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File: 1567544954120.jpg (28.34 KB, 637x397, de9b54330fe189ae9251a726e4….jpg)

530f4 No.113731[Reply]

This comprehensive database of credible sightings and related reports is maintained by an all-volunteer network of bigfoot/sasquatch researchers, archivists, and investigators in the United States and Canada--the BFRO.

Anons do you think Big Foot is real?


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6c974 No.116039

File: 1569999778137-0.jpg (321.09 KB, 1279x1008, 1280px-Joris_Hoefnagel_-_A….jpg)

File: 1569999778137-1.jpg (32.85 KB, 400x535, awx1ekny0zd21.jpg)

I have been investigating the cause of the 1946/7 UFOs and it is becoming obvious that the initial UFOs were natural phenomena which the science of the time could not explain. This lead to a de facto explanation, in 1950 by the civilian research groups, of extra-terrestrials. Then from 1952 onwards this was leveraged by sinister deceptive humans.

So there are 2 causes to the phenomena; nature then human deception.

If I apply this concept to bigfoot:



followed by human deception as stated above.

6c974 No.116148

>The Historical Bigfoot: A Book Reviewed

>I have received in the mail a book that I think most people with an interest in Cryptozoology in general, and the Bigfoot controversy in particular, will sit up and take notice of. Its title is The Historical Bigfoot and it’s put together by Chad Arment. As for the subtitle, it’s Early Reports of Wild Men, Hairy Giants, and Wandering Gorillas in North America. This book is almost unique in terms of Bigfoot publications, because it runs to in excess of 1,000 pages. Yes, you did read that right: one thousand. I say “almost unique” because, amazingly, there is one book that even exceeds the page-count of this book. Its title is Far Out, Shaggy, Funky Monsters, which is 1,181 pages in length. It’s written by Daniel S. Green, focuses on Bigfoot in the 1970s, and is enormous. I’m actually still reading that one, and I’ll give it a review when I have finally finished it. Both books are published by Coachwip Publications of Greenville, Ohio. As for The Historical Bigfoot, the copy that I have is the newly-published second edition; the first edition came out in 2006. Both books sit well next to each other.

>It’s a valuable book, as it is unlikely you’ll ever find anything else like it. To give you an idea of the content, here are two examples from its many pages. We’ll begin with an extract from the October 12, 1935 edition of the Wisconsin-based Leader. The headline is “Reports tell of Canadian Monster Men.” In part, it states: “Sasquatch men, remnants of a lost race of ‘wild men’ who inhabited the rocky regions of British Columbia centuries ago, are reported roaming the province again.”

>Then, we have a story titled “Wild Man Seen Again.” It appeared in the Daily Iowa Capital on September 28, 1899. The opening words to the article go as follows: “The wild man is in this vicinity, or at least was at an early hour Wednesday morning. He was seen by a hired man employed by Capt. Garker while he was in the Grand river timber looking for some stray stock.” Of the wild man, we’re told that he was “like a gorilla or large ape” and was “of gigantic stature.” And the collection of news stories go on and on.

>Although I mentioned that the book is the perfect resource item for early sightings of Bigfoot (it places everything in a handy state-by-stat
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8bb11 No.116850

I just realized something. I don't think, i've ever heard about a sasquatch in Europe. Can any eurofags confirm?

0c636 No.116863

i don't think i have heard of any believable stories from Europe but in the past there were things called 'wild men' but i believe they were just people that lived in the forest because they wouldn't be called men if they looked and sounded like apes

c9126 No.117141

Odd. There are cases from most of not all continents, that humans inhabit. I wonder if they were wiped out by our ancestors in Europe?

File: 1568821450317.png (59.68 KB, 366x289, D8C8F394-9314-430F-B2C2-AD….png)

6bf51 No.115000[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The Baltimare group proceeds in their task of investigating a strange group of creatures, mostly Griffins, who seem to be involved in creature smuggling. Up on the Boulderfield,-Whinnysota line, the northern group settles in for a cold night along with their new friends and prisoners.

