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File: 1504554142757-0.jpg (120.87 KB, 540x960, have you yet.jpg)

File: 1504554142757-1.jpg (3.97 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170821_230532-2.jpg)

2b66b No.263

Lets discuss how we can bring order into our lives once again and share resources to do so.

I'll start. I find myself having wide range of interests and trouble defining priorities for each. I have trouble to plan activities for following days or week.

So I made basic flowchart to help me navigate my priorities pic 2 related. Its early alpha and I reserve the right to redact some of the nodes to stay anonymous.

I found J.B.Peterson's advice to start with cleaning your room to be useful. It really is the most fundamental thing to start with when you want to start and organize your life better.
So if you feel like you yourself or your life is messy dysfunctional or shoddy, try and clean up your room now!

2b66b No.264

I forgot to mention that I used https://www.lucidchart.com/ to build the flowchart. Needs registration and all that but what the heck.

4368c No.265

Cleaning your room is a great way to start sorting yourself. I was unaware of JP when I started, but the first thing I did was to get my diet in order.
>Learn individual nutrition types, reorganize diet to provide a more comprehensive level of sustenance and eliminate unnecessarily toxic or junk foods/substances. Also begin a practice of preparing (almost) all foods from ingredients.
This produced an immediately tangible increase in energy and well-being, from which I was able to reinvest that energy in physical development and intellectual pursuits. Because I was exerting myself more during the day, I found I slept better at night.
Still, it probably would have been more efficient if I had STARTED with cleaning my room. Great flowchart btw.

2b66b No.266


I will try to cook my own food tomorrow and make chicken livers.
Still I will probably go for a pizza before that because tomorrow I am traveling and the local shop has decent pizza for the low price.

Sleep schedule is also big problem for me. I could use to make another
sub-flocharts with relation the one I shared. That one is bit vague.

163e7 No.268

I find it really weird that people actually find it normal to order food instead of cooking.
Are you all really that short on time anon?
Cooking shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes of it's just for you

e5400 No.269

This is pretty important. Cleaning your room is a nice immediate goal to get you moving, but you need things which you can do in the very near future and start anytime. Get your nutrition in order. Here's a YT channel with some solid and easily understood info on the topic:
To mention some specifics; Don't eat GMO foods - they contain significant amounts of pesticides. Get proper amounts of fat and protein, eat fermented foods to help your gut and by god unless you live relatively close to the equator and spend decent amount of time outside, supplement vitamin D3. Personally 5k IU daily did it for me, amazing mood and will boost.

For people with concentration/willpower issues a meditation practice can help. And if you just google "How to meditate" - don't. Among the most popular videos on the topic there is a lot of misinformation and bad sources at work. The best thing you can do is look up various types of meditation, like buddhist, stoic, concentration exercises and so on, and pick something that suits your goals.

bdf26 No.276

reading more physical books (or at least ebooks) would help a lot, technology is making us dumber and shortening our attention spans, your brain rewires itself on the fly and it's bad if it gets too used to short posts on the internet. Try to read at least 1 full chapter of a book each day, if there's no topic you're interested in then go for philosophy or survival skills

f2616 No.293

> philosophy or survival skills
this is pretty good advice

a33cc No.297

No one likes me, what does it matter if my life is sorted out or not?

ee1d9 No.298

File: 1504657400952.png (182.89 KB, 900x847, fluttershy_cutie_mark_by_w….png)

I like you anon

26402 No.300

File: 1504658662055.jpg (21.17 KB, 500x331, T.jpg)

You have the potential to be liked, you just need to deserve being liked. But is people's opinions really worth the effort?

Improve yourself so people will respect you, it's a lot better than being liked.

bdf26 No.303

no one likes you because your life isn't sorted out, anon. You can't put the cart before the horse

4368c No.307

They DO like you anon, they just don't like the unnecessary mess

4368c No.385

Watch this video anon. Heck, just the first 3 minutes.

