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Most UFOs are solar plasma. All aliens are humans dressed strangely.
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Previous thread >>750 →

TL;DR summary:

* Humans have always experimented with exotic aircraft that the general public is not familiar with.
> Humans may be attempting to false flag aliens more recently. >>121954 → >>29447 → (CIA)
> No evidence of extra-terrestrial civilisations exists.
> Grey "aliens" arrive soon MKULTRA gets shut down and sun UFOs decline. >>122291 → >>122515 →
> UFO pilots evolve from human
* The sun (Mass: 99.9% Solar System. Volume: 1.3 million Earths) ejects plasma larger than the Earth.
> Historically the sun had more metal available for ejecting. >>116089 →
> The metallic solar surface was from about 1870s to 1950s. >>113025 →
> The plasma takes a few years to a few decades to reach Earth but appears to not orbit the sun. >>122557 → (pic, see pre-1940s)
> The metal plasma UFO era is therefore from about 1870s to 1970s. Especially 1890s,1940s-1970s. >>122665 → (pic2)
> The sun and UFO waves had a 10 year cycle during these periods. >>114081 →
> The sun grand cycle (a few centuries long) corresponds with the UFO "grand cycle". >>102249 → >>122095 →
> The search for UFO waves (500+ UFO reports in a month) that do not correlate with solar storms continues. >>122793 →
* Witnesses/Investigators can misperceive events
> Witnesses can hallucinate aliens >>90125 →
> Increased solar activity = increased schizophrenia >>90125 →
> Witnesses can see humans in costumes/space-suits/pressure-suits etc. >>752 →
> Witnesses can https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia indistinct objects into cultural expectations. (Lights = Ghost V2 Rockets from the Soviets)
> Investigators can suffer cultural bias https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_rockets#Swedish_military_opinion
> Investigators can leave reality behind: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/John_Keel
> Evil humans can weaponise hallucinations during human created UFO events (EMF, Drugs). >>121954 → >>29447 → (CIA)
* Man and the Sun together are producing UFOs and alien reports.
> If all events can have earthly logical plus natural space explanations then no imaginary space alien civilisations are needed. You can't solve a mystery by using a myth.
Witness videos

https://youtu.be/m7FYXsKhSdA?t=114 "UFO over North Carolina January 25th 2019" (pic1)
https://youtu.be/p-U_5T4MQXE "Strange lights in the sky in Yuma Arizona" [17 Sep 2019]
https://youtu.be/4UcacozXZ_Y "Capture 7 Bright UFOs Sphere Appearing and Disappearing Mysteriously in the Texas Sky" [18 Jan 2020]


1952: https://youtu.be/0FVsUyTGVWQ "UFO crash in Norway, did they retrieve the craft despite government denial?"
1976: https://youtu.be/KzMbc4CsCjs "Spanish Navy Files Disclose Underwater UFOs and ‘Thin, Swedish-Looking’ Beings"
1988: https://youtu.be/fDVwXVadUCE http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case1090.htm (Knowles Family Encounter)

UFOpen for business: Britain’s Royal Air Force to declassify X-Files kept in secret for years


https://youtu.be/sxGXaNmp2cE Hairy creature filmed in a swamp. Big Foot?
MKUltra: https://youtu.be/w-SO51VnMOc
from https://www.tiktok.com/@cesarinmp/video/6785921462571126021
1952-04to06 vertical paird histogram 1938-1950--GOOD.png
Examining the 1952/04-09 Wave from a solar metallic plasma perspective.

- 96% of UFO reports had characteristics consistent with solar (matallic) plasma in the atmosphere similar to the previous Flying Saucer/Disc waves in the table. (pic1)

- 259 (4%) had entities reported.
- 32 (0%) suggests the witness was compromised in some way.
- be interesting to examine in detail later.

Because this is a 6 month wave I have broken it into 2 parts, 3 months long:

Part 1/2: 1952/04-06

The old method of day-to-day correlations testing broke down under the continuous stream of solar storms and UFO flaps (pic2). Having so many storms and flaps guaranteed a hit.
This in itself is a correlation, but I want to push harder to see if day-to-day correlation can be shown via intensity of each storm and flap.
A new method was needed and a vertical histogram seemed like a good choice (pic3).

Pic3 shows:
- On the left:
- Geomagnetic Storms from 1938-1950 = 13 years (1951 left out to allow minimum 1 year travel time to Earth)
- for the months 04 to 06 in 1938-1950
- where the daily average exceeded 35 on NOAA "AA index".
- offset minus 2 days/degrees from UFO reports (Solar Storms take 1-4 days to reach Earth, our readings are 1-4 days delayed):
- On the right:
- unique UFOCAT reports (Duplicate UFOCAT PRNs/reports removed)
- in 1952/04-06
- Red/Blue colour code seems to show flaps of UFOs very loosely correlating with clumping up of solar plasma from the ejections of 1938-1950, caused by the solar magnetic field surge of Solar Cycle 18 (1944-1947).
- Solar eruptions have a minimum 10 degree/day width
- Not all eruptions will hit the Earth
-- so an exact correlation is not expected but similar lows are interesting.
- General increase in UFO reports when summer starts (USA: End of May + June)

Overall this looks fairly decent.

Part 2/2: 1952/07-09

Some interesting correlations regarding potential UFO revelations.

> Who was the 17th Director of the NSA?
> https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/pentagon-and-intelligence-community-chiefs-have-urged-obama-to-remove-the-head-of-the-nsa/2016/11/19/44de6ea6-adff-11e6-977a-1030f822fc35_story.html

Q + 17 + NSA + Navy.

I speculate that the NSA is monitoring the Deep State which includes the CIA, and the public interest in pizzagate suggested to them that the public was ready for horrible revelations.

Also the US Navy:

>Over the last six months, The War Zone has been deeply reporting on a set of bizarre patents assigned to the U.S. Navy. The patents, which are all the product of a single inventor, truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and include high-temperature superconductors, gravitational wave generators, compact fusion reactors, and high-energy electromagnetic field generators. Most radical of all is the “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level” by seemingly bending the laws of physics as we know them. Together, these patents seem to be the building blocks of a vehicle with truly out-of-this-world, UFO-like performance. As part of our reporting, we have been working to better understand the mind behind this mysterious intellectual property. Now, the elusive Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais has spoken to The War Zone.

>The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal

Also likely the US Navy: >>66001 → (1893 Electric Monster: submarine attempting to fly?)

The Navy is a sensible place to experiment on levitating vehicles because it is an extension of the submarine.
If the Q stuff is about the slow exposure of the deep state then perhaps it includes the slow exposure of UFO-like technology also. Time will tell. Trumps Space Force is also interesting correlation in timing.

The most logical time for deep state massive exposure to the public is before the elections in November, after Trump is voted in subsequently then additional revelations could occur over the subsequent 4 years and might include the UFO tech and perhaps the UFO based MKULTRA-like UFO/ETI hoax. The UFO related patents allow control of the spread of the newly admitted technology. This fits well with the idea that the UFO waves are natural from the sun.
>The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal
Extremely doubtful, it sounds like more propaganda to me.
The US Navy is unable to make operational its last carrier, bought planes unable to outperform old models, introduced new ships unable to survive IRL combat. Hyped new technologies didn't work and the fleet is getting older and outdated.
On top of that, US Navy ships filled with multiracial crews crashed in open seas with cargo vessels more than once.
>New telescope reveals sun's surface in closest detail yet
>Images from a powerful new telescope installed on top of a volcano in Hawaii show the surface of the sun in the closest detail yet, revealing features as small as 30 kilometers (18 miles) across.
122949 122950 122970
1952 wave not from 1938-1950 solar storms--fail.png
1952 wave not from 1940-1941 solar storms--fail.png
Geomagnetic Storms and UFO waves -- incomplete3.png
That post is garbage.

Error #1: It does not compare the whole of the UFO wave. This means it misses comparing the 1) start and the 2) end of the wave, but worse it also missed the 3) peak(s) of the UFO wave which was in July (and some hang over into August). Solution make a full year comparison.^

Error #2: If I have to color code my bar graph the the graph wasn't very convincing. It shows my bias.

Error #3a: I arbitrarily chose 1 year travel for no good reason. The previous wave studies show 5 year to 15 year travel time >>122936 . This is interesting because that is a 10 year difference, and 10 years is the solar and UFO cycle. I have some ideas for this but it will have to wait for now. I should choose a 5 year travel time minimum. But also...

Error #3b: By excluding the prior year to the wave under investigation I am excluding 1 year at the start but it becomes 2 excluded years at the end. An example: Lets say I am examining 1952 wave, I exclude 1951. When looking at Jan 1, 1952 I am excluding 1950 only (1 year). When looking at Dec 31, 1952 I have excluded all of 1951 AND all of 1952 (2 years). This biases the chart, it drifts from a 365 day exclusion to a 730 day exclusion at the end. This needs a complex solution which I will avoid for now.

^ Lets fix Error #1. Pic1 and 2 are for the whole of 1952 includes the peak of the UFO wave on the right. On the left is:
Pic1: the 1938-1950 geomagnetic storms added up for the same day of the year. This still suffers from Error #3a and #3b.
Pic2: the 1940-1941 geomagnetic storms added up for the same day of the year. This avoids all Errors but is purposely biased:

Pic2 was done after Pic1 failed to show that the sun was responsible for the 1952 UFO wave.
Pic2 was an attempt to bias the data selection based on my "Rosetta Stone" image Pic3, and biasedly selecting the strong nearby CMEs of 1940-41.
This biased data selection still failed to correlate the 1952 surge with the sun.
I then looked for other ETN events that might explain the 1952/07-08 UFO surge, such as new meteor shower. The search turned up nothing.
ETN (sun) did not make the UFO wave of 1952. Turning my attention to the other options...

| intelligent | natural |
| extraterrestrial | ETI | ETN |
| terrestrial | TI | TN |

TN (Earth nature) does not seem to have the capacity to put thousands of UFO sightings into the air.
ETI ("aliens") should be an option of last resort because we have not shown ETI civilizations exist and we are suspicious of psyops.
TI (man made). There is a letter dated October 1952 showing the CIA's interest in UFOs and psyops* but the 1952 surge happened in July/August.

* >>29447 →
* https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp81r00560r000100020017-2
* https://archive.ph/wip/on45I

What/Who did this? Must be time to look deeper at 1952...
>I am excluding 1950 only (1 year).
Correction: I am excluding 1951 only (1 year).
Second pic should say 1940-1941 in the red box on the right.
Sneak peak at what caused the 1952/07-08 UFO wave. It wasn't the UFOs, we had more witnesses (looking for Ruskies). Also we installed civilian airport radar and caught even more UFOs. Detailed post later.
Timeline of 1952 UFO Flap

>In Air Force terminology a “flap” is a condition, or situation, or state of being of a group of people characterized by an advanced degree of confusion that has not quite yet reached panic proportions. – The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward Rupelt (1956)

>“flaps” as flurries of ufo activity (sometimes quite intense) confined to comparatively localized areas. .. the whole of the rest of Britain and Europe was similarly effected by ufo visitations simultaneously, then a true ufo “wave” could be said to be taking place. Ufo “waves” also tend to occur on a cyclic basis – UFO Register - Vol 07 parts 1-2 1976–pp24-32

1952/01 Civil Aeronautics Administration Radar.

>“By 1952, the CAA had begun its first routine use of radar for approach and departure control.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_radar#Civil_aviation_radars

1947-1952/07 ASR-1 Departure Radar
It can't see past the airport and so it is used to control planes departing the airport.

>On January 7, 1952, after five years of testing and modifications to a radar system used by the Army and Navy in World War II, the Civil Aeronautics Administration inaugurated radar departure control procedures at its Washington National Airport. Six months later it began radar approach control procedures at the airport.https://www.faa.gov/about/history/milestones/media/radar_departure_control.pdf and http://aireform.com/resources/faa-history-pages/faa-history-1950s/

>Their efforts succeeded and in January 1952, the CAA officially commissioned radar departure control at Washington National Airport using an ASR-1 Airport surveillance radar developed for especially for the CAA. – https://www.faa.gov/about/history/milestones/media/radar_departure_control.pdf

ASR-2 does not seem to have been installed.

1952/07 ASR-3 Approach Radar with Improved Antenna

>During the fiscal year 1952 [1952/07-1953/06] … Development of a substantially more accurate omnirange antenna, in corporating an electrical polarization screen, was completed. – The Annual Report of the Secretary of Commerce, Volumes 40-47: OFFICE OF THE UNDER SECRETARY FOR TRANSPORTATION https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.a0002110831&view=1up&seq=63

>The Antenna of the Airfield Surveillance Radar ASR 3 was presented on an exposition in Berlin in 1953. First international installation was on Airport Bombay (India) in 1961. – https://www.radartutorial.eu/19.kartei/11.ancient/karte015.en.html

1952/07/19-20 Washington, D.C. UFO incident

The install timing of "approach radar" is constrained by the Washington National Airport traffic control detecting the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1952_Washington,_D.C._UFO_incident . So the install date is between July 1-19.

