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Finally snapped. Coalburning mom defended Harambe for having tossed out another $40 in my personal belongings, so I badgered her about punishing the behavior since property theft in the double digits skirts the law. After some time it got heated and, now I'm packing up to leave in about a week.

Still in debt, still poor, but about to start a new job soon. Also selling a computer on craigslist before putting together my budget one from my Americorps training - sans the fans it is up and running.

What now?

inb4 blogposting. I don't have a justification except Jameson whiskey made me desperate and I'm too tired to frame this as a general life/financial advice thread.


To prove my point about the Jameson, I said double digits by accident. Meant triple.


>Getting kicked out in a week
Welp, there goes my plans of sending you a Christmas card


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Remind me, why the fuck have you not gone to the authoroties over this?


I had some delusion that my mom would finally understand his behavior to be unacceptable, and I would have a shot at salvaging things. I wanted this to be dealt with personally, but after a particularly bad birthweek I popped my top. I already know his first move will be showing off my fetish in court and accusing me of hate crimes, if I make a case. So, I can't stick with these people anymore.

Just sold my main computer and will be getting a military grade phone and Thinkpad for the road afterward. After that I talk to my dad, plan out my time at Stater Bros, probably take up shelter with Salvation Army, and pay my debts before I hit the road.

I'm not sure after that. I think Glasgow Montana is a nice possible place to seek housing. If not, just gotta oay things off and build up $2.5k for a flight to Ireland or Scotland to start a new life.


Damn, im sorry to hear that friend, i wish you the best of luck


The best of wishes to you and hope you find luck and happiness. Keep in touch with your mother no matter what she said and feels now, write letters or call once in a while. We all know the negro will fuck up eventually, and you will always be her son.


How Are you anon?


Still in a bad place mentally. Found a place for $590 a month, and the job I'd gotten in the OP pays around $1080 a month. Unfortunately AAA, gas and food suck a lot of the orofits out of me and I still have my debt to pay.

My budget desktop had a problem and I've been trying to get the parts to fix it inexpensively. Unfortunately after over a month fiddling with retailers including Fry's, Newegg and Amazon, I am no closer to a cheap solution that works. It's complicated, as usual.

My job is seemingly milking my hours for all they're worth, putting me on lot or sweep duty nearly every hour but not giving me my 40 hours. Debt is made SLIGHTLY easier to pay off by using my educational IRA to pay the first 3 months of rent ehile I settle, hopefully get a second job or promotion or…something. Unfortunately without my budget desktop working I can't write for commission, at least not very efficiently, and nobody has even called in response to my Craigslist ads for the old desktop since a major scammer nearly tricked me by leading me along.


Oh and the mother's offered to let me over for laundry on my off days. That's nice. Though I notice the porch monkey's necklace crucifix has a Star of David over it now. Disgusting heresy. But at least I don't feel pushed to silencing myself politically. I just got done sending my mom some leftist shit from the APA and naming the jew.


>Write for commission
What sort of things do you write?


Well I don't have an actual portfolio. I was just thinking of starting one up on fimfic. Mostly fetish stuff, cuddly stuff, romance stuff. I am a degenerate so writing anything but foalcon sounds fine by me.


I am a bit confused as to why you removed me as a friend on steam.


If you're Rebel, I just felt that after so long without so much as a laptop there was no point in having people to play online games with. That amd CSGO has really lost its charm and I doubt I'll be playing any online games at all except in summer or later.

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