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File: 1545588312695.gif (51.42 KB, 519x543, mlfw689_35346 - animated d….gif)

2ab6f No.1241

Returning tomorrow and continuing every Monday evening will feature a stream pertaining to philosophy, strategy, psychology, and critical thinking.
Frequently featured orators are Jordan Peterson, Simon Sinek, Sam Harris, and others. The purpose is to take time at the beginning of the week and consume media that encourages and emphasizes the utility and practicality of getting your shit together.
Streams will start Monday at 8pm EST. This week's stream will feature Jordan Peterson's recent appearance on Dr. Oz - https://youtu.be/AscPHmLWo-M (2:42:31)
Join us as we delve into recent productions of some of the most effective and influential minds of our time and use the material they present to reform ourselves in a manner that makes us more effective, viable, and powerful individuals individually, and collectively.

63d7e No.1242

Tonight's stream is up and ready to go. I'm a few minutes behind schedule so I'll give about 10 minutes before starting, but come on in and get a lengthy rundown about getting your shit together from arguably the least adversarial interviewer that Jordan Peterson has ever had
>inb4 Jordan is a jew enabler
The jury is still out on that, and a strong case could be made about his jew apologia, and that's something I will readily discuss and argue for and against during the stream. The bottom line is however, getting your shit together is consistent with Christian (not exclusively) dogma and scripture, so no matter how you feel about the jews, you can do far worse than to wash your penis.

63d7e No.1243

Could someone with some choice redpills help me? There's a guy in the stream who's asserting that the holocaust happened by the official story, and I lack the memes to refute his point outside memory.

c53fa No.1244

38961 No.1245

Will you feature Truediltom's videos at any point?

2ab6f No.1246

Sure. I'm unfamiliar with his work/channel, but I'll pour through it and get a feel. Any suggested videos?

a1003 No.1247

Keep in mind that Truediltom, in the true spirit of the searching scholar, is constantly reevaluating his views as he peruses different fields of philosophy. He's migrated from libertarianism to propertarianism to absolutism and is likely to shift again.

What is Physical Removal?
On Monarchism and Democracy
Liberals and Big Cities (or an intro to Oswald Spengler of whom Diltom is now a disciple) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxpS2BjGQKU
Is Syria Really Just That Simple (an atypical video talking about a current issue from a philosophical perspective) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRDsbx7v-sk

4e3c1 No.1277

File: 1546306209144.jpg (36.11 KB, 640x440, twilightsgame.jpg)

Obviously, there's no philosophy/betterment stream tonight. I'm to busy working toward the development of my situation, and I hope that the same goes for you too. I wish everyone a happy New Year, one of effective development and personal achievement.
Next week, we will watch Ender's Game. If you don't know why, then I hope you'll join us.

4e3c1 No.1278

More specifically, it will be clips from the movie that illustrate specific concepts and ways of perceiving and responding to the world, as a framework to apply to one's own disposition in growth and development. For those unfamiliar, I am talking about the Giant's Game (which becomes Ender's Game). Additional videos will follow.

bfb1d No.1318

Glad you're still doing god's work, OP. I might be able to pop in on this next coming Monday. Got any specifics planned yet? Looks like I missed a nice stream featuring truediltom among others.

6d587 No.1332

File: 1548719752134.png (287.36 KB, 666x499, 387765__safe_twilight spar….png)

Alright, so I've been laxing on the thread and the stream. Sue me. Monday is the day I try to get the most done, so I'm not as available as I'd like to be.
So. For tonight, there will be a stream starting in just over an hour. It will feature the Ender's Game scene previously promised, followed by some Simon Sinek. No offense to the suggestions, I rather appreciate the content that is available, but I have trouble finding videos that are positive (as in, they posit a generative idea).
The underlying purpose of Philosophy night, as I intuited from participation and talk with the previous host is to provide media that is inspirational and developmental, as a way of 'starting off the week right'. Food for thought is good, but first things first, one must have motivation and intensity.

And so as said, if you feel like stopping by for some 'get your shit together' type media, you're welcome to do so. I'm looking at 5:30p PST as the start time, updates to follow.

6d587 No.1333

Alright. I'm having bandwidth issues, so let me briefly explain the Ender's Game segment.

No one will give you the correct answer. The answers you're likely to be given will lead you to ruin. If you want to do something, especially something outside the norm, don't rely on the choices that others offer you. Blaze a trail all your own, even if you have to literally dig through the eye of your opponent and scramble their brain with your claws/fists. That's the point of the Giant's Game in Ender's Game. If you play by the rules you are given, you will fail. If you make the rules, you may succeed.

Also, the room is open for some innovative theory on a better-minded professional dynamic.

f16f7 No.1334

Oops, I just found out.
I visit this board not frequently.

6d587 No.1343

Alright! For tonight's philosophy thread, we are going to focus on the recently posted (and emphatically appreciated) Jordan Peterson Dismantled video produced by Resurrection Europa. We will feature the video in its entirety, as well as a 2-hour discussion between the creator and JF Gariepy that goes into detail about the issues and observations that can be made and which led to the video. This is particularly important information for individuals who seek to emerge personally, while helping to participate in the prominence of the white race, not necessarily in a supremacist mindset, but in a nationalist mindset where white people support their race in conflict with the multitude of groups and identities that are implicitly or explicitly opposed. Show starts at 5p PST, 8p EST.

6d587 No.1344

File: 1549327648522.jpg (211.67 KB, 540x960, headshot.jpg)

Room is open - https://www.rabb.it/ninjas
Videos start in 15 minutes

f16f7 No.1345

On my way.

9d76f No.1346

I don't have a particular video lined up for philosophy night, I've been rather busy. I will still host the stream, but if you plan on attending bring ideas. Still gonna be in about an hour and a half.

