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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1556320844426.jpg (205.01 KB, 968x518, 1556237344618.jpg)


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ohh no please don't drag me into that dark confined space to search my body


File: 1567642319722.jpg (84.67 KB, 682x450, Horse_tire.jpg)

the hoers is stuck


File: 1567673191075.mp4 (20.84 MB, 1920x1080, Baby miniature horse.mp4)

I would pet and cuddle.


File: 1569065850290.mp4 (2.33 MB, 480x854, Dog and Horse Have a Hug.mp4)



File: 1569110728821.gif (2 MB, 472x274, NotMine_VeryCute.gif)

i'm surprised the dog is tall enough to do that

File: 1535997179217-0.jpg (245.27 KB, 1398x1041, Drachenlord 2017.jpg)

File: 1535997179217-1.jpg (73.43 KB, 1280x720, Drachenlord 7.jpg)

File: 1535997179217-2.gif (3.54 MB, 313x498, Drachenlord 4.gif)

File: 1535997179217-3.jpg (33.78 KB, 1200x675, drachenlord 3.jpg)

File: 1535997179217-4.png (616.97 KB, 835x550, drachenlord lego.png)


>Dragon Lord
14 Minute Quick Rundown video from Count Dankula

Rainer Winkler, better known under his Internet Alia "Drachenlord", is a Youtuber with ~75.000 subscribers and currently considered one of the most famous - if not - the biggest singular lolcow entity currently residing in Germany. He is infamous for his IRL rage fuels rants, intense physical interaction with his detractors and - by now - infamy on a national level. If you ever wanted to hear a large fat german man screaming his lungs out until hes bordering a stroke, this is the cow for you. If you have ever seen the semi-famous Angry German Kid meme from the late 2008, you will know what this is about. Also reminds me of Tourettes Guy.

Before i deeper get into this i want to preface this with saying, I have never seen a video of this guy before or even really heard of him. I faintly remember his name being mentioned some years ago in context with E-celebs, but never really looked into it. Therefore i must stress that i do not possess any deep knowledge about this specimen, all the material presented here has been accumulated in roughly ~3 hours.

I'd also like to mention that some people consider this man to be the German Chris Chan. I cant really say how true this is, but at least to me this seems to be overly simplified. Herr Winkler offers some genuine entertainment values you dont really get from other lolcows.I did not really know what people hate on the guy (except maybe that hes a fat selfimportant NEET), but then i saw those IRL visit videos and it became abundantly clear to me why this guy is so famous.


To fully enjoy this content i recommend usage of Google translate or other Translation Add ons.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1538157492466.png (696.47 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)


someone made a counterstrike map of Drachenlords rotten house and yard

this will likely be used for training for the time when armed people will lay siege to his house irl


File: 1565666788058.png (408.72 KB, 487x463, kroschu.png)

He owns a lot of purple shirts, i haven't seen a logo, but, a company named Kromberg & Schubert (Kroschu), has their operators (lowest "class" workers) wearing purple shirts he may have been or still might be an employee.


File: 1566135580583.png (513.19 KB, 1138x625, ClipboardImage.png)

>Drachenlord Illegal Restream Youtube Channel - August 18th

Rainer is playing Zelda BOTW on Switch.


File: 1566135986678.png (796.99 KB, 1094x650, ClipboardImage.png)

August 14th 2019
35l dislikes

>His latest video Rainer flexes on his detractors with an autotune Rap, despite him hating rap music.


File: 1568899891952.png (886.21 KB, 1097x636, ClipboardImage.png)


An aspiring cowboy channel on jewtoob made a 20 minute video about rainer in english language and with subtitles.
found it randomly today and can recommend the channel, provides some good infotainment.

