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Becoming better
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File: 1559157446721.jpg (51.4 KB, 640x639, cpl9tmgjxey21.jpg)

9ee15 No.1481[Reply]

I've got Fruity Loops Studio, a mic, and a midi keyboard but no cable (yet).

How do I make Synthwave?

Pic unrelated it's a fat fuck

b6594 No.1482

File: 1559158860924.gif (21.72 KB, 600x600, 456346.gif)

To make music just put a beat every 3 bars on a 16 loop and make a simple onionstring melody, repeat it to infinity and add little variations and changes on the notes along the road and you have a song.
I.E. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ELVwNAMv2o
Take some time to pick apart each sound and visualize it on the grid.

Now if you want to make good music, you'll have to study anon.
It is fun to make music out of the blue with nothing in mind and you can totally become famous these days by making some EDM or synth but it is quite important to actually study how music works in the first place, some wikipedia articles over basics like arpeggiato and bell, counterpoint and prime and thrill might also help.
I would also recomend you to take a look at 8bit music, specially from the Atari/NES era, guys had to get really creative with little to no options and it is quite a good place to start and be different from the rest of the 999999 people making synthwave with fruityloops.
Also ableton studio ftw.
>Pic unrelated

9ee15 No.1491

Ok now I have Ableton studio also

Any pro tips?

d7d77 No.1500

Ableton and Fruity Loops are pretty meme tier. I would look at Mixcraft, or GarageBand is also surprisingly good if you own a Mac or have access to one. The learning curve is higher than you would probably like but it's not as high as for other hobbies. More important than the software you use though is that you begin to learn how music is constructed, and start pulling apart songs and figuring out how they work. Most pop music is unbelievably simple and you can actually get away with quite a bit just by learning one chord progression:


The music language being used here makes this sound much more complicated than it is. A yuge number of pop songs across multiple genres use this and you've probably heard it before. For example, literally every single song written by Blink 182 uses the exact same chord progression, based on a super-simplified version of this. Learn the chords from one Blink 182 song, transpose it around to different keys (literally just dragging midi blips from one starting note to another if you're using a tool like Mixcraft), and you've got more musical knowledge than the average hip hop producer these days.

The most important thing is to just keep screwing around and experimenting, and come up with a system that works for you. Bear in mind that a lot of modern music, especially electronic music, is more dependent on the sounds of the synths and production techniques being used than composition, and most of the guys who know that stuff just learned it by screwing around. Your first few projects are probably going to suck balls and you will be told that they suck balls if you play them for anyone. That's okay. You get better the more you do it. I'd also recommend getting hold of some kind of physical instrument like a piano or a guitar and fiddling around with it. Even if you don't get good enough to perform on it it's a good tool for composition.

I am by no means an expert, I mostly just fuck around and create weird stuff for my own enjoyment, but if you're serious I can probably teach you some of the methods I use to create music. I'm Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9ee15 No.1505

I watched a series of tutorials on Fruity Loops, but now I'm downloading Mixcraft 7. Please teach me the methods you use to make music.
What makes Fruity Loops and Ableton Meme Tier? To me, Fruity Loops seems pretty good. It's got midi, it's got some knob-turning shit I've got no idea how to use, and it's got a VST option that lets me use the VSTs of old games. Sorry if that's super-basic shit every other program has and I look like a faggot right now.

File: 1548912648263.jpg (55.83 KB, 750x866, mmgshj0vtcd21.jpg)

d8542 No.1335[Reply]

If Soy makes you girlier, what food makes you manlier?
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9be12 No.1339

200mg/week of T injected subcutaneously.

c06d9 No.1384

mettbrötchen mit schön viel zwiebel

74f0a No.1385

1337 and high-T

4df71 No.1444

meat, potatoes, water. That's all you really need.

08bee No.1460

File: 1557512709914.jpg (63.88 KB, 640x553, 12kh6ofnmow21.jpg)

f155a No.1397[Reply]

I'm getting angrier every day, as I see (((them))) get away with increasingly worse acts against us. And I feel like the only way to stop myself from going mad is to relax and stop caring completely, and try not to let it get to me.

f155a No.1398

But I don't want to stop caring. I don't want to go back to the faggot I used to be, who cared about nothing and thought about nothing.

