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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1517178221270.jpg (99.19 KB, 634x765, article-2510064-1983B6EF00….jpg)

3e452 No.50273[Reply]

Can we make a mental virus?

Like, the game?
>Hand related

7da24 No.50300

Possibly,we could try to make a memetic virus.

2bcde No.50354

Interesting one Alex, im gonna have to go for "What is Roko's Basilisk

c2135 No.50378

I remember when the game was just on the internet…

File: 1516595862173.mp4 (180.41 KB, 480x268, giphy.mp4)

f7f2f No.49077[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread begins at the start of the week, where developmental/story activity is minimal/nil and shitposting/meta is at its most emphatic.

This is an RP based on classic D&D, if you've looked at the catalog you might have noticed a trend. New players, random posters, and shitposters alike are welcome.
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9c78e No.50366


0e912 No.50367

File: 1517189113219.jpeg (56.07 KB, 625x417, 687474703a2f2f312e62702e6….jpeg)

4a327 No.50368

*Tries to write in Journal, but a pony appears to be in the way*

ef55d No.50369

What kind of pony

4f3b9 No.50371

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File: 1515879934637.jpg (97.11 KB, 381x393, dmtentity_roger_essig.jpg)

f0fb0 No.45768[Reply]

Hey /vx/ have any of you ever tried DMT? If so what was your experience on it?

10147 No.45910

Thank you for the detailed explanation anon, that is very helpful.

4bbf7 No.46121

File: 1515906515541.png (7.21 KB, 236x139, 236px-DMT.svg.png)

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine (sometimes refered to as the "spirit molecule") is a powerful psychedelic drug capable of producing tangible hallucinations. Users often describe trips that last several lifetimes, meeting with God(s), spiritual entities, or "Machine elves", synesthesia (a merging of the senses such as taste and sound), ego death, even colors that don't exist.

10147 No.46245

So basically a suped-up LSD? I don't do drugs, sorry.

076f6 No.46246

>meeting with God(s), spiritual entities, or "Machine elves", synesthesia (a merging of the senses such as taste and sound), ego death, even colors that don't exist
Magical shrooms would be ingested ritually for similar spiritual reasons. Alcohol founds its purpose a connection to the gods. It's effects seemingly would have caused one to communicate or "feel" them. The word "wine" has its root to something similar of meaning to "to ascend" in a sort of way or speak, similar to how a libation is used.

fc4a5 No.49255

File: 1516728848231.png (116.96 KB, 873x915, 1705219ded28d639a167418451….png)

I made some last year out of some powdered Mimosa, about 12gs. I really enjoyed the trip compared to LSD or mushrooms because it was only a 15 min duration.

The best way i could describe the experience is to say its almost like having Celestia's hoof grab you by the back of the head and drag you into the spirit world. thats about what the comeup is like a very rapid pull.

No two trips have ever been the same for me sometimes it feels like im underwater conversing with fish, im speaking to god-like entities, im hovering above a field watching the poners play in the fields. No matter what there is always this strange humming sound that you somehow instinctually know is the voice of the gods trying to converse with you, but you do not know their language.


Oh and dont forget the sensation of flight, i have flown many times in DMT trips sometimes with wings.

File: 1516323101679.jpeg (355.34 KB, 600x800, 590FC664-B605-4403-B360-8….jpeg)

7bd10 No.47630[Reply]

I made an /mlpol/ EVE Corp, if any of you are interested. I'm still pretty new to the game, so forgive me for any mistakes/general stupidity.
Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/FmYnRQ5
And if you guys want to apply directly, make sure you say you're from /vx/. Codeword in application is "Enough Ponies", just for safety reasons.

7bd10 No.47993

This will be open indefinitely, so join when you can.

e43f9 No.48680

File: 1516524041708.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1200, EveOnlineMLP.png)

I wish you the best of luck, but don't have high hopes. The time to start a corporation was back in 2012 when the game was really hype. Coincidentally, it would also have been the best time to have started a MLP-themed corporation (Amarr ftw) as the show was at its height. As it stands those of us on /mlpol/ have too many responsibilities to play an autistically-demanding game like EVE, and those that already do are probably part of a corporation they don't want to leave.

