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/sp/ - Football

Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1509357470368.png (12.08 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I always forget about the oekaki feature on this site. let's have an oekaki thread. draw whatever.


File: 1509372181975.png (23 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This is what I could do on my phone.


File: 1510127125343.png (16.06 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

3 minutes


File: 1510178381744.png (52.69 KB, 634x504, Oekaki.png)

I did a thing.


File: 1510299723526.png (14.63 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

File: 1510127866389.jpg (10.48 KB, 225x225, download (17).jpg)


>meme arrow.
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I never went to Mexico but I sure love tacos and sugar skulls.
I imagine Mexico to be full of sand and people sneezing in ponchos while some acoustic guitar plays on background, everything under a sepia filter.


And gang warfare in the back, yeah.


Mexico is fine, so long as the Mexico stays in Mexico.


File: 1510297962357.png (59.61 KB, 628x750, fashy burgerball.png)

We should take (back) Mexico honestly and use all of it's money to wall off Canada.


File: 1510299077843.jpg (170.42 KB, 666x700, 1466620403472.jpg)

I propose we modify NAFTA as follows: For every Mexican the United States tosses over the wall, Mexico will send over at least that person's body weight in tacos and burritos. If the person being returned is a DACA recipient, they may be paid for with their weight in tamales. Any Mexican the Mexican government does not wish to pay for in tacos, burritos or tamales will be considered expendable to both countries and launched into the bosom of the Pacific Ocean via trebuchet.

And an order of chips and salsa, please. And some of those little hot sauce packets. America has spoken.

File: 1510083198450.jpg (1.32 MB, 1236x1400, __original_drawn_by_masao_….jpg)


I never really browsed /k/, but over a couple of 4chan related videos i watched the past few years and a few glipses i took at the board in screenshots i got the impression that either the board or parts of their userbase seem to overglorify communism. And some random russian poster who died of cancer.

I find this highly detestable and before I go to look into this more i would like to know what MLPOL thinks of the board and how I could potentially fight the commieboo culture of the board. Also what is the deal with /k/ seemingly hating on /pol/? does this have something to do with the communist thing?
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/k/ is basically /pol/lite + banter
No other board these days would have someone tell someone else to gas himself and for the madman to actually do it


File: 1510162540886-0.jpg (1008.45 KB, 1200x933, t64k.jpg)

They just like slavshit because it's cheap and there's tons of it. Besides, regardless of how you feel about the soviets, they took part in the largest war in the history of man, of course the weapons board is gonna glorify them to an extent. Not to mention that the soviets really aren't anything to sneeze at. They did a lot to advance weapons technology and shape the modern world.


File: 1510164733342.jpg (70.82 KB, 711x460, 1505451109175.jpg)

Glorifying soviet weapons doesn't equate glorifying communism, just because something was produced/invented by gommies doesn't mean that it should be despised.
I love soviet music even though I despise gommies.

And a lot of commie and post-commie guns are pretty aesthetic. (also S.T.A.L.K.E.R)
And /k/ isn't really leftist considering that majority of userbase are muricans, and murican lefties are anti-guns.


File: 1510165509899.png (256.5 KB, 2000x1000, Rhodesia _Flag.png)

/k/ wants to retake Rhodesia. Rhodesia was taken over by black communists. Chances are /k/ is not a commie board. It just likes slavshit weapons.


Most of them hate communism but don't let politics stand in the way of their love of guns.

File: 1504823706879-0.png (221.29 KB, 720x540, 5459259-scotsman_2.png)

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no I am not, and though I'm a bit interested, I'm not online enough to justify participation.







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File: 1509914659649.jpeg (316.11 KB, 1920x1080, 464186__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)


Do you think it's gonna be their year?


They're going to do rather well this year. Also, watch their rookie kicker. He has bad form, but can land a field goal no problem.




the illegal eagle

File: 1509865869130.jpg (447.36 KB, 1600x1200, 7dadc56e30f8e67a8292f43e71….jpg)


Sup /sp/. This ya boi Tupac. I'm back from beyond the grave to tell yall niggas to buy my mixtape, shits fire. Man what is this place how come there's all these ponies and shit around here lmao? Anyway yall niggas need to know that west side is the best side, thug life for life nigga we strapped. And Biggie's a bitch. Peace.


File: 1509895005340-0.png (12.53 MB, 6000x6000, 473215__safe_artist-colon-….png)

What's the new tape called?


File: 1509898958679.jpg (31.82 KB, 796x420, david-bowie-1100.jpg)

Hello, this is David Bowie. Please ignore what Tupac's saying, he's alive and well in Serbia helping to set up one of our meme schools; he's probably just quite bored, maybe even sleep deprived. I know I am, hiding in Liberia and all, waiting to take out these Chinese jews, the madmen keep trying to flood the members with low rent trash but we're going to fix that.


You are no one until someone shoots you.

File: 1505165063275-0.png (272.6 KB, 2684x1400, 1121384__safe_artist-colon….png)


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File: 1505791042093-0.gif (2.81 MB, 480x360, 934915__safe_screencap_bon….gif)

The same way LyraBon does.


