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File: 1521230694532.jpg (160.64 KB, 1000x591, nuts4.jpg)

b6639 No.60316[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread continues the ongoing RP/Shitposting game. Its based on D&D 3.5e core rules with exceptions made for just about anything. Its essentially a play-by-shitpost RPG with structural additions. Games get hairy on Saturdays, but weekends in general; weekdays are for meta and shitposting.

Most pressing of the situations is that involving Infernius, Trump, and Tracy; the former finds himself being surrounded by robots, while flying robots seem to have cut off his escape. As nimble as Uatchit is, his situation doesn't look good. Trump has fled outside the Cardashil wall, and his pursuit disengaged to secure the perimeter of the city. In short, Cardashil is now a Panopticon. Meanwhile, Tracy - er, a praying mantis who is clearly identifiable as Frank (or any of 3 other identities) - is amongst a throng headed for the teleportation gates along the perimeter of the park area.
Oh yes, and those grenades. One of the robots has char marks and scraping on it.

Meanwhile Stix, Torcuil, Snek, and Thez are having an otherwise constructive conversation in the Tower.
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dd6a8 No.61609

Why is dashie black?

86a1e No.61610

I can only guess limited edition

7fbf2 No.61612

Stix summons the power of cinema to retrieve his dagger.

86a1e No.61613

>"oH so you have me come with ye, then just pull it out of yer ass anyway? Fuck this…"

7fbf2 No.61614


GM has been harping on me to do this… stop the drama…

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File: 1521248879132.swf (6.28 MB, Arachnophilium.swf)

20b1b No.60359[Reply]

Flash test

20b1b No.60360


55,000 points

File: 1520535043735.jpg (70.09 KB, 1280x720, nuts3.jpg)

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RP/Shitposting thread - D&D 3.5 base rules, subject to interpretation, review, and elaboration. Open for all to spectate, bantz, shitpost, or full-on play.

We begin this thread in anticipation of the weekend, where most of the party is gradually infiltrating the grand city of Cardishore. With disguises varying from an Emu, Barney the dinosaur, and a mexican clown,… as well as Fae who is entirely without costume, Trump, Tracy, and Infernius try to get a handle on whatever the hell is going on in Cardishore now or in general.
Meanwhile, Torcuil is working to get that damn cannon fixed on the Stray Cat. Meanwhile Stix returns (to the tower?) with not many answers, an over-sized acorn, and definitely no other surprises.

Meanwhile Thez,… poor forgotten and alone Thez who is babysitting the port so that none of the party's enemies see their departure and think "Wah ha ha ha! With them gone I will destroy their precious city!" I mean she gets it,… but still.
>sad dwelf noises
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9a49f No.60312

Then I'll have her respond.

2299f No.60313

File: 1521229928890.png (207.63 KB, 754x465, 1505162637223.png)

c407d No.60314

So are we going to replay Saturday night?

9a49f No.60315

We're due for fresh bread, desu.
I'd rather pick up there, once things are sorted out.

2299f No.60317

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File: 1507890633880.jpg (7.74 KB, 221x228, Hear me out dood...jpg)

c4893 No.6798[Reply]

Hey /vx/
What if -bear with me- me, the meaning of life is actually masturbation.
I mean look at the facts ho, like we are always wondering what is our mission here and we do a lot of things every day, but the only thing we do that we actually do whitout a real reason and independent from if you are young or old, is Masturbation!
We are always masturbating, it feels good and we have no real excuse for it, we produce a lot of sexual energy when we do that too, and we masturbate to images so we could be giving that energy to certain gods that need it..

It's like, maybe everything we reproduce just to ensure there will be more of us to continue masturbating in the future, maybe everything we build is just to ignore that our goal in this world is as simple as jerking it off a few times a week/day.
Maybe we are like, a battery man, like, a fap-powered battery..

That would explain why some gods are always gifting us with their grace and why some of them are always trying to gain power, piggybacking into another gods (for this example I quote zalgo mlp porn, it's like zalgo is trying to rob epona power).

It's like, we are giving these gods power with our dicks and cunts, we are like the big motor that keeps them going and they know this, that is why things like Trump wining and the immense power "meme magic" has…
We empower them with our dicks
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a12f2 No.22879

Orgasm magic is very strong.

