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Becoming better
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File: 1557767792484.png (106.67 KB, 500x406, my-fap-senses-are-tingling….png)

769c7 No.1401

I'm coming to my wits end with this shit. I'm getting tired of feeling drained and passionless towards what I used to love. I want to write again. I want to enjoy playing games again. I want to wake up and not feel like I got to fap first just to get out of bed. I want to feel something other then nothing.

The thing is when I try I always fall right back in. I've made it three days and I saw some cleavage and suddenly got horny I thought I would collapse. I left and had to drive home but the urge would go away! I couldn't fight it and I felt so disgusted with myself. The moment I got home, I had to jerk it.

How do you guys deal with these urges? How do I get a life back?

a505b No.1402

I think the trick is the old saying about "idle hands". When you have the urge you need to find something to do so you don't have the option to sit and think about it.

aee64 No.1405

>How do you guys deal with these urges?
I fuck the wife. Go lift, git gud and find yourself a cutie.

8cbaa No.1406

Work out a few times a week, have sex a few times a month and get a fulfilling hobby.
Do that and you will most likely feel no need to fap, stay away from aphrodisiac food.

769c7 No.1407

I'm terrible with women but that's a topic for another tread. I used to love lifting back in school but I just haven't found time or had anyone to go with. I always felt better when I had someone to compete against
The sex part isn't happening anytime soon but I would love to take up writing again. Hell, I've always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle.

769c7 No.1408

File: 1557982783759.gif (1.25 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

OP here!
I'm working on day three of nofap! I'm going strong and I ready feel better! I'm trying for a whole week! Hopefully more but the urge are starting to bother me…wish me luck!

8cbaa No.1409

>The sex part isn't happening anytime soon
Must be sad to live on a place prostitution is not legal so you are forced to pander to a women's desires just to satiate yours.
It is quite a borken model, they ask for men to treat them equally yet the system wont allow men to fulfill their desires thus making them prone to see women as a means to an end.

769c7 No.1410

File: 1558029092612.jpg (50.02 KB, 320x313, fapfapfap.jpeg.jpg)

>OP ponders.
>OP is sad now
>OP wants to fap now

664c5 No.1411

File: 1558034001921.png (33.83 KB, 200x113, Twilight_Sparkle_thinking_….png)

There's a trick to not fapping. It's a complex process, but I'll try and summarize.
Step one: stop grabbing, yanking, rubbing, stroking, or otherwise stimulating your penis.
Step two: repeat step one.
>B but anon, what do I
Repeat step one. Do you want to not fap, or do you already want the current you to be already successful at not fapping? Cuz the current you needs practice at not fapping, and it seems to me that the easiest way to not fap is to not fap. Just stop. Watch SJW youtube vids if you have to, that ought to kill any arousal you might have.

34682 No.1412

Good luck! Stand strong, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

769c7 No.1413

I'll try Anon. If Quagmire can do it so can I. I hope.

I won up with a stiffy today and I couldn't help but rub at it but I never busted a nut. Is there hope for me yet guys?

a505b No.1414

>Is there hope for me yet guys?
There is always hope. And I will say you did really good so there is more than hope for you.

1e641 No.1415

While I appreciate the sentiment, the porn-addled mind is just too sensitive sometimes. I think the advice from >>1402 and >>1406 are far more productive than simply "just don't do it, nigger."

Just remember that zoomers and millennials are in an age where fapping is something that could be done at any time, anywhere, and with little to no preparation, to your heart's content. Internet porn is especially hard to keep away from, when you're living a rough early-adult life. Which most of us are, I would assume. At least I am.

Anyway, I'll be doing nofap as well, and godspeed to you OP. Want to make this a nofap general of sorts, encourage and offer hobbyism tips and tricks? Maybe even gaming sessions or raids/parties can be organized here. I'm on Dark Souls PTDE on Steam basically whenever I'm not at work, so invasions and jolly co-op are a pretty easy way to keep yourself distracted and whitepilled.