The major peak of the UFO flap is between about 1952/07/12 to 1952/08/08. Which means radar could have been responsible for the uptick in reports. I tested this by doing a chart for only basic witness-only sightings, but the uptick still existed.

1952/07/29 CIA

>We now know, of course, that in 1952 the CIA had recommended that a certain amount of mischief be introduced into private UFO societies following the wave of UFOs over Washington, D.C., which had compromised national security (or so it was said at the time). The story might have died with a very frightened and silenced Bender were it not for Gray’s explosive and entertaining book about the Bender case, They Knew Too Much About the Flying Saucers. – The Silver Bridge by Gray Barker (1970).

>Until the summer of 1952, the CIA had little interest in flying saucers. With the 1952 flap and the Invasion of Washington, however. this changed. On July 29 (the day of General Samiord’s press conference), Ralph L. Clark, Acting Assistant Director for Scientific Intelligence, wrote a memo to the Deputy Director for Intelligence. It said:
>>In the past several Weeks a number of radar and visual sightings of unidentified aerial objects have been reported. Although this office has maintained a continuing review of such reputed sightings during the past three years, a special study group has been formed to review this subject to date, O/CI [office of Current intelligence] will participate in this study with O/SI [Office of Scientific Intelligence] and a report should be ready about 15 August.
– Watch the Skies! by Curtis Peebles (1994)

123194 123525
1950/02-1959/1/31 Ground Observer Corps

1952/07/14<1959/1/31 Operation Skywatch

Korean War: 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953

>It may not be a very cheerful thought but the Reds right now have about a thousand bombers that are quite capable of destroying at least 89 American cities in one raid…. Won't you help protect your country, your town, your children? Call your local Civil Defense office and join the Ground Observer Corps today. -- http://www.radomes.org/museum/documents/GOC/GOC.html ← Source: Schaffel, Emerging Shield, pp. 158 - 159.

>By 1952 the GOC program was expanded into Operation Skywatch, consisting of 750,000 volunteers aged 7 to 86 years old working in shifts at over 16,000 posts and 73 filter centers. -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground%20Observer%20Corps

>In February 1950, Continental Air Command Commander General Ennis C. Whitehead proposed the formation of a 160,000 civilian volunteer GOC to operate 8,000 observation posts scattered in gaps between the proposed radar network sites. With the belief that the Korean War served as a precursor to a possible Soviet attack, ADC had little difficulty recruiting volunteers. … This revised GOC plan, dubbed “Operation SKYWATCH,” was initiated on July 14, 1952. Eventually over 800,000 volunteers stood alternating shifts at 16,000 observation posts and seventy-three filter centers. The Air Force used a variety of means to recruit volunteers, including radio. – http://www.radomes.org/museum/documents/GOC/GOC.html

>All that was changed, on a Ground Observer Corps skywatch tower that night of July 27, 1952. .. To Roberts it was clearly circular in shape, slightly smaller than a ten cent piece held at arm's length. Through the binoculars it appeared to be as large as a half-dollar. It was definitely disk-shaped, as it presented part of its rim toward the observers. .. The [Air Force] official told Roberts the visual sighting had been confirmed by radar. – Watch the Skies! by Curtis Peebles (1994)

>Washington [July 12, 1952]—President Truman made a bid Saturday for more volunteers to man lookout stations which will go on a round-the-clock watch Monday [14th] against air invaders.Without saying directly that his aim was recruitments for “Operation Skywatch” around America’s air frontiers, the President still put over the point in a statement saying the project is “a common sense precaution in which Americans can serve proudly.” He added that the watchers will be helping to prevent war. The first shifts of some 150,000 volunteers will take their posts early Monday [14th] at about 6,000 stations in 27 states to scan the skies for any raiders who might slip through the radar screen for a sneak attack that could set off World War III.
>Washington-July 24—An Air Force spokesman “emphatically” denied last night the new crop of “flying saucer” reports had anything to do with putting volunteer aircraft spotters on 24-hour duty. The civilian ground observer corps began standing a round-the-clock watch this month in coastal and northern border states, the most likely avenues of enemy plane approach. The spokesman noted that saucer reports come from every direction.
>He said the sole function of the ground observers is to supplement the radar network of the Air Defense Command by watching for unidentified low-flying planes. Any flying saucers they see will be strictly incidental.
>Although no flying saucers, blips, discs, or whatever their name is, have been reported from the Austin Town Hall skywatch station, Lake and Central, volunteers there would know just what to do should any of the nocturnal apparitions show up.

1951/12+ Flying Saucer Clubs

LIFE Magazine

>There is a case for interplanetary saucers – http://greyfalcon.us/The%20famous%20article%20of%20LIFE%20Magazine.htm
gave increased public credibility to flying saucers from other planets. (pic1)

>During 1952 the first flying saucer clubs had been organized. Among the early groups were the Civilian Saucer Investigators (CSI) and the International Flying Saucer Bureau. (IFSB), The CSI was technically oriented while the IFSB was a contactee group, Both groups folded within a few years, The longest lived of the early clubs was James and Coral Lorenzen’s Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). It was also founded in 1952 and would continue until the end of the 1980s. – Watch the Skies! by Curtis Peebles (1994)

>A number of UFO groups, some with grandiose goals, were formed in 1950 and 1951 in response to what was perceived as the government's apathy towards the subject of UFOs. Civilian Saucer Investigation (Los Angeles), Civilian Saucer Investigation (New Zealand), and Civilian Saucer Intelligence (New York), were three such groups – unrelated to each other despite the similarity of their names – established by private citizens with an interest in UFOs. -- https://www.project1947.com/shg/csi/csiintro.html

1951/12 Civilian Saucer Investigation (Los Angeles)

>The CSI was organised in December, 1951 -- http://files.afu.se/Downloads/Magazines/United%20States/CSI%20Quarterly/

1952/01 Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

>started in January 1952 -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial%20Phenomena%20Research%20Organization

1952/10 International Flying Saucer Bureau

Space review, October, 1952 first publication. -- http://files.afu.se/Downloads/Magazines/United%20States/Space%20Review%20(Bender)/
with an excellent summary of the 1952 sightings so far (pic2 & 3) which read more like our modern normal YouTube UFO videos, rather than Flying Saucers. Search 'https://youtu.be' in >>750 →

122997 123524
CIA 1952/10/02

(pic 1 & 2) UFOs + CIA = psyops


Now you might be thinking that all of this is enough crazy to fill an asylum. But the crazy is just starting...
Humans have maximized sky monitoring, the smallest bump in UFOs will be recorded in fine detail and tracked by radar.
Reports that would have failed to be recorded will be recorded, and reports that would have been recorded as say MA1 now become MA2 (with physical evidence) because radar confirmation moves the Vallee Classification from xx1 to xx2. No wonder the military starts freaking out.

Coincidentally, 1 month after the CIA is interested in UFOs for psyop purposes:

1952/11/20 Contactees

>On 20 November 1952, Adamski and several friends were in the Colorado Desert near the town of Desert Center, California, when they purportedly saw a large submarine-shaped object hovering in the sky. Believing that the ship was looking for him, Adamski is said to have left his friends and to have headed away from the main road. Shortly afterwards, according to Adamski's accounts, a scout ship made of a type of translucent metal landed close to him, and its pilot, a Venusian called Orthon,[17] disembarked and sought him out. Adamski claimed the people with him also saw the Venusian ship, and several of them later stated they could see Adamski meeting someone in the desert, although from a considerable distance. -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George%20Adamski

There is then a long stream of "contactees" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contactee
Pic3 is them sorted by date of reporting their encounters (not stated date of encounters because I distrust those who try to re-write history, I assume, to make a myth).

The only significant contactee prior to the CIA letter is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel%20Eaton%20Thompson have a read of that bullshit. Your IQ has to be pretty low to not even do astrology correctly. But here is an interesting question: Who is lying, the witness or the pilots? Was the witness unwittingly hallucinating? Did some one make him hallucinate? Note that the craft can't be photographed. Is he next to a plasma blob hallucinating?

1953/10 IFSB

>The IFSB is puzzled and somewhat surprised by the numerous inquiries it has received regarding the same subject. The writers all desire to know what information we had available on persons having actually been taken for a ride in flying saucers. Since we cannot answer all the inquiries we received, we are giving our answer now : To the best of our knowledge no such incident has ever taken place.” – Space Review vol2 no4.

I wonder who was stoking the fire?


I'll take a break and then come back with an analysis of the effects of humans over monitoring the sky because Soviet Communists have 1000 planes that they want to use to nuke 89 American cities!
Pic1 is the SKYWATCH vs non-SKYWATCH states overlayed with UFOCAT report counts.
Pic2 is non-SKYWATCH state New Mexico with a single spike on the 29th in the flap period.
Pic3 is non-SKYWATCH state Texas with nothing significant going on.
Next post we look at California in depth as a contrast.
Pic1 is SKYWATCH state California with a flap shape similar to >>122948 (pic1 and 2)
Pic2 is a comparison of newspaper article counts begging people to watch the skies over and over from https://cdnc.ucr.edu/ leading up to the UFO flap period resulting in the Air Force not getting USSR nuclear bomber reports but UFOs instead.

>Norton [Air Force Base] got into the “flying saucer” news this week when the Air Force issued a standard form for recording the interrogation of “saucer sighters” and the air intelligence officer of the 27th Air Division (Defense), a tenant organization at the base, announced that he will receive the reports from this area for evaluation and processing. The 25-question form, titled “Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Form” is being distributed nationally to ground observers of “Operation Skywatch” but are not available as yet to the general public, according to Lt. Alice H. Holberg, 27th Air Division public information officer. It was explained that the new forms, issued through the Air Defense Command, is a preliminary interrogation for possible follow-up by Air Intelligence. It is divided into four categories: Brief description of the object or objects, time of observing object or objects, manner of observation and location of observer. Among the questions are the fol lowing : What is the shape, size, color, number, formation aerodynamic features, condensation trail or exhaust, propulsion type, approximate speed, sound, maneuvers executed, manner of disappearance, unusual features, location of observer, time of sighting, duration of sighting, approximate distance and altitude, direction from observer, direction travelled, weather conditions and air traffic at the time, (and to top them all) Did you get any photographs or fragments?
-- San Bernardino Sun, Volume 6, Number 18, 10 August 1952, page 9
-- https://cdnc.ucr.edu/?a=d&d=SBS19520810.1.9&srpos=35&e=------195-en--20--21-byDA-txt-txIN-%22operation+skywatch%22----1952---1

SKYWATCH made the UFO flap of 1952. And nothing suggests they weren't watching (former) solar metal or H/He plasma.
something I failed to save but on the subject, UFOs exist. see an airborne object or aircraft you cannot identify, it's an UFO waiting to be explained.
Extraterrestrial ships never been a thing, but this conspiracy is engineered to make people believe the government hides secrets, and to keep people scared, or obsessed about paranormal shit.

UFOs and ETs are essentially a weapon the media keep to get people terrified, just like global warming. it's alarmism, but if a media, as orson welles did successfully, manage to create panic, they can control anyone, and with this fear, the governments will allow themselves what they want on the principle of fear.

There's no ET. No invasion. But the mass media and Hollywood prepared you for this, to get all nations to cooperate like the globalists want with the climate, and the same with a hypothetical ET invasion, to force in a new world order.

AFAIK all the UFOs observed were explained objects, or experimental fighters on the area-51. The rednecks around it seeing a strange triangular flying thing would assume it's an UFO. it's just a new concept jet no one should know
122993 122997
I mostly agree. I suspect that back in the cold war the threat of nuclear annihilation was perceived to be so high (Operation SKYWATCH) that anything was considered better. The idea of making a fake space brotherhood or fake alien invasion (CIA psyops) was considered better than millions dead. This, I suspect, is what tipped the CIA into the deep state/lefty/globalists/fake news/hippies mind set.

Over time the allowance of faking to the public has infested leadership with liars and psychopaths which has ruined any chance of the assumed utopia to follow the end of nationalism/nuke wars.

Thanks for posting. I was wondering if I posting into a black hole. :) Working on the wave of 1954 and bettering the sun hypothesis by setting limits on the travel time of the plasma.
>I was wondering if I posting into a black hole. :)
You're not.
Even if the stuff you post is mostly esoteric to say the least, it is read without missing a single post.
Thanks, fren!

Should get interesting when I redo the timeline from "UFO pilots" perspective.
My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash - What.jpeg
>"UFO pilots"

sneak peak: http://cufos.org/HUMCAT/
fun reading but only a tiny percent of UFO reports.
you're welcome! also thanks for all the info on this thread, we're not the only ones who kind of researched really who want us to believe all that.

And indeed, whenever the media, news or some holywood-inspired scare show propagates bullshit about Roswell, pyramids, and more, it's scaremongering.
Just followed by Hitler's secret plan for world domination and some ghost hunting stories, and this is the shit you see all the time on the biggest manipulation tool : Television.

