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File: 1528508136558.jpg (359.51 KB, 720x960, 1527248900408.jpg)

b1762 No.1079

I want to replace my shit anime addiction with book reading addiction, please post book names.

Also you aren't the faggot here, I am and I want to git gud.

1ef18 No.1080

the Eragon series is SUPER good I LOVED the books as a kid!

def1e No.1081

>The devils teardrop
>The girl with all the gifts
>Mr. Mercedes

6edc7 No.1082

File: 1528535525859.png (147.14 KB, 1200x800, 131537793302.png)

Ive recently started reading the Horus Heresy series. If your into WH40k this might be a good start. The 3rd book is kinda shit, but the first two are good. Havent started the 4th yet, Im hoping its better.
Dune is a great scifi series, I highly recommend it.
Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth are good fantasy, however both are very long being 13+ novels each.

b1762 No.1083

I remember a retard friend of mine bitching about a scene from that book where the dragonrider said "I'm the Rider, I decide where we go!"

e8df9 No.1084

File: 1528754669687.pdf (495.39 KB, prince.pdf)

War and Peace

e8df9 No.1085

This is something you can read.
It is really good.

851cc No.1086

I've read Sword of Truth, I didn't really enjoy it. What does "Moral Clarity" actually mean? Because in the story it just seems to mean "He's the hero so he magically just knows what is right and wrong".

851cc No.1087

unironically already read this meme book and a Pokemon fanfic called Brave New World by Ri2 that was longer than it.

6edc7 No.1088

I read that one a long time ago and have forgotten of of it tbh. I cant say I would even enjoy it as much now. I do remember really liking some of the darker aspects such as the story behind sexually tortured guards women (I forget their name). Also I recall liking the first few books a lot more than the rest, he did get rather preachy as it went on.

32526 No.1090

>Reverse-Trap Fluttershy
Wow, that got a continuation? Not to mention the fact it finally was completed. That's cool, tbh. Was a cute story.

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