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Becoming better
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File: 1508211530942-0.jpg (25.97 KB, 176x250, Fahrenheit_451_1st_ed_cove….jpg)

File: 1508211530942-1.pdf (280.14 KB, 451-entire book.pdf)

01bd2 No.677[Reply]

For the first book club of /mlpol/ we will.be reading "Fahrenhiit 451"
I think reading 10 pages a day starting tomorrow would be a good pace.
Fell free to discuss the book after each day's reading!
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a370e No.687

I used to have a copy of this book. I think I burned it for irony.

a370e No.688

5b84c No.692

Just finished reading my ten pages here at work, I must say I find this story really interesting, it does look like a possibility future for us in the next 20 years.
I can't wait to read more

81c0c No.693

>in a world where the people who were meant to protect you burn your culture simply because it could "offend" someone
>where the truth, the history can be spread only outside civilization
Fitting, is it not?

bc208 No.737

I really do hope y'all have been reading this book.
If not, read it; it's only 11 pages so far.

File: 1504970026623-0.jpg (1.66 MB, 5900x3660, chakras.jpg)

File: 1504970026623-1.jpeg (44.37 KB, 981x814, tao.jpeg)

File: 1504970026623-2.jpg (142.39 KB, 522x753, hindu.jpg)

File: 1504970026623-3.png (948.6 KB, 786x786, shinto.png)

da24d No.348[Reply]

It's non-white be is there anything we can learn from it to improve ourselves? recommended reading?
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7beaf No.650

I was once told by a man without a central nervous system that in order to communicate to my waifu, I will have to learn sanskrit.

bd51a No.651

Sanskrit is the best language desu. Each character is produced with a single blow of a hammer and chisel. Its MUCH more resolve-demanding than just writing.

7beaf No.654

I heard some of the nice mystique of it before. I like it. What would be the right path in learning it?

f2874 No.655

File: 1508103334712.png (21.51 KB, 970x868, Graph.png)

There's no boundary to meditation beside your own discipline. Don't think if you're meditating for too long or not enough. The baseline you set yourself should be according to your own mind.
If you're starting breath meditation to better your focus and awareness, you can measure progress by how long if takes your mind to become exhausted from the effort, or with how much ease it slips from focus.
In my experience, meditation progress is nowhere near a neat line of any kind. It's more like pic related. Some days will be great, some will be bad, but there's a slow and overall improvement. So don't be take to heart a sudden dip or rise in quality.

As for knowing about Buddhism, it depends what you mean. If you want to fully follow the teachings and 'convert' as it were, then yes, you should go and research the core principles and teachings at least. Buddhism is not like other religions, however. It shows you the way and asks you to walk it yourself. So; to achieve enlightenment is something only you can do for yourself, and no amount of knowing 'about' Buddhism will help you with that.
If you meant meditation and other mind-based practices, it depends.
Some meditations are meant to be spiritual, with specific goals and ways of thought. Others, such as breath meditation, are not dependent on faith at all, and are entirely personal as to your technique, method, goal, etc.
It never hurts to do your research, and the wisdom you hear from others may very well help you greatly, but with meditation it is your own mind fixing your own problems. You can see that this comes down to your own wisdom, and not that of others.

Hope this helps, Anon.

da24d No.735

it does, thanks

File: 1508788884322.jpg (108.76 KB, 699x612, 1481068470276.jpg)

a0075 No.724[Reply]

Come across this a couple of times when lurking 4chan /fit/, accurate or fake and gay? what do you think

8fd0a No.725

File: 1508789777907.jpg (21.77 KB, 600x853, christine-theiss.jpg)

I'd say this is mostly accurate. I remember from the view stuff i saw about bodybuilding that the models were so exausted right before the contests that they were on the verge of collapsing. the amount of visible muscle does not translate over to health over overall body power. Its purely visual and does not last long at all.

Weight Lifters and even other athletes that rely on high body strength more often than not look rather tubby. Other examples go as well. look at pic related. this woman won the world champion title in kickboxing while she had a similar body type.

7a933 No.726

File: 1508792221254.png (655.09 KB, 644x881, IdealMaleBody.png)

It's /fit/ so it's gay regardless, but it is accurate.

