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ac512 No.455[Reply]

I'm 26 and I literally haven't been able to do a fucking thing with my life yet. Where do I even start at this point?

a7b5c No.456

File: 1505786839922.jpg (120.87 KB, 540x960, JP.jpg)

U should check the catalog anon.

7ec55 No.457

Start by getting a job, and saving up for a house.

bc08e No.458

File: 1505790010839.jpg (290.29 KB, 1280x534, 1497729207556-1.jpg)

Well op, i might as well share a secret with you, life has no meaning, you have to give life a purpose.
If you are writing this thread i will just assume you do nothing but waste time all day.
Just stop doing it man, create an objective and a plan to get to that objective, then execute and adapt to unexpected things.

ab1d2 No.459

It's ok Anon there is still hope just follow the following steps and you will be set!

1 start a routine every morning set an alarm every morning at the same time every day. Once you get up make your bed as soon as that's done brush your teeth, after that go for a jog, walk, or swim for an hour get a nice morning workout for 1 hour. Now that you are done with your workout eat breakfast. Congrats you now have some type of order in your life it sounds crazy but chances are your life is a little on the disorganized side and as for the workout a healthy body and a healthy mind are important it's like yin and yang.

2 Now that you have your morning routine set you NEED TO FIND A JOB. Start small, walmart, Burger King, etc. You have a job WOOT WOOT congrats you are now an adult! Work there for 6 months then go to a credit union get a TINY credit card about 100-200 bucks. Right now your credit score is probably 0 meaning no one BUT a credit union will give you a card. Now with a 0 they will want you to do a money backed account yes this sucks because that 100 dollar credit card requires you to pay 150 upfront. YES you are getting semi fucked over but suck it up buttercup that is part of dealing with banks. So you have a credit card shiny pretty plastic! Now to teach you about credit. Credit is a sad sad thing that is needed to survive in this world sadly so you need to be smart with it. So that 100 dollar credit card go CRAZY get something worth A WHOLE 100 DOLLARS! So now you officially HAVE DEBT! Yes this is great and sucks all at once, so now make ONLY minimum payments on this card and do not touch it or spend ANY on it until you have it payed off. I know this sounds weird the reason for it is to get that score it should take about 1 year to pay off this card after this card is paid off you should have a credit score of ~735 a VERY good credit score that will be a fantastic start for you! Do this EVERY year until you reach step 4 AND DO NOT GET MORE CREDIT CARDS!

3 Now go down to your local community college and poke around at degrees. Find one you find interesting get your idea set and then GO HOME AND STUDY. You have 1 year to study, save up let's say 3000 bucks and then go to school. Now you may ask "What do I study" You want to test out of your writing, math and English classes so study what you forgot in HS. So crack open your basic algebrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ac512 No.471

This is very thorough and I appreciate it, anon. I really just wanna move out though. I was told I'd need FOUR remedial math classes to be accepted at any college.

The only thing I have are some technical school certificates of completion (and a driver's license I guess) but everything I learned there is surely outdated by now.

And you prolly didn't want my life story but I do walk every morning (usually) so that's something I guess.

File: 1505845774892.jpg (29.04 KB, 200x200, 1503405989156.jpg)

1d9ba No.460[Reply]

I feel like i'm constantly looking at my to do list for fanfics I have yet to write and waiting for some kind of sign that says "Do this one first!".

I want to write fanfics, but the fandoms i've got fics planned for are dead. the only not-dead one is Persona 5, which is currently in a "Passing fad" phase. Whenever I check up on a fandom to see how it's doing, it looks even worse and even less appetizing than the last time I checked.

i've got pages of planned chapters and notes for mlp fanfics I have no reason to write because the fandom's dead and dying and the only ones left seem to be the hasdrone assholes that attack critics for wrongthink.

7 years have passed since MLP started, and most of my future plans hinged on MLP not dying and becoming crap, AND the fanbase not becoming so pro-hasdrone and anti-critic the dissatisfied leave instead of staying and making fanart or fanfics or whatever. But I'm not here to talk about just the MLP fandom.

I need advice.

56cb8 No.461

>I need advice
It's kind of hard telling, without seeing what you've written first.
Care to give any examples?