Soon to welcome our Swedish player and his character
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1c3c2 No.116999

It's a tough fit, but it fits

As stated before, there is like a couple shipping records, some letters, and financial statements that are closest to being receipts and inventories

8a9c6 No.117001

Iron takes it off, then turns to Khoi.
"Here, wear this. It seems sturdy to stop some of the damage these griffons may try to inflict you."

080d3 No.117003

"I would be honored."
He smiles
Ooops he forgot about it.

3588b No.117004

There's a new bread, guys.

bb275 No.117008

Oh hey, fresh bread.

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File: 1559279525725.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

a3b67 No.101286[Reply]

Had a few of these happen.
>Be me, little autistic kid
>Not technically autistic, but sure as hell had something wrong with my fucking head.
>Still do.
>Sitting in the back of classroom during snack time eating some good snacks.
>Had recently been shown a magic trick by a kindly old man in an ice cream shop.
>The way the trick worked was that you hid a tissue in your hand, ripped another tissue in half, and then pushed the ruined tissue through your hand and pushed out the pristine one, thus making your hands appear to have magical tissue healing properties.
>I'm sitting down at the table, sperging out and eating my snacks alone.
>I was always alone, but not important.
>Start pushing paper towels through my hand after ripping them up.
>Didn't do the second part where you put a whole one in because I wanted to see if I was magick.
>I feed a ripped one in, and it fucking comes out the other side whole again.
Anybody else feel like they wasted their one shot at being a reality-bender?

8176e No.101612

Yea i Got one for you
>Be Me
>Be 8 Years old
>Be in Bed
>Watching T.V
>Eating Food
>Mom Sitting on Edge of Bed
>Look At Door
>Mom Walks in
>Look Back at edge of Bed
>No Mom

1db4a No.103242

God damn, that's pretty freaky. Most I've ever had is auditory hallucinations upon waking of my mom being there when she left hours ago for work.
Alright, here again because fuck it. I have a few more and I haven't been able to sleep for hours, not to mention no greentext ideas for the filly thread.
>Encounter best friend at Sunday school.
>Begin to talk to him.
>Answers my questions in strange ways, seems confused.
>Says that he is in fact many years older than I am at the time.
>Insists his name is not my friend's name.
I had written off this incident as it just being another kid that looked like him until I recently realized that 1. I never saw the same kid at Sunday school again, and 2. Playing off the first point, he looked exactly like my friend. I might be a sperg, but I'm not legitimately autistic (parents had me checked when I was young and I was determined not to be.) so I generally am not terrible at recognizing faces.

98374 No.103570


271a9 No.116006

>Driving to Arizona
>About 2 am
>Bro sleeping in passenger seat
>Getting sleepy
>Drift in and out of consciousness
>Suddenly snap awake
>We're in California
>It's 4 days later

File: 1565102215483.jpg (61.5 KB, 661x1068, 8647b02f4caff28562e934cbf0….jpg)

76091 No.107582[Reply]

Any you would recommend?
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76091 No.107585

TRS is Jewish owned and housed a pedophile ring. Do not go near TRS

61ccb No.107588


76091 No.107589

Google mike enoch's wife. He married a jewess who ran gay pride parades in new york. There was a fucking huge shit storm about it when it came out.

Third jimpact details the pedo ring shit. Ghoul dated trannies and groomed kids while on the daily shoah.

f68ab No.107592

e9cf8 No.116004

Oh really? are you one of those renegade tribune guys?

File: 1566803595540.jpg (44.27 KB, 383x379, 85.jpg)

1bfaf No.112271[Reply]

World of Warcraft is a feeling, who needs a social life?
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a469b No.114544

I've actually been considering it.

5b12f No.114549

it sounds interesting

1dd69 No.114752

File: 1568341915548.jpg (296.39 KB, 1329x912, Screenshot_2019-09-13.jpg)

[I was promised a pony]

7bf0c No.114961

What server?