4368c No.420

File: 1505375834752.jpg (688.98 KB, 3072x1728, IMG_20170914_003022.jpg)

Here's a diagram I did up today summarizing some of Jordan Peterson's work along with Simon Sinek's. I made it for me, but maybe it can help you?

4f990 No.421

File: 1505432222446-0.jpg (3.04 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170907_220043.jpg)

File: 1505432222446-1.jpg (2.35 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170908_193816.jpg)

Can you explain bit more about this chart? I don't quite understand it.

I made 2 more charts. Guess that should cover most things. Now just to make myself check on those charts often to remind myself my priorities.

4368c No.422

Its a list of the four main brain chemicals operating in a healthy individual. The first 2 are self-induced, and the latter 2 are socially-induced. The second list is the circumstances they're administered during.
On the bottom is cortisol, which is generally the antagonist to the healthy function of all 4.
The middle blue and green lines indicate the dominant chemicals in a functional and dysfunctional framework.

4f990 No.423

That's some good chart, anon.

4368c No.424

I got a verbal warning for that chart, apparently I wasn't supposed to leave "Cunt" on the board. Xp

4f990 No.425

From who, your momma? :D

4368c No.426

Nah, the safety manager,… but she IS a cunt.

4f990 No.427

Oh, so you wrote this at work or just shared the pic with her?

4368c No.428

I forgot to erase it at the end of my shift

813a2 No.485

Why clean your room in >7 min

f2616 No.583

File: 1507578974043.png (22.4 KB, 520x390, yup.png)

Where even to start?

2cad4 No.584

it will be shocking, but to be honest, yourself
i don't mean "go to the gym, learn to read, speak english", i mean "take a shower".
believe it or not, a dirty person most of the time is a guy who gave up being even accepted in any sort of group, from friends to just random passer-by's on the street.
just take a shower to clean the smell of cum and young adult anxiety off you, and shave that beard who can be your chest hair growing beyond it's reach, and change that 6-week worn out clothes you always wear.
then, look at the mirror.
see that presentable young man? it's you, and it will be a better man with time.
when you accept that you can be a better (you), start opening the curtains, and open the windows. air and sun will raise the mood of your living place.
when you feel that you are in a good place, clean it up. your room will feel amazing and you will feel great.
we have a saying here in argentina: cuando quieras cambiar el mundo, da tres vueltas por tu casa. it means that any great change in any life starts at home with you, so start with the first stair: you

49e86 No.585

File: 1507586944592-0.png (44.67 KB, 438x472, 1506469__safe_artist-colon….png)

Learn to at least take care of yourself before you even start trying to become /ub/. Basics come first.

f2616 No.586

It is a long and painful path.

3b4d3 No.588

I'll be posting stretching vids tonight, you could start there.
Also there's this:

f2616 No.602

File: 1507850332361-0.jpg (75.93 KB, 960x960, 1489285717334.jpg)

File: 1507850332361-1.gif (3.46 MB, 635x359, ImSoFuckedUp.gif)


Peterson says you should speak the truth so here is my rotten core

So here I am all clean and groomed and helping people and trying to change things and shit.
Getting fit, getting educated, trying to change the rush of drugs and pornography and misery that is my life…

I am still the same fucking faggot.
Why do people thank me for talking to them? Do they think im arrogant?
Is it arrogance if you hate everyone but hate yourself the most?
The only thing that comes close to being a goal is not be as shit as the other humans and not out of love but out of hatred.

The only shit I got going for me is the mess of a mind I got. IQ of 130 or something… whohee I so smart lol, I should rub one out on how fucking amazing I am for something that is not my archievment but just happened to be.
130 is nothing if you count out the ones that water down the scale.
I talk myself into believing it was higher if there wasn't atleast 3 substances running in my veins 24/7 and I wasnt a mental wreck.
I can contribute nothing and everything I say or write is stating the obvious or just plain retarded so my "destiny" is being some foreman or some fucking shit and always wondering if everything good or stable is just pity out of the others.
I hate pity.
I'm not loosing grip on reality, I never had it, second guessing everything sometimes thinking this is just a shitty play and everyone is laughing behind my back.