It's a cool game of course, but I prefer something more casual. I'm waiting for Starfighter: Infinity to release.

File: 1516329920824.jpg (23.13 KB, 652x536, nut.jpg)

0cbbd No.47678[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

RP Thread. Its D&D mixed with shitposting. Classic (flexible) rules, and more autism than you could shake a whole group of autists at, even if you did so autistically. New players area always welcome, whether continuing, one-time, or 'just shitposting'.

Welcome back to the ahem 'Bathhouse', a progressive thread that I'm sure plenty of anons wish would just fucking die already. What, its true,….

This particular beginning is heavily seasoned with enthusiasm and delight. Hot on the heels of killing a bunch of We Wuz, the party almost shattered for several reasons, both in-game and out. In spite of it all, the characters continue on their quest to do,… well,… stuff.
Trumpaladin has been gifted a quest from Lord John Elway. Infernius has been gifted a quest from the Fuhrer, Tracy wants to stab more shit, Torcuil is beginning to get clever with his use of Snek not like that you perv and Thez is thanking her lucky stars that she even exists anymore.
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6102c No.49073

>in question
Did he flee around the corner? Or did he just vanish.
Both Tracy and Infernius should be able to see clearly to the end of the hall, if I'm not mistaken.

0cbbd No.49074

He didn't just vanish, he went one way or the other.
Meanwhile, I'm about 10 minutes away from going to bed.

6102c No.49075

Goodnight, m8.

0cbbd No.49076

You too. Will bake eventually.

0cbbd No.49078

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1515968651839.png (1.96 MB, 1914x1069, nuts.png)

88c2b No.46427[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread begins with Infernius pushing random buttons on an already random object of ridiculous power.

Welcome to the next page of the thread series that everyone knows about but no one mentions cuz autism.
Its a role-playing thread, welcoming involved/random shitposting in addition to participation.

There's plenty of material if you wanna get a glimpse, otherwise I'll get back to it.

The first effect that is discharged by the rod is a ridiculously compressed stream of air, blowing back everyone around Infernius.
The second effect is that Infernius himself becomes invisible.
The third effect is someone adjacent to infernius is hit by Flesh to Stone.
The fourth effect is that Enlarge Size is cast on the statue-character..
The fifth effect is the rod summons a mouse.

Players should roll a d100
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7a625 No.47674

You know, the D&D books (I've read) have been noticeably silent wrt pregnancies and the consequences of. Petrification and death/resurrection are a given, but curses and such are worth consideration. Off the cuff I would say "yes", but it would depend on the curse/effect.

7a625 No.47675

>inb4 moldy
Yeah, I know, gimme a minute

adb75 No.47676

I'm just using the last 50 posts, helps keep mold away

9dedd No.47677

Sounds like the making for some spooky spell-touched side affects…

7a625 No.47681


Usually that works for me, but not at the moment for some reason.
Noted, will be considered.

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File: 1494553904566.png (269.86 KB, 850x797, tulpas.png)

b8fef No.114[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

4/mlpol/ had a tulpa thread going, so lets continue that discussion.

Thread Archive
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8fcc6 No.42460

File: 1515305662622.png (454.29 KB, 777x884, Tinder.png)

I have a tulpa and I've never experienced any of this paranormal nonsense in the OP.

f5249 No.44441

It's like someone somewhere twenty years ago heard the explanation for some haunted place with visible ghosts was "Actually just a bunch of tulpas", and thought tulpas were a type of manmade brain-ghosts that could leave your body and affect the physical world like stands.

