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Becoming better
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File: 1557022366987.png (753.23 KB, 1280x720, 51B0536B-3CAB-4375-819C-FF….png)

8450a No.1389

I’m a fat fuck. Not obese, but certainly overweight and underdeveloped. Have been for a couple of years now. I’ve got about three and a half months until I go off to university, and for reasons I can’t explain, a couple days ago I stopped not caring, and felt this burn to at least be headed in the right direction by time I’m out on my own.

I live in the middle of nowhere, no gyms around.

I’m finally ready to actually work to improve, but don’t know where to start. Any general tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

c8f8a No.1390

I'll if I can find it, I have to search a little. But there is an easy step by step guide where you start out walking a bit each day. Then after a while you switch to jog a little, and then walk a little, and after a week or two you jog, and then alternate with jogging and running. And after four weeks of this you will be able to run a good distance.
I will do some searching and see if I can find the image unless someone posts it before I can find it.

cea6a No.1391

File: 1557024108169.jpeg (139.5 KB, 842x948, 1234619.jpeg)

You go poner!

aca0a No.1396

>I live in the middle of nowhere, no gyms around.
Wherever you are, you can buy a kitchen scale, start weighing your food and tracking calories. If you aren't too heavy, start running. Start small, 10 minutes and work your way up from there. Buy good sneakers, never nike (cheaply made), you need to protect your knees.

cea6a No.1435

File: 1558201891012.png (1001.45 KB, 1178x1600, rs 6.png)

a719b No.1439

That symbol. A combined Y and I. What is it?

28fa9 No.1440

File: 1558278811910.jpg (101.83 KB, 845x845, alghiz.jpg)

a719b No.1443

I like it!

28fa9 No.1445

I know you like reddit, but please stop acting like this is reddit. If you have nothing to contribute than "I like it", keep it to yourself. You're not 'upboating' anything, you're just making yourself look like a douchebag.

This is precisely the same kind of discipline and impulse control that will aid a person in addressing their weight issues. Learn about it.

a719b No.1452

Fuck, sorry.
What is that symbol from and where can I learn more about it?
And how do I legally get a gun in the UK?

6797c No.1453

>And how do I legally get a gun in the UK?
You leave the UK.

25752 No.1454

Search "runes Algiz" and see where you end up. Jesus, it's not rocket science.

a719b No.1463

That's a good idea.
What place in the world is good for whites? America? I hear they have gun rights, but the leftists over there are eroding them.

19907 No.1490

It's very dependent on the state in question. California or DC? Yeah no lol. Michigan (only for long guns- handguns are a whole other beast), rural states, florida, Texas… the important part isn't what gun laws are coming, it's what is available currently. You've got to get what you as soon as you can, so you are ready when you need them.

Read up on the Northwest Imperative. Might be called other things. Basic idea is that the five or six rurual northwest states are pretty much ideal environments with decent current freedom, and most importantly, HEAVILY white percentage wise.

21f43 No.1514

No, the leftists aren't eroding them. They want to, they talk about it a lot, but they can't do shit. You have to also realize what 8 years of obama did. Every good old boy with a few bucks to spend stockpiled weapons and ammo. I didn't go shooting for years, you couldn't get ammo at a reasonable price, when the ammo would arrive at the store, people would go in and buy ALL OF IT. This kept up for EIGHT YEARS. I have my thousand rounds, but there's people out there, their garages must be full. Gun companies and bullet manufacturers aren't doing so well now, because no one thinks trump is going to take anyone's guns.

These guys aren't handing over their stockpile. No way.

But yeah, if you avoid the west coast and the northeast, you are good to go on weaponry. Try to find a state with both jobs and no nigs. Nigs really fuck up an area.

BTW, there's some articles coming out of New Zealand. The gov't made firearms pretty much illegal, and instituted a buyback program. Very few turned in their weapons. Kek.

bb11c No.1525

Alright, looking at America.
I'm a professional artist who makes 30-70 pounds (60-140 dollars) a month right now.

00521 No.1543

Fug. You need to have a marketable skill, digital marketing, or digital art, etc.

b6901 No.1565

I now make about £100-200 a week drawing ponies online. Is this good?

f7a2c No.1587

Update: My mantits are almost gone, I've never felt healthier, I go on regular walks.
Would replacing yoghurt with Rice Pudding be healthier?

f7a2c No.1588

Wait, only a thousand? Get ten thousand, in case the stores close.

5376a No.1593

Uh, I hope you are sarcastic, you know they make rice pudding with heavy cream, right?

5376a No.1594

That's pretty good for an artist, most "artists" I know make zero a week, they don't sell anything. That's a great side hustle, but probably not a main job unless you live somewhere really cheap.

f7a2c No.1611

The fuck is heavy cream?

efd83 No.1612

File: 1563757208328.jpg (105.07 KB, 1600x900, Spurdo.jpg)

f7a2c No.1618

What, is this a Ligma joke? Is "Heavy cream" horse semen? I don't know shit about food and it's not like jewgling it will get me reliable answers!

14202 No.1627

Fuck anons, heavy cream is what they make whipped cream out of. If you whip it too much, you make butter. It's a bunch of fat with a little protein but very little sugar. It's not code for anything.

The question was:
>Would replacing yoghurt with Rice Pudding be healthier?

And the answer is fuck no. And I don't eat fat-free yogurt. It's like asking this question:
>Would replacing yogurt with a stick of butter be healthier?

No. No it would not be healthier. If you can get some low sugar yogurt, or make your own, it's about as healthy as you can get aside from a salad with some meat on top.

Pictures of heavy cream:

965bc No.1628

>doesn't get heavy cream

286ec No.1629

File: 1564701177710.pdf (44.65 MB, You Are Your Own Gym - The….pdf)

ea0ee No.1630

File: 1564733573104.webm (7.92 MB, 459x320, arnold_inspiration.webm)

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6 Rules To Success.

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