2663e No.727

It mostly has to do with hydration. Like it said, bodybuilders dehydrate themselves to get that look. It's why their veins pop out so much.

a3411 No.730

Really accurate
The best way to get strong actually is to get fat by eating a lot of meat, greens, and carbo due to increasing your own needs.
That's why at first you can lift weighs to tone the muscle, but if you want a big body you will have to keep up for a while and then push yourself to the limit.
After exploding a few veins, your muscle will increase. After that, you only need to keep up so the day you are old, your skin won't turn into a skin matress.
And don't forget your legs. You need good cardio to keep good strenght

a3411 No.731

Oh, and i forgot.
Water will be your favourite soda after you start.
You don't even know how important it is so I'll just say it:

File: 1504069032420-0.jpg (88.38 KB, 357x356, White girl.jpg)

cee81 No.178[Reply]

A few things
>I grew up thinking I was gay
>I've never had a gf and I've never had sexual relations with a a girl
>I always hated other gay people and eventually became disgusted with the act
>I stopped about three years ago and have done nothing since
>I'm coming into my mid 20s
>I'm having the urge to procreate
What do I do /üb/? I don't have a fb or a tinder. From what I've seen tinder girls are all sluts anyways. I don't know how to talk to girls in public, and i get super autistic when I get nervous. Help me have White babies.
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72682 No.713

otherwise a faggot needs to accept that they're a faggot and understand that in that regard they have no place in public civil society and should stay the hell away from children, no adoption, no surrogacy.

94ff2 No.714

So basically there's no point in them trying to better themselves

72682 No.715

self improvement is never really a bad idea for anyone, but long term homofags have effectively removed themselves from the gene pool and any interaction with the world where they act in any capacity as open homofags will be tainted and will reliably have a net negative effect due to their sexual proclivities. The more public these things are the more it spreads like the disease it is removing more people from the gene pool and driving up the child sex abuse rate and the domestic abuse rate in regard to lesbians and bisexual women specifically. If they remain closeted they can try to contribute to the world but with no offspring who will really remember them when they die? how much lasting effect can the average person have on the world within one lifetime

50b6e No.716

File: 1508646542152.jpg (322.45 KB, 1226x1339, 1502410314745.jpg)

Just follow this and you'll be fine

bd59a No.717

File: 1508694891522.png (1.65 MB, 1107x1023, no girls allowed weaboo ed….png)

A while ago I heave heard that homosexuality is not unlike phantom pain, the pain you feel in lost limbs that have been amputated. The problem is within the brain, caused by wrong neuron connections or damaged cells. Unless science develops a surgical method to tread this i fear the best you can do is just live with it and not act on account of your unnatural urges.

Try to not get in the way of healthy heterosexuals and consider getting into meditation to relax your mind.

File: 1504119529396.jpg (34.89 KB, 800x529, stretchchart.jpg)

93e88 No.188[Reply]

Mlpol, do you stretch? Daily? With as many people as are interested in fitness, far fewer are sufficiently interested or knowledgeable about stretching. A full and complete stretch should take anywhere from 30-60 seconds or longer if the involved muscles are damaged or neglected (lack of previous stretching). It also involves a non-rigorous warmup to increase circulation and airflow.
In a Jordan Peterson-esque 'clean your room' sense, stretching is metaphysically one of the best routines/habits one can form. Symbolically/philosophically it entrains the mind to be systematic and sequential whether one is pro-active or reactive to a given thing. It impels discipline to to sensation of enthusiasm that can/does occur when one seeks to better or develop ones self.
And that's nothing compared to the physiological benefits. ITT post/discuss/share about stretching.
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23bfd No.607

1a Kneeling Back Rotation Stretch
Kneel on the ground and raise one arm. Then rotate your shoulders and middle back while looking upwards.
1b Sitting Bent-over Back Stretch
Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front or at 45 degrees apart. Keep your toes pointing upwards and rest your arms by your side or on your legs. Relax your back and neck and then let your head and chest fall forward.

2a Kneeling Back Arch Stretch
Kneel on your hands and knees. Look up and let your back slump downwards. Then let your head fall forward and arch your back upwards.
2b Standing Lateral Side Stretch
Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and look forward. Keep your body upright and slowly bend to the left or right

3a Sitting Side Reach Stretch
Sit with one leg straight out to the side and your toes pointing up. Then bring your other foot up to your knee and let your hand fall forward. Reach toward the outside of your toes with both hands.
3b Rotating Stomach Stretch
Lie face down and bring your hands close to your shoulders. Keep your hips on the ground, look forward and rise up by straightening your arms. Then slowly bend one arm and rotate that shoulder toward the ground.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

23bfd No.608

1a Single Heel Drop Calf Stretch
Stand on a raised object or step. Put the toes of one foot on the edge of the step and keep your leg straight. Let your heel drop toward the ground.
1b Single Heel Drop Achilles Stretch
Stand on a raised object or step and place the toes of one of your feet on the edge of the step. Bend your leg and let your heel drop toward the ground.