I love science fiction, Startrek and all that, but if we are thousands of years from dominating the galaxy, let's keep in mind the other civilizations are on the same level as ours, and we are all limited by speed of light. Also astronomically speaking we are kind of in the desert, the bled, the deep countryside of the galaxy lost between Toufiaux-les-oies and Clamergey, while there are areas in the galaxy that are more dense, more proper for eventually the stats of having two civilizations can eventually communicate.
Drake's equation is very important for that.

Like Anon said earlier ITT, anything, any UFO will be identified soon or late, that's science.
- A phenomenon is observed
- Research will be done, theories will come about what have been observed.
- Time and more evidence will gather to correlate with the observation.

We will find out it was an experiment in high altitude, a broken missile that went out of control in a suborbital flight, a stealth jet or drone tested by the army ( yes that's really what Area51 is all about, no ET shit, just skilled engineers) and that phenomenon of light is the sky are just particles due to solar winds or ionized gas in the high atmosphere, or even a strange interpretation of what is now detectable on multimode, networked radars since the 90's or seen on an infrared camera... yep : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYDIVdUyMzs
I assure you that's a two engine jet fighter, Certainly a F15. F18 or a Mig29, but that's free real estate for the mainstream media to show anyone these images and tell them «UFOs are here, this is real footage! Mysteries! Unexplained phenomenons! We are observed!» making people paranoid, believing the government is very powerful and hide things, that makes them look stronger and invincible, but it's just makeshift the World's establishment wants us all to believe.

CIA being essentially masters in term of manipulation more than anything it's not even surprising they redacted this kind of info, knowing one day it would be found.

122999 123003
My father saw a huge flying oval overhead while driving on a highway in California in the 1970's. It had different colored lights all around and was completely silent, and was moving much faster than a blimp could. There was no report of anything like that in any newspaper.

He doesn't tend to make stories up but his idea is that aliens visit earth from time to time but are incapable of evil. Of course I can't just say "isn't it possible?" because of course it technically is possible, but isn't something that can be proven. What do you think of the idea that there are real aliens and the CIA makes hoax stories?
What is a fact is that your father saw a huge flying oval overhead while driving on a highway in California in the 1970's.
I totally believe him. He saw an object or a phenomenon he could not identify. My uncle also assured me he saw something in the night at a certain distance like a swarm of lights over the woods from his apartment's living room.
He also assured me it was extraterrestrials, but for him. it was just UFOs.
Different colored lights and silent, could have been anything, but like you said, his idea is that they are aliens.
Where the media and hollywood have worked well, is to make people believe and fear what they don't understand.

Anything you can see and not being able to identify, someone will, and it don't even need to be a thing in the sky. Pick a random person and ask him/her to tell what they see here. For 99,9% of the population these will be Unidentified, non-flying objects. I can still throw some in the air and they are flying, turning someone with a GOOD camera completely crazy and that would make it in the news, strange shaped thing found! Are we alone? 99.9% of the population will shit their pants, the 0.1% who know what it is will laugh their asses off.
>My father saw a huge flying oval overhead while driving on a highway in California in the 1970's.

If you give me a date I can see if I have anything for that date/location in UFOCAT or UFO Journals.

>What do you think of the idea that there are real aliens and the CIA makes hoax stories?

I spent most of my research years thinking aliens were real until I did a timeline of UFO reports and I saw that the actions of the pilots were in alignment with advanced human technology of that time. Ordinary humans are not aware of what is cutting edge. For example >>67329 → scoop marks on abductees or >>752 → 1897 flight suits.

Aliens likely exist but I see no evidence that they have found us yet. I am looking tho.

>He doesn't tend to make stories up but his idea is that aliens visit earth from time to time but are incapable of evil.

Our belief in aliens is just a modernisation of "beings from heaven" that religions have. It is the hope that a superior (technological now rather than spiritual) parent will come and save childish us. But I am looking forward to doing a deep dive into the evolution of the UFO pilots because it will show an interesting evolution.

I think we all have the natural instinct to assume that a mystery is by default intelligent. When a primitive man hears rustling in a nearby bush he needs to assume it is a predator or another person about to attack him. This natural assumption increases his survival chances as he points his spear at the bush.
When driving our car and we see a light in the sky we need to do the same thing, assume the worst and get prepared for fight or flight. If we never discover what it was then the instinct will remain that it is intelligent and it's motives uncertain. Most people consider their feelings a description of truth, that instinct produces our feelings. After successfully "escaping" "the aliens" in the 1970s he has relieved his fear by blindly believing they can't be evil. I would not try to change his opinions, he is dealing with the fearful experience the best he can and it seems like a good way to cope.

What is interesting about all of this in general is that we are still primitives regardless of having mobile phones etc.

>>122291 →
>>122293 →
H.G. Wells & George Orwell could not have known their warnings would be used as guidelines by thinktank skunks. By 1949 dozens of technologies used to create falsified memory states were in open & weaponized usage. Will soon be in position to readdress technological Bell curve given with greater emphasis & leadup to following usages.

>>122355 →
>>122371 →
>>122372 →
>>122374 →
Neither "infotainment" nor "disinfotainment". Consider originating source: near-impossible to blackmail, hard to assassinate, rabble rouser. Free thinker, leaves conventional options open, uses correlations for potential causation. Remains unconvinced by known propaganda lines. Genuine. Would call him 'normie' save for intensive fact finding abilities. Underwhelming for you, yes, not for same reasons discussed earlier. Blue Wall of Silence not complete protection. He knows it. Nigerian Parking Shits not convincing given previous lies. Forget Services on do not talk list. Easy trip to Dips.
#1a: "impossible" describes lack of evidence. Originator unconvinced by (((aliens))) and (((supernatural))) both. Thinks in three dimensions. Lambasts 'other' possibilities, yet leaves questions open for discussion. Researcher, studious, open mind. Difficult to fool given history, not impossible. Derides (((miracles))).
#1b: "makes no sense" describes lack of convincing 'evidence'. Neither Zeus nor Thor create lightning. Atmospheric-ground conditions do. Offers facts, does not slide interpretations towards biased opinion. Not fooled. Definite key note.
#1c: "unsolvable" describes lack of key witnesses, information, facts. Denies use of speculation via focus & attention to details, facts. Not stupid, does not accept (((blue books))).
#2: witness leading used as median passive-helpful coercion method to create cross-referenced details & facts. 'Witnesses' attempted to ascribe (((supernatural))) or (((alien))) meanings to events. Attempts to locate information created >60% likely failure: 'witness' became witless. Too emotional, could not reason properly. Leaves known facts as placeholder until/unless further information given.
#3: hypothermia/hyperthermia little understood pre-world war jew. Considered "wild madness", "snow fever", etc. Paradox of intent. Focus on fact finding precludes ridiculousness, hard to fool.
#4: "weather manipulation/control" mechanisms available post-1941. Documents on hand, Herr Vril. Compare.
#5: propaganda from tiny sources intentionally snowballed by """exposure""". Compare.
#6a: forced 'selection biases'. Create story to follow. Easy to 'believe', simple to manipulate. Give 'reason' to accept fallacies. Witnesses are witless. Auto-accept external suggestions. How deep? Project NORTHERN SHELTER. Funny yet stupid.
#6b: Selective Memory Syndrome (artificial). Inherently prone to abuse. 1953 onwards.
#6c: lack of technological understanding in Jewnited Estates. First stealth helicopter debuted in 1953, secret project. First stealth jet debuted in 1957, secret project. Dozens of firsts not known to "public". Compare.
#7: no mermaids, no vampires, no aliens. "Clever men" using fear, projection, control.
#8: human brain lacks cognizant distinctions between reality, false memories, delusion. Directed pseudo-sociopathic warfare. 1961 in timeline.
#9: scent/pheromone destroying chemicals in abundance since 1907. Cheap, easily concealed 'cleaning chemicals'. Not considered until FBI investigations into "heart attack gun" traces of La Sia/Pissad operatives. Marked/unmarked low fliers common in heavy traffic areas. Laughable diversion. Not fooled.
#10: lack of current knowledge. Today's technological innovations unthinkable to previous generation. Hydrogen slush fuel used by 'old timers'. New tech: onboard synchronized micro reactors, plasmatic & thorium based. Keeping pace or understanding difficult without context.

New dataline given by ultra-paranoid colleague: weaponized use of inherently disruptive conditions/locales. Why set trap on 'game trail' if chance of 'success' only <10%? Simple solution best: place traps in known locations. 'Fields' used throughout history, Herr Vril. Apply all four meanings. !!SCIENCE!!

I appreciate your posts and the apparent insider information. This discussion/debate has made me realise something that I would like to share with you.

The Detective: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Paulides is a detective. His priority in that type of work is speed in catching a perpetrator. This means that precision and logic is less emphasised and so following all leads including intuition, gut and witness badgering is allowable. This means the detective process can be a bit sloppy if the goal is still reached in a timely manner.

The Insider: is (You). You don't need evidence, you don't need proof, because you have apparently lived it to some degree and have shadowy contacts that can pass on more info. You live in a world of nefariousness and endless rumours. The rumours are believable because of your personal experiences. You don't need proof.

The Researcher: is me. The researcher tries to convert claims into facts using evidence and logic. The researcher can't appeal to faith, friendship, trust, gut instinct or insiders (You) as "evidence". The researcher should not be converting people to a new belief, he should be showing facts that the reader is unable to refute due to iron clad data and logic. The perfect research result would show data with zero comment and all readers would logically reach the same conclusion. (I am reading up on statistics currently.) No need for trust or faith. A researcher is like a historian building up a view of the past based on data.

I think the above explains the apparent conflict between us and our styles. I am the hardest to convince because I have the intent of one day presenting my UFO research more publicly. And since a person only ever gets one first impression publicly, I intend to make it an iron clad, totally unrefutable, first impression. I am not a detective and I am not an insider, nor can I be.

You and I are friends, but I won't compromise high quality researcher ethics even for a friend. Your posts I treat as claims for consideration awaiting evidence, I may even hunt the evidence myself. I love your posts but they will never be gospel. I hope you keep posting, but I hope more you will back up your claims more. Please don't be offended by this post, I respect your efforts and your apparent life experiences and the follow on consequences.

I will spend more time considering your posts details and reply later but I wanted to clarify why I think we are processing data differently.

P.S. as an insider you are prone to see anything and nefariousness first. You have a hammer and you are treating everything as a nail, even the things that aren't nails. My UFO research has biased me to seeing UFOs as up to 97% natural. I also know that UFOs have multiple answers not just one answer. Therefore I am biased/skeptical towards processing "women lying naked in a river" as 97% probability of being natural (hypothermia) and a very small number of 411s as nefarious. If you want to persuade me that most 411s are nefarious classified tech then do more posts like >>67308 → . I am skeptical in the proper use of the word, ie. I am not a debunker, I listen, I consider, I look for facts that support: no facts = no support = claim not proven.

With respect,
literal disc.png
An interesting correlation:

>>765 → pic1 bottom image with the flat disk suspended above the "craft".
>>122793 → pic4 and the comment regarding PRN 15249. Pic is the details of the account.

Gives the impression that German flying saucer tech was responsible.
This case is part of a 'Latin America' list which starts, interestingly on July 23, 1947, and continues until 1965. An earlier version of discs and UFOs appears to be >>65814 → .
1954 UFOs and 1941 1947 1948 1951 GeoStorms.png
1954 Wave. A clump of Geomagnetic storm dates over 100 on the NOAA index matches the clump dates for the 1954 UFO wave.

Getting harder to manage all of the data and correlate. Also it seems some plasma blobs arrived after only 3 years! Setting a new record.

It seems to take about a week for the UFO sighting effect to fade out based on the timing of the end of the storm clump and the UFO report lows. This was slightly interfered with by the 1951/10/28 geostorm/solar ejection which pushed sightings back up for 2 days in 1954/10/27-28 before letting them fall off again.
Can I play Planet Explorers now? :D
123033 123089
We don't know why aeroplanes fly! WTF.
It's because air moving above a curved surface has more velocity and therefore generates less pressure, pushing the wing up. Or are they talking about something else?
Planes can fly upside down. Every simple theory has flaws. It seems to be 4 effects working together but no one knows.
The Flying Saucer Mystery, 1950

The Flying Saucer Mystery - (Full) (1952)
123086 123087 123205
You are correct in most respects, Herr Vril. However, I am never convinced even when all possible avenues, routes, roads, paths, and flight plans have been substantiated beyond the most difficult to obtain burdens of proof. As you have corrected me numerous times, I have logically considered, agreed, and changed my thought processes/actions according to reason. The times I have attempted to correct you with direct entreaty & knowledge were treated with proper suspicion necessary to your own survival instincts. That is natural intelligence et humanis. That eagerness to identify, correlate, and understand is remarkable. For a time that was lost. There is no basis for me to decry nor denigrate your behaviors. As stated before: I pass on what is directly available, not necessarily what is essentially or absolutely correct. It is neither wanted nor necessary to convince you, only to expose outside thinking. This was a simple double-exposure on the how rather than a "why" certain natural phenomena in specific regions are used in, or as, the context of a trap. You will certainly recall my knowledge of piezoelectric inventions, fields, affects/effects, processes, theories, etc. Have begun compiling a closed system in order to sort interesting, curious, and naturally significant events by date, technological level, experimental levels, and relevance. Originally I did not, or could not, understand the possibilities & implications for abuse of natural phenomena being as wide spread as they have become. You exposed that to me. In return I desire a greater benefit, a return to original inspiration. Mutual, not singular.

