No.101738

I wonder what sort of cooky, wacky situations can you cook up with this newfound knowledge the audiobook will provide.
Coowacky is optional.
Now that's a good blep!

4b96b No.101739

038a3 No.101740

File: 1559866124115.jpg (54.47 KB, 1300x578, c46.jpg)

3793b No.101741

So the spy was herself!

4b96b No.101742

File: 1559866865723.png (317.47 KB, 1183x1024, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sunny.png)

b800b No.101743


038a3 No.101744

Well, I don't think anyone was seeking to play

Are extensive posts about meta issues like parts of the setting, characters, scenes, IRL history or what have you desired, or do they break up immersion and have whatever other adverse effects?

ad8a6 No.101745

Sure. I like reading about the setting. I most likely won't get to play again, so I like seeing what all is going on.

3793b No.101746

I was expecting you to pull out your magnum opus from under me and deliver me into your idea.
I consent your GM advances

3793b No.101747

Oops, forgot to answer question.
It's okay. I like me some info now and again.

b800b No.101748

I mean, I'm almost always ready to play. I just wait on your signal for when you're ready.

As for your question, I don't mind meta posts. It's always nice to have some extra background when you're in an unfamiliar setting.

4b96b No.101749

Gibe Extensive posts

038a3 No.101750

Oh shit! Also, Dark Star's story line is the easiest to progress next. The last response was

4b96b No.101751

1 sec, eating.

4b96b No.101752

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

Dark Star hides against a wall behind them

038a3 No.101753

Dice rollRolled 12 + 1

If that's "hide," then no opposed roll because they are looking the other way.

Opposed Listen roll

4b96b No.101754

That Was "Hide" yes.
Oh no

35141 No.101755

I know this is late, but Listen checks are used to oppose Move silently rolls while hide rolls are opposed by spot checks.
Got it from thr SRD.

8d7cf No.101756

Mother Nature is a fucking BITCH!

My power went out on Wednesday, and I'm just now feeling the aftershocks of that. My damn laptop got overloaded, and now I've gotta keep it unplugged for a while so it can rest. Goddamn it!

038a3 No.101757

Presses "F"

Well, yeah. That's why I said "If 'hide,' it's unopposed. Rolling opposed listen." To treat the die roll as a move silently roll

8d7cf No.101758

Thank God I have this computer to at least communicate with you guys.

4dc92 No.101759

That's one big Oof.
I guess that works, since they're currently not looking at Batboi while he's hiding.

038a3 No.101760

Okay, I should finally have time to do things this weekend after my attempts to deal with USA jobs over the last week failed

Ruffles the fur of the ancient pony

8d7cf No.101761

Now it's my turn to press F.

The ancient pony likes the ruffling

3793b No.101762

Where did the ancient part come from?
I should be awake for a couple of hours meself. My dream is ready to be shaped.

038a3 No.101763

D'aww. Silver is so adorable

A newsstand on the edge of a street is populated by a rather old looking mahogany brown Earth pony with a greying black mane

I am working on News Paper articles

I mean, he's old

Roll die

8d7cf No.101764

Just go ahead and let me know when you're close to done, then I'll continue.

3793b No.101765

Now that's some spooky die roll. Here's hoping something good happens.
Perhaps a safe trip back to Cauldron's place and celebrate with a little kiss

3793b No.101766

Dice rollRolled 3


3793b No.101767


038a3 No.101768

Would Silver rather read "Famous Changeling Actor Under Extradition Escapes" or "Riverlands Cargo Tycoon's Expansion into Baltimare Placed in New Light After Griffonian Link to Black Wood Massacre Discovered"



Iron may proceed back

8d7cf No.101769

I believe he would rather the later.

3793b No.101770

Whatcha mean by 'may proceed back'?
If you mean start to RP again, I would ask Pear if she's ready to head back to the nice, mightly civilization.

038a3 No.101771

Economics and History over Diplomacy and Racial Politics it is then

Pear nods in assent

3793b No.101772

Man, I sure hope I can roll again to at least have a satisfying ending later.
Iron nods back with all 5 pots of treasure on him.
"Let us start our trip back."
He looks at Cauldron.
"You should scout ahead for any dangers. If we need to fight, I should drop the pots for it."
With that, he makes sure to follow Cauldron at the maximum possible distance where Iron can see Cauldron walk ahead.

