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File: 1500668927685.png (14.67 KB, 1908x940, moHM8WU.png)

d4984 No.577[Reply]

Hey guys, I am working on some sort of text based simulator that can generate game world and its inhabitants and then simulate the changes in that world. Like rise and fall of civilizations.

It must sound super complicated but it probably doesn't have to be. Basically, it would be some sort of pseudo engine to simulate world and AI civilizations in civilization management Quests or CYOAs games, played on imageboards like this.

It would help a ton with creating random events and making game more dynamic since neighbouring civilizations wouldn't stay at same power all the time or depend on my judgement of how they would develop. Instead I would like the computer to handle it by computing together factors on which development of civilizations would depend on.

I would just write it in form of webpage(s) with HTML5 and JavaScript. I would really prefer to keep to web development languages. I have seen well made advanced game of similar theme being contained in single .html document, so its gotta be possible.

I would like to put it to use as soon as I get necesarry ammount of calculations working so the program can take care of most important stuff like population growth, happiness, AI settlement expansion, resource management of AI civilizations, etc…

To be clear, this isn't me asking for help. I just wanted to show of my idea and am curious what do you guys think. If anyone wants to work on this with me, I would try to coordinate with them, but I can't make performance promises.
This is just my little thing to keep me occupied and away from degenerate drugs/hobbies.

Also I am hypocrite for telling Atlas that game developing is a time sink and waste of time and its oversaturated market. While all of these things might be true, I am doing game dev myself now.

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e8d12 No.627


>Sadly I am mostly intermittently inspired to write some code (game) but I find it more fun making parts of it work than the whole

I know this feeling all to well, sometimes a break though in how to get something working is so exiting that moving on to the next part can be demotivating, because you worked so hard to figure one aspect out, only to realize that there is so much more to be done before the dream comes alive.

>The spreadsheet stuff (the code) in the background is pretty straight forward with some trial and error. But at that time I am "bored" as the fun stuff figuring out how to solve a problem is over

Coding is the prefect mix of creativeness and logic solving, and once it's over and you found the solution, implantation can feel like a chore.

>but it is a mountain of work to complete it

Isn't that amazing, the idea that it can all "work". I love that part about being a programmer, it almost feels like anything is possible, that no matter how big the project is, it's all small little steps.

>And I am shit at graphic and sound, and that is what makes a game I think, at least for the end user.

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fc676 No.630

Regarding coding Graphics I was dabbling with a few graphic libraries but switched to Unity as it has all you need (same for Unreal and CryEngine etc). The problem I have with graphics is making 3D models to put in the game or tiles or animations, the Artsy stuff. Putting an image into a game is fairly easy, drawing an image that looks good is another story.

I fully understand the problem you have. Commenting and documenting code is as boring and important as making flowcharts before you start coding. So it never happens. When you find yourself barely understanding your own code without backtracking where the function calls go it is hard to explain it to others.
But just let me know (post in /vx/) if you need help or want input on anything.

e8d12 No.632

>The problem I have with graphics is making 3D models to put in the game or tiles or animations, the Artsy stuff. Putting an image into a game is fairly easy, drawing an image that looks good is another story.

Oh I know, I'm not a natural artist, I may have potential to be one, but the hours and hours of practice I would need would just to get something decent is to much for me.

>But just let me know (post in /vx/) if you need help or want input on anything.

Yeah, that would awesome. The last thing I was doing for my civilization game was trying to figure out a game mechanic and how it would work in the game, so it wasn't so much a coding issue but a concept issue. If I come across something I could use some help with, I'll look for you here on this board.

Same for me by the way, I wouldn't mind helping with figuring out an aspect of code if you wanted help.

Same for your game(though I know nothing about HTML code) but I'm sure the concepts(looping though information, the objects) still apply, if it's possible to translate the ideas into HTML then I'm willing to help.

fc676 No.660

Many thanks, and also same goes for you >>577 just let me know if there is anything you need help with or input on.

d4984 No.661

>Coding is the prefect mix of creativeness and logic solving, and once it's over and you found the solution, implantation can feel like a chore.

Then why not have somebody less skilled in code to do the implantation for you?

