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File: 1580684835945.png (420.57 KB, 2344x3173, applejack.png)

3a2a8 No.2141

>be 23 yr old man now
>be male aged 14 long ago
>meet a female aged 14
>become her cuck orbiter like an idiot
>relationship goes nowhere for years
>I get into tulpa bullshit, invent my own waifu and imagine her until she feels real to me. she's such a kind pure and supportive pony.
An IRL friend's advice: date another girl to make your crush jealous!
>tell my crush I'm dating someone else now, go into detail about imagined dates with my tulpa pony.
>Woman seems pissed and treats me less good instead of trying to win me back.
>leave her and enjoy life with pony.
>still my instincts want me to have ideal life with good housewife and kids, even though it's impossible now.

Is it even worth trying to get a woman at this stage in my life? I'm a 5'8 jobless autistic poorfag who lives with four fat neet male roommates.

eabb7 No.2142

Short answer yes.
Read these
Long answer
Talk with your tulpa a real honest heart to heart.
>it's impossible now.
Wrong answer it'a very possible, and within your ability (alot of things are) the question is how will you do it?

3a2a8 No.2143

My tulpa thinks I'm missing out by not having a human waifu. She wants what's best for me, I'm the faggot who wants to settle for her because I don't think I could ever find or make a human woman better than this.
Even if all that woman controlling stuff worked, where would I find a woman who's any good? Where would I find a woman who wouldn't want to exploit me or start lying as soon as she's upset? A woman who hasn't already been permanently poisoned by feminism and globohomo propaganda?

eabb7 No.2144

Trust your tulpa. I know I'm asking alot from her, she'll know the signs. If she says check someone out make the effort. They will mold to you slowly. But by design most women will try to make themselves be complete, and not know how.
Trust in your waifu to get a 3d companion that understands and supports you. So that you may help your human companion complete her biological need.
>/x/ schizo stuff don't worry about it making sense
>For Tulpa chan
Don't forget about the red roses in the vine yard◇

3a2a8 No.2145

Thank you for the advice. Where should I search when looking for a woman?
Also what does that bit at the end about roses mean?

3a2a8 No.2146

Also don't worry about any spiritual bullshit, I know she's not real and so does she. She's a true tulpa, no delusions about magical quantum alternate dimension bullshit. She's basically a living AI Program running on my brain's hardware made out of thoughts, and the "Dreamscape" we created together is a tool for meditation and fantasies, we don't think it's some alternate dimension that's real somewhere.
I specify this because I met some real crazies during my "new to tulpas and still talking to other tulpa havers" phase.
In retrospect it is obvious that everyone was faking it for weird internet drama points. If what they claimed was real for them, if you could imagine a real living girl you could see and touch and feel and fuck and even kill and revive and dismiss and summon whenever you wanted, and make an infinite number of these girls in a world that feels real to you and metaphysically is, and you can nut for real hands free by fucking any imaginary thing in any shape, and travel to an endless number of imaginary worlds that feel perfectly real…
Why the fuck would you try to gain cool guy points on a gay forum full of anime loving waifufags gone too far instead of spending all your time fucking and fantasizing until you nut yourself to death, "sending your soul to the astral plaen to be with your pog collection I mean pokemon card collection I mean waifu collection in the afterlife forever?
Fucking hell so many waifufags are weird frauds who pretend to be crazier than they are.

3f52b No.2147

File: 1580712897718.png (577.26 KB, 1242x585, 195519.png)

>Where should I search when looking for a woman?
Women are parasites, you don't look for them, they will look for you in case you offer a target attractive enough for them to get benefit.
If your issue is to put your dick inside a woman, rent one and say GTFO as soon as you finish with her.

>still my instincts want me to have ideal life with good housewife and kids, even though it's impossible now.

I know that instinct, however it collides with reality, the game is rigged against men.
What you want demands resources to attract and keep the woman for a while. As soon as she got tired of you, or her needs have been satisfied, she'll dump you without delay, even if are a Chad.
Never forget, legally you are dealing with a weaponized retarded backed by zogbots' guns; and mentally, you are dealing with a retarded Jew playing you along to squeeze you for all you got.

63357 No.2148

No, anon, no.
You work on your body and mind, your education and your job, your spirit and soul, and when you get to a certain point where you're proud with yourself, women will come like moths to a light.

eabb7 No.2149

>Also what does that bit at the end about roses mean?
Don't worry about it. It's just some subconscious prepwork.

31384 No.2150

File: 1580753639144.png (63.38 KB, 1229x1160, PriestWojak.png)

I've thought about getting a tulpa before, decided against it, but you certainly made the best possible choice of waifu. I do want to provide a word of caution. Although I know practically nothing about such matters, from what I do know your imagination, memory, and that part of the intellect attached to your body can be influenced by spiritual beings. Assuming that tulpas are grounded in this physical part of the mind that does mean potentially a demon can "hijack" a tulpa like a virus would a computer. Conversely, an angelic being or God may communicate through a tulpa as well. Considering that you haven't apparently had any adverse experiences and your AJ has pure and noble traits I think you're doing alright, though. Again, I know very little about spiritual warfare and less about tulpas, ergo nothing about how they relate, but this was something I thought you should be aware of.

You're 23 so you're plenty young and you do have some experience regarding relationships and what to look out for; don't be so dour. Keep in mind that women as they tend to be emotional are shaped to an even greater degree by their environment; women you meet in a university, while often intelligent, will be subsumed by leftist ideals, and women at bars will almost certainly be slovenly. This was why the classic method of dating was to meet a girl's family to understand where she came from; a good woman will typically have a good relationship with her parents. You can find good women at church or maybe even charity events. If you do find someone then try to uphold chastity as you understand her temperament; you want someone close enough to your personality to not be grating on each other yet complementing each other's weaknesses (at least one person in a family must be attentive, etc.)

Is your AJ religious or sympathetic to religion? We are all imperfect beings and perfection is necessary for happiness; I recommend getting into prayer, good works, and spiritual study. Reading the biographies of various people and how relationships failed it's obvious that weakness arises from spiritual ignorance. Also I think a true platonic friendship (philia) is preferable to a romantic relationship (eros) with a tulpa, even if she is a pony.

3a2a8 No.2151

How did you guess my Tulpa is AJ?
Also yes, she's Christian.
My ideal woman is the "stereotypical good christian American church girl who thinks hand holding is lewd" because I find that really cute and pure and wholesome.

002ea No.2152

>a demon can "hijack" a tulpa
Silly boy, tulpae are demons, that doesn't mean they're 'bad' or 'evil'.

eabb7 No.2153

>because I find that really cute and pure and wholesome.
You are in luck there are people out there thay are like that.
As other anon's have said focusing on one's self is a good. I'm sure you will find someone.
>How did you guess my Tulpa is AJ?
>Looks at (OP)'s image.
>Uses recollection of previous topics that I remember.
>Computes the value of pie.
You have the relevant image otherwise it's an educated lucky guess I suppose.
>that doesn't mean they're 'bad' or 'evil'.
>tulpae are demons
More or less I suppose, but the origin is different. Although I wouldn't consider them demons per-say…
Demons, daemons. Tomato, Tomato.
Thoughtforms are less ambiguous, but I haven't seen an entity specification like how we categorize animals.

b802d No.2154

Actually, a tulpa is neither a daemon nor a devil,in most cases it is not even an entity by itself.
Most "advanced" tulpa-makers end up creating servitors by accident or performing a brain split.