038a3 No.101773

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Cauldron trots along ahead, though herself weighed down by treasure

038a3 No.101774

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5


3793b No.101775

I sure hope those are good rolls.

8d7cf No.101776

>2 natural 1s

038a3 No.101777

File: 1559960799624.png (554.92 KB, 6356x4501, 74vFxnJ.png)

The fuck?

Cauldron goes ahead, until she reaches near the top of the small rise in the cavern. She stop, and looks ahead in astonishment. Then suddenly, there is a loud metallic clanging sound off in the distance, followed by a golden mask falling off her back and hitting the ground in a similar loud clang, then echos

I am still unsure about newspapers…

8d7cf No.101778

You don't have to if you don't want to. No skin off my teeth.

3793b No.101779

Aw come on.
Iron, feeling something hostile is up ahead, starts to place 4 of the pots on the floor so that he can be at his best fighting shape.
"Pear, help me out with these pots. I think we are in trouble," he whispers to her other companion as he does his action.

038a3 No.101780

With how little you were expecting that, 'm almost tempted to make it into the arrival of the Spanish Inquisition

Pear stands still for a moment, then looks at Iron in a sort of "what?" pose, like she either doesn't know what to do or is indignant at the suggestion of being made to help in that kind of manual labor. After a moment, she starts to undo the ties on Iron's back

3793b No.101781

Would the Spanish have Inquisitions when it's mostly tribes?
Don't answer that.

With Pear's help, Iron should be able to free himself of the potted burden.
"What do you see from up there?" He whisper-talks Cauldron as he closes the distance.

038a3 No.101782

Cauldron is, suffice it to say, spooked. Frantic even, breathing heavily even as she tries to keep it quiet.

"All of them! The Bandits have returned"

3793b No.101783

Iron rubs his temples for the really bad timing these ponies have.
"Well, that is definitely not good," he whispers back. "I guess all those knockdowns would rise the alarm. How many of them are there? How alert are they?"

038a3 No.101784

"Four combatants, two porters, and two that looked more important. One in beige jacket with a toquilla straw helmet, the other in a green jacket with a Pith helmet. They were setting down a metal plank across the stream when I saw them. I don't know how alert they are, but we are more than a little backed into a corner"

3793b No.101785

Iron smacks his lips softly as he looks back at his surroundings.
"I think we should reduce the size of the environment we will battle if we are to successfully wipe these ponies out."
(The less space for these ponies to fight, the better our chances are as their weapons' range advantage would be nullified.)

038a3 No.101786

The rise in the center prevents line of sight to the other side. Little nooks exist in the walls where the cavern is more expansive or less so, making it uneven, but none are perfectly partitioned off. Only the the actual treasure room, which consists of two halves, is actually partitioned

3793b No.101787

Iron hums to himself, studying the rise in the center.
(Perhaps if I were to smack the walls at the sides, it would narrow down the entrance to here. That would probably give at least me away though and I should drop the last pot to ensure its safety from the rock avalanche.)
He walks back to the pot pile and places his last post on it.

038a3 No.101788

It is so

Who else has done this, placing off to the side all of one's valuables before going to fight off bandits, in the hopes of surviving and reclaiming it?

3793b No.101789

I feel you're implying I'm going to die like the last free mare back there.
Sort of. Hopefully I don't accidentally kill myself trying to dislodge the rocks.
With the loot somewhat secured and thinking all bandits are still on the other side of the rising center, he walks towards one of the sides.
"Do you think that causing a rock avalanche would get somepony down there?" he whispers to Cauldron.

038a3 No.101790

She blinks
“As opposed to some pony over here?”

3793b No.101791

"There are more of them down there than over here, so the rocks are more likely to hit them. Besides, I only need my strong hooves to tear this down. You and Pear can go to a safe distance away with the pots."

038a3 No.101792

"If your theory is that they will fall far away over there - rather than immediately on top of the bucking, i.e., on you, then why would us being far away be any safer than them being far away?"

