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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1504470016395.png (126.12 KB, 532x823, She's yours, I swear.png)




File: 1504472500145.jpg (106.39 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Kick it, is voodoo


Rarity would fuck a zebra.


Yeah… I wouldn't doubt it.




I doubt it, no one beats big mac


It's funny because rarara is a slut.


File: 1504480799654-0.png (214.18 KB, 500x345, 741953__questionable_artis….png)

The correct term is "whore".


File: 1504484850743.png (917.74 KB, 1050x822, 1491184599031.png)


>Make-up running


Do you have the pic of rara with the gun and crying pls?


A whore does it for money, a slut for pleasure.
She's totally a slut.


File: 1504485838253-0.png (444.38 KB, 2000x1045, 1485441__suggestive_artist….png)

Trips demand respect.
Rararararara is a slut. Everyone stop calling her a whore.


File: 1504489896580-0.jpeg (633 KB, 868x868, 1525752__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Look at what all you bullies did to her!
Stop slut-shaming!


File: 1504490995233.png (217.34 KB, 572x521, enoughrara.png)


File: 1504570347903.gif (132.53 KB, 314x280, 1032453__safe_screencap_sp….gif)

in front of spike and everything no doubt.


Poor Spike can't catch a break..


File: 1504570779809.jpg (334.68 KB, 550x550, 1421490508239.jpg)

Spike would be jerking off in the spike shack.


File: 1504572520242.png (468.92 KB, 3000x3254, 1503987711456.png)

I never liked spike tbh. If I could draw I'd prolly make all kinds of porn of him getting cucked.


I have an older sister who blackmailed me into doing heavy-lifting and setting up her shit when she invited her friends over for tea-parties, so I can relate to him quite a bit…


Fuck, my older sister used to do that too me too.
Middle-school girls are fucking terrifying…


File: 1504619235142.jpg (26.48 KB, 300x326, catdocoke.jpg)


>visiting my friend once when I was 12

>his sister regularly annoys me and even charges at me once
>assume my ebin karate stance
>she screams and runs off
>I'm not allowed to come over any more after this


File: 1504848019026.png (429.94 KB, 1200x1081, 1530294__explicit_artist-c….png)


File: 1504926140936.gif (1.41 MB, 916x544, image.gif)


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