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I've seen this idea on slow boards on 8chan and it seems to increase activity so let's try it here. Post in this thread every time you visit /sp/.


File: 1521422330057.png (1.01 MB, 1887x3000, D1633B1A-C462-4CEF-87A3-D4….png)

I can get down with that.


File: 1521423369293.jpg (17.12 KB, 700x343, MBNW9XO.jpg)

Is good idea


File: 1521426816648.jpg (46.2 KB, 810x454, 5f0.jpg)



File: 1521426946572.jpg (315.82 KB, 1939x2048, DWTZEUjU0AAsoXK.jpg large.jpg)



File: 1521428262789.jpg (82.16 KB, 772x775, chem52.jpg)

Why not?


File: 1521434630299.gif (132.66 KB, 965x415, 1524707__safe_artist-colon….gif)


File: 1521445079215.png (1.26 MB, 6000x3709, 1520241116396.png)


File: 1521449171615.gif (85.8 KB, 270x300, KaiserWilhelmDancing.gif)

Oh boy, I'll be posting a lot in here then.


File: 1521467495418.png (324.32 KB, 1293x1748, 1546335__safe_artist-colon….png)

What food should I cook tomorrow /sp/?


Spaghetti and meat sauce.
Lightly fry Onions, Garlic, Chilli in a pot (also pepper).
Add ground tomatoes.
Let it simmer for 30-60 minutes.
Add fried minced meat.
Let it simmer some more.
Boil spaghetti.
Then eat and enjoy.


You should have a burger


Hot Pockets



File: 1521499808196.png (37.19 KB, 194x250, retro lunar filly.png)

Fast to show your devotion to God.


File: 1521502282016.jpg (139.62 KB, 972x1280, 1.jpg)

Get a crock pot if you don't already have one. Here's what I like to make:

>get a pork roast, usually they're like 8 or 9 bucks

>get a bottle of liquid smoke and some sea salt
>rub pork roast with sea salt
>put that shit in the crock pot
>pour liquid smoke all over the salt rubbed pork roast
>turn on the fucking crock pot
>go do something else for like 3 or 4 hours
>come back home to delicious fucking barbecue pork
>dump some sauce on that shit, serve it on rice, make sandwiches with it, whatever you want faggot, you've earned it









File: 1521614762489.jpeg (2.66 MB, 4128x2322, 1491283089690.jpeg)


File: 1521661685425.jpg (58.51 KB, 750x734, acute.jpg)



File: 1521666916977.jpg (58.4 KB, 600x600, 1519317538444.jpg)


File: 1521667470570.png (355.8 KB, 811x676, Monster-Musume-Anime-Miia-….png)


File: 1521669323997.png (323.45 KB, 821x752, Pinky And Doomguy.png)




File: 1521750160890-0.jpg (227.71 KB, 576x738, xxfW5lP.jpg)


File: 1521750477038.jpg (146.23 KB, 500x860, 1521677685877.jpg)


File: 1521786090902.gif (684.41 KB, 800x732, 1478586608306.gif)


File: 1521787222086-0.png (430.79 KB, 640x400, tumblr_p2oxgybzpV1rna0heo1….png)

This is way too much work.


File: 1521789700998.png (1.48 MB, 1174x882, oyvey.png)


File: 1521808528766.png (816.89 KB, 720x720, dqcm6oex1sm01.png)


File: 1521822203757.jpg (60.87 KB, 600x849, 1521574689563.jpg)


File: 1521863462710.jpg (116.03 KB, 800x682, FreeHelicopterTours.jpg)


File: 1521863963946.jpg (92.34 KB, 1200x1200, lewd.jpg)


File: 1521931668977.jpeg (62.89 KB, 736x736, 8D7219B1-D92E-4BAE-81B4-0….jpeg)


File: 1521948656632.gif (379.47 KB, 364x432, 571663__safe_solo_applejac….gif)


File: 1521948833690.png (Spoiler Image, 176.01 KB, 796x670, 1513224602419.png)



File: 1522214442136.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1628.JPG)




File: 1522269691117-0.png (306.34 KB, 589x589, 1522252765432.png)


File: 1522294805341.jpeg (14.95 KB, 539x596, 1456188738301.jpeg)


File: 1522356203390.jpeg (15.17 KB, 180x280, download (10).jpeg)


File: 1522479825433.png (552.88 KB, 960x640, IMG_1073.PNG)


File: 1522608456557.png (289.76 KB, 800x1127, snug_bug.png)




sleep tight, pizza


File: 1522881395327.jpg (82.24 KB, 630x630, 24651_0.jpg)


File: 1522910291094.png (201.95 KB, 1023x1162, 1500240283411-0.png)


File: 1522937725011.png (1.05 MB, 1280x930, 2f1ecb8064fa91b80cc7b748e5….png)




File: 1523159619852.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1404, 1489702142269.png)

Don't mind me…


File: 1523160399015.png (186.23 KB, 614x354, Twilight_Sparkle_Crazy_S2E….png)

There you are! I've been looking all over for you…


File: 1523220033252-0.jpg (96.63 KB, 600x484, 1523219181233.jpg)


File: 1523314926004.png (332.21 KB, 1024x576, 1441597163757.png)

Not scared…


File: 1523334798933.jpg (49.75 KB, 800x450, obi-wan.jpg)

This is not the filly you are looking for.


File: 1523402485676.jpg (82.26 KB, 960x960, 1521664396600.jpg)

Going to the store. You guys want anything?


File: 1523405459111.png (Spoiler Image, 250.3 KB, 720x814, 4321342143.png)

Sure, I'll take the unnecessary namefagging with a side of filly.
Pic related.