2a Leaning Heel Back Achilles Stretch
Stand upright while leaning against a wall and place one foot behind the other. Make sure that your toes are facing forward and your heel is on the ground. Bend your back leg and lean toward the wall.
2b Kneeling Quad Stretch
Kneel on one foot and the other knee. If needed, hold on to something to keep your balance. Push your hips forward.

3a Front Cross-over Shin Stretch
Stand upright and place the top of your toes on the ground in front of your other foot. Slowly bend your other leg to force your ankle to the ground.
3b Standing Leg Cross Abductor Stretch
Stand upright and cross one foot behind the other. Lean toward the foot that is behind the other. If necessary, hold onto something for balance.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

23bfd No.609

1a Sitting Cross-legged Reach Forward Stretch
Sit cross-legged and keep your back straight. Then gently lean forward.
1b Sitting Feet Together Adductor Stretch
Sit with the soles of your feet together and bring your feet toward your groin. Hold onto your ankles and push your knee toward the ground with your elbows. Keep your back straight and upright.

2a Standing Leg Tuck Hip Stretch
Stand beside a chair or table and place the foot furthest from the object onto the object. Relax your leg, lean forward and bend your other leg, lowering yourself toward the ground.
2b Sitting Knee-to-chest Buttocks Stretch
Sit with one leg straight and the other leg crossed over your knee. Pull the raised knee toward your opposite shoulder while keeping your back straight and your shoulders facing forward.

3a Lying Cross-over Knee Pull-down Stretch
Lie on your back and cross one leg over the other. Bring your foot up to your opposite knee and with your opposite arm pull your raised knee toward the ground.
3b Standing Leg-up Hamstring Stretch
Stand upright and raise one leg on to an object. Keep that leg straight and your toes pointing straight up. Lean forward while keeping your back straight.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

23bfd No.684

When assessing muscle fatigue, there are some easy warning signs. If one finds themselves experiencing increased fatigue doing simple actions (climbing stairs, walking up a hill, etc.) that is a sure sign, as is increased pain or soreness.
Alot of ppl I talk to like to report the feeling of "getting old/-er" (often to excuse themselves from stretching, which is abject nonsense), which is also a dead giveaway.
If you've ever seen old men or ladies using a walker, or worse a scooter/cart, please understand that outside a significant injury that is NOT normal. In fact, modern society has become so complacent when it comes to stretching and muscular repair that likely the ONLY time many individuals stretch is immediately after physical injury, and only then under the guidance of a physical therapist.
When one engages the practice of regular stretching, they may find that they are able to detect an increase in fatigue almost immediately. The practice of stretching is more than just about relaxing muscles and loosening tension, it is about learning how the body feels in both a tense and relaxed state so that they can self-diagnose/address chronic problems well in advance of such problems actually manifesting.

23bfd No.691

Also, I'd like to address something about the 'rules' at the bottom of this post: >>609
"Warm Up Prior to Stretching"
This is a good guideline, but its not a rule. I ride a bike 2 miles to work, and I can tell you that if I don't stretch it is adverse, slower, and I arrive more tired/winded than if I had stretched. Several of those guidelines are contestable ime, and I'll be addressing them in due course. I'm typing this in between stretching for the previously mentioned reason. Stretch whenever you like, but without a warmup you will want to go slower.

File: 1506541328276.jpg (395.58 KB, 2112x2112, 1503525318704 - Copy.jpg)

f1dc9 No.502[Reply]

I feel like I'm constantly waiting for some kind of confirmation that the dead fandoms I'm in are still alive, there's still hope for them, and I won't just be wasting time by continuing to make the fanfics I have planned and have already written around a tenth of. And yet, every time I go looking for a sign that MLP has a future or Pokemon gives a shit about writing or original fiction might be a good venture right about now even though nobody currently knows my name, I see shit, then I'm slapped by some smug cunt in those fandoms for not "Just dealing with it", which is jewspeak for "Just accept life is shit, stop thinking about it, and make dumb decisions in the moment. If pointless grinding work is even slightly enjoyable for you, you should do it regardless of any potential reward, because I want to consume your fanfic for free".