5551c No.44442

File: 1515703102445.png (306.7 KB, 496x406, 1500171403012.png)

Well if we are going to talk about it, a sigil is a new age kind of thing, the lazy-man's rune, it has nothing to do with tulpas.
The 'servitor' is actually a humunculi, alchemists used creatures with these exact descriptions to aid them in their job, so, not tulpas.
The Egregore is just plain fucking wrong, a demon and an angel are different things from thoughforms, who the hell wrote this thing?
An egregore is basically a tulpa created by a bunch of people, like christianity's god for example.
And godform, thats just plain retarded mysticism 'nu yur tulpa is geting so strung its gonna become god'

When you create a tulpa you just allow a part of your brain to work separately, thats why only the creator of a tulpa can interact with it in any physical way.
That is also why some people go insane, this shit is a heavy toll on your brain.

b7e1a No.47001

File: 1516060942882.jpg (35.52 KB, 405x720, 20046268_1543131739040827_….jpg)

basically a tulpa's a self inflicted schizophrenia. a second personality that's like running in a virtual machine in your brain. then deciding who is who becomes inevitably some kind of Mr Robot / Durden shit.

the brain can be programmed, but if we can create a tulpa, at which point information percieved everyday, with enough psycho-engineering could go and give people like, an illusion.

like a computer virus, but that impacts the brain. kind of when a song is designed to play in loop in your head, like Duck Tales Woo Hoo, or some shitty pop song you heard on radio ONCE, and it won't stop, never stop oh baby (repetitive electro beat)

the brain is clearly proven to be entirely programmable, and even execute endless loops without you to clearly do the karaté (ctrl-alt-esc) to stop it.

now imagine some kind of ad, or book, stronger than the Bible, the quran or the Communist Manifesto, or a video that looks nonsensical but which actually implements some kind of background task in the brain, and that task leads a lot of people to imagine something. like, an alien invasion, a terror attack, something that is completely false, but everyone believes.

a psychovirus, a mental-malware of some kind that would get people in control, more efficient than TV, more reaching than social network and smartphone, more present than CCTV cameras, a way to control the masses more efficent than anything previously done with MKULTRA or many experiments so far. I might be paranoid but that might be the next step. ( yep I'm sure games like Polybius and Endorfun are good examples of the idea.)

have a sergal caek.

bda1b No.47187

File: 1516077121214.jpg (12.16 KB, 184x181, 1514690561875.jpg)

>implements some kind of background task in the brain, and that task leads a lot of people to imagine something.
That would be a meme, a great example of such a thing would be The game, you made me lost reading your post
Memes are more than just silly images on the internet, they are actually ideas.
If someone with ill intent where to find how exactly is that a meme becomes viral, we would get a really big problem on our hands.

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File: 1515787264313.png (792.63 KB, 1131x707, next.png)

54195 No.44896[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What it is? Its an ongoing thread-based fantasy RPG
What it do? Players do their thing based off dice scripts and 3.5e D&D as a rules baseline.

Throughout the week we shitpost at one another and on weekends we kill shit or surmount some form of obstacle. New players always welcome.

The party currently has a trebuchet, a series of cannons, and an airship with another series of cannons aimed at a floating black pyramid just out from the docks of Port Barry. Its not actually a pyramid, its an octahedron, but its half submerged. Some quick thinking from the resident Mage kept it from teleporting away and escaping, and now the party is looking to crack that bitch open and see what sorta toys are inside. And kill shit.
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9d140 No.46425

>I want to know first
You'd probably have to go back and ask Lenos then.

06346 No.46426


54195 No.46428

98e1a No.46430

See >>46399

I'd be just fine if we all waited until the next set of loot to start fighting over the combined horde, but if we need to fight over it now I want to know what we are fighting over

9d140 No.46436

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1515480923704.jpg (72.51 KB, 850x560, 9710728-nfl-kansas-city-ch….jpg)

f3281 No.43413[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So Tracy has been soaked in the blessings of pure Elway, on his hallowed ground of Mile High. Some weird tentacular thing came out of herdon't even look at me, this was pure player RP, but it was exquisite, so who am I to argue? and is dissolving into the turf, while Trump and Fae and several of the Generals eagerly anticipate the result of their careful and brilliant maneuver.