File: 1523423741096.png (30.71 KB, 250x300, 1523004705260.png)

Tourist from hirochan reporting in. I talked to some peeps here after a raid and they told me to come have a look if I was ever bored


File: 1523424283067.png (40.94 KB, 250x187, 1505862718272-0.png)

Welcome you'r secret is safe with us


>Why keyboard, why do you keep doing this to me


File: 1523432546195.png (119.14 KB, 484x601, poner.png)

don't mind poner, poner just taking a break from poner thread


File: 1523769734822.png (3.73 MB, 3840x2160, 12342134.png)

Maybe if I chill over here I won't have to write an update tonight…


File: 1523777566030.jpg (771.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1521701768285.jpg)

Chill here maaaaan


File: 1523808157467.gif (352.25 KB, 256x144, 1466013667593.gif)

Well, I guess I'm honour-bound to comply, now aren't I?


File: 1523814430030.png (245.17 KB, 400x528, 1523397159283.png)


File: 1524104328493.png (58.7 KB, 312x429, b7fac22ae9d5e298683f1de7b1….png)

Oh shit what do?


Burn everything.


File: 1524119892584.jpg (80.45 KB, 1024x441, 1524021184638.jpg)




File: 1524170523754.png (1.14 MB, 1280x2000, 1015250__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1524174139663.png (534.56 KB, 1280x1920, 1515348094934.png)

I came, I posted, I left.


File: 1524251462702.jpg (243.6 KB, 800x1200, adolf-hitler-9340144-3-raw.jpg)

Happy birthday Hitler!


File: 1524408586034-0.png (339.69 KB, 647x1000, S2komNj.png)

File: 1524408586034-1.png (401.55 KB, 647x1000, bPa33nw.png)

File: 1524408586034-2.png (487.06 KB, 647x1000, zthbW3h.png)

File: 1524408586034-3.png (457.29 KB, 647x1000, RptdIwA.png)

File: 1524408586034-4.png (435.91 KB, 647x1000, tXXqxZJ.png)


File: 1524434112522.png (685.08 KB, 1080x720, 1522954393059.png)


File: 1524478091170.jpg (88.03 KB, 645x1080, 1522459087736.jpg)


File: 1524512883686-0.png (286.19 KB, 739x662, 1524508763653.png)


Best Korea, best cartoon.


This is the best thing I've read in days.


File: 1524777131508-0.png (1.35 MB, 1136x1067, 1524770644465.png)


File: 1524815623229.png (12.1 KB, 398x397, 1524591199327.png)

looks like someone was on /pol/ the same time as me last night



I gave it a spin.
It was pretty shitty that night though…


File: 1524844862135.jpeg (35.98 KB, 268x268, download (12).jpeg)


File: 1524940214861.jpeg (40.84 KB, 1508x926, nUKe.jpeg)



File: 1525378300488.jpg (166.01 KB, 777x1126, 1525375384711.jpg)



File: 1525408283017.png (282.24 KB, 666x489, DO_IT_FOR_HER.png)


File: 1525473688930.jpg (143.13 KB, 833x696, 2ea1feab4457cf1e29799d5819….jpg)


File: 1525496519166.png (12.89 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1525497039015.gif (8.96 MB, 640x480, 1668259__safe_artist-colon….gif)



᚛ᚔ ᚒᚐᚅᚈ ᚈᚑ ᚉᚒᚋ ᚔᚅᚄᚔᚇᚓ ᚏᚐᚔᚅᚁᚑᚒ ᚇᚐᚄᚆ᚜


File: 1525542721597.jpg (79.02 KB, 533x800, 1525059143645-0.jpg)


File: 1525567326668.png (466.43 KB, 1422x1704, 1721450__safe_bon bon_mayo….png)


File: 1525585707846.png (544.82 KB, 768x768, 0837509161351.png)


File: 1525585780795.jpeg (8.91 KB, 259x194, images (6).jpeg)


File: 1525634152905.png (18.69 KB, 374x311, 1726071__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1525827627182.png (277.36 KB, 710x509, 75c96bf378ab02ffaa44b8166f….png)



Dammit, image didn't attach correctly


how many of you niBBas had a grilled cheese lately?


File: 1525987827885.png (715.51 KB, 1670x1620, 1498524069643.png)

ayy lmao


File: 1525995014595.jpg (112.52 KB, 850x830, bbe3cf7bb9e0f90eab1a42ef01….jpg)


File: 1526003286766.png (233.67 KB, 696x736, 1525886910137.png)


File: 1526373596958.png (316.72 KB, 663x513, 1491560241446.png)


I do not associate with niggers


File: 1526395208794.png (109.48 KB, 550x285, 3ae.png)


File: 1526430090278.jpg (14.38 KB, 281x307, f5c333b9fa8f36080722f29350….jpg)


File: 1526526658153-0.png (116.16 KB, 1920x926, Noufilly.png)

File: 1526526658153-1.png (12.21 KB, 500x250, 1523255430796.png)

File: 1526526658153-2.png (172.9 KB, 1920x926, Comfy_FIlly.png)

Fillies of the highest quality comin' right atcha.


File: 1526569409229.png (11.32 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Just a rough sketch, but I think I might be Lone-tier some day…
A man can dream, can’t he?


