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Becoming better
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File: 1566828227438.png (470.02 KB, 688x1042, 1815121__safe_edit_screenc….png)

db1f8 No.1727[Reply]

I feel like my anger is starting to hurt me instead of motivate me. Keep finding myself repeating those "Fucking leftists fucking jews grrrrrr fucking bastards" thoughts around in my head instead of thinking about anything worthwhile like how to improve myself or my indie dev career. One friend recommended guided meditation but I failed at it, I can't bring myself to relax if I can still hear someone else's voice while trying to relax.
Plus I'm still too unfit and untrained to successfully snap so I can't snap yet.
What do?
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ec872 No.1741

No like, patriotism is pride in your nation, it's history, it's people and everything, now what you described is white supremacy that Is not about the nation but the people, and only people of that race which will end up bringing some questions in the future most likely.
It Is good to be proud of your race and give it a priority, but dont Let your cause be only that.
>just a thought
Yeah, that would be ideal, to show off strenght without messing up the people.
Another way would be to use mainstream politics, but considering the media, it would be impossible since the narrative will be unlawful to the truth.
Hard to tell what exactly would work in this hypotethical scenario

c04cd No.1743

File: 1566896852672-0.jpg (467.54 KB, 720x2140, Honk Honk wiseness.jpg)

File: 1566896852672-1.webm (3.54 MB, 420x420, sdvzhvioshziohvd.webm)

Relax poner and enjoy the ride.
Honk Honk.

baaa8 No.1764

Thank you.

e99a1 No.1771

File: 1567080818144.png (Spoiler Image, 360.05 KB, 1107x523, butter master.png)

>id baaa8
you're Welshcum

baaa8 No.1776

lol speaking of farm animals…
Farm animals in Equestria can speak. Yet they're treated like animals anyway, herded like cattle and kept on farms. Are they like niggers, able to speak but not able to think, or are they just enslaved like niggers should be?

File: 1566925406819.jpg (175.69 KB, 1920x1080, 0177ad73e416ee6690a979df08….jpg)

9d81f No.1751[Reply]

What are some good plants to start growing? I want to have my own homestead someday, so I figure gardening would be a good way to learn to grow my own food.
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1a454 No.1767

File: 1567028142383.jpg (55.16 KB, 736x419, 1502998613671.jpg)

You can learn so fucking much too. The fucking rate at which beans grow and cling to the poles. Shit is bonkers.
It is not only the plants that grow, it is you.
Made my first experiences and now I want to plant some wheat, just like they did fucking 10000 years ago and I want to mill it and make my own fucking break from nothing but wheat and salt and water.
btw I love that primitive technology guy

1a454 No.1768

File: 1567028833556.jpg (130.85 KB, 900x1208, m10.jpg)

I have a theory.
So the chins have a certain nature to them (like the chaotic nature and the navigation) that basically makes these sites inaccessible to anyone with like IQ 90 or lower, which means that these sites tend towards the higher IQ spectrum.
The problem is that guys that often have the tendency to become lopsided. Like IQ is everything and you can solve everything with your intellect alone, but that is not the case. Getting out there, seeing, learning, fresh air and physical work is something people like that often lack.
Any thoughts on my theory?

439fb No.1769

That's faggot talk used by brainlets to make themselves feel better about not understanding anything, and used by jews to pat those brainlets on the head and say "It's okay, kids. Going out and seeing things and doing drugs makes you a more complete person than those miserable old smart assholes".

0a4ed No.1770

File: 1567079721815.jpg (36.57 KB, 313x475, 1565624020007.jpg)

Its important to train both the body and mind, anon.

1a454 No.1773

Doing some excercise is better than just shitposting non-stop. I am not arguing against intellectual stimulation but arguing against neglect of the physical self.

File: 1566926033312.png (42.76 KB, 384x400, best-paying-college-degree….png)

a2855 No.1755[Reply]

What are the best degrees or trades to go into?

3f617 No.1761

T. 25 y/o making 45k/year and buying a house this october with my gf. Planning on making white babies in four years once we're in a better position.

Following for career advice/thoughts on where to go from here.