1d9ba No.463

Barely anything. I was homeless for a while, and when I got a home, I was computerless and phoneless for a while. I once wrote 50,000 words of OC MLP fanfic, then restarted it quietly when I realized writing problems I needed to fix. Around 17,000 words are currently uploaded, in the form of one chapter. Chapter 2 is 80% done, I can't decide how a certain "OC meets Twilight and the others at his welcome party, but only really talks to twilight" scene should be written.

1d9ba No.465

The fanfics I have planned:

OC MLP fanfic

Persona 6

Pokemon adventurefic in an original region with over 150 fakemon planned

HiE parody

b1817 No.467

File: 1505849239829.png (62.98 KB, 509x812, 1488602398107.png)

File: 1504103405534.png (157.35 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

6b8a2 No.185[Reply]

Are you using the shooting range sugarcube?
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0e18d No.433

File: 1505507726196-0.png (847.12 KB, 880x1250, 591913__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Good job, Anon!

fddb8 No.434

Nicely done, armanon!

2dba4 No.462

I live in the UK, where guns are illegal. We don't have shooting ranges, and if we did, they wouldn't be out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, where I live.

Anyone know where I can get a "DIY Tool" I could use as a gun in case of home invasion or apocalypse? I remember seeing a thread once on /pol/ where nailguns and nerf guns with spikes through the foam were discussed.

0e18d No.464

Get a crikit bat.

39ffb No.466

Get this thing
Or this one

They're not firearms but they are surely effective.
Of course one is a pepper spray pistol and the other one can probably kill a deer..

File: 1505773583546.png (1.87 MB, 1000x1931, 1447449931692.png)

ca53e No.452[Reply]

here from /vx/ thought you goys would appreciate this

da70e No.453

>here from /vx/
You know you're welcome to post on other boards, right Anon?

ca53e No.454

File: 1505775774520.gif (154.98 KB, 389x500, 1493743714660.gif)

no, i didnt

File: 1504461091021.gif (368.67 KB, 500x281, 1484699273705.gif)

c6048 No.242[Reply]

How to quit being a humongous colossial faggot?
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5cda8 No.411

Ah I see you are slowly making progress, that's good.
Do not worry about right and wrong, you are working too much about everyone else, there is no right nor wrong.
Just keep doing what you love and working out, don't forget to have good habits like washing your teeth two times a day.
You will look good and people will notice, it's hard to get out of the hole but you can op, we can all make it!

c6048 No.412

File: 1505246870860-0.jpg (74.75 KB, 600x654, 1486497582111.jpg)

File: 1505246870860-1.png (83.88 KB, 480x270, comedian.png)

>Do not worry about right and wrong
I don't think I can live by that.
Right and wrong is the very reason we are here, is it not?
Sure, right and wrong are faulty concepts but still…

>Just keep doing what you love

Love is something weird. I think it is just escapism for me.

87ff8 No.413

File: 1505249760903.png (454.3 KB, 697x360, 1488439110765.png)

57bff No.414

Morality is a ruse.
There is no such thing.
Morals are just a sidestep from what is really important, (to us as humans) doing whatever is best for us to continue as a species for as long as possible.

Life is a shitty ride that nobody asked to get on, but you might as well enjoy it if you're already here.

f4eb5 No.415

File: 1505258417045.png (443.61 KB, 1366x768, glorious glorious dirty di….png)

>there is no right or wrong, only power
That deserves a (You)

File: 1504932749346.png (91.58 KB, 236x215, ddds.png)

6c062 No.341[Reply]

Should I take pills, sweep it under the rug, whats the answer in your opinion.
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d1a57 No.381

From experience it will always follow you drugs don't do much to help, just face it head on, work on your life and strive to be better off so you are not depressed

7e50d No.382

I've been trying to deal with it for 13 years now. Nothing seems to work for me, I've lost interest in things, "friends" decided it was to much for them to deal with. mlpol brought me my first smile in years and I'm not sure if that's bad or good tbh.

3cff2 No.383

I think you ought to stop taking yourself so seriously. Not in that you start treating yourself or life as some sort of joke, but look to something far greater than yourself. Commit to an ideal, then work towards it. Learn that struggle is universal and a rule of nature. Everything is in competition, so you must transcend above the rest in order to compete.