File: 1527526439103.png (12.7 MB, 5999x3845, 1743606__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1527532158395.jpg (197.58 KB, 777x1073, Moriya.Suwako.full.286027.jpg)


File: 1527554943309.jpg (144.47 KB, 600x1600, d53.jpg)


File: 1527555088231.jpg (62.42 KB, 480x480, 14677288_144117152730161_2….jpg)


File: 1527558007695.png (301.84 KB, 570x684, 1527396763986.png)


File: 1527692971915.jpg (534.05 KB, 1200x1696, e1719bae970976526b9957a642….jpg)



File: 1527718247144.jpg (202.42 KB, 680x750, 1527709473157.jpg)


File: 1527722875208.jpg (149.11 KB, 960x819, here-s-what-you-need-to-kn….jpg)

I remember there being an AJ version of this pic. Does anypony have it?


File: 1527777959203.jpg (45.04 KB, 510x765, wm-dolls-163cm-h-cup-reali….jpg)


File: 1527780715521.png (157.12 KB, 800x599, 1527645944698.png)


File: 1527822717902.jpg (221.2 KB, 1920x1080, AJ edit.jpg)

Here you go anon hope you enjoy it!


>No hooves


File: 1527838308877.jpg (148.13 KB, 1216x1226, 1527066386499.jpg)


File: 1527866620451-0.jpg (132.77 KB, 1024x691, 1527842739471.jpg)


File: 1527877304420.png (898.08 KB, 935x1094, elf_nazi_ss_officer.png)


File: 1527971315533.png (448.77 KB, 711x1006, senpai_by_kleineluhnar-d85….png)


File: 1528129947810.jpg (91.23 KB, 600x450, 4b9cee54a7dd9686a09a5355af….jpg)


File: 1528310779883-0.gif (265.17 KB, 750x700, 1528306558903.gif)


File: 1528329530678.png (612.3 KB, 484x1000, 34599875b85b192fa581a12caf….png)


File: 1528399458334.jpg (194.48 KB, 666x1024, 1528381790472m.jpg)




File: 1528409749378.jpg (1.85 MB, 1750x2453, 2394766ad91a7b0f1160806c43….jpg)


Alright, I can do that


File: 1528424476849.jpg (269.28 KB, 790x1200, Red Skull 2016 speech.jpg)

>he's supposed to be the villain


Marvel has become a parody of itself.


Usually, liberals try to twist other ideologies to make them seem more evil, but this guy is pretty much on the nose…


File: 1528457072792.png (342.3 KB, 400x400, 1484534968718.png)


File: 1528497130281-0.jpg (65.93 KB, 468x385, 1527588352673.jpg)




File: 1528602880290.gif (1.02 MB, 600x430, 9fcb7f17f4e4923f09522154ae….gif)


File: 1528649492608.png (222.73 KB, 480x743, 1112616__safe_artist-colon….png)


This brings flashbacks of plants and thiefs hitting a tree from the back while the knight complains


When you say hitting from the back, is that a lewd reference?


File: 1528805756463-0.jpg (119.95 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nw4yfkAeyi1th9wxho1….jpg)

File: 1528805756463-1.jpg (261.54 KB, 1024x768, 1462714252236.jpg)


File: 1528918366803.jpg (49.33 KB, 480x696, 1528913800293.jpg)


Rogues do it from behind


File: 1528925611347.png (81.66 KB, 903x661, 50c.png)


File: 1529005777270.gif (38.95 KB, 399x369, oi.gif)


File: 1529077100769.png (486.76 KB, 1341x980, 1504651440468.png)


File: 1529129200903.png (92.48 KB, 785x730, DSP very ugly.png)

/s/ave the /p/ig


File: 1529168719751.jpg (233.2 KB, 940x828, charliechaplinfandommeetup.jpg)


Funny how Youtube is now a forum for serious political debate. I wish it was more impartial tho.


File: 1529212508507.jpg (62.24 KB, 512x483, 144e2709756d471deb75a1f2f1….jpg)


File: 1529420648536.png (2.51 MB, 1332x2074, 1529401682805.png)


File: 1529438542410.png (147.38 KB, 450x600, medium.png)



File: 1529525596672.jpg (118.14 KB, 1005x1023, 1460241788277.jpg)


File: 1529540080205.mp4 (3.2 MB, 640x360, Squidward_gets_his_weenie_….mp4)


File: 1529695113081.jpg (29.79 KB, 341x395, 1529686502573.jpg)


I need more of this beautiful art.


File: 1529764499299-0.jpg (458.38 KB, 750x960, 1529763376014.jpg)


File: 1529766482028.jpg (194.71 KB, 850x446, 1529612099209.jpg)


File: 1529853775851.jpg (39.12 KB, 501x373, 421566_110052819134743_182….jpg)


File: 1529889711679.jpg (94.88 KB, 1206x762, 198572134.jpg)


File: 1529974447137.png (503.55 KB, 807x799, 432176.png)


File: 1530020290641.png (226.45 KB, 500x649, tumblr_p2l6ncq8hg1srxce4o1….png)


File: 1530024231522-0.png (1.98 MB, 1771x1319, 1530017692492.png)


File: 1530149410142.png (85.81 KB, 334x377, 1525988843587.png)


File: 1530175212245.jpg (133.6 KB, 960x578, kjMDk8OH-ZVr0nJvKb5gel2ORG….jpg)


File: 1530176200410.jpg (143.99 KB, 640x577, every-communist-deserves-a….jpg)


File: 1530191477307.jpg (91.87 KB, 504x639, Values_f86952_6334173.jpg)


File: 1530195266839.png (443.06 KB, 600x600, 163h-198b-9__67541.1516138….png)

That portraits the male point of view perfectly.
Women are more valuable than men, evolutionary speaking, since one man can impregnate multiple women, but women can only get impregnated by one men every 10 months, the value of women increases.
Of course, the desire of men is to copulate with as much women as they can, so for men all the value that there is in a woman is for him to have a child with her.
All the value a man sees whitin another man is an alliance they can make so both of them get some kind of benefit when it comes to getting women or resources to get women.