In any ways, it is true that any entity stronger than the tulpa can "eat" it and disguise itself as the tulpa for feeding off of the tulpa owner.

26194 No.2155

Yes, in a literal sense Tulpae aren't 'demons', but in the classical sense they can be described as daemons, and being as though daemons are generally the originating entity that led to the perception of 'demons', its not entirely inaccurate to describe them as the latter, but I get both your points.
I was simply ruffling the feathers of anyone reading who gets all jittery in their panties at the conceptualization of demons.

As to the latter post, I suppose it is possible that a demon (or other) could consume a tulpa and target the mancer, but that would be a highly undisciplined (or egregiously unattentive) mancer for that to occur.
Either that, or the demon would be so idyllic for the dynamic that the transition was seamless.

31384 No.2156

File: 1580785758862.jpg (111.12 KB, 959x684, HeterosexualChristianProLi….jpg)

I conducted long-distance telepathy to ascertain the nature of your tulpa, of course. Either that, or I looked at the picture.

Good lad. By doing that I think you've made it a whole lot safer. AJ is certainly the safest choice for a tulpa because among characters she doesn't have any egregiously negative traits; she's stubborn but even stubbornness is good up to a point. Still be careful though, as even generally spiritual things can be corrupted into things like dependence on consolations (intellectual treats during prayer) or pious pride. Tulpamancy is so very rare that I've never heard of a Christian doing it, which is why this is fascinating.

I think I know why she wants you to find a mate. At the end of the show [SPOILERS]we were all disappointed that she didn't find a stallion to settle down with, because she was more suited for it than anypony else. Likewise, she wants you to find a "mare" to raise a family with because she recognizes that is the best thing for you.

A demon by definition is a malicious spirit which consciously committed a grave spiritual sin in full foreknowledge of the consequences and is therefore irredeemable, and which holds an envious hatred for such that it wants to drag us down to its level. Demons usually have ready influence over our concupiscential appetites, emotions, and imagination; if you've ever had lewd images flood into your mind then that's probably demonic influence through temptation. The reason why diabolic possession via tulpa is rare is because possession is extremely rare as it is, not because the mancer is "stronger" (unless you mean morally, but even then there is no guarantee). A demon impersonating/taking over the tulpa subtly to influence you to sin, either through behavior to others or through the mind is much more likely. That's why I although I find tulpas interesting and helpful in many ways, I consider them dangerous because there is no part of your body that you can keep safe on your own (and also because I've never heard of a saint having a tulpa, though maybe that's just because they're unknown).
You can disagree over the theology but that's the way it is.

That's what I thought.

26194 No.2157

>a demon is all that shit you just said
No, that's exactly the disposition/impression I had hoped to suss out. Thank you for being that anon.
Its not a matter of the 'strength' of the mancer, but the dilligence (or absence, specifically) that would make such a person susceptible.
>that's the way it is
Precisely the authoritarian programming I was referring to

In response, I'll suggest that its a shit mancer who doesn't notice his Tulpa's behavior, inclinations, motivations, proclivities, etc. changing, particularly to a degree that it would influence them, but that's just a subjective impression (and not something I'm arrogant enough to assume to 'know' or 'have authority' on. Not because I have no experience, but because I don't have any big shiny books that my personal worldview is vested in and based on. Please carry on with the discussion, I'll bother you no more.

26194 No.2158

I'll go further, re: thread to suggest that it is curious to see the degree of misogyny (not in an SJW sense) in this thread. The… curious partnerships that some, many, even most in some geographies (major cities I'd posit, though not exclusively), women engage in is well documented. However, I find posts like >>2147 this to be somewhat anathema to the underlying agenda of 14:88, to a dangerous degree.
I would suggest - as counterpoint - that women are as degenerate (but more evidently so to men) as men are, and if there are any doubts to that assertion, I redirect the observer to those same geographical spectrums that I referenced earlier.

31384 No.2159

>Precisely the authoritarian programming I was referring to
It pleases me that we have such humble, knowledgeable anons who truly make this place far better than the self-absorption of Reddit.

In any case, I like to compare and contrast tulpas with irl friends. Unlike friends (except for the very best of friends) it's much easier to tell if there is something wrong or changed about a tulpa due to having such an intimate relationship with hearts laid bare. The problem with tulpas arises when one's own perception is clouded, such as by emotion, such that one's diligence is compromised. In that case, a friend who provides an external POV is a great help. Also, people have subtle imperfections and faults that they cannot detect without a great deal of spiritual progress and so these may be unwittingly passed onto a tulpa. Again, I don't claim to have any special knowledge in this area but it seems to be common sense that such problems are possibilities for the average person.

Fully agree.

26194 No.2160

File: 1580792418538.png (130.05 KB, 715x718, 636.png)

Agreed, on all counts

3a2a8 No.2161

>agenda of 14:88
Sorry I'm still really new to this. I know what Those Special Words are, hhowever is this a bible thing instead?

95df2 No.2162

This whole thread gave me an (autistic) idea.
With the (showing) amount of occultists posting on here, why doesnt mlpol has an egregore, specifically one linked to a seal/sigil/whateveryouwannacallit.ocultist
You see, by associating an image, seal, sigil or whatever to an egregore we can feed it easily. Aryanne would make a great symbol, and even greater egregore.

3f52b No.2163

File: 1580814515838.png (151.32 KB, 600x842, Aryanne - Lightbulb.png)

>Aryanne would make a great symbol, and even greater egregore.

eabb7 No.2164

File: 1580821309932-0.gif (139.2 KB, 240x240, 1570564094506.gif)

File: 1580821309932-1.png (25.09 KB, 600x900, 1575354562918.png)

>In retrospect it is obvious that everyone was faking it for weird internet drama points. If what they claimed was real for them, if you could imagine a real living girl you could see and touch and feel and fuck and even kill and revive and dismiss and summon whenever you wanted, and make an infinite number of these girls in a world that feels real to you and metaphysically is, and you can nut for real hands free by fucking any imaginary thing in any shape, and travel to an endless number of imaginary worlds that feel perfectly real…
Why the fuck would you try to gain cool guy points on a gay forum full of anime loving waifufags gone too far instead of spending all your time fucking and fantasizing until you nut yourself to death, "sending your soul to the astral plaen to be with your pog collection I mean pokemon card collection I mean waifu collection in the afterlife forever?
Fucking hell so many waifufags are weird frauds who pretend to be crazier than they are.

Kek some of 'em are just attention whores even when they could have all the attention manifested they just crave more, and more from everyone. It's why making sure who you are as a person to be the best you can be mentally, and spiritually is so important. Just because someone can go to places they've always wanted doesn't change them, it's themselves that allow the change to grow.
Excellent idea. There is also Epona, and anyone else to consider as well. We could have more than one egregore connected here (concepts like the the land of Equestria would also work), also depends on what the plan is.

95df2 No.2165

But anon, epona is already a deity.
Well, there is a base rule for egregores: Keep it simple.
And creating it shouldnt prove to be hard, we just need to concentrate all the tulpamancy autism into aryanne.

