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Becoming better
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File: 1566828227438.png (470.02 KB, 688x1042, 1815121__safe_edit_screenc….png)

db1f8 No.1727

I feel like my anger is starting to hurt me instead of motivate me. Keep finding myself repeating those "Fucking leftists fucking jews grrrrrr fucking bastards" thoughts around in my head instead of thinking about anything worthwhile like how to improve myself or my indie dev career. One friend recommended guided meditation but I failed at it, I can't bring myself to relax if I can still hear someone else's voice while trying to relax.
Plus I'm still too unfit and untrained to successfully snap so I can't snap yet.
What do?

4d4d0 No.1728

File: 1566831307951-0.jpg (213.19 KB, 1024x683, cmc_matrix_by_dlowell-d8q6….jpg)

File: 1566831307951-1.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, 741.png)

>anger is starting to hurt me instead of motivate me
Think about it, when you're angry is because you lost control, once you realize this and regain self composure, your perception will change and everything is suddenly miraculously possible. At least, that's my experience.
No, no, no, you will only get to be neutralized by a superior force. Get control over yourself and surroundings and then, by stealth, sow the seeds of destruction among the enemies.
Easier to say than to do? Sure, but better to aim to the moon and hit an eagle, than to aim to an eagle and to hit a rock. In other words, play the long game.

e99a1 No.1729

File: 1566831492373.jpg (76.3 KB, 854x480, Remember lads, subscribe t….jpg)

>I feel like my anger is starting to hurt me instead of motivate me
attempt to find something you enjoy doing that makes you patriotic of the white race that you are a part of
and when these thoughts become too distracting start making a document with all you're beliefs (a manifesto) and over time keep changing it to accommodate you're improved beliefs or start researching something you like

i managed to do this by finding something created by a white person and i enjoyed doing it because it was something our ancestors did such as, reading, going into wilderness and appreciating the ground our white ancestors built upon, going to new places which i haven't been to before and was created by the white race and appreciating their unique white culture, learning to help children grow better and help them become Übermensch, learning more about the nat soc system, these are things which make me happy because i know these things are helping other people of the white race

>One friend recommended guided meditation but I failed at it

i believe the greatest form of meditation is going outside into the wilderness, relaxing with horses and watching them eat grass or stroking them but this requires precaution and experience with them beforehand or lifting weights, no other meditation works for me because the most modern forms of (((meditation))) only works for women and they want white men do these forms of meditation to make them feminized cucks and you'll see it is primarily used by leftists as a way of ignoring the problems in the world and telling yourself everything is perfect and nothing is wrong these are things meant for the sheep that cannot handle modern life such as you'll see soccer moms and antifa members do most feminine forms of meditation such as, yoga, guided meditation and so on so forth

>Plus I'm still too unfit and untrained to successfully snap so I can't snap yet.

you have to put lots of preparation into planning a attack like Breivik says it took him years of preparation to complete his 1518 page manifesto and Brenton Tarrant says he started thinking of the attack 2 years prior and first you have to learn to love yourself and you're race and must start to develop philosophic thinking to be able to successfully plan an attack but if you lack these things or are incapable of understanding the greater good and pre planned decisions you will end up like Earnest with 1 month of preparation and 1 kill and if you are nigel it'll be very hard to do an attack with firearms so you either think have of another way of proceeding with the attack or you don't do one at all

bd81e No.1730

Think to yourself
>'Fuck them! I won't let them take my thoughts! I won't let them take my fucking mind!'

When an intrusive thought comes up analyze it, then accept it or tell it you don't accept it.
>Fucking leftists fucking jews grrrrrr fucking bastards
>I fucking know already! I'll (or we'll, you and your subconscious,) spite them by being the best! The best there ever was!
You are the master of your mind anything is possible.

Try mentaly making a engine, furnace, converter, whatever. Label it extra motivation, or 'will power'. (It can be anything.)
Then stuff the intrusive thoughts into it.
Watch as they crumble turning the massively powerful engine. Brimming with unlimited power for you to use as you see fit.

Choose whatever you wish.
Also for the more occult side of things there is mental alchemy of changing thoughts, and emotions into other thoughts, and emotions.