There is no fixed star in a black sky. My own ego fucks me up but I can't let it go because otherwise I am not me.
If I am not me who am I? Why do I long for the pain of the past to ensure myself that I am still me?
Why is everything so vague?
Why am I so fucking pathetic and stupid?

No matter how presentable I make myself I am trash, just in a better wrapping.
It's a start but no matter how much I work on myself I am just a two legged piece of shit that can't do anything good but only chosse between different kinds of being shit.

Not even suicide is an option because there are still people that care and I am a fucking coward.

Should I stop blaming myself or should I accept resposibility?
Whatever I do is wrong.

108bd No.603

You are taking your life too seriously anon, you also seem to have lost a goal in life, you remembered life has no point.

Your life right now is a shot in the air on an uncertain world.
You have to get your life a purpose, that's the root of all your problems, the lack of something thats actually of relevance, something you would die to accomplish.

I cannot really help you with this task but I must say, you have to make peace with yourself and think of something to do, something that actually makes you happy.

Spending some time on a drastically different place could help.

bc473 No.610

dude, you should relax
get a vaca, go beyond your country, get laid
i'd said get fucked but you already are having shit inside your system. you only need a change of scenery.
i don't say "love, eat, pray" bullshit, because that book is only a shitty life lesson where a woman learns what already knew if she stopped having her head up her ass. you only change whenm you accept the change.
maybe if you take responsability you can work to fix that.
get some friends, have some fun in other places, maybe get a girl. that could work
if nothing else works, get a shrink. i know their jobs is accept people is shitting on you and enjoy it, but hell, at least feeling better will help you make a better you

3b4d3 No.612

No offense, but this smells like bait. I hope not, cuz I'm biting.
What is it you're looking for anon? Do you want to be happy, or perhaps content, or perhaps less unsatisfied?
I'm pretty sure you never volunteered yourself to exist/live, and yet here you are entirely outside your volition. If people thank/appreciate you, it is because you are appreciable even if you can't/don't see it. I've had people whom I detest grow increasingly more social and interactive with me as I sort myself. I don't like them more or me less, but they seem to respond to something about the equation.
Whatever the case, get more seratonin and oxytocyn. Your reflex may be to recoil or escape from human interaction, but consider it an acquired taste that you may not yet have a taste for. If not, you can always gas yourself.

f2616 No.656

File: 1508108549336.gif (46.89 KB, 306x469, 1501465527807.gif)

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the replies.

I went for a walk the other day which is nothing new because I try to get atleast some daily excercise but I did something different this time. Normally I just march wherever I go because there is no time to waste, so I took more of a stroll and sat down and tried not to ponder about different topics but to relax.
I've tried some volutary social interaction.

Maybe I need to get myself grounded, recalibrate the compass…

A goal…

3037f No.657

Can't help with that but I can record the sunset at the sea, stick some music to it and upload it for you if you want.

2cad4 No.658

>a goal
Get a Job or learn a small trade. Make getting that pay/ability your goal

Maybe after that you'll fell better

028bf No.880

Jordan Peterson on 12 Rules for Life - 90 min
JP addresses a packed auditorium about his most recent book, focusing on practical strategies, traits, and characteristics for creating order out of chaos in one's own circumstances and experiences.

7103a No.904

File: 1517277146202.gif (51.42 KB, 519x543, mlfw689_35346 - animated d….gif)

Well anons, the Philosophy Night thread slid off the main-board during the holidays.
If you're fixin' for some sorting however, I'll be streaming some Jordan Peterson starting in about 10 minutes

7103a No.905

Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro: Frontline of Free Speech (LIVE) - Rubin Report

7103a No.920

File: 1517947027169.jpg (82.74 KB, 680x720, jordan.jpg)

So just for kicks, I'm gonna sit down and watch the Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - a recent podcast/discussion he conducted with Jordan Peterson. You're all welcome to join.

28901 No.921

File: 1518262597802.jpg (741.73 KB, 2000x1329, 1443825179928.jpg)

I'll start out by saying that I don't know anything about your e-celeb, and sort yourself out is just a meme to me. But this is the only semi-active thread on /ub/, and I need to some help if at all possible.