68b37 No.22880

I would say something about this being just a theory but humanity have been adoring deities for a while now.
Now, the implications of such acts is a thing that's not really clear to me, as how does streams of energy are absorbed by energy creatures and how does a group of humans create one of such energy creatures, do they even create them or just modify something that is already existent to birth such a thing?
Everything about magic is really hard to put into formal therms, like, we don't even have the proof of sentient energy beings, just how do you prove such a thing exists?

bb52a No.22903

Ian Stevenson is a psychologist who produced 2000 pages of evidence for reincarnation.


If you get persuaded that there is reincarnation then consciousness can survive without a body made of atoms.

What is spacetime? Spacetime itself is full of fluctuations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_fluctuation Can the fluctuations contain information?

Nothing is actually solid, atoms aren't balls, everything is energy fields.


41540 No.40042

Horse pussy is the meaning of life

a12f2 No.60114

Are you Horselover Fat,OP?

File: 1521029457602.jpg (1.88 MB, 3020x2091, 1124959__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

3a597 No.59962[Reply]

Why haven't we made a thread about this? It's been about a month!

21c74 No.60049


If you had posted this shit on 4chan /mlp/ I would be raging at you forever. But as you have the common courtesy to know better than the shit leftist faggot cumguzzling nigger infested retard aborted autism spawn from a niggerinfested ghetto hood motherfucking shit ass sucking mods there, I am going to bump your thread. Enjoy.

File: 1519772567004.png (444.07 KB, 900x652, nuts1.png)

c0f45 No.56794[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thus we begin the 53rd Nuts thread. There'd be more, except I've gotten lazy and won't bake until threads are ~1500 posts now.

Its an RP thread based on core D&D rules (3.5e particularly). Anyone can shitpost, comment, or play as they prefer, though making a character does require a small bit of detail.

The party is currently almost totally divided. Not on philosophical or moral grounds, they're just not in the same place at the same time. Infernius is kidnapping Trump for some reason, who was headed to check out the Sil wall, which is a concept he's only recently heard of, but will probably like.
Tracy is headed to Cardashil to stab things and (maybe) get her previous stash of knives back from.
Stix is exploring the primeval forest, intent on finding Trollestia (?), while Torcuil and Snek - when they're not attacking one another - are taking the airship to Krenshall.
Thez hasn't been seen since learning that Kefka is still (again?) alive, which she seemed most emphatically not pleased to discover.

Its mid-week, so it won't shouldn't, but probably will get hairy until later. So then, go nuts.
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eada9 No.58623

File: 1520522682581-0.png (127.63 KB, 500x612, Facebook-Some-mornings-cre….png)

Bumping this, because I don't think he saw it.

Brad's faggot, did you ever take Divine Might? I can't remember seeing you use it.

7a7d6 No.58624

I'm not going to be able stall until Friday to bake a new bread am I?

eada9 No.58625

It makes mobile next to impossible.

7a7d6 No.58628

ffa57 No.59674


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File: 1516298328502.jpg (93.22 KB, 1200x675, DP3ZeXzWAAAu5pR.jpg)

a1453 No.47559[Reply]

What do you guys think about cod ww2?
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4ca7b No.47566

Man as a Kid I used to play the SHIT out of WaW. I remember I would boot it up and start playing and then while playing I would be like "Why am I playing this" and, "I am bored", just to look at the clock and see 8 hours have passed! The game was fantastic and I guess it's why I hate the modern ones so much is they just feel like a reskin of each other with an addition here and there and when they try to do something new it's stupid like dancing or skins for the guns just dumb stuff that adds little to nothing to the game.

a1453 No.47567

And the campaign was fantastic

4ca7b No.47570

Yeah it really was I loved the US one Hated the USSR one even as a Kid I felt I was fighting on the wrong side when it came to the Russian campaign.

a1453 No.47575

I liked the USSR more than US one because of the characters and better missions

4aff8 No.58464

“Hey that’s someone’s son”
-allied soldier when someone mocked a burning pile of German soldier corpses

Want to know how I know you didn’t play it very long?

File: 1519788571408.gif (675.99 KB, 800x800, 1456514892729.gif)

91088 No.56891[Reply]

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74b0e No.56909

File: 1519791174339.png (807.03 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_oqf4vocZHo1u4g684o1….png)

*Looks at >>56891*

Are you going to spam on every board?

91088 No.56910

File: 1519791309840.jpg (28.26 KB, 400x272, me right now.jpg)

There are a few that haven't been touched by my vile presence.

91088 No.56911

If I may be absolutely honest with you, this site needs more chaos, like moot's Mc/b/ prank and ofc, the random one-day merging of different boards in the spirit of this site's birth.

