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Becoming better
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File: 1503972797717.png (77.78 KB, 1200x1360, 1497719908961.png)

6f2db No.118[Reply]

Did you go to the gym today anon?
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e4803 No.123

>benched 315 3x today
Who Chas her?

1eb13 No.161

Grats on benching 1.1x your bodyweight, Chas.

9b17e No.169

No im an anhedonic loser please help

aff1c No.174

Start with getting up and going for a walk. Start with half a mile if you have to and add a quarter of a mile every day. Once you get up to two miles, swap out for jogging. Build your endurance, it becomes easier.

80dcb No.175

No but I did hill sprints, pull ups and rope climbs. Im too autistic for gym.

File: 1503991166569.gif (706.97 KB, 500x393, 1497138731183-2.gif)

272fc No.154[Reply]

Whats your opinion on eating and drinking in front of PC? It seems logical to me as it saves you time where you entertain and satiate yourself at the same time. I just worry because it encourages watching series, anime, etc online.
I tried reading books or scriptures for school but to me, it seems harder to learn something while at the same time eating and drinking.

Does anyone else here do this? What do you feel about learning while eating and drinking?
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88690 No.157


I stay well away from anime for reasons that are obvious.

Well I guess most things are fine in moderation, including television shows and the like.

I think for fans of mlp like us there's always going to be that degenerate side normals won't understand, its our guilty pleasure.The best we can do is try not to be degenerate in other aspects of our life.

cf2ab No.166

I do this all the time, but I use a T.V tray. Don't want to get my desk all dirty or crumbs on my keyboard. I don't recommend doing this however. It's sloth-y and encourages quick meals instead of preparing something wholesome.

90a14 No.167

Fine in my book, just balance it
1 1k jog = 1 Competitive CS:GO match spent yelling at russians

272fc No.170

Gaming while eating isnt really as comfy compared to when you watch stuff.

This is what I worry about the most. For some reason I couldnt put it in proper words.

ef63f No.172

I usually eat at the table, I like this tradition we have of eating at the dinner room.

File: 1504023820012.jpg (85.92 KB, 1004x1024, 1503627030984.jpg)

7fb81 No.168[Reply]

I posted this b4, but heres a 8chan board dedicated to archiving various pieces of literature


Be proud of me

732a9 No.171

The fuck? We didnt make this board so lazyanon like you could just dump links here to another chan.

0 effort, your post is bad and you should feel bad.

File: 1502603018784.jpg (195.4 KB, 1920x1200, cool-background-colorful-e….jpg)

5989c No.7[Reply]

I have been thinking a lot, chatting with some people, reading many posts in Imageboards and forums about the current state of civilization, seeing celebrities becoming consumed by despair by their own wrongs in life, and there is a point where everything converges.

Fear of commitment.

That's the main trait of Millenials and a big part of the modern mindset. We are afraid of engaging in long-term investments of time and money, and prefer to invest in experiences instead: travelling instead buying real estate or lands; casual sex, video games and Netflix series instead a stable relationship with children; freelance jobs instead of a stable one; complete disregard in pension spendings, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, lifelong jobs are more and more of a rarity and people get hired and fired much more rapidly nowadays, everybody seems to be replaceable and people in their 40s have a much more hard time trying to find a job when they are caught in this circle.

I myself am afraid of most of these commitments, and in trying to become a better person am trying to spot the causes of those fears. Are they justified? Are they not? How much of these preconceptions are a meme, which of these are just idealism, which of these are just (((propaganda))) and which not?
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2e63a No.9

Imo to avoid working in one job for too long is smart thing to do. Striving for career advancement is good. Moving after better work and business opportunities is good.
It keeps you on your toes so you won't get complacent and if you get fired, you recover much quicker.
Thinking about it now, having understanding family, you can lead family life like this too. After all, Huns managed to take almost over the whole world. They were always on the move, elusive, no army could root them out for their roots were not static.

6d4ef No.10

File: 1502613555613.png (919.29 KB, 957x605, bee.png)

The internet has some kind of role in all of this, its fast and we spend a lot of time on it so we want everything to be as fast as the internet and we are screwing up our patience.
Remember YOLO?
Well we are the YOLO culture now, we don't plant a tree for our grand children to climb, we transplant a tree from Africa for 100.000$ to climb it ourselves until it dies two days later as the thing just doesn't adapt to the weather.
You see this kind of behavior everywhere, jobs, cars, houses, cellphones, clothes..
We have become such a consumerist society everything is expendable, even people.