Women on the other hand where supposed to be good mothers, a woman might not be the perfect wife but as long as she is a great mother, she would be fullfilling her function.
Get our society to pressure people into not wanting children creating a hostile envriorment for personal growth like our current economy and you get what we have today, a confused society that's slowly losing its sanity.

I don't know what comes next, but it's really interesting to watch all of this unfolding.


File: 1530320164688.jpg (30.83 KB, 600x750, 44b.jpg)


File: 1530383517971.png (8.97 KB, 305x307, naziswastika.png)


File: 1530453129444-0.jpg (230.36 KB, 741x1024, 1530432158779m.jpg)

File: 1530453129444-1.jpg (86.05 KB, 1024x580, 1530422720434m.jpg)

File: 1530453129444-2.jpg (98.94 KB, 750x972, 1530425693199.jpg)

File: 1530453129444-3.jpg (83.07 KB, 1024x622, 1530424614369m.jpg)

File: 1530453129444-4.jpg (66.72 KB, 850x456, 1530426983257.jpg)


I especially like the second one, it reminds me of that one guy who fused with his sofa


>it reminds me of that one guy who fused with his sofa


Searched for it and found it…
>I think I must have suppressed the memory of reading about it
Obese Ohio Man Dies After Being Fused to Chair for 2 Years


That is horrifying.


File: 1530502195787.png (597.39 KB, 1114x805, 7389dbfcc7e7df6c6c882d262c….png)


File: 1530506151188.gif (713.28 KB, 431x560, 1530198511787.gif)


File: 1530528855858.jpg (72.46 KB, 793x768, 1528969301404.jpg)





File: 1530741438649.jpg (270.92 KB, 955x1200, 5813fbe63d90687269bc66860c….jpg)


File: 1530752638628.png (186.31 KB, 726x538, And_The_Filly_Was_Happy.png)

Wowee you sure are an edgy faggot


File: 1530760747664.jpg (237.99 KB, 800x1659, AutisticFibrosis.jpg)


File: 1530912532557.gif (1.08 MB, 300x300, 1u5Fqbl.gif)


File: 1530933516056-0.jpg (527.5 KB, 1280x1280, 1530931024429.jpg)


File: 1530939299115.png (188.47 KB, 473x496, 1530937724680.png)


File: 1530939464239.jpg (57.28 KB, 720x707, 1530937883083.jpg)


File: 1530953025871.png (422.87 KB, 768x768, 1514375930534.png)


Those look pretty fake.


You speak as though there's any doubt.


File: 1530976573459.jpg (49.92 KB, 960x568, CuttingSpoonInHalf.jpg)


File: 1530999887708-0.jpg (37.11 KB, 536x481, 1530998816301.jpg)


File: 1531059795753-0.png (1.75 MB, 1124x710, 1531052471819.png)


File: 1531102015189.jpg (22.76 KB, 599x399, 1531101901993.jpg)


File: 1531147444245.jpg (1.37 MB, 3120x4160, Hape.jpg)


File: 1531322329217.jpg (76.54 KB, 403x1024, 1531322138786.jpg)




His eyes are like pools of darkness.


He's seen darkness clearly, and he's willing to fight it, no matter what it takes.


File: 1531544510934.png (19.59 KB, 500x461, 1323642227001_1.png)


I'm so ronery so ronery so ronery and sadry arone.


File: 1531746955558.jpeg (69.89 KB, 1200x675, JordanBPeterson.jpeg)

Clean your room, anon.


But I already did and I am still ronery.


File: 1531927689764.jpg (125.58 KB, 529x1024, 1531927354987.jpg)


File: 1531932115432.png (424.03 KB, 502x687, christian-terrorism-from-w….png)


Ironically defending your point of view is the lowest argument possible. Why should I take what some mouthbreathing 30 year old Boomer takes seriously if he's crying and laughing at the joke he's turned himself into?


File: 1531933743951-0.jpg (1.12 MB, 4959x4968, 1531933009883.jpg)


File: 1531935141120-0.png (511.42 KB, 626x750, 1531934022389.png)


File: 1531936136198-0.jpg (633.51 KB, 960x1299, 1531929549696.jpg)


File: 1531953566452.png (696.96 KB, 800x600, JesusWhippingJews.png)


File: 1532148865944.gif (815.5 KB, 528x555, 1530351811462.gif)


File: 1532397486893-0.png (594.63 KB, 1007x567, 1532397395837.png)


File: 1532444516374-0.jpg (386.7 KB, 881x848, 1532430094106.jpg)


File: 1532464950184-0.png (476.8 KB, 530x767, 1532464658229.png)


File: 1532477116392.png (864.15 KB, 1920x1080, 5315.png)

Like four behind


File: 1532477146210.png (633.07 KB, 802x894, 241235215321.png)


File: 1532477180632.jpg (56.54 KB, 319x323, 1518748163643.jpg)

Getting flood detected, heh.


File: 1532477305009.jpg (78.17 KB, 900x750, 1526966354138-1.jpg)

Alrighty, last one.