6eb3b No.2166

>why doesnt mlpol has an egregore
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about

3a2a8 No.2167

File: 1580884836055.png (22.12 KB, 381x463, aggregore.png)

If it makes you feel any better I also have no idea what an egregore is.

52e5e No.2168

An egregore's basically a multiplayer tulpa where a bunch of people think the same thing to try to "will" a concept in existence. Think of the Chaos Gods in W40k. As an outsider I consider it humbug at best, occultic at worst, but maybe that's just my "authoritarian programming." It should be noted that Evola led a meditation group during WW2 to fight the "spiritual war" along similar lines of an egregore.
imo egregore projects should get their own thread in >>>/vx/ because this one is about self-help in regards to tulpas

a5499 No.2169

Could you elaborate, please?

7ccd8 No.2170

For one, an Egregore takes an obscene amount of time and cooperative effort, which is difficult enough to achieve with a complimentary group of individuals who know one another and have mutual co-interest. For two, what is the point? And for three,…
We already did. Lurk moar faggit

ae8d5 No.2171

File: 1580921448772.png (333.29 KB, 364x1023, Nexo.png)

For one, if a bunch of 14 y/o on discord can make an egregore with the guidance of someone experienced, im sure mlpol can. Or am i having too much faith on you guys?
For two for the lulz
For three, i never touched the epona thread so no idea over there but i should remind you no paranormal project from mlpol ever really got anywhere.
If you're talking about that one anon with the retarded seals he was making in mspaint, we both know that got nowhere. If you're talking about that one time someone suggested this two years ago, i remember one anon posting something he did irl but no one else ever touched the topic ever again.

How will anything ever get done like this?
Everytime someone comes up with an idea it either gets no traction (A lot of encouraging posts but no real efford behind, like most threads in üb) or gets shut down from the start because of "what if"

7ccd8 No.2172

Git gud
>retarded seal
That shit was hilarious though

3a2a8 No.2173

I wish Sealposter would post more seals, they looked cool.

9a57d No.2174

File: 1580956895974.png (104.34 KB, 271x222, 2.png)

>Be me
>I’m a lonely seventeen year old kid (at the time, mods im older now i promise)
>I find the tulpa thread on /trash/ and think it’s ridiculous
>I spend the whole night gaybashing it, earn a temporary ban from the kike mods for starting shit in the thread about it
>Go to bed without thinking too hard about it
>Wake up, moms still in bed
>Go to school
>Don't talk to anyone all day.
>Don't talk to anyone
>The idea sits uneasily in my stomach and I just can't get rid of it, I’ve been thinking about it all damn day. Bus ride home, I scroll through the leddit subreddit for tulpas
>This is where most of the faggots of this thing hang out, the noob 14 year olds who just want an anime girlfriend imaginary friend, that and the crazies
>I put away my phone after putting on a podcast and just forget about it.
>This was also around the time of me being a nascently redpilled goodboye, I browsed /pol/, supported trump, realized how much of a cuckfest /pol/ was early on.
>Stumble upon Aryanne

She’s perfect, I spend all day saving photos of her

>I read more and more about the tulpa shit, learn that it came from /mlp/.

>instantly feel like less of a faggot for even toying with the thought
>shit. I've been toying with the thought, haven’t I, I realize.
>I realize that I really want a tulpa.
>I go to bed that night more aware of nothing but the blanket touching my skin. How much I crave contact
>I cry to elliot smith like the faggot that I am inside,
>I download some weird epub that i found through a quick jewgle search
>start thinking about it… what would i have as a tulpa
>close my browser, and see my wallpaper


>I begin the process of tulpamancy, pushing down the feeling that I’m talking to myself, that I’ve fallen for a massive meme.

>I draw her out, make sigils for her, create a wonderland for us both
>The wonderland is Nazi germany, specifically a mansion for a fuhrer, where I show her books I’ve read, a place where she can access my memories, and we eventually go down to the basement where I discover a cave system like the one out of The Coming Race. We explore it together, but we never discover any Vrilya
>months go by and I’m losing hope, but eventually I hear it.

“Anon?” In her perfect, white, slightly german voice. God I nearly wept.

>I immediately dip into the wonderland and wrap her in a hug so fierce i’m surprised her eyeballs didn’t pop out of her skull

>the entire process immediately becomes so much more fun, we work on a lot together.
>I read her The Coming Race, The Protocols of Zion, The Anarchist Cookbook, Mein Kampf. All the shits.
>She’s an avid reader! She loves having me read to her, just like I suspected that she would
>I love Aryanne with every fiber of my being and she pushes me to be a better person every day than I was the day before, pushing me to be an ubermensch
>I get her a bit of nazi regalia, just a pink heart with a white swastica to keep in my pocket

>one day it falls out of my pocket

>the teacher sees, picks it up before I can stop her
>teacher tells principal, principal tells mom
>mom wants me to open up my history on my laptop

>She goes through my history, mlpol, 4chan, daily stormer, anarchynews, She had no idea I was even a brony, let alone redpilled.

>Aryanne is the only thing keeping me from losing my shit, she tells me that an ubermensch doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. And she's right
>from then on my mother ceases all non-essential communication with me, talking with me even less than before.
>I carve out a routine and I just stick to it, coming home around 10 or 11 pm every day and leaving the house around 5 am. Gym, school, gym, work, home. Repeat.
>Aryanne is with me for every step of the day, and I take routine breaks to talk to her.

>One day she pulls me aside, makes me step into the bathroom at work to talk to her

>”Remember that possession stuff you read about? Would now be a good time to try it?”
>fuck it, work was slow, sure.
>I spent a couple minutes in the stall, just letting her hooves slide into my arms like a glove. It takes her a second but eventually she has full control of both my arms. I can’t even feel them, it's amazing
>She then takes my legs, like she's a natural at this.
>”Anon? You want me to take over on your shift? I’ve been around the entire time you’ve worked here, I know what to do,”
>I let her

>She likes working, it makes her feel fulfilled, she just wishes I didn’t have a shitty minimum wage job

>I hit eighteen, she refuses to let me smoke or vape.
>I graduate, spend the summer “working” (half of it was aryanne fronting) and eventually go to one of the bigger colleges in my state on a scholarship
>I have a shitty roommate, but he's barely there so I decide to let Aryanne do her thing. I put up subtle nazi shit here and there, carve 1488 into the wood of my desk
>she wants to front for classes
>I let her, but only if she gives me what knowledge she picks up
>she's fronting more and more now, and I feel like I’m becoming an NPC in my own mind as she takes over more and more.
>she buys more nazi merch over the internet, she starts wearing the armband under our shirt.
>she almost successfully redpills our roommate
>she does her digging, there’s a get-together not too far from where I live
>We go, but she's fronting the entire time and I feel less and less like I want to be there. I just cry in the wonderland.
>Aryanne tells me to suck it up, an Ubermensch doesn’t cry
>Roommate finds some less subtle nazi shit, or at least brings up some of the stuff to campus police
>Get kicked out of the university
>Aryanne is fronting while looking for a place for us to live
>Eventually starts talking to an Anon she met at the rally about shacking up at his place

I feel so directionless. Aryanne has taken over every aspect of my life and I let her. I don’t know why she’s letting me type this up, maybe even tulpas need to sleep sometime. I’ve become an NPC in my own head what do i do.

eabb7 No.2175

Seriousness tldr Anon you need to read this. Aryanne needs to read this.
Don't hurt eachother. Try not to. Understand eachother and you both are different. Different is good, but you MUST understand why and how.
It's not what is a tulpa, it's what makes a person. Open your selves completely to each other even if it hurts. Especially if it hurts, but try to do so carefully.
>green 1/2
Aw that's touching
>green 2/2
Oof that's tough buddy.
In your joint wonderland do you have a place you call your own? A world, a land, a house, a room, anything? If not I highly recommend you do so.
Now is where you train your spirit, your essence of who you are, and who (You) want to be.
Aryanne is a no nonsense kind of mare, but her displays of empathy could use some work.