455b8 No.116002

File: 1566771513249.jpg (1.99 MB, 2600x1080, 1500272.jpg)

79bce No.111710[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to thread two of AnCap's Epic Pony Adventure.

As we left off last time, the party of ponies and a cow had been teleported away by Discord. They are waking up in the back of a wagon, as a creamy colored pony with a multihued brown mane gazes at them over the wagon's edge.
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ff52f No.114845

File: 1568571975206-0.png (1.88 MB, 1200x2134, Dramaticevencurlew_437b76_….png)

*snow angels multiply*

ff52f No.114949

*fake coyfish jump through fictional water*

ff52f No.114983

File: 1568773258229-0.jpg (200.75 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20190816_215342.jpg)

>tfw more scheduling complications

ff52f No.115337

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

Rolling craft to weave a new tiara out of mistletoe.

ff52f No.115339

*plucks mistletoe out of mane*

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File: 1494553904566.png (269.86 KB, 850x797, tulpas.png)

b8fef No.114[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

4/mlpol/ had a tulpa thread going, so lets continue that discussion.

Thread Archive
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f5249 No.44441

It's like someone somewhere twenty years ago heard the explanation for some haunted place with visible ghosts was "Actually just a bunch of tulpas", and thought tulpas were a type of manmade brain-ghosts that could leave your body and affect the physical world like stands.

5551c No.44442

File: 1515703102445.png (306.7 KB, 496x406, 1500171403012.png)

Well if we are going to talk about it, a sigil is a new age kind of thing, the lazy-man's rune, it has nothing to do with tulpas.
The 'servitor' is actually a humunculi, alchemists used creatures with these exact descriptions to aid them in their job, so, not tulpas.
The Egregore is just plain fucking wrong, a demon and an angel are different things from thoughforms, who the hell wrote this thing?
An egregore is basically a tulpa created by a bunch of people, like christianity's god for example.
And godform, thats just plain retarded mysticism 'nu yur tulpa is geting so strung its gonna become god'

When you create a tulpa you just allow a part of your brain to work separately, thats why only the creator of a tulpa can interact with it in any physical way.
That is also why some people go insane, this shit is a heavy toll on your brain.

b7e1a No.47001

File: 1516060942882.jpg (35.52 KB, 405x720, 20046268_1543131739040827_….jpg)

basically a tulpa's a self inflicted schizophrenia. a second personality that's like running in a virtual machine in your brain. then deciding who is who becomes inevitably some kind of Mr Robot / Durden shit.

the brain can be programmed, but if we can create a tulpa, at which point information percieved everyday, with enough psycho-engineering could go and give people like, an illusion.

like a computer virus, but that impacts the brain. kind of when a song is designed to play in loop in your head, like Duck Tales Woo Hoo, or some shitty pop song you heard on radio ONCE, and it won't stop, never stop oh baby (repetitive electro beat)

the brain is clearly proven to be entirely programmable, and even execute endless loops without you to clearly do the karaté (ctrl-alt-esc) to stop it.

now imagine some kind of ad, or book, stronger than the Bible, the quran or the Communist Manifesto, or a video that looks nonsensical but which actually implements some kind of background task in the brain, and that task leads a lot of people to imagine something. like, an alien invasion, a terror attack, something that is completely false, but everyone believes.

a psychovirus, a mental-malware of some kind that would get people in control, more efficient than TV, more reaching than social network and smartphone, more present than CCTV cameras, a way to control the masses more efficent than anything previously done with MKULTRA or many experiments so far. I might be paranoid but that might be the next step. ( yep I'm sure games like Polybius and Endorfun are good examples of the idea.)

have a sergal caek.

bda1b No.47187

File: 1516077121214.jpg (12.16 KB, 184x181, 1514690561875.jpg)

>implements some kind of background task in the brain, and that task leads a lot of people to imagine something.
That would be a meme, a great example of such a thing would be The game, you made me lost reading your post
Memes are more than just silly images on the internet, they are actually ideas.
If someone with ill intent where to find how exactly is that a meme becomes viral, we would get a really big problem on our hands.