File: 1500431272784-0.png (865.92 KB, 2000x1800, overwatch___mercy_flutters….png)

File: 1500431272784-1.jpg (101.05 KB, 600x849, 40681d30eb33b5ddd2e7d71e06….jpg)

File: 1500431272784-2.jpg (152.88 KB, 1024x1024, widowmaker____by_rosycanva….jpg)

File: 1500431272784-3.png (273.67 KB, 500x750, tumblr_o82mc5Jym91tb7nf3o1….png)

b42bd No.552[Reply]

Overwatch thread.
Get in faggots I know some of you play.

Fav game mode: Mayham
Main: Junkrape
Fav map: Hollyjew

1ed84 No.557

Favorite game mode: Random hero
Main: Mcree with american skin and noose spray
Fav map: don't have one

e7eff No.558

Meh, ponies go well with Hat Fortress 2, AboveLook can hang. But on the matter.

Fav game mode: none
Main: Rheintard
Fav map: none

aaca3 No.562

Overwatch is just a reskinned stitch-together of TF2 and DotA 2, with a few SJW pleasing characters thrown in for good PR
Prove me wrong
>pro tip: you cant

e7eff No.563

And you're goddamn right.

0b08d No.634

The Sombra rabbit-hole was more fun than all of the rest of the game put together, desu…

File: 1498590655986.jpg (77.26 KB, 970x545, Nic-Zombie[1].jpg)

69116 No.356[Reply]

So, since we don't exactly have a board for this kind of topic, and that it -is- technically paranormal, what do you lot think of the new Twin Peaks series and the symbolism inherent in it? Also, do you think Twin Peaks would make a great game, perhaps with Deadly Premonition 2 filling that role?
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69116 No.363

File: 1498850118934.png (199.78 KB, 780x530, screen-shot-2017-05-22-at-….png)

All in all it's pretty good. Genuinely unnerving, utterly insane, and chock full of as much symbolism as Lynch and frost could slip past the ((censors)). It's exactly what you would expect from seeing lynch with absolutely no restrictions. There is also a lot of Saturn symbology with the primary villains, and even a bit of Jupiter tossed in for the good guys.

fa6cf No.364

Only seen the first two new episodes which I thought were a little too edgy but they were still decent. And yea it would make a great Myst style detective game

69116 No.365

File: 1498945521894.png (511.95 KB, 1112x631, Bad-Cooper-1[1].png)

You should definitely go and watch some of the later episodes. It only gets crazier from there.

dd1f7 No.399

69116 No.405

File: 1499759983453.jpg (36.6 KB, 618x412, twin-peaks-revival-bad-coo….jpg)

I did not know that this was a thing. Thank you for this Anon.

File: 1497506917026.jpg (154.13 KB, 1280x720, playerunknowns_battlegroun….jpg)

0d27d No.239[Reply]

Is anyone playing this battle royale game? It's sort of like the Hunger Games.

100 players armed with only their fists parachute onto an island and have to scavenge weapons and equipment. Last player/team standing wins. An ever shrinking perimeter circle slowly herds the players into close quarters. Anyone who leaves the perimeter takes damage over time.
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168d3 No.259

I got the game, I've been playing with a squad but I dunno if I can play it solo, is it less fun?

48393 No.275

The main bonus to playing squads is faffing about with the broken physics
Other than that solo is the better gaming experiance.

0d27d No.283

I never seem to have an opportunity to loot players in group games.

When solo, you can get the drop on someone, end the fight, loot, and gtfo.

In group, you get the drop on a guy, his friends dig in, and then you have to work harder to dislodge and kill the survivors. By that point, either two more squads are fucking with you or the wall is bearing down on you.

c8411 No.402

Friends were talking about it a lot and seeing it here made me cave in. Best buy in a while. Its really intense sometimes and gives me a rush as well as forces me to socialize with friends more.
>tfw flanking a whole team while your buddy's pin them down to blast them away with slugs

71362 No.404

How would you say it compares to other games?

File: 1499118456658.png (753.44 KB, 791x482, walker.png)

4c425 No.368[Reply]

So anyone here ever run into one? I went to HS with a few guys who said they had seen one. I live next to an Indian reservation so it made sense but anyone here ever seen one?

3c714 No.369

Never seen any. There are some spooky-ass stories about them though

6824d No.374

>There are some spooky-ass stories about them though
I wouldn't worry about it.

