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Traps are gay


So, are you, Anon.


No u


Homoerotic affection is the attraction between and another man, traps don't look like men.
This traps ain't gay, they are far worse than that, they are just plain degenerate as their mere existence is an attempt to get heteros to doubt their sexuality and fuck traps.
Traps are evil, no one falls for the "traps don't want straights" meme.


(No u)^2


The whole point of being a trap is that you're too much of a faggot to even admit you're a faggot.
So they just pretend its not gay.
Traps are basically transsexuals.
The only point of which is to fuck your own sex without it being "gay"
Or you're just fucking insane. Take your pick.


>Homoerotic affection is the attraction between and another man
Exactly this. A trap is a man. If a man is attracted to a trap, it's gay. I honestly don't understand what part of this gives people so much trouble.


It feels good, they want more sex than women, they look like women, they don't get pregnant, and they give a lot less bullshit. Wanting to obey women the way you do is pretty submissive.


If you don't know it's a man, it's not gay, when you fuck a trap knowing it's a man, it's pretty fucking gay.
My point is, someone attracted to a trap (while being gay for being attracted towards a man) it's not gay but a really degenerated person with mental health issues, as he is not attracted to a man, but a man that looks like a woman with a dick.
So liking traps is like 1 step closer to being a pedo, as traps look like children when compared to normal men.

End yourself.


I'm trying, stop pressuring me.


>It feels good
If having sex with a man feels good to you, you're gay.
>they want more sex than women
Yes, but it's gay sex. If having lots of gay sex appeals to you, you are gay by default. A straight man doesn't care how much gay sex a gay man can offer him, it doesn't sweeten the deal. It's like suggesting to a gay man that he should date a nymphomaniac woman because he will get more straight sex.
>they don't get pregnant
You will never know the joy of children and family, you will just lie around in your depressing degenerate apartment and fuck your increasingly old and unfeminine gay male crossdressing fetish toy. Have fun with that.
>give a lot less bullshit
Trannies are probably the biggest drama queens on the planet. They are mentally ill and need to be constantly reassured of their femininity because deep down they know they are living a lie. You're better off dating a bulimic or suicidal woman if you want all that baggage, at least she'll have a vagina.
>Wanting to obey women the way you do is pretty submissive
Who said anything about obeying them? Most women will naturally fall into a submissive role in a relationship if the guy she's with isn't a complete beta pussy who lets her walk all over him.

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