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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1506541328276.jpg (395.58 KB, 2112x2112, 1503525318704 - Copy.jpg)

f1dc9 No.502

I feel like I'm constantly waiting for some kind of confirmation that the dead fandoms I'm in are still alive, there's still hope for them, and I won't just be wasting time by continuing to make the fanfics I have planned and have already written around a tenth of. And yet, every time I go looking for a sign that MLP has a future or Pokemon gives a shit about writing or original fiction might be a good venture right about now even though nobody currently knows my name, I see shit, then I'm slapped by some smug cunt in those fandoms for not "Just dealing with it", which is jewspeak for "Just accept life is shit, stop thinking about it, and make dumb decisions in the moment. If pointless grinding work is even slightly enjoyable for you, you should do it regardless of any potential reward, because I want to consume your fanfic for free".

I'm getting old, I can't just throw however many hours of my NEET life it would take me to make a Fallout mod/MLP fic/Fallout Equestria fic/some anime fic/that pokemon fic I planned out when I was 14/Persona 6 fanfic, not if there won't be any benefit to me. Not when I could spend that time exercising or going on walks or doing whatever the fuck people are supposed to do when they reach my age. Call me "Infected with the money-worship meme" for that if you want, I'm being honest here. This board is for self-improvement, not lying about what I am inside: A hungry greedy smart lonely cunt that grew up poor and needs more.

f1dc9 No.503

I have no idea what I want out of this thread. Part of me expects a bunch of "Just try hard!" platitudes and "Fuck you life is shit accept this and be tough like me" edgitudes.

f1dc9 No.504

File: 1506541994009.jpg (1.91 MB, 1757x1496, 1500688044253-3.jpg)

Pic related, it's the OP's pic but unedited. I don't remember when I made that edit, or why.

f1dc9 No.505

…When do I start getting advice? Does the weird first pic make this look like a troll post?

26809 No.506

f1dc9 No.507

Man, early-season MLP… is it weird that I feel like going back and watching some of it? I don't know if I'd feel better for it or if it'd remind me how bad the show's gotten.

When's the last time someone had a line like "Give her time", anyway? Too damn long, in my book.

e49f1 No.508

1st piece of advice: wait longer than 40 minutes.

f1dc9 No.513

My current gimmick as a person seems to be time and money, and my lack of these things. But ok.

f0361 No.514

You sound pretty stressed out.
All fandoms end at some point. MLP fandom is still going strong in my opinion. In the least strong enough to last until the canon show does.

We got potential to attract lot of attention to MLP fandom again, albeit likely only negative one. I hope to see you guys this week celebrating.

I wish I could say that we can just make MLP go out with a boom and make it awesome. I wish I could say that this fandom will have different end than other fandoms but I am yet to see an exception to this. The flame is slowly dimming down, only last diehard fans will remain in the end.

Good thing is that excluding the plot of the show, everything else is possible to replicate. Magical fantasy world with loose canonical logic, yet maintaining tether to the 4th wall. Adorable yet in a way attractive looking characters. Unique social structures. etc…

I am not saying it would be easy, it would be hard even for professionals but not impossible.

I think you have no obligation to make more content. What's the point of making creation when you dread the process of creating it. I think it could reflect on your creations.

If you don't want to stop your efforts but feel like its too much, you simply need self improvement. You need to take a very good care of yourself. Cater to every one of your needs. Enstablish healthy balance between tasty and healthy food. Between productivity and leisure.
Get to bed sooner because you can just get up earlier and feel better, not actually losing any hours of life. There's no way around the sleep regime, you are going to have to catch up with your sleep debt at some point.

Take advantage of every tool you can get your hands on. Organizers, calendars, note taking app, alarm for 20 minutes power nap, f.lux for pc to prepare for sleep, apps to lock time wasting websites to awoid procrastination, othe means of automation. Try to do all your chores that are done in specific room once you find yourself in that room. Like, bring shaving tools to bathroom when going to brush your teeth, you may as well shave your face while at it.