220e0 No.1399

I recommend meditation/alchemy (the change of one emotion to another).
It can be transformed into either a cold rage for clarity of mind, or an actionable effort. You can change it to be whatever you want.

You are the master of your mind.

QRD on meditation. It's Focus on Something and only on that Something.

220e0 No.1400

A more occult/psychological path is to task your subconscious to create help create a plan.

Doing anything helps make sure you aren't consumed by the emotion.
Becomeing a better you is a way to deny (((them))) their satisfaction.

Styx on emotional transformation

f155a No.1430

What is this?
Holy shit, he looks cool.
Thank you both.

File: 1541048550752.jpg (507.78 KB, 2560x2143, 1483119546934.jpg)

d22ac No.1183[Reply]

How do you learn to steel yourself emotionally? Particularly around hard leftists who have the authority to put your ass in the streets?

I have essentially no outlet. I will be in this for ten months, unless I get kicked onto the street. I get in trouble for every last thing and my team is incapable of allowing anyone to be right to them. Corporation claims an apolitical goal, but it's all a front for leftist diversity fetishism.

I want to be capable of either hiding my power level better, or just learn how to grin and bear it when everyone berates straight white men, lies about economics, et cetera. I've tried silence. I've tried debating from a faux-liberal stance to try and reach out. And I've tried acting aloof. It doesn't work. Nothing seems to work and right out of training everyone thinks I'm Elliot Rodgers 2.0.

Pic unrelated. Just what I wish I could be doing tonight.
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cde03 No.1211

Detach and observe. It's the only way. Then come back here and make some spicy memes.

d55a3 No.1386

I just grit my teeth and nod to everything.

dee4c No.1388

How do I deal with low self esteem stemming from being mixed? I'm not even a half negro or anything, but my skin has a yellowish glow. Just enough to feel complete detachment from other mixed people, since I was a kid I could only make friends with proper whites, but when around them I feel inferior. It doesn't help that I'm also a manlet.

159d7 No.1392

Self esteem pain is usually tied to an event in your past that caused the belief/shame. In quiet relaxed contemplation pull up the event in the mind. Relive it, and be aware of the belief of shame it instilled in you.

Now think. Could this event have been interpreted another way? Maybe the other person was just an asshole/having a bad day, maybe it was you not doing enough practice. It's hard giving tailored advice because I don't know the source of the shame but figure out alternative explanations that aren't mix race related. The more unrelated to you the better. Pick one answer and review the event. Does that answer also make sense? Keep reviewing it with your different perspectives. It'll decouple the shame from your reality.

Then just allow yourself to feel the shame feeling in all of it's intensity for as long as it takes. Eventually it will run it's course and you'll be done.

The belief and the pain will be gone and your esteem will adjust to different levels.

d1417 No.1393

It's true that I've had self esteem issues before it dawned on me that I was mixed, but as of recently what bothers me the most is a very distinct sort of inferiority complex, it's clearly related to race, so there's no use trying to ignore it.
And while I don't think it's THE issue in regards to what may have happened to me growing up, it did resonate with me when I read an anon talking about how sometimes people feel inferior because their parents didn't pay attention to them as kids so they ended up not feeling worthy of attention. But I have to say, even though I felt some resonance, this notion sounds so cliché that I think it's more of a shot at finding an excuse in the face of uncertainty,a one size fits all kind of thing. I also don't want to be an attention whore, lots of people had worse childhoods than me.

File: 1537395327544.png (500.85 KB, 775x558, 3YFn4W8.png)

33987 No.1174[Reply]

Any good books, I'm a poorfag and a complete fucking novice to the world of english books.