File: 1532479349058.jpg (39.67 KB, 599x384, 1491155873287.jpg)


File: 1532560497558.jpg (83.3 KB, 1024x696, HomeAloneRainbowSixSiege.jpg)


sp is a boring board, UB is better


File: 1532598426441.jpg (70.93 KB, 320x290, 1507868300840.jpg)



File: 1532700632650.jpg (139.42 KB, 740x960, (you).jpg)


File: 1532743095268.jpeg (25.96 KB, 1055x567, Drawing.jpeg)

One more visit for the log.


File: 1532814613319.png (1.34 MB, 1280x638, 4bc46df88728fbd0734d51f84d….png)


File: 1532815090098.jpg (38.43 KB, 727x480, 1530588098843.jpg)


File: 1532944538767.jpg (85.47 KB, 750x1291, sg6dzoqi4esz.jpg)


File: 1532989345071-0.png (558.88 KB, 964x458, 1532988834319.png)


File: 1533003688160.png (70.22 KB, 240x298, hmmmm.png)



File: 1533009644091.png (398.27 KB, 900x724, 5321512512515.png)


File: 1533011934767-0.jpg (82.2 KB, 992x806, f144c6035f43aba7da8f59cfb6….jpg)

Abuseniggers pls leave


File: 1533012590774.png (1.97 MB, 4410x3000, 1491195775844.png)




File: 1533340968668.jpg (26.88 KB, 546x395, 4ad.jpg)


Is this time to duel?


File: 1533451646321.jpg (274.81 KB, 1500x1178, 1508264931828.jpg)


File: 1533530562216.jpg (31.81 KB, 540x592, (((MORT GOLDMAN))).jpg)


File: 1533686549418.gif (10.11 MB, 1600x1200, 8378__safe_artist-colon-ri….gif)


File: 1533699512169.png (112.45 KB, 358x713, MINI.png)


File: 1533761405801.jpg (530.54 KB, 878x1971, (((lauren southern))).jpg)


File: 1533767001331.png (340.33 KB, 657x780, 1533758370378.png)


File: 1533909696388.jpg (345.22 KB, 1543x1474, 1533902502294.jpg)


File: 1533949401233.jpg (2.57 MB, 1886x2175, why.jpg)


File: 1534093934217.png (226.56 KB, 500x362, 033.png)



File: 1534094642766.gif (93.2 KB, 616x616, duck tales dove.gif)


File: 1534164427266.png (1.28 MB, 1158x1158, 1531757309769.png)


How to improve this site and the board?
I think the catalog is too large and that makes the board even more stagnant that it even is


File: 1534177020995.jpg (191.01 KB, 777x758, 1534175745921.jpg)


File: 1534181604214.jpg (186.44 KB, 1080x1041, 1534179083838.jpg)


>.. and a cloud


File: 1534195987175-0.png (197.1 KB, 612x432, 1534193804927.png)

File: 1534195987175-1.jpg (174.46 KB, 1200x775, 1534183171299.jpg)

File: 1534195987175-2.jpg (98 KB, 1024x419, 1534186538966.jpg)


File: 1534198167296.jpg (414.1 KB, 1200x1200, WalkingInTheCity.jpg)


File: 1534215877711.gif (2.74 MB, 720x960, Its just a picture.gif)


Really it's just the nogs here that are the issue. The Africans that have made it over here on their own from Africa are usually respectable enough people.


The only successful, intelligent, human niggers are the brownish ones who've had most of the black idiocy bred out of them.
Their IQ has raised from nigger-tier to Jew-tier, and they cry racism 24/7.
Rare black people leave black culture behind entirely, and evolve sentience and free will. They are resented by black society for "Acting White" and they are called "Uncle Tom" by their former brothers.
The blacker someone is, the stupider he/she/it is.


Tell that to their children you fucking faggot civcuck.
Muh based second generation. Read some Aus news, fucking Judeo-Nigger.


Meant for civcuckery 8766


They can stay in their own countries.


File: 1534420058376.png (450.23 KB, 720x544, tumblr_p7orqxRVPM1wbi0hao1….png)


Thank you wifi Jesus


Thank you WiFi Jesus


File: 1534459618700.png (283.75 KB, 500x375, 1478379793659.png)



File: 1534601763196.jpg (80.04 KB, 700x549, Sometimes-I-think-that-No-….jpg)


File: 1534613165788.jpg (39.8 KB, 500x423, 1532778546295.jpg)


File: 1534650167008-0.png (192.28 KB, 459x624, yeb-chan.png)


File: 1534657740513.png (539.11 KB, 980x854, _Jeb guac.png)


Chicken McNiggers


File: 1534830139018.jpg (22.42 KB, 400x400, 4108d2179aaa7416bdc84d99c7….jpg)


File: 1534832637802.jpg (158.09 KB, 1600x1200, il_fullxfull.1375602476_5c….jpg)


File: 1534982061339-0.png (657.46 KB, 1186x958, 1499923425684.png)


Why did they have to ruin it?


File: 1535063861506-0.jpg (763.11 KB, 2404x1260, pzy2YLH.jpg)

Normies ruin everything.
They came in at a rate faster than they could be assimilated; eventually, there was no culture to assimilate them into.


File: 1535187084478.jpg (184.22 KB, 1080x1080, hulk pepe.jpg)

feels bad


File: 1535245446693.png (630.18 KB, 950x1000, 1527669442629.png)

That's the best thing about /mlpol/. Normies will never come here, and if they do, they will quickly leave.


File: 1535589890991.png (207.14 KB, 669x469, 1509282681860-3.png)


File: 1535613857600.png (185.98 KB, 900x1234, hiiii.png)


File: 1535788288381-0.webm (15.87 MB, 640x360, INNADESERT'90.webm)

File: 1535788288381-1.mp4 (13.97 MB, 640x360, H O P P E W A V E _ Hans-….mp4)



Been far too long since I'v seen footage from Dessert Storm. Many thanks for posting.