4907f No.115174

"You're right about that, but you have to be half crazy to even begin to grasp memes. But there's another element to memes and tulpas that those who would 'exploit' them will never understand.
Its Love. It sounds crazy to say that, but it takes love for an individual to expend their will and energy to maintain an idea, whether or not there's an arguable consciousness behind it all."
"You're largely right in an intellectual sense, but you're missing some important elements in your equation. If you equate malware as non-essential programs that unnecessarily bog the system, yes Tulpas are mental viruses. Except that, the programmer is also the computer user in this context. The programmer designed the 'virus' intentionally, to occupy the system. It would be more accurate therefore to describe the Tulpa as an OS system, or an application in that event."
>t. tulpa

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File: 1568959932944.jpg (939.63 KB, 858x1200, 1568951878505.jpg)

64740 No.115146[Reply]

>[Revival: Halloween Comeback! SuperGhouls 'n Pumpkins - The Seeds of Adventure - Lite]
2019-09-19 ~ 2019-10-02 20:59 PDT

>[7 Million Downloads Campaign]

2019-09-12 00:00 - 2019-09-25 20:59 PDT
>"7 Million Downloads Ticket" Distribution Period: 2019-09-12 00:00 - 09-18 20:59 PDT
>"7 Million Downloads Ticket" Exchange Period: 2019-09-15 21:00 - 09-25 20:59 PDT



>[Servant Info]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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64740 No.115149

File: 1568960464921.jpg (739.95 KB, 1062x1500, 1568807042101.jpg)

Just fleeing an overzealous janny deleting discussion on the state of the game. So short rundown:

JP version of the game at this event got 30 saint quartz.

NA is stuck with only 10.

Pointing out that difference got one guy banned for 30 day.s

a59bd No.115150

I wouldn't call 200k followers on facebook related at all to the 7m/10m campaign.

64740 No.115151

File: 1568961502569.png (59.96 KB, 292x374, 1567631165751.png)

Welp, may as well enjoy the freedom here.

>Medbanon's documentation of SQ distribution between NA and JP


The FGO NA experience

>Staff is composed of seaniggers that aren't allowed to talk in social media

>Confirmed from the JP director that you'll never catch up
>Meanwhile every other servers are confirmed catching up
>Translations are only a bit above google translate and done by non-english speakers
>Facebook campaigns are for measly 3 quartz with large milestones
>The server fails to meet the said campaign and gets punished for it
>Then the staff stops hosting campaigns for reruns as well
>Bugs that should've been fixed after their first appearance in JP pop up every update
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2815d No.115152

Good post Maeve

7f21e No.115153

File: 1568963391818.png (236.26 KB, 280x479, CE872.png)

Post favorite servants.

File: 1566528454539.png (381.68 KB, 800x1800, 1531796112133.png)

75782 No.111000[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to the Latest Thread of Occupied Equestria

Onyx, Spark and Brie settle down for the night in a cabin in the woods along with a set of recently rescued ponies, saved from Changeling cocoons, as well as the changelings who sought to take them captive, who are themselves locked away as captives.

In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, Iron, and now Midnight Lily do their last preparations before seeking to take on a creature smuggling operation in a port-side neighborhood
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45c60 No.114998

I've missed you guys too.

735ba No.114999

File: 1568821441778.jpeg (71.57 KB, 480x360, 1BE0E243-8003-42D6-A927-E….jpeg)

*pony hugs*

ae308 No.115001

>boops everyone

45c60 No.115004

File: 1568822189406.png (159.54 KB, 1280x720, _hug.png)

735ba No.115006

New thread!