43df4 No.56912


dc822 No.56913

>needs more chaos
Your position has been thoroughly documented and noted. Anything else?

File: 1519433188979.png (744.62 KB, 1283x772, nuts2.png)

2e441 No.55271[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Its that RP thread again! Spectators can shitpost, new players can try it out with little/no investment, and established players need no explanation.

We return as most of the party is either in Sparintenar preparing for a swank banquet - a custom among the Spartans - or speeding towards; except Thez. ;_;

Our newest player Stix is exploring the surrounding forest area, as is his proclivity as a ranger.
Tracy, speeds toward Sparintenar at full speed for some reason unknown to GM at time of OP.
Thez is at the Sticky Wickett, having brought Bones along to have a mostly one-sided conversation, accented occasionally by >doot

Game is temporally not set to fire off at a particular point, but last thread passed 2nd bump so,….
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d1c31 No.56792

Thats the rarest Infernuis i think i posted that one twice.

e51f3 No.56793

If I want to somersault over a character's square to land behind them, do I roll Jump or Tumble?

2e441 No.56795

2e441 No.56796

d1c31 No.56797

Jump i think.

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File: 1503357364082-0.png (502.6 KB, 1169x594, pretty cool gun.png)

File: 1503357364082-1.png (4.25 MB, 3000x2605, 3093ed9e084c53cc8e25539fef….png)

dbfc8 No.809[Reply]

I made a pretty cool gun in Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is dildos, a shallow imitation of the Fallout franchise on the bugthesderp engine, but mods make the minecrap simulator into an alright-ish game.

I was looking through my folders for some horsepussy to post, I saw this, and decided to make a thread about this AND horsepussy.

Post horsepussy and pretty cool guns.
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dbfc8 No.811

File: 1503357750528-0.png (14.86 MB, 5100x5983, 1432882__explicit_artist-c….png)

For some reason, they look cuter when more equine.

Also, mods make Fallout an alright "Pretty cool gun" maker, and nothing else. Combat sucks, quests are shit, Preston keeps bugging, it's a mess. I only still have it installed because I sometimes like making random shit and trying to make a minmax-y or weird-looking gun.

I never played Metal Gear Solid 5, though, and I heard that game had some awesome guns you could glitch out and modify.

1e491 No.812

File: 1503359034817.jpg (151.77 KB, 1511x1380, 1448286__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

Yeah I have to agree I was disappointed in fallout 4 myself. I pre-ordered the pipboy version of it got crazy HYPED for it! Yeah felt the same way you do. The speech system was broken, everything felt shallow, the death of my “wife” didn’t’ mean shit to me because well I only knew her for a WHOLE 5minutes. I felt like my decisions didn’t mean SHIT like what I did wouldn’t affect a thing. The map had too few locations vs Fallout 3. The game is shallow, it is a far cry from the glory of Fallout 1-NV (Excluding Tactics the WORST game of all in the fallout series and the weird Xbox only one).

But I feel like fallout 4 wasn’t all bad like it had a few things it did right, the gun upgrade and crafting system was nice, the gun play was very nice, graphically it was a step up from 3 and NV, the base building part was an interesting concept thought he modding community had to fix it as usual. Fallout 4 I would give a solid 7/10 it wasn’t as good as NV, Fallout 3, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 but it was not a complete insult to the Fallout series like Fallout Tactics was.

Also Luna Pussy

3d7ca No.815

Remember the shitty sidequests in Fallout New Vegas? Me neither. The best ones all tied into the main quest, in one way or another. Except for the optional sidequests that tied into getting loot, helping your faction, or getting more caps so you can get through the checkpoint.

Remember one of the worst (in my opinion) sidequests in Fallout 4? The one where you save some immortal Ghoul kid because Ghouls suddenly don't need to eat or drink any more, then you scare off some bounty hunters that want to kill him?

Also, I hate how the gun and crafting systems are there for the same reason your starting SPECIAL stats are lowered: To give you another timesink and necessitate more grinding. You want to make your shitty gun into a max-level best gun? You're going to need a lot of screws and adhesives and other materials! The in-game crafting system is just a way to make your meaningless numbers bigger, so you can fight the bigger bullet-sponge bosses. It's only worth using when you've got the AMAW mod and you can make interesting monsters. Like the 0Main Event I just posted, which deals fucktons of damage on hit and fires 3 bursts of 50 bullets a second, dealing even more fucktons if it crits.