3793b No.101793

Iron hums in annoyance, poking the center.
"Perhaps I only need to buck these rocks on the floor. That should give the rocks some direction other than on top of me."

038a3 No.101794

Kick them like projectiles?

3793b No.101795

I was thinking kicking low enough to cause an avalanche but projectiles sound good.
Do I have the cover of darkness to shoot them out if I turn off my magic light?

7b37d No.101796

Everything is completely dark unless illuminated. Whether Iron would be illuminated depends on the actions of the opposing force

3793b No.101797

So Iron wouldn't be able to see them unless his light is on and the enemy sees them if they point the light on him?
Is the avalanche idea still plausible?

038a3 No.101798

He would see them unless their lanterns and lights go out. They will see him the moment any of them points their flashlight directly forward and slightly up to look at the path ahead. As for an “avalanche,” what is he targeting?

3793b No.101799

Well, I was thinking to buck a little lower of the top, where the incline combined with the firm push would make a bunch of rocks cascade downwards towards the enemy

038a3 No.101800

The incline is definitely not steep enough for that purpose

3793b No.101801

Dangit. Projectiles it is. Good thing rocks don't cause muzzle flashes of any kind when bucked.

"Turn the magic light for me. I think I can thin their numbers with some rock lauching."

038a3 No.101802

She nods, afraid. She pulls out her gun, and places a black box magazine into its left side

She pulls the bolt

"Very well…"

3793b No.101803

Dice rollRolled 20

That works too
Iron slowly climbs to the top of the center, using his long, bushy hair to cover the light.
"When the shots start to come here, you peek out and start firing back. The gods will be on our side."
With that, he picks up his ammunition and places it at the top, aiming at one of the four combatants with his tail sights.
(Full power ahead, enemies. Your cheating will only bring cheating of our own.)
Picking the closest combatant to his position, he bucks the rock with a powerful hind leg push. You guessed it, it's a max power attack. +5 to be exact.

038a3 No.101804

File: 1559967923703.jpg (86.7 KB, 688x701, 2997.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1


The rock flings right the hell back, hitting a combatant center mass. He falls, and his light flies first upwards, then lays down on the cavern floor

038a3 No.101805

Dice rollRolled 9, 1, 18 = 28

Unfortunately, the attack is the exact opposite of subtle. A pony shines a light in Iron's direction

Roll initiative or disengage

3793b No.101806

And here I thought the nat 1 was for my advantage.
Iron slinks down to break line of sight by using the center as cover.
"I have been spotted. Spread out to the sides, because they will be coming here or worse."
With that, he tries to move to the side closest to him.
This counts as disengaged, right?

038a3 No.101807

Dice rollRolled 16

Roll die

3793b No.101808

Dice rollRolled 15

Darn it

038a3 No.101809

"Hay uno de ellos Él está arriba de la colina. ¡Avancen!"

They seem to move up the incline, forming a line across after crossing the little bridge

3793b No.101810

Wait, are they walking in a line up an incline?

7b37d No.101811

Abreast, not in file. Approximately

3793b No.101812

Dice rollRolled 5

Perhaps this can work.
Iron, hearing the guards start climbing up, peeks out to set up a rock aiming at the pony on the side furthest from the edge.
(Perhaps I can take all three out by a single rock. Gods, please guide my rock to victory.)
With that, he releases a big buck on that rock towards the aimed pony in the hopes he takes out at least one of them off the edge and cause some falling damage. Max power attack.

3793b No.101813

Man, this is embarrasing.

038a3 No.101814

Dice rollRolled 12, 13 = 25

“Mate lo!”
*bang bang*

Two shots from rifles are fired towards Iron

038a3 No.101815

Dice rollRolled 5, 6, 6, 2 = 19

Oh dear. Shots land

3793b No.101816

Dice rollRolled 14

Great, that leaves me with 23 health.
Iron grimaces in pain for being shot with coat piercers for the sixth time this day.
He aims another shot that should luckily even the odds a little bit.
(The shots should alert Cauldron of me being spotted. She should appear anytime soon.)
Tail sights locked on the same pony, he launches another rock with max power.

038a3 No.101817

3793b No.101818

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10

I think this is the appropriate roll.