3f617 No.1762

Should of included this in my previous post- Electrical or plumbing if you have the body to do it. I would go back in the trades but have bad arthritis.

With one of the above skills you have freedom of mobility and can start a business in many less saturated markets, and basically write your own ticket.

File: 1566922735692.jpg (8.04 KB, 284x177, energy gathering.jpg)

b09b7 No.1748[Reply]

I can feel it. Anons are slowly migrating to /mlpol/ and we'll soon have a small-medium sized community of ponyposters, this will be the new board of peace.

Do any of other ponies feel it?
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54220 No.1750

/ub/ is pretty much the self improvement board.

b09b7 No.1752

Checked. Thanks! Still exploring ponyland.

3e689 No.1754

Mint, clove and tomato.
Mint tea Is nice and mint keeps ants away, clove is the same.
Tomato is a basic plant, required little care and tastes delicious when home grown.

b09b7 No.1757

I'm quite optimistic about /mlpol/ and can't wait to contribute in a fashion that is beneficial to the ponies that browse here. I have a few nice /sig/ on my home laptop but no avail where I currently am.

Really like the feel and community here so far.

>>1754 I'll be growing next year. Planning on growing a shit ton of asparagus and tomatoes.

3e689 No.1759

Good luck anon, might your crops grow healthy and abundant.

File: 1514620245488.jpg (212.16 KB, 922x650, nootropics-that-improve-ga….jpg)

514c4 No.791[Reply]

What nootropics do you stack stack /ub/? I take 200 mg adrafinil 2 times a day and 200 mcg of semax.
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edb0f No.876

I want to know what happens when you take smart-ifying drugs with smarticle particles and LSD at the same time.

004f8 No.925

You are playing Russian roulette with your genes every time you inhale.

c0041 No.926

Smoking is degenerate.

efced No.976

Smoking tobacco should be banned worldwide. It's a jewish psyop pushed on white people and their kids using media and TV.

9ed24 No.1756

Two years late but love the thread. I routinely use nicotine lozenges for a good boost when needed. Really wouldn't recommend habiutal use because of diminishing returns but it's a great boost for memory/cognitive function.

I typically use Equate brand krill oil, and take lion's mane mushroom dual extracted from noomadics. Krill oil helps my mood, lozenges help with motivation/cognition a bit and lion's mane helps with nerve growth factor.

Another small redpill on cognition are programs like DualnBack.

File: 1565366805236.mp4 (15.79 MB, 488x360, huey lewis and the news hi….mp4)

3e3be No.1648[Reply]

hey /Üb/ i wanted some advice on what else i can do as a way to improve mental health i already do workouts with a bar and some pl8's, watching what i'm eating, go horse riding and go chill out with the horses.
but despite all this i still feel like i'm looking for more, i don't know should i change my workout routine? or should i try something new?
you're advice?
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3e3be No.1673

File: 1565961222464.jpg (122.71 KB, 550x558, Breivik-Smokey.jpg)

>the occult
this is something i have done research into and i find it interesting but i don't want to mess with it due to obvious reasons
but thanks for trying to help me anons i think it'll be better if i figure this out on my own

b3bff No.1674

>or should i try something new?
Start dreaming big dreams, and find ways to achieve those dreams. Once you start doing that, only God can stop you.

9c9cb No.1675

I'm not denying the effectiveness of hypnosis and conditioningotherwise why would the government use it but I must caution you on the occult and esotericism in general. Because it involves taking the illogical and temporarily substituting it in place of your own logic, it's easy to fall down a number of dark paths, any of which could lead to the cultish and degenerate behavior of the (((elites))).

I recommend instead to pursue its opposite, exotericism, which is the pursuance of absolute truth and universal wisdom. It's possible, if you try, to find wisdom and lessons ("redpills") in everything and as life involves the accumulation of knowledge you can become strongly grounded in reality.

de122 No.1720

>talking with people is a waste of time most people don't understand philosophical thinking and i am not good with convincing people or am i good with my overall charisma
I think I know how this feels and more often than not I have a hard time with this but I have come to see that people can be a well of information know how to listen.