File: 1507655791684.png (1.83 MB, 2684x1400, thinking about football.png)


File: 1509817629415.png (800.73 KB, 2684x1400, Franziska realises the tru….png)





ᕳᕳᕳ´• ᴥ •`ᕲᕲᕲ

File: 1508704101772.png (453.71 KB, 1200x600, __emperor_penguin_gentoo_p….png)


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File: 1509833288058.jpg (522.4 KB, 1023x724, __suiren_and_wishiwashi_po….jpg)


I for one must step on the grey area..
you can't fuck a penguin, anon


File: 1509848209396.jpg (15.9 KB, 405x405, 1450294850832.jpg)


i read a greentext of an anon raping a dying raccoon that he shot in the woods while camping. you can fuck anything if you put your mind to it.

File: 1509794994621.jpeg (98.41 KB, 1252x1252, PRKUz60j.jpeg)




File: 1509802247357.jpg (135.75 KB, 812x727, American breasts.jpg)

We have the best boobs.


File: 1509848095483.jpg (326.37 KB, 1000x1000, 610527__rainbow dash_apple….jpg)


a shame north america is a hotbed of sjwism, these tits will never be fully put to the SUCC


SJWs ruin everything.

File: 1509496137771.jpg (23.03 KB, 382x385, IhQgU5V.jpg)


/sp/ooky thread
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File: 1509498155251-0.jpg (215.99 KB, 1434x1352, sppok the spooker.jpg)

File: 1509498155251-1.jpg (275.45 KB, 983x1015, spook pepe.jpg)

File: 1509498155251-2.jpg (72.23 KB, 450x404, spooky skeleton sex.jpg)

I could watch that Fluttershy .gif all night long.


File: 1509499325392-0.png (113.63 KB, 1500x1500, 1454057357000.png)

File: 1509499325392-1.jpeg (613.58 KB, 1554x2048, 1553738__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

File: 1509499325392-2.png (379.27 KB, 3444x3505, 1553848__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1509499325392-3.png (705.91 KB, 516x550, spooky.png)

File: 1509499325392-4.gif (1010.61 KB, 500x375, skella wall.gif)


File: 1509499575435-0.jpg (123.72 KB, 600x600, 1509494212948.jpg)

File: 1509499575435-1.jpg (65.17 KB, 356x355, 1509494003669.jpg)

File: 1509499575435-2.jpg (194.43 KB, 964x650, 1509499178616.jpg)

This is all the spook I have on this computer…


>Spooky Maud
I didn't even know I needed this.



File: 1509332898265.jpg (230.66 KB, 1920x1200, nfl-denver-broncos-logo-on….jpg)


What is this boards opinion of The Denver Broncos?
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File: 1509442973789.png (45.03 KB, 350x254, top.png)


File: 1509443007010.png (47.75 KB, 350x254, middle.png)


Combo breaker


File: 1509443071015.png (78.62 KB, 350x254, bottom.png)

you dick

File: 1504572148647.png (668.93 KB, 5000x5000, 127300__safe_artist-colon-….png)


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A sip of bleach also does the trick. Whatever happens, at least your PH will be increased
(not reduced, do you even do chemistry? Lower is more acidic, higher is basic).


I haven't tried bleach. Please, tell what the experience of drinking bleach is like. Don't sugar-coat.



I wasn't really taking into consideration how to measure pH when I say orange juice is eating my teeth.

In any ways, I can't really, I drink a lot of water already, all I have left is to leave the orange juice.


>edgy kids
Just what I was thinking

File: 1509142374415.jpg (33.74 KB, 640x795, 8ecpMhx_d.jpg)


My computer randomly deleted some shit, and I lost all my memes/reaction images

Plz help a bro out
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File: 1509152295417.jpg (21.37 KB, 446x446, 22853186_1254226054723195_….jpg)

We already lost one new user for being too hostile.


File: 1509153048099.jpg (117.98 KB, 575x960, 1450552709687.jpg)


we must not allow ourselves to be compromised.


File: 1509154768397.jpg (51.39 KB, 720x960, 21742935_1919443864989193_….jpg)

We will win nothing whitout risk


N-no fair!


>new user

File: 1503606495329-0.jpg (193.58 KB, 1033x1200, 1-5-2014-181.jpg)

File: 1503606495329-1.jpg (186.85 KB, 1200x872, 1-5-2014-025.jpg)

File: 1503606495329-2.jpg (146.93 KB, 960x720, 731ee3c271a4e062eb669144b0….jpg)

File: 1503606495329-3.jpg (1.21 MB, 3318x2212, DIY-football-bleachers-for….jpg)

File: 1503606495329-4.jpg (34.43 KB, 564x347, b95c376d46226f91452de9c961….jpg)


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File: 1509054360163-0.jpg (996.97 KB, 3156x2326, strawberry_red_velvet_cupc….jpg)

Well fug. Sorry you had to see that…


At least it's not Vaginal Bacon.


File: 1509054643563.png (273.32 KB, 600x583, ENOUGH.png)

D-don't ruin my cupcake thread!


Tip I learned recently, if you want mint chocalate chip make the batter thicker so the chips don't sink. Just us a vinella recepie, and replace the extract with mint extract
What your guy's favorite type of cake?
Plz don't make me remember that


File: 1509091397246.png (204.63 KB, 600x332, cupcakesforhitler2_phixr.png)


Metokur did a video about this recently too

File: 1502924966300.png (50.37 KB, 644x408, sad_pony_by_deathchiix-d4p….png)


/mlpol/ give me your energy.
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File: 1502982750554.jpg (182.19 KB, 1000x800, b899832bb039d7f5f164f11900….jpg)




Nice bump even for /sp/ it was very good


File: 1503393687325.jpg (94.98 KB, 600x900, 17793450_1366244206769362_….jpg)

incoming energy strike, take cover



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