I'm getting old, I can't just throw however many hours of my NEET life it would take me to make a Fallout mod/MLP fic/Fallout Equestria fic/some anime fic/that pokemon fic I planned out when I was 14/Persona 6 fanfic, not if there won't be any benefit to me. Not when I could spend that time exercising or going on walks or doing whatever the fuck people are supposed to do when they reach my age. Call me "Infected with the money-worship meme" for that if you want, I'm being honest here. This board is for self-improvement, not lying about what I am inside: A hungry greedy smart lonely cunt that grew up poor and needs more.
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4470e No.571

File: 1507231087296.jpg (131.69 KB, 2168x887, Lemons.jpg)

I always wanted to be a sniper, but I cut my pointing finger in half sideways when I was 16, lost movement on it for three months, now I don't really feel it but I can move it, if I press too hard it starts to hurt badly.
I am also born with a tiny hearth problem that no one knows about so it's really hard to train cardio.
Yet I am here, doing my best to improve, i even made it first on a shooting competition I went to.
You just need to give it some time anon, your leg will heal and you will be able to play well, all you need to do is be patient and train!

fe103 No.576

My dream was to move out and get away from my parents. I succeeded on that front.

Anyway, back to MLP… I'd told myself I needed to finish my fanfic's current chapter by Oct 6th, because that's when the MLP Movie airs in America.

I failed. But along the way, I created multiple pieces of art, wrote chapters for other stuff, made a Fallout 4 mod that would bleed downloads and endorsements out the ass if I uploaded it, and I planned out a bunch of characters for my Fallout Equestria fic.

What does this mean?

fe103 No.577

Fuck, that sounded wrong. I meant to say I succeeded on the "Move away from my parents" front, but I haven't really succeeded on the "Find meaning in life" or "Become a famous writer" or "Become a game developer" dreams.

fe103 No.581

I'm bumping this thread and I want survivors.

4977c No.604

I was banned from a Persona 5 fansite for admitting I liked Donald Trump in a thread bashing him.

Damn, I was looking forward to trying to get into that fandom while it was still new. I'd still be a brony at heart, but it'd be interesting to see if I could shape or influence that new fandom in any way.

File: 1506555624321.jpg (14.26 KB, 194x195, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

526b1 No.527[Reply]


Something IRL fucked me up for a long time, I forced myself to make these shitposts as rehab and to build up my confidence as a writer and someone that exists. What do I do now?

526b1 No.528

If… you often suspected that people only exist when directly observed, how would you prove to yourself that people are real, and prove to others that you are real?

File: 1506144418225.gif (2.11 MB, 849x385, full.gif)

26eed No.482[Reply]

26eed No.483

File: 1506144500711-0.jpg (2.47 MB, 4063x6657, 1506098266733.jpg)

File: 1506144500711-1.jpg (2.83 MB, 4063x6565, 1506098331743.jpg)

f9528 No.487

File: 1506288718037.gif (203.08 KB, 362x360, 1480294573440.gif)

File: 1505786656924.png (591.18 KB, 999x999, 1492651835135.png)

ac512 No.455[Reply]

I'm 26 and I literally haven't been able to do a fucking thing with my life yet. Where do I even start at this point?

a7b5c No.456

File: 1505786839922.jpg (120.87 KB, 540x960, JP.jpg)

U should check the catalog anon.

7ec55 No.457

Start by getting a job, and saving up for a house.

bc08e No.458

File: 1505790010839.jpg (290.29 KB, 1280x534, 1497729207556-1.jpg)

Well op, i might as well share a secret with you, life has no meaning, you have to give life a purpose.
If you are writing this thread i will just assume you do nothing but waste time all day.
Just stop doing it man, create an objective and a plan to get to that objective, then execute and adapt to unexpected things.

ab1d2 No.459

It's ok Anon there is still hope just follow the following steps and you will be set!

1 start a routine every morning set an alarm every morning at the same time every day. Once you get up make your bed as soon as that's done brush your teeth, after that go for a jog, walk, or swim for an hour get a nice morning workout for 1 hour. Now that you are done with your workout eat breakfast. Congrats you now have some type of order in your life it sounds crazy but chances are your life is a little on the disorganized side and as for the workout a healthy body and a healthy mind are important it's like yin and yang.