Pic unrelated, I didn't want to post porn when I'm on day 22 of nofap.
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fbfe1 No.1365

Hell yeah I've read those books, they were fucking gold!
It's because the civilizations forget what made them great, and start taking their greatness for granted, so they start assuming everyone can be great and cancer people who kill great societies and create shit ones are worth listening to when they say "Your society should change to make me happier".
Multiculti societies fail. Either the foreign influence spreads to make a group have less in common, or the foreign influence solidifies in a little cliquish circle of foreignfaggotry.

e5f92 No.1373

War and peace

71170 No.1374

Ayn Rand made the brilliant (from a marketing standpoint) decision to write her philosophy books as intricate fables of what she was trying to get across. Arguably, even publishing the books is an expression of her philosophy. The advantage is that her ideas are some of the most easily digestible out there. The disadvantage is that, because of this, her philosophy is frequently held up by people who can't read anyone else because it's too complicated, and her ideas aren't really that great.
It's a good starting point, though. It goes from Heinlein to Rand to real philosophers, if you want to go the libertarian route but can't read philosophy.

ef5e3 No.1376

The Prince by Machiavelli
Essential for understanding politics and statecraft.

Vanity Fair
Large book, easy read, pretty funny, a classic.

0d815 No.1387

File: 1556855953436.pdf (6.5 MB, The Accidental Superpower ….pdf)

this is Peter Zeihan's Accidental Superpower. it's an easy read and gives you a good insight into how the world is ordered and how that's going away.
he's a glow nigger analyst and overly optimistic about America's future but it's definitely a learning experience and a bit uplifting if you're an American who's taken one too many black pills.

File: 1551467127881.jpg (172.77 KB, 1142x925, 415494__suggestive_artist-….jpg)

c4873 No.1359[Reply]

I bought some of those "metal bars, one per hand. Heavy metal circles go on either end" weight sets, and I've been doing 50 bicep curls a day for a few weeks. What other exercises are good for a workout routine?

2f801 No.1360

Dead-lift, bench press, squat, push-ups, drag curl. lying leg curls, face pulls, incline dumbell press, inverted row, bulgarian split squat, dumbell lateral raises.
And that's about it. Split it into 2 plans A & B, do it 3 times a week, like A A A ,B B B, B,A, B, A,B,A and so on.

c4873 No.1362

Sounds good.
What site can I use to look up what those are?

3d9ca No.1375

File: 1554280892049.mp4 (7.55 MB, 854x480, You Must Murder - Sober, p….mp4)

>What other exercises are good for a workout routine?
A motivational video.

82438 No.1377

>While thousands dance under the influence of drugs,
>You are dangerous, sober and proud
>My sobriety is called loyalty
>No one will stand in my way
>Only the strong will live:
>The enemy designed the path for the weak

That…that's pretty fuckin based.

File: 1550107982977.png (374.3 KB, 540x358, 700.png)

b3807 No.1349[Reply]

I've lost weight, guys. I started Nofap Hard Mode (No porn, fapping, or orgasm) and only failed occasionally, my longest streak lasted 25 days. I bought some weights and set a timer on my phone, now I exercise lightly with them every 20 minutes to build myself up, ready for the hardcore shit.
I also cut down on sweets and chocolate, and I'm eating less each day.
Already, I am able to see my whole body and cock when I look down, and the baggy shirts I used to wear feel like fucking flowing dresses with how loose they are now. I don't stick my ass out like a faggot any more either.
I still have mantitties, but they're tiny now. It's about two "The top bit of my forefinger above the first knuckle"s from the bottom of my tit to the nipple.
Press R to pay respects!
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bcda3 No.1351

57374 No.1352


13fda No.1353


907d2 No.1361

cfcb4 No.1364

How much time to adapt, and where can I find the best (no cuckshit) cardio guides?

File: 1503888089465.jpg (89.27 KB, 736x613, cooking.jpg)

d28a6 No.88[Reply]

One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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7f5dc No.1316

Hey goys. I don't remember whether I've posted in this thread before, but I might as well tonight. This past couple weeks I've mostly been doing what I can to survive since I left home for greener pastures. Now that I'm done I can start cooking regularly.