If you're just joining us, I can simplify these threads really simply: Its a text-based RPG based loosely on D&D 3.5ed, except there's a shitposter in place of the computer. Feel free to interact, as you will. whether for conversation/bantz ("Random passerby says: You're a faggot.") or whatever.
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3795e No.44892

File: 1515784436162-0.jpg (34.51 KB, 417x353, 3263765_24983829_7dragon.jpg)

Were you thinking of putting some armor or a mantle on Fae too? heard you mention mithril breastplate, but I think it'd really just cover-up her naturally-shiny brass scales. She'd look ebin with a partially-covered, white mantle though.

If Tracy got a decorative helm or armor though, it should leave some space around her mane for the flames to flow through, because that natural illumination is stylish asf.

3795e No.44893

>I was not pleased
I thought it was funny…
I love muscle wizard jokes..
But shitposting aside, II think AJ would be a Lawful Neutral Ranger.

c9a60 No.44894

File: 1515785733529-0.png (167.79 KB, 523x493, 1282250__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1515785733529-1.png (43.52 KB, 223x203, 1282250__safe_artist-colon….png)

I've looked into this. The heaviest armor Trachemar could have that does not encumber her or slow her down, is Mythril breast plate - which is the heaviest medium armor, but is a light armor when made out of mythril. That would give her +5 AC before enchantments but at only -1 armor check penalty.

It's an incredibly sexy way to armor her too. Imagine something along the lines of Nightmare moon's armor, but with the neck armor being separate from the chanfron, there being a full set of plate covering her chest, and the whole set having the beautiful silvery polished-titanium look of mythril. Obviously I'd cover her in a beautiful Templar Knights caparison as well, but I don't know if you'd want that.

>Mounted combat against spells

How does this work?

>Armoring Fae
Oh absolutely. Armoring Fae is where I first got the ideas from, but then I realized that there was no reason not to do the same to Tracy

>White mantle on Fae

I'd love to decorate her like the OC pony Priestess Padlock in pics related. Padlock is absolutely adorable in her religious zealotry and her desire to purge the heretics, even if her vow of celibacy is frustrating. I think of Fae as somewhat similar, although with a more "stuck up" attitude than Priest Padlock. To give Fae such a caparison, and especially if it were something functional like a robe of resistance, would be great

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3795e No.44895

Yeah, that's the look. If she's a priestess, then white robes are the way to go.
>stuck up
I don't really see that. She just seems professional.
>Mythril breast plate
That stuff's expensive, m8. And time consuming.
It'd look ebin though.
>How does this work?
The feat description says "when your mount is hit in combat, you may attempt a Ride check (as a reaction) to negate the hit." It probably doesn't just backhand targeted spells (not sure what a "hit" means), but it should at least be able to negate touch-range attacks.
For Fighters, it's necessary, because non-paladins are fugged if their mounts get shot even once in battle.

The real benefit to it is that it's also a prereq for Mounted Archery, and all of the other riding feats. I just thought that Trumpaladin could train for it while he's training Fae or Tracy in the holodeck.

24559 No.44897

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1514698518276.png (293.55 KB, 473x473, Panic.png)

3094e No.39487[Reply]

I'm really just putting this up to see if there's anyone still interested in talking about the paranormal on here. But if anyone sees this,it'd be nice if I got some personal paranormal stories,might share some as well.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4fb8b No.42459

You have my attention.

3094e No.42506

Very interested to have more detailed stories from you,Anon.

68557 No.43114

I have frequent Déjà vu episodes to the point where I think I'm slightly psychic, or I'm trapped in a simulation. Other from that I haven't experienced anything that could blow your mind.