File: 1536077808714-0.jpg (47.89 KB, 460x454, 1536077767323.jpg)


File: 1536102550726.jpeg (203.7 KB, 800x936, KangzMemeball.jpeg)


File: 1536390616378.jpg (93.19 KB, 568x640, 7f69b08680a081896658852903….jpg)


File: 1536896861542.jpg (69.15 KB, 1200x605, _benito mussolini spahgett….jpg)


File: 1536948656126.jpg (175.92 KB, 940x1200, 1536943351177.jpg)


File: 1537046445623.jpg (388.67 KB, 1280x828, 1536978422278.jpg)

some comfy Manehattan.


File: 1537203748641.gif (275.58 KB, 1000x1414, 1491064362120.gif)


File: 1537213076586.jpg (1.1 MB, 2925x2192, IMG_2499.JPG)

Wow! Popcorn!


File: 1537380001666.jpg (113.53 KB, 581x1107, IMG_20180919_185101.jpg)

>>9057 Damn I should of not got caught out by this but all I saw was Toki and I thought I would be safe


File: 1537395035870.gif (224.13 KB, 515x682, 1534787142723.gif)

ten heaps for ten dollars?!? holy shit sold




File: 1537401886826.jpg (190.38 KB, 680x665, 4321353.jpg)

How insightful.




Ew a Jew he might sue.


File: 1537708514603.png (11.26 KB, 500x331, tumblr_n0gk9z4CDf1spvwooo1….png)


Kek. I could believe it.




This but unironically.


Who said anything about it being ironic?


File: 1537846898842.png (389.36 KB, 720x1280, onkddmm6kzn11.png)


>Alba is Latin for white
>You could literally translate this guy's name as "White Hitler"


File: 1537893285994.png (228.45 KB, 400x600, 1536603497253.png)


File: 1538036775298.jpg (118 KB, 620x559, _bert and ernie jews.jpg)


File: 1538060691822.jpg (2.22 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2444.JPG)

Cursed images?


I fucking hate niggers.


i hate jews


I hate homosexuals.


File: 1538105494935.webm (3.85 MB, 669x641, ki ll g a y.webm)


File: 1538149738456.png (5.08 KB, 402x69, implying ptg.png)

>kills /ptg/
Nothing personal kid


Felt good.


File: 1538161195304.jpg (45.71 KB, 850x560, john-elway-nfl-denver-bron….jpg)

/ptg/ and reddit, double-tapped by John Elway


File: 1538172945490.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1197, 1538145787932.png)

I'm a big guy, I like a quick fly
I like them thick thighs.
I spoke to the cia, the agency filed names, flight plan don't list bane?
How you shoot a man before throwing him out a plane?
I'm a big guy, I'm inappropriate
I like crashing planes with my associates
Bring some explosives and watch this blow bitch
When I Invade the cockpit and crash this whole trip


File: 1538173078062.jpg (325.89 KB, 612x1800, __bowsette_and_mario_batma….jpg)


File: 1538173706591.jpg (32.49 KB, 615x630, 1526794570210-0.jpg)


File: 1538199422012.jpg (67.48 KB, 640x761, __nazi patrick.jpg)


File: 1538229844833.png (15.24 KB, 529x1088, _filly anon.png)


File: 1538230442758.jpg (94.96 KB, 1000x1427, Coldsteel the Hedgehog Ant….jpg)


hopefully soon as a princess


File: 1538242680529-0.png (781.33 KB, 618x1024, _2.png)

File: 1538242680529-1.png (479.97 KB, 612x612, ____.png)



File: 1538365433835.jpg (66.6 KB, 628x587, _elmo and grover arrest mr….jpg)


File: 1538365744996.jpg (123.03 KB, 850x1133, _2hu legs up.jpg)


File: 1538365780613.jpg (295.34 KB, 700x673, _10736-thot-destroyer.jpg)


File: 1538365816978.jpg (54.95 KB, 640x997, _bankers worse than murder….jpg)


File: 1538365883185.jpg (356 KB, 1600x2812, (((feminism))).jpg)


File: 1538365931000.jpg (1.47 MB, 3800x3841, frankfurt school.jpg)


File: 1538365990935.jpg (768.36 KB, 1608x1600, frankfurt school 2.jpg)


File: 1538366141317-0.jpg (501.74 KB, 637x637, (((fienstein))).jpg)

File: 1538366141317-1.png (251.2 KB, 810x408, (((circumsision))).png)

File: 1538366141317-2.jpg (33.8 KB, 534x307, (((antisemitism))).jpg)

File: 1538366141317-3.png (115.32 KB, 534x307, (((lenin))).png)

File: 1538366141317-4.jpg (28.42 KB, 535x308, (((genocide.jpg)


File: 1538366272801-0.jpg (36.77 KB, 532x351, (((media))).jpg)

File: 1538366272801-1.gif (263.14 KB, 648x864, anne frank hoax.gif)

File: 1538366272801-2.png (1.86 MB, 1557x1498, 1515958680352-0.png)

File: 1538366272801-3.jpg (706.19 KB, 1000x2891, 187 iq on jews.jpg)

File: 1538366272801-4.png (1.47 MB, 616x5370, 2010 crime survey.png)


File: 1538366537266-0.jpg (115.85 KB, 580x469, acab.jpg)

File: 1538366537266-1.png (25.51 KB, 536x392, 2006 homicide rates per 10….png)

File: 1538366537266-2.png (161.34 KB, 647x602, anne frank 2.png)

File: 1538366537266-3.jpg (75 KB, 850x400, ford on jews.jpg)

File: 1538366537266-4.jpg (74.07 KB, 850x400, franklin on jude.jpg)


File: 1538366666835-0.png (2.45 MB, 1240x1870, 1776 was 1488.png)


File: 1538367944739-0.gif (225.8 KB, 1181x788, Flag of the L.A.S.P.gif)


File: 1538412820927.jpg (315.48 KB, 1009x766, AverageWhiteAmericanWoman.jpg)


uniroicly why live?