What's really eating at me right now is the lack of sex in my life. I might just as well be a virgin, though I can't actually claim the title. I feel like I can't even masturbate anymore. What am I whacking it to? I've never had sex if my fucking life, isn't it absurd to sit there and masturbate to something that you cannot even comprehend or relate to? But that's not the issue itself, I suppose it's just what pushed me over the edge. I can't even fucking jerk off anymore, so how am I supposed to be at all content with the state of my life?

I want to have sex. I want a woman to call a lover. To hold, to kiss, to please, to love with all my heart. To fuck the shit out of. I'm a man, I want to FUCK. My neighbor invited some dude over today. The walls are thin enough that I could hear everything. I wasn't disgusted, or aroused, or embarrassed. I was fucking mad. That wasn't me on the other side of that wall, and it pissed me off to no end.

I'm 23 and I've never had sex in my life. I never cared about being alone until recently, and then everything came crashing down on me. I found that I wanted someone– needed someone– to be with, and I didn't (still don't) know what to do. I have been retarded. I'm a child in a man's body. I never grew up. I was a "good kid" ya know? Good kids don't go out and grow, they stay inside and out of trouble. I don't know how to socialize with sexual beings. I don't know how to flirt, and "play the game", and I certainly don't know how to get myself a partner. What am I to do, when I have been robbed of the chance to learn as nature intended, and my ignorance keeps me from being the man I should be?

I suppose it's no secret that I'm sexually frustrated, ehh? But I've just now come to terms with the fact that I am at fault. I need to take responsibility to fix it. But what the fuck do I do? I'm a failure as a human being. But I don't want to be. Not anymore. I fucking need this. I fucking need to grow up and be a man. But I am not there yet. I'm still just a child. That's why I'm here, asking for help like one. Please, if it is at all possible. Help me.

e2ea5 No.922

File: 1518265139116.gif (5.94 MB, 388x383, RarityThinking.gif)

Not everyone can or should be sexually active. However, if you want to find a wife (and believe me, you want someone you can cherish for life, not a mere depository of bodily fluids), you need to start going to places. You must have a friend who is more socially active than you, and if you don't have one now you can find one no problem. Could be a store clerk, doesn't matter. He'll be your wingman and can help you steer a lady into a date.

I would not advise finding your future beloved at a trashy place like a bar, as such fast women will leave your heart shattered and your bank account in no better shape. It is better to go to a library, a restaurant (doesn't have to be ritzy, but please don't choose a McDonalds), or even a net cafe (there you are likely to find more nerdy types who may share similar interests). If you see a lady seated alone (for goodness' sake have some standards; don't choose a landwhale, a trollop, or a non-white) walk over casually and with the utmost politeness and respect ask if you may sit with her. If she declines, whether because she's waiting for a partner or not, simply say, "I understand. Have a nice day" and walk away. If she accepts, congratulations, that's part 1 done! I am guessing you are not a total autist so you probably know how to hold a proper conversation. This is much easier if you have a wingman because ladies often venture in the company of each other; you can thus obtain an impromptu "double-date."

Remember when conducting your courtship that sex is not the goal, merely an accessory at the end of a wonderful journey. That doesn't mean you'll lack urges: in fact, rather than be frustrated from loneliness you'll be rendered passionate in the throes of love. Discipline is essential and you must never act unduly towards the object of your desires. Direct, rather, your passion into creative outlets such as poetry, songs, stories, or art; if you cannot do any of these now is the time to practice. Your emotion will be consumed by these practices until the happy occasion of your engagement and marriage, upon which you can use your animal urges to further the white race.

7103a No.923

This >>922 and also spend time working on and developing yourself. Realize that you're not just looking for a partner for yourself, but you're also looking for be a partner for someone else.

381cf No.1106

File: 1532131755476.jpg (37.12 KB, 800x450, brainlet_wojak_09.jpg)

How do I unbrainlet myself?

675bf No.1107

If I knew…

a8ab3 No.1108

Doctor Kawashima's Brain Training.

