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Becoming better
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6b05c No.223


What is self improvement?
Why improve one self?
what does improvement even mean?

Bologically speaking we have two objectives:
Stay alive and pass on our genes preferably with a cute poner

philosophycally speaking the concept of überhengst has multiple definitions, from beating nihilism and slave mentality to just being "better" than your parents

So what to work on? What to improve?
It is said the only reason for our memories is to be prepared for the future.
The other approach is that if you want to understand where you are heading.
You need two points.
Where you are and where you were to understand where you are heading.

So here are my general ideas.
I propose that the most important things are how to keep your body in a shape where you can deal with most of problems (tasks, defending yourself) and the complicated matter of the mind.

To do that you need to work your body right.
Bodyweight training is everything you need in my opinion since the gym-jew just wants shekel.
To much of anything can be bad and the THINGS bodybuilder become sometimes are closer to criples that to athletes.
Functionality of the body seems like the thing to strive for -> endure and bodyweight
In my opinion sports is better than lifting in many ways since it has a more diverse set of requirements and also social

Furthermore the intake of nutrients is more than just important since it is what provides you with the ability to think (correlation of nutrients and IQ) and to use your body -> cooking

Expanging your mind is always a good idea
Philosophy, anthropology, sociology and even psychology(yeah I know jews and psychology but whatever you do it has most likely to do with humans) seem to be very important topics

What are your thoughts on self improvement as a whole?
What is important? What should you do?
And how to do it?

50ca1 No.248

File: 1504530950289.jpg (726.23 KB, 800x1132, 3146132462.jpg)

Physical improvement, mental improvement, these are essential, but also essential is dispositional improvement.
Spiritual traditions and religions have all kinds of words for it, and I don't care for them. I am partial to the term "Resolve", though more classical terms like "will", "heart", "spirit", "soul", or whatever also represent the same faculty.
Resolve is a force of differentiation, and can be seen to operate in the face of chaos. It often involves the recognition of many potential and the refusal of certain potentials in favor of others. It is the essence of a human's ability to navigate quantum potential.
Unfortunately, the only way to effectively train and develop the resolve that I know of is trial by fire.

15ce3 No.261

I only trust gym machines to help me atrenghten my back muscles correctly. I got signuficant degree of scoliosis.

15ce3 No.262


6b05c No.270

guess I gotta burn then

50ca1 No.272

File: 1504567703325.png (5.05 MB, 8192x4608, tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann….png)

6b05c No.273

File: 1504568948781.gif (848.18 KB, 500x281, 1465882759926.gif)

the only way to answer is a quote

"es soll gebrannte kinder geben die gefallen daran finden und sich nach den flammen sehnen"

05e11 No.299

This is exactly why Christianity and the Bible it's important.
It doesn't matter if you don't want to believe in God, all that matters is you understand the moral code of the Bible and why it existed for so many years.

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