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File: 1539102387544.png (330.05 KB, 1426x942, farewells.png)


In 24 hours I'll be off to Americorps to do volunteer work and hopefully get some work done regarding learning linux/BSD. I haven't gone far from town for more than a few weeks, and here I am going off for 10 months. No training, no practice, very little working out, just shipped off. I can't get a consistent story on what's ahead of me yet - some people say they were in dorms or cabins at their camps, some people were in FEMA tents without even reliable electricity. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll be fine, but it will suck not to get regular access to the net without problems. I'll probably use whatever computer time I have to practice what I read in the linux bible and lurk here.

Before I head off, I just want to say something. I've thought a lot about the traffic of the site, the volume of posts and all that. I think, as an amerimutt, I finally see the full appeal, what keeps me and others coming back. It doesn't always seem it, but this is a real community, one with its figures, but mostly a small community with very little keeping it together past ponies. And that's okay. Most of us understand at least implicitly what we want, that being an implicit expression of white culture and resurgence of the old ways, and I think that starts small no matter what we do. Not every nation can survive an insurgency, least of all being America, one of the largest and most atomized nations on the planet. We need communities like this, and we need to reach out to our friends and families whether in the name of irony and shitposting or not, to get them into the more obscure corners of the web along with us.

I've spent the last day just casually browsing the history of usenet and chan-offshoots as far back as 1997, drama and happenings included, and I think it's for the best that we're small for now. We just need to come together under an ideological consensus, even if it's broad, and advocate for it together. Create our symbols, memes and in-jokes to make ourselves more desirable. Work to spread our personal spheres of influence, talk to people in the most unexpected places (unironically, games are a great place to go about this, especially TF2 and other team-oriented games), and get others to open up at least anonymously/pseudonymously.

As an American I fully understand the appeal of localized politics and culture now. I can see why there was a minarchist/libertarian view among the founding fathers and the stock of early America, and I think the wild west of the internet can come back, new and invigorated. I invite you all to follow me along the road to self-improvement, tech-wizardry, and grassroots memetics.

I hope to see all of you on /ub/, anons.


File: 1539104883141.gif (2.56 MB, 444x400, 1530084721926.gif)

Gods speed, and safe travels anon. I hope you will experience lots of fun stuff and that you will enjoy your time in the Americorps.


File: 1539107711120.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1100x1700, 1436622__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Good luck anon we'll hold the fort down while your gone.


File: 1539112149627.jpg (1.17 MB, 1728x3072, IMG_20181009_120555.jpg)

Not forgetting a mug for tea. Keeping the memento is nice anyhow.


File: 1539125444072.png (244.39 KB, 3500x3000, HuggingPoniesRainbowDash.png)

Have a nice trip. Cutting yourself off from the internet is unironically a great way to appreciate the good things of life.


no kidding. Nigger's been bitching for weeks about Kavanaugh, so it'll be nice escaping from his complaints after Kavanaugh made it instead of hearing the couple argue about it. Never used social media, so I won't be dealing with that. Won't be tuned in on all the drama regarding retarded jewtube politicians, and I won't be tempted to keep coming back to the slow-motion train wreck that is Kero the Wolf.


Landing in Sacramento now. I am an independant man now. This next ten months will probably be rough, but I want to live the strenuous life like the men who grew America from its untamed state to the foremost international power.

Not sure when my next post will be. Could be in a few hours, days, weeks or even months. I think that's a nice note to say goodbye on. Farewell, /mlpol/. Thanks for all the fish.


File: 1539196268071.jpeg (85.21 KB, 894x894, 05A4E942-90F5-499C-AFF2-D….jpeg)

Goodbye and good luck


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen.


You're in Sacramento? FUCKING KEK! That's my old stomping ground! What (general) area (downtown, Carmichael, cringe Rio Linda, Elk Grove, Roseville, etc.)? I can post suggestions and area info if you want regardless of how far out you go from there, I lived there for 15+ years. Post here if you need 411.


File: 1539242056145.jpg (41.97 KB, 588x492, _mr racist worlwide.jpg)

See you later edgy lad, i had fun playing kf2 with you, i wish i could have played some more with you.


It's alright so far although the roommate and some of the policy makers here are as shitlib as they come. Roommate asks my opinion on Richard Spencer (in response to hearing a pretty tame part of a RWDS parody), I say I don't care for him and he seems too heavily focused on larping esoteric huwiteness, and he follows up with "I don't think we're going to be friend's" - asshole even acted as though my intentions weren't genuine in joining the NCCC. Cuz I guess you can't want to do disaster relief unless you also believe in continuing white genocide.

Anyway I'm near the Airforce guys, lind-something, wasn't paying attention when they explained it.


that guy is a super cuck.


Rio Linda perhaps? Is it close to I-80?


Also, you should troll the guy. Something like:
>not friends
"I know what you mean. I can't stand it if any one of my friends has even the slightest differing opinion on ANYTHING. They can't even like the FOODS I don't like."


McClellan. i-i-it's an open campus if you wanna come over to Roy's, need advance notice to let you in my dorm but yeah Sorry uh I'll just-


File: 1539363644492.png (855.89 KB, 1600x1080, group1.png)

Yep, you're in Rio Linda, in the middle of Sac. Its a a good distance from most of the undesirable areas (avoid West Sac like the plague). If you take Dudley Blvd east it connects to Watt Ave., which is a major N/S that goes clear through Sac and connects to several of the major E/W roads. Additionally, Watt connects to I-80, from which you can connect to all the major freeways in the area.
East on I-80 (away from Sacramento) you have Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Rocklin, which get progressively nicer (and more predominantly white) as you go.
West on I-80 takes you back toward the middle of Sacramento and also connects to I-5, the major N/S freeway.
For purpose of exploring and getting one's bearings, I recommend sticking to these major roads:
Watt Ave. (N/S)
Auburn Blvd (Ne/Sw)
Madison Ave. (E/W)
Greenback Ln (E/W)
Sunrise Blvd (N/S)
Douglass Blvd (E/W)
Arden Way (E/W)

Pretty much anywhere you need to go in the immediate area will direct you to/through those streets. Auburn Blvd is the road you'll probably want to learn the area, as it goes at a diagonal while every other street in the area is almost exclusively a grid (n/s or e/w), and it will teach you the general location/connections to all those streets.
Additionally, Auburn Blvd. connects to all the other named streets so if you get turned around you can always find your way back to the base. I haven't lived in CA since '12 so I can't speak to exactly whats at each shopping center, but anytime some of the larger streets get together there's a large-scale shopping center. If you have any obscure questions let me know, I have family living in the area and I can get up-to-date info. Best of luck, hope this helps.



I don't have a car. We were made to fly here and only leaders and those who are chosen can get permission to drive one of the vans.


Use Uber and Lyft son. They're your friend, especially if you go out and drink.


Be like uncle adolf. Purity = your salvation.


Not going to disagree, but its still a great way to meet people.


File: 1539370534002.png (39.12 KB, 945x945, shrugpony___derpy_hooves__….png)

Well then you're kinda SOL anon, unless you do like >>9273 suggests and get an uber. There's also the BX (which I don't know at all) which probably has all the basics as far as food/grocery, some department (electronics, automotive, etc.) supplies, including a bike if you're feeling it.

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