Download the rom and an emulator and play that shit daily.

Sudoku and memory shit makes you smarter.

a8ab3 No.1109

I'm on a handful of days on nofap, forgot how many. I'm trying to rediscover my love for writing. It's hard, but I'm trying, and I want to write shit again because years ago, it was the only thing I truly enjoyed.

381cf No.1110

Will look into this, thanks

b4b97 No.1111

Its okay Nigel, you'll get there. Also Starlight Glimmer did nothing wrong

8493a No.1214

File: 1543358209328.png (426.43 KB, 680x825, ouch.png)

So I was having my daily dose of mlp and everytime I watch it I learn something new.
Yesterday I watched S4e24. The episode is about Spike and the friendship games. He is suppossed to light the flame. He fucks up and starts hating himself and even when he saves the whole of the stadium he cant stop. The twiggy says something:
Everyone has forgiven you except yourself, what would it take you to forgive yourself?

This hit close to home.

So I am of course biased in this but here is the way it looks to me.
I never commited an major crime. I did substance abuse, took change without asking, lied, distanced myself, spazzed out drunk…
The only one I ever really hurt, aside from siblings as kid, is me and through that maybe the people that care about me.
I am a pathetic fucking faggot and even though people are like "he is such a friendly and helpful guy, so smart an shit " I just wanna commit sudoku.

To me it is not only what I am but what I am not. Personified Weltschmerz if you will. While I stopped thinking about suicide everyday but I have to face the unvarnished me all the time.

I remember the breaking bad episode "problem dog ".
No matter how many dogs I kill, hooray for me because Im a great guy!

So basically the question is this, how to come to terms with yourself?

I cant stop being my own nemesis

f3147 No.1215

I forgot to mention theft and vadalism and a couple other sins I commited while I was youger
How to stop self-loathing for the way you were and for the fact that I am still a giant faggot?

83c2c No.1216

File: 1543412879168.jpg (31.8 KB, 256x378, ypo9-1432419254-183-medium.jpg)

Well anon, you didn't become a faggot overnight. That doesn't absolve you of consistently taking the time - and it will take time - to progress from where you are to where you want to be. But you do have to start from where you are. Sometimes it helps to envision the sort of person you would like to be, and then figure out what is different between who you are now, and slowly eliminate things and work your way towards it. Set reasonable, achievable goals, and keep track of where you fall short of them and use that information to refine the process. You admit you're your own nemesis, but you should also realize that you can win against yourself.

d018a No.1217

>I cant stop being my own nemesis
I inject T. Feels great, huge confidence, no depression, no overthinking. I see a problem, I take action. Can't fully describe it.

Get tested, you sound low anon.

b33d9 No.1218

>but you should also realize that you can win against yourself
I dont know
So far I have seldom won a fight against myself
I am not as much of a faggot as I was before but I cant forgive myself for the way I was

>I inject T.

829dd No.1219

Testosterone. I take a needle and jab my ass and inject sweet testosterone.

"Normal" T levels have been dropping for almost a hundred years. We don't know why exactly, but some have suspicions. Feels great to have the T level of a man 100 years ago.

155ce No.1223

What are the suspicions?
Are there negative effects?

ed51b No.1224

ht tps://www.menshormonalhealth.com/low-testosterone-symptoms.html
Some effects of low T:
>Fatigue (lack of energy)
>Muscle mass and strength (reduced)
>Body fat (increased)
>Back pain
>Libido decreased (lowered sex drive)
>Brain fog (difficulty concentrating)
>Memory problems
>Depression (sadness, hopelessness, despair)
>Motivation and ambition (decreased)
>Irritability (increased anger, agitation, or loss of patience)

The last five are probably the most relevant to this thread. What would you do if you had the opposite of the last five?

