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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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Bitcoin is kill.
>From 20k to >8k

People who brought btc at 19k are killing thesmelves right now.


Good FUCK miners


So uh when should we start buying? What coins will survive the crash?


Bitcoin is doing down now in a bear market. When/if it goes back to 14,000 USD, then it goes back to a bull market. Some people are saying it might go real low throughout the year, even dropping to 1,000 or something in some calls, but it's hard to tell. Some people were hoping it would stay at 11,000 or shoot back it up to that for a healthy market, but it clearly went down. Some people are shilling for bitcoin cash, however there's a lot of opposition. Might be a personal thing, I don't know. There might be some perks to it. Over on /biz/, it's just a lot of shitcoin trading, so I don't know what coins will survive (if some coins even die.) Bitcoin had a lot of market sway with its growth being directly correlated to others, so it took a lot of coins down with it. Maybe there might be bull sentiments next year.
Speaking of which, some are confused on what caused the crash. Some think it was the Koreans, but it wasn't since they did not ban bitcoin and whatever regulations they implemented, it couldn't have been any worse of a shock to crypto. Another lead is a site error on the part of one of the biggest trading sites that started a panic. However I'm going with that cryptocurrency just doesn't have the infrastructure to maintain such high prices for long.


Good, that means graphics cards wont be so damn expensive soon.


Cryprocurrency was never meant to be as money anyways. At least any crypto that followed the example of bitcoin.


Why must kikes ruin everything? Is there a way that we can have a functioning crypto without kikes RUINING it?


Generally no. If they can't control it, and if it challenges their control, they will seek to ruin it.


File: 1517851516789.png (1.42 MB, 1200x800, fc2de71e34638600c4653d85be….png)

Take me down to pink wojak city where the graphs are red and the coins are shitty

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