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09ba0 No.1159

>be me in Atlanta, want conservative gf
>want to try online dating because I'm too autistic to try social events and the odds are against me
>most couples on the splash page are either black guy+white girl or lesbian

Is there any hope to be found in online dating? Given that I'm in a mostly liberal area, surely the best option is to use modern technology to narrow down my choices?

d08e9 No.1161

Frankly you should know better than OKCupid or most mainstream dating sites. If you drink, just go to the bar to watch a football game. If you go to a restaurant, chat with whoever's willing about something you hear them talking about or showing interest in. You'll eventually meet a fellow channer or nerd of either sex; as rare as it is to show your power level at least a fair 5% of the population has visited the site and knows internet culture past Facebook; you'll find someone resting in that 5% eventually, and make friends with them.

You need to show confidence in yourself past just seeking dates. Seek social connections and gfs will practically pour onto you from those connections as you get to know the group. It's like an espionage, you need to gain others' trust and treat most women and men alike as friends before they'll even consider dating you. The friendzone does exist but it's not a permanent place to be as long as you're a confident person who doesn't let girls tie him around their fingers.

0c1c3 No.1162

I thought of trying something like this but I am not sure. I smell degeneracy…

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