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Post here when drunk or high or whatever.
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LSD was a let down. Made me feel weird for a bit and some wavy visuals but nothing special.


Drugs are overrated.


Heh. What kind of faggot would be into that?


and over priced.


Its not for everyone certainly, and environment is a critical factor in getting the most out of an experience (as with any psychedelic). The primary effect/purpose/experience of LSD is to break a person of their conventionally socialized perception, the beginning of a process of self-realization and determination, which can be done by any variety of experiences that are observably less damaging to the body than acid. Constructively, it can be a/the 'initial' redpill, but there are many ways to achieve the same effect without substances.


s-shut up lone


Trying acid again this time I am 3 beers and a hit of weed in. Hopefully something interesting happens.


File: 1540010934589.jpg (29.48 KB, 474x330, soon.jpg)

Hello again acid anon. How goes it? It should be kicking in soon. What are your intentions? Is there something you are looking for?
A friend once told me that psychedelics are a spirit, in the sense that they alter perception along the lines of the compound and how they interact with human physiology. When the spirit comes to take you, you should go where it takes you but not unless you're in a safe place. Stay safe anon.


Definitely feeling something this time and I just took some molly.


Oooh, candy-flipping. Never had the chance, but stay hydrated regardless


At a rave party right now. I just spun fire and am balancing a Gatorade on my head.


I'm getting drunk and I feel like making new friends. Any suggestions where I can find those?


That depends on how superficial you are anon


I'm baked




420'000 blazeed


How to stop getting shitfaced every day?


When life takes away almost everything but your whiskey, you feel your inner oirishman start to seep out.

Please help me.


God I love me some whiskey.


Tell me the secret if you figure it out.


Nothing quite like a glass of whiskey before the strike of noon. Real depression hours, better get out the trap porn.


I wish I had some whiskey, but all I have is this bottle of wine.


Beer is good for you


Trying some new drinks tonight now that I'm not too poor for gas money. Mike's hard lemonade is great, Redd's apple ale is pretty good. I'm gonna sleep well tonight, especially now that Cali's feeling those heavy winter rainstorms.


>poni will never be beside you to drink with you and share your drunken misery
>ywn cuddle a horse while rambling about the griffins
>ywn wake up to the confused neighing of a normal horse before realizing you cuddled and fucked an actual drunk horse in a drunken stupor of your own, thinking she was Berry Punch


I can't sleep and I've had a lot to drink. Just fighting myself and losing while watching youtube on my pgone. I just caught wind of TF2 Jump Axademy putting out their second map and feel the oveewhelming self hatred drom my time with them. I remember how wortgless I felt being stuck on the final part of the pogo course. Hours of anger and frustration. Two moderators' help and constant encouragement, leading up to nothing but disappointment. I failed them and myself. I had no excuses, nobody to blame but myself for seeking competitive and high skill games to fill the void in mg meaningless existence. All my high school years wasted gaming and my adult life plagued with addictive media consumptiob. Games are my only skill and I'm godaaful at them.

I don't know what I was trying to say gere. I just want to send someone this diatrive and scream into the void. And wiyh no, like, social skills, social network accounts, orbfriends to speak of, yhis.is basically it.


>Games are my only skill and I'm godaaful at them.
Consider going to trade school, anon.


Maybe. In a few months I might have the money to try it out. Been driving around not drunk, that's only for bars and home looking for places to work or to help me with shit. Found out thrre are some blue collar places west of me. Might apply for a position as an electrician or concrete mixer or something, or maybe privaye aecurity is better just so I can ensure having my current job to fall back on while working night or morning shifts.

But whatever happens I'm still a worthless piece of shit. Being passionate in the field or getting formal education won't protect me from that fact.

Hard lemonade ie nice by the by. Especially when chugged. While reading clop. Near midnight. With work in 7 hours.


File: 1547795622323.png (148.38 KB, 866x800, 9931452_orig.png)



>tfw u go for trips on the wrong board


I love me some wine.


Nigger plz


File: 1548408338530.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, _angry ponk.png)

>tfw been dry for a while


File: 1558660140199.png (244.5 KB, 1280x877, drunkdash.png)

Its my birthday, and I'm tying one on goddammit. Xp


Happy Birthday Anon!(You, you're a good you)


Happy Birthday!(I like you, but you namefag and thats, well its not forbidden but d'mon dude)


Might not be drunk, but I'm still gonna wish you a happy birthday.(Oh damn, you're that one? hoofbump. /))


Happy Birthday Fren(USER IS BOOPED)


Hoofbump, indeed. /)(\


I'll admit, I don't know why I'm getting hoofbumped.


File: 1560048145415.mp4 (2.44 MB, 640x360, 70WXa.baa.1.mp4)



Cry moar. Of all the things you chose to reee about


Alcoholism is a pretty good thing to reee about, considering how it destroys people


It won't go how you think it will


What? I would think that reeeing about alcoholism would go down as, well, a bunch of reeeing sounds



File: 1560402028385-0.jpg (53.13 KB, 736x736, 3ffdf6eb420e5749881ace07c3….jpg)


File: 1560409843608.gif (1.4 MB, 615x480, you cunt.gif)

>dat pic
A clear case why the retards need supervision and punishment for their own good.


lighters are superior to matches,change my mind.


I am bacon

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