62fe9 No.386

Raise the shield of not giving a fuck

43e7b No.397

This is pretty good advice.
>Commit to an ideal
This cured my depression when I was younger, I started with small goals, things I wanted to accomplish in a certain period of time and I worked everyday to get.
First thing I wanted was when I was 16, I looked at my parents and told them I was going to move out when I was 18.
So I did, when I made 18 I moved out, I was homeless for a time so I wanted to find a job, I was jumping from house to house, sometimes staying one or two days at friends houses or at abandoned buildings.
But then, one year later, when I was 19 I got a job and a place to live (with some other people but still it's not the street)
And now I'm working into paying some bills and getting an apartment, I was so concerned and so occupied I had no time to let depression get me.
Some days where sad, yes, but after you make it to that objective you want, it's magical.
It's been a while since I did those things but depression is not a concern anymore.

Try to be dating op, it's all or nothing, worst thing you die and that's it.

File: 1505165938929.png (10.43 KB, 253x589, With luv from firefox.png)

e51dd No.390[Reply]

Are you organized, anon?
If not, why don't you start right now, its fun.

c9508 No.391

File: 1505167598860-0.png (73.74 KB, 636x877, explorer_2017-09-11_18-04-….png)

File: 1505167598860-1.png (14.11 KB, 479x190, explorer_2017-09-11_18-05-….png)

In some things, yes.
Mostly just my porn and music folders.

25656 No.393

Aside from my backups of my critical files, my computer isn't very organized. I rely pretty heavily on keyword searches.

I try to be organized in meat-space though.

6076b No.394

File: 1505202437667.jpg (666.71 KB, 1724x924, 23421523532.jpg)

My meme-folder is one big clusterfuck of /sg/ OCs, pepes, ponies, terrorist hunt pictures and all this stuff. And pic rel is not even 15% of it.
I guess I should clean it up

File: 1504757977816-0.png (332.64 KB, 1000x1200, 7h30a5.png)

File: 1504757977816-1.png (367.86 KB, 1000x1200, t5rbs3.png)

File: 1504757977816-2.jpg (3.76 MB, 3900x5008, 5T2Jw3.jpg)

f3577 No.313[Reply]

It's better to be ready for anything and have nothing happen, then for something to happen you aren't ready for. Can we make our own guides like pics related that preps anons for surviving happenings? (riots/chimp outs, natural disasters, anarchy, WW3, etc.) it'd be good to have and if we make good quality stuff we can it'll get reposted with it saying /mlpol/ on it and stuff and that will help promote the site.

off the top of my head one thing that the innawoods guide gets wrong is you shouldn't have too many tools; instead of a knife, an axe, and a saw just get a machete with a saw blade on the back and you can use the leatherman for tasks that need a smaller knife. It'd also be nice if it addressed survival beyond living in the woods, like getting a gas mask with full NBC protection and maybe a geiger counter in case something happens with a nuclear plant nearby.

idk I'm not too knowledgeable about this kinda stuff, but that's exactly why I want something comprehensive for this
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f3577 No.324

File: 1504787710786.png (115.77 KB, 702x932, a(you).png)

sleep tight

91613 No.325

File: 1504796057505.png (31.81 KB, 278x283, visible concern.png)

To y'all procrastinators who still need to buy happening supplies, be on the look-out for price-gauging (illegal raising of prices during emergency times): if you see any kikes trying to exploit people, the state Attorney General would like to hear from you.

91613 No.326

Ah, wait, I thought this was the Irma thread..

f3577 No.327

wait anon could you provide a good general list of happening supplies?

91613 No.328

..Not really, but you'll be able to find a list of necessities for the hurricane on your local state/county website.
I still need to help my Mom move her shit…

File: 1504273922837.png (367.85 KB, 1280x853, 1480991416399.png)

6b05c No.223[Reply]


What is self improvement?
Why improve one self?
what does improvement even mean?