File: 1567663461467.jpg (348.48 KB, 1024x1536, 1565464844078.jpg)


now you tell me. whats wrong with this picture?
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File: 1568189651337-0.jpg (159.42 KB, 564x516, Adjectives.jpg)

File: 1568189651337-1.jpg (176.26 KB, 464x743, Emotions.jpg)


the fact that there's a dude in a black morph suit holding up all the balloons only makes me more uncomfortable




the ham planet in the background taking a selfie and the niglet's mario thing aside from that i guess it's average mlp autism


Honestly, on first glance the Discord isn't too bad, but everything else ruins the image. The morphsuiter, the niglet, the fact his face paint has a Waluigi-ass moustache, the fat girl/tranny in the back…jesus christ.

File: 1568679736959.jpg (9.77 KB, 264x191, images.jpg)


High as shit. post some zigger porn for me to masturbate to.

Zecora is best pony.
Zecora is best pony.
Zecora is best pony.
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File: 1568681975084.png (4.34 MB, 4000x3000, Apogee ButtonMash Zala.png)


File: 1568684176095.jpg (135.71 KB, 862x1079, royal decree.jpg)

>implying i have it in my folder
i bet you kiss niggers, faggot
>implying i like it
you might as well be asking if i like jews
>high as shit
oh so that's the reason, you want more degeneracy to go with you're already degenerate state
this is like the holocaust of pure pony's


File: 1568686948547.gif (84.96 KB, 200x200, 1981262__safe_artist-colon….gif)

>Zecora is best pony.


File: 1568712460095.jpg (97.2 KB, 1351x966, alfred hitchcock.jpg)



Why does button have shit wrapped around him and inside his mouth? Why would he prefer that over having Apogee there?

File: 1559283843485-0.jpg (707.29 KB, 1850x2724, 410-02.jpg)

File: 1559283843485-1.mp4 (23.7 MB, 1920x1080, The International Clique.mp4)


Let's pray for his prompt resurrection.
His is needed more than ever.
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File: 1560883644119.png (724.33 KB, 799x531, sihehn erzg.png)



File: 1562868874182.mp4 (16.91 MB, 1280x720, tfw NS Doomer-saCRe553afM.mp4)


File: 1562870111301.mp4 (42.87 MB, 1280x720, Adolf Hitler - You Said I ….mp4)


File: 1563680426029.png (274.22 KB, 618x768, NatSoc Brotherhood.png)

Heil Hitler.


File: 1568584416507.gif (1.01 MB, 500x281, agg.gif)

File: 1563809397188.gif (482.17 KB, 500x281, 1480127299277.gif)


This is a amazong thread! Post things that amaze you! Things that make your jaw drop and boggle your mind! No matter what it is, be it science or extraordinary archievments by individuals or groups, be it animals or technology!

Post amazing stuff!

I'll start!


File: 1568171934413.mp4 (550.02 KB, 384x480, Sun Conure Offers IT Suppo….mp4)

This parrot is the ultimate destroyer.

File: 1567996749973.png (608.96 KB, 1200x694, autism-3285108_1280-144x14….png)


Autism isn't real it's just an excuse to be an asshole. Change my mind.


File: 1568007051340.jpeg (97.72 KB, 1055x1186, 1921339.jpeg)

>Change my mind
No need.


The more people I have to endure who claim they have autism the more my hatred towards them is growing. Especially those who openly brag about it and not even try to act normally. Disgusting subhumans, all of them.


File: 1568019742068.png (401.83 KB, 1634x1689, 4f26e6789ca17ff54d5eb8d3c7….png)

>normalfag visits /mlpol/
>finds the fags to be not normal
Do you even know where you are?


File: 1568021155824.jpeg (693.02 KB, 2000x2000, 1509063896486.jpeg)

>The more people I have to endure who claim they have autism the more my hatred towards them is growing
Autismphobia should be illegal, bigot.


Some people have autism,others have like an irrelevant amount of autism yet claim to be autistic.

