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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1504580511616.png (57.53 KB, 1650x1650, 1512810__safe_artist-colon….png)


>she will never be your gf

why even live?
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You know, I rather like these memes.


She was, for a long time, untouched by the corruption of nu-MLP. She sucked in her first film and the second film redeemed her as a character, person, and concept. She was kind, thoughtful, confident, supportive, she's everything a good waifu should be and while I still love Twilight and Pinkie, I'll admit I'd love a wife like Sunset.

As MLP's writing quality declined and everypony's waifu got flanderized so bad the dumb ones got new shit waifus like memehorse I or memehorse II or memehorse III: Rocks Edition, Sunset stayed likable, even when her whole world got fucked over by sci-twi removing its ability to be its own thing AND the new shitty specials shoehorning glimmyglam in there to please the glimmerniggers.

It's funny, the writers thought if they put Glimmer and Shimmer together, we'd "Realize" we forgave Shimmer but not Glimmer. Instead, it just reminded us that where Shimmer fought to earn redemption, Poochie had forgiveness handed to her.


Who cares if your waifu is canon or not? Glimmer is canon.


She's not my waifu. I'd just rather have her, instead of Glimmer.


Me too, my friend. Me too.

Her fans never acted out for attention, then acted extra faggy when they got that attention, shifting into maximum overfag when someone blocked their path.

File: 1504927131884.jpg (14.63 KB, 320x303, 13233149_1083165281755968_….jpg)


Fellow Kek lovers, I need your help.
I am going to try and find a way to try and harness the ways of Meme magic.
To do this I need ALL information on Kek.
Festivals about him, was there a month associated with him, maybe a planet or the Moon?
I promise to share anything I find anons, but I need your help
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I really really really want one of those statues.



Better watch your mouth boy. He slumbers now, building up energy.


I certainly hope so. Is there any way we can retake kek from Reddit?


push the nazi connection or something, we need to make kek something they don't want to associate with

File: 1505057400808.png (342.21 KB, 800x800, mlpoltank.png)


This is nice board.


File: 1505058222621.jpg (53.81 KB, 599x700, 3e0c6ec8fcc9eaaf259fcfbcc3….jpg)

>is nice

File: 1504470016395.png (126.12 KB, 532x823, She's yours, I swear.png)


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I have an older sister who blackmailed me into doing heavy-lifting and setting up her shit when she invited her friends over for tea-parties, so I can relate to him quite a bit…


Fuck, my older sister used to do that too me too.
Middle-school girls are fucking terrifying…


File: 1504619235142.jpg (26.48 KB, 300x326, catdocoke.jpg)


>visiting my friend once when I was 12

>his sister regularly annoys me and even charges at me once
>assume my ebin karate stance
>she screams and runs off
>I'm not allowed to come over any more after this


File: 1504848019026.png (429.94 KB, 1200x1081, 1530294__explicit_artist-c….png)


File: 1504926140936.gif (1.41 MB, 916x544, image.gif)


File: 1504215306142.png (568.72 KB, 4000x4000, Lewd Milo.png)


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Yes Satan! Obv they're recolors, but I imagined that pic 2 and 3 might be how Milo would describe the Broncos (2) and react to a touchdown (3)


Yeah. I imagine she wouldn't have quite as much of a smug/narcicistic look as RD constantly has though. Jeremymydude described her as having a bit of a self-confidence issue, having to live in in the shadow of her brother Miles (aka "Thunder": the actual Broncos mascot irl), staying on her farm growing wheat.
These are really good though. If you're still doing recolors, try looking at some Daring Do pics for expressions: she's not really as much of a nark as RD.


>Daring Do
You, its like you read my mind. Xp


I was thinking she'd make for some good Aryanne shoops too.
Now that I trhink of it, aren't Nazis the antagonists in two Indiana Jones movies? I'm surprised they haven't had more greentext together.


DD is good for several reasons. Milo recolors are an easy one, I hadn't thought of Aryanne, but when she's in her 'Indiana Jones' outfit, that could EASILY be shooped into a Nazi uniform. ^_~

File: 1504831587219.jpg (3.23 MB, 5312x2988, 20170907_194500.jpg)


Who's watching? Hoping the pats -despite being Broncos fan- smash the cheifs! Hope someone can provide a stream here for everyone else
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Pats kick, KC gets


Thread is proof that /sp/ is the shit posting board


>shit posting


Meant no one wants sports lol but also funny


I'm lurking. I'm just on my phone, so I can't post any of my Patriots memes.

File: 1504821203632.jpg (35.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)




File: 1504826067968.jpg (131.98 KB, 459x455, 1499366094598.jpg)


whats really good!

