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Becoming better
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47680 No.785

Ub is as read as it gets.
How do you become a good politician, what kind of studies do you need?
Obviously politics, economics and speech are a need, but what else?

>In this thread we improve political skills

7f2af No.786

This video is all you need to know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Y-P0v2Hh0

Law degrees, military careers etc. are irrelevant, you just need MEME POWER.

I would recommend learning logic and rhetoric in order to form coherent arguments. While a degree in it is verboten, literature is also helpful as it brings one more in touch with the rest of humanity, broadens one's soul, and improves language ability. Also, it needs to be a given that you read the principle books of every major ideology, since if you understand your enemy you can more easily counter him.

302f6 No.787

Effectively, listening to Hitler or Mosley is a good start for building oratory skills. Confidence is always key. However, you can't always be a Hitler, or even as Fashy as you would want to be, so I suggest William Jennings Bryan for some of his more iconic speech traits. Reminder; every politican (even Trump) nowadays does this thing which they're overly ambiguous or don't even say anything at all! Use this to your advantage. Or, call them out on it!

0508f No.788

File: 1514503584577.jpg (48.1 KB, 540x562, 1474496240248.jpg)

You need to have a reason, a good reason why you want to change anything and passion.

23e51 No.959

Is it worth it to become a politician tho?

302f6 No.962

No, becoming a revolutionary is preferable.

3f194 No.963

How does one archived this, take the government on my own?

302f6 No.964

Becoming a one man army is hard, however there are guides to do this, but it is not worth it. I fully suggest not going through with it. The government is watching. Hint. Hint.

be010 No.965

Where can someone find these guides?

08879 No.966

File: 1523621824359.png (389.37 KB, 568x610, 1523287586969.png)

But I mean, like, is it worth it to take on the government by force?
How does someone archive this, i see it as impossible to do as an one-man army as every country has at least a self defense group, even if you kidnap the president, how do you make the whole country accept you?
nucular codes?

302f6 No.967

I suggest being wary here with the topic.
It's pretty easy to find. From the anarchist cookbook to obscure shit on 8chan.

c92c4 No.1234

Okay I have to change my statement
You dont just need philosopy
Learn every thing you can!

Most important are psychology, biology, and economics and go from there

Also the most famous books in the history of mankind are famous for a reason

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