5622e No.43249

I drank beer with my butt once.

bf101 No.43265

There was another time I was landscaping at a job site. Just before lunch, I thought I saw a cat standing to the left in my peripheral vision. Looking directly I saw it was a piece of landscape plastic poking out of the ground. As I stood there inspecting the plastic, I got the sensation of being stared at by what appeared in my peripheral vision as a person standing facing me. When I looked directly at it, it was actually a small tree (which its self was several times larger than the silhouette I saw before). On a whim, I opted to take a nap at that tree during my lunch break, and had a ridiculous series of vivid dreams. I also got away with sleeping 1/2 hour after the lunch break even though it was the most obvious place possible.

File: 1515264894882.jpg (114.61 KB, 1024x714, sketch__29__steampunk_by_h….jpg)

5abe6 No.42116[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Well how about that,… air pirates. And they call their ship a derivative of "Cunt" too. I wonder if there's a connection, GM says dryly.
This leg of the game has the players either onboard or somewhere in the vicinity of the 'random' pirate airship that has taken to firing upon Trump Tower, as well as several of the characters. Unfortunately, a spell-caster onboard has placed a spell of Peace on the ship, and now there's a shimmering wall of force surrounding the captain.
Thez is hovering about 45deg from the front, ready to attack. Lenos is preparing for a Meteor Swarm, Infernius is speeding toward the ship, and Torcuil said "Fuck the Bullshit" and just teleported to it.
Trump wants to engage in diplomacy, but he rolled a 1 so he has to wait, and Tracy can't stab at ALL, which is an entirely new sensation for her.
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0c095 No.43411

*goes to bed*

e9a76 No.43412

Elway gives his approval of Fae. Specifically, he approves of the fact that Fae is dander-free
"it's good that the lion is dander free; if there was dander involved this sort of exorcism could get complicated"

But he issues a warning to Trumpaladin
"just out of curiosity what was the dander situation with the fluffy pony that turned into the tentacle monster? I feel like you might not want to touch your eyes after that one. When I was just a small Elway, I once touched my eyes after petting a fluffy camel that was only 34% Football, and my eyes puffed up to twice the size of Peyton Manning's forhead, which caused my skull to explode, and long story short that's what created the situation that liberals are calling global warming.

I would be careful with those dander particles if I were you
sometimes they can bore your way through your eyeballs and into your brain, and if they can figure out how your brain works they might be able to control your body and make you dance a hearty jig"

Trumpaladin promptly leaves to wash his hands and clothing, and to purify it of pony dander

Fae says

"You've never been baptized, have you?"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

df0d8 No.43414

0c095 No.43416

>He makes this speech while the piece that covers his crotch is still missing

e9a76 No.43419

Uh… better to cumshot ponies with?

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File: 1514965213411.jpg (207.9 KB, 1600x1162, robocop (6).jpg)

7159c No.40838[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Is it a RP thread? Is it a shit/fun-post thread? Is it a bantz thread?
Its all 3. Welcome to Mixed Nuts, where we do wtfe and have fun (mostly) doing it, while doing our best to coerce and manipulate one another and see what kinda shit we can get away with, while seeing what kinda shit we can get one another to do.
Don't deny it faggots.
The party's latest venture was BTFO'ing Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein (who eats poo BTW). There's still an awful-big building floating in the water, and the party has designs to try and get inside, but I'm not about to even start that shit until the weekend, cuz in true form, the moment I leave for meat-space there's another 200+ posts when I get back.
These faggots,….
Anyhow, please note that while players are called faggots, blatant and obvious and unquestionably gay shit is not permitted. It is role-play, but keep it hetero, or u will die.

New players are welcome, to start or just to pop in and shitpost, but don't get mad when,….
Pic cuz I fucking felt like it. Xp
1214 posts and 161 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f2e3b No.42112

Eh…. fine. Horsey can try her intimidation tactics. I guess she's got to do something to impress the captain into buying her
She may have to deflate if you want dimension door to work. If that thing is a wall of force, both going around it with eternalness and dimension door will get around it

9c6f4 No.42113

I don't normally bother looking up how to get past spells, barriers, etc. because my character wouldn't know anyway, so there's no point in me knowing.
She's just pissed that the faggot who interrupted her day is hiding behind some invisible shield in non-stabbing range.