In attempting to study all possible data on directly natural explanations which replacing otherwise 'unexplainable' events, those specific ones which have been strung out using paranoid (((supernatural))) explanations are now startlingly simple to see. The detective is not wrong, yet he is not right. The thousands of 411 cases have proven that nature is far stranger and less coherent than directed technology, regardless of source. An intriguing yet tiring conclusion.

Have you ever considered bathing in a natural hot spring, Herr Vril? It is rumored that there are numerous health benefits. Rumors that, of course, are anecdotal. You'll see soon.
>only to expose outside thinking.
This is always appreciated. The bigger the box of possibilities the more likely the finding of a correlation suitable for rigorous testing and hopefully passing said test.

>Originally I did not, or could not, understand the possibilities & implications for abuse of natural phenomena being as wide spread as they have become.
One of the problems I am likely to run into with UFO pilots is that it may not be possible to discern between external naturally induced hallucinations and artificially evilly induced hallucinations. Currently I flag these as "witness compromised" but I am not categorising if natural or intentional yet. A deeper look later + timelining may give some ideas. Similar appearance and evolution of appearances may help too.

It is interesting to consider that heightened solar activity makes schizophrenia more likely in some people. I am also concerned that nature is using this is a uplift of mood for people requiring spiritual assumptions. ie. a person dies and exposure to natural mag fields or infra-sound leads to a presumed seeing of the dead persons ghost. I am also concerned that our subconscious will purposely lie to out conscious to re-stablise our conscious, for example religious visions in distressed people. Objectively life is kind of stupid and aging makes it increasingly stupider (effort vs reward). All the effort leads to death still anyway. There must, therefore, be a delusion to make going on "sensible". Alternatively, the concept of conscious atoms is astounding and should not be squandered.

Having said that, I have had personal paranormal experiences where items literally vanished and literally re-appeared. Sadly I never saw the transitions but I was alone. And double verified the absence in one case.

The story: After a grandparent had died, I was staying in their house, and it was the habit to hang the door keys on a hook about 2 meters up a wall near the locked front door. One day, with only me and a cat in the house, I went to check the mail and the keys were unusually absent from the hook. I searched the house, no keys. I felt with my hands and looked with my eyes at the hook, no keys. After some frustration I recalled I had spare keys in the spare room in a forgotten draw. I used the keys to check the mail, came back ready to hang the spare keys on the hook, but I could not, the old keys had returned! This does not prove a dead person moved them, it does not disprove such either. There was nothing for the cat to jump on. I was gone for a minute and could observe anyone entering the property.

I am therefore not opposed to the paranormal, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But I also realise debunkers use this to escape the extraordinary by not willingly researching extraordinary claims with the same attentiveness as the ordinary, ego and cultural assumptions does not allow them to do so.

Truth-seeking is a lonely and ego destroying pursuit. Ultimately you become loyal to data, not people and not even your own feelings. But two truth-seekers are unavoidably companions ultimately, because there is only one truth and therefore only a smaller and smaller subset of paths and therefore they walk side-by-side closer and closer, loyalty not required, common cultural values not required, fighting not required: the objective facts exist or they do not. If you fill yourself with truths, ego is not required. You simply cite a reference and move on.

>In return I desire a greater benefit, a return to original inspiration. Mutual, not singular.
I assume this means your adjustments are having a healthy positive impact on you. :) I did wonder if a reduction in assumed nefariousness might lower your burdens.

>Have you ever considered bathing in a natural hot spring, Herr Vril? It is rumored that there are numerous health benefits. Rumors that, of course, are anecdotal. You'll see soon.
Should I process this in an ominous way? My health was low at one point but the application or research and logic rescued it. I am usually quite healthy now. Doctors are a money-making con for pharma. Imagine my doctors face with a turned up with a flow chart of what was my concern. Imagine later I turn up with my own solution, and he then agrees. >mfw I healed my self with the help of cocoa and dark chocolate! Yum!
Do 411s have a solar/10year/11year cycle??
>Having said that, I have had personal paranormal experiences where items literally vanished and literally re-appeared. Sadly I never saw the transitions but I was alone. And double verified the absence in one case.
Sounds like your grandparent was quite a prankster! This is nothing surprising to most people, as we've all had occasions like that. In fact, there is a Catholic saint (Anthony of Padua) from whom help is requested quite regularly to find missing items.

As for one experience of my own, a year ago I woke up to find myself quite immobilized with a dark wisp-like spirit hovering over the foot of my bed, hands clasped in prayer. At the time I was certain it was an actual spirit, but later I decided it was probably just the typical case of sleep paralysis. Still, nothing like that happened before or since so I cannot be 100% certain one way or another. It's quite strange to wonder whether something you see is actually there or not. Perhaps one such experience is what caused Descartes to make his philosophy-destroying assertion that senses and the physical world are not to be trusted.

>But two truth-seekers are unavoidably companions ultimately, because there is only one truth and therefore only a smaller and smaller subset of paths and therefore they walk side-by-side closer and closer, loyalty not required, common cultural values not required, fighting not required: the objective facts exist or they do not. If you fill yourself with truths, ego is not required. You simply cite a reference and move on.
Perhaps this is why academics working together tend to become the best of friends, regardless of background. Also may be why /pol/ has an indomitable culture.
Intriguing. It left me perplexed.

The longer a mystery remains the more likely it has multiple causes, but the researches are still looking for one cause which they will never find.
ufowave.run=2020-02-14T073947,139658756 0000.params=1947.06-07.daily.dat.png
Improving and automating chart production, work in progess.
ufowave.run=2020-02-14T230806,957557447 0000.params=1947.01-12.monthly.dat.png
ufowave.run=2020-02-14T230933,495575260 0000.params=1947.06-07.daily.dat.png
ufowave.run=2020-02-14T231832,850945347 0000.params=1947.07.01-15.3hourly.dat.png
More progress.
Examining 1947 UFO wave of June and July and historical solar/geomagnetic storms near the same dates.
Pic1: 1 year wide, month resolution. It suggests look at 1947/06-07.
Pic2: 2 month wide, day resolution. It suggests look at 1947/07/01-15.
Pic3: 15 days wide, 3 hour resolution. It suggests solar/geomagnetic storms of 1941 made the bulk of the 1947/06-07 wave.
Looking for a solution to the repeating colors in the bars.
You might need to download the wide images to zoom.
I just wanted to thank you for the effort posts and for creating this (and the last thread), OP. I haven't looked much into the UFO stuff myself, but I find these posts very interesting nonetheless. polite sage
You are welcome fren, thanks for the message and encouragement. Now look what you have done:


Containing plasma blobs, naturally, with the suns magnetic field to produce magnetic bottles and then inserting the bottled plasma in the Earth's atmosphere.
Preliminary investigation links and thoughts:

How does a magnetic bottle work? - https://www.quora.com/How-does-a-magnetic-bottle-work?share=1#
Science Action: How does a magnetic field confine a plasma? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWCqwZoE0FY

Now consider the chaotic nature of the sun's magnetic field at maximum:
Watch the Sun's Magnetic Field Twist and Turn - https://www.discovermagazine.com/the-sciences/watch-the-suns-magnetic-field-twist-and-turn (pic1)

the sweeping motions of the magnetic tide as it sweeps up plasma to insert onto the earth:
https://sites.nationalacademies.org/cs/groups/ssbsite/documents/webpage/ssb_169591.pdf (pic2)
Subsiding geomagnetic and solar radiation storms - https://watchers.news/2014/04/21/subsiding-geomagnetic-and-solar-radiation-storms/ (pic3)

Now consider a metallic plasma ejection. Notice is pic2 that the electron wave arrives first, this is the GeoMagnetic Storm detected. It is likely that protons arrive next as they are denser but have the same level of electric charge. And way at the back in pic2 is the ions. These are high density, high mass atomic nuclei ions. We even know what they are:

The sun has https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_energetic_particles which are made up of "They consist of protons, electrons and HZE ions". What is a HZE?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HZE_ions : Prominent HZE ions: Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Magnesium (Mg), Silicon (Si), Iron (Fe)
The sun eats space rocks and shits metal then sweeps it onto the Earth!

1a. Imagine this scenario, you are a metal plasma ejected from the sun, the sun's magnetic field lines have bottled you up into a blob. But the space environment also has electrons being streamed out from the sun. Your outer shell is collecting electrons and transforming into a ordinary metal hull containing a plasma core. You get dropped into the Earth's atmosphere at night, the plasma core is stealing electrons from the hull and the hull is stealing electrons from the atmosphere or from the Earth's magnetosphere. You glow. See >>120702 → .

1b. Or you get dropped into the atmosphere during the day your, now ordinary metallic, hull is seen by people and reported using the generic term "flying saucer". The labelling of UFOs is a very interesting cultural phenomena, we label UFOs with the latest tech of the day. UFOs in the airship times become mystery airships. New aeroplanes? Ghost Fliers. New long range rockets? Ghost Rockets. ?????? -> Flying Saucers? The implication is that there must have been man-made flying saucers to cause the labelling of the UFOs as flying saucers*, if the pattern of social behaviour holds. Pics 2 and 3 @ >>122961 show the "flying saucers" of 1952 are more like plasma than manufactured flying saucers. Abuse and cultural bias of incorrect labelling leading to assumptions that aren't true.

* The initial use of the term saucer and disc was to describe the skipping motion of the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947, "like a saucer skipping over water", but the label seems to have been kept due to the seen shape also. Perhaps the seen shape is the small number of human craft and the rest is (former) plasma visualised (pareidolia) as a "flying saucer" due to social/media conditioning? Or perhaps a natural plasma core with a metal hull (dense matter moves to the outside, centrifugal force) with high speed rotation causes an oblate spheroid shape, in a gravity environment it droops into a saucer shape. The light plasma core wants to float, the metal wants to fall. Perhaps this naturally made shape inspired the man-made shaped flying saucers? Maury Island incident seems like this. ( http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/The%20Coming%20of%20the%20Saucers%20%281952%29%20PDF%20Digital%20Edition%20%28July%202011%29.pdf Search for: As I looked up from the wheel on my boat )

2. You are a H/He only plasma^, bottled up by the sun's mag field, then perhaps the Earth's magnetic field (they are connected), you get dropped into the Earth's atmosphere, you glow fiery orange and float because you are composed of a lifting gas. You blink out and will never be seen again because you are clear gas.

^ Historically the sun had two types of prominences, normal prominences (H/He) and metallic prominences (which is what started this whole metal from the sun theory).

Lagrange Points: Parking Places in Space - https://www.space.com/30302-lagrange-points.html

The Earth's uneven magnetic fields - https://archive.epa.gov/esd/archive-geophysics/web/html/geomagnetic_field.html (pic4) is the magnetic density "slope" over the USA (and South America etc.) the cause of plasma/UFO concentrations? The natural place for charged particles to enter the Earth's atmosphere is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora#Occurrence but does the "magnetic mountain" over Canada send the particles "downhill" into the USA?

Plenty of science for the idea of the sun sweeping plasma to us as part of its solar cycle after ejecting it, and perhaps the Earths mag field (plus witness density) biasing the location of UFO reports.

/end wall of text.
I am going to do a run through of all the UFO waves using the new automated graph making process.
I will spoiler the images and my interpretations.

1896 November Mystery Airships
These chart pics are the first Mystery Airships in 1896 November. The bigger wave of Mystery Airships is in 1897. I'll do that next.
The first 3 images in this post are the raw data from UFOCAT and NOAA geomagnetic storm intensities where they are > 100 added together if multiples.
The last 2 images are my interpretation. If you want, draw your own conclusions from pics 1-3 then look at mine in pics 4-5.

My interpretation:
Pic 1 of the year 1896 shows a spike of Geomagnetic Storms in 1882 in Novembers prior to a UFO spike in 1896 November. Dig deeper there.
Pic2 shows the spike in 1882 Geomagnetic Storms offset by about 5 days from the Mystery Airship wave. Dig deeper into 1896/11/12-30.
Pic3 shows the 3hourly resolution for Geomagnetic Storms (most prominently 1882) and seems to still be offset by about 5 days. The 3 hourly resolutions shows the storms lasted up to 2.5 days, meaning most likely multiple solar ejections. Remember pic2 showed us that we need to offset our comparison by about 5 days.
Pic4 and 5 is is my interpretation in visual scribble form.

Is this method of presenting the data decent?