File: 1522847709944-0.jpg (80.67 KB, 1600x900, kek2.jpg)

File: 1522847709944-1.png (4.43 KB, 600x350, kek.png)

File: 1522847709944-2.png (236.58 KB, 1024x594, kekflag4-1024x594.png)

File: 1522847709944-3.png (970 B, 360x240, flag-designer_appspot.png)


These 4 flags represent the four main political parties of kekistan. here I will present information regarding each, and You will be asked which political party you would personally identify as. no irony allowed

The first flag is the Tyronian party. Headed by Big Man Tyrone, this party believes in a dictatorship of kekistan, headed by Big Man tyrone. they also believe in a Strong military, and Military activism. They also believe in a completely free market, no restrictions whatsoever, while in the mean time, blocking most imports from entering.

The Second Flag is that of the Holidarian Party of Kekistan. The Holidarians Believe in Racial equality because they believe there is no race except the human race. They believe in a moderately checked free market, much like the United States. they also believe in peace talks, and diplomacy rather than war. They finally believe in a Republic system of government in a presidential democracy.

The third flag is that of the Sargonis. They believe in a Religious government, much like a theocracy, headed by the Sargon of Akkad. they believe in legal drugs, and in a moderately sized military standing.they believe that all kekistanis must refer the the Sargon of Akkad for awnsers rather than free will, also believing in a socialist government.

the fourth flag is that of the Nash-Jonesians. the Nash-Jonesians belive in a monarchy style of government, mainly as a figure head, by Luke Nash-Jones. they also belive in a parliamentary democracy, as well as any religion other than Christianity, as they see it as the true religion of Kekistan. they want to create another crusade against isreal and other countries, and have formed diplomatic ties with Russia, Sudan, and Egypt. They are also the first Kekistani party to claim land for Kekistan, claiming the province of Bir Tawil as Kekistani territory. The Nash-Jonesians believe in green energy, and are against oil and other dirty energy resources. they believe in a moderate market, like the United States.
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You have to go back to grave, Reddit.


Nice job bumping the thread.


Kekistan is 0% football.


This post Is so out of place its funny


Perhaps they need to be told of the Denver Broncos. They have a 'Contact Us' section at the bottom

File: 1567135487457.png (3.98 KB, 225x225, download (5).png)


/sp/ is a great board and deserves more recognition. What are some things we can do to grow the board?


File: 1567194455302-0.png (473.46 KB, 1022x758, dsp Phil take your shirts ….png)

File: 1567194455302-1.png (264.67 KB, 695x520, DSP PHIL singing Britney S….png)

ive been using this board as a makeshift /cow/ board for the past 2 years now, that did go better than expected because the threads last very long but the overall participation in them isnt all that great, presumably because MLPOL doesnt have all too many cowboys.

Personally, I think it was semi succesful despite it being mostly ignored by the rest of the site and a certain mod being butthurt over me posting cow contents in the Welcome thread, which i will resume eventually. It plays into the obscurity of the site by offering a niche hobby with a layer of protection towards the outside while at the same time increasing MLPOLs overall infamy.

Gangstalking is a delightful side hobby for any domestic e-terrorist in training and i greatly appreciate that Atlas takes full responsibility for all my actions in advance with his good name.


Maybe you should get people from kiwifarms to come over here. Encyclopedia dramatica has just been de-platformed and kiwifarms is going to be next.

File: 1528162851267-0.png (501.04 KB, 800x2525, 1527505036517.png)

File: 1528162851267-1.jpg (227.88 KB, 1280x950, 1528051970289.jpg)


Post OC you've done, I don't care how shitty it is or how obscure/unrelated the reference is. If you don't have any OC or haven't made any in a while, make OC and post it every time you see this thread.
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File: 1561852350250-0.png (130.09 KB, 475x500, hey griffon watcha doin'.png)

File: 1561852350250-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 1280x960, 20181123_003509.jpg)

File: 1561852350250-2.jpg (48.74 KB, 464x464, PicsArt_04-28-04.22.38.jpg)


File: 1561853236750.jpg (117.43 KB, 1024x768, The Better Silver StarAppl….jpg)


File: 1566750207838.png (64.49 KB, 1055x406, Alchemy.PNG)

Just remembered this. I made it back when Oblivion came out and I got my first taste of the Elder Scrolls alchemy system.