038a3 No.101819

Pretty damned serious wounding roll…. probably enough to take them out of action

3793b No.101820

With yet another wound reminding him that guns are unfair pieces of metal, he peeks over to the other four remaining ponies whose roles he forgot.

038a3 No.101821

Alright, I’m’a leave this for tonight

3793b No.101822

Night. I'll go to bed too.

8d7cf No.101823

Whelp…I might be well and truly fucked, fellas. It ain't starting up. I'm hoping that it'll recover after tonight, but…I might have trouble being able to play after this weekend.

038a3 No.101824

File: 1560007366726.jpeg (70.3 KB, 1280x720, 9FC2F856-396C-42A1-9ED3-9….jpeg)


8d7cf No.101825

Unless I can figure out what's wrong with it and get it fixed. I just won't stay on. You press the power button, it runs for a half a second, then just powers off.

8d7cf No.101826

*It just won't

87b67 No.101827

Well shit. Do you at least have a phone to post with in the meantime?

8d7cf No.101828

Nope, nada. I'll try and see what all I can do, but I can't make any guarantees.

Hopefully, I can do something about it this weekend, but I don't know.

87b67 No.101829

We'll be waiting for you, my dude. Don't worry.

038a3 No.101830

File: 1560015146025.png (741.8 KB, 1280x720, 25F2C28B-5E31-4D9A-BF67-BC….png)


Well, I’ll try to get something worth reading posted today, after I am out of work

87b67 No.101831

Pls no forget me.

f1595 No.101832

038a3 No.101833

File: 1560022846215.png (545.48 KB, 2185x1401, 567873.png)

Don't leave us…

8d7cf No.101834

I'll certainly try not to. Looked up a couple of things to try to fix this issue. Fingers crossed they work.

87b67 No.101835

It'll be fine, GM. Silver will be reborn.
Punished Silver: The Pony who sold his laptop for another one

8d7cf No.101836

>Punished Silver
I almost want to draw that.

Anyways, good news and bad news. Bad news is fixing the laptop is far beyond me. It's toast. Good news is I might end up with a phone I can use while I search for a job and get a new laptop.

Also good news: getting a job is the easy part.

038a3 No.101837

How is that the easy part?

I swear I'm thinking about writing things…

984c2 No.101838

Seems good news outweigh the bad. Good on you, my fluffy friend.

As for P.S, That could be Silver's fate after not hugging anyone for a month.
Or if you want to the edgy path, realizes he all his children died after trying to write to them and not getting a response from any of them

8d7cf No.101839

There's a couple places around that are hurting enough for workers that I'd be guaranteed a position.


984c2 No.101840

Sorry for cutting myself with the edge there. My body is now made out of edges.

038a3 No.101841

I noticed there has been a massive slow down in the speed of threads. We used to have threads filled after less than a week at the end of last year. This last thread took slightly over a month

984c2 No.101842

With a reduced number of PCs ir was bound to happen. Before we were like 6/7. Now we're just us 3, while Batboi and Edgemeister pop up occasionally. Shimmer too, but even less than the last two.

038a3 No.101843

File: 1560041369343.jpeg (90.45 KB, 719x798, D251145F-8BA1-4679-B1DA-F….jpeg)

I know… it’s just… sad

984c2 No.101844

Don't be sad, GM. As long as a single PC exists, your story and setting will unveil itself for him/her.

8d7cf No.101845

Maybe we should ask some other Anons on the site if they want to join?

b414c No.101846

I don't know if it's a good idea to have a lot of players. It usually falls onto having a lot of separate plot hooks the GM has to struggle to tie into one main plot hook.

038a3 No.101847

If they would want to join, sure

f1595 No.101848

TBH i think you should force the reaming Pc's Together. it's been awhile since we did a mission together.

038a3 No.101849

Probably should do that once everypony is at the end of their little quests

3b9cb No.101850

Do you think I'll get a reward for a dream sequence of this complexity or is it reality now?

b800b No.101851

Silver boi test.

b800b No.101853

Yes, this works! I can still play with you guys!

Even if this is slow as balls to type on.

3b9cb No.101854

Gud boe. GM is absent for the time being, but it's good news.