File: 1538768299809.gif (838.28 KB, 586x330, rape.gif)


The trick is to live ironically.
Life is just a series of consecutive shitposts.


This. I can guarantee that if you are living unironically, you will never truly be happy. Learn to laugh at shitty jokes. Keep smiling even through the worst of it, and deep down believe that it's going to get better. Even when it doesn't, you can always laugh at yourself for being so naive.


File: 1538924290779.jpg (23.83 KB, 480x300, _coloumbia.jpg)


File: 1538925398206.jpg (72.56 KB, 1024x615, blackpill.jpg)

i dont know guys with the state of (((modern women))) it seems like the race is going to die out and it black pills the fuck out of me even thinking about it.



Whites aren't dying out anytime soon. We've still got a chance to keep fighting the good fight for the next couple centuries.
In the meantime, I'll be shitposting like I normally do.


File: 1539203520947.png (477.11 KB, 1249x395, DolFi3LW4AE8FT6.png)


File: 1539341028693.jpg (78.38 KB, 583x732, _A-_.jpg)


File: 1539391838973.jpg (403.59 KB, 960x1200, 1539388956031.jpg)

>the left can't me-


I saw something about that on 4chan, that furry guy is some team mascot the left is trying to turn into their version of Pepe or some shit. I feel like this is something we should coopt to our own purposes.

Their memes are as cringy as ever I see. The unfunny, shit writing completely devoid of both irony and humor, combined with the fact that someone with actual skill clearly put a reasonable amount of effort into drawing this makes this probably the left's worst attempt at meme creation to date.

t. meme connoisseur


I suddenly think its time for Smokey the Bear to be appropriated by the Right


File: 1539427671490.png (389.15 KB, 666x666, SpikePepe.png)

Triple kek, that is the most retarded looking character I have ever seen. Looks like a cross between Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt. Basically could be a retarded character in a two-bit cartoon whose only purpose is to cause mayhem and be comic relief.

Also is basically the exact opposite of Pepe. Pepe represents the everyman. He's ugly but in an endearing, humble way. He can show any emotion but is typically subdued, which is why he's almost always either dour or smug. Pepe just wants a regular life with friends and vidya games but the mess of modern society forces him to take action.

This schizophrenic, sociopathic sasquatch is the opposite. His design is needlessly complex, the only expression he takes is lunacy, and he goes around killing at random. Actually, this is the perfect mascot for the Left. Good choice by them.


File: 1539450396808.png (326.11 KB, 531x618, Smokey Says RESIST.png)

>be smokey the bear
>Be 2020
>Be the 9th Forrest fire this month
>head into a large city
>see a sign "Welcome to San Francisco"
>heads into a store
>see a TV
>"this is an emergency alert please evacuate the fire is headed your way!. Black block Peaceful protesters set a fire because of trump."
>flees to another city
>heads to the center of town
>finds a group of people
>gives a impassioned speech,on nature and its beauty
>gets pelted with bottles and bricks
>gets called a "Fascist,and a bigot"
>run off into a Forrest
>one of them throws a Molotov at me
>the Forrest is on fire
>runs past a "man" with a fur suit mask on his head raping a dog on the edge of the forest
>anger burns within me as i see this
>something snaps
>swipes him with my bear claws
>flees deeper into the Forrest
>be later that night
>Jewgles fascist
>1st result
>be 2025
>has taken up the swastika to help the whites fight the brown hordes
>be Leader of Death Squad 1488
>get sent on a mission to take out some local (((leadership)))
>get to a dark snow covered Forrest
>kill your way through the low level negroid and mestizo npcs
>get to the cabin hes at
>make it to the (((leadership)))
>See a chair facing the window
>walk up to the chair
>turn it around
>Oh Shit its Burnt corpse
>corpse starts beeping
>"oh shit!"
>dives into the hallway as the room is engulfed in flames
>has to flee the house as the fire is quickly spreading
>lose more than half your team in the resulting Forrest fire


>runs past a "man" with a fur suit mask on his head raping a dog on the edge of the forest
>anger burns within me as i see this
>something snaps
Yeah, that's about what my reaction was


File: 1539552196487.png (1.24 MB, 1091x1325, 1539550937971.png)


Kek, they're actually doing it. We probably can sit back and let the muppet bring them down, though a few clever works of him starting fires or beheading people would do wonders.


We could start using the muppet to turn the left against itself. You know, create OC of the muppet purging other "ideologically incompatible" positions within the left and push it HARD down their own throats.


Jesus Christ that transgender puppet is a bad meme.
>imagine being a leftist
>this "thing" is forced upon you as the "mascot" you should rally behind
>you are forced to agree with all the idiots that are promoted as speakers and put there to speak on your behalf
It is a wonder they still have any supporters. But then again leftists believe that more of the wrong policies will eventually work out, so logic is not their strong suit.