Also >>1413 I believe in you, fren. I'm in the same boat - didn't bust a nut last night, but I did read some way-too-kinky horse porn just because I was drunk and restless at midnight.

b3bb0 No.1416

You're right, the benis is far too large an organ to avoid touching, even accidentally, and once it's been touched it can't help but infect the mind and force not only the hand, but the arm and shoulder to stroke it.
Get real fgt

8ecff No.1417

So, if it's really a problem hypnosis works. Self-Hypnosis.
Always use statements with only positives. Something like "I won't fap" doesn't work.
"When I feel horny I will do something productive instead."

Take some time to communicate with your subconscious. It can be meditation, or words you repeat just before you fall asleep.

Ask why you feel that way. Once you really get it. More options open up on what to do next.

1e641 No.1418

I've tried hypnosis. Maybe I'm just too neurotic to calm down, but years later and no hypnosis I'm aware of having tried has done anything for me. I tried meditating but after a year at it I couldn't achieve that zen mode everyone brags about achieving.

1e641 No.1419

Listen man, I've just accepted and incorporated others' advice into my own statements and ideas. I've offered to help others and myself by working as a board to prevent one another from having idle hands. I'm reaching out, but you're not meeting halfway. You are just being too stubborn on this. Not everyone is predisposed to the ironpill. It's hard for some to swallow in an era as decadent as ours.

b3bb0 No.1420

>It's hard
And when its hard, repeat step 1. Seriously, I'm not trying to suggest that its effortless, but I am suggesting that not playing with yourself is a crucial element. If you want to not play with yourself, you have to not play with yourself. Sorry, but that's reality.

769c7 No.1421

File: 1558071225884.png (1.21 MB, 1800x1767, 4c7d595aa43a5f9-a-nw-p.png)

OP here! My little question sure is attracting attention. Thank you all for the well wishes and I wish you all the best on your own journeys.

I would like to tackle some of "do it fag"s out there. Personally, I've always struggled with controlling the urge to whack it. And with my employement, I feel stressed out of my mind. I'd compare it best to smoking cigarettes. It's just an easy and cheap way for me to relax. I've been this way since I graduated from high school and college. I had free time. Why not bust a nut, you know?

I know that seems pretty lame but it's what got me through. Mellowed me out.

8ecff No.1422

>it's what got me through. Mellowed me out.
You need to spend time meditating. Or hypnosis. Or a mantra before you sleep.

You Have To Tell Your Body How To Relax. It's conflicting the reproduction and stress relief.
Sexual situations cause stress and horniness.
The reward and cure for stress is an orgasm.
The reward and cure for being horny is an orgasm.

This is a Bad positive feed back loop.
[U]Like this is serious.[/U]

Eventually Both will get too high that a single orgasm won't cut it any more. The higher stress will put more demand on you. The more orgasms require more nutrition.


Meditation in A sentence. A Focus on Something, while always returning without pain or guilt or frustration.

8ecff No.1423

You need to get into contact with your subconscious by ANY means.
Psychological or Occult doesn't matter.

Every night before you go to bed Imagine yourself without stress after you do (TASK HERE).
It can be anything, but make sure it's good for you and is sustainable. Like walking.

Say it out loud while Imagining that is You.
After a while just Imagine it.
Every Night.

During the day. When You feel stressed you do that action. When you are done. Say "I feel better, and relaxed".

8ecff No.1424

File: 1558075437951-0.jpg (60.93 KB, 700x394, 1537414655555.jpg)

File: 1558075437951-1.png (1.19 MB, 1024x640, 1537367769044.png)

File: 1558075437951-2.png (941.22 KB, 774x809, 1538254063239.png)

You Are Always The Master of your Mind and Body.
That does not mean you are alone in there.

769c7 No.1425

OP here.
I think is spiraled a long time ago. I can go for week feeling nothing trying to chase the high but it was always never enough. I also wanted more. I'd struggle at basics thinks. I could make headway but my body always felt weak. That's why I asked. That's why I wanted some help. I knew I was in the wrong but I've been too embarrassed to get help. I only find this site 5 days ago.

On a side note, 5 days nofap! Wanted to celebrate with faps. Something told me that was mad though.

8ecff No.1426

Good job, man!
Breaking the cycle can be shitty at times, but I believe in you.

769c7 No.1427

OP again, Thank you Occult. Also, have I seen you before?

2156d No.1428

I lasted 6 days before failing. My longest dry spell so far has lasted 4 weeks.