038a3 No.101855

File: 1560123440739.jpeg (52.27 KB, 500x500, A1F5386B-4649-4C23-A2B6-1….jpeg)


b800b No.101856

Alive and kickin', on a smaller screen.

3b9cb No.101857

Godangit GM, why do you make me look like a fool!
Still, celebration is inbound.

b800b No.101858


Holy fuck, I decided to try the laptop to see if there was a slim chance it could have recovered, and it fucking turned on! I'm not sure how long it's going to continue working, but I'm fucking ecstatic! I'm going to write down all of the game stuff I had taken note of so I still have it should the laptop stop working again. Fuck yeah!

3b9cb No.101859

Nifty. Try not to charge until until it's absolutely necessary.

038a3 No.101860

File: 1560125153020.jpeg (115.98 KB, 800x1000, CA659FFF-82BC-44C3-872B-6….jpeg)

b800b No.101861

You have no idea the amount of relief I'm feeling right now. Goddamn!

So, GM. Got anything interesting up your sleeve for when the party starts to get back together again?

038a3 No.101862

How much of the party? If it's just the Baltimare group, there is a quest I've tried 5 times to get players to take that is best done in a group. They could also go join Brie up North. Or maybe they could go down south, and to the west. And then there was an idea for a villain I had as well

3b9cb No.101863

You mean the catacomb business or something else I missed?

b800b No.101864

>there is a quest I've tried 5 times to get players to take that is best done in a group
You have? Have we been deliberately avoiding it or has it just been by accident? Or is it just the catacomb job?

>They could also go join Brie up North.

If the others agreed, I'd be up for that. It would certainly be the easiest way to get the gang back together.

>Or maybe they could go down south, and to the west.

Seems like that's a bit of where Iron wants to head, particularly with Cauldron.

>And then there was an idea for a villain I had as well

That would also be a good idea to get the gang back together. Plus, it would tie the game together, make it a bit less aimless, which I think is part of the reason we keep splitting up for.

038a3 No.101865

It’s not the catacombs


b800b No.101866

Sorry. I suppose "decentralized" is the better word to use here, maybe. Its just, without a unifying, ultimate goal to fight towards, everyone keeps going off doing their own thing.

3b9cb No.101867

What Silver means by 'aimless' is most likely having a reason to stick together in the long run. If we were to have one long job that spans for many sessions, there would be no problem with splitting up since we would all be busy doing the job together. Perhaps an escort mission along the world.
I still like Cauldron and would do my best to help her through her impending doom if she stays on the gang business.
Or make the gang rule the entire city, but that would probably make no sense.

038a3 No.101868

Any particular themes, tones, or types of enemies, combat or settings preferred?

>or make the gang rule the whole city, but I don’t know if that makes sense
They say Democracy is “mob rule,” let’s put that to the test

3b9cb No.101869

Let's just say that the bigger mob is not the gangsters, but the Black Hooves. Nevermind the problem of wreaking havoc from the inside, which would definitely attract attention from the changelings and cause an invasion possibly. So it would be a hard conquest that mostly benefits the bugs.
Paficism, however, would probably be as hard but mitigates possible changeling invasion, especially with ponies whose fanatic nationalism decreases the odds of bribery, unless we can severly knock down their money supply to accept them.
Hopefully the underbosses have a plan along the pacifist lines if the path forward is of gang domination.

b800b No.101870

I don't know about themes or tones, I just kinda figured whatever you came up with is fine and that I'd stick with it. I also don't know about enemies, combat, or setting, because Silver's been stuck with only one of each so far.

ad8a6 No.101871

I know I have basically been dead for months now, but can you link me to something to get me up to speed enough to work myself back in somewhat? I have time today and would really like to try to play more.

038a3 No.101872

Ancient evils or more modern ones? Twisting stories or straightforward ones? Conflicting morality or good versus evil? A mission to save the whole world, or something smaller in scale? Horror, classical adventure, or spy thriller?

Spark is in Bales, which he has presumably never been to before, and is checked into a cheep hotel

b800b No.101873

Sparky boi!

What would your thoughts be on meeting back up with the others in Bales?