1e491 No.817

Tbh I don't remember any of the fallout 4 quests besides Preston, the main quest and the murder mystery on the island I don't remember anything else about the quests in fallout 4 because they where generic, uninspired, and well mostly pointless.

As for the crafting I liked it because it allows you to have more playing styles like having a 10mm pistol that fires super fast but can't hit for shit or making one that works like a sniper rifle. I felt it allowed you to have more depth on weapons vs fallout 3 and NV like how the varmit rifle and 10mm pistol become useless after 2 hours of playing in 3 and NV but in 4 you could build on them and even take them to end game as I did with my 10mm in fallout 4. I also liked how it gave scrap and junk you find a purpose besides just selling like in 3 and NV.

But sadly that is kinda where the good of fallout 4 end and it just goes to shit. If fallout 3 and NV had the crafting system it would have made them even better but sadly it was a great crafting system tacked onto a turd. Writing that is bad fanfic quality.

48d18 No.56266

File: 1519593731730-0.png (287.77 KB, 681x535, Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10….png)

File: 1519593731730-1.png (37.03 KB, 498x232, Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10….png)

File: 1519593731730-2.png (213.37 KB, 785x475, Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-02….png)

File: 1519593731730-3.png (122.38 KB, 986x481, Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-02….png)

I AM a gun.
does that count?
also this ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKxmKFld5DA
ElementMaterial weapons are awesome!
i have a fuckn fetish for EnergyWeapons

File: 1518857000217.png (772.8 KB, 1024x604, Season-4-Character-Cluster….png)

e49f2 No.53728[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

ITT Roleplaying
Classic Tabletop D&D (3.5e mostly)
New players welcome, most especially our recent pony addition

Its always some level of nuts in this thread, and this moment does not disappoint.
All kinds of things have happened, the result of which is that with over a week passing in meat-space the party is still right where they left off at.
Tracy is venturing to the mountains with her floofy-faced, hutungous birbs in an oversided wagon, hoping to give them a chance to have a moment with their biological father.
Trump, for some reason, is quite butt-hurt by this. What? Its true,….
Thez is enjoying the first decent night's sleep in over a week, Infernius contemplates (((genocide))) (does it work in that context? I mean he's contemplating their genocide of course), and Torcuil learns that Death is a pretty cool chick with a morbid sense of humor in an absurd job that you wouldn't think is a job, but its literally a job. So yeah, next time he wants to hit her up, just blow ur brains out or something.
Last thread got to over 1800 posts <trumpet fanfare> but that shit is impossible on mobile and cumbersome at best otherwise so,….
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e49f2 No.55266

pssssssst, Trump's faggot has a "thing" about odd numbers

9bec8 No.55268

Good point, although you do have those buffing Spells, and the benefits of Smite Ebil would've probably overridden anything you might've needed the Str for.
It'd be wiser to put everything into Char from now on. You'll want it for ebin feats and more potent Smites.

ffe9c No.55269

*bullies mage*

d1938 No.55270

Well, Smite Evil is very limited (only four uses a day under the 3.5 paladin) and the charisma bonus only applies to attack rolls, but not damage, when damage is what is most needed to stay competitive, and the strength bonus applies to every damage roll. There are a couple feats from the Complete Warrior, however…

e49f2 No.55274

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File: 1518934697234.jpg (47.78 KB, 396x353, 7ba2f364aee08442e5ff168d0a….jpg)

92cc2 No.54152[Reply]

Who the fuck's idea was it to put /v/ and /x/ together
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

59163 No.54666

That was the idea though, April 1st combined a bunch of boards that didn't seem to belong together, friendship is magic and all that, Lotus clearly wanted to experiment to see what else worked.

59163 No.54667

Should include >>54632

46c62 No.54672

why not /kx/ or /vint/ then?

c8657 No.54686

Either of those would be better.(One post by this IP)

38536 No.54688

At the time the most common threads on mlpol that did not relate to ponies or politics (or meta discussion) were threads about video games and threads about the paranormal or spooky. So it seemed that a /v/ and /x/ combination would meet more demand, while also being a combo board like the April first 4chan boards. The board has flags as a reference to /vint/. /k/ type topics fit in easily enough on the main board

File: 1517709661415.png (183.47 KB, 560x560, surprise!.png)

5b339 No.51841[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Can the party avoid tearing each-other's throat out? Can they successfully complete the dungeon and rid Port Barry of the giant glass octahedron that sits motionless a short way off the docks? Will GM have an aneurysm from it all?