9d76f No.1347

So for tonight I'm going with a documentary on Neitzsche. Will take requests. Docu starts in about 10 minutes

f16f7 No.1348

Sorry, I found out 10 hours late.
I didn't know you do it every Monday.
I hope to meet you next week.

f1384 No.1354

File: 1550535793612.png (69.7 KB, 227x270, peterson.png)

Because anon was gracious enough to post it but minutes ago, tonight's philosophy night will feature a recent video about: Jordan Peterson and the JQ.
I maintain that JP's usual prescribed advice about getting your shit together and becoming formidable is sound, I also feel it is important to give serious consideration to where his work falls short and has curious holes in it. Having not watched the video (I was gonna, but I'd rather watch along with anons), it should make for interesting food for thought.
Or it could be shit. Who knows?
Show starts in ~40 minutes, room will open probably in ~20.

f1384 No.1355

Room is open:
15 minutes

f16f7 No.1356

I am late again, 4 hours this time and the room is closed.
I hope to make it next week.

c4ea4 No.1366

Drat, I was hoping to attend a philosophy night on "The Great Replacement." Did I miss it?

49ff7 No.1367

Sorry anon, I completely forgot about it. Though, I'm thinking that Thursday would be a better night to run this stream. The whole point to doing it on monday is to try and start the week off with uplifting, motivational, philosophical, and otherwise emergent media, but Mondays have become my busiest days, followed closely by Tuesdays.

078fc No.1372

I watched 22 hours of his lectures on personality and while I think there are some problems he has a lot of interesting things to say.

I think he gets to much hate. Though the memes are good.

a353d No.1613

File: 1563821912590.jpg (349.88 KB, 1800x1322, Dioganeys.jpg)

I don't believe that I have solely chanced upon this 'theory' by any clear distinction to originality.
But I feel that I am the first to try and relate the premise in a way that is attainable for the laymen of Man to get the gist.

Observations and philosophical queries. The story and measurements are alluding to this.
The nature of being, of man, and of existence is a all permeating question.
They say that the theory of Atoms were 'know' pre roman era. That the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar,
supposedly is calculated from the procession of the milkyway.
Sounds incredible. That Observers without optic lenses could measure these macro and micro poles.
Atomic theory I think was from pure deduction.

Obvious mechanisms that must exist to explain substances. How does water flow, and that the soft compresses into itself?
The procession of a galaxy is harder to attain, as how can a single generation witness the
deviation of galactic body's and structures in a single lifetime, let alone without a stable platform with a telescopic sights to survey such a thing?

The same reason we honor the dead, both our fathers and mothers.
We honor those that pointed to better ways.

Given if you were technologically isolated. And wanted to check a thing. Something that'll take longer than you have to see it yourself.
Wouldn't you spend the 5 mins inscribing witness marks on a stone. And telling your grandson to pop back in on it when he gets the chance. Maybe his sons too.
Not like there's immediately pressing issues preventing a 'pilgrimage to honor the will of dead'.

That with this, I see our forbears dropped their knowledge in recursive ways.
That we might start to 'pick up what they're dropping', when the books are more filled with language and twig and branch explanation.
That their 'skizto' thoughts be ciphered into a relatable way. rationalized to the times it exists in.
That in a world pre coveted to stranded education for all children, that their knowledge will pass on as tales.
Epics and words of morality with metaphorical conundrums.

Where language does not exist to correlate the phantasm tangible to their concept.
These are incredible resources for making current science theory more tangible.
I firmly see insight with these fables, the ramblings of many wise men. Of things without a word.
But of things that do certainly exist. Just not with a logical rout to define them with a word.

Until recently. English. The most fuck all contrived notions of acceptable word inclusion and interpretation conformity.
If it needs definition, English can put, cannibalize, or phonetics suggestion; new formulation of lettering to suggest clear definition when used to the concept it was birth from.
Theoretical lexicography awaiting Syntagma

Theoretical lexicography awaiting Syntagma

A notion unquestioned is a motion passed.

This knowledge was perverted when the Renaissance came.
A destructive mentality among the educated came to flourish.
That thoes that existed before then, were less knowlegeable then the wealth before us now.
The sentance isn't incorrect. But the common interpritation has crippled many.
Books are knowlege. But it's the ablity to do with that, that's intelegence;
Not in knowing of things, the way they are known to be.
But Legacy alumni candidate Tommy Abercrombe doesn't ever hear that, much like his father before him.

This gives into a historical account of the Sophist, Hippias.
Hippias, a /know it all/ is credited with originating the idea of natural law.
So much was Hippas well versed, that Plato saw him as vain and arrogant.

For Plato to have fallen into the trap set by a Sophist built of pure Rhetoric, and Virtue.
That the great preacher of thoes mechanisms and knowlege paths.
Became fork tounged when seeing proper practition of his own ideals.
That it's correct adaptation, kicked all of Platos dogs and called them fuck off.
The birth of dismissing the person to reject the knowlege they present.

I will not accept dissmissal.
Dismissal is the Mind-Killer.
Dismissal the little-death that brings total ignorance.
I will face dismissal.
I will permit it to accost me and to attempt adhearance.
When it falls off my breast, I'll turn wrath to its origins.
Where dissmissal has failed, there will be knowlege if I remain.

Hippas being a Jack of of trade, master of none. Only espoused one thing that trancends technoligiocal advance.
According to Hippias, natural law was never to be superseded as it was universal.
He saw natural law as an entity that humans take part in without pre-meditation.
He regarded the elite in states as indistinguishable from one another
Thus they should perceive each other as so.

818c0 No.1620

Is this stream still going?

6cf6a No.1622

Its been on hiatus for a while, but it can, someone just needs to make it happen
Don't look at me, my schedule is fucked on Modndays

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