Now that I have finished the arduous process of moving into a shared place and getting personal stuff, I have been getting up without an alarm somewhat early every day to cook a simple cheddar omelette. It feels nice not relying on an alarm to get up at a decent time, not needing to heat up the shower to feel good when washing up, not feeling like cooking is this tedious chore I HAVE to do. Made organic red pasta for the first time yesterday, loved the way it turned out when I used a little leftover cheddar and white onion chunks to add some extra flavor to it. I have more ingredients so perhaps on Thursday I can post pics of my second batch of pasta.

I'm starting a medium keto diet this week. I'm going to start at 50 grams a day of carbs, then move down 5g/day per week before settling at 20g a day. In the meantime, I have a few drinks I want to taste test now that I am of legal age, some recipes I want to try out with my remaining non-keto foodstuff, and so on. I also want to have one apple or one single slice sandwich a day, and on nights before my off-days I'll have two drinks to accompany the apple/sandwich - I have a six pack of hard cider and another of hard lemonade to enjoy for a few weeks.

26790 No.1340

For today I'm making a 3 lb chuck roast and baby back ribs.
For the roast, I lightly drizzled (just enough to coat) the roast with olive oil, and then coated/rubbed it with Sheepherder's Salt (recipe will be forthcoming). Seared the roast for 10 minutes on medium direct heat per side, then on low indirect heat for another hour+.
The ribs I boiled first for 1/2 hour, and then also on the grill for another 30-45 minutes on indirect heat.
Results (and spice mix) to follow.

26790 No.1341

Okay. The Chuck Roast went off quite well, except I didn't use enough foil for the end part.
I seared it well, and cooked it well, but for the last 1/3 of the 1.5 hour cooking process, I didn't foil it enough. As a result, when shifting it I lost alot of juicy goodness, when a hole ripped in the foil. I fixed it with more foil, but it was already too late. It came out good (moist and tasty) but alot of fluid was lost which was the point of the foil. It was good, but it could have been awesomer.
So my recommendation (using a 3 lb chuck roast) is to sear it for 10 minute per side (so a 20 minute sear), then roast it off heat for about 40 minutes (turning and flipping if it appears to need it) and then FULLY wrapping it in foil for the last 40 min and keeping it off heat.
The ribs were great. 1/2 hour boil with about 45 of low-heat grill, basting with bbq or whatever for the last 15 min.
Now, Sheepherder's Salt.
I've done some looking, so you better goddamn appreciate this, cuz apparently no one has this mix (or is willing to share it). Pay attention, this is the ultimate all-purpose seasoning. Its not a "never use anything else" seasoning, its a "use it with everything else" seasoning, especially in place of salt per recipes.
Table Salt - 6.5 oz or ~10 cups
Brown Sugar (dark) - 2 lbs
Dry Mustard - 8 oz
Garlic Powder - 2 3/8 oz
Black Pepper - 10 oz
Spicy Season Salt - 3 1/4 oz
Celery Salt - 3 1/4 oz
Seasoning Salt - 3 1/2 oz
Old Hickory Smoked Salt - 10 1/2 oz
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

421de No.1358

This is a recipe I just stumbled across, and will be attempting next week. OMG, I think I can make it better.

421de No.1363

File: 1552544626890-0.jpg (1.25 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_20190313_193126.jpg)

File: 1552544626890-1.jpg (945.68 KB, 2448x2448, IMG_20190313_193151.jpg)

Alright fgts, today I'm gonna tell you how to make correct beer bratwurst. That's right, you heard me.
Go ahead, look up recipes online. They're wrong.
>But I've eaten beer brats from festivals!
They either used the method I'm about to tell you, or they're wrong. Alright, pay attention.

You will want to start with 32-36oz of 211 Steel Reserve. You can substitute other shitty beer, but it has to be a happy shitty beer. 211 is the best beer I've used so far, cuz it's got malt in it. Miller Lite and Natty Ice also work, but if you want the sauce to come out right, use 211.

Take your largest pot and pour the beer into it. Cook that shit at medium-high for about a half hour. Open a window, cuz it's gonna smell for a bit.
Once your beer has boiled down a bit (about 1/3rd) add Bratwurst. You can use any kind, but for best results I use the Johnsonville ones that are totally uncooked (the ones in a 5 pack). Use Bratwurst, NOT Beer Brats, those are a lie.