File: 1497327209915.jpg (12.71 KB, 219x230, Why do jews have big noses….jpg)

1857a No.195[Reply]

Is meditation real or just a meme?
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5f421 No.225

Well, there's certainly no harm in it: it's literally just sitting still and doing nothing. I'm not so sure about all of the spiritual bullshit, but meditation is certainly a real thing.

5f1af No.296

For me it has been super useful. The problem is having the discipline to actually do it every day. I certainly feel more collected and put together afterwards. There is a reason Himmler had his men do Yoga.

9510b No.310

as to real do you mean the relaxation and health benefits or the esoteric and Buddhism stuff? because yes to the former two and i want to believe in the latter. Try it yourself just 10 min a day should be fine for starting out

acc41 No.371

File: 1499122595887.jpg (85.02 KB, 710x823, Brainthrone.jpg)

Meditation improves alpha brainwaves and overall senses. I meditate nearly everyday and it's saved me from getting snakebites in the wilderness.

48f2f No.372

This is a good point. I'll add by saying that not all forms of meditation are the "clear your mind and sit there" variety. Comprehensive and intensive stretches are another practice which engage the mind (in a 'moderating/maintaining the stretch' sense) while also leaving the mind free to process whatever.

File: 1498573390685.jpeg (14 KB, 470x353, image.jpeg)

e678d No.355[Reply]

Anyone else think that thr 11 mile road Creepypasta would make a hell of a game? You'd start at the start of the road in some sort of sedan, and you'd have to drive down the road making sure to avoid all the dangers from the original story, be give a certain key to cover your eyes for miles 9 and 11, a usable radio, a meter to measure the cold, etc. so what do yall think? Maybe if you beat the 11 miles you get hard mode where you're on a bike and it makes handling way harder and the cold affects you more.
So what do yall think?
If any codefags actually go and make this give me credit k?

The creepypasta for context: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/11_Miles

c977d No.357

I outta stop browsing this board at midnight, so I can muster up the guts to read this stuff…

e9282 No.362

Nice story, it would make a great indie game I'd say, it has a great potential, the story seems like it would do pretty well with some creativity to blend it with the mechanics

File: 1497994036867-0.jpg (107.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1497994036867-1.jpg (101.81 KB, 1125x357, pso2playersitebanner.jpg)

156b5 No.303[Reply]

anyone here play PSO2 or would like to try it? http://arks-layer.com/

ef82e No.304

what is it?

78aca No.306


mmorpg with actually decent, fun gameplay and a really cool setting. I really like the game but like other mmos you need friends to enjoy it and i don't have many of those also free time which i don't have recently. You also have to play on the japanese servers because they'll never localize it (SEA edition a shit) but it's no problem as long as you get the fan translation and play on one of the servers with alot of english speaking players (ship 2, 6, and 10)

78aca No.307


how do i embed video on this board?

9af26 No.308

Idk. It might not be available.
Go ask on /qa/.

File: 1497729207556-0.jpg (33.25 KB, 750x423, The-Last-Night-Controversy….jpg)

File: 1497729207556-1.jpg (290.29 KB, 1280x534, tln_screen.jpg)

File: 1497729207556-2.jpg (60.29 KB, 620x236, lastnight2_1.jpg)

a140c No.280[Reply]

Though shortly after its trailer debuted, many Twitter users began pointing out controversial messages posted by Soret over the past few years. Among these tweets were messages regarding The Last Night from early in its development, with Soret explaining in 2014 how the game would “take place in a future where ‘progressivism’ has spiraled out of control,” and that it would feature “a cyberpunk world where modern feminism won.” “Finally we’ll have another take on the cyberpunk oppression instead of Big Brother.

Zoe Quinn, the indie game developer who was GamerGate’s first target following unsubstantiated claims that she’d had relations with members of the gaming press in exchange for positive reviews, tweeted about Soret’s involvement with the controversial online group. “Just fyi I am 100% for never letting it go when a developer participated in GamerGate (unless someone actually made amends but no one has),” she wrote. “If you laid down with MRAs, abusive ex boyfriends, LITERAL NAZIS, et all, you deserve fleas.”