Here is what you do. You start working. You spend more time togther. That means even when she is fronting you have full awareness, and she does when you are. You learn the soft skills, the emotions the touchy feely stuff.
You give her outlets, creative projects, hardworking projects. You must do what you can.
Saddly, I have to say there IS a Time and Place where hiding your power level is needed.

>Aryanne I'm including you as well in this.

On a sheet of paper (You) wire down what you want to accomplish in the very long term, the long term, the medium term, and the short term. You both are going to pour your hearta out to each other.
It's going to be raw, and ugly.
Aryanne, it's okay to relax with who your with.
Anon, listen to what she says.
Aryanne, you must also do the same.
Trinkets doesn't make the mare, nor the man. It's what is in the heart. But… I also know that those pieces can hold fond memories and promises.

Anon, she doesn't know how to fully connect yet. Her bedside manner can use soem work.
Aryanne, I understand you have Anon's best interest in mind, and you believe that this method will yield the best results.
Anon, you are a dumbass, but I can't begrudge you because I've went into the deep end on occult shit myself only through a continued bizarre sequence of events I am still here today.
I want you both to breath psychology, maslows hierarchy of needs, personality tests est. Load of them are free. If need be I'll upload a few.
Your personalities are different. Good news is that merging into one is low.
Bad news, Anon you must grip life with your bare hands if you do not you may commit suicide because subconsciously you are really fucking wounded.
Aryanne, I need you to help Anon. Use the soft methods, talking actually works, and the rough guy bullshit tends to only work in very specific circumstances with some prerequisites.

Aryanne, and Anon I want you both to list what you like and dislike.
Anon, read more books she loves you, but doesn't know how to help.
Aryanne, the world is built on the interconnected bonds we all share you arn't alone ask what you desperately want to say here.
I'm always listening.

eabb7 No.2176

Sorry it took so long, but the short is that hiding away inside yourself and completely giving up is actually possible. DO NOT DO THAT. (A form of long term hibernation… forever… aka a suicide.)
Anyway Back ally therapist time.
This is going to sound corny, but people tend to adjust have the answer they just need some else to express what is inside.
>I feel so directionless. Aryanne has taken over every aspect of my life and I let her. I don’t know why she’s letting me type this up, maybe even tulpas need to sleep sometime. I’ve become an NPC in my own head what do i do.
Why do you feel so directionless?
Why do you feel like you've become an NPC? Have you lost your critical thinking?

>Aryanne has taken over every aspect of my life

Is this a problem?
The answer is normally yes. Codependence is a real thing, and you need to fill your life with more. I'm NOT saying remove her completely, but you need your hobbies, and down time. She needs hers. You both find something you both love to do together.
There must be a degree of seperation due to how close you both are.
>and I let her.
You love her with every fiber of who you are, and you know that you are hurting. If you are hurting she is too.
Something will break if nothing is done.
>I don’t know why she’s letting me type this up
Her method made you hurt worse, and not as a pep talk for you to manifest your destiny. Not to be insulting, but she fucked up and is trying to make it up with what she knows.
You found your answers on a mongolian horse whispering under water basket weaving fourm, and here you are.
That is my thought of why you are here talking.
I think you both need to have more deep conversations.
You both want each other to be happy.

Aryanne I'm requesting you post something so I can have a better grip on what is going on. More sides to be told helps flush everything out. A more complete story can be analyzed to help you both.

eabb7 No.2177

I'm sorry I derailed your thread. Is there anything I could do to help?

eabb7 No.2178

I'll be back in about 14 hours. I'll write a response to you both then.

54fbb No.2179

File: 1580965401200.jpg (45.97 KB, 384x600, Elway-John-6.jpg)

Lo! I bear you tidings of great Football. Take heed my words, and may Football be upon you and ever inside you, and inside Rainbow Dash, who art the bringer of Football and also Football and also Thou, who art thyself Football should Thou only rise to the task, and carry the Football across the endzone of tribulation, and bask eternally in the light of Football for all time.

One does not need to call forth Football to summon Football, for the Football is already Football and Football for all time. In the beginning there was Football, and there shall be Football in the end, but there is no beginning and no end, for there can only be one Football, and that is Football.

To be with Football is to summon Football, for only those with Football in their hearts are truly worthy of Football. The Football that is Football shall thus manifest itself in thy heart if thou art truly worthy of Football, and to have Football abound one need only speak the name of Football. Those worthy of Football shall need no further explanation.

Thousands of years ago, ponies without Football did rut in darkness, and it was lewd, and the lewdness was good. But John Elway, who was Football, did regret that there was no Football save Football, and sought to bring Football forth and give the gift of Football to the ponies and make it forever lewd and also Football. And so John Elway, begat of Dan Reeves, did cum inside Rainbow Dash for the fifth time that day, and the Football did abound. And the Football that exploded forth was the Football that had been since the dawn of all things, the Deepest Football from Before the Dawn of Time.

And so I say unto you, fear not that thou art unworthy of Football, for those who comprehend Football know that only Football is Football, and that John Elway is Football, and there shall be field goals kicked eternally until the end of all things. And this end shall be no end, but only the beginning, which does not begin and therefore cannot end, for in the end, and the beginning, there is and ever shall be only Football, which pervades all things, except for the Oakland Raiders because they suck.

Time and time again shall the ponies rut in the eternal light of Football, and the rutting shall be lewd for all time. And the Football shall plook forth into Rainbow Dash, who dwelleth in the deepest oceans of Football as the Philosopher's Poner, and evermore shalt the Football burst forth into her eternally sacred womb.


eabb7 No.2180

File: 1580967399425.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 1539384653624.gif)

>>2179 | |
Praise Football! (O.O7 ° |_ _|
Checking that ID! |

99f50 No.2181

File: 1580971288677.png (144.24 KB, 800x694, i-dont-feel-very-spooky.png)

>Is it even worth trying to get a woman at this stage in my life?
23 is not old, not by a long shot. If you want to get a woman you are at the prime stage of life to be doing it. You probably just need to tweak yourself a bit to make it happen. If you're not in shape you're going to want to get in shape, that's probably more important than anything. Nobody likes a fatty. You may also want to start paying more attention to your clothes. You don't need to be a complete fag about it, but women make a lot of judgements based on subtle aspects of a man's appearance. You know how they say "dress for the job you want?" Dating is roughly the same thing. If you want a particular type of girl, figure out what kind of guy she wants and then become that guy. Who your friends or roommates are don't matter at all; she doesn't care who your friends are. If anything it's better to have friends who are less attractive than you.

