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File: 1513010607390-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 3067x1927, getting_over_it_by_no1dawn….jpg)

File: 1513010607390-1.jpg (172.4 KB, 1280x720, potman game rage.jpg)

File: 1513010607390-2.mp4 (6.52 MB, 1280x720, average millenial fails at….mp4)

38faa No.32873[Reply]

Steam Link

Getting Over it (also knowns as the Potman Game) is a digital torture device designed by the CIA Nigger """Bennet Foddy""". It is avaiable for commercial purchase on Steam since December 6th 2017 for 8 Dollars and Illegal Download on Pirate Sites (2,2 Million+ and counting.)

The Protagonist is a bald man trapped in an iron pot attempting to climb an infinite mountain with a long shafted hammer as a metaphor to the greek epic Sisyphus. The Key Gameplay consist of trapping the player in a constant state of all present repeatable failure while the developer reads you patronising quotes from pseudointellectuals to mock you.

Getting Over it is not for the faint of heart. Consequences of subjecting onself to this travesty may or may not cause bouts of rage,destruction of property, incoherent screaming, stroke, heart failure, lost of faith in humanity, public embarrassment and suicide.

Recorded Life Footage of Field tests conducted In November 2017 on Nigger cattle

Sample 1
Sample 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWGhbUKhJd8 - Contains Spoilers
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a42a2 No.40270

Surprisingly few glitches for a game, but the ones that exist are quite entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM4p__zOKMw

File: 1514773064219.jpg (139.61 KB, 1024x768, 864871__safe_solo_flutters….jpg)

e65da No.39982[Reply]

What are some good games with pone related mods. Pic related

14f84 No.39988

Starbound, Stellaris, and terraria all have ponies mods.

5fa4a No.40047

What's the name?

14f84 No.40106

File: 1514420655832.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, The-Apple-Family-my-little….jpg)

ed694 No.38130[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Well, the party has gotten some things in order and has made some arrangements and plans to attack Court City in full and not as a half-assed rescue mission because of a brain worm. Speaking of brain worms, the party just kinda shrugged their shoulders and forgot about that whole "Infernius going insane and running off" bit. Hmmm. Oh well. But anyway, everyone's got some ideas and plans to put in motion. Its too bad that Port Barry is currently surrounded one 4 fronts,… that's going to complicate things.

Welcome back to the Game thread, there's over 3 dozen of 'em by now, so pardon me if I skip the introductory formalities. If you want to join, or perhaps just join in on the shitposting cuz bored, feel free. I'm working on a metric to allow new players to get in without having to go through the process of full-on mapping out a character.
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c583b No.39518

Can she find her scent?

3f027 No.39519

"Tracy, can you take me to the tower quickly?"

c583b No.39521

>[incoherent nightmare thoughts]
She's even more rabid than she was before.

21ec9 No.39523

c583b No.39526

He is.
Tracy speeds off towards the forest.
If her tracking check doesn't yield anything.

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File: 1514509965814-0.jpg (214.65 KB, 1050x700, Cosmonaut1-1050x700.jpg)

File: 1514509965814-1.jpg (23.53 KB, 550x396, screen-shot-2010-11-17-at-….jpg)

25c5e No.38452[Reply]

ITT:we make a new urban legend.
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83e39 No.38685

Antifa probably already believes this, tbh. Do you want them to hunt down statues even more zealously?

b3afc No.38686

It is a downside to spreading that myth that is true. And we would need a good followup plan if we are to spread it and turn it into our benefit.

86339 No.38687

another option is to go for an event, like if somebody does this and that at this time and location, then (urban legend: event) will happen.

60b48 No.38688

The legends speak of rituals in which cultist would scream their chantings (allahu ackbar) on key, sacred places (in front of police stations) to plant the seed of chaos in the world.
While some of them succeed at making the mince hide (cause crowd panic) most of them only do so to find their fate cut short by blows from the agents of order, mysterious protectors that pray for the order (they get shot by cops/arrested)

86339 No.38858

File: 1514042120272.jpg (47.63 KB, 500x454, fruit.jpg)

692c2 No.36660[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

With Nuts of course.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hearths Warming, or some other degenerate (Kwanza) or (((unspoken))) tradition, I hope you have a safe and 'as happy as possible' holiday season as you no doubt maneuver in and out of the world of normies and others!
I have no idea if any crucial gaming will occur weekend, but its about to get funky-fresh on several fronts. We last left Torcuil trying to navigate through Krenshal for someone skilled and crazy enough to build a Robo-ponk. Trumpaladin and Tracy were getting their things together to hunt a Unicorn with Elway's blessing and direction. Thez is being a little bit emo (its the hormones) while Infernius continues being a dutiful and upstanding guy.
What will happen next, and in what order? Will the players defy GM's careful designs for the umpteenth time? You can bet on that!
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098a5 No.38127

If Tracy is looking for a religion, her fiancé would be overjoyed if she joined him in Football

b14ca No.38128

i g2g for an hour or two

d5c24 No.38129

I guess I should probably bake,….

d5c24 No.38131

b14ca No.38137

>Implying you could resist
Not ebil enough.

