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3cbbc No.1381

What are some legal designer steroids or good alternatives to steroids? And where can I find them?

8e9a8 No.1382

File: 1555473397831.gif (3.96 MB, 420x391, 1555367759468.gif)

>Frankenstein drugs in a NatSoc board.
I believe this is a joke. Right?

17414 No.1383

SARMS (ostarine and LGD) are an option, but I think they might be illegal now in the US. You would have to check if the bill passed, they were talking about it in congress. SARMS aren't terribly effective anyway and tank your natural T, so you feel like shit after a few weeks. They are also more expensive than gear.

>Frankenstein drugs in a NatSoc board.
Uh, good to know your history anon. The germans would use meth for their solders, and if steroids were available at the time, you better believe they would have used them. Steroids are for your betterment, though, like anything good, they can be used to excess and become your downfall.

f1d0c No.1457

Do they make your balls shrink? (not op)

53dfa No.1516

That really depends on where you are now. Before considering injecting, you need to get your testosterone tested. From there, you have a baseline.

My baseline was low. Doc put me on clomid. Balls grew quite a bit. Clomid stopped working after two years. Went on TRT, balls did shrink, but I wouldn't say it's noticeable except to me. If you want to retain fertility (I'm done having kids) you need to be on a low dose of HCG.

I haven't gone super high level, but just going from bottom of range to top of range is life changing. Aside from the physical, the confidence boost is incredible. I solve problems now effortlessly. A problem comes up, I think about it, the answer becomes clear, I take action, done.

87a41 No.1623

Anyone know anything about peptide doping or gene doping?

3e017 No.1626

We aren't there yet. Steroids are much more known quantity.

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