>Increased concentration

>Great memory recall
>High motivation and ambition
>Happiness, hopefulness, joy
>Calm in the face of adversity

Side effects? Infertility, but if you want to have kids on TRT, you can inject HCG and it will bring your fertility back. Also, once you experience it, you won't want to go back.

e467e No.1225

>If you have problems with injections, just inject more shit
You need to work on your sales pitch

0440b No.1226

I gladly inject. It sounds terrible, you get used to it. If you were a diabetic you would have to do it multiple times a day. I just inject 2x a week.

And honesty isn't a sales pitch. Let's face it anyway, I bet 90% on here are NEETs, so you aren't going to get your old sock pregnant anyway.

88bc1 No.1228

Diabetics inject to survive. Also
>I bet 90% are NEETs
I'll take that bet. In the meantime
>It sounds terrible, you get used to it
>once you experience it, you won't want to go back
You know who also makes statements like this regarding artificial injections? Heroine users.

37535 No.1229

> TRT = heroin
Um, yeah.
>Diabetics inject to survive
You might not say that if you knew how badly I felt before going on TRT. I was merely surviving before TRT, nothing more. Every day sucked, no joy, getting out of bed was a struggle, doing my job was torture, but I did it anyway.

88bc1 No.1230

Drawing comparison between testimonies and method is not equating the two things.
>muh feels
Pray tell how many other efforts, practices, treatments, etc. you tried before you got to the point of jabbing yourself in the ass?

78e59 No.1231

>Drawing comparison between testimonies and method is not equating the two things.
Close enough. And why would you use that line of reasoning if you didn't believe there was some equivalency? You are just butthurt that I called you out on it.

"You know who also likes to eat? Fatties."

Exactly what does that phrase mean without implication?

>Pray tell how many other efforts, practices, treatments, etc. you tried before you got to the point of jabbing yourself in the ass?

Exactly why does that matter? My T was low. I went on clomid which didn't work. I went on injections, that worked great. If you believe the online bullshit about doing squats to raise your T, let me tell you, it doesn't work. I have been a lifter for almost 20 years and it didn't help a damn bit. Those sites are just as bad as one "one small trick to lose weight" sites.

146fa No.1232

88bc1 No.1235

Butthurt? Not at all, this is a learning opportunity for anyone who is reading. Apparently all you need is shots to the ass to feel right as rain, and if you have adverse side effects, just take more shots to the ass. It couldn't be diet, exercise, proactivity or a variety of other remedies, no its definitely shots in the ass.

You do realize this is the 'sort yourself out' thread? I mean, if that's how you want to go about it that's your business, but that doesn't explain getting bent when I make you look like an idiot for A. doing it, and B. thinking that others (myself specifically) thinks that's a bad way to address the issue.
>exactly what does that phrase mean without implication?
It means you're using artificial methods to alleviate your problem and then promoting it to others, probably without a full appreciation for potential long-term side effects (admittedly, because T shots to the ass haven't been available long enough to have a full clinical assessment of the long-term effects). You mention Clomid, but have you tried non-(((pharmaceutical))) methods (beyond doing squats, that is)?

9aacf No.1237

File: 1544284748900.jpg (208.67 KB, 1024x800, testosterone_boost.jpg)


Factors to increase:
>Fat loss.
I lost weight, getting down to 150lbs at 5'10". Guess what, I lost all my muscle, was still fat.
I would do some cardio, not a tremendous amount but far more than the average person.
>Resistance Training
Fuck yeah, I would lift. Gained some strength, didn't gain much muscle, plateaued, and hurt myself. Rinse, repeat.
>Sexual Activity
Min 2x a week, up to 6x a week for the past 10 years barring major injury.
>50% fat intake.
Fuck that's a lot of fat. I usually aim for 30/30/30, though I may have hit that when I was on the steak and eggs diet.
>Wild fish
Not much, wild caught fish isn't readily available here.
>Cruciferous vegetables
Fuck no, I get such horrible gas that I would have to take three showers a day.
Yeah, I take a multi that covers those.