Bologically speaking we have two objectives:
Stay alive and pass on our genes preferably with a cute poner

philosophycally speaking the concept of überhengst has multiple definitions, from beating nihilism and slave mentality to just being "better" than your parents

So what to work on? What to improve?
It is said the only reason for our memories is to be prepared for the future.
The other approach is that if you want to understand where you are heading.
You need two points.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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15ce3 No.262


6b05c No.270

guess I gotta burn then

50ca1 No.272

File: 1504567703325.png (5.05 MB, 8192x4608, tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann….png)

6b05c No.273

File: 1504568948781.gif (848.18 KB, 500x281, 1465882759926.gif)

the only way to answer is a quote

"es soll gebrannte kinder geben die gefallen daran finden und sich nach den flammen sehnen"

05e11 No.299

This is exactly why Christianity and the Bible it's important.
It doesn't matter if you don't want to believe in God, all that matters is you understand the moral code of the Bible and why it existed for so many years.

File: 1504127771640.gif (472.91 KB, 1250x1024, 1487356150396.gif)

eccc5 No.190[Reply]

ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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915c4 No.236

>don't go pushing a knife
Pardon the bants, but I disagree; if someone threats on you you can't assume they AREN'T armed, and need to be handled as quickly as possible

c351d No.238

Thought I didn't have any advices other than "Don't be like me".

But after a few minutes I remebered something.

If you buy something, buy something good.

The 3 most important posessions of a man are a good bed, a good chair and good boots.

eccc5 No.241

File: 1504434788690.png (107.71 KB, 500x560, 1426792920422.png)

I dunno about that. I'm never willing to threaten something that I'm not willing to follow through. I guess it depends on who you are dealing with though. There are people out there who like to fight and talk shit and whatnot; go to bars and get belligerent and threaten to fuck people up and kill them and such. But, I'd never do such a thing, because I firmly believe that you should never bark if you aren't willing to bite. If you tell someone you are going to kill them, you better be ready to either kill or die. Furthermore, you should never bark if you don't have to. Don't pull a gun at a fistfight unless you have already decided to kill the opponent.

That said, if you are in an actual fight, NEVER play fair. If Tyronne decides he's gonna fuck you up (this would never happen, because niggers always run in packs), you do everything possible to kill him. You got a knife and you can use it effectively? Stab him. Cut his arteries. You have a gun? Shoot him three time center mass. Got a glass or a bottle? Smash his head. A brick? Same.

NEVER escalate if you don't have to, but once things kick off, NEVER stop short of ending it entirely. Existence is life or death. Remember that when someone threatens yours.

4719a No.289

Yo what float is that huntsmen?

df72c No.290

File: 1504622288676.jpg (143.2 KB, 665x665, styx with knife.jpg)


0,00 - 0,03

File: 1504545074169.jpg (200.02 KB, 1024x1024, 1503944130772.jpg)

aa225 No.249[Reply]

I've been trying to stretch, exercise, meditate, read, draw, and study everyday but I'm having trouble keeping up wit it, I lack a bit in terms of motivation and when I do have free time I tend to end up just wasting most of it. How do I make good habits and stick to them /ub/?

71961 No.255

>I'm having trouble keeping up wit it
The real answer is to"just do it", and stop ptting it off.
Try reserving designated time and sticking to your schedule religiously.

7bfc9 No.257

Well just manage your time and stick to it, remember that you do it for your own body.
Afther a while it's almost automatic, you just feel you need to do it and it comes naturally.
All you need is willpower anon!

37928 No.259

File: 1504551163299.png (134.67 KB, 841x950, rainbow_dash_snoring_by_he….png)

My big problem is that I still haven't gotten around to do any exercising hobbies so I get no excitement. My days are boooring!

File: 1504000415403-0.png (186.44 KB, 469x198, 1464660023434.png)

File: 1504000415403-1.png (578.19 KB, 1500x1300, 1502092866948.png)

File: 1504000415403-2.jpeg (3.72 MB, 3000x2700, 1504753.jpeg)

File: 1504000415403-3.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2512x1519, 1460041.jpeg)

7ab6a No.158[Reply]

How do I reconcile what is clearly a childish, deluded view on the matters of sex and love with the blatant truth?

Clearly there is nothing special about sex. It's just sort of a thing that people do because they enjoy it; like eating a fancy meal, or going out for a walk in the park. And it seems to me that, even as people extol the virtue of true love and this and that, the kind of love they are talking about is the kind of shallow, childish love that a woman feels for the cock that is fucking her– that is to say genuine in only that it is, at the moment, intense.