3e3be No.1721

File: 1566774264366.jpg (122.07 KB, 406x512, nosurrender.jpg)

>I have come to see that people can be a well of information
talking with people young and old is like playing the same game with different endings first you go through the basics when meeting them then you tell them about yourself and they tell you about what they did through the week this continues for a while then depending on who you are talking to you start talking more about yourself and they start talking more about themselves this continues for a bit then you talk about different things then you start talking about politics or about different races or they say they don't want to listen to politics and either they stop talking to you then and there or you continue talking about random boring shit until you get bored and then you start talking with them less and less because of how repetitive it is and then at this point you talk with them maybe twice a month then eventually you just drift apart and never see them again

no one fully understands what is going on around them because of how fixated they are on themselves so they have no higher understanding of the world, the only people that ever come close to this irl are boomers i believe it is sometimes interesting to hear a boomers political view but most of the time it is a very defeatist political view and they have no understanding of the modern world they are living in because they say they don't care as long as they are happy which makes it obvious how selfish they are

the reason why i can't stand making friends is because they have nothing which makes them more interesting then the other person behind them maybe if you try hard enough you'll find someone based but that would require years of exploration and going in and out of hobby's
also the reason i'm not interested in finding any girls is because every single father i have met either says the women hates him or he's fed up, and because there is no real based women anywhere in my country they are all either hard leftists dating muslims or blacks with half white mutts or the women cares not for anyone but herself and is either a "strong independent mother" or is a pure failure of a women and refuses to have children

ranting a bit here but even the place i go to ride horses i see muslims and they're family's of 2-6 brothers and sisters which i haven't seen a white family have in yearPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1562948513145.png (1.32 MB, 2100x2100, happySnow!.png)

0c40a No.1566[Reply]

First off, I want to say thank you /ub/ for all the encouragement you gave me in my last post. I'd link that shit but I'm a newfag. It was Sixth Sense. I've gotten better I'm only fapping once every 3 days instead of twice every day. I feel like a new man! So thanks guys!

But on the more pressing matters, I had a small fling with this chubby girl nothing serious I've never had sex with her anything. I like her but I like her as a friend. Nothing more. I've been wanting to work up the courage to try and find an actual girlfriend for myself, the very least make a new friend. When I was at the store, there was this girl I was smoking a cigarette and she recognized me from high school. She told me that when she first moved down here I had talked with her kind of helped her open up and get to know people and she thanked me for it. I was kind of embarrassed and caught on the spot and general autism kicked in cuz I couldn't remember her and I'm not good with talking with people especially girls. The more I thought about it, I'd like to get to know her. I don't know if she has a boyfriend girlfriend or whatever the fuck people have nowadays. I just know I kind of have a crush on the girl and wanted to know if any of you could you know help me again?
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6939d No.1585

Guess it true. Nice guys finish last…

6939d No.1586

Of all the post this sticks with me the most.

b8144 No.1619

File: 1564138361508.mp4 (7.63 MB, 854x480, Russian Man Drops Red-pill….mp4)

And after you know better about women, the following video will nail it, no doubts.

b8144 No.1682

File: 1566248025153.mp4 (31.63 MB, 640x360, Hacking Hypergamy.mp4)

Yup. But that is the nigger's way.

I found a video describing the Whites' way, scientifically explained.
>Hacking Hypergamy

b8144 No.1687

File: 1566300457404.mp4 (9.83 MB, 854x480, Retro - Women Are Incapabl….mp4)

A complementary video.
>Women Are Incapable Of Love

File: 1566175536098.png (775.07 KB, 1688x2048, 2102903__safe_artist-colon….png)

4dde4 No.1678[Reply]

I've started taking sleep seriously and have actively began trying to get 8 hours of sleep per night while waking up at 7-8AMish, rather than staying up reading/gaming/watching anime until 2-4AM then sleeping until 11AM or later.
But I feel like getting more sleep isn't making a difference and losing that time sleeping is hurting my efficiency.
Will getting 8 hours of sleep per night actually benefit me and my life?
How damaging is it to skip the occasional night of sleep and just stay awake for 48ish hours before going to sleep the next night?
Through naps and sleeping in late the next day, is it possible to "Catch up" on sleep you missed earlier on?
Would skipping sleep every one designated day per week fuck me up or give my body time to recover from that sleepless night and get ready for the next one?

bfd1c No.1680

Short, and sweet.
Consistent sleep is better.
Unless you can sleep whenever you feel like it all the time. This is the most superior choice, but if you need to be anywhere by a certain time this won't work.