Factors to decrease:
Generally, I am between 17-22%. Couldn't get below 17% even at 150lbs.
Yeah, I have stress
I generally eat clean, I'll have some small squares of dark chocolate. Never soda, chips, or other trash food.
I hit 7 hours most nights.
Not really sure on this one, but I eat more fruit than vegetables, and pesticides don't matter on oranges/bananas because of thick skins.
>BPA in plastic bottles
I rarely store food in plastic and don't drink bottled water.
>Pthalates in personal care products
Don't know, I'd have to check, but much of my personal care stuff I mix up with graduated cylinders and a milligram scale. (It's cheap that way and nothing in there I don't put in.)
I was dry for at least four years. I don't drink much these days either.
>oxidative stress
No fucking clue
>Artificial sweeteners
I generally avoid them in food (even stevia), but I'll have a diet coke sometimes.

>Apparently all you need is shots to the ass to feel right as rain, and if you have adverse side effects, just take more shots to the ass.

That's an oversimplification, but ok, if that's how you want to see it.

>It couldn't be diet, exercise, proactivity or a variety of other remedies, no its definitely shots in the ass.

For me, it is. There really isn't much more that I could do, reasonably. Most days I actually track what I eat with a kitchen scale and an app. And I hate to tell you, but if you are low, all the lifting it the world isn't going to do anything but get you injured. I spent years lifting, thinking I was just a pussy, I needed to lift harder, eat better, but all I got was injuries and the strange distinction of being the super skinny guy at the gym who somehow managed to lift higher weights than expected. But it was at a cost of frequent injury.

>when I make you look like an idiot for A.

Perhaps you think I look like an idiot, but I, and others are free to disagree.

>thinking that others (myself specifically) thinks that's a bad way to address the issue

For some, it's the only way. I'm just trying to raise some awareness. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago.

>artificial methods to alleviate your problem and then promoting it to others, probably without a full appreciation for potential long-term side effects

If you did any research, you would find out there are MANY more adverse effects from being low than there are from injections. Also, I wouldn't advocate just injecting, you need to get tested first, etc, but that's generally not a danger as you need a script to get on TRT.

>but have you tried non-(((pharmaceutical))) methods (beyond doing squats, that is)

Addressed above, but IMHO, unless you are a completely obese hamplanet that doesn't leave the couch, going through that whole list isn't going to do much of anything.

9aacf No.1238

>You do realize this is the 'sort yourself out' thread?
Also, I fail to understand how getting yourself medically treated for a hormonal problem doesn't qualify as "sorting yourself out." It just so happens that many(most?) people just suffer through this without treatment, but that doesn't make it bad to seek treatment.

>admittedly, because T shots to the ass haven't been available long enough to have a full clinical assessment of the long-term effects

Actually, they have been around for a very long time, and have a fairly sizable body of research behind them. However, there is a stigma about it because some believe you will get "roid rage." Sure, if you inject levels that would get you to Arnold level of T, you may experience some hormonal issues.


bfa75 No.1280

File: 1546403195434.jpg (52.73 KB, 500x369, wer-macht.jpg)

How much should I aim for in life?

I've got a job offer. After an internship there I like the work and the company, but it's a rather taxing job. I'll just get home everyday exhaused and I wouldn't be able to do much, even on weekends I couldn't get myself off the couch.

If I take this job I doubt I could be politically active or create that masterpiece I've been dreaming of. If it weren't for the joy I get from the work itself I would call it wage slavery.

So should I take this job and live quitely, or should I find a job that allows me to become the next hitler on the side?

b5e1a No.1281

Start by aiming to succeed at the things you set yourself toward, and in those start small but be progressive. Set reasonable, achievable goals, and then work to increase the difficulty of those goals.
As far as political activity, put yourself first. If you don't put your foremost attention on yourself and your success, you'll be less effective at working for groups and ideas. A founded, well developed advocate for an idea is profoundly more effective than an overly energetic or momentarily-excited one.
Also, wash your penis.

e6046 No.1282

The answer is more
It is not about the goal but about the journey
First stop: get better and figure out a way to do yourself job more efficient so you're not as tired out

b17c8 No.1284

>but it's a rather taxing job
They are all taxing either physically or mentally. The mentally taxing ones pay higher. If the job were easy, they wouldn't pay you to do it.

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