The Geomagnetic Storm of November 1882:
>In November 1882, an intense magnetic storm related to a large sunspot group caused widespread interference to telegraph and telephone systems and provided spectacular and unusual auroral displays. The (ring current) storm time disturbance index for this storm reached maximum −Dst ≈ 386 nT, comparable to Halloween storm of 29–31 October 2003, but from 17 to 20 November the aa midlatitude geomagnetic disturbance index averaged 214.25 nT, the highest 4 day level of disturbance since the beginning of aa index in 1868. This storm contributed to scientists' understanding of the reality of solar‐terrestrial interaction. Past occurrences of magnetic storms, like that of November 1882, can inform modern evaluations of the deleterious effects that a magnetic superstorm might have on technological systems of importance to society.
123204 123524
1897 April Mystery Airships
First 3 pics are raw data. Last 2 are my interpretations.

My interpretation:
Pic1 shows the 1897 UFO wave occurring mostly in April. [It also shows the 1882 Solar Storm in November. However we know this caused the 1896 Mystery Airships and so is not relevant to this 1897 discussion.] Dig into April.
Pic2 suggests there are three sets of solar storms causing the 1897 UFO wave. Two of the sets belong to 1882 (which also caused the 1896 "airship" wave). And one set belongs to 1892*. The 1882 storms are offset by about -4 days/degrees. The 1892 is offset by about -6 days/degrees. Dig into 1897/04/07-30.
Pic3 shows the storms in 3hr detail. The storms lasted up to 21 hours implying multiple ejections. The offset is close to pic2 expectations.

* The 1892 storm seems to have managed to cause a spike of UFOs after only 5 years travel. A look at the legend on the top right of pic 3 or 5 indicates the proximity of the solar storm timing to the maximum of the solar cycle. It says for 1892: "SC▲-2y" this means 1892 was 2 years before the solar maximum in 1894. A meta theory is being tested with this. Does the closeness of the solar storm ejection(s) to the solar cycle peak have an effect on the speed of the plasma reaching Earth? The assumption is that the ejecta from the sun needs help to escape the intense sun gravity close to the ejection site. If the sun has a heightened magnetic field at the time, the ejecta gets maximum early magnetic acceleration. It might be that strong solar ejections when the sun is quieter don't produce UFO sightings. These charts will allow a simple meta test of this hypothesis once all the charts have been generated.


>IT may interest some of your readers to know that a magnetic storm of unusual intensity raged from about midnight of Sunday the 16th to midnight of the 17th [April 1882], The photographic records are only now being developed, so time will not permit of a detailed account being furnished for this week's number.

>SOME particulars of the remarkable double outburst of sun-spots in the latter part of April [1882] and of the magnetic disturbances which appear to have been connected with them, as recorded at Greenwich, may be of interest to your readers. It is in itself a noteworthy fact that there should be on the sun at the same time two spots, one of them double, sufficiently large to be visible to the naked eye*, and this is made still more interesting by the occurrence of a violent magnetic storm a few days after the appearance of each of these large spots.

I found no chatter about the 1892 April solar storms. It appears the event was below the threshold of scientific discussion.

* Have any of you ever seen a sun spot on the sun with your naked eye?! https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sun_spot_naked_eye.jpg
>In attempting to study all possible data on directly natural explanations which replacing otherwise 'unexplainable' events, those specific ones which have been strung out using paranoid (((supernatural))) explanations are now startlingly simple to see.

I thought this might be of interest to you regarding natural effects on humans from, what I presume is plasma. The document attached and the links bellow discuss the UFO witness effects from what the researchers are presuming is advanced aerospace craft. I presume it is plasma, therefore might be relevant to your project.

>Inside the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program
>The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth.

The origin point of that is:

And it leads ultimately to the PDF attached. Which discusses the effects of UFOs (I assume plasma) on humans. The author presumes that biological impact from UFOs can lead to retro-defining the UFO propulsion systems. This was funded by the DIA for $10million tax payer dollars. Notice the assumption of spooky (either alien or classified tech ie. intelligent design) leads to erroneous waste of tax payer money. The resulting research is not only going to lead to no result, but implies the DIA does not know what UFOs are!


The actual reason for the UFO suppression is the one already stated historically, the air force and military are sick of being confused by UFOs and pretending to the public that they control the airspace completely. They don't - see 911. The UFO cover-up is the cover up of ignorance and ineffectiveness, not aliens:

> The [Robertson] Panel further concludes:
> a. That the continued emphasis on the reporting of these phenomena [UFOs] does, in these parlous times, result in a threat to the orderly functioning of the protective organs of the body politic.
> We cite as examples the clogging of channels of communication by irrelevant reports, the danger of being led by continued false alarms to ignore real [BLACKED OUT-] indications of hostile action, and the cultivation of a morbid national psychology in which skillful hostile propaganda could induce hysterical behavior and harmful distrust of duty constituted authority.
> 4. In order most effectively to strengthen the national facilities for the timely recognition and the appropriate handling of true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends:
> a. That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired;
http://www.cufon.org/cufon/robert.htm (1953)

If the DIA is still confused by UFOs in 2007, the same as the gov was in 1947, THAT is a big surprise!! And they are still following the same myth of advanced aircraft! Have I solved it and they have not?! How can that be, they have more brains and more money!
https://youtu.be/vWz-Z2hDGdI - UFO LANDS in Canyon! "Bizarre Craft" in BROAD Daylight [2019]
https://youtu.be/Ej-DSLtGPKk - Did a UFO-Air Force Encounter Accidentally Kill 4 in New York? [1954]

Si + Fe + O + Magnetic Fields = changing colors.
>sun spot on the sun with your naked eye
Now yes.
An ancient magazine plenty of fantasy and wild suppositions based in some facts mixed with propaganda.
I remember well the atomic kitchen, monorail trains, and glass submarines.

It's odd, in modern times, I don't know any incident when a missile was launched against the intruder.
Even on big urban centers with plenty of radar activity, interceptors are missing.
Alfrenic ejection of Plasmoid from solar eruption.png
Is this the sweeper of dense magnetic bottled plasma atomic nuclei blobs (not light electrons and protons) on to the Earth with a bias towards 10-11 year waves?

The heliospheric current sheet rotates with the sun (so about each 28 days it sweeps the Earth) but its intensity rises and falls with the sun cycle, so about 10-11 years. Plasma blobs with more inertia would need the higher intensity wave front to hit it.

Trailing plasmoids from solar flares

>Flare reconnection in current sheet behind erupting field ("magnetotail") enables Alfvenic ejection of plasmoid.
pic1 from https://youtu.be/kijKF2xEj1o @ 5:41 note the last point.

What is a plasmoid?

>A plasmoid is a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields. Plasmoids have been proposed to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning,[1][2] magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere,[3] and objects in cometary tails,[4] in the solar wind,[5][6] in the solar atmosphere,[7] and in the heliospheric current sheet. Plasmoids produced in the laboratory include field-reversed configurations, spheromaks, "Blackholes", and in dense plasma focuses.

>The word plasmoid was coined in 1956 by Winston H. Bostick (1916-1991) to mean a "plasma-magnetic entity":[8]

> The plasma is emitted not as an amorphous blob, but in the form of a torus. We shall take the liberty of calling this toroidal structure a plasmoid, a word which means plasma-magnetic entity. The word plasmoid will be employed as a generic term for all plasma-magnetic entities.

Some UFOs are metal plasmoids?

>As I looked up from the wheel on my boat I noticed six very large doughnut-shaped aircraft. I would judge they were at about 2,000 feet above the water and almost directly overhead. At first glance I thought them to be balloons as they seemed to be stationary. However, upon further observance, five of these strange aircraft were circling very slowly around the sixth one which was stationary in the center of the formation. It appeared to me that the center aircraft was in some kind of trouble as it was losing altitude fairly rapidly. The other aircraft stayed at a distance of about two hundred feet above the center one as if they were following the center one down. The center aircraft came to rest almost directly overhead at about five hundred feet above the water.
-- Maury Island incident (June 21 1947).

What do we do with the incident report? We call the witness a liar until he recants! Because it fails to conform to cultural expectations. Yay, science!

>The FBI then proceeded to investigate this case, and concluded that Crisman and Dahl's sightings were a hoax. In their files, they noted that Dahl stated that "if questioned by the authorities he was going to say it was a hoax because he did not want any further trouble over the matter."

The actual detection and observation of thin current sheets in a high-S coronal plasma is a formidable challenge due to the lack of adequate spatial resolution of even the most sophisticated imaging instruments. In this Letter, we demonstrate that despite this challenge, an important test of the theory by observational data can be accomplished through studies of the statistical distribution of sizes of bright moving blobs, which we interpret as plasmoids, in a post-coronal mass ejection (CME) current sheet (Sheeley & Wang 2002; Lin et al. 2005). The dynamics of bright blobs in post-CME current sheets has been studied previously. Riley et al. (2007) studied the trajectories of blobs in the current sheet during an eruption and compared Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO) observation data with a resistive magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation. Song et al. (2012) performed a statistical study of blob velocities and accelerations, as well as the morphology of post-CME current sheets (or coronal rays). The reported features of blobs such as enhanced volume density and blob speeds of a fraction of Alfvén velocity are compatible with plasmoids in simulations.

First Detection of Plasmoids from Breakout Reconnection on the Sun (2019!)
>Here we report direct observations of breakout reconnection and plasmoid formation during two jets in the fan-spine topology of an embedded bipole. For the first time, we observed the formation and evolution of multiple small plasmoids with bidirectional flows associated with fast reconnection in 3D breakout current sheets (BCSs) in the solar corona.

1947 UFOs are cutting edge science.


>HUGE DARK PLASMA SPHERE detaching from the SUN and took-off with near light speed - 2012_03_06
A little questionable and odd but interesting.

123215 123524
>Multiple Plasmoid Ejections and Associated Hard X-ray Bursts in the 2000 November 24 Flare
>The Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) on board Yohkoh revealed that the ejection of X-ray emitting plasmoid is sometimes observed in a solar flare. It was found that the ejected plasmoid is strongly accelerated during a peak in the hard X-rayemission of the flare. In this paper we present an examination of the GOES X2.3 class flare that occurred at 14:51 UT on 2000 November 24. In the SXT images we found “multiple” plasmoid ejections with velocities in the range of 250-1500 km/s, which showed blob-like or loop-like structures.
arxiv--1301.6241.pdf--plasmoids ejected from the sun photo.jpg
I think I have badgered this path to death. Actual photo of plasmoids leaving the sun!
>Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the deputy chief of naval operations, admitted that the vehicles in the declassified Navy videos are neither a hoax nor secret U.S. test aircraft: “The Navy designates the objects contained in these videos as unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP. In other words, they might be Russian, Chinese or even alien spacecraft. Whatever they are, they are real, they aren’t ours, and they continue to violate U.S. airspace with impunity.

>With that short statement, the Navy upended the conclusions of every prior U.S. government examination of the UFO phenomenon, from Project Sign in 1948 to Project Blue Book, which was terminated in 1969. Written when the Cold War was in full swing, these reports were designed to debunk UFO sightings and discredit civilian UFO researchers in order to reassure, rather than inform, the public. It is hardly surprising, then, that despite hundreds of cases defying explanation the Air Force concluded there was “no evidence of developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge” and that no case “reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security.”
>It is now obvious that the stigma the Air Force sought to create worked only too well, causing most U.S. military and intelligence personnel to conceal rather than report UFO/UAPs – a process of self-blinding that resulted in decades of lost data.
>Indeed, the radical and technologically superior nature of these craft is a common theme for Navy pilots on both coasts. In the famous “Gimbal” video posted by The New York Times, one of the pilots is heard to exclaim, “There’s a whole fleet of them out there!” He was referring to a V-shaped formation of smaller craft approaching the fighters as they observed a larger “mothership” in the video. At close range, these bizarre craft appear to be black cubes, the corners of which are touching the inside of transparent spheres a mere six feet in diameter. There are no discernable air inlets, exhaust, wings, or means of lift or propulsion, yet they have been tracked at supersonic speeds and seem able to remain aloft indefinitely. They could hardly be more strange and alien in appearance or behavior. Yet an obdurate DoD bureaucracy is making almost no effort to determine the origin of these craft or their means of propulsion.
>Although it seems a major new technology gap has been identified, there is no discernible effort underway to verify the gap, much less close it.
>And there is still no process for collecting and integrating pertinent information about UFO/UAPs from the myriad agencies and departments that possess it (NASA, the National Reconnaissance Office, the FBI, the National Security Agency, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the armed forces and others).
>While military personnel such as Fravor and Lt. Ryan Graves – an F-18 pilot who said UFOs followed his Navy strike group for months – are awed by the technology they observed, they are undeterred, eager to give chase both literally and figuratively. Reflecting on his encounter, Fravor told me, “I want to fly that thing!” He naturally expects his country to figure out where these things come from, why they are here and how they work. Fravor and his colleagues at least still have the right stuff, even if the hierarchy above them is lethargic and risk-averse.
>Christopher Mellon served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. He is an adviser to the To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science, a privately owned media and scientific research company. He also serves as a contributor to HISTORY’s popular nonfiction series “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.
123524 123525
I have noticed that UFO sightings and reports of strange things in the sky seem to coincide as a general rule with:

1. periods in which popular culture is obsessed with the idea of flight and flying machines

2. periods of international military and political tension in which an unusual number of people are anxiously looking to the skies, wondering whether a hostile nation's bombers are up there, or something worse

Thus, the late 1890s mania about "airship" sightings, and the enormous spike in "unidentified aircraft" sightings early in the Cold War, in particular in proximity to military bases.