Go to bed at the same time everyday, wake up around the same time.

Longer times for sleep does have an impact, but has decreasing returns. Sometimes making you feel worse.

Naps… are sorta different.

But you can't catch up on sleep.

So sleeping wrong doesn't always impact the day you missed it, but it tends to impact the day after.

Resuming habitual sleep patterns is good for recovering from lost sleep.

e6ff1 No.1685

Understood. Will resume usual consistent sleep schedule.

File: 1507397096321.gif (238.75 KB, 1200x1462, body-language_03.gif)

e66d4 No.578[Reply]

Body and facial language analysis is a most useful and under-represented/reported facet of human behavior. The show "Lie To Me" based on the work of Paul Ekman brought this topic a little bit of traction, but I've recently stumbled across a Youtube channel which very deliberately and surgically analyzes body language and facial cues in a manner that is relatively easy to interpret, learn, and develop an understanding of.
>inb4 e-celeb
This channel does not apparently feature the orator in any way that I've seen, the videos focus solely on various subjects both mainstream and not, and desu serves as a useful resource for anons wishing to learn more about the subject.
I'm sharing it on /ub/ cuz I feel that the subject in general deserves more notice for its viability, as well as to (hopefully) provide an entertaining venue for anons to become maybe a bit more savvy.
The channel is called Bombard's Body Language: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXG8i4PE6-mxh52nFKwMkcg/featured

This thread is therefore geared toward the discussion of body and facial language interpretation, encouraging a sharing of resources to develop an individual's ability to perceive beyond simply 'what people say'.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

107ca No.580

I hope you like it. There are several analyses of Hillary Clinton which are quite revealing, assuming anons aren't aware of her sociopathic nature, and that's just one example.
Sociopaths in particular are some of the most useful case studies for body language, as can have the greatest potential for deliberate and masked (as much as possible, often training themselves) duplicity. It is my experience and opinion that identifying sociopaths is an important skill in navigating and progressing through life and society.

27e96 No.582

b7394 No.1660

File: 1565705995173.jpg (38.62 KB, 600x468, 1565627489011.jpg)

Anon, are you still drunk?

10e2c No.1665


0343f No.1667

I didnt want to tell you, but you might have a problem, boy

File: 1557022366987.png (753.23 KB, 1280x720, 51B0536B-3CAB-4375-819C-FF….png)

8450a No.1389[Reply]

I’m a fat fuck. Not obese, but certainly overweight and underdeveloped. Have been for a couple of years now. I’ve got about three and a half months until I go off to university, and for reasons I can’t explain, a couple days ago I stopped not caring, and felt this burn to at least be headed in the right direction by time I’m out on my own.

I live in the middle of nowhere, no gyms around.

I’m finally ready to actually work to improve, but don’t know where to start. Any general tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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f7a2c No.1618

What, is this a Ligma joke? Is "Heavy cream" horse semen? I don't know shit about food and it's not like jewgling it will get me reliable answers!

14202 No.1627

Fuck anons, heavy cream is what they make whipped cream out of. If you whip it too much, you make butter. It's a bunch of fat with a little protein but very little sugar. It's not code for anything.

The question was:
>Would replacing yoghurt with Rice Pudding be healthier?

And the answer is fuck no. And I don't eat fat-free yogurt. It's like asking this question:
>Would replacing yogurt with a stick of butter be healthier?

No. No it would not be healthier. If you can get some low sugar yogurt, or make your own, it's about as healthy as you can get aside from a salad with some meat on top.

