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The Sonic Galaxy 3 Forums of Daniel "Danny the Panda" Moore have been "hacked" and are currently being raided by the Sweetie Squad, led by Chris Chan.


one of Patricks superchatters send him a gold mine of a sanic cow, its now being exploited,


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The raid is quickly escalating
CWCville has officially declared war against Sonic Galaxy 3


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Dannys DA Account, which he uses daily



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Danny has introduced the new War on CWCville Arc 🔥🔥🔥


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After uploading 2 videos in response to the Sonic Galaxy 3 Forums being "hacked" by Christian Weston Chandler and Robert "Tonkasaw" Pilkington, Danny Swore revenge and called for their death.

Unfortunately, higher forces intervened. As of the writing of this Post, Daniel Moores Youtube channel and all 400+ videos on it are lost to the ether.

After being questions why Danny the Panda deleted his youtube channel, he responded with "my Mom made me do it".
Reminder Daniel is over 30 years of age.

Sweetie Squad is currently attempting to revive him so he can live out his war arc with CWCville and the Donga Tribe. The DA account is still active, holding the bulk of Danny literature work.


File: 1549383443979.png (21.69 KB, 891x212, ClipboardImage.png)

this just in, more bad news

it seems dannys forums have been locked down


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Daniel Paul Moores Kiwifarms thread
4 Pages, goes back to 2015. 3 Of which have been created in the last days.


Archive of the Sonic Galaxy 3 forums post raid

Partial Archive of DPMs YOutube Channel, does not include Lets plays


DPM getting roasted by Retsuprae

as it seems Danny was already discovered by a Youtube Channel related to the something awful forums,
which gained him infamy and a hate following he could not deal with prior to 2012

this is a reupload, the original was taken down after Danny cried harassment and played the autism card, original upload got a case of trolls remorse and removed it. The reupload is currenly sitting at ~50.000 views.

Danny Stream 2
1 hour unscripted uncut stream interview of DPM he did circa February 3rd 2018 with Forum raiders from the sweetie Squad.
I was unable to confirm if the Australian in the stream was Randbot2020.



As you will see from the interview, Danny (unsurprisingly from the way he makes his videos), doesn't have the most coherent of speech patterns.
In regards of wits i would rank him slightly higher than Chris Chan. Despite being a self admitted Autist who created a lives work of self insert Gary Stu fiction, he seems to be a more talented and dedicated writer than the likes of CWC and Glimmernigel, Clocking in at over 500 submitted stories and 10 chapters.

DPM was born in January 19987, does not have a drivers license nor is he a registers voter, he reported none of the candidates in 2016. Also he seems to have difficulties following fluent conversations and has a general naivety which leads him to believe just about anything people tell him without question (which probably explains his harsh stance on hate speech). His current residence is his mothers Basements in Michigan. Hes of half greek ancestry, Obese at 250 pounds and , in his own words, "does not consider himself to be dating material". When he was asked who his waifu (aka favourite female fictional character) was, he was unable to answer the questions. Possible for a lack of interest in the female gender.

It should be noted that despite his mental state and his living condition DPM claims to have a high school degree and is currently in employment. the nature of this job and if this is based on truth is unknown to me, but i heard rumors that he works as an "artist" for a museum of some kind.

- I do not have conclusive evidence of this yetbut it seems Daniel Paul Moore is a closet homosexual
- he seems to have a romantically motivated interest in Sonic the Hedgehog
- obsesses over his friendship with a male friend of his (who he is also stalking for years after he quit being his friend).
- I also want to point out that the ominous KAI is NOT A PERSON, but an Original Character Created by Dennys Foreverfriend Kenneth.
I do not know yet if Kenneth and "my friend from New Hampshire" are the same entity, but it seems likely considering Dannys general antisocial behavior.
- he seems to have a hatred of females and generally disapproves of male/female relationships. This goes back to one of his Furry Account where he states he is a supporters of gay relationships.
- i have not seen him draw or write explicit homosexual pornography or fiction, yet
- what is argueably worse than his potential homosexualityis that someone on Kiwifarms claims Danny has a sexual fetish for organ related gore pornography
specificually sexual penetration of the heart muscle

Included is a picture of Robert "Tonkasaw" Pilkington, one of the leading forum hackers, as depicted in the cinematic Sonic Galaxy 3 Universe.

The next whereabouts of DPM are mostly unknown after the loss of his youtube channel and forums, i would suggest following him on DA for his next exploits. A feude with Chris Chan is in the realm of possibility.


File: 1549473597519-0.mp4 (2.66 MB, 320x240, Daniel Paul Moore 2012 res….mp4)

File: 1549473597519-1.mp4 (2.62 MB, 320x240, Daniel Paul Moore Danny th….mp4)

File: 1549473597519-2.mp4 (3.04 MB, 540x360, Daniel Paul Moore Danny t….mp4)


why is there suddenly a quick reply button on here, i did not activate this


It's always existed. It's just been highlighted to be more visible.


File: 1549547184309-0.mp4 (3.2 MB, 202x360, All About the Three Danny ….mp4)

File: 1549547184309-1.mp4 (5.45 MB, 480x360, Dannyxx39 - What am I goin….mp4)

File: 1549547184309-2.mp4 (2.38 MB, 640x360, Inspirational speech by Da….mp4)

File: 1549547184309-3.mp4 (300.38 KB, 640x360, Sage advice from Danny The….mp4)

some archived reuploads/downloads of some of Daniels videos.

When these were uploaded is hard to say, but i think he stopped recording live action videos some time around 2014.

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