File: 1566932507424.webm (627.03 KB, 640x352, crashing this plane.webm)

I think I stole a GET from you once.


File: 1567063330902.jpg (144.39 KB, 1280x720, Trixie Game Presentation s….jpg)

Here's an edit of the Gameloft's MLP game advertisement.

File: 1512317195919-0.png (742.1 KB, 900x718, paedobro.png)

File: 1512317195919-1.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, Digibrony Suicide over you….png)

File: 1512317195919-2.png (38.15 KB, 608x310, Digibro hate fans MLP.PNG)

File: 1512317195919-3.png (28.53 KB, 1006x223, digibro tracing.png)


Conrad Aaron Collins, better known under his Online alias Digibro(ny) is a 23 year old
Aspergic Manchild from Virginia Beach, USA. He is most famous for his Anime Youtube Channel with 300k+ subscribers and his excessively long redundant reviews of animated media mostly targeted at underage demographics. He has the fashion sense of a hobo version of John Lennon and is worshipped by an obnoxious fanbase of weaboos who treat him as some sort of Otaku Guru.

Conrad achievements in his young life are RICH and include (but are not limited to):
>living with his parents exercising this professional Cartoon Critic-hood as a """Job""" since before late 2012 despite having a college degree
>being a lowkey SJW
>Borderline Pedophile who wishes he was an underage girl
>Suspected Jew
>having over 2 dozens user accounts on several sites
>repeated Suicide Baiter over virtual property
>Former My Little Pony Cartoon Analyst (more on that and his breakup with the Brony community later
>SelfEnlightened Pseudointellectual Farthuffer
>opportunistic Art Thief
>Ironic Novel
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm confused, when did this thread go from being about Digibro to being about mumkey?


Digibro and mumkey used to be pals.


File: 1566306660286.png (163.91 KB, 323x547, ClipboardImage.png)


Mumkey and Liu leaked sex tape, theres about 5 of them.

warning, this might mentally scar you. not only by how tyler is looking at the camera but also lius trap looking body. this is barely a level over the Julay video.


i aint clicking that shit nigga


Jesse is a nigger faggot too (even if his pony reviews are generally pretty good, with the best being his character analyses), but quite frankly I could give less of a shit about any of these fags.

File: 1504756820865.png (716.85 KB, 680x931, vinyl_scratch_rocking_by_s….png)


What are you listening too /sp/?
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File: 1560080676406.mp4 (3.12 MB, 854x480, The reward is unspecial (T….mp4)


currently using this to help contemplate the situation of the world


File: 1564472663640.webm (1.68 MB, 640x480, Horsefuckers Must Die.webm)

Dear Horsefuckers please enjoy a song dedicated to (You).
I am not the author neither support its content.


File: 1564472738179.png (67.53 KB, 958x725, Horsefuckers Must Die - (l….png)

Lyrics of this anti-horsefuckery opus.


File: 1566781101632-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 675.56 KB, 2202x1388, image0.jpg)



File: 1564196066544.png (194.48 KB, 705x1134, shocking.png)


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the ceiling


File: 1564655067733.jpg (11.7 KB, 251x315, _Glim nazi.jpg)


File: 1565008139938.png (14.67 KB, 202x202, 20190430_154859.png)

What is this travesty of less than acceptable footballs in my courtroom?


File: 1566733387638.png (592.2 KB, 562x626, _glim earth pony.png)

this makes glimmy sad


File: 1566735271977.png (460.13 KB, 730x548, die nigel die.png)

File: 1565912489227.png (356.84 KB, 480x640, 454754.png)


Does anyone else on this board find they get vinegar scented balls if they don't shower for a couple of days? Pic unrelated.


>scented balls
One answer: fungus


I like to scratch my balls and then sniff them.

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