File: 1539870129752.jpg (1.48 MB, 1242x1418, 1539869195327.jpg)

/pol/ is already subverting it


File: 1539877117734.png (760.99 KB, 1024x768, _(you)1.png)




File: 1540147727797.jpg (101.62 KB, 651x585, _cat ball.jpg)


File: 1540268475813.jpeg (78.86 KB, 610x445, 1534980170044-0.jpeg)


File: 1540783107754.jpg (24.69 KB, 259x195, d6060b3b1d3f71b6f17b979feb….jpg)


File: 1540798297477.png (244.77 KB, 355x523, __unfff.png)


File: 1540866459759.png (408.23 KB, 813x471, _40k cat commisar.png)

snug slep buggo


File: 1540940601165.gif (546.26 KB, 299x299, 1540934996679.gif)


File: 1540991191490.png (951.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1540967902391-1.png)


File: 1541078301893.png (8.95 KB, 404x399, _nod XDDDDDDDDD.png)


File: 1541164259162.png (Spoiler Image, 25.24 KB, 1002x889, unknown-44.png)

There were 3190 frames.
These are the last 9 of them.
Would have taken nearly an hour at that speed.


Funny how the artist took the time to draw the burning guy's dick…


funny how you noticed…


File: 1541313239030.png (990.3 KB, 1000x1500, _annexed.png)


File: 1541320112430.png (66.33 KB, 500x379, _aoblox-teland-union-respe….png)


File: 1541353633811.jpg (478.89 KB, 960x1200, 1539391838973.jpg)

5,000 hours in MS paint


File: 1541354102652.png (379.64 KB, 900x516, 081.png)

Very funny.
Although it's really the opposite of what RWSS does.


I know, I had to work with what they gave me


File: 1541384859533.jpg (74.83 KB, 960x960, _canada grill.jpg)


File: 1542247441330.png (504.13 KB, 640x623, image0-187.png)


File: 1542296285849.jpg (306.47 KB, 2481x1473, 7464__safe_artist-colon-gs….jpg)


File: 1542304800351.jpg (58.91 KB, 960x896, FB_IMG_1542304466331.jpg)


>Twinut in Celestia-box
What did he mean by this?


File: 1542326025126.webm (7.11 MB, 640x360, _A Texas shoot out border….webm)




File: 1542379293604.png (589.54 KB, 703x890, 1542282365308.png)



File: 1542599143371.png (316.11 KB, 378x600, tumblr_omw8nr8ma61us3akso1….png)


File: 1542602408481.png (325.62 KB, 930x1048, IdeaMaleBody.png)

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


File: 1542643409885-0.png (117.77 KB, 287x300, _a mfw.png)

File: 1542643409885-1.jpg (15.18 KB, 254x254, 1526513279563.jpg)


File: 1543176551222.png (615.69 KB, 540x699, tumblr_pi5utaobW11x4gx38o1….png)


File: 1543197947183-0.png (182.55 KB, 912x876, laughing_luna_by_tamalesya….png)

This was really funny. I didn't know about this. Who knew visiting sp would actually give something.



File: 1543242378790.jpg (115.88 KB, 720x955, FB_IMG_1543241585986.jpg)





File: 1543523037208-0.jpg (58.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1543592326151.jpg (277.83 KB, 819x1024, 1543131033152m.jpg)


File: 1543782749843.png (911.11 KB, 810x828, DtWys_yWoAIETGt.png)


File: 1543785317023.jpg (86.16 KB, 887x1049, u5ux8lK.jpg)


The Left is Pissed we stole the Gay antifa meme


I guess they never miss


File: 1543901660848.jpg (79.46 KB, 540x810, _____.jpg)


File: 1544129990364.png (494.22 KB, 536x571, 47493480_2234255323562086_….png)


File: 1544135543174.jpg (132.87 KB, 1920x1080, 07bc163914c31340f48b88a5ef….jpg)


File: 1544144658894.jpg (28.5 KB, 670x318, image0-1224.jpg)


File: 1544145100706.webm (3.88 MB, 360x360, yourBrainOnSoy.webm)


File: 1544245752770.png (57.53 KB, 672x608, _a typical leaf.png)


File: 1544300590421.png (1.32 MB, 582x948, _azzz.png)


File: 1544397830702.png (809.76 KB, 800x1120, _bleached korra.png)


File: 1544488951820.png (664.2 KB, 469x810, tumblr_pjji3bdwEp1rnuwgzo1….png)


File: 1544576789642.png (735.42 KB, 500x960, 48355019_1962030403883173_….png)


File: 1544650489839.png (118.49 KB, 713x482, 1526927988618.png)


I cant get this to fill in, someone post a filled version
i swear by the gods if its another fucking happy merchant


Yeah, whoever did it is an idiot.


File: 1544716119197.jpeg (1.07 MB, 495x6711, image.jpeg)

I dont care that this post is 9 months old, y'all are having steak


This makes me want a steak.


File: 1544720673097.jpg (55.55 KB, 495x960, sonichu_movie.jpg)


File: 1544721857421.mp4 (4.02 MB, 320x240, Overcome Stress By Visuali….mp4)


This can't be real.


Okay, it isn't. I'm just retarded.


File: 1544736596729.jpg (28.16 KB, 201x251, 1530378677143.jpg)

This is going to be glorious.


Ketchup is the only real steak sauce.


>not the blood of your enemies


Sonichu movie when?


File: 1544756228224.jpg (94.32 KB, 417x566, image0-27-1.jpg)


Soon my son


File: 1544783472829.jpg (35.56 KB, 178x365, _best maymay.jpg)


You're a monster


File: 1544918194901.jpg (46.44 KB, 340x565, ___.jpg)

no u

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