These two points, plus the fact that UFO sightings seem to have decreased with the end of the Cold War and the proliferation of handheld devices that can be used as cameras suggest to me that there was never anything to "flying saucer" sightings but mass hysteria, plus an unfortunate few individuals who, perhaps desiring their fifteen minutes of fame, perhaps hallucinated or had extremely vivid dreams, of having been kidnapped and anally probed by Little Green Men from Mars.

I would note also that the ravings of the mad do not take place in a vacuum. A person in the throes of a psychotic break, or suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, is likely to hallucinate and be unable to distinguish his hallucinations and delusions from reality. And the content of these hallucinations and delusions generally can be traced to popular culture.

Consider James Tilly Matthews, in early 19th Century London, who at the height of the Industrial Revolution became convinced that evil men had constructed a vast mechanical instrument called the "Air Loom" and were using it to torment him with convulsions and evil thoughts.

In William Gibson's short story "The Gernsback Continuum," a freelance reporter interviews a teenage girl in rural Virginia who is convinced that she was chased and sexually violated by the flying severed head of a bear, which floated in the air on a tiny chrome hubcap-sized flying saucer, its eyes aglow, chrome antennae sprouting from its head, making science-fiction-y "beep beep click boop boop" sounds. "Now that is the real thing, the straight goods from the mass unconscious, friend; that little girl is a witch. There's just no place for her to function in this society. She'd have seen the Devil, if she hadn't been brought up on 'The Bionic Man' and all those 'Star Trek' reruns. She is clued into the main vein. And she knows that it happened to her. I got out about ten minutes before the heavy UFO boys showed up with the polygraph..." "If you want a classier explanation, I'd say you saw a semiotic ghost. All these contactee stories, for instance, are framed in a kind of sci-fi imagery that permeates our culture. I could buy aliens, but not aliens that look like Fifties' comic art. They're semiotic phantoms, bits of deep cultural imagery that have split off and taken on a life of their own, like those Jules Verne airships that those old Kansas farmers were always seeing..."

Like Betty and Barney Hill, who claimed to have been abducted by sinister alien beings who coincidentally looked exactly like the ones on a TV show airing a week before. Like uncounted people who should have known better, who ingested psychotomimetic chemicals and later reported that they had been contacted by leggy blonde elves from hyperspace who begged them to Ban the Bomb.

There's no "there" there, but the patterns are fascinating.

I want to give your post a full reply, but I realise that to do that requires me to complete the task I am currently working on. So I can't until I finish organising all my data for presentation.

So a short reply using the Mystery Airships as an example will have to do.

See the correlation between the Mystery Airship sighting spike in 1897/04/07-20ish and the Geomagnetic Storms (GMS) of 1882 in >>123203 pic1 & 2 (The larger spike in November made the 1896 November Mystery Airship spike).

* Geomagnetic Storms produces plasmoids in its wake >>123214 >>123215 which take years or decades to reach the Earth, probably related to the timing of the Solar Cycle.
Historically many of the plasmoids were metallic >>116089 → >>114065 → but metallic plasmoids/prominences went into decline in the 1950s >>113294 → but it can take up to a few decades for the space between the Sun and Earth to be cleared of them.
* These plasmoids are swept up by the Heliospheric current sheet which radiates out, and rotates, from the sun, based on the 10/11 year solar cycle. >>123213
* They get inserted into the Earth atmosphere as plasmoids and acquire electrons until they reach normal element state. This causes them to glow as the electron goe from high energy to low energy and emmit photons. If they were metal plasma they become floating metal blobs (the core might be vacuum, gas, or plasma). If they were hydrogen or helium they dissipate.
* Witnesses then interpret them as per cultural expectations, as you mentioned, this may or may not include war/spying assumptions.
* Witnesses when exposed to the magnetic field can hallucinate, this is externally induced "mania". >>89747 → includes mermaids >>89755 →
* A small percentage is the CIA testing out UFOs for psyops >>122962

The initiating event for most UFO reports is not random mental breakdown but the sun ejecting plasmoids. There were 801 Mystery Airships seen for all of 1897/04, leading to 1500 reports. A maximum of 74 Mystery Airships seen in one day occurred on 1897/04/13 leading to 115 reports. These spikes are not spikes in war jitters or self induced mass hallucination, but spikes in visual stimuli leading to a cascade of cultural interpretation. See >>123203 pic4 and 5. Some may be overlaid with EMF caused hallucinations from the plasmoid.

Small numbers of people do hallucinate for internal reasons but this a very tiny fraction of UFO report causes. Countering this is the radar reports which started in 1952 >>122959 especially https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1952_Washington,_D.C._UFO_incident .

All of this implies you haven't read the thread fully. My only objection to your post is that it does not include the central topic of this thread!

UFO sightings vs Sunspots.png

>Geomagnetic Storms produces plasmoids
...should say "The sun produces plasmoids in the wake of a Coronal Mass Ejection and/or Solar Flares."
We detect the solar ejection as a geomagnetic storm by getting hit with electrons, protons and, somewhat behind, atomic nuclei. Travelling significantly slower behind all of this is plasmoids. Plasmoids cause most UFO reports, up to 99%. (Data still being collected and analysed by me.)

>the fact that UFO sightings seem to have decreased with the end of the Cold War
Cultural interpretation. Correlation is not always causation. Do you like Philip Klass? Debunkers are biased, believers are biased. I am neither.
Pic is another correlation, have you investigated it? I am. Have you refuted it?
Source: http://www.cv-helios.net/RGO-NOAA-USAF.pdf and http://www.cufos.org/ufocat.html

And here is some more: >>114081 → see https://www.nature.com/articles/srep15689 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solar_cycles
The grand solar cycle churned up metal from it's interior. After rocks fall into the sun what happens to them? What metals are mostly in space rocks? What happens to that metal? What happens to the metal when the sun is VERY active? The Sun churning metal process begane about 1872:
>>“In the previous dispensation (May 1872) we gave the number of spectroscopic positions day by day, in which the magnesium lines were inverted. In June we continued the same observation, and found that the phenomenon was indeed increasing, so that this metal was visible several times over the entire edge of the sun. The luminous intensity of the inverted lines in group b (Mg) was always in agreement with the splendor of the flames of the chromosphere.” -- >>116275 →
It is forgotten how metallic the sun surface was in the 1870s and how it slowly faded away into the 1950s.

>the proliferation of handheld devices that can be used as cameras suggest to me that there was never anything to "flying saucer"
Chronological bias. Today is not yesterday. The sun surface was more metallic in the past, today it is less so. In addition people saw ordinary "lights in the sky" and called them flying saucers >>122961 pic2 and 3. And humans may have actually made flying saucers also >>755 → and https://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Flying-Saucers-German-Second/dp/1935487914

>In William Gibson's short story "The Gernsback Continuum,"...
"The Gernsback Continuum" is a 1981 science fiction short story

>There's no "there" there, but the patterns are fascinating.
Half true. The stimuli is real and sometimes metallic. But it is unlikely to be aliens. See there is a middle ground between debunker and believer.

You are trying to reduce all of this down to one answer, the debunker it-is-all-in-the-human-mind "answer". There are multiple origins to UFO reports. You need to expand your knowledge on the sun; it's metallic prominences, plasmoids, and grand solar cycle; and how UFO waves roughly correlate to solar cycles (years) and CME/solar flares (day of year = solar angular ejection path).
This improves the original Geomagnetic Storms vs UFOs chart.
It uses the highest geomagnetic storm for the month for the color coding, previous used monthly average but this overlooked large storms in a quiet month.
The black dots represent the number of UFO sightings for the month, size is calculated by computer looking at UFOCAT unique UFO sightings.


Now I have something decent looking to use and add info on to.
>Full 22 minutes of UFO At space station, Feb 21, 2020, UFO Sighting News
>Listen: Oregon Police Capture ‘Sound of UFO’ in 1981
>The black dots represent the number of UFO sightings for the month
Wouldn't you find strange that the military, which appears to have the tools to bring down those UFOs is usually missing, passive, or unresponsive?
They tried to catch them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantell_UFO_incident
Top speed of P-51 Mustang, 710 km/h : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_P-51_Mustang

Space objects can be travelling up to ~107,200 km/h* relative to the Earth. *Earth speed through space.
Fastest asteroid: 102,998 km/h : https://newatlas.com/sutters-hill-meteor-fastest-kiloton-radar/25552/

Space Shuttle: 28,000 km/h : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_airspeed_record

The military is generally confused by the whole situation and lacked the ability to catch them, then when you do get close the EMF effects of the plasmoid disrupt aircraft electronics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Tehran_UFO_incident

It's a no win situation. So the military looked for ways to escape responsibility because they could not actually control the situation, they did this by saying:
1953: "That the continued emphasis on the reporting of these phenomena [UFOs] does, in these parlous times, result in a threat to the orderly functioning of the protective organs of the body politic." -- http://www.cufon.org/cufon/robert.htm
1968: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condon_Committee#Committee_Report
1969: "No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security" -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Blue_Book
Ever since then UFOs are culturally acceptable as dismissible allowing the Air Force to ignore them. Also the UFOs/plasmoids went into decline in the 1970s, which helped.

Adding another dimension on to the mega-chart. There are two factors which are relevant regarding the plasmoid ejections. The intensity of the Geomagnetic Storm, AND the number of those storms. The mega-chart showed the monthly high, this is good for matching to short term UFO spikes to short term solar explosions, but the mega chart did not indicate the number of large Geomagnetic Storms, which good for long term multi-year UFO waves.

This new chart includes:

* The number of Geomagnetic Storms over 400nT on the left. It shows a surge in the 1940s, followed by a surge in UFOs. We have to wait some years for the Heliospheric Current Sheet to push them to Earth. The resolution is 10 years to avoid sub-Solar Cycle cluttering of the chart and therefore allows Solar Cycle to Solar Cycle intensity direct compassion.

* The drop in UFO reports in the 1980s corresponds with both a drop in Geomagnetic Storm intensity and also raw count of >400nT. We also have to keep in mind that the sun ran low of surface metal since the 1950s but some lagged in space for a while.

* The resurgence in the 1990s corresponds with the Geomagnetic Storms rising also. Could some Black Triangles be from the sun? Are they Carbon? -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HZE_ions Carbon has top mention....

* It shows the effects of the government calling for UFO witnesses. Both Operation Skywatch (1952) and Condon Committee investigation (1967). -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_Observer_Corps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condon_Committee This shows that horizontal lines of increased UFO reports are caused by purposely increasing witness reporting, nothing yet suggests large volumes of man-made Flying Saucers.

* Vertical lines of increased UFO reports are going to be astronomical because the Earth has returned to the same location in space and orientation relative to the sun (this includes summer making more witnesses because people are outside more/longer).

* It shows how we give culturally relevant cute names to the phenomenon.

* The "scareships" showed up on the chart briefly ( https://airminded.org/2006/12/22/the-scareship-age/ ) for 1909.

* 1973 looks interesting it seems to have both horizontal and vertical lines of increased UFO reports and has been called http://www.cufos.org/books/1973-Year_of_the_Humanoids.pdf

* There are a few other small horizontal lines of increased UFO reports which need looking at. Once all of the horizontal effects are identified I can do a cleaner look at the vertical solar plasmoid correlations. I am really happy that 1967 was another 1952 cause, this makes the "grand Flying Saucer wave" look more spotty like the solar storms are more spotty.

>USS Nimitz captain reveals Navy pilots DO have to watch out for UFOs after one of the carrier's planes captured secret unreleased video of 2004 encounters with a 'Tic Tac-shaped' mystery aircraft

>Captain Max Clark, commanding officer of the USS Nimitz, tells DailyMail.com it is important his ship and everybody on it is kept safe from UFOs
>'From my perspective we have an obligation to make sure the airspace is clear, whether it's UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle),' he says
>This comes just weeks after the Office of Naval Intelligence revealed the existence of a classified, unreleased video of a UFO
>The video was related to the notorious USS Nimitz carrier group's 2004 encounters with a 'Tic Tac'-shaped UFO
>The encounters remain a mystery and the object's incredible speed and movements have led to speculation that it was extraterrestrial

US Navy vs blobs of plasma. Who will win? Will the plasma obey flight rules?
>“Condobolin UFO Incident | The Bradleys” | Paranormal Stories [1954]

As observed or hallucination when in the presence of a plasmoid?