Welcome back to the Nuts RP thread, where new faggots (players) are always welcome and previous faggots interact based increasingly loosely on D&D 3.5e core rules.

This thread begins with Thez completing a marvelous and unplanned concert now that she can cast "Dancing lights!" again, and a large crowd has formed around the square, where both Infernius and Trump appear to be intending to address the crowd, Thez having vacated the impromptu stage with several bouquets of flowers and adoring cheers from the crowd.
She has obscene skill pertaining to "Perform"
1825 posts and 206 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

daaef No.53724

29c69 No.53725

It looks like GM went to bed, so I will as well.
Goodnight m8s.

5b339 No.53726

I'm good at sensing trends
Season 4
Nah, I just finished a night crew schedule for the week. I'll be on days next week

5b339 No.53727

File: 1518853118332.png (89.96 KB, 500x500, pretzel.png)

Welcome to our newest player, I'll be happy to walk you through it at earliest.
I'll be happy to bake a new bread since this thread probably has the uncontestable Mlpol post record Xp

5b339 No.53729

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1517853350325.png (166.58 KB, 1025x602, Recruitment drive picture.png)

48e80 No.52291[Reply]

Dear fellow denizens of Equestria, the time has come for the ponies to rise up. Rise up and usurp the Democrats from power. For too long they've had an iron grip on America, and their flimsy president has stayed in office for far too long, so much so that he has become corrupt with absolute power. Together, my little ponies, we can aide the Republican party and wrest away America from the Democrats once and for all! Together, we are stronger! Together, we are better, together, we will make America pony again! https://discord.gg/qupxDDk

48e80 No.52292

Power is a political simulation game where you join as a politician in the United States of America. Starting from nothing, you can seize the highest offices in the land through free and fair elections, or dirty tricks and deals.

db14b No.52293

Join us rn. We hold Kansas and Idaho. Wisconsin will soon be ours too.

File: 1517230957997-0.png (450.39 KB, 1600x1366, 184918 - artist HemmaMann ….png)

File: 1517230957997-1.png (704.03 KB, 1280x720, ghostbusters-1984-movie-st….png)

c11ee No.50540[Reply]

I may have seen a ghost about fourteen hours ago. I had just woken up from a very strange dream: I was at a house in Florida or another foggy, tropical place with an elderly couple. They had lots of plants and pets but what surprised me most was that they had a fully-functional, intelligent robotic Sweetie Belle who could even cast "spells" through computer programs. Anyway, I had woken up from this strange but somewhat pleasant dream when I saw a spectral being hovering over the foot of my bed. Its head was bowed down and its hands were clasped as if in prayer. Its arms and hands were very pale and extremely bony–almost skeletal–and it had a black cloak so that I could see no face nor head nor body; this tapered to a swirling tip, as if it were flying through the air. Upon later consideration I realized that it was tiny; it couldn’t have been any longer than a foot and a half from fingers to swirling cape. I had been utterly surprised and terrified at the discovery; I tried to speak but I was practically paralyzed. I looked up towards my cross and tried to pray the Our Father out loud, but although my mouth was moving no sound would come forth. After trying at this for several seconds and blinking several times I looked back down and the apparition was gone and I soon regained my speech.

I am conflicted as to whether this was real or a figment of my imagination. I am a bit skeptical, if only for its cartoony–almost Ghostbusters-like–appearance. It was certainly too definite to be a trick of the wavering early-morning shadows upon the eyes; I could see it distinctly in front of my tv and it was there for several seconds. However, I may have hallucinated the whole thing, given my over-active imagination and the fact I had a bit lot of brandy the previous night. I also noticed little or no transition between my dream and my early-morning visitor, so it’s likely that my brain had forgotten to switch off REM mode and interpreted the early-morning shadows as a ghost. Sleep paralysis could operate on the same principle, although that has not happened to me for years.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

aed77 No.50687

Well i suggest cleansing your house with white sage, and pray for this to not happen again.

998d3 No.50846

Prayer will have to work, I have no idea where to get white sage in China and I'm not about to follow the locals' superstitions.

2ec4a No.52022


It is not possible to say that no spirit was involved here but when we sleep we are paralysed so we don't act out our dreams and also we see visions. Because you experienced both these things you might have become conscious and open-eyed whilst still partially "asleep".

8dc86 No.52023

Yeah, that matches up and it's what I thought. Thanks. Still sleeping on my side though.

1a584 No.52273

I've never seen a ghost, but I saw a Jew under my bed once.

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