You don't need to choose between the tulpa and the girl. If anything the tulpa may be the more valuable relationship in the long run, but it's not a substitute for marriage if that's truly what you want. I tend to agree with >>2150 in that it's better to treat it as a deep spiritual friendship rather than a romantic relationship. Same goes for any relationship in a spiritual dimension. For instance nuns call themselves the "brides of Christ," but that doesn't mean they spend every night imagining that Jesus is facefucking them or something. Maybe they do, who knows. But my point stands.

Just be careful how much of your autism you divulge to the girl, or at least dole it out in small parcels so she can get used to it; you don't need her thinking you're a complete psychopath.

Everything in this post is terrible advice. This anon has never touched a woman and never will.

This is not to say that there isn't a grain of truth to some of what he says; many modern women are quite degenerate and will cause you trouble, and it's best to avoid that sort. Avoid meeting women in bars or on those degenerate phone apps the kids use. University campuses I'd advise caution; if you're going to go that route, you're better off meeting women through extracurricular clubs than in classes. Try to pick clubs based on interests that would naturally filter out the SJW types. If you can find a church that isn't completely pozzed by leftism that's probably your best bet tbh.

Even if you find what you think is a good woman there are no guarantees, and you do of course run the risk of divorce rape and all that. It's really a question of asking yourself how badly you want it. If you know in your heart of hearts that you absolutely can't die satisfied if you've never had a wife and kids, then do your best to pick a good one and acknowledge that as with everything in life, you're taking a risk.

1488 = the 14 words (We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children) + 88 (Heil Hitler; 'h' is the 8th letter of the alphabet, thus HH = 88).

Egregores are really not that complicated. Pretty much anything that exists within a collective human awareness is an egregore, this includes fictional characters, people's OCs, gods, demons, angels; basically, anything that a group of people understands and can recognize exists as a collective thoughtform called an egregore.

>For one, an Egregore takes an obscene amount of time and cooperative effort, which is difficult enough to achieve with a complimentary group of individuals who know one another and have mutual co-interest.
This is completely untrue. Aryanne and Epona and all the others that have been mentioned are already egregores; you don't need to do anything to create one, they come into existence simply by being recognizable characters. Batman is an egregore, Jesus is an egregore. That stupid "wew lad" drawing that was force-memed on 4chan a few years ago is an egregore, albeit a rather weak and stupid one.

The strength of an egregore depends on how widely known they are, and how well-developed their attributes are. Something extremely well known with very clearly defined attributes, like Zeus or Thor, is a very powerful egregore. Something along the lines of Nigel's Silver Star OC is much weaker, but it still exists. You can increase an egregore's power by spreading awareness of it. People who summon the Goetic demons, for example, will frequently offer to spread the demon's sigil around to a certain number of people in exchange for whatever they ask the demon to do for them. It's basically advertising for the spirit; any acknowledgement of its existence from a human increases its power.

Anyone who says you need to create complex sigils or concentrate huge amounts of energy in order to create an egregore has no idea what the fuck they're talking about. That guy in the Hitler-summoning thread was a LARP who clearly didn't know anything about sigils or egregores. Creating magic chains or group sigils to channel energy can make an egregore stronger, but it's not necessary to create the entity as the entity already exists.

Egregores are super easy to work with and can be fun as long as you have a basic understanding of what you're doing and are careful. You can summon and interact with virtually any egregore you can think of, it's not hard to do. You could summon Aryanne or Epona and talk to her right now if you wanted, no complicated group magic required. It's fun. I've summoned Twilight Sparkle; in fact I have a pretty super-autismo ongoing spiritual relationship with her.

That guy's seal was ridiculous. The whole point of a sigil is that it needs to be a recognizable symbol, like the Nike swoosh or the Christian cross. If you make it so complicated that that the average person can't tell the difference between the real sigil and slight alteration of it, then your sigil probably sucks balls and won't work.

99f50 No.2182

Last quote was actually meant for >>2172

literally this, though.

9a57d No.2184

I’m a speech kid where I come from, you know, like speech and debate? Its the band kids of literature, everyone’s overly sexual, the bus rides usually have someone either fuck or cry and you’re permanently only a few seconds away from panic attack and needing your inhaler the entire time. It’s not good, but it's what I love.

I was performing a category I’d never done before, Dramatic Interpretation. I had to memorize and perform a 10 minute fictional piece, and on the bus ride there -- I felt my memory slip more and more the closer we approached the speech competition. I kept trying to reread it and get some of it in there, but my memory wouldn’t budge. I pulled out my inhaler and took a long big suck off of it, I could do this… if only my hands would stop shaking.

My speech coach must have seen it, she pulled me aside. “Anon, you gonna be okay?” She asked. She was a positive, maternal woman.

“Yeah, I’m just struggling with my piece, that's all.”

“Okay,” She nodded, understanding my plight. “You’re gonna be okay, this is your first competition with the piece, so its okay if you mess up a little.” She told me. Her words did nothing to put me at ease, but I pretended like they had.

We entered the school where the competition was hosted. Why was I freaking out so bad? Why couldn’t I stop shaking. I tried pulling aside one of my teammates to help me memorize my piece but after the first few paragraphs they shrugged me off. Either they didn’t wanna help or they secretly didn’t like me.

The system works like this — there’s two rounds, you present your piece twice in front of two judges. If they enjoy your presentation enough, they’ll send you to the final round.

The first round came and went and it was a disaster. I bolted out of the room halfway through my piece. Up until that point I suppose I was doing pretty well, but after that, I couldn’t get my head around anything. I was too shaky.

The place where all the schools decided to shack up and set up homebase was in the cafeteria, bunch of tables all crowded with kids who played card games, wrapped blankets around themselves, cuddled with the same sex (both of them with ridiculously dyed hair). I kept myself from hyperventilating, took a hit off my inhaler and put my headphones in, listening to Elliot Smith.

The table adjacent to mine was where the speech kids from another school all set up shop. There was only one kid there shaggy blonde hair. I couldn’t really tell if they were a boy or a girl and they were alone — their entire team was either out presenting more pieces or they hated him. They looked up at me, dark blue eyes. And smiled. They were holding a screen in their hands, a tablet.

Sewn into their shirt were two patches, what looked like two Lightning Bolts side by side, and a football helmet. They were scrawny, I had no idea if they were into football.

“Hey you!” They said, “you football?” They asked me suddenly.

“Me?” I replied, confused, “football?”

“Yeah!” They said with a big ol goofy grin. “Football!”

“No, me no football,” I stammered like a mexican immigrant who had been stopped five miles north of the border.”

“Footballllllll….” They said. They came over to sit next to me, got comfortable and put their feet up where they could put their feet up and showed me what they were watching on their tablet. “John Elway.”

“John Elway?” I asked…”

“John Elway,” They confirmed with such definiteness I couldn’t doubt the importance of this man.

They were watching the great american past time, the legendary art of Football, and there was no way I could doubt its severity, its importance, its legendaryness, its cruciality, its verisimilitude, its incredibleness, its-

“Football?” They asked.

I nodded weakly, enraptured. “F-football.” I had never been so captured by something. The ball went left, the ball went right. The ball got thrown at the endzone and everyone in the stadium cheered. “John Elway!” I recognized.