That is why people change jobs so often, don't have the money? need more? Get a credit.
Oh you already pay like 75% of your salary in debts since you took too much credits? Get a better job, or two jobs, no one has loyalty anyways since its YOLO and we are a bunch of selfish mercenaries.

Indeed everything is quite wrong. But oh well maybe the next generations will realize the errors of those behind them, i hope so at least.
In the meanwhile we should do our best to plan ahead and redpill at least a medium sized group of people so we can secure the existence of that next generation.

4c3e7 No.11

File: 1502617128850.gif (678.16 KB, 250x240, thumb.gif)

Generation Z is both on a exceptional course to fix things and an unexceptional course. They too like the millennials (during the great recession) will have to be tested of their mettle.

b9a38 No.12

A big part of growing up is realizing it's not either or. You can pick and choose commitments or the "modern mindset path" for anything. Neither one of these paths are "right" and neither one is better. But they are yours to pick. Personally I chose a commitment path, I built up the life but here I am in my mid twenties, absolutely bored out of my mind living life like a literal 55 year old. I'm strong and young and should be exploring the world and building experiences instead I've stunted myself by building a safe space.

There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

42328 No.117

I sometimes feel like I pocrastinate because I want one of the fandoms I'm in to fully die so I can focus on the others. I feel like I spread myself too thin, but I can't give up all the things I want to create or the work I've already put into each thing.

File: 1503887131241.jpg (89.23 KB, 1247x1024, hamplanet.jpg)

0f1ba No.87[Reply]

A super nice how to guide, to how I lost 25 LBS in 2 months without "Dieting". This guide will give you tools and understanding on how fat works to get your body to the next level.

>1 Find out your TDEE and learn how fat works

Check online for a TDEE calculator also find your body fat percentage using picture estimations or online Army calculators. Plop in Sedentary as your activity level and find your maintenance calories. These are the calories you need to eat to not go up or down in weight, if you go above, you will gain weight, if you go below you will lose it.

A lbs of fat is around 3500 calories. IF you're daily calories are -500 from your TDEE that's -3500cals a week. Meaning you'll lose a lbs a week. If you eat 750 excess cals a day thats 1.5lbs of weight gain a week.

>2 Autistically track calories

For the first bit, you need to track everything you eat and see how and what you put in your body affects you. Initially I just suggest tracking what you put in without changing anything. That way you can see where you're going and what foods are what calories. Are you above or below your TDEE? What things are you eating that lend to lots of calories. For me it was pepsi, I drank so much that I was bumping my daily calorie intake by 1500. This insight allowed me to change habits. Easy changes for big results. Autistic means autistic, add in butter, condiments, donuts, vitamin water whatever doesn't fucking matter everything. See how many calories a day.

>3 Start a calorie goal diet

This is really simple if you want to lose weight go below your calorie TDEE. When I started my TDEE was around 2200. When I went 500 calories lower down to 1700 I quickly started losing weight without too much change on my diet. In order to hit this I just had to swap over to diet drinks and cut french fries. I ate mostly fast food the whole time. But because I was lower than my TDEE I lost weight. Note this is just weight, doing this without working out is about 70% fat and 30% muscle loss. If you work out while you do this you must add a 0.7 grams of protein for every lbs of bodyweight and get proper rest, then your loss will be 96% fat 4% muscle.

>4 Optional - Breaking Food Habits

I was never an emotional or habitual eater. But this still helped me understand my relationship with food. For aboPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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0f1ba No.99

File: 1503900997913.jpg (21.26 KB, 500x272, Troy.jpg)

Muscle mass is a slightly different beast. So I'll drop some rules. Bulk is putting on muscle while gaining some fat, cut is losing fat while maintaining muscle.

The max muscle you can gain from lifting is 25lbs first year, 15lbs second year, 10lbs third year. Free of steroids of course. That means anything more than 2lbs of mass gained a month in the first year will mostly be fat, so you only need about 7500 bonus calories over the course of a month + whatever extra energy you use in the workouts. This is where gallon of milk a day on /fit/ is a meme, it just makes you fat. Musculature is almost entirely dependant on your bodyfat, If you're higher than 20% body fat it will make it insanely difficult to A) See results and B) your body will be more likely to turn excess calories to fat rather than muscle.