4d4d0 No.1732

File: 1566832178552.png (524.61 KB, 1047x1153, love_me_by_skyline19-d6w1y….png)

OP never talked about to attack anyone, but just about inner feelings.
Reminder that /mlpol/ is a board of peace and friendship.

bd81e No.1733

If you wanted to go further down the imagination path you could shape the thoughts into paintballs/arrows, and you then load it to hit your targets/goals.

e99a1 No.1734

File: 1566833480073.jpg (105.25 KB, 1228x691, tarrant-breivik-new-zealan….jpg)

>successfully snap
snap definition;
to suddenly become unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger: Brenton Tarrant snapped because of Ebba Åkerlund's death

4d4d0 No.1735

File: 1566834125941.jpg (47.19 KB, 1280x720, sheswaiting.jpg)

You are doing a wild extrapolation, so far fetched that is edging the absurd side.
Come down to earth and get some ponies.

e99a1 No.1736

File: 1566834820600.jpg (47.59 KB, 526x572, breivik-enrich.jpg)

i'm not advocating for it, just i will help anyone who needs my help or who asks for it and my response that i gave you was a shitpost

42268 No.1737

File: 1566835289348.jpeg (27.67 KB, 600x553, 2db.jpeg)

>normalfag agitator confirmed

ec872 No.1738

File: 1566835425466.png (1.24 MB, 846x941, 1565621281169.png)

>anger is starting to hurt me
>unfit and untrained
Work out and take on some of the works of nietzsche, Straw dogs by John gray Is also a good one.
Sounds like you're stressed and blackpilled. Remember to be exemplary, anon.

ec872 No.1739

File: 1566836052624.jpg (100.28 KB, 1024x1002, 1566663767404.jpg)

>patriotic of the white race
That's not how patriotism works, not even what it means.
Looks like you're a white supremacist but now i have to ask you, why a random shooting if you could, hypothetically, attempt a coup d'etat?
This is a thought exercise and not a proposition.

e99a1 No.1740

File: 1566837116318-0.jpg (44.49 KB, 517x489, spurdo fuhrer.jpg)

File: 1566837116318-1.png (2.62 MB, 1832x4692, IRA 8can.png)

advice ain't free we got nigel saying he's about to snap from silverstar being a symbol of white supremacy and anons shitposting about glimmer saying she's best pony, some fag calling me a traitor read the great replacement shitpost and European declaration of independence not the el paso manifesto ok, remember lads subscribe to pewdiepie

That's not how patriotism works, not even what it means.
so i should use racial pride instead?
>now i have to ask you,why a random shooting if you could, hypothetically, attempt a coup d'etat?
this could work but first it requires propaganda which can be done by secretly placing phrases like "anti racist is anti white" on public places which most normies ignore and forget within a week but if you look into guerrilla warfare specifically the IRA's tactics you'll see that you could use these tactics without being caught and you could for example car bomb a bank which will scare the jew because of how much they love money and if you do the same thing the IRA did (phoning the police hours before the attack) no one would be killed not even the slimy jew who controls the bank, just a thought

ec872 No.1741

No like, patriotism is pride in your nation, it's history, it's people and everything, now what you described is white supremacy that Is not about the nation but the people, and only people of that race which will end up bringing some questions in the future most likely.
It Is good to be proud of your race and give it a priority, but dont Let your cause be only that.
>just a thought
Yeah, that would be ideal, to show off strenght without messing up the people.
Another way would be to use mainstream politics, but considering the media, it would be impossible since the narrative will be unlawful to the truth.
Hard to tell what exactly would work in this hypotethical scenario

c04cd No.1743

File: 1566896852672-0.jpg (467.54 KB, 720x2140, Honk Honk wiseness.jpg)

File: 1566896852672-1.webm (3.54 MB, 420x420, sdvzhvioshziohvd.webm)

Relax poner and enjoy the ride.
Honk Honk.

baaa8 No.1764

Thank you.

e99a1 No.1771

File: 1567080818144.png (Spoiler Image, 360.05 KB, 1107x523, butter master.png)

>id baaa8
you're Welshcum

baaa8 No.1776

lol speaking of farm animals…
Farm animals in Equestria can speak. Yet they're treated like animals anyway, herded like cattle and kept on farms. Are they like niggers, able to speak but not able to think, or are they just enslaved like niggers should be?

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