File: 1504790414876.jpg (94.98 KB, 600x900, 1503393687325.jpg)


Being a little girl is actually quite a noble cause for those big fat neckbeards and anyone else who wants to become one.
It is not for lewds like the internet newfags and normie think, it has actually a deep connection with nature and redemption, it says a lot about a person, wanting to become a little girl.
So why do some want to become a little girl?
To become not only the future of humanity but also the most beloved icon of humankind, a small, pure and harmless girl, it is the closest we may come to actual goddesses on Earth as they lack the knowledge but have the purity and beauty of a goddess.
If a someone could become a little girl and maintain all of their knowledge, filtering the impurity o their thoughts, that person would become a great human being and if we could get even more of these little girls with such knowledge and so many years in their future to learn even more, then humanity would whitout doubt ascend to a new level.

The feeling of wanting to be a little girl is a cry for redemption and a honest desire to improve our race, to save us from ourselves, to make our future bright.
It is just noble, to want to become a little girl.



File: 1504791044300.jpg (25.43 KB, 310x339, Booop.jpg)

You know what you want anon, don't embrace it




File: 1504792947372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 KB, 26x36, Noes.jpg)



Ur a faget

File: 1503842670070.png (325.17 KB, 691x732, faggot.png)


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you haven't proven yourself any better than before yet, wear your damn flag.


File: 1504587291320.png (9.88 KB, 500x500, just_give_flash_sentry_a_c….png)

But people complained about me flag-fagging…


suck it up and wear your mark of shame until you decide to be better about this. the ridicule is part of the punishment, if you haven't gathered.


That's the last thing were complaining about.


File: 1504799601068-0.jpg (198.73 KB, 850x663, 715642__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1504752120772.png (804.43 KB, 4800x4800, 844981__safe_edit_princess….png)


>Do we really need another bat pone thread? Or another "hi anon" thread?
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does someone not enjoy all the greetings he gets when he opens the catalog?
help me I'm so lonely


File: 1504762282892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 765.52 KB, 4800x4800, 1471109713777.jpeg)

I'm here for you, Anon.


I was kind of hoping that this board would be a little less predictable.


thanks for the help candyass


File: 1504786960011.png (356.74 KB, 557x605, When the shitpost is just ….png)

It's a good kind of cancer though.

File: 1504572514188.png (91.47 KB, 900x900, 370718__safe_artist-colon-….png)


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File: 1504735249791-0.gif (312.89 KB, 900x900, 515545__source needed_usel….gif)



File: 1504741852595.webm (1.93 MB, 1200x850, Echo Rub.webm)

>being a cunt and not giving the batponer a bellyrub


File: 1504750222659-0.png (144.83 KB, 1145x933, 794557__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>He doesn't like bats


File: 1504750779659-0.jpg (154.82 KB, 1960x1072, 32d5499753ae97722ff83ca761….jpg)

Kiwis are fruit masterrace.
I really enjoy the way their soft, downy fur feels on my tongue.


File: 1504776394353-0.png (117.95 KB, 750x589, 1524801.png)

That's not even bellyrubs, Anon. And just because I'm as big a cuddleslut as any bat doesn't change the reality of the situation…

File: 1504758902876.jpeg (97.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1472000913341.jpeg)




It's delicious icing. Now kiss me.


>third leg
It's my retarded leg you uncultured equus minus caballus

File: 1504576424502.png (98.29 KB, 1600x1488, 1095950.png)


Want to hear about my rock poetry, Anon?


File: 1504576562440.png (24.74 KB, 242x169, Boulder_ID_S4E18.png)



File: 1504576584788.png (97.86 KB, 1600x1488, 1095954.png)


I'd love to.

File: 1504467989137-0.png (159.34 KB, 1500x828, 244869__safe_oc_oc-colon-m….png)


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File: 1504611319725-0.gif (233.2 KB, 450x420, 493716__safe_artist-colon-….gif)





File: 1504662885231-0.png (247.26 KB, 900x450, 1325601__artist needed_saf….png)

Someone needs a BOOP.

File: 1504102596376-0.jpg (95.72 KB, 960x643, corona_druckmuller_960.jpg)

File: 1504102596376-1.jpg (131.91 KB, 960x741, NGC1512inner_Hubble_960.jpg)

File: 1504102596376-2.jpg (311.68 KB, 1024x874, NGC2442-HST-ESO-L1024c.jpg)

File: 1504102596376-3.jpg (87.57 KB, 998x500, lh4a46c.jpg)


Post cool space stuff. Pics or articles. All the cool kids study the stars.


File: 1504103470729.png (1.13 MB, 960x741, Galactic Elway.png)

The planets and Stars are football too: John Elway created them in his image.


File: 1504113168111.jpg (71.9 KB, 640x667, 1498704542031.jpg)

Gtfo /sp/ has and always will be a hit as for space. Hence why we call it /sp/ or "space posting."


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