Lastly, stop feeding your unhealthy hobbies like watching tv series, vidya, porn, etc. Swap them for other hobbies like drawing, writing, composing music, shitposting, reading, etc. Whatever comes up to your mind, but it has to muffle and ultimately replace your former urges so it needs to be enjoyable but *non-degenerate*!

I can relate to you in terms of being stingy and lonely. Today I found out that creative process potentially is more exhausting than degenerate hobbies. This makes it hard to do your creative hobbies when tired.

f0d61 No.515

All things come to a pass. Many flare ever passionately,and then the next dies out. Some are lit like a great torch, then fizzle out. You may always run, run to catch the next great fire,but you'll eventually find it to be futile. Then, what you are left with is your memories. Savour them,for they won't when you too fizzle out. Cherish your time here. Make it meaningful.

f0d61 No.516

>Good thing is that excluding the plot of the show, everything else is possible to replicate. Magical fantasy world with loose canonical logic, yet maintaining tether to the 4th wall. Adorable yet in a way attractive looking characters. Unique social structures. etc…
This reminds of a new found I had. You see, Little Witch Academia shares much of these traits and it can even be believed that My Little Pony inspired Little Witch Academia (the show includes subtle references and several of ghe character designs look extremly similar to MLP.) There's potential outside of a single entity, creating a rhizomatic structure of unlimited possibilties. The new takes from the old, and the new grows old yet repeats the former process nonetheless.

f1dc9 No.517

How do I make my time on this planet meaningful when for over 20 years, my life has been pain? I was born in a shit country to shit parents and my life was shit. I don't want to go into detail, but I was hurt.

I'm away from all of that now, but I don't really have anything in my life right now. No friends, no family, and no job. There aren't any clubs or conventions either. I've been trying to use my bus pass to take walks through this country's nicer towns, so I can get out of my room for a while. It's nice, but I don't get to do this often. My home isn't shit, just empty. My computer's alright-ish, and I'm thinking of doing MLP art commissions since I've become a pretty good artist over the years. That'd be a good way to make money… right?

I haven't played a video game in months and I haven't bought one in years, my last console was the PS2. I also want to become a video game developer at some point in my life, but I don't know when and I don't know if I should torrent and play some of the "Best games of all time" as research or not.

f1dc9 No.518

I often feel like I should try and get more known before I do the career stuff. Before I make a webcomic or original story or indie game, I should have fans of my own, right?

e49f1 No.519

File: 1506553561878.png (261.03 KB, 600x605, _c978334_image_0.png)

Those first two sentences get me in the feels. I won't go into detail, but yeah.
>How do I make….
Deliberately. Its not something you're likely to stumble into. If your origin is really bad, you may be largely acclimated to cortisol instead of oxytocin and seratonin, which are both associated with feelings of meaning and belonging, as well as bonding and social interaction.
In extreme cases, social and/or bonding experiences may actually be conditioned to CAUSE an increase in cortisol.
Tl:dr I can't fully answer your question anon, not without reading a lengthy blogpost. You've got the short end of the stick, and its gonna take that much more work/effort to compensate for what to normies is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
P.S. I don't have friends either, but I do have Mlpol.

f1dc9 No.520

I don't know why but reading this is nice.

When I was younger, I posted about my life on Mlpforums, in the Life Advice section. Just a bunch of virtue-signalling bullshit there. And the occasional "Look at how edgy and tough I am!" child there to insult suicidal betas and feel tough for it.

What do you think I should do regarding my career? So far, I haven't done anything productive today, which pisses me off. I'm going to try and force some work on art.

e49f1 No.521

Have you considered industry? It doesn't pay the greatest (at first) but if you're willing to work your ass off more than everyone else, in time it pays quite well. Additionally, it's like getting paid to get shwoll. Also, it doesn't (entry level) require any certifications or accredation, though such things can be acquired for a significant boost (electrical, mechanical, etc.).
That's what I did anyway. Also, don't be too hard on yourself (I know, its trite, but it is important). I was watching a Jordan Peterson vid the other day where he was talking about dealing with HIS depression; yes, apparently Jordan Peterson - alongside his successful career and established family - struggles with depression.

f1dc9 No.522

My country has no industry. Or jobs, or opportunities for jobs or advancement in jobs. It's shit, which is why I'm focusing on the internet for my career.

