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File: 1537395327544.png (500.85 KB, 775x558, 3YFn4W8.png)

33987 No.1174

Any good books, I'm a poorfag and a complete fucking novice to the world of english books.

Pic unrelated, I didn't want to post porn when I'm on day 22 of nofap.

6c88b No.1175

I am not an avid reader of books, but I can suggest a couple I liked.
>The girl with all the gifts
>The devils teardrop
>Mr. Mercedes

2e3ce No.1178

File: 1538348138444.pdf (18.06 MB, Hoppe - Democracy, The God….pdf)

Here's a personal favorite of mine.

879e9 No.1179

Oi cunt! I assume you have read The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. If you haven't wtf. Read the Silmarillion pleb.

ee90e No.1180


3643c No.1327

Read locke! [S]All memes aside check out atlas shrugged.

5a468 No.1328

File: 1547787519940.png (93.74 KB, 549x591, 1538586334338-0.png)

i've been reading atlas shrugged, didn't think i'd make it but it's really good
actual spoiler ahead:
kinda wish john galt's speech near the end was shorter. every time i think its gonna wrap it up it goes on another 20 pages

759a1 No.1329

File: 1547796428748-0.pdf (2.61 MB, Why Civilizations Self Des….pdf)

File: 1547796428748-1.png (637.43 KB, 768x1219, 022604.png)

Why Civilizations Self Destruct.

fbfe1 No.1365

Hell yeah I've read those books, they were fucking gold!
It's because the civilizations forget what made them great, and start taking their greatness for granted, so they start assuming everyone can be great and cancer people who kill great societies and create shit ones are worth listening to when they say "Your society should change to make me happier".
Multiculti societies fail. Either the foreign influence spreads to make a group have less in common, or the foreign influence solidifies in a little cliquish circle of foreignfaggotry.

e5f92 No.1373

War and peace

71170 No.1374

Ayn Rand made the brilliant (from a marketing standpoint) decision to write her philosophy books as intricate fables of what she was trying to get across. Arguably, even publishing the books is an expression of her philosophy. The advantage is that her ideas are some of the most easily digestible out there. The disadvantage is that, because of this, her philosophy is frequently held up by people who can't read anyone else because it's too complicated, and her ideas aren't really that great.
It's a good starting point, though. It goes from Heinlein to Rand to real philosophers, if you want to go the libertarian route but can't read philosophy.

ef5e3 No.1376

The Prince by Machiavelli
Essential for understanding politics and statecraft.

Vanity Fair
Large book, easy read, pretty funny, a classic.

0d815 No.1387

File: 1556855953436.pdf (6.5 MB, The Accidental Superpower ….pdf)

this is Peter Zeihan's Accidental Superpower. it's an easy read and gives you a good insight into how the world is ordered and how that's going away.
he's a glow nigger analyst and overly optimistic about America's future but it's definitely a learning experience and a bit uplifting if you're an American who's taken one too many black pills.

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