Pictures of heavy cream:

965bc No.1628

>doesn't get heavy cream

286ec No.1629

File: 1564701177710.pdf (44.65 MB, You Are Your Own Gym - The….pdf)

ea0ee No.1630

File: 1564733573104.webm (7.92 MB, 459x320, arnold_inspiration.webm)

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6 Rules To Success.

File: 1555447483849.jpg (29.91 KB, 930x620, syringeampule02-930x620.jpg)

3cbbc No.1381[Reply]

What are some legal designer steroids or good alternatives to steroids? And where can I find them?
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

17414 No.1383

SARMS (ostarine and LGD) are an option, but I think they might be illegal now in the US. You would have to check if the bill passed, they were talking about it in congress. SARMS aren't terribly effective anyway and tank your natural T, so you feel like shit after a few weeks. They are also more expensive than gear.

>Frankenstein drugs in a NatSoc board.
Uh, good to know your history anon. The germans would use meth for their solders, and if steroids were available at the time, you better believe they would have used them. Steroids are for your betterment, though, like anything good, they can be used to excess and become your downfall.

f1d0c No.1457

Do they make your balls shrink? (not op)

53dfa No.1516

That really depends on where you are now. Before considering injecting, you need to get your testosterone tested. From there, you have a baseline.

My baseline was low. Doc put me on clomid. Balls grew quite a bit. Clomid stopped working after two years. Went on TRT, balls did shrink, but I wouldn't say it's noticeable except to me. If you want to retain fertility (I'm done having kids) you need to be on a low dose of HCG.

I haven't gone super high level, but just going from bottom of range to top of range is life changing. Aside from the physical, the confidence boost is incredible. I solve problems now effortlessly. A problem comes up, I think about it, the answer becomes clear, I take action, done.

87a41 No.1623

Anyone know anything about peptide doping or gene doping?

3e017 No.1626

We aren't there yet. Steroids are much more known quantity.

File: 1545588312695.gif (51.42 KB, 519x543, mlfw689_35346 - animated d….gif)

2ab6f No.1241[Reply]

Returning tomorrow and continuing every Monday evening will feature a stream pertaining to philosophy, strategy, psychology, and critical thinking.
Frequently featured orators are Jordan Peterson, Simon Sinek, Sam Harris, and others. The purpose is to take time at the beginning of the week and consume media that encourages and emphasizes the utility and practicality of getting your shit together.
Streams will start Monday at 8pm EST. This week's stream will feature Jordan Peterson's recent appearance on Dr. Oz - https://youtu.be/AscPHmLWo-M (2:42:31)
Join us as we delve into recent productions of some of the most effective and influential minds of our time and use the material they present to reform ourselves in a manner that makes us more effective, viable, and powerful individuals individually, and collectively.
22 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

49ff7 No.1367

Sorry anon, I completely forgot about it. Though, I'm thinking that Thursday would be a better night to run this stream. The whole point to doing it on monday is to try and start the week off with uplifting, motivational, philosophical, and otherwise emergent media, but Mondays have become my busiest days, followed closely by Tuesdays.

078fc No.1372

I watched 22 hours of his lectures on personality and while I think there are some problems he has a lot of interesting things to say.

I think he gets to much hate. Though the memes are good.

a353d No.1613

File: 1563821912590.jpg (349.88 KB, 1800x1322, Dioganeys.jpg)

I don't believe that I have solely chanced upon this 'theory' by any clear distinction to originality.
But I feel that I am the first to try and relate the premise in a way that is attainable for the laymen of Man to get the gist.

Observations and philosophical queries. The story and measurements are alluding to this.
The nature of being, of man, and of existence is a all permeating question.
They say that the theory of Atoms were 'know' pre roman era. That the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar,
supposedly is calculated from the procession of the milkyway.
Sounds incredible. That Observers without optic lenses could measure these macro and micro poles.
Atomic theory I think was from pure deduction.

Obvious mechanisms that must exist to explain substances. How does water flow, and that the soft compresses into itself?
The procession of a galaxy is harder to attain, as how can a single generation witness the
deviation of galactic body's and structures in a single lifetime, let alone without a stable platform with a telescopic sights to survey such a thing?