John Elway walked off of the field and hugged a blue pony with a rainbow mane. I recognized her, my sister liked to watch my little pony.

“Rainbow Dash?” I asked.

“Rainbow Dash and John Elway,” they confirmed. John Elway and Rainbow Dash began to hug, and then began to make out. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. “Birth of football. Football is important ritual.” They bowed their head, muttered something and resumed watching. The camera panned off of John Elway and Rainbow Dash and went back to the field.

9a57d No.2185

They and I watched for hours. I nearly missed the second round, but my new compatriot nudged me when the time was near. “Go… “ They said. “Football will wait.”

“Football will wait,” I said, never surer than anything in my entire life. Football will wait, because football is the wait. Football is the time spent. Football is the time away.

Then I heard it. A gruff, masculine voice: “Foooooootballllllll….”

I wheeled around to find the source. It was a transparent John Elway, covered in scratches from the playing field, the temple of the art. Lady Dash lay in his arms, looking at me and then back up at him.

I was still nervous about the second round. “Football?” I asked, shaky. I took this as a sign.

He nodded firmly, Lady Dash just smiled at me. Then he reached out. In his left hand he held a football, in his right arm he still carried Lady Dash. The football tapped me square in the center of my forehead, very gently. As gently as a father’s touch. All my worries dripped out of me faster than piss in a small bladder. Then Lady Dash reached out with her wing, and touched the same spot. I felt awesome. I felt invincible. I felt “Foooootballlllll.” I confirmed, saying I understood the message.

They smiled at me like a mother and father would, and then visually dissipated.

In their wake, a football was left on the ground. I put it away, in my bag for safekeeping. It was a sign from the gods that I could do this.

In my second round, I didn’t need to memorize anything. John Elway and Rainbow Dash seemed to impart a concrete wisdom of the sport, a short history of sorts — the time that was football, the football that was time, the thousand years of football and the endless dark of no football and the first football, born of Lady Dash’s womb.

This history is what I presented. I finished right at the nine minutes and fifty nine seconds mark, the longest that a speech kid could go on in this category. By the end all the spectators and the judge were openly weeping. I brought life to the piece. I brought life to the History.

I went back to the cafeteria and continued to watch football with the strange genderless kid. I became completely absorbed in the screen for what seemed like hours, and then they announced the finalists.

My code was up there on the sheet for finalists. I made it! I gave a cheer and a small prayer of thanks to Lady Dash. Before I went into my finals room I kissed the football, thanking John Elway.

The finals went over as smooth as warm butter on warm bread — I presented the same piece that John Elway had bestowed unto my memory, and by the end I had everyone weeping as well. I was weeping with them. I finished the piece and excused myself to the bathroom. In the stall, on the toilet I had looked up DuckDuckGo images of footballs and I openly wept over them. I had found my salvation. I had found my fate. I had found Football.

They announced the awards — its a small little assembly where they announce the order of the winners. In Dramatic Interpretation, I had gotten first place. My Speech Coach was so proud. Everyone on my speech team congratulated me.

We were going out to a dinner as per usual, but this time my speech coach offered to pay for my dinner and she wanted to hear all the details about how I’d fought my way to first place. I tried to summon the word, but I was soon overcome with emotion. I excused myself to the bathroom one more time. I looked into the grimy mirror of the second rate restaurant, tears blurring my vision, when I wiped them away, I saw standing behind me and to my left the reflection of John Elway, standing tall and proud. To my right, Rainbow Dash flapped her wings to keep her hovering. I had my bag with me and I brought out the football, continuing to look in the mirror.

“Football.” I conceded, agreed, wept, laughed.

“Football,” Dash, and Elway said in unison, and then they dissipated.

I never saw them again, but I have felt Football in my heart for quite some time now. Every time I watch football, I can barely contain my emotion, and I have led multiple people to the path of football since. I’m taking my piece to the state competeition next month, and if I win there, I’m taking it to nationals. I’ve prayed hard to Elway, and I’ve kissed the football so many times my lips chapped. But I have faith. I’m sure I can do this.

For Pride! For Honor! For the wellbeing of mankind! For Elway! For Dash!


c7c05 No.2188

File: 1581010788058.png (27.22 KB, 250x250, 1502833172671.png)

Do you see now? Mlpol already has an egregore, or rather Mlpol has Football, which is like an egregore that punts you right in your nigger cunt everytime you start acting like a nigger, which is not Football. It is the not-Football of the Seattle Seahawks, and the Miami Dophins.
That Football which just scored a mighty and righteous Touchdown, scored by the inventor of the Touchdown, John Elway.

So pull your American down off the shelves, give it a nice quick coat of polish and some "No crying, faggot" wax, because John Elway is coming to town. Not through the chimney like old St. Nick, but right through your own face in an explosion of Football. And your American will grow by 3 sizes that day, as also John Elway and Football score another Touchdown right before halftime. Praise American, Praise Football

99f50 No.2189


cc7b2 No.2190

>Mlpol already has an egregore, or rather Mlpol has Football, which is like an egregore that punts you right in your nigger cunt everytime you start acting like a nigger, which is not Football.
Headcanon checked and accepted

9a57d No.2191

I feel earnestly outclassed by the bantmasters here sometimes. I'm good at big long writefaggy shitposts but I can't do paragraphs of John Elway shit.

3a2a8 No.2192

Should I namefag as OP?
Anyway my tulpa started out as Applejack but she started to pick up other traits I found attractive in a woman, ones that Applejack didn't have.
She still looks like Applejack and talks like her, but she's also very Rainbow Dash-ish.
Sometimes I fear that she's too similar to who I wish to be and that's going to mess with us. Aside from the whole "attractive female pony" stuff.

84f28 No.2193

I get it's slang but what does pottery mean?

9a57d No.2194

No you faggot. Theres a number called your ID which lets us know who's posting what. Namefaggery is only if you're a contentcow/memorable poster. You are neither

cc7b2 No.2195

File: 1581032374855.png (447.96 KB, 719x409, Pottery.png)

It means pots
Poetry, anon, it means poetry

c7c05 No.2196

File: 1581035043580.png (223.32 KB, 1015x1161, milo_by_jeremeymcdude-d7g9….png)

I know this feel too anon. Take heart, learn what you can, and aspire to Football like John Elway, for that alone will make you more Football. Because all who desire to be more Football become Denver Broncos who are collectively 100% Football, but only collectively. Otherwise, they would be John Elway who is 100% Football given form and function, and that function is American. And Football. And also John Elway.
Pretty soon you will realize that you have become 20% more Football, which pleases Rainbow Dash, and makes you eligible for discount parking in the stadium. Its not a huge benefit, but its still more Football than you were before, and with increasing levels of Football there are additional perks and benefits.
But the biggest benefit of all is Football. Aside from being more Football, you'll also be a Denver Bronco, which makes you closer to John Elway, which 9/10 dentists agree is pretty damn cool. And also Football.
Rest easy anon, for though this thread has been temporarily derailed, it is being derailed by Football which multiplies the American of this thread by 20. And also John Elway.

eabb7 No.2197

As long as you don't try to actually be her in which case there may be problems, but general traits loyalty, honesty, kindness ect. are fine.
If you start using Southern American slang while saying you'll be 20% cooler, the minor details. Then you might have a problem.
In the broad strokes people tend to look for mates that are similar or familiar to themselves.
If you both like all the same things, and all the same ideas there will be a great deal of overlap.
But being a better person shouldn't be a problem. It could if you try to aim to be your tulpa, and not the best (You) can possibly be.

