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Becoming better
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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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So, /ub/ I have an idea to increase thread activity. Post here every time you think you've done something that improved your overall well-being. No IDs so no pressure, just include what you did, how long you did it, and how it helped you if it's a bit abstract. That is all, and happy posting.
OP ran one mile today, it took him approximately 20 minutes.


Did some fitness for my journal >>>/ub/1141
and read about philosophy and I drawfagged a little


Finished reading straw dogs, started 12 rules of life.
Installed a pull-up bar near my pc for when i get bored, archieved 7 pull-ups.
Been doing at least 10 push ups every day.


>20 minute run for 1 mile
Hopefully this was a typo unless you run slower than you walk.


I live in a mountainous area and I'm not in ideal shape, get off my back mom.


Plus that was a rough estimate, I don't really time myself and it could be closer to fifteen.


I've managed to stay on a low-carb diet for a week. Going to buy new shoes so I can start exercising.


I've started pirating textbooks for cyber-security and if things go well I'll be using it as study material in my downtime at Americorps. Felt particularly inspired after completing HackNet, decided that I should explore coding irl a little more in-depth.

Also I'm going to get around to reading Horus Rising this coming week daily, whenever I go to the pool to swim.


I remember getting a 17 minute mile in sixth grade, but I was 250+ pounds and so self conscious I never wanted to jog.

But if you're hiking in a mountainous region, that's alright. I live on a steep hill that goes for two-thirds or three-quarters of a mile, but due to its steepness I sometimes take 20-25 minutes to climb up the hill. So I can somewhat relate, if not fully.






Read a couple of books, did some other shit and learned a few skills


Started up lifting again. Eating more, going to put on 15 lbs so I can be fat for summer. At least I'll be big. /strongfat/

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