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File: 1504069032420-0.jpg (88.38 KB, 357x356, White girl.jpg)

cee81 No.178

A few things
>I grew up thinking I was gay
>I've never had a gf and I've never had sexual relations with a a girl
>I always hated other gay people and eventually became disgusted with the act
>I stopped about three years ago and have done nothing since
>I'm coming into my mid 20s
>I'm having the urge to procreate
What do I do /üb/? I don't have a fb or a tinder. From what I've seen tinder girls are all sluts anyways. I don't know how to talk to girls in public, and i get super autistic when I get nervous. Help me have White babies.

91849 No.179

Just find a way to spend time with some local grills. Fact is that sex just happens. So if you aren't way out of your league, best way to get some is just to be around females. Eventually they'll wanna fuck (you can always push it along too, if are smooth), and there you are.

I don't know how to help you not sperg, tbh. Just find some with common interest so you don't feel intimidated. It's not 2012-13 anymore, sure, but there has to be some brony groups out there still on faceberg or whatever. And you know what they say, just b urself ^:)

I don't know how the fuck you're gonna get wife material though. I don't even have a gf because I can't get over the feeling that persuing a relationship in order to get sex is just too vulgar. Go to church, or do some other wholsome thing. Whatever you do, don't leave your kids, especially for a dude, at some point in the future. That can't be good for you.

20b39 No.180

>fake and gay
If you're here and legit you're looking for advice then stop keeping track. Ur amongst the freaks nao anon

499ae No.181

File: 1504087422862.png (104.02 KB, 1154x1571, rainbow.png)

If you are serious about starting a family with a grill, you need to go to places that conservatives frequent. If you are looking for a "redpilled" girl that is full 14/88, then stop, you won't find her. You need to find a girl who is relatively conservative or "normal" and isn't too far gone into Marxism. Once you start dating her, if you think she is child-bearing material, slowly mold her beliefs over time to match your own.

Most women think very similarly to children. They are easy to mold if you know what you are doing. Good luck, and good job overcoming your faggotry.

ee050 No.182

>You too can brainwash your own nazi waifu!
Avoid anyone who went to college for best results, those places are a breeding ground for """smart educated women"""

07b9e No.183

Roasties are evil roooooo

Treat them as a ceo would a factory.

20b39 No.186

Have you tried sorting yourself out? Lots of people want to put the cart before the horse.

b9305 No.221

Tfw you will never find a white STEM waifu.

34358 No.222

You're probably better off either joining a church or finding some similar type of social event you can attend regularly where more conservative women are likely to be. Avoid things that are geared toward "dating" and just try to socialize and make friends. Stay away from Tinder and crap like that.

College isn't necessarily bad, it can depend on the college and why she was there. Obviously if you meet a girl who went to Berkeley or some shit then yeah, don't even bother, but just having gone to college shouldn't be a deal breaker.

ee050 No.274

That's why I said "avoid for best results", you can find people who didn't get brainwashed.
But if they took art classes or something similar… rip.

72682 No.277

File: 1504590969352.jpg (169.41 KB, 608x1070, 69XQ8D.jpg)

> I was gay
> never had sexual relations with a girl
> never with a girl
> had sexual relations but not with a girl
> no longer human

look up male microchimeraism you're a freak, an amalgam of DNA absorbed from other men's semen. end you miserable life

7c563 No.278

Not op but gave it a read, seems like there are few studies on the matter and the implications of this are unclear.
It's quite a weight on the consciousness tho, having cells from whoever you fucked in the past inside you and your brain

72682 No.280

> having cells from whoever you fucked in the past inside you and your brain
and you'll pass them down to your children anon

4cc4c No.282

Implying you'll breed with a virgin.
I hope your wife's son enjoys Tyrone's dna.

ee050 No.283

What if he never played catcher, anon? :^)

13923 No.284

>Never playing catcher
Oh, so he's a SELFISH faggot.

ee050 No.285

Also, I thought this only affected women?
Is there some study on the effect on gay people?

7c563 No.286

..I'm pretty sure that's not how reproduction works, except.of you are really unlucky and those cells influence you someway.
In any ways it's pretty disgusting

ee050 No.288

It is actually, look up what he said, microchimeraism.