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File: 1513643668271.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 1448841__safe_screencap_bi….png)

faa87 No.35536[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to the RP thread.
Darkemeter is now a party asset. Tracy tends dutifully to her little-giant birdies, Infernius seeks to get closer to Hitler, Trump just wants a dagger or something, Torcuil is,… doing stuff? Thez tries her best to stay upbeat and focus on nice things. Lenos has been ahem not-seen since Kiynen the lady-dragon showed up, and for the moment nothing grandiose is happening, which is good cuz reasons.
This is a 3.5ed (ish, its off the wall) continuous RP thread/game, if you're seeing it for the first time. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Speaking of which, Taylor Swift and Sad Alex haven't been seen for a minute. Norfilly's situation is difficult to align with, and Yak Lee has taken to Thez' previous position of liberally and regularly beating the participants of Fight Club. I think that's everyone,….
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0871c No.36656

its alright man, im sure you'll find somewhere.

faa87 No.36657

I'll be les kill tomorrow

faa87 No.36658

And I'll bake a new bread

3d933 No.36659

That sucks, sorry too hear it
Holiday Nuts?

faa87 No.36661

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File: 1513400967649.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, img-2048973-1-epic-mlp-wit….jpg)

e7ac9 No.34464[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is the Nuts thread. Its based on D&D 3.5e rules,… but only loosely, and only as a baseline. It's really an anything goes free-for-all, continuous RP thread. If ur interested, say "Hi" or announce yourself and GM or participants will be happy to assist. In the meantime, much of the party just jumped into the Ethereal Plane to murder some shit, cuz why not? We haven't killed anything (well Thez has) in like 3-4 days now (real-time, not game time) and like I said, why not?
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35e65 No.35532

I expect there to be a lot of high-tech magical bullshit in Cardishore. It wouldn't hurt to have a nice anti-magic shank to throw in the gears for a Disable Device check.
Dimerterium is the best. I wish they had more options to use it in the Witcher III. The story gave me some ideas though.

e7ac9 No.35533

>Dimeterium Shackles
The problem is, Lenos hasn't been seen since Kiynen showed up,… and he's the only one who could pull it off atm.
Knock yourself out

e7ac9 No.35534

Baking btw

35e65 No.35535

File: 1513643142082-0.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 2400x3000, 1362403__suggestive_artist….png)

She was just seeing if they were laying around since the time she asked (months ago). They're not as important to her now since her dungeon is kill though. Tracking daggers/darts would be more useful at this point, especially if they can interfere with creature's magick abilities.
>Lenos hasn't been seen since Kiynen showed up
I ship it.
How long has he been gone? About a week give or take?

e7ac9 No.35537

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File: 1513381511385.png (633.19 KB, 851x710, FRIDAYNIGHT.png)

7cb9c No.34352[Reply]





File: 1513219795093.png (1.59 MB, 1600x1035, season_2_cast_poster_vecto….png)

e7110 No.33360[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So stuff happened, and the party is in a pickle. The resolution of that Rick yes, that was deliberate has yet to be depicted. Its coming soon tho. In the meantime, the thread got super-extra-moldy (breaking the previous bread record) necessitating a new bread. I guess that's what ppl bitch about "generals" for. Oh well. In any case,… let the,… bantz continue, cuz I'm a ways away from actual combat or death-threats (except from one another,… players are welcome to kill eachother).
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e37aa No.34461

ITT, Trump is being a dick again
Nigga wtf was that message?

1128d No.34462

File: 1513400858396-0.jpg (161.33 KB, 1023x575, Tiny-Trump-Tours-Boeing.jpg)

What did he send you?

e37aa No.34463

It was a "to show we care" message
I'll post screencap l8r

e7110 No.34465

4ce2d No.34609

File: 1513406986463.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, 1512976060561.png)

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File: 1513218283165-0.png (41.85 KB, 300x250, 3MweCLnphC-1.png)

53786 No.33333[Reply]


b8cdf No.33337

File: 1513218354580.jpg (427.3 KB, 800x800, 1490063427888.jpg)

I am honestly spooked.

ac072 No.33359


File: 1512878817236.jpg (622.98 KB, 1920x1920, rnb.jpg)

a4999 No.32017[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Mmmmmmmmmm. Fresh bread.
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ce17b No.33355

Hes a fookin 37 year old cave NEET, with a sense of desency.
He fucking hates it

c3475 No.33356

>sekret enjoyment
Uhhhhh,… in general its a mishmash of existing D&D rules and forms and established structures. That's more just to ease the introduction of additional elements. Basically its a fantasy free-for-all.

838e7 No.33357

I get the point though.