Cover the pot for about 20 minutes, stirring the brats as needed so that they cook decently.
Remove the lid. Now, boil off almost all of the beer. Now when I say this, I mean you want to condense the beer into a sauce.

What you're doing is rendering the natural fats and oils from the bratwurst, which mixes with the condensing beer. The end result is a sauce about the texture of ketchup or barbecue sauce, but with a rich salty/savory flavor. Roll the brats in the sauce, and then either dry the sauce on a grill on indirect heat or in the oven, but don't bother with that just eat the damn things. Pic related is the finished product (after initial servings were devoured with abandon). That should give you an idea what the sauce should look like and the consistency. I started with 10 brats and 36oz of beer, and it ended with about a 1/2 cup of sauce lining the pot. You want to boil it down until it starts to really darken.

File: 1534652210518.png (533.42 KB, 850x900, 1130888__safe_artist-colon….png)

09ba0 No.1159[Reply]

>be me in Atlanta, want conservative gf
>want to try online dating because I'm too autistic to try social events and the odds are against me
>most couples on the splash page are either black guy+white girl or lesbian

Is there any hope to be found in online dating? Given that I'm in a mostly liberal area, surely the best option is to use modern technology to narrow down my choices?
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73e8c No.1311

You should not expect success from online dating sites, but that doesn't mean they can't be an effective tool. If your game is rusty and/or weak, online sites can get you (back?) in the habit of approaching women. Rather than talking yourself out of talking to women, use it to practice talking yourself into and interacting with women. Work on strategy and method overall, rather than shooting for one successful connection with one person. Another way to look at it is this: "None of these girls are gonna work out, so let's see what I can understand from their reactions to these methods" and apply different methods. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a reaction to old-fashioned shitposting.

b7213 No.1312

File: 1547207447077.png (1.99 MB, 3000x2974, aaaaaaaaa.png)

>Online dating
I couldn't agree more.
Only the most promiscuous whores are there.
STDs and drama is the reward.
Stay away.

dfcf1 No.1314

I used to travel for work. Atlanta was the most unfriendly city I have even been to. I got shut down cold everywhere I went, by the end of the night (for science!) I even tried hitting on fatties and got rejected by them too.

I have been told that atlanta is very cliquish, if you aren't part of someone's social circle, you have zero chance.

And don't worry about women being liberal, unless they are hardcore feminazis, they will very much follow their man. I have seen women go conservative, I have also seen hard conservative women go completely liberal. Best thing you can probably do is get them off facebook so you are the main influence.

0115a No.1330

I cant Git Gud i dont know how.

8aecd No.1331

You already know how to git gud anon, the only way to improve is by playing, starting out as a n00b is nothing to be ashamed off, every nub can become a pro given enough time and dedication.
Now go out there and make me proud.

File: 1545773553801.png (372.47 KB, 1181x608, cheers.png)

1d6c0 No.1249[Reply]

With the end of the year closing in it is time to reflect.
Becoming a hengst is hard but worth the effort.

Time for a bit of positivity.
Celebrate and share what improved so others may learn from it.

I'll start.
I got more /fit/ by doing a daily walk and some sports every other weekend.
My art got better because I studied (you need to know how things are to recreate them), listened to critics (because the own view is always biased), and practiced (because you can't get it right on the first try except dumb luck and even then you can't recreate it consistently).

I got more into social. Biology, neurology, psychology, and economics helped me along with observation and trial and error.
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dd086 No.1321

File: 1547626423479-0.png (161.28 KB, 1024x612, vector___meet_the_sparkles….png)

>running on the assumption that's honest encouragement
It is encouragement poner, this is the reason I posted a Linux screenshot.
And surprised ponies because I am unable to wake up without an alarm and to do some of the things you just mentioned.
So, you are an example to me.
>What distro is that?
SolydXK running on top of Debian 9 Stable.