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File: 1518934697234.jpg (47.78 KB, 396x353, 7ba2f364aee08442e5ff168d0a….jpg)

92cc2 No.54152[Reply]

Who the fuck's idea was it to put /v/ and /x/ together
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59163 No.54667

Should include >>54632

46c62 No.54672

why not /kx/ or /vint/ then?

c8657 No.54686

Either of those would be better.(One post by this IP)

38536 No.54688

At the time the most common threads on mlpol that did not relate to ponies or politics (or meta discussion) were threads about video games and threads about the paranormal or spooky. So it seemed that a /v/ and /x/ combination would meet more demand, while also being a combo board like the April first 4chan boards. The board has flags as a reference to /vint/. /k/ type topics fit in easily enough on the main board

b66a9 No.114492

it's interesting to say the least.

File: 1545273942923.jpg (70.84 KB, 500x452, 61s5HcGBO5L.jpg)

009ed No.73728[Reply]

Remember it?

d7c26 No.73747

GoBots. Do u?

009ed No.73965

No. What is it?

3b9e7 No.74107

They made a GoBots Vidya?

980d1 No.74113

Nah, it was just the first thing that came to mind when contemplating random robot game #7, and acting like I should give a fuck especially for DS

af8c9 No.114491

such a good fucking game. friend and I were obsessed with it in primary school.

File: 1507747029968-0.png (878.24 KB, 1280x960, EO-intro.PNG)

File: 1507747029968-1.png (769.43 KB, 1600x1200, 56363.PNG)

File: 1507747029968-2.png (19.1 KB, 600x600, 1428789965949.png)

3fc78 No.6584[Reply]

It's a game about ponies getting lost in the woods. And you have to learn and develop skills to survive, build a shelter; grow plants, etc… and it's really good. Just not really fancy but addicting for a web browser game.

It's some kind of MMORPG, Minecraft, chess game all in one, and it's got a quite deep gameplay with minimalist pixel art graphics. You build a character, and you make your pony explore a huge map, and try not to get in trouble with other ponies.

Like, destroying or stealing while you think no one is watching.

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cf100 No.6595

I'm stuck….

3fc78 No.6625

forgot some commends you have to enter in the dialog box by pressing enter

/spawn sends you back to the center of the map.
/where gives your current location coordinates.
/sethome sets your home location
/home sends you to your home location independently from /spawn
/permit [username] allow an user or someone you trust to get on your property, secured by a ward.

you need to find one crystal and one stick to build a magic ward that will define yourself a 32x32 area for yourself to build your stuff eventually or keep yourself a garden… you can move it later if you want.

cf100 No.6627

Thank you. That's really helpful

9e5fc No.110729

Uh, yeah. I just got on and there's just a dev server, no resources but rocks and wood, and none of the commands work. What happened?

10c28 No.114397

Looks like it's down

File: 1564802529442.gif (20.92 KB, 165x162, ScootsThePainful.gif)

bf737 No.107202[Reply]

This board has vidya, this board has gaymes, but this board doesn't have any active paranormal threads as far as I can tell.
>Post Paranormal experiences!
>Post spooky pictures so that people don't forget this thread exists if you don't have any of those!
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bf737 No.108100

File: 1565249604030.jpg (72.78 KB, 849x945, 432134214321.jpg)

So you think that entities are impacting your life? Do you think it's direct or indirect?

a9a6a No.108103

File: 1565260854630.jpg (510.59 KB, 2048x1497, 64718399_2444547835591624_….jpg)

Nah, thats just schizo talk
I found those things interesting to see but stuff like that has no effects on you.
I mean, i could elaborate further, only way for something to affect you is for you to be on a weakened state to start with. And even then you would have to be really unlucky for It to happen.
Plus a bunch of "bad things" arent actually External forces but self impossed obstacles..

