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2ab6f No.1241

Returning tomorrow and continuing every Monday evening will feature a stream pertaining to philosophy, strategy, psychology, and critical thinking.
Frequently featured orators are Jordan Peterson, Simon Sinek, Sam Harris, and others. The purpose is to take time at the beginning of the week and consume media that encourages and emphasizes the utility and practicality of getting your shit together.
Streams will start Monday at 8pm EST. This week's stream will feature Jordan Peterson's recent appearance on Dr. Oz - https://youtu.be/AscPHmLWo-M (2:42:31)
Join us as we delve into recent productions of some of the most effective and influential minds of our time and use the material they present to reform ourselves in a manner that makes us more effective, viable, and powerful individuals individually, and collectively.

63d7e No.1242

Tonight's stream is up and ready to go. I'm a few minutes behind schedule so I'll give about 10 minutes before starting, but come on in and get a lengthy rundown about getting your shit together from arguably the least adversarial interviewer that Jordan Peterson has ever had
>inb4 Jordan is a jew enabler
The jury is still out on that, and a strong case could be made about his jew apologia, and that's something I will readily discuss and argue for and against during the stream. The bottom line is however, getting your shit together is consistent with Christian (not exclusively) dogma and scripture, so no matter how you feel about the jews, you can do far worse than to wash your penis.

63d7e No.1243

Could someone with some choice redpills help me? There's a guy in the stream who's asserting that the holocaust happened by the official story, and I lack the memes to refute his point outside memory.

c53fa No.1244

38961 No.1245

Will you feature Truediltom's videos at any point?

2ab6f No.1246

Sure. I'm unfamiliar with his work/channel, but I'll pour through it and get a feel. Any suggested videos?

a1003 No.1247

Keep in mind that Truediltom, in the true spirit of the searching scholar, is constantly reevaluating his views as he peruses different fields of philosophy. He's migrated from libertarianism to propertarianism to absolutism and is likely to shift again.

What is Physical Removal?
On Monarchism and Democracy
Liberals and Big Cities (or an intro to Oswald Spengler of whom Diltom is now a disciple) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxpS2BjGQKU
Is Syria Really Just That Simple (an atypical video talking about a current issue from a philosophical perspective) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRDsbx7v-sk

4e3c1 No.1277

File: 1546306209144.jpg (36.11 KB, 640x440, twilightsgame.jpg)

Obviously, there's no philosophy/betterment stream tonight. I'm to busy working toward the development of my situation, and I hope that the same goes for you too. I wish everyone a happy New Year, one of effective development and personal achievement.
Next week, we will watch Ender's Game. If you don't know why, then I hope you'll join us.

4e3c1 No.1278

More specifically, it will be clips from the movie that illustrate specific concepts and ways of perceiving and responding to the world, as a framework to apply to one's own disposition in growth and development. For those unfamiliar, I am talking about the Giant's Game (which becomes Ender's Game). Additional videos will follow.

bfb1d No.1318

Glad you're still doing god's work, OP. I might be able to pop in on this next coming Monday. Got any specifics planned yet? Looks like I missed a nice stream featuring truediltom among others.

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