2 Now that you have your morning routine set you NEED TO FIND A JOB. Start small, walmart, Burger King, etc. You have a job WOOT WOOT congrats you are now an adult! Work there for 6 months then go to a credit union get a TINY credit card about 100-200 bucks. Right now your credit score is probably 0 meaning no one BUT a credit union will give you a card. Now with a 0 they will want you to do a money backed account yes this sucks because that 100 dollar credit card requires you to pay 150 upfront. YES you are getting semi fucked over but suck it up buttercup that is part of dealing with banks. So you have a credit card shiny pretty plastic! Now to teach you about credit. Credit is a sad sad thing that is needed to survive in this world sadly so you need to be smart with it. So that 100 dollar credit card go CRAZY get something worth A WHOLE 100 DOLLARS! So now you officially HAVE DEBT! Yes this is great and sucks all at once, so now make ONLY minimum payments on this card and do not touch it or spend ANY on it until you have it payed off. I know this sounds weird the reason for it is to get that score it should take about 1 year to pay off this card after this card is paid off you should have a credit score of ~735 a VERY good credit score that will be a fantastic start for you! Do this EVERY year until you reach step 4 AND DO NOT GET MORE CREDIT CARDS!

3 Now go down to your local community college and poke around at degrees. Find one you find interesting get your idea set and then GO HOME AND STUDY. You have 1 year to study, save up let's say 3000 bucks and then go to school. Now you may ask "What do I study" You want to test out of your writing, math and English classes so study what you forgot in HS. So crack open your basic algebrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ac512 No.471

This is very thorough and I appreciate it, anon. I really just wanna move out though. I was told I'd need FOUR remedial math classes to be accepted at any college.

The only thing I have are some technical school certificates of completion (and a driver's license I guess) but everything I learned there is surely outdated by now.

And you prolly didn't want my life story but I do walk every morning (usually) so that's something I guess.

File: 1505845774892.jpg (29.04 KB, 200x200, 1503405989156.jpg)

1d9ba No.460[Reply]

I feel like i'm constantly looking at my to do list for fanfics I have yet to write and waiting for some kind of sign that says "Do this one first!".

I want to write fanfics, but the fandoms i've got fics planned for are dead. the only not-dead one is Persona 5, which is currently in a "Passing fad" phase. Whenever I check up on a fandom to see how it's doing, it looks even worse and even less appetizing than the last time I checked.

i've got pages of planned chapters and notes for mlp fanfics I have no reason to write because the fandom's dead and dying and the only ones left seem to be the hasdrone assholes that attack critics for wrongthink.

7 years have passed since MLP started, and most of my future plans hinged on MLP not dying and becoming crap, AND the fanbase not becoming so pro-hasdrone and anti-critic the dissatisfied leave instead of staying and making fanart or fanfics or whatever. But I'm not here to talk about just the MLP fandom.

I need advice.

56cb8 No.461

>I need advice
It's kind of hard telling, without seeing what you've written first.
Care to give any examples?

1d9ba No.463

Barely anything. I was homeless for a while, and when I got a home, I was computerless and phoneless for a while. I once wrote 50,000 words of OC MLP fanfic, then restarted it quietly when I realized writing problems I needed to fix. Around 17,000 words are currently uploaded, in the form of one chapter. Chapter 2 is 80% done, I can't decide how a certain "OC meets Twilight and the others at his welcome party, but only really talks to twilight" scene should be written.

1d9ba No.465

The fanfics I have planned:

OC MLP fanfic

Persona 6

Pokemon adventurefic in an original region with over 150 fakemon planned

HiE parody

b1817 No.467

File: 1505849239829.png (62.98 KB, 509x812, 1488602398107.png)

File: 1504103405534.png (157.35 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

6b8a2 No.185[Reply]

Are you using the shooting range sugarcube?
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0e18d No.433

File: 1505507726196-0.png (847.12 KB, 880x1250, 591913__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Good job, Anon!

fddb8 No.434

Nicely done, armanon!

2dba4 No.462

I live in the UK, where guns are illegal. We don't have shooting ranges, and if we did, they wouldn't be out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, where I live.

Anyone know where I can get a "DIY Tool" I could use as a gun in case of home invasion or apocalypse? I remember seeing a thread once on /pol/ where nailguns and nerf guns with spikes through the foam were discussed.

0e18d No.464

Get a crikit bat.

39ffb No.466

Get this thing
Or this one

They're not firearms but they are surely effective.
Of course one is a pepper spray pistol and the other one can probably kill a deer..

