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Becoming better
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So, /ub/ I have an idea to increase thread activity. Post here every time you think you've done something that improved your overall well-being. No IDs so no pressure, just include what you did, how long you did it, and how it helped you if it's a bit abstract. That is all, and happy posting.
OP ran one mile today, it took him approximately 20 minutes.


Did some fitness for my journal >>>/ub/1141
and read about philosophy and I drawfagged a little


Finished reading straw dogs, started 12 rules of life.
Installed a pull-up bar near my pc for when i get bored, archieved 7 pull-ups.
Been doing at least 10 push ups every day.


>20 minute run for 1 mile
Hopefully this was a typo unless you run slower than you walk.


I live in a mountainous area and I'm not in ideal shape, get off my back mom.


Plus that was a rough estimate, I don't really time myself and it could be closer to fifteen.


I've managed to stay on a low-carb diet for a week. Going to buy new shoes so I can start exercising.


I've started pirating textbooks for cyber-security and if things go well I'll be using it as study material in my downtime at Americorps. Felt particularly inspired after completing HackNet, decided that I should explore coding irl a little more in-depth.

Also I'm going to get around to reading Horus Rising this coming week daily, whenever I go to the pool to swim.


I remember getting a 17 minute mile in sixth grade, but I was 250+ pounds and so self conscious I never wanted to jog.

But if you're hiking in a mountainous region, that's alright. I live on a steep hill that goes for two-thirds or three-quarters of a mile, but due to its steepness I sometimes take 20-25 minutes to climb up the hill. So I can somewhat relate, if not fully.






Read a couple of books, did some other shit and learned a few skills


Started up lifting again. Eating more, going to put on 15 lbs so I can be fat for summer. At least I'll be big. /strongfat/


swimming every couple of days for endurance
Gotta get to 2h


Starved myself this week. Lost some weight. Still got a muffin top. 10 more pounds to go.


I've lost about 10 pounds over the last week, and I've been working on not just sitting on my ass all day everyday. It feels pretty good actually.


Done with those books, straw dogs is nice and heavy, 12 rules es just captain obvious tier.
Also i got pretty bucking fit which is nice.


File: 1565822740011.jpg (26.54 KB, 400x603, x400.jpg)

Awfully written book, but I haven't gotten through all of it yet.



Did 20 bench presses today


Good on you mate. I've been contemplating doing a thread where anons play the burpee game (deck of cards, on their turn player draws, and the value of the card determines the number of burpees to do). Not sure if that would catch on at all


Sounds fun but I just made a thread on sleep, sleep's important so a thread full of important sleep facts would be good.


Have slowly but surely whittled away at my more useless groceries for the sake of starting over on my diet. Had two mugs of tea and one piece of gum and it seems like I will be able to ration things out well throughout the day when my sleep gets fixed.


Guess the work shows slow incremental benefits but somehow it is difficult to adjust to being better, anyone else feeling the same way?

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