5da94 No.1322

File: 1547627130168.jpg (106.94 KB, 1517x1289, gettingnervous.jpg)

>running on top of Debian 9 Stable
I knew the layout seemed a little familiar to me. Well thanks for the distro - I might give that a try on the thinkpad. That or I could be a massive faggot and attempt to use Hardmode Linux to practice the terminal, bwahaha.

>you are an example to me

Pic related. I'm nobody special, just an autist who bags people's groceries for a living and unironically gets aroused watching fat people struggling to stand upright…

0dbfd No.1323

How dir you fix your sleep?

5da94 No.1324

Ironically after months of trying and failing to, alcohol was one of the major factors.

1) If you have blackout blinds/curtains, don't use them. Leave them open overnight.
2) If possible, sleep in a position that allows maximum sunlight exposure, preferably direct.
3) Never try to sleep earlier, only later - forcing yourself to sleep an hour early will be more difficult to adjust to than staying up 2 hours lster each night until you loop back around.
4) Set alarms for sunrise or shortly after it - even if you snooze it at first, your mind will be alerted when your alarm is nearing its noise based on the relative time of day if you get woken up by the alarm often. Pavlovian conditioning basically.
5) If you drink, drink your last drink before bed, around 8 hours before you have to wake up.

dd086 No.1325

File: 1547628252903-0.png (93.29 KB, 985x680, a.png)

File: 1547628252903-1.png (193.5 KB, 1366x768, b.png)

File: 1547628252903-2.png (157.47 KB, 985x680, c.png)

>I knew the layout seemed a little familiar to me.
The layout is typical KDE with classic menus.
SoliydXK is based on the version of Debian "Stable", meaning is solid rock.
Warning, its default look is terrible and it needs some tweaking to make it look cute.

File: 1547034578191-0.jpg (144.86 KB, 491x814, Emotions.jpg)

File: 1547034578191-1.jpg (526.39 KB, 2048x1366, ECrysis.jpg)

File: 1547034578191-2.jpg (78.59 KB, 368x700, aquaponics.jpg)

File: 1547034578191-3.jpg (1.57 MB, 1366x3238, aymore.jpg)

File: 1547034578191-4.png (902.65 KB, 1280x1810, badscience.png)

3f5c0 No.1292[Reply]

Post 'em
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3f5c0 No.1303

File: 1547035397516-0.jpg (67.75 KB, 638x479, Makeshift blood device.jpg)

File: 1547035397516-1.jpg (208.97 KB, 800x812, cam.jpg)

File: 1547035397516-2.png (437.46 KB, 605x854, critical-thinking-cheatshe….png)

File: 1547035397516-3.jpg (657.46 KB, 1020x1370, falacies.jpg)

3f5c0 No.1304

File: 1547035481667-0.jpg (1.65 MB, 2466x3184, 1541759804160.jpg)

File: 1547035481668-1.jpg (540.12 KB, 941x3369, 1541759768373.jpg)

File: 1547035481668-2.png (263.45 KB, 1073x620, 1541759375149.png)

File: 1547035481668-3.jpg (212.41 KB, 1260x736, something.jpg)

3f5c0 No.1305

File: 1547035575569-0.jpg (284.41 KB, 1600x610, marriage.jpg)

File: 1547035575569-1.jpg (543.76 KB, 1269x1226, wom.jpg)

File: 1547035575569-2.png (289.36 KB, 1892x707, CatWoman.png)

File: 1547035575569-3.jpg (228.45 KB, 1271x613, bodydisorder.jpg)

3f5c0 No.1306

File: 1547035680361-0.png (199.76 KB, 262x691, homo.png)

File: 1547035680361-1.png (19.4 KB, 823x242, immi.png)

File: 1547035680361-2.png (40.81 KB, 1250x513, Social exploit.png)

File: 1547035680361-3.png (27.69 KB, 1228x307, Cringe.png)

3f5c0 No.1307

File: 1547035868950-0.png (5.53 KB, 975x64, word.png)

File: 1547035868950-1.png (114.65 KB, 1800x2044, 1541853055747.png)