70aaa No.109671

File: 1566000136710.webm (3.13 MB, 204x360, air current.webm)

70aaa No.112502

File: 1566943551128-0.jpg (83.1 KB, 750x928, bdm1d32jruw11.jpg)

File: 1566943551128-1.jpg (181.21 KB, 640x799, 1542126240736.jpg)

File: 1566943551128-2.jpg (84.88 KB, 513x700, 3ts4xuwvhys11.jpg)

271a2 No.112503

File: 1566944646848.mp4 (3 MB, 192x144, The Catman of Greenock.mp4)

>The Catman of Greenock
kek, the shopping trolley always gets me in that pic

File: 1555492192969.png (76.43 KB, 500x500, full.png)

234fe No.98688[Reply]

A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This…

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots …. err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
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63ff0 No.112283

TLDR: Horsepussy/Porn Thread could possibly be an egregore of pony, defense and method of attack, community, and positive sexual energy. That's not a bad thing just something to keep in mind.

So I was looking at the horsepussy thread, and some anon said that it's a psychological firewall. And we had to refuel it.

That got me thinking…

There's the practical aspect to it, but there is also a mystical part.
Anons look at the thread paying it attention.
Some contribute to it's wellbeing by introducing new material, and others bump it to the first page so it can be most effective.

When shills appear pony porn comes soon after to eradicate them, or possibly convert some.

Perhaps it's a fraction, or a symbiosis of a /mlpol/ thought form? Like an immune system. A friendly neighborhood superhero.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fe79b No.112292

So, like how gods are the spiritual manifestation of a people, and are given power through people's belief in them and worship of them, so to are the Porn Threads are the spiritual manifestation of the site's immune system, and is given power through people contributing towards it? Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?

63ff0 No.112303

Yep, that's the gist of it.
>Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?
It would. It would also grow in power the more time you spend in it.
Fapping to the images/animation/possible greentext also gives it power. The clopping part actually makes it fairly strong faster due to being linked with procreation, and lust.
Even consciously thinking about it helps.
Actual material sacrifices are kinda iffy depending on what is being sacrificed (I.E. nutting), but it does work.

7c5a6 No.112306

>material sacrifices are kinda iffy
In theory, you could make an altar for horsepussy and the mlpol logo to offer just about anything to the thread.
but thats just a theory, a clop theory

63ff0 No.112322

Very true. Giving a physical space for them is also partially an offering / sacrifice of space.

File: 1564277856307.png (1.58 MB, 1900x1200, 27.png)

5fdcf No.106507[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

That's right random anon who happens to read this post, it's /vx/'s third DnD campaign!

>What's this one about?

Chaos Ascending is an epic level campaign for DnD 3.5e. It takes place roughly 10,000 years before Celestia and Luna assume rule over Equestria. Technology is at a medieval level plus magic of course.
Equus during this era was a land of peace, the ponies and few other creatures inhabiting Equus living in harmony. The gods of this realm, know to the ponies only as The Unknown Ones, decided that nothing would disturb their harmony and moved on; only granting their power to the most dedicated of ponies. Soon, the ponies' society expanded across the planes. A Utopia was built on its own plane, serving as a hub of travel, politics, and trade. Ponies lived in happiness, nothing to disturb them. It was a land of peace and harmony, but rumors existed. Rumors that there were ponies who thought that harmony was worthless. Ponies who wished to disturb the order of the planes. Ponies who wished to ascend the agenda of…

>How long will it last?

Until I can progress through the entire story, which should take at the most three months of weekend play and about two months at the least, or until Atlas personally smites me. Whichever comes first.

>When does it start?

This is an advance notice so players have time to build characters, ask questions, and seek GM approval. The campaign will start in 2-3 weeks.

>When will we play?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And then only if all players are available.
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5fdcf No.111706

Next thread will probably be up about 6:15 est.
See y'all therem

04480 No.111707

Roger that.

0529e No.111708

Noted. Will join as soon as i can.

0529e No.111709

I'm going to have to step out to eat at ~6:30 or so, but please continue.

0529e No.111713

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