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Jewish Newspaper slanders Youtube Music Critic for being an Alt Right Nazi - Meme Channel destroyed

Anthony Fantano is a vegan bald hipster and wannabe memelord in his mid thirties, married and most notably known for his rather famous Youtube Channel "The Needle Drop" with 1M+ subscribers, on which he reviews Music from all walks as a professional Music Critic for a living. Fantano by himself is not much of a lolcow, he himself describes himself as a (former) 4chan oldfag with his works commonly shared on the Music board /mu/ and usually well received and regarded among his peers of content creators on Youtube.

Despite his objective success in operating his Youtube channel as a business and possibly being the most succesful Music Critic on the Internet he recently came under fire by the jew-owned Online Newsblog "the Fader", where the author (((Ezra Marcus))) wrote a hit piece against him, accusing him of being a Neo-Nazi and harboing an audience of alt right racists on his second Youtube Account, ThatIsThePlan.

Main Links:

ED Article

Kiwi Thread

Anthony Fantanos Main Channel - The Needle Drop

Sample of Fantanos works:

The Needle Drop Reviews Pink Season by Filthy Frank

Pepe the Frog Meme review (Fall 2016) - Guest Starring YourMovieSucks and Brendaniel Reads


File: 1512596575226.gif (426.71 KB, 450x420, Anthony_Fantano_king_of_mu.gif)

ThatIsthePlan is/was the secondary Youtube Channel of Fantano, which he largely used for esotheric shitposting and unrelated videos. During the Presidential Election 2016 Memetic Infotainment became a trend and Fantano decided to turn his side channel into an ironic meme education channel with considerable success (This was before the Rise of Behind the Meme, with which Fantano later had a feude on his own) Some of his most viewed videos included Harambe the Gorilla, Dat Boi and Pepe the Frog shortly after his indictment as a Hate Symbol by the (((ADL))). (Who is also part of the Youtube Heroes flagger program)

In the wake of the slander article from October 2017, Fantanos secondary channel was permanently globally demonetized. Subsequently Fantano removed all videos on the channel and declared it defunct. Despite his rebuttal of the accusatory Fader article, Fantano planned Speech Tour was completely canceled after his planning agent received threats and angry responses from sponsors and journalists. As a subscriber exclusively to Fantanos Meme Channel I can say that I never cared about his Music channel in the first place and that the accusations in regards to his political leaning are not just wrong but also overexaggerated. Sadly, Fantano qualifies more towards the left leaning ideology spectrum. Despite being widely hated by the SJW crowd, he remains largely skeptic towards right leaning political concepts.


File: 1512596679767.jpg (41.48 KB, 1280x720, balding.jpg)


Hey, OP. You do a lot of drama threads, why don't you make one about the "alt right" vs. the skeptics thing going on now? Particularly the Kraut & Tea going against science (and Alt Hypeothesis) bit. It's political and one of the dramas I actually find both informative and entertaining. It's perfect for /sp/.


File: 1512647468035.jpg (702.41 KB, 946x1341, 4ae.jpg)


I was never subscribed to Kraut and Tea, I have most skeptic channels blacklisted since Candid Gate. I just make Drama threads about things, people or events that I find interesting or have a somewhat personal relation to.

Feel free to make such a thread yourself if you find enough Material though.


File: 1512652892724.png (171.38 KB, 371x399, SargoyofMossad.png)

Skeptics are now cancer as they've made "muh liberalism" their orthodoxy and rarely hesitate to call the alt-right "right-wing SJWs" despite it's the skeptics who refuse to look at the science on race-realism and demographics.

I was subscribed to Sargon and used to respect him, despite differing political views, because he acknowledged the concerns of the alt-right as legitimate and was willing to discuss them with figureheads. This past week, though, he singlehandedly every shred of intellectual honesty and repute he had after mirroring Kraut's video. After (falsely) blaming the alt-right for taking it down and being corrected he not only refused to apologize but made an entire video calling us "moralfagging." It's not the first time Sargon's disrespected his subscriberbase but it seems now he really wants to turn it into a "le enlightened centrist" circlejerk. He's no better than a SJW at this point.



I've since unsubscribed from the "le skeptics" long since, but it's very funny to see them blunder over race realism. Watching a few familar faces crumble due to their own hubris is pure schadenfreude. I recommend Alt Hype's retorts to get started with the drama.

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