File: 1547035868950-2.jpg (2.51 MB, 1989x3464, 1517451336094.jpg)

File: 1547035868950-3.png (38.2 KB, 641x296, 1534075264712.png)

File: 1547035868950-4.png (1.02 MB, 1332x704, migrants.png)

File: 1524427590732.png (85.06 KB, 1011x611, Patron Spirits of Fascism.png)

b3cdc No.968[Reply]

Pure, Dure, Sûre - Unalterable

The figures of the Scholar, the Warrior and the Adventurer represent the fundamental aspects of every Fascist and National Socialist, they stand as idealized archetypes in which one can recognize themselves, identifying with one or two of the spirits more than the remaining, yet always being a mixture of all three. Hence we can recognize them in our comrades and the Champions of our Struggle.

To some of us they will be no more than that, Archetypes, the ideals to which all Fascists and National Socialists aspire, they serve as the guiding model that one can strive for. To others, they can be much more, and stand as the Patron Spirits of Fascism and National Socialism, whose nature we may ponder and meditate on. They can become the personifications of those forces and energies, that we call upon to imbue our own being, or to erupt from our innate nature.
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1e929 No.1287

The Scholar.

46b7c No.1288

I'm not sure if I really understand fasch and therefore not sure if I like it.

What I I believe fasch to be so far is the following :
Racial seperation
Women belong into the kitchen
Everybody should try to be the best they can
Affinity for war
Centralized society (only some who decide everything)
Lack of freedom

Can someone give me more insight?

34963 No.1289

Is it stubborn to say no when the Jude tells you to serve him?

ca4a8 No.1290

I'm not the foremost authority on national socialism and fascism, but I'll give my own take on it.

>Racial separation

Yes. This is just human nature: the desire to live next to those of your own kind. People do this subconsciously without realizing, and it's why in countries with multiple races inside its borders, these different races will form their own neighborhoods where only others of the same race are accepted to join them.
>Women belong into the kitchen
Yes. We generally see the women's liberation movement to have been a net negative to both society and the happiness of both men and women. Men tend to be happiest out in the work force, while women tend to be happiest at home where they can be taken care of. We simply want to reaffirm this.
>Affinity for war
Yes and no. We don't desire war, and we would much rather simply that countries could learn to respect each other and their own sovereignty. But, as they say, if you want peace, prepare for war.
>Centralized society
Yes and no. On a national scale, yes, as it's much harder for subversive elements to infiltrate a small, tightly-knitted group than it is a large, divided one. On a local scale, no.
>Lack of freedom
That depends on your definition of freedom, but if you mean everyone is essentially a slave to the government, then no.
Yes. Sometimes, it's a virtue to be resolute in your convictions, and to give no ground to those who would not do so to you.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ac4b1 No.1291

That is not what I meant. If you read about they warrior above stubborness comes to mind. Just trying to understand.

Thanks for the explaination.
I think am begining to get the concept.

Still them warrior aspect makes it seem like there is no stoping unless the world is conquered which causes a lot of problems

As for the centralization, if therefore are no critics show will ende abend bad and that worries me

With the lack of freedom I mean essentially what you wrote about but also the ability to go new ways and try unusual stuff. Without it things stagnate.

File: 1504554142757-0.jpg (120.87 KB, 540x960, have you yet.jpg)

File: 1504554142757-1.jpg (3.97 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170821_230532-2.jpg)

2b66b No.263[Reply]

Lets discuss how we can bring order into our lives once again and share resources to do so.

I'll start. I find myself having wide range of interests and trouble defining priorities for each. I have trouble to plan activities for following days or week.

So I made basic flowchart to help me navigate my priorities pic 2 related. Its early alpha and I reserve the right to redact some of the nodes to stay anonymous.

I found J.B.Peterson's advice to start with cleaning your room to be useful. It really is the most fundamental thing to start with when you want to start and organize your life better.
So if you feel like you yourself or your life is messy dysfunctional or shoddy, try and clean up your room now!
65 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9aacf No.1238

>You do realize this is the 'sort yourself out' thread?
Also, I fail to understand how getting yourself medically treated for a hormonal problem doesn't qualify as "sorting yourself out." It just so happens that many(most?) people just suffer through this without treatment, but that doesn't make it bad to seek treatment.