There is no woman in the world who is attractive enough to elicit sex who does not, at some point, become aware of the fact. But this does not make them evil or rotten. If you awoke tomorrow to find that you could go down to the bank and request $1,000,000, to which they would respond by cheerfully giving you the money, you would do so. And you would do so every day after. Anybody would. Likewise, there are very few sexually attractive men who will not seek out that gratification with as many women as possible. All animals seek out pleasure, and the human is no different. The woman now lives a life of frequent sex with as many attractive partners as she can. And once this promiscuity is established, it does not go away until the individual's sexual appeal no longer allows it. Why would it? So she could settle down and have a family instead of constantly being pleased? The result is, unfortunately, the modern woman. The girl who spends her youth a faithless slut, and then desperately tries to whore out her aging body to some man that he might care for her, shamelessly trying to use another to satisfy her urges and desires once again, though this time that desire be a baby rather than just an orgasm. And of course there is the woman who marries in order to secure her existence, and then continues to pursue sex outside of marriage to the determent of her husband and his complete disregard.

That leaves few openings for anybody to ever find the "true love" that is peddled onto the masses of children, even as they are over-sexualized in the same breath. The best way is to find love young. If you, as a man, can form a relationship with a woman before she discovers her power to raise dicks, the two of you have a reasonable chance of a happy, monogamous relationship– especially if your connection goes back to before puberty. Now obviously this is fairly rare, anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

5fe75 No.173

File: 1504034710072.jpg (94.98 KB, 600x900, 1503393687325.jpg)

I don't need a woman to cure my loneliness, I realized this after a few years of meditating on the matter.
I lost my feeling of loneliness when I got myself to objectively think why I feel lonely and what is loneliness.
Love is a thing but when we get into relationships we feel passion, so we fuck and get a child then we love our woman and child until he is big and since we are too old we stay together as a couple proud of our dear, waiting for death.
But the rules have changed and love is not a thing anymore, humanity is a dumb thing that just want to feel instant pleasure by always fucking whitout responsibility, we also lack the money and resources to raise a good child.
Women betraying their men is caused by a bug on their programming. Women is always searching for the best partner to raise their child, yet they don't realize this and just feel good fucking with dudes with power, whitout even knowing why it feels better; it's their body rewarding them for getting such a good catch.
If you deeply analize love and watch enough animal documentaries and read enough about how our body works you may realize it's stupid to be lonely, it's a primitive instinct we should control.

So to end the loneliness, i made myself believe I am too good for the women that surround me since im always improving while they lay stagnant.
I just try to improve myself everyday, learning, exercising, practicing..
It's sad i will not live a romantic life but well, whatever really.
Im considering raising a child by myself but I dont know how being raised with no mother may affect a child.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e28f9 No.228

File: 1504288825213.png (1.09 MB, 2041x1821, 942399__safe_oc_shipping_c….png)

I prefer to use both of these mindsets and swap them out as suits the situation. Why do you feel the need to be in a relationship so badly? Those who seek it obsessively tend to end up subservient to a cock-hungry or abusive woman. On the other hand, why chase away a unicorn if you happen upon one?

This "nothing special" mentality that plagues our society is merely the end result of decades of mental conditioning. The modern West is so enamoured with romance that it has abandoned the truth of love with commitment. Remember that the stories we see in porn and the media are gross perversions of reality fueled by unrealistic expectations. Love does not stem from physical affection, much as society might try to convince itself otherwise, and hence sex before commitment is an abomination. Do not be afraid to turn down women who demand it of you, and likewise do not demand it of your partner unless you know for certain that she is the one. Otherwise you run the risk of looking a hypocrite to yourself, your woman and your fellow man - the ones who understand what it is to love, anyway.

Remember to be polite to those you meet, but also never offer more of your respect or time to a woman than you feel they truly deserve. My heart tells me it is better to grow old alone than with a slag who will cheat on you and neglect your children.

d0e27 No.229

>I don't need a woman
You don't get a woman for yourself. You get one to produce the next generation of warriors for you race. Stop viewing things through the selfish lens of what YOU want and what makes YOU feel good, and start thinking about what is best for your people. Individualism is a fucking plague and you should do your best to avoid that mentality.

ec1ee No.230

I've answered this question elsewhere but I will say that if you feel lonely and don't have any good female prospects, adopt a dog. They will be a forever companion, they will take up part of your bed and (depending on the breed and general character) want to snuggle up. Also, women are attracted to men with dogs. It shows you are responsible and know how to lead.