That is definitely something I would have to think over.

ad8a6 No.101874

I think I will walk to the lobby and eavesdrop on some ponies as they check in.

3b9cb No.101875

Can be both sort of evils and stories. Morality can be conflicting. Both scales can be used to entretain me. Theme I have no clue.
If you can spare a contribution to 'Save a zebra from gangster life' which I would take 25% of it then sure. He's supposed to be hired muscle.
Or, you know, contribute to see the gangster control Baltimare and possibly more.

b800b No.101876

I suppose I'll see how much I end up with after finishing with this Catacombs business. I'll also have to ask Starry boi what he thinks.

038a3 No.101877

“Did you see Casa Blank Flank?”
“Yes! Ethyl and I went to see it last weekend. That Salt Lick character is so charming.”

“It’s more than a little strange in this city… seeing armed Griffin soldiers on some of the streets.”
“Well, considering what’s across the river, it’s understandable.”
“All the same, Celestia never would have stood for it”
“Celestia most of all would have welcomed it…”

“Hello, yes, can we get a room for three? It’s just me and my two children. We just came across from whinnyapolis. How was the crossing? I… don’t want to talk about it…”

>Save a Zebra fund

3b9cb No.101878

Skip the part about giving money to a zebra and you should be golden.
I'm just so considerate for the poor striped horses. It just hurts my heart to see them in such bad conditions. Definitely not because I want to bone them or anything.

b800b No.101879

Now all I need to do is wait for newspaper publication, if GM still wants to do that.

038a3 No.101880

b800b No.101881

Like I said, if you want to.

3b9cb No.101882

You did say you were going to let Silver read a certain article of a newspaper.
Also the fact I have to dream deal with a bunch of bandits, of which 2 of them I don't know what they do while the other two spoop me a little.

ad8a6 No.101883

Spark takes notice of the pony that came from whinnyapolis. A little snooping about the area couldn’t hurt. He listens if the pony has anything else to say before leaving the lobby.

038a3 No.101884

She generally sounds worried, and talks about getting a train to Manehattan. She mentions a stallion

ad8a6 No.101885

How about her foals? How are they holding up?

038a3 No.101886

One smaller, Snow White earth pony colt, the other a marroon filly. They look uncertain

ad8a6 No.101887

Do they appear to be able to afford the room and trip?

038a3 No.101888

She does not mention not having money

038a3 No.101889

Newspaper articles are coming Soon*TM

3b9cb No.101890

You go GM person!

b800b No.101891

[Patient Pony Noises]

b1ad6 No.101896


b800b No.101897

038a3 No.101898

File: 1560205415982.gif (6.05 MB, 1280x720, 3F96AE57-F18C-442B-8219-ED….gif)

I am back early!

b800b No.101899

Nice! Good to see you, GM.

b1ad6 No.101900

Hi. Your bug face is nice.

038a3 No.101901



b1ad6 No.101902

So, what's the plan today?

038a3 No.101903

Uh… I don't know. I guess I should provide newspaper events for Silver, but I don't know

b1ad6 No.101904

What about meh?

038a3 No.101905

I’ll get to Iron shortly

b1ad6 No.101906

038a3 No.101907

File: 1560223170888.gif (61.75 KB, 1048x900, D70D59F7-3E00-4B51-B920-D7….gif)


b1ad6 No.101908

Oh hello there.

038a3 No.101909

May as well try to advance Iron’s story

2 combatants are following Iron into the cavern. Iron is down 19 health points

b1ad6 No.101910

Iron's peeks out on the two remaining combatants.
(Is Cauldron alright? I thought we agreed on shooting the combatants as soon as shots were fired.)
Placing himself in cover, he looks over to Cauldron's position.

038a3 No.101911

She is not visible

b1ad6 No.101912

Iron curses to himself.
(I hope she is well)
Peeking once again, he gauges the distance for a swift charge attack, potentially jumping down in order to do so.

038a3 No.101913

The whole cavern is not that large, Iron could plausibly charge forward

b1ad6 No.101914

Dice rollRolled 6 + 8

Here we go!
Iron huffs in anticipation.
(Alright, do not mess this up.)
He jumps out of his cover, charging a buck to the point of maximum power. Twirling around to make his hindlegs face the closest oppoent, he unleashes a mighty blow that hopefully connects.