>admittedly, because T shots to the ass haven't been available long enough to have a full clinical assessment of the long-term effects

Actually, they have been around for a very long time, and have a fairly sizable body of research behind them. However, there is a stigma about it because some believe you will get "roid rage." Sure, if you inject levels that would get you to Arnold level of T, you may experience some hormonal issues.


bfa75 No.1280

File: 1546403195434.jpg (52.73 KB, 500x369, wer-macht.jpg)

How much should I aim for in life?

I've got a job offer. After an internship there I like the work and the company, but it's a rather taxing job. I'll just get home everyday exhaused and I wouldn't be able to do much, even on weekends I couldn't get myself off the couch.

If I take this job I doubt I could be politically active or create that masterpiece I've been dreaming of. If it weren't for the joy I get from the work itself I would call it wage slavery.

So should I take this job and live quitely, or should I find a job that allows me to become the next hitler on the side?

b5e1a No.1281

Start by aiming to succeed at the things you set yourself toward, and in those start small but be progressive. Set reasonable, achievable goals, and then work to increase the difficulty of those goals.
As far as political activity, put yourself first. If you don't put your foremost attention on yourself and your success, you'll be less effective at working for groups and ideas. A founded, well developed advocate for an idea is profoundly more effective than an overly energetic or momentarily-excited one.
Also, wash your penis.

e6046 No.1282

The answer is more
It is not about the goal but about the journey
First stop: get better and figure out a way to do yourself job more efficient so you're not as tired out

b17c8 No.1284

>but it's a rather taxing job
They are all taxing either physically or mentally. The mentally taxing ones pay higher. If the job were easy, they wouldn't pay you to do it.

File: 1545762991350.gif (194.06 KB, 288x288, 1534020497496.gif)

73c21 No.1248[Reply]

It might be a bit early but let's talk about resolutions.

There are two psychological effects to take into account.
1. You need to make them public for them to work because if you don't it is just a thought and if you do it is something like a promise.
2. You need to formulate them specificaly. Otherwise you can't measure your success and can explain away why you failed because the target is shifting.

And while my general goal is doing everything better my specific goal is health.
This means for me a) weight loss of at least fifteen pound and b) reduced drinking to max.3days a week in special cases like a festival and max. 2 in a regular week

What are your goals?
How can you make sure to archieve them?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

bc52c No.1272

That is is a statement if I ever heard one
Go Anon!

666b7 No.1273

adbfa No.1274

Last chance guys!

I will give it a try once the hectic of the end of the year has ended.

cc346 No.1275

1. Read a book at least every two months (doesn't sound like much but it's three times better than my current pace)
2. Collect a good scholarship and ace a graduate program
3. Don't fantasize about poners more than once a month

I'll read it when able.

ae0de No.1276

I heavily agree with two of your goals but the third…
A day without poner is not worth living

File: 1545844880679.jpg (79.46 KB, 540x810, _____.jpg)

cd39e No.1252[Reply]

OK /ub/ im a little socially retardedwhich is why im on a chan site im looking for advice to help me be more confident and advice that would help me attract a QT 3.14 Nat Soc Gf
So Anon How Did you get your gf or wife ?please do share to help all the anons out there that desperately want to 1488
7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d4b01 No.1262

Only one way to find out besides millions of years of evolution show you got the potential

Fuck up and learn from it or hide and wither

Btw being cut out for something and talent are lies - everyone starts am zero

cd39e No.1263

is this one good? i found it helpful.

cd39e No.1264

>Btw being cut out for something and talent are lies - everyone starts am zero
Thanks i needed to har that tbh.

e6ef5 No.1265

Not a bad video, but here's a white dude

8970a No.1266

Just do it!
It sucks at first but your progress will make it worth it. As with most things in life it takes effort to improve stuff.
I believe in you, Anon.

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