1e641 No.1429

He's an Anonfilly writefag now, so probably.

769c7 No.1431

Well guys….its finally happened. I broke. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to cum…. I know I'm weak but I lasted all week.

db2f6 No.1432

File: 1558183891122-0.jpg (44.88 KB, 750x564, FB_IMG_1558003131869.jpg)

Keep yourself productive. Find better uses of your time.
Go outside. Read a book. Do literally anything else.

8ecff No.1433

Now You begin again. You know you can go for an entire week, go longer.

TLDR: An orgasm can be used to further your development.

I should have posted this before.
When you cum for a few moments you can talk directly to your subconscious. Normally this is used for spells, and sigils, magic stuff, and 'magic' stuff.
Instead of meditating or going through hypnosis you do that. There isn't alot of time so you need to make it count.
This os where you change yourself. Don't do 'I want' or 'I wish' that means you don't have it and probably won't get it. Say it like you already have it.

'Under my conscious control(or have the subconscious do it), I (Behavior or Action you want), (add anyother modifiers and safety stuff)'

Check out the magic thread on >>>/vx/ you don't need magic just the psychological bits can be all you need to start.

769c7 No.1434

Fucking fanfic man. I got into the moment and lost it. I remember just saying fuck it and going. I wanted to stop but it felt like something took control.

I know it's a piss poor excuse.

1e641 No.1436

I can definitely attest to the calming qualities of afterglow. It's obviously not optimal to meditate or seek higher understanding, but in terms of keeping your mind focused just enough to pull those kinds of things off without being too restless or neurotic to accept them, they do the job.

I had to delete my entire fimfic bookshelf, man. It's just too much sometimes.

9c28b No.1437

File: 1558234827206.png (840.52 KB, 2100x2100, Snow Veil smiling.png)

Well OP again.

I'm going to try for two more days this time. Saturday night to Saturday night. Wish me well herdmen!

And thank you all. This chat has been so encouraging!

1e641 No.1438

I'm rooting for you, anon. I'll be shooting for Sunday myself. Like I mentioned before, if you wanna raid/play games together to pass any idle time, let me know!

34682 No.1442

I'll be trying right besides you, anon.

9c28b No.1447

You know what sucks about nofap. It's like the universe tests you or something. Fucking chick at my work in some tight jeans today. She might be in her 50s but damn she's still got it!

1e641 No.1448

Hahah. There's one girl at work who I admit feelings for, and she always seems to be in slacks far, far tighter than should be allowed for her curvature. Lewd thoughts whenever she's manning a checkstand and I'm at the neighboring one.

9c28b No.1449

File: 1558454025078.gif (641.95 KB, 1500x2000, 2025788.gif)

Op here.

I'm a fag and I can't stop fapping! Anyone have days where everything you do goes wrong? Anyone?

Saturday Sunday and fucking Monday we're like that. I tried bush hogging my road on Saturday. Nope! Tractor won't run and spend all day trying to fix it. Sunday, I found out the air filter got to spend all day trying to soaking it in gas

Let me stop myself, you really don't give a damn about my meanness life. Need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Short of is fapping is like a drug and i keep coming back when shit gets to me! Now I'm gonna feel like shit all day cause I fapped when I know I shouldn't have! And my head's throbbing cause I've been punch myself and beating myself as punishment!

God someone kill me. Make it simple.

8ecff No.1450

>And my head's throbbing cause I've been punch myself and beating myself as punishment!
TLDR: Don't acknowledge it (the failure). Just keep on track with the goal. That is all that matters. Keep striving for the goal.

Punishment doesn't really work. Behavioral therapy works, but that takes time, and possibly preparation.

Just accept that you did it. Fuck feeling guilt. Just continue to reach the high score.
What matters is not giving up.

Ask why you feel frustrated when it happens. And keep digging deeper. It will go away.

Seriously, just let the problems fall away.
A problem is just another task. Just another checkmark on the road to what you Want.

Always Focus on The Goal (The Final Destination), then either The Path (May be between you and the Goal), or The Task (What is in your way Right Now).
Never focus on the failures. Learn from it yes. But never ever feed it.

b7f60 No.1451

You had one job, and I don't mean a handjob

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