Wikipedia sucks sometimes, Here is more details on Tehran incident: https://www.mufon.com/iranian-airforce-ufo-intercept---1976.html
And pic is from http://www.ufosightingstoday.org/1976-tehran-ufo-incident-what-happened/


I am dismissive of Philip Klass, alleged UFO "expert", because:

>Philip J. Klass was one of the original conveners of NCAS in 1987 and was an important long-time mentor to our organization. In 1976 he, along with Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, James Randi, Ray Hyman, Martin Gardner, Paul Kurtz, Sidney Hook and others, was a founding member of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), now called CSI, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He was one of the world's foremost experts on UFOs.

>RSEP disbanded and its members, along with others such as Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, B.F. Skinner, and Philip J. Klass, joined Kurtz, Randi, Gardner and Hyman to formally found the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP).[3] Kurtz, Randi, Gardner and Hyman took seats on the executive board.[7] CSICOP was officially launched at a specially convened conference of the AHA on April 30 and May 1, 1976.[6] CSICOP would be funded with donations and sales of their magazine, Skeptical Inquirer.[7]

>The American Humanist Association (AHA) is a non-profit organization in the United States that advances secular humanism, a philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms the ability and responsibility of human beings to lead personal lives of ethical fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.[1]

Humanism is an anti-religion and it seeks to remove all supernatural interpretations through debunking. It is a counter-extremism to believerism. Both sides lack balance and objectivity. I put researchers into one of 5 categories:

Debunker, Skeptic, Truth Seeker, Believer, Advocate. The Truth Seeker is balanced, they have no opinion and no agenda and let the data tell its own story. The others will filter and bias the data to match agenda and ego. For example Philip Klass will talk about the "F-4's radar could have been in manual track mode"* but this is not confirmed, it is just an out for the humanist agenda.
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Tehran_UFO_incident

In the physical sciences skepticism has a counter-balance, another lab can do the same physics experiment and confirm or deny the claim. You can't make a UFO appear in a lab to confirm or deny a UFO report. Therefore applying skepticism, or worse debunkerism, to UFOs has no counter-balancing test. It has the appearance of being scientific but is actually bias. My approach is to consider the witnesses to be like witnesses in a court case, you have to show that they lied or were mistaken not just treat them dismissively through any escape clause you can find.
>[More Info In Description] Unknown Strange Sky Lights Recorded In Milwaukee
>Strange lights recorded in the sky of Milwaukee on the 27th February 2018.

Wouldn't it be nice if the internet gave sources?
Quite the sight in the sky over downtown Milwaukee Tuesday morning. But it wa...-10155602242911523.mp4
5_27 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Something can be seen from one of our tower ...-10155586537946523.mp4
>What we're talking about happened live on FOX6 WakeUp News on Tuesday morning, Feb. 27. Around 4:43 a.m., our news team took a look at one of our tower cameras -- and witnessed something odd flying in the sky over downtown Milwaukee.

>What was it? One theory involves seagulls. FOX6's Amy DuPont (see video below) was in the downtown area that hour -- and captured video of a big flock of seagulls flying around by the Milwaukee County Courthouse. But there are plenty of people who are questioning this theory -- because what's seen on the video just doesn't seem to act like birds flying around.
>For the record, something similar was captured by one of the FOX6 tower cams on Wednesday morning, Feb. 21. Around 5:27 a.m. a FOX6 News viewer noticed what you see just below (watch in the upper left part of the video -- it's a little more difficult to see). We do not have a definitive explanation for that video either.

Do birds leave streaks? Or did the camera make the streaks?

>Do birds leave streaks?
If they are moving fast enough relative to camera shutter speed, yes, they do.

123683 123692


Attached is a new version of the mega chart. The previous one violated my principle that the data should tell the story, not me. I changed it to a 100nT GMS threshold because scientists consider that to be an "intense" GMS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_storm#Definition I also changed it to be a 1 year resolution, I should not be telling people about solar cycle effects, I should let the data tell you instead.

However this made me wonder what the spread in GMS counts looks like month to month, rather than year to year. This is part of a wider debate I have been having with myself: What is more important for volumes of plasmoid production? Storm intensity, or storm count? The answer might be both. Therefore each month cell on the mega-chart needs to show both storm peak and storm count for each month. Therefore I am going to automate making the whole chart which will have three data points for each month cell. UFO report count, storm count, and storm peak intensity. The left of the UFO dot will be a color representing the peak storm and the right of the dot will represent the storm counts.

This then means that as I associate each UFO report peak with either a high storm count or a high storm intensity I can draw a line down the left or right half of the cells between origin storm(s) and culminating UFOs. This also means the lines can leap over other lines like in electric circuit diagrams. This will make other overlapping ejection->UFO events not tread on each others when it gets complex.

This keeps the chart concise but also containing 5 dimensions of data: Month (Earth same location in space), Year (offset correlations with solar cycle), UFO counts, storm counts and storm intensities. This will take some time because I'll have to script the production of the chart as it is too complex and specific for standard charting software.

I do believe, though, that this will be the final version of the at-a-glance situation covering 140 years of UFOs and solar activity. Considering the scope of what is being shown in one 2 dimensional image I think it is very cool. It is then the basic representation upon which I can start picking off the UFO spikes and correlating the UFO spikes with causes. What I expect to happen is some spikes will fail to have a obvious solar or "witness seeking" explanations. These UFO spikes then can be dug into deeper to see if they are human flying saucers or even aliens. I can then compare the general behaviour of the UFOs to other spikes and see what is different.


On the chart (pic1) also is two notes in red at the very bottom of the chart. This led to another revelation and then a hypothesis, I'd like to share:

In May 1869 there was a geomagnetic "super-storm" (scientists called readings over 250nT super-storms, I am learning the lingo!). Then in May, again, but in 1872 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelo_Secchi detected the sun having more and more Mg spectral lines. It appears that the May 1869 storm is the initiating event that starts the Mystery [insert word here] and Flying Saucer era. It is another example of the sun doing something in a particular month and us seeing visual results in the same month but years later. And is the data again doubling down on saying that ejections from the sun travel almost vertical.

It suggests that the May 1869 solar explosion was internal and this churned up the metal silt layer at the bottom of the Convection Zone and pushed metal into the solar convection currents. We know from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HZE_ions that the metal is completely ionized. So the glowing Mg that Secchi sees is the former atomic metallic nuclei moving from the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachocline area to the convection area and then the photosphere. The metal ions have gone from millions of degrees, and the brightest location in the solar system (aside from the core), to 6000K at the photosphere. This process appears to have taken 3 years. This also suggests some explosions are internal to the sun whilst others are at the surface (magnetic reconnection in the corona).

This also helps answer the question: If the sun has explosions in the 1860 and 70s where are the 1880 and 1890s UFO swarms? The answer is that the metal, being strongly ionised is opposed to clumping into metal blobs. They have like charges still and therefore repell each other, this is why the metal spreads over the sun and glows as it captures electrons. Over the years this metal acquires electrons and become more typical metal. At the same time it is at risk of falling back into the sun, to be lost from view again. But the sun is entering into its grand cycle peak, so the more nomalised metal gets thrusted back up by increasing solar storms (pic2) resulting in "metallic prominences" and sometimes thrown into space. But the throwing intensity has to wait for the solar intensity, which you can see in pic1 is about the 1940s.

Now, the more nomalised metal, has a optimal chance to make it from the sun to the Earth. The metal itself may still be partially ionised or in various states. The metal blobs may have a un-ionized hull with an ionized plasma core. The core is low pressure and therefore acts like a balloon in our atmosphere. The hull may be thin, and so rapid speed/direction changes don't have intertia problems.

Because they are electro-magnetic and light they may also be pushed by radar, so aircraft tracking may actually be repelling them also.


One last observation. It seems all of this was kicked off by a GMS with a reading of 531nT. But the sun has had larger storms:

>SELECT * FROM `magnetic_storm_3h` where value>700
>1989-03-13 21:00:00 715
>1989-03-14 00:00:00 715
>2003-10-29 06:00:00 715

In 1989 the sun had at least two extreme storms. These are larger than any recorded before. 1989 is also when Black Triangles start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_UFO_wave is it related?
>SELECT * FROM `magnetic_storm_3h` where value>700
>1989-03-13 21:00:00 715
>1989-03-14 00:00:00 715
>In 1989 the sun had at least two extreme storms. These are larger than any recorded before. 1989 is also when Black Triangles start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_UFO_wave is it related?

>The Belgian UFO wave peaked with the events of the night of 30–31 March 1990.

March but 17 days offset... curious. Are we doing what the people in the 1890s onward did. Are we seeing solar plasma and man-made high tech black aircraft and conflating the two all over again?!
The sun really needs to stop doing this shit! It's scaring the natives!

>SELECT * FROM `magnetic_storm_3h` where value>700
>1989-03-13 21:00:00 715
>1989-03-14 00:00:00 715

>The Phoenix Lights (sometimes called the "Lights over Phoenix") were a series of widely sighted unidentified flying objects or UFOs observed in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997.

>“but it is noteworthy that in 1872 the compensation comes from the greater number of observations made in the winter months, in which, the eruptions prevail in the east, while in summer they still prevail in the west as in the aforementioned years” – https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1876MmSSI...5A..61T/abstract (Secchi)

The sun rotates every 28 days. There should be no fixed orientation (relative to the stars) for solar ejections. Why doesn't it rotate? Two possibilities exist, the sun has some component of itself that does not rotate (for example the ejected material is somehow suspended above the sun, radiation pressure?) or material is streaming into the sun over an extended period.

For the later, it could be the infall of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biela%27s_Comet#Disintegration fragments which come from the November/Andromidids direction, it is therefore most visible in July when the impact zone is on the edge of the sun, it should also be visible in January but Winter weather obstructs viewing. Also it is hitting near solar max for maximum churn.

The Earth passed into the stream in November 1872. But the stream existed before November 1872, but would have been after November 1871 or we would have reported that date. This explanation appears to contradict the Solar Storm of May 1869 explanation. But there is no reason why both events could not happen together. In fact the infall of Comet Biela is a part of the process of the sun eating space rocks and shitting metal. However I have no data that suggest that debris from Biela breakup fell into the sun.

Suspending metal ions in space with solar radiation pressure:

>Another, visually dramatic, example of radiation pressure is the formation of cometary tails, in which dust particles released by cometary nuclei are pushed by solar radiation into characteristic trailing patterns.

Solar Radiation pressure causes acceleration of particles away from the sun:

>Direct photography has shown that the material in the tail of a comet is travelling outwards from the head, always away from the sun, with a velocity that is continually increasing. This proves that the material is moving under the influence of a continually acting force emanating from the direction of the sun, and not under some momentarily acting force such as might be supposed to arise from an explosion in the comet’s head; for in this latter case the
material would be driven out with a constantly diminishing, instead of an increasing, velocity.

Solar Radiation and Solar Cycles:

>Levels of solar radiation and ejection of solar material, the number and size of sunspots, solar flares, and coronal loops all exhibit a synchronized fluctuation, from active to quiet to active again, with a period of 11 years.

Heliospheric Current Sheet and Solar Cycles:

I also suspect the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliospheric_current_sheet is like a garden water sprinkler, it appears to be curved flow but it actually radial flow. HCS also rises and falls with the solar cycle and so it also radiates pressure onto the metal parked in space by radiation pressure and pushes it towards the Earth in a cycle following, but lagging, the solar cycle (due to journey time).

This theory continues to be supported by the data. I think that completes my mind dump. Now my mind can be cleared to do some programming to make the better mega-chart. Yay!

Solar Radiation Pressure and metal.

>churned up the metal silt layer at the bottom
>ejected material is somehow suspended above the sun, radiation pressure

These two ideas are contradictory? Does the metal float or sink?

>On the possibility of the emission of high-speed atoms from the sun and stars (1926)
is a good introduction to how atoms are accelerated from the sun.

>Solar radiation pressure as a mechanism of acceleration of atoms and first ions with low ionization potentials (2015)
explains what levels of ionisation of an atom are needed for the sunlight to push atoms, and whether this is enough to overcome the suns gravity. The TL;DR is the following (where I means un-ionised, II means lost one electron, III means lost 2 electrons, etc):

I II III more Ratio of light pressure over gravity pull
Si No No No No
Fe No Yes No No 0.11-2.5
Mg Yes Yes Yes No 1.4-13.7

Fe needs to have lost one electron. Mg can be pushed away from the sun without ionisation or with up to 2 electrons lost. When fully ionised the metal ions can fall into the sun unaffected by the sun light. When ionised 2 or more times the light needed is ultra-violet or higher, since the sun produces less of this those atoms can fall into the sun. The spectral lines of Fe and Mg seen on the sun in the 1870s are from the metal atoms having almost all their electrons back. Therefore they are prone to being ejected by sun light and it is a simple task to gather the remaining electrons in space or in the Earth atmosphere. Mg can have 13.7 time more sunlight push over gravity pull. Both gravity and sunlight fall with the square of the distance so this ratio applies at all distances from the sun.