If you want a 6pack you have to get to 10% bodyfat, my personal suggestion is initially cut to 15% bodyfat, then bulk for a few (12?) weeks, then cut to 10%, and bulk and cut between 10-15%. You'll look good year round.

Second rep ranges adjust how your body reacts to weightlifting. Changing your reps and sets changes if you build mass, strength or endurance.
1-5 Reps: Strength
6-12 Reps: Hypertrophy
12+: Endurance
Meaning if you do 20 push ups or 100 sit ups you're not building muscle, likewise if you're doing starting strength you're barely building muscle. (Right on the edge) SS is also a meme if you want to build an asthetic muscular body.

Finally 0.7g-1g of protein per lbs of bodyweight every day. If you're 200lbs, that's 140g-200g of protein. Don't work out on consecutive days, don't work out the same muscle group more than once every 4. (This allows CNS to recover letting you lift more) Eat +400 calories to start each day, if you're gaining less than 0.6 lbs a week up it. More than 1 lbs drop calories a bit.

My personal workout cycle, focuses on looking damn sexy, while building useful strength (example Incline bench boosts punch strength more than reg bench). Also quick af in gym, 50 mins or so with some warm up. Gives you Brad Pitt Troy/Fight Club physique.
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e9418 No.104

File: 1503936950441.jpg (26.69 KB, 400x580, Reeves.jpg)

I dont really want to shit all over your post because you clearly put a lot of effort into it but more than half of what you said is complete broscience.

The amount of muscle you can put on in a year is limited only by your effort and genetics not some scientific study.

Rep ranges are complete meme and only thing that actually matters is the total workload you put your body throu.

SS is good for people who actually read the book and know that you arent supposed to run it for longer than 16 weeks and not a year like some retards do.

Fullbody routines have you work muscles every other day and they are more effective for natural lifters than brosplits (see pre-steroid bodybuilders from 50´s who only trained fullbody pic related), dont know where you got the information that you can work a muscle group only once every 4 days.

Going to the true 10% bodyfat range and below requires alot of effort and is unhealthy for natural lifters because their test production quickly starts to tank at that point.

Your routine is completly shit, there is no direct quad.hamstring or hipflexor work, you OHP on the same day as you Incline Bench, no rows to counteract internal rotation from benching. 3x12 two times a week on lateral raises is not gonna get you anywhere growth wise, no calf work, no facepulls and worst of all on some weeks you will work muscle groups like chest and shoulders only once a week which is very much sub-optimal.

And on a sidenote, if 2 compound and 2 isolation exercises take you 50 minutes then I feel sorry for you because I do triple this in hour and a half.

c1ed5 No.106

I assumed the chin/pull up would balance the bench. The lack of calves is to balance out the physique, deadlifts seem sufficient and a touch up period of squats once in a while will fix. Mainly ignoring for wardrobe considerations because calfs get freakish fast comparably. Im willing to adjust though. What's your hypertrophy routine?

e9418 No.108

File: 1503940991096.png (123.93 KB, 1366x768, Routine.png)

I took a basic fullbody routine and heavily modified it to fit my needs and strenght goals, couldnt workout and eat properly for a month because of work, so right now I am just trying to get used to the volume I did before summer.

I change up the exercises every few weeks so I cant give you the exact routine but pic related is what I did today which is on the higher side of reps.

3cff0 No.116

I started drinking protein shakes. First, I made it with milk. That burned through milk quickly, so I switched to water. It's almost as good. Powdery taste bothers me, but the knowledge that I'm almost unhealthily full of calories after a glass keeps me from snacking for the rest of the day.

File: 1503863064266.png (45.44 KB, 180x225, Toki.png)

004c1 No.55[Reply]

How do I fight the constant desire to kill myself and become less depressed?
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635e3 No.60

File: 1503863889924.png (782.87 KB, 803x536, bearmode.png)

Stop being a little bitch and start lifting

65fae No.61

You must kill yourself, then you will feel better.

109a5 No.63

look at dat thtupid ayethss driinkin ouwa miwk!

697df No.107

>Stop being a little bitch and start lifting
This worked for me. Also, to to get better sleep.

e07ad No.115

I speak from experience when I say squats and something meaningful in your life, even if it's only a shit fanfic you're still writing for no fucking reason other than stubbornness at this point.

File: 1503877433080.jpg (421.87 KB, 808x900, book_fitness.jpg)

31564 No.76[Reply]

Audiobooks are great since you can listen to them while you work out.
Let's talk about this then, what would you do listening to which book?

