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Becoming better
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File: 1527536353153.jpg (498.43 KB, 3000x3000, serveimage.jpg)

9e64b No.1044

can we have a lifting thread?
been curling these bad boys

1fd44 No.1045

This belongs on /ub/

9e64b No.1046

Do we really need an entire board for that?
this board is slow enough as it is

1fd44 No.1047

Eh fair enough, but I would like to see /ub/ get more activity. I was planning on making a DIY thread later on /ub/. Made a foundry thought it would be appropriate for that board.

9e64b No.1048

is DIY really self improvement tho?
we really need a random board

1fd44 No.1049

>is DIY really self improvement tho?
Learning new skills is definitely self improvement and /sp/ is our random board.

ea0a5 No.1050

move this to ub

1eba6 No.1051

Use 35s you fag.

6e492 No.1052

tbh we need 5 more random boards

9e64b No.1053

mods are fags

ea0a5 No.1054

I only do some body weight excercises.

72ac1 No.1055

File: 1527545438581.png (1.06 MB, 2000x2000, 1441872.png)

We moved it since it is a self improvement type post and /fit/ related. /ub/ is a board dedicated to fitness, self improvement and becoming a better person.

I personally have been started Curling personally and getting my weight inline. I am down 50lbs and been working on losing more

ea0a5 No.1056

> I am down 50lbs and been working on losing more
doing much cardio or just lifting?

72ac1 No.1057

Mostly cardio, diet and stuff. I do Cardio with weight resistance and add light curling to it. Once my Fat is down more I plan on starting on going full lifting to get trimmed and more muscle.

ea0a5 No.1058

congrats on that loss and be careful not to swing back

72ac1 No.1060

I don't plan on it at all! I have my post diet plan ready, my recipes, etc all set. Best part is working out is now a habit so continuing it will be super easy. My new diet is only ~1200-1500 calories it is low carb, low fat, high protein the protein is from a mix of meat, dairy and veggies to ensure I have a properly balanced diet. This intense part of my diet ends in July and then i move to post diet and post workout class.

8c89a No.1063

>he uses (((dumb))) bells
Take the gravity workout redpill.
A (((Gym-membership))) is how the business Jew milks you, you only need a day pass sometimes for the equipment.
Take the darebee.com 30days of gravity pill.
Expand your thinking.
And your dick.


52c5e No.1064

File: 1527553391810.gif (1.12 MB, 200x133, 1504734311782.gif)

>he doesn't free lift with boulders and rocks like his ancestors did

95636 No.1070

gyms are full of shitty people

3d9f1 No.1071

This tbh

21e1b No.1169

Maybe planetfitness is

3ae00 No.1170

File: 1536296816040.jpg (175.36 KB, 933x700, 1526424329938.jpg)

Why would you need to lift weights, your body is all the weight you need, that and a lot of patience and dedication

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