038a3 No.101915

Now, you can do that, but risk being shot in an attack of opportunity the moment he comes into the light


b1ad6 No.101916

I thought I could do that thing without risking any attack as long as I was in range, but you're the boss.
Iron reconsiders his actions after the pain from the two recent rifle wounds reminds him of the consequences of mindlessly rushing.
(Perhaps I should wait them here until they peek out, and then break their jaw the moment they pop up.)
With that, he awaits in cover with a bucking position ready to smash some pony's head.
aka it's an ambush turn

038a3 No.101917

Dice rollRolled 5, 2, 1, 4, 14, 4, 6, 2 = 38

Dice rollRolled 14, 13, 13, 14, 13, 1, 2, 13 = 83

But first, one little thing


038a3 No.101918

The submachine gun blazes, and both are wounded, with the further away of the two going down immediately, but the other still standing, though wounded. Iron can still attack in this turn, and may roll initiative with the one remaining to determine if he gets an attack of opportunity

b1ad6 No.101919

Dice rollRolled 17

Iron smiles to himself.
(She had me worried for a bit.)
With only one remaining combatant to deal with, he takes the chance before he tries to shoot Cauldron.
Rolling initiative first.

038a3 No.101920

Dice rollRolled 20


b1ad6 No.101921

Christ almighty good thing that wasn't his attack roll

038a3 No.101922

Dice rollRolled 7 + 1

He attac

038a3 No.101924

Now, Iron’s turn unless you insist on using the earlier roll

b1ad6 No.101925

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8

Thankfully dodging the bullet aimed for him, he charges the now vulnerable bandit. He delivers a powerful buck on his chest to make him fall.
Nah, I'd rather play the spoopy danger game

b1ad6 No.101926

If AC is of 11 then it should connect.

038a3 No.101927

Dice rollRolled 1

>if 11 AC
But is it?

038a3 No.101928

b1ad6 No.101929

Dice rollRolled 2 + 12

Yey! Thanks dice!
Rolling that damage

038a3 No.101930

And he is out, with Iron’s punch combining with a gunshot

b1ad6 No.101931

Huffing in relief, he quickly dashes for another set of cover to see the current actions of the other four remaining ponies that Cauldron mentioned.

038a3 No.101932

There are not coming up into the dark

b1ad6 No.101933

Iron squints his eyes.
(Maybe they have fled. I should regroup with Cauldron to scout out further before moving the treasure.)
He goes up towards the friendly set of gunshots came from, confident she's okay.

b800b No.101934

You ever have something work, then not even five seconds later have it not work, even though nothing has changed? Not talking about laptop, in case anyone thought so.

038a3 No.101935

Cauldron is…quietly freaking out
“You’re shot. And they’ve noticed us. They are blocking the only path out”

038a3 No.101936

File: 1560227693699.png (388.84 KB, 1684x2165, D5EEEC9E-6357-4031-83C4-85….png)

b1ad6 No.101937

Oh hey. GM was expecting you.
Iron places a hoof on Cauldron, empathetic over her current emotional state.
"It is alright. They may know we are here, but we still have the cover of darkness for most of our path. We should scout ahead for any traces of enemies until the next chokepoint we can find. Would you do that for me, since you are the more agile and sneaky of us?"
I think I'll make the story stop for today. Have to get up early. Night.

b800b No.101938

He was? Whoops. I was just waiting around for him, playing vidya and watching the thread in the meantime.

038a3 No.101939

File: 1560228329444.png (197.06 KB, 1280x1011, 9489128C-B24C-4FC0-ABB2-22….png)


“Scout? They are right there”

b800b No.101940


3793b No.101944

Remember, Silver Sword. When GM does the posting, you post at him back.
Else he can't be sure of your availability.
Now that's one miffed Twiggles
Iron understands her worry further.
"We should change positions," he whispers to Cauldron. "I think they will reveal their position or at least conceal our movements if I start throwing rocks at random as we move."
Picking up a bunch of rocks, he looks at the zebra, waiting for a confirmation or rebuttal to his idea.

dff65 No.101945

3793b No.101946