Make 9x9 of 9 exercises listening to mein Kampf
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1c62a No.103

You can read the whole Mein Kampf for free ion Jewtube.

556c6 No.105

Actually, a very large number of audiobooks are available for free. You can find many of them on youtube. Simply type in the name of the book you want with "aubiobook" and there is often a freely available audiobook version. This is more likely in the case of older books, as they are more often in the public domain. Also, you can download the free Librivox app on your phone, which has access to many thousands of free audiobooks. Here's a free audiobook on youtube: a Librivox recording of Anna Karenina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kjWJjtMwuQ

c0a8f No.112

are there any audiobooks of Diogenes or Aristotle's philosophy? where can I download or torrent some?

556c6 No.113

Diogenes thought writing and teaching of philosophy were pretentious, and so left no written works. The closest you're going to get is this chapter of "the Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers" by a different ancient philosopher named Diogenes, which covers the Cynical school of philosophy, including Diogenes of Sinope. Only 2 hours but by a kind of obnoxious foreign reader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwZ6KhOcpe4

Aristotle, however, has most of his corpus available on youtube in audiobook format, and can be found by typing "aristotle audiobook" into the search bar on Youtube. Please be aware also that Diogenes of Sinope and Aristotle have almost perfectly opposite philosophies: Aristotle though the pursuit of knowledge was noble and the political life both natural and noble, while Diogenes thought politics and metaphysics were unnatural and mere pretension.

Here is his Nichomachean Ethics in audiobook. It's a must read, but be forewarned that the reader for this book is insanely boring and kind of annoying. It may be worth looking for other readers. It is ten hours in a single recording. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=GQhZNy9nkDg&t=3s

Here is his Politics. It's a mere 8 hours in a single recording, and so pretty easy to complete. Be aware though that Aristotle believes politics to be only an extension of ethics, and so this book is intended as a sort of part two to his Nichomachean Ethics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3gVry2xoOE

Here's his Rhetoric. I've actually never read this work, and it's by the same boring reader as the Ethics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt6Ai0FNN70
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1c62a No.114

File: 1503951702484.jpg (1.05 MB, 1800x1322, diogenes the ubermensch.jpg)

>Diogenes thought writing and teaching of philosophy were pretentious, and so left no written works.
Oh Diogenes you awesome bastard..

File: 1503876417424.png (524.46 KB, 541x599, Rich.png)

aa537 No.74[Reply]

Thread to talk about fitness,health and all other /fit/ related topics.
For all begginer questions consult the sticky in a link below
Read everything inside before asking in this thread.

d2023 No.95

File: 1503896760310.png (1.78 MB, 2500x2500, bird and muscle man.png)


I know why this man died. He did not have enough neck muscle.

File: 1503863829455.png (506.89 KB, 1280x720, YEA!_S2E22.png)

2f926 No.59[Reply]

Fug sake, this post isn't automated

Whats your diet like?

Do you get exercise on a regular basis? What do you do?

8df07 No.65

File: 1503865490462.png (154.81 KB, 894x894, bait_aryanne_by_aryannehoo….png)

And I eat lots of carrots and fish

1a690 No.75

I eat a really varied diet, everything made at home, no processed stuff.
I used to walk ~30km on weekends and work out 3 times a week, basic stuff, 8km run, 20km walk, 50 pushups, 50 abs, ~7 bars..
I also do some pushups before going to bed, still feel I'm lacking so I may end up getting some weights and lift.
I need to get a new routine soon

5e397 No.80

I eat as clean as possible, no soda or junk. The only problem is that I have a really hard time eating enough because I feel full after a few bites. To compensate I eat often throughout the day.


I go to the gym every other day. Starting this week I'm going to increase it to two days on, one day off. I've done this for maybe 4 weeks now and I have seen pretty good results, but I started at auschwitz mode. I mainly work on chest, abs, arms, and back, and I do legs every other trip.
Lifting is key.
I've tried to get /fit/ a few times before, but I never did any serious lifting until now. It makes it so much easier to make progress.

File: 1503862864578.jpg (632.19 KB, 1464x1986, Nietzsche187a.jpg)

ed9aa No.54[Reply]

Ich besitze dieses Board jetzt, Untermenschen.

afe06 No.62

Tja, wird wieder zeit um Nietzsche zu lesen.

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