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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1503293300355.png (259.81 KB, 1257x1024, I Want To Cum Inside Starl….png)


I Want To Cum Inside Starlight Glimmer
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File: 1549335442572.png (394.28 KB, 1280x1516, 1302122__explicit_artist-c….png)

He's clearly too much of a nigger to do so. Allow me.


File: 1549335962053.png (540.34 KB, 750x750, full.png)

Tell her to let you hit the button.


File: 1549382440123.png (72.8 KB, 678x321, RARE leaked conversation f….png)

@Lotus wants to cum inside Glimmernigel.


>discord formatting


Thanks anon you are a real human bean.

File: 1542156058094-0.png (797.49 KB, 968x768, Kitty pointing.png)

File: 1542156058094-1.png (83.25 KB, 2302x1338, seahorse Sonichu.png)

File: 1542156058094-2.mp4 (8.41 MB, 640x360, Kitty twitch unban rap.mp4)

File: 1542156058094-3.png (352.35 KB, 780x1241, Kittystyle stream me page.png)

File: 1542156058094-4.png (110.92 KB, 1203x698, Metokur tweet 1.png)

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I*d Like to present you the first casuality of the Alt Right Colonization of Stream.me

>Internet Alias


>Power Word:

Thomas Dallmann






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What would that entail for these people? Going underground, giving up on being known, turning the internet