Speaking of which, I was banned from r/MLP for pissing off some hasdrone babies, and banned from r/Persona5 for "Spoiling the story" in a thread marked with spoilers, which people admitted was strange but did nothing over.

e49f1 No.523

>banned from reddits
I'm not seeing the problem. Xp

f1dc9 No.524

Accidentally hit new reply before finishing that post, sorry. Continuing it…

I'm not exactly popular on FIMfic, or fanfiction.net. And on youtube, I have 10 subscribers and a bunch of unedited game footage. I've been at this for years, but I've been homeless, wifi-less, computerless, or some combination of those for a long time. Should I take my lack of progress here as a sign that I should move on, or a sign that I should focus now that I finally have a home, computer, and internet connection?

f0d61 No.530

I think you should be looking towards stability. The Internet is a risky market with a high input requirement and a chance for diminishing returns.

e49f1 No.531

You don't have to stop one thing to start another, and practice is a necessity to refine a skill. Consider keeping your options open?

f1dc9 No.533

Alright. Let's say I continue working on my MLP fics while teaching myself Unity. When do I release the game/trailers for it? How many fans should I have on the day I release it/trailers for it?

f1dc9 No.534

By the way, I eat regularly healthy-ish(Poorfag here, healthy food is forced to be a rare treat for me) meals and I exercise daily. Not much, but it's something.

If I wanted a steady stream of income online, and my skills were currently geared towards show-accurate MLP art, what should I do?

a7528 No.535

My first thought would be to set up a good portfolio, spread your work around on various sites and do commissions.

That, or porn. Porn will always sell. It's just a question of selling your artistic integrity.

30d81 No.541

File: 1506776618795-0.jpg (178.63 KB, 504x702, 1423207277282.jpg)

File: 1506776618795-1.jpg (117.83 KB, 500x725, 1423207073190.jpg)

File: 1506776618795-2.jpg (446.05 KB, 500x673, 1423207468727.jpg)

File: 1506776618795-3.jpg (155.7 KB, 493x581, 1423206823384.jpg)

File: 1506776618795-4.jpg (82.99 KB, 500x626, 1423207165280.jpg)

>this board is about bettering yourself
And how do you think writing fanfics that will be impossible to monetize, never be known outside of niche circles, and probably not even ever become popular within the fandoms, will help you improve yourself? I'm not trying to be an asshole, just trying to say that sometimes things you wanted to do as child aren't necessarily productive or smart things to be doing as an adult. We all have to give up on our dreams and face the real world some day. If you are planning to spend multiple hours per week writing Pokemon fanfics, I strongly suggest you take up a hobby that can be beneficial to you in more facets of your life than just niche internet communities. You seem to already know this, but just don't want to accept the reality.

I know it's hard to face the world and give up on your dreams, but it is something most of us have to do at one point in our life. I had to do it recently. I'm 22. I had to decide to whether I should keep pursuing my dream I've had since I was 4 years old, or to be realistic and get myself into a real career so I can be a provider for the family I hope to create. Growing up sucks, anon, but we all have to do it.

668a6 No.542

That makes it sound so depressing. I know fanfics won't get me famous, but they're supposed to get me SOME fans, so when I make my games, there will be people to notice and buy.

What was your dream, anon?

b7efc No.543

Different anon here. My dream was to be in a special forces. After some time I forgot about it because I am not cut for it and later because it looks like unappreciated line of work.

668a6 No.545

Makes sense. White people are being raised by liberals to hate themselves and America and its cops and soldiers.

I hope that some day, when I get famous from the indie games, I can create some sort of societal change.

f96dd No.558

I think I've found something. Something only I can do. Something I can get rich from doing. A new type of media to commission.

What do?

d2c26 No.560

Do it.
Earn your cutie mark, Anon.

9a89d No.561

sounds like you're just growing up to be honest.

f96dd No.562

But I'm in my late 20s, and my life was suffering from day 1. I had to grow up early, and I did. …Didn't I?
Got it.

4977f No.563

File: 1506940478140.jpg (5.37 KB, 288x175, Ow shi-.jpg)

f96dd No.564

Let me guess, a screenshot from columbine? Fuck's sake, /b/, get new material. What next, are you going to bring up "Other 4chan memes" like that suicidal shit-shot Danny Phantom fan? You aren't on 4chan any more, stop trying to convince everyone you're a tough adult 4chan /b/ user that laughs at death and gore every day.

4977f No.565

Its a joke man, like op says he finally found his talent and it turns out it's a horrible thing like kicking puppies, so he gets a cutie mark for kicking puppies.

My tastes in grimmdark have nothing to do with this, really.

c0049 No.568

The joke doesn't really work since I'm in my late 20s and murder isn't something you can commission unless you count snuff films or assassinations, but fuck it, it's kinda funny.

I'm glad MLP has never on-screen shown us a pony with something terrible as her talent. The day it does is the day the beautiful optimistic world where everyone has a place and a talent falls apart, and nu-MLP officially betrays Classic MLP to appear "Topical and relevant and edgy" like the Moopets from the Muppet Movie. If the show does that, it ruins the whole premise of a Cutie Mark by telling us all the happy people with talents and places and vocations they love only got that way due to luck unlike losers like the Obligatory Loser-brand Waifubait we'll eventually see.

5eb0d No.569

File: 1507156876697.png (142.63 KB, 331x358, 1497681682985.png)

do what you need to do but dont forget what is right or what is important

55193 No.570

>what was your dream
Kind of embarrassing, but I wanted to have a career in sportsball, I was highly recruited in highschool but injured myself extremely badly, and then was sick with pneumonia and mono for a year after my injury healed, effectively putting me on the couch for 2.5 years in total. I was fighting pretty hard to get myself back into shape so I can play again, but my body is not responding the way I would like it to. I lost a lot of mobility in the leg I injured.

4470e No.571

File: 1507231087296.jpg (131.69 KB, 2168x887, Lemons.jpg)

I always wanted to be a sniper, but I cut my pointing finger in half sideways when I was 16, lost movement on it for three months, now I don't really feel it but I can move it, if I press too hard it starts to hurt badly.
I am also born with a tiny hearth problem that no one knows about so it's really hard to train cardio.
Yet I am here, doing my best to improve, i even made it first on a shooting competition I went to.
You just need to give it some time anon, your leg will heal and you will be able to play well, all you need to do is be patient and train!

fe103 No.576

My dream was to move out and get away from my parents. I succeeded on that front.

Anyway, back to MLP… I'd told myself I needed to finish my fanfic's current chapter by Oct 6th, because that's when the MLP Movie airs in America.

I failed. But along the way, I created multiple pieces of art, wrote chapters for other stuff, made a Fallout 4 mod that would bleed downloads and endorsements out the ass if I uploaded it, and I planned out a bunch of characters for my Fallout Equestria fic.

What does this mean?

fe103 No.577

Fuck, that sounded wrong. I meant to say I succeeded on the "Move away from my parents" front, but I haven't really succeeded on the "Find meaning in life" or "Become a famous writer" or "Become a game developer" dreams.

fe103 No.581

I'm bumping this thread and I want survivors.

4977c No.604

I was banned from a Persona 5 fansite for admitting I liked Donald Trump in a thread bashing him.

Damn, I was looking forward to trying to get into that fandom while it was still new. I'd still be a brony at heart, but it'd be interesting to see if I could shape or influence that new fandom in any way.

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