72682 No.301

it's more common on women because it's the effect of semen on the human body, sperm will still try to inseminate where ever they go

72682 No.302

why would you ever breed with any woman who wasn't a virgin? that's disgusting

41975 No.304

Because it's important to make White babes and girls are sluts.

c538a No.305

Pretty much this…
Gotta get the job done somehow.

50886 No.306

What's the point then, I doubt a slut Will make a good mother, she can't even respect her own body

12480 No.312

Which is why we have to be extra good fathers.

72682 No.315

have full getting legally assraped in court by some slut's lawyer in divorce proceedings I'm sure the stepdads she finds while slutting herself out will be great to the kids after you lose custody

4f934 No.317

What a horrible view anon, just get the custody.
Or wait for the artificial wombs..

That's quite a heavy duty we have, won't the child get lack of affection?

d2ad8 No.329

Maybe we should consider surrogate mothers for our children. Most women probably won't make good mothers anyways.

That is a valid concern, but they also won't be fed marxist propaganda.

a61f3 No.392

Get /fit/ but not buff, don a suit (NO FEDORA, JUST THE SUIT) and drink scotch on the rocks at a bar. Bitches will be climing all over you

Also hide your pone crap, man.

46456 No.395

There must be a way to raise a child just right even if it means being a single father.
Lack of affection might grow on big problems on.the children's adulthood..

20b39 No.396

There is, but it becomes increasingly difficult the more aspects of the 'traditional' environment are removed. Even if it isn't the biological mother, the child needs a competent and nurturing female in the equation. For a co-worker of mine, this involves a cohabitation arrangement with his sister (nothing sordid) with frequent involvement of other developing families.

46456 No.404

Is he raising the child?
That is an interesting way of providing the child with female affection whitout fucking up his ideology, maybe something like this could be the way.
I mean having a descent woman that has a platonic relationship with you to assist you.

20b39 No.405

Yes, and the child is remarkably developing. He has full custody (so no psychological 'contamination'), and otherwise its a notable example of the term "it takes a village".

46456 No.407

Nice, now all we need is redpilled women. Maybe women over 30, they seem quite experienced and fair headed compared to their younger counterparts.

20b39 No.408

>moar redpilled women
Its happening. In rural areas, now-teens are getting wicked red-pilled simply cuz redpills are mainstream taboo.

94ff2 No.710

There must be some actual way to cure bi/homosexuality without offing yourself.

a359f No.711

There's a cure for gender dysphoria, but faggotry is eternal and so is the solution.

72682 No.712

sure, kill a bunch of other faggots and the cops will end it for you

72682 No.713

otherwise a faggot needs to accept that they're a faggot and understand that in that regard they have no place in public civil society and should stay the hell away from children, no adoption, no surrogacy.

94ff2 No.714

So basically there's no point in them trying to better themselves

72682 No.715

self improvement is never really a bad idea for anyone, but long term homofags have effectively removed themselves from the gene pool and any interaction with the world where they act in any capacity as open homofags will be tainted and will reliably have a net negative effect due to their sexual proclivities. The more public these things are the more it spreads like the disease it is removing more people from the gene pool and driving up the child sex abuse rate and the domestic abuse rate in regard to lesbians and bisexual women specifically. If they remain closeted they can try to contribute to the world but with no offspring who will really remember them when they die? how much lasting effect can the average person have on the world within one lifetime

50b6e No.716

File: 1508646542152.jpg (322.45 KB, 1226x1339, 1502410314745.jpg)

Just follow this and you'll be fine

bd59a No.717

File: 1508694891522.png (1.65 MB, 1107x1023, no girls allowed weaboo ed….png)

A while ago I heave heard that homosexuality is not unlike phantom pain, the pain you feel in lost limbs that have been amputated. The problem is within the brain, caused by wrong neuron connections or damaged cells. Unless science develops a surgical method to tread this i fear the best you can do is just live with it and not act on account of your unnatural urges.

Try to not get in the way of healthy heterosexuals and consider getting into meditation to relax your mind.

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