File: 1505773583546.png (1.87 MB, 1000x1931, 1447449931692.png)

ca53e No.452[Reply]

here from /vx/ thought you goys would appreciate this

da70e No.453

>here from /vx/
You know you're welcome to post on other boards, right Anon?

ca53e No.454

File: 1505775774520.gif (154.98 KB, 389x500, 1493743714660.gif)

no, i didnt

File: 1504461091021.gif (368.67 KB, 500x281, 1484699273705.gif)

c6048 No.242[Reply]

How to quit being a humongous colossial faggot?
18 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5cda8 No.411

Ah I see you are slowly making progress, that's good.
Do not worry about right and wrong, you are working too much about everyone else, there is no right nor wrong.
Just keep doing what you love and working out, don't forget to have good habits like washing your teeth two times a day.
You will look good and people will notice, it's hard to get out of the hole but you can op, we can all make it!

c6048 No.412

File: 1505246870860-0.jpg (74.75 KB, 600x654, 1486497582111.jpg)

File: 1505246870860-1.png (83.88 KB, 480x270, comedian.png)

>Do not worry about right and wrong
I don't think I can live by that.
Right and wrong is the very reason we are here, is it not?
Sure, right and wrong are faulty concepts but still…

>Just keep doing what you love

Love is something weird. I think it is just escapism for me.

87ff8 No.413

File: 1505249760903.png (454.3 KB, 697x360, 1488439110765.png)

57bff No.414

Morality is a ruse.
There is no such thing.
Morals are just a sidestep from what is really important, (to us as humans) doing whatever is best for us to continue as a species for as long as possible.

Life is a shitty ride that nobody asked to get on, but you might as well enjoy it if you're already here.

f4eb5 No.415

File: 1505258417045.png (443.61 KB, 1366x768, glorious glorious dirty di….png)

>there is no right or wrong, only power
That deserves a (You)

File: 1504932749346.png (91.58 KB, 236x215, ddds.png)

6c062 No.341[Reply]

Should I take pills, sweep it under the rug, whats the answer in your opinion.
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d1a57 No.381

From experience it will always follow you drugs don't do much to help, just face it head on, work on your life and strive to be better off so you are not depressed

7e50d No.382

I've been trying to deal with it for 13 years now. Nothing seems to work for me, I've lost interest in things, "friends" decided it was to much for them to deal with. mlpol brought me my first smile in years and I'm not sure if that's bad or good tbh.

3cff2 No.383

I think you ought to stop taking yourself so seriously. Not in that you start treating yourself or life as some sort of joke, but look to something far greater than yourself. Commit to an ideal, then work towards it. Learn that struggle is universal and a rule of nature. Everything is in competition, so you must transcend above the rest in order to compete.

62fe9 No.386

Raise the shield of not giving a fuck

43e7b No.397

This is pretty good advice.
>Commit to an ideal
This cured my depression when I was younger, I started with small goals, things I wanted to accomplish in a certain period of time and I worked everyday to get.
First thing I wanted was when I was 16, I looked at my parents and told them I was going to move out when I was 18.
So I did, when I made 18 I moved out, I was homeless for a time so I wanted to find a job, I was jumping from house to house, sometimes staying one or two days at friends houses or at abandoned buildings.
But then, one year later, when I was 19 I got a job and a place to live (with some other people but still it's not the street)
And now I'm working into paying some bills and getting an apartment, I was so concerned and so occupied I had no time to let depression get me.
Some days where sad, yes, but after you make it to that objective you want, it's magical.
It's been a while since I did those things but depression is not a concern anymore.

Try to be dating op, it's all or nothing, worst thing you die and that's it.

File: 1505165938929.png (10.43 KB, 253x589, With luv from firefox.png)

e51dd No.390[Reply]

Are you organized, anon?
If not, why don't you start right now, its fun.

c9508 No.391

File: 1505167598860-0.png (73.74 KB, 636x877, explorer_2017-09-11_18-04-….png)

File: 1505167598860-1.png (14.11 KB, 479x190, explorer_2017-09-11_18-05-….png)

In some things, yes.
Mostly just my porn and music folders.

25656 No.393

Aside from my backups of my critical files, my computer isn't very organized. I rely pretty heavily on keyword searches.

I try to be organized in meat-space though.

6076b No.394

File: 1505202437667.jpg (666.71 KB, 1724x924, 23421523532.jpg)

My meme-folder is one big clusterfuck of /sg/ OCs, pepes, ponies, terrorist hunt pictures and all this stuff. And pic rel is not even 15% of it.
I guess I should clean it up

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