f8d24 No.42114

Lenos would like to cast meteor swarm at the balloon to try and pop it

7159c No.42115

Alright then, before we do anything else, I'm gonna bake

7159c No.42117

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1514699972744.jpg (155.92 KB, 751x470, mlp__the_happy_room_by_ren….jpg)

dd581 No.39520[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Well now. The characters find themselves in an entirely different Rick than the last time they found themselves in a pickle. In this instance, the Paladin has just participated in murder, and it wasn't even the right target! Tracy also has bloody on her hands, but that's old news anyway.
Not sure how its gonna go, cuz some players are indisposed (at the moment) and there's usually hella bantz for every several-hour period, but why wait? ^_^

Oh, if you're new, this is an RP thread based (increasingly) loosely on D&D 3.5, but allowing for any genre or game (but it has to make sense). Feel free to shitpost, or bant, or even join in. Some call this the gay bath-house, but that's cuz they're bored and tired and don't have anything fun to distract themselves with,… like this thread. ^_^
1227 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd581 No.40835

Ikr, I got watery-eyed when Trump pointed out the cutie mark.
Catch one then!
Hell yeah he was
… so can fug
That was the agreement, yes
Technically, the name is/would-be Adeline Adolpha Preston Al Thez,… but we'll get to that.
Don't think goldy hasn't taken an interest
I like you,… "Me too!",… tho you do make me facepalm more than anyone else ITT
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

dd581 No.40836

>baking nao

5649a No.40837

I swear I can't take credit for this work of art. I was in a voice call with Anon27 and Atlas when i told Atlas he should make some responses to questions. And then without telling me he made that response "I'll run you down faggot." He asked me "what is a "these" and I told him that Thez was the character's wife, who was a half dwarf half elf half infernal who has been through literal hell, and so he made the "race mixing is degenerate" reply. He later said that he wasn't paying much attention when I said that, so I clarified the relationship between Infernius and Thez, and he said "I stand by my previous statement." He made the later posts sort of at random. After he made that last post I DMed him and pinged him in the staff server to try to get him to respond, but I believe he went to sleep

dd581 No.40839

5949d No.40919

stop being such a bitch

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1513010607390-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 3067x1927, getting_over_it_by_no1dawn….jpg)

File: 1513010607390-1.jpg (172.4 KB, 1280x720, potman game rage.jpg)

File: 1513010607390-2.mp4 (6.52 MB, 1280x720, average millenial fails at….mp4)

38faa No.32873[Reply]

Steam Link

Getting Over it (also knowns as the Potman Game) is a digital torture device designed by the CIA Nigger """Bennet Foddy""". It is avaiable for commercial purchase on Steam since December 6th 2017 for 8 Dollars and Illegal Download on Pirate Sites (2,2 Million+ and counting.)

The Protagonist is a bald man trapped in an iron pot attempting to climb an infinite mountain with a long shafted hammer as a metaphor to the greek epic Sisyphus. The Key Gameplay consist of trapping the player in a constant state of all present repeatable failure while the developer reads you patronising quotes from pseudointellectuals to mock you.

Getting Over it is not for the faint of heart. Consequences of subjecting onself to this travesty may or may not cause bouts of rage,destruction of property, incoherent screaming, stroke, heart failure, lost of faith in humanity, public embarrassment and suicide.

Recorded Life Footage of Field tests conducted In November 2017 on Nigger cattle

Sample 1
Sample 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWGhbUKhJd8 - Contains Spoilers
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a42a2 No.40270

Surprisingly few glitches for a game, but the ones that exist are quite entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM4p__zOKMw

File: 1514773064219.jpg (139.61 KB, 1024x768, 864871__safe_solo_flutters….jpg)

e65da No.39982[Reply]

What are some good games with pone related mods. Pic related

14f84 No.39988

Starbound, Stellaris, and terraria all have ponies mods.

5fa4a No.40047

What's the name?

14f84 No.40106

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