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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1515180566734-0.jpg (5.59 KB, 183x275, download (22).jpg)

File: 1515180566734-1.jpg (6.92 KB, 226x223, download (21).jpg)


Just wanted to tell you all that I'm going bald.
What should I do with my hair? I was thinking gold old mad man look.


why not become a nazi skinhead?


Get plugs


>tfw conehead


File: 1515206624516-0.jpg (94.2 KB, 620x679, baldy man.jpg)

File: 1515206624516-1.jpg (411.61 KB, 1200x1715, beard styles.jpg)


men with balding hair usually have high testosterone and/or high intelligence. A man should not care too much about his hair, it is frivolous activity reserved for women and homosexuals. wear a proper beard to portray your manlyness and embrace your becoming of age.


Get a toupee


Yeah, just wanted to see if you guys knew different ways. Like I said, probs go for bearded homeless mad man look.


File: 1515208331172.png (135.04 KB, 850x850, 101655.png)


alternatively, you could become a live action roleplayer and dress yourself like a medieval man and talk in old english exclusively. Also i dont know if that is your actual IRL face or if you are just bullshitting. But you should probably not post your mug on MLPOL. people might get ideas…


If it's him, he looks like my old economics professor. But yes, SCA makes everything better.


File: 1515220797794.jpg (33.46 KB, 640x480, Elefantenfrish.jpg)

consider getting a pet bird too



No I just searched bald man on Google. Its only begun, still have lush waves but the pincer movement has begun.

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