The acceleration causes can cease because the movement of the atom causes a Doppler shift in the frequency of light hitting it from the atoms frame of reference. It is possible for the change in frequency needed to not be available (that frequency may have been absorbed by other atoms in the sun, or the sun produces less of that frequency) and so it can end up in a "radiation frequency vallee" which causes it to reach a fixed speed.

Since Mg + sunlight = thrust, and Si is diamagnetic both of these like leaving the sun. The Fe has gravity and magnetism pulling and in one ionised state light pushing. For a metal blob leaving the sun some of its metal is like an anchor and some is like a solar sail. This is perhaps the reason for the slow travel times for the blobs and the radial path.

Can RADAR push UFOs?

The above paper states that the spectral line of an atom is the frequency that pushes the atom, in some cases, the other cases are "free" electrons being jostled this later case doesn't push the atom much.

With the above understanding I sought to discover if RADAR can push UFOs as was suggested by Albert Budden in his book Psychic UFOs https://www.amazon.com/Psychic-Close-Encounters-Ufo-Files/dp/0713727993/ref=sr_1_2 where he proposed UFOs cause hallucinations. I tried to obtain RADAR frequencies but it turns out the term RADAR is a description of what it does and not a frequency and the frequency ranges used vary significantly. However https://www.radartutorial.eu/07.waves/Waves%20and%20Frequency%20Ranges.en.html 2nd image has airborne radar at 10Ghz. The top image says this is about 3cm wavelength, which = 300,000,000 Angstroms. Going https://physics.nist.gov/PhysRefData/ASD/lines_form.html and using the range 200000000 to 400000000 Å (Ångströms) produced a surprising result:

D I 302 436 000
H I 302 478 400

D I assume means deuterium and H is hydrogen. They respond to 3.024cm wavelengths and aircraft RADAR is about 3cm. I don't know if this means RADAR can push hydrogen but it is possible. Web searching shows that this question is too obscure. If we consider what the consequences are, if true, we could have a situation where a plasmoid filled with solar hydrogen, which is a natural hydrogen balloon being chased by an aircraft using radar, would be pushing the UFO away from the aircraft. Since the plasmoid could be light it would accelerate away from the plane in a seemingly intelligent manner. The plane is doing the equivalent of a dog chasing its tail. Also military and airport radar could act as barriers to plasmoid travel and as the plasmoid approached the airport or military base they could come to a halt, then reverse direction and accelerate away. Throw in some pretty lights from the plasma, reflecting off dust and moisture in the air and and electrical interference and you have:

>Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots

Do natural solar magnetic bottles make the cigar shaped motherships? pic.

Is the apparent release of "scout craft" from "motherships" the leaking of metal plasma? Which then gains electrons and becomes new plasmoids?
123747 123748 123755
Do your friends know if aircraft radar can push a hydrogen balloon? For example a weather balloon?
123756 123825
I just have to guess here as I have not looked into it at all. I would think it would be hard to do that as the wind force as an example that would probably be several magnitudes stronger (said mildly). But there would probably be a tiny force exerted on the ballon (if the material the ballon in made of is reflective), but I think it will be so negligable that it won't registrer (other than at the radar station listening to the return of the radar signal). On the other hand I've heard you can kill birds using radar (lots of birds when running big radars on full power) but I guess this is more to do with birds absorbing the energy instead of reflecting it back.
123755 123825
>aircraft radar
Absolutely not.
A radar is an antenna emitting electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. Such radiation doesn't have mass (at least a measurable one) and consequently hasn't a kinetic effect.
Electromagnetic radiation can make the vanes in a Crookes radiometer spin just from imparted energy, but their mass is very tiny and they are in a vacuum bottle.

>On the other hand I've heard you can kill birds using radar (lots of birds when running big radars on full power) but I guess this is more to do with birds absorbing the energy instead of reflecting it back.
I heard a rumor from several not related people; those men working close to electromagnetic radiation usually procreate only girls.
123956 123957
>Electromagnetic radiation can be viewed in terms of particles rather than waves; these particles are known as photons. Photons do not have a rest-mass; however, photons are never at rest (they move at the speed of light) and acquire a momentum nonetheless

>Electromagnetic radiation can make the vanes in a Crookes radiometer spin just from imparted energy, but their mass is very tiny and they are in a vacuum bottle.
BUT what if a magnetic bottle plasmoid is a natural Crookes radiometer? Still wind should be a far more effective pusher.
What if RADAR helped keep the hydrogen ionised or heated? And then the magnetic and low pressure plasma effects then led to movement?

>When an atom is being expelled under radiation-pressure, radiation-pressure exceeds gravity, and the atom is being accelerated away from the star. ... The rough estimate made below indicates that the limiting velocity acquired will be of the order of 1600 km/sec. in the case of the sun; and of a similar order of magnitude for the stars in general.

>Table 1 gives the results of the calculations of β for atoms with a zero radial velocity.
>The value βmax corresponds to atoms with high Doppler velocities.
>Hydrogen β: 1.0 (equalibrium)
>Hydrogen βmax: 1.3 (overcomes gravity of the sun)
Paper attached.

Light-weight metal bubbles of hydrogen?
What would hydrogen do with the RADAR energy it absorbs? That's the bottom line question.
Yay, progress on the computer generated chart. Zoom in and you can see the number values, zoom out for the overview. Anti-aliasing is off to reduce file size. Now I can scribble connections all over it.
123957 123959
>Electromagnetic radiation can be viewed in terms of particles rather than waves; these particles are known as photons.
Before to go any further I would like to drop a kinda monkey wrench.
Do you know that physics is based mostly in theories and speculations?
That the duality of particles and waves is an imperfect explanation and nothing is definitely settled?
"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics" –Richard Feynman

I read this book in high school and it gives a good general grounding. Might be a little basic depending on your past studies but it may fill in holes. https://www.amazon.com/101-Quantum-Questions-About-World/dp/0674066073
>"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics"
Of course, it is a niche more related to witchcraft than real physics.
>Do you know that physics is based mostly in theories and speculations?
As a professor told me, never anybody have saw a molecule, an atom or electron. Everything in the books is just elaborated speculation backed with logic, math, and experimentation trying to make sense of the matter's manifestations.
We have maths theories for why electrons and spectral line happen. It only works for hydrogen... :|
124010 124027
I know what happened.

It was the Carrington Event of August and September 1859. Pic 1 shows that the sun ramped up activity harder in 1855-1867 Solar Cycle than it had for centuries. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep15689/figures/3 Scientists define a geomagnetic storm as anything over -50nT. Intense storm is at -100nT. Super-storm is at -250nT. Maximum recorded storms are about -700nT.

>On September 1–2, 1859, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. From August 28 until September 2, 1859, numerous sunspots and solar flares were observed on the Sun, with the largest flare on September 1. This is referred to as the Solar storm of 1859 or the Carrington Event. It can be assumed that a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) was launched from the Sun and reached the Earth within eighteen hours—a trip that normally takes three to four days. The horizontal field was reduced by 1600 nT as recorded by the Colaba Observatory. It is estimated that Dst would have been approximately −1760 nT.
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_storm#Occurrences

Carrington Event was -1760nT!

This happened in August/September. This is one of the reasons for the summer bias in the UFO reports for the decades that follow. The other reason is nicer weather, more sunlight. Start at the bottom of pic 2 and follow the August|September line upwards and you will see the UFO peaks fall evenly on either side. This is the Carrington Event metal fanning out and continuing to haemorrhage over the decades as the sun re-churns it each solar cycle.

The Carrington Event matches the Grand Solar Cycle. The date matches the UFO central dates.

At the Maximum of Solar Cycle 11 in 1870 the sun managed to churn up Thorium. Thorium has an atomic mass of 232. This occurred in July and since https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium#Formation is both heavy AND rare this is quite an achievement and signifies how agitated the sun had become internally.

Pic 3 is me piecing together the history of the metallic sun. You can see the bias towards summer (Earth tilt means less atmospheric thickness scattering spectral lines, also less humidity/clouds) and Aug|Sep (Carrington Event). On the right you can see metallic eruptions started high and was falling.

Everything points to the Carrington Event as the beginning, and solar cycle churn as the continuation.
>At the Maximum of Solar Cycle 11 in 1870 the sun managed to churn up Thorium.
124022 124024
>it is a niche more related to witchcraft than real physics.
I don't want to derail the thread, but to enrich it with a brief detour.
Notice how Luciferian thinking is taking over science when quantum theory affirms that the mere presence of the observer alters the mechanics of physics.

>Physicist Says Parallel Universes Definitely Exist And We May Soon Explore Them
>Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll expressed that clues in the small-scale structure of the universe point to the existence of numerous parallel worlds.
>The shocking comments were made on the Jeff Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast last year. Carroll says that the fact that tiny particles like electrons and photons don’t have one set location in the universe is evidence that there are many parallel universes.
124023 124024
I was just listening to a program the other day talking about this sort of thing in relation to CERN. Go to 52:00
Fascinating. I downloaded it to keep it for reference.
Somewhere in the Skies Podcast - This Monday, we're going cosmic with Leslie Kean and Diana Walsh Pasulka!-1233905602218352640.mp4

We are still primitives making myths.
>primitives making myths
If I translate well what you are meaning: "religious people believing fairy tales".
Is this correct?
That is a subset of it. Our egos don't like having no answers, we will fill in the void with ANYTHING to make ourselves feel less stupid.
>Carrington Event

Another visual for the Carrington event. It would seem that the Carrington explosion sent a shock wave into the sun. This fractured the deeply settled metal and sprayed it into to space.

I'm 100% in on blaming the sun now. I need to complete some of the missing solar history and then put together a document.
Pilot captures UFO, was anything else found on this-jd9as9upoyk41.mp4

Where's Vril?
Maybe Corona-chan got to him?
>missing faggot
19 days without Sun's debris posting.
I am well and pleasantly distracted by a woman for a while. I will be back when it all calms down :) The research and eventual document will occur.

Bost bobs
File (hide): 3C78833E220E35D2DAF54B64CEC1816B-28260596.mp4 (27.0 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:04:38, Multiple UFO's Filmed Moving Across the Moonlight.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Multiple UFO's Filmed Moving Across the Moonlight.mp4
>Multiple UFO's Filmed Moving Across the Moonlight
>Occurred on May 18, 2019 / Moscow, Russia
>Info from Licensor: "Filmed at Nikon P 900. Before this, a UFO saw against the moon many times through binoculars and telescopes, but I shot it on the video for the first time, so I wasn’t very surprised when I saw three as I've seen 4 UFO's several times, they flew in different directions and slightly different speeds.
>I have been observing the moon for over 20 years and I understand the height of the objects that I see, these objects are at least at an altitude of 500 km."
Magnificent video! Very convincing.


Turns out my lady friend also knows Spanish, French and Italian and has offered to help with translations. Research is on hold until I move. Time frame unknown. Probably months. You have the main data points all the rest is just fleshing out the history, and adding supporting references.

Mystery still exists with how the metal ions clump back together but this looks to be natural magnetic bottling caused by the magnetic wave fronts from the sun.
São Paulo, Brazil (5/23/2020)

The reason for the location is potentially because it is at the lowest point of the Earths magnetic field. >>123194 Pic#4
Russia - Moscow, 04/30/2020

3 black balls in formation Poland 20 05 2020

Pomona, California, May 11

Moreno Valley, California, May 16th

Yorkshire, UK, May 14

São Paulo, Brazil, May 11

Quebec, Canada, May 11. Nice and clear seemingly natural plasma metal blob.

No details.

Teotihuacán, Mexico. 2nd May
>first video
Definitely balloons.
It has been 3 months missing faggot.

>A Decade of Sun
>As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO — has now been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around the Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has enabled countless new discoveries about the workings of our closest star and how it influences the solar system.
>Has E.T. Gone Home?
>There were just over 3,700 reported sightings in 2018 and in 2019, there were 6,889. So far in 2020, 4,688 UFO sightings have been reported.
>4 months since last post
Has Vril run his last circle cycle?
I hope not.
This is for Vril. I hope that faggot is still around.

>The Moon is made of plasma
>Wanna know why we haven't been (back) to the Moon?
>I have an idea why.... Hopefully this helps clear up this gigantic fraud perpetrated on the WORLD since the '69 faked NASA lunar landing with astro-NOTS Armstrong & Aldrin... There are some very odd videos out there of crazy eyed Buzz Aldrin giving some very less than convincing responses to skeptics asking if he ever stepped foot on the moon!
>Listen to this scientist tells us NO ONE WILL EVER LAND ON THE MOON because of its composition... He posits that the Lunar entity is made up of PLASMA.
>I tend to agree with him... He further debunks Einstein and all Gravitational theories related to the moon! The video footage of a moon rise at the end also (IMO) supports the hypothesis that the moon is actually NOT a solid rock but PLASMA in substance! (therefore you cannot 'land on it' as it were)
/VX/ calling Vril to review this post.

>The Sun is a converter no light years in Space
The speaker is Eric P. Dollard