9ffc2 No.231

Yeah Love is a strange and tricky thing. Most people just don't take it seriously anymore.

To be honest Sex is a deeper thing but most abuse it. Sex is supposed to be the ultimate state of love, it is the culmination of all the love of a relationship put into one act. Sex is supposed to be a state where a man and a woman express their full love for one another and combine mind, body and soul, the idea is you are combining your self together and your love together to create a new life that new life is the result of your love for one another and true affection for one another.

Sex is supposed to be one of the few acts that combine the wants and needs of the mind, soul and flesh into one but sadly MOST people nowadays just use it to please the flesh. The issue with this is the flesh it self is a VERY empty thing and most of the things that pleasure it are empty (alcohol, drugs etc) it is why many people nowadays get legit addicted to sex is they have allowed the flesh to hijack the act and as usual the weakness of the flesh pervert and hurt the mind and soul with it's weakness. (Not a virgin for the record)

For a man or woman to be balanced they must have a strong mind, a strong soul and strong body. Much like in Religion with the Holy Trinity it takes 3 parts to make a person and if EITHER part is missing it fails. Modern society is TOO focused on the body the wants of flesh and this is a HUGE party of what is wrong with the modern world people have allowed Love and God to die and are trying to run purely on the wants and pleasures of the flesh!

File: 1504207532027.png (650.14 KB, 1280x960, CollegeJew.png)

8904e No.208[Reply]

All of us here have started our journey to the red pill and learning the terrible corruption of our species as a whole, but how do we reach the people who have already been blue pilled so hard they refuse to even look at any red pills?
My sister has been brainwashed so hard by her college that she refuses to talk about anything that she even finds remotely offensive. How the fuck are you support to open their eyes if they refuse to even look in your direction any time you try to help them?
How do we undo all the damage that these colleges are doing?
How do we make people around us better in general? People refuse to believe they have a problem and will just ignore you if you bring anything up related to fixing their problems.

ITT: Discuss how to improve the lives of those around us.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

304a9 No.214

I just point out coincidence if they're too far gone. If they're right leaning, send them a decent youtuber or some light memes.

d8445 No.217

I'm in a similar boat. My brother told me recently (not verbatim) that jet fuel will melt steel beams (he said it'll ruin the temper, and then the honeycomb of structurally advanced engineering will THEN fall into its own footprint).

I offer them poor advice in life, so that they can die and not be a nuisance.

3fd75 No.218

But couldnt jet fuel reach heat high enough to BEND those steel beams? Anyhow, I guess that still wouldn't cause the building collapde the way it did.

8904e No.219

People can be saved, anon. She used to be fine, it was after she went to college that she got ruined. It's a hard path to cure brainwashing, but it can be done.
A good way to improve yourself is to improve your environment. Having happy healthy people surrounding you is a good way to become happy healthy yourself.
I do all the time and she will agree that it COULD be, but then she goes on to quote other sources which clearly have an agenda. When I point that out she always says something like "people aren't that malicious", which is of course bullshit.
Her mentality is that everyone has to be equal off and fairness has to exist for everyone. Even in the case where you can improve the lives of millions of people by denying the same rights to a small minority, she doesn't agree with it.
If some of us suffer, we all have to suffer.

e6e31 No.220

One thing we need to do is start forming communities and networking. The isolation from having the wrong kind of opinions can be very damaging.

File: 1503860169713.jpeg (225.1 KB, 1200x843, full.jpeg)

eefcf No.5[Reply]

Post working out horses
5 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b3d18 No.111

To all of you goys maining the Discords instead of the site, /fitlit/ could easily become an omnipresent meme on this board if one of you made a mascot OC for it.

aca4a No.163

File: 1504014408090.png (116.14 KB, 680x757, 1498516592229.png)

Rem Move could always fill that part since she is all about reading and getting in shape for removals and the future crusade tbh.

0e523 No.164

Good point.
Also, that pic really needs a horn.

aca4a No.165

File: 1504015654612.png (140.38 KB, 680x757, PicsArt_08-29-09.06.53.png)

fa697 No.184

Or, you know, you can work out op

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