Soret posted a series of tweets responding to the controversy, explaining that he supports “equality & inclusiveness” and that The Last Night is “in no way … a game against feminism or any form of equality.” “A lot of things changed for me these last years,” he continued. “The fictional setting of the game does challenge techno-social progress as a whole but certainly not trying to promote regressive ideas.”
Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/entertainment/1276689-last-night-devs-anti-feminist-tweets-come-back-haunt#1pGwMyUmovwpVPSL.99

Did a mob of SJWs bully an indie dev into apologising for his criticisms of Anita Sarkeesian?
What are you're guys thoughts?

31459 No.281

File: 1497730325120.png (111.5 KB, 880x1098, 1497065603612.png)

Another game made about how Neo-Marxism is going to turn the world into a dystopian hell? Looks like there's some meaningful resistance to social progress starting to develop.

As for his apology, the line "The fictional setting of the game does challenge techno-social progress as a whole" is all I needed to hear

File: 1497485146765-0.png (50.73 KB, 715x153, hestherealcriminal.png)

File: 1497485146765-1.jpg (54.92 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

26270 No.233[Reply]

remember the 5 million copies
Now he can join a public match and humiliate himself.

ceb64 No.235

What is infamy 25?

26270 No.237

File: 1497504615286.jpg (336.35 KB, 1680x1050, THERMALDRILL.jpg)

Essentially prestige from Call of Duty. Once you reach max level (100), you can burn all your spending money and $200 million of your offshore to gain an infamy level (1-0, where 1 is the infamy level and 0 is the regular level). You still keep all of your weapons and masks, but start again with no skills.

Infamy level 25 is the highest level one can attain and takes a very, very long time to achieve. At that point, you should know how to do every heist and transfer that knowledge to others. That's impossible to do if you just used hacks to get to that point.

It's just a side effect of the developer giving away 5 million copies of the game last week.

ceb64 No.238

Damn. Is being able to do it in one day a side effect of new players not knowing how to do it right and becoming easy kills?

3b559 No.252

I stopped playing a while back, but recently I've started playing again due to my friends getting the free version. Can someone get me a recap on what has happened the last year and specifically what continental coins are.

Payday 2 is a co-op heist game so no pvp. He probably did it by using some hack to rank up the infamy.

File: 1497400880883.jpg (29.28 KB, 528x543, edss.jpg)

8d968 No.222[Reply]

what are your guy's thoughts on the new metro game/trailer. I loved the first two games and am super pumped for this new one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEuEOugOXcc

7b0cf No.227

I really enjoyed the first two, although I think I enjoyed the first game the most.

I know this is knitpicking, but I hate the exposed circuitry on whatever contraption is on his wrist. It both looks ugly as fuck and it doesn't make any sense that a ranger would put his life in the hands of equipment that is that vulnerable to the elements.

File: 1497329874199.png (110.28 KB, 300x188, WHAT FRESH EVERLOVING HELL.png)

1942c No.197[Reply]

so, what does mlpol's gaming community think of this? I for one have no words.


fb565 No.203

I don't get it, is this supposed to be some sort of tf2 type castle war thing with Nintendo?

1942c No.218

I heard it better described as something similar to Xcom.

File: 1497215676126.png (639.04 KB, 957x537, Untitled.png)

cd9ab No.1[Reply]

The E3 thread on 4chan is going a mile a minute and everyone is screaming like a bunch of summerfags that found out they can cuss online, and i want to see some actual discussion of this presentation.
13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

49688 No.15

I cba to watch this and I never do but let me know if there's any cool shit. Thanks in advance.

87448 No.16

File: 1497227876478.png (323.45 KB, 821x752, 1221621__safe_artist-colon….png)

This. I almost don't give a shit about new games at all these days.

>no exclusives

c2a2c No.17

why not start lurking better imageboards than this one?

a8543 No.18

Back with what? Microsoft is always a strong second for me (third if you count PC) but I don't think they announced a single exclusive.

4f66d No.19

Reposting coz catalog too touguh to check.

>le E3 muh saint grail of vidya cons is going on

>oh what the heck I can check the trailer anyways
> AYO HOL UP! WE WUZ: pharaonz, resystance fyyyighterzzz, Numenoriannzzzz, Galactic Emipre elite warrriorzz N SHEEEIIIT!!
>yup, done&done with western games.

How bout you, /mlpol/?
>inb4 Ubisot, well EA too, but I was hoping some more and better from Bethesda( new Wolfy) or hell, even WB.

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