The same reason we honor the dead, both our fathers and mothers.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

818c0 No.1620

Is this stream still going?

6cf6a No.1622

Its been on hiatus for a while, but it can, someone just needs to make it happen
Don't look at me, my schedule is fucked on Modndays

File: 1563546086758.jpg (203.11 KB, 512x512, 1475863423327.jpg)

0cb44 No.1597[Reply]

Humor is a highly valued trait that I hardly posess at all.
It has been argued that it is some sort of socially accepted form of aggression and that it has to do with suprise and shock in some sense. How to become funny?
>tfw can't into humor

5cb43 No.1598

Take what I say with a grain of salt.
Learn psychology. All the human behaviours, motivations, and thought process.

>Here is a quick start guide.

Watch comedy, all the funny things all the time. From ages past. The classics. Standup, to cartoons.
>Beware, some 'comedy' is just malicious brainwashing, and manipulation. SJW stuff is cancer due to it being just behavioral modification, and self justification.

Doesn't matter if it isn't funny to you atm. The next part is to just smile. Especially if you don't actually feel happiness, joy, or mania at the moment.

At the punchline to the joke, when you hear the audience laugh, AND you find it funny laugh. Laugh like you really mean it. Make sure to keep smiling.

Like most things about people we don't actually know everything, and sometimes we're just wrong in our theories.

>Think of humor, like a tickle.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3010e No.1610

The trick is to confuse people for a moment then laugh.
It's the tension and uncertainty followed by release and certainty and happy breathing

ddc0a No.1614

File: 1563822708569-0.png (491.11 KB, 550x465, 9th to 15th.png)

File: 1563822708569-1.jpg (7.98 KB, 217x116, 1464890017905.jpg)

File: 1563822708569-2.jpg (136.88 KB, 740x746, 1460972424546.jpg)

Fuck that shit mang. Just stack the memes so high that they propel into the future.
You can't be expected if your posts are omnipotent. Tell the truth and embellished both ways.

When you think you're done ask why does this joke span a several sites now and needed use of archives?

20fdb No.1616

Most humor is looking at things with a twist. Here's something I have been doing lately. I'll talk for the cat. And the baby. Turns out, both the baby and the cat are pretty damn self centered and have a total lack of concern for others. I give them their voice, and it's pretty spot on, if rude, crude and obnoxious.

I just look at the situation, and I know what's going on in their mind. Then I crank it up. It's really not that hard.

0e0cb No.1617

File: 1563916426337-0.png (130.18 KB, 821x482, AlphaThread.png)

File: 1563916426337-1.jpg (68.09 KB, 816x611, keks.jpg)

File: 1563916426337-2.png (6.71 KB, 320x328, jewline.png)

You just like do it and shit

File: 1505875014269.png (383.58 KB, 2622x3238, 99412234.png)

90c94 No.469[Reply]

Most people are expected to know what they want to do in life and for the most part, most do. Most of everyone I knew in high school automatically knew what they wanted to do in life and as soon as they left, they chased after it immediately. However, I just don't. I remember in school I remember everyone telling me "you have to know what you want to do in life as soon as you are an adult" but the problem is, I honestly don't know.

I guess this is because of a number of reasons but the biggest reason I think was that when I started to develop deep philosophical thinking and the sort, (around 13 I think, I don't care how late or early I was to that stage) my family was financially poor and got poorer over the years. All that was in our minds was survival. We wasn't in severe poverty since we had a house, water, electricity, internet, but my I remember my dad got laid off and searched for companies to work for since he was a coal miner and obongo's anti coal policies didn't help so the future for us was uncertain. Survival was all in our minds, including mine, and that's what our mindset revolved around really. Now being poor taught me lots of valuable lessons for life such as money management, managing expectations, values of hard work etc. so it set me up for the work force. However it also made me realize how harsh and unforgiving the world is and I developed a sort of nihilism that what I do on this earth wont matter much in the end though as a Christian I know something happen on purpose but not all things.

