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Becoming better
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File: 1514620245488.jpg (212.16 KB, 922x650, nootropics-that-improve-ga….jpg)

514c4 No.791

What nootropics do you stack stack /ub/? I take 200 mg adrafinil 2 times a day and 200 mcg of semax.

fdfba No.792

I don't trust that shit.

ac8bc No.793

I understand not trusting a lot of the designer nootropics out there, but semax is pretty safe. It is listed as one of the most essential drugs in Russia.

74861 No.870

Those are shit. The only real mind boosting thing you need is a coffee, and maybe a cig. Addictive but less dangerous than these drugs.

It's also called "stop watching TV and read some fucking books, and do things by yourself"

1e069 No.871

Don't smoke, it's bad for you, drink less coffee.
All you need to think is a good ol' 40km walk, I'm dead serious about this.

74861 No.872

yeah going outside, meditating, breathing fresh air..

idk, i like to smoke from times to times, i might be sort of addicted but limit my consumption. there's people who smoke one pack per day, I wonder how it's humanly possible.

2c348 No.873

If tobacco is your thing, buy additive-free native tobacco and either roll your own (a rolling device is either cheap or easy to use) or smoke out of a pipe.

3e765 No.874

Well, I can't deny a man of his tobacco, but >>873 is right, roll your own stuff, it's better and tastier than the market stuff.

74861 No.875

yeah sounds like an ever better plan, maybe gotta have to find a plant and grow our own. that's a good suggestion, myself i don't trust a lot what they put in this to really get people addicted.

edb0f No.876

I want to know what happens when you take smart-ifying drugs with smarticle particles and LSD at the same time.

004f8 No.925

You are playing Russian roulette with your genes every time you inhale.

c0041 No.926

Smoking is degenerate.

efced No.976

Smoking tobacco should be banned worldwide. It's a jewish psyop pushed on white people and their kids using media and TV.

9ed24 No.1756

Two years late but love the thread. I routinely use nicotine lozenges for a good boost when needed. Really wouldn't recommend habiutal use because of diminishing returns but it's a great boost for memory/cognitive function.

I typically use Equate brand krill oil, and take lion's mane mushroom dual extracted from noomadics. Krill oil helps my mood, lozenges help with motivation/cognition a bit and lion's mane helps with nerve growth factor.

Another small redpill on cognition are programs like DualnBack.

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