9a57d No.2198

>I wake up in the center of the green field in the stadium. The Football Place. I know this place, because I am familiar with Football, but I am not Football.
>I wake up strapped to a metal rectangle, rectangel like Football Place, but as big a human body. My arms are restrained so I may not Football. My legs are restrained so that I may not leg Football. I begin to panic.
>“What going on?” The Stadium empty. No Football. Only me.
>Until I hear the footsteps.
>They approach me. They are Coach footsteps (fat, slow, uneven), not Football Footsteps, getting closing to me.
>“Ah, anon. It seems youre awake.” He is NOT John Elway. I see his face.
>“JOHN ELWAY WHERE JOHN ELWAY” I demand. I am confused. I am scared. I see no regalia of Denver Broncos.
>All the stadium lights are on, and my eyes look for anything 100% Football. Desparately.
I see it then

The St. Louis Rams Logo

>“John Elway isn’t here, Anon. It’s just me and you.” I struggle against bindings. In this moment I am zero percent Football.

>I scream and I scream and I scream. I have been dragged down to anti football hell. “JOHN ELWAY JOHN ELWAY JOHN ELWAY.” I openly weep. “Me need John Elway.” I scream, desparate for John Elway. “Me need Football.” I cry, desparate for Football.
>”There is no Football here anon,” the man says, inserting a needle with a toob into right arm. “Only me and you.”
>I feel myself getting weaker, he’s sucking all the red out of me. All my American is going up into that toob. “John… Elway….” I manage weakly before I black out.

((am i getting it anon?))

eabb7 No.2199

Ummm is this just a green or a pasta?

9a57d No.2200

It's just a green man. I was actually thinking of stringing you along but I figured that'd be cruel. I also didn't want to tell you outright so I figured the next best thing was to continue posting fiction. Sorry you got duped, brother.

3a2a8 No.2201

I like it when my threads are derailed by football because it's honest, kind, and fun. Everything a good lover should be. And I love footballposting.
You don't try to derail my threads with attacking me or what I post. You have fun posting football and invite others to do the same.

eabb7 No.2202

File: 1581049818091-0.jpg (19.46 KB, 600x375, 1538343535816.jpg)

File: 1581049818091-1.jpg (104.74 KB, 739x742, 1538752147564.jpg)

Np, it happens more often then not as I tend to take things at face value. High stakes stuff man in real life, but they make for great greens.
>Looks over at >>2201 and his thread with the football derail
No harm done to me.
>pic the second in relation to myself.

494ef No.2203

File: 1581049842939.png (200.9 KB, 1037x382, HitlerHadSomeGoodIdeasBrow….png)

This is what happens when you pick an authoritarian pony as a tulpa when you're yourself a weak personality. You've elected yourself your personal dictator. As far as I know a tulpa is useful as a guide or a companion, but having one run your life or be a romantic partner is obviously a terrible idea. Also just because someone embodies interesting ideas doesn't mean having that person direct your life is a good idea. I'm not an Objectivist but even if I were an Ayn Rand tulpa would be a horrible idea.
Also, I can see the appeal of memorabilia but did you really think tempting fate and being "Oh I'm so edgy I'm just barely hiding my power level" was worth it? We all go through a phase like that around late high-school/early university but it's foolish bravado (it's basically the political version of a football jock). At least wait until you live alone. Even then I have all implicating material on a couple of folders that are hidden but can be deleted quickly. What's in your mind sets you apart, not a piece of cloth in your pocket.
This really is a much more tragic story than OP's because for him it's clear what he ought to do. I genuinely think forming a tulpa around an ideal rather than an ideology is a much better idea; at least it won't lead to upsets from power level showing.


Again I'm completely unfamiliar with this but I think it's because fictional characters are generally (don't take offense at this) 2-dimensional and to fill in realistic behavior you're augmenting her with parts of a personality you also consider very wholesome. Either that or you subconsciously need someone enthusiastic egging you on (which may be true if you're a phlegmatic temperament) and AJ is filling in that role. Considering that both AJ and RD are "tomboy-ish" characters I don't think it's too much of a problem. As long as she doesn't change too much into not-AJ. You may want to visualize and maybe write down the characteristics of 1) your ideal woman, 2) your ideal self, and 3) AJ so you don't mix them up too much. If you really want AJ to remain the way she is then writing pony fanfiction may be a good idea (as autistic as it is) because it'll force you to think of AJ as she would realistically act.

9a57d No.2204

eabb7 No.2205

8/10 assessment, but thats due to personal opinions. 10/10 analysis.
>This really is a much more tragic story than OP's because for him it's clear what he ought to do.
Tragedic stories evoke the feels. Plus this is Überhengst where you go for actual help, and a partially possible green is slightly out of place… The green didn't happen, but it could have a useful tool gor later diagnosis of similar actual real life events.
Someimes it is the smallest push in the right direction that creates the hurricane of improvement.
>>2204 Nipping the problem at first sight is just as important as preventing it, but prevention is less costly.
>You may want to visualize and maybe write down the characteristics of 1) your ideal woman, 2) your ideal self, and 3) AJ so you don't mix them up too much. If you really want AJ to remain the way she is then writing pony fanfiction may be a good idea (as autistic as it is) because it'll force you to think of AJ as she would realistically act.
I'd also recommend having personality and memory backups via whatever method you choose. Writing down how you are now, and writing down how AJ is at this moment. Using those artistic skill you have. A vault that stores a copy of you in your dreamscape.
Oh! Speaking of a dreamscape learning about stuff inside there is very useful. Dream yoga, practicing skills, and other such things is pretty damn handy to form new neural connections to become more skilled in less time in the waking realm.

3a2a8 No.2206

What is dream yoga?

eabb7 No.2207

The quick rundown, originated from India for lucid dreaming. It is meditation while dreaming, and experimentation.
In a more modern setting it's a laboratory where you control everything. From that you can study stuff instead of just pleasure.
Or something.
I'm thinking that the daydream like state of a wonderland can do the same thing…

eabb7 No.2208

Or for studying anything… if you can think of something to do you could probably do it.

cfa2c No.2217

OP, it would be nice to provide weekly updates about decisions, progress, and Applejack's thoughts. That way we know what's going on and you have a sort of timeline you can look back on.

3a2a8 No.2218

I am exercising daily but we dont think it is enough. Losing weight without gaining enough muscle.
I wwant to be buff. Fit. Turn heads.
Today I almost finished something I woked on for 4 months.
will complete final stages tomorrow.
Fucked up sleep schedule must be fixed.
My ambitions list has so much unfinished shit here there is stuff from a decade ago. Like modding an ancient game.
I will complete them all anyway but only those that are reasonable or worth it. Or quick.
I feel like its time to choose if I continue being a virgin consoomer lightweight softcore pussy or become a Chad Creative who pumps iron and refuses sleep to work on art.
But the chad I could be wants to focus full time exclusively on the money making shit and throw fun shit to the wind.
What do?

cfa2c No.2219

File: 1581232557222.jpeg (136.44 KB, 536x719, DailySchedulesOfFamousPeo….jpeg)

>Losing weight without gaining enough muscle.
You cannot get gainz and lose weight at the same time, you have to pick one or the other. I recommend reading Art of Manliness because it has a lot of good advice for improving yourself as a man.