Also the idea of finding a field I must enjoy for the rest of my life bothers me. Am I really gonna like doing this one particular thing all my life? What if mid life I want to do something else? What if I'm just not material for the workfield I dream of working in and I can never get accepted into it? Also I know the big thing is to go to college and find something in there and I go chase after it but honestly, the idea of going to college makes me sick. Plus there just isn't much there I can feel fine with spending 4 years of my life learning and getting in tens of thousands of dollars in debt over. A trade school however I could do since its far more shorter and debt is way more manageable but still, I don't know what truly interests me.

Basically all I think of is survival and getting by. I don't think of anything greater since I have never known what that is like. Surviving and scrapping by has been all I've known inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
26 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a4aec No.556

File: 1506853508392.jpg (32.99 KB, 704x396, Takumi from chaos head _24….jpg)

Something is terribly wrong with this thread.

f485b No.557


No goals? It is implied in using /pol/ boards unironically that you follow at least one of the many goals like:
-learning about/stopping Illuminati
-learning about/stopping Conspiracies
-supporting/stopping legacy of nazis
-stopping degeneracy/saving civilization
-seeking/spreading the truth
-leading happy and successful life/helping others achieve the same
-having a happy family life/+raising kids

There are probably goals in life which are implied by using /mlp/ boards too but they are probably less impressive.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0c75e No.559

Those things you mentioned are my goals, along with becoming an indie game developer.

5c2c1 No.572

Oh sorry didnt see your post..
Well..They seem like goals indeed those you mentioned but i dont even know anymore if they are worth it.
I mean, i have one life to do something, what is worth of my whole existence? What can i do that brings mean to a meaningless existence on an unknown planet

f2404 No.1615

File: 1563826891583.png (58.2 KB, 265x98, b the quote.png)

I know this is necro posting. But a well written tread that apply's to many others.
Is better than a twitter tag fart.

I was lost in my early teens about Jobs. Pretty much your same state.
I Was generation TV. So I kinda put that decision on the back burner. All I knew was it'll get brought up when you're ready to leave school.
Come 15 I panicked. Job expo was a bust. It was armed services or hawking employers trying to poach illegally low waged labor.

Everything would be fine if I wasn't limited in education path.
But single Mum raising me on gibs wasn't ethical. Despite what people said of my career potential.

So I'm not even sure if I passed year 10. But I got an apprenticeship as a heavy metal worker.
I don't regret it. It fucked me up. But a academic path was my fall back luckily enough.

Reason what made it so good was I fell back form being insightful and higher thinking all the time. It gave me normality in exchange of breaking my back.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1514455747598.jpg (22.72 KB, 640x241, 9VLs5Ril.jpg)

47680 No.785[Reply]

Ub is as read as it gets.
How do you become a good politician, what kind of studies do you need?
Obviously politics, economics and speech are a need, but what else?

>In this thread we improve political skills
11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0a534 No.1590

History and geography are useful too.

6d39f No.1591

To make you own moves, you first need to understand theirs. You need to read "the prince" by Machiavelli.

b2634 No.1607

It's been two years since i posted this thread.
I have been quite a lot off the internet, not only that but i picked up a few hobbies and got quite well versed in philosophy, math and science, i already elaborated a plan on how to solve the economic problems of my country, now i only need the right age to become a candidate (35 that is)

I'll make sure to check it out, anon, danke!

fed8a No.1608

>"the prince" by Machiavelli.

c1af6 No.1609

File: 1563689619639-0.jpg (1.54 MB, 2426x2676, Guide to AnCap Studies.jpg)

File: 1563689619639-1.jpg (1.83 MB, 1728x4608, MoreAncapBooks.jpg)

>quite well versed
Impossible over two years. There is always more to learn and picking a specialization (such as economics) may be worth it so long as you can also apply general knowledge. I cannot consider you well-read in economics if you have not gone through the essential works of Murray Rothbard.

In addition, "The Bell Curve" is an underappreciated empirical supplement in an economic sphere. Add some Alt-Hype to the mix and you'll be on the right track.

For comparison, I plan to write a book in ~8 years and most of that will be comprehensive study of politics, history, economics, sociology, philosophy, theology, etc. I have serious doubts as to whether that's enough time or if I could do a good job of it.

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