5807f No.33358

Well, good for him.
>Uhhhhh,… in general its a mishmash of existing D&D rules and forms and established structures.
>Basically its a fantasy free-for-all.
I see.
I'm starting to get the lag too.

c3475 No.33361

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File: 1512763636432.jpg (149.13 KB, 1191x670, battle_ponies_by_cmaggot-d….jpg)

06a6d No.31191[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As we start this latest Game thread, something is awry with Infernius. Maybe its the projectile vomiting, maybe the bleeding from his eyes and ears. Maybe its the tiny evil presence in his brain? Who knows, and where the fuck did he just teleport to? Teleport is an arcane spell!
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06a6d No.32013

I'm not following.
That might just work
This bread's only a day old! Fine,….

71020 No.32014

If Torc fucking lives through this shit he is keeping that scythe and learning how to use it.

13f3e No.32015

File: 1512878585388-0.png (213.94 KB, 1602x1837, 1496593__safe_artist-colon….png)

Tracy puts on all her cool new gear.

822da No.32016

Sends message to Fae
>"Fae, I'll be gone, I do not know how long. Please watch over the homefront. Also I got you a nice new set of Bracers"

06a6d No.32019

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File: 1512521989520.gif (481.56 KB, 480x290, s2ZMqYT.gif)

d8772 No.29900[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The previous thread was freezing my browser. Also, its freezing outside. I hope you and yours are comfy and warm.
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49bf4 No.31187

How long does True Strike last
They're normal-sized pockets though, aren't they?
>trade magical items
You need spellcasters to make those.

5d66d No.31188

Yeah, IDK about pirates, but they can be staffed, sure.

49bf4 No.31189

*Tracy gets increasingly frustrated*

5d66d No.31190

Fug it, baking

5d66d No.31195

File: 1512763676316.png (595.72 KB, 1366x768, 1a.png)

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File: 1512348543212-0.png (151.98 KB, 598x450, human-weapons.png)

File: 1512348543212-1.png (202.88 KB, 567x408, human-map.png)

File: 1512348543212-2.png (165.69 KB, 568x409, human-ambush3.png)

5bb79 No.29247[Reply]

Any of you anons played and remember Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy? It was an old Flash-based space MMORPG (later just RPG) on Kongregate with cool ships, unique weapons, and an open world with a sense of mystery. I jumped in about a year after multiplayer was removed but still had a blast because it was a model of how to design a 2D topdown space shooter. Multiplayer battles from all accounts were amazing and tense but this functionality was removed after the game got flooded with hackers (also, servers are expensive, yo).

Well, ol' Ben Olding is at it again and he wants to make Starfighter great again. According to him and the test footage he's posted, Starfighter: Infinity will be a revamped game with better functionality, improved graphics, and a far larger map system. Link if you're interested: http://www.starfighterinfinity.com/

Also, here is the official kickstarter if you're feeling generous: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1243289170/starfighter-infinity

Thoughts on the project?

5bb79 No.30216

File: 1512599452507-0.png (348.88 KB, 647x340, StarfighterInfinityHelpNee….png)

File: 1512599452507-1.png (138.19 KB, 567x410, alien-space.png)

I'm hoping the project succeeds; I'm donating twenty bucks myself.

If it does maybe /mlpol/ could have our own little clan on the server? Considering the alien emblem as well as our own fascinating with the unknown I think we all know which side to pick.

94964 No.30598

I like it. Also, in 3 years when I'm done learning real engines, I reserve the right to post an ad for my kickstarter game. It isn't space-related, but it'll still be epic.

File: 1512264405918.jpg (50.94 KB, 400x266, shiny-nuts-metal-surface-a….jpg)

02b70 No.28857[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Cuz every bread gets stale if left for a day or so, so I has to bake a new bread. Not complaining, but dammit. Damn the nuts.

Last tine the party acquired a Black Dragon, which some have misgivings about, especially considering the Bolshevik massacre that happened a few days before.

At the same time,… not much else is happening, but the previous thread got crashy (at least on my device) so here's a new one. On less related news Ebin is back in /sg/ and GRDF15 has shown up again, who GM hopes might at least be the enemy of mine enemy. I'm not holding my breath, but friendship is magic no? Meanwhile, back to the Game, where a bunch of inter-character dialogues are happening. Infernius and Thez had a moment, while Taylor seems primed for >rape of Torcuil and whoever else she decides is a suitable rape-target. Norfilly is still super-cute and not around (cuz it would taint her appeal), Sad Alex is still a Sad Alex statue, Yak Lee is still getting beaten about @ the Figt Club, and anyone else I haven't metioned is probably doing their thing; right now, in front of everyone.
If you're new, you picked the WRONG thread, but please stick around. Otherwise you know what it do, so lets continue before GM's head explodes?
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573e4 No.29897

Good nothing concerns Torc
Why me?
And what are they?

02b70 No.29898

This is true (the damage)
Wait, where did you find a brass dragon?
o_@ Yes, it will take a while.

5127b No.29899

Then pony form to actually pick them up

>Brass Dragon
Dragonne. Fae

02b70 No.29901

f1267 No.30057

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