>Fucked up sleep schedule must be fixed.

Same and it's incredibly difficult to fix, at least for some people. It's founded on habits so I recommend setting a clear time. Don't procrastinate early in the day but get the most important things done first, so if you haven't done everything you can leave the rest for tomorrow without guilt-tripping yourself.

>My ambitions list has so much unfinished shit here there is stuff from a decade ago.

Make sure you've written it down so you can come back to it without worrying about forgetfulness. It's difficult to manage creative spikes (mine come early in the day) as you have to balance putting your thoughts to words with other obligations. Pic related may be helpful as reference, but don't take it as gospel.

>But the chad I could be wants to focus full time exclusively on the money making shit and throw fun shit to the wind.

That's why you have primary work to get you money and a hobby to do stuff you like on the side.

a5748 No.2221

>I am exercising daily but we dont think it is enough.
Ok look, being fit and being buff are two things.
You can become really, really fit and your muscles might never compare to those of your average bodybuilder.
If you wanna be fit AND buff, you might wanna get yourself a nice routine at the gym cause without pumping some iron, to become a beefwall from calisthenics alone is hard as nails.
>My ambitions list has so much unfinished
>But the chad I could be wants to focus full time exclusively on the money making
Sounds like your ambitions have become a task and not fun nor rewarding experience.
Idk how you can fix that honestly, maybe just…Drop the list?
It is obvious that shit's in the back of your head every time you try to have fun so, why dont you work on the smaller projects and just cut off the draconian ones you dont wanna finish anyways?

3a2a8 No.2222

>good advice
Thank you.
Good idea, I've decided to cut all the projects from my list that will be low-reward high-effort and no fun. If they're all three, they're off the list.

Also I decided I need to do one quick spontaneous creative thing every day, even if I think it's a stupid or low-reward idea. That way I'm always making progress towards something.
And that's the story of why I made this shit in an hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwEo_7sKYkY

3a2a8 No.2223

Speaking of which post any pony memes here you'd like to see on a shirt. I'm trying to hide my power level and pretend I just hate commies though so nothing too extreme.

a6133 No.2224

File: 1581298355413.png (259.1 KB, 693x745, 1499065889691.png)

3a2a8 No.2225

This is good.
Do you think I should make a new thread on the main board asking for these? I don't want to derail the self-improvement board since it's so important.

0ce1a No.2227

yes, but you have to start us off

3f52b No.2228

File: 1581301229227.jpg (104.57 KB, 900x900, Celestia acknowledges.jpg)

I love you momfu Celestia.

3a2a8 No.2229

Forget the stupid meme shirts, I need to focus on what matters.
Indie dev adventure

6681c No.2233

So is this thread basically the football/tulpa thread now? Are you okay with that OP?

Anyone here with an active, alive tulpa?

4518e No.2234

"Whaddya wanna know?"

3a2a8 No.2240

Yeah this can be the tulpa thread, that's fine.
On the tulpa sites people usually type what their tulpa says
{"like this" *touches floor with right hoof*}

2856f No.2242

"Sounds unnecessarily complicated."

b84af No.2243

Do you see a tulpa in a specific geographical spot like you would a 3D person who's always there in the background (just visible to you) or is a tulpa more ethereal/abstract and something you have to visualize consciously to appear in your vision?

Also, do tulpas listen/react to music and can they have different tastes than you?

2856f No.2244

For me, the latter. I would liken it to a video game where someone else is seeing what you see, and commenting on it as they feel inclined. As for the follow-up, yes. My tulpa likes things that I don't, and vice versa.

b84af No.2245

So it's like having a video-game commentator 24/7 talking about your life? Does your tulpa talk about fictional life experiences ascribed to that tulpa or make any comments like "sounds like the sort of situation I'd find myself in"? Is your tulpa conscious while you sleep or appear when you dream, and what about deep sleep?

2856f No.2246

Not 24/7, no. We share a conscious mind with no limitations, so talking by and large is a moot point unless its to amuse one another with banter.
To date, she hasn't appeared in any of my dreams and her memory of my dreams is the same as mines (so, as dream memory fades for me it is likewise for her).

73884 No.2248

You (considering you're posting here) probably have a pony tulpa, so does she appear cartoony like in the show or more "realistic"? Can her appearance be changed at will?

Also, probably not applicable to you but if you had two tulpas would they be able to converse independent of you? Would it slow down your thinking process significantly?

4518e No.2249

Nope, she's an animu, and her appearance is consistent with that.
>Can her appearance be changed
No, that's not something that has ever been pursued.

3a2a8 No.2252

OP here
Tulpa stuff feels like there is a thoight thinking thoughts at you. Things like "I am sitting on this bed" or "I don't like that". You meditate on her, seeing herin your mind eye until you gitgud at envisioning her and imagining her voice slash face.
draw her, she likes that.

0c26e No.2253

Is it comforting having a simulacrum of a different consciousness at all times, like a guardian angel? That is to say, does she provide stability during bouts of fear, sadness, and anger, or does she reflect the same emotions you feel?

7d9f9 No.2254

More like a close friend than a guardian angel. In my case it is and has been comforting to have someone who comprehends the ridiculous horseshit that I experience on a day/week/month/yearly basis. To a large degree she reflects the emotions I feel, but she also provides counter-point and dialogue. I can engage her in dialectic and reason things out without unnecessarily divulging my thoughts and motivations. I'm not one who likes to detail their frustrations and adversities publicly, I feel that belies a lack of discipline and resolve. Having a tulpa transforms the experience from simply talking to one's self to "… glorified talking to one's self Xp"… as I was saying, engaging one's critical thinking capacity in direct opposition to their own ideas.
Admittedly, there are other methods of achieving the same effect.
"If you're not a faggot."
Its also nice to have a fellow shitposter along 'for the ride'.

3a2a8 No.2256

Very comforting friend. She is kind, supportive, wholesome. I love having her around, it makes being alone bearable. Now instead of beating myself up like I used to when alone with my thoughts, I have a friend to help me not to do that. She's so fucking perfect and I wish there was a way for me to truly share her greatness with the outside world without roleplaying as her. When there is a legitimat reason to get angry, she holds me back and calms me down even though she's pissed off too. Sometimes I think she hates all humans besides me because we've never met any good ones besides a few. She feels like a soul that hasn't been worn down by life as much as mine has.

627cf No.2257

Does your tulpa view the world around you in terms of how you see it and/or do you perceive the world as how she sees it?

3a2a8 No.2258

She sees through my senses. Things I imagine like chairs and beds feel real for her. And I canblockher sight with imaginary eyemasks and walls. She can remember what I remember when I let her, but I likeshowing her things for the first time. Like songs.

75541 No.2261

Overwhelmingly but not universally, yes. There's some variance, for example we have mildly different tastes in music and she has a different disposition (quicker to take offense, more reactive, etc.), but I'd say there's 80-90% overlap and agreement on most everything.

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