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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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1d9ba No.460

I feel like i'm constantly looking at my to do list for fanfics I have yet to write and waiting for some kind of sign that says "Do this one first!".

I want to write fanfics, but the fandoms i've got fics planned for are dead. the only not-dead one is Persona 5, which is currently in a "Passing fad" phase. Whenever I check up on a fandom to see how it's doing, it looks even worse and even less appetizing than the last time I checked.

i've got pages of planned chapters and notes for mlp fanfics I have no reason to write because the fandom's dead and dying and the only ones left seem to be the hasdrone assholes that attack critics for wrongthink.

7 years have passed since MLP started, and most of my future plans hinged on MLP not dying and becoming crap, AND the fanbase not becoming so pro-hasdrone and anti-critic the dissatisfied leave instead of staying and making fanart or fanfics or whatever. But I'm not here to talk about just the MLP fandom.

I need advice.

56cb8 No.461

>I need advice
It's kind of hard telling, without seeing what you've written first.
Care to give any examples?

1d9ba No.463

Barely anything. I was homeless for a while, and when I got a home, I was computerless and phoneless for a while. I once wrote 50,000 words of OC MLP fanfic, then restarted it quietly when I realized writing problems I needed to fix. Around 17,000 words are currently uploaded, in the form of one chapter. Chapter 2 is 80% done, I can't decide how a certain "OC meets Twilight and the others at his welcome party, but only really talks to twilight" scene should be written.

1d9ba No.465

The fanfics I have planned:

OC MLP fanfic

Persona 6

Pokemon adventurefic in an original region with over 150 fakemon planned

HiE parody

b1817 No.467

File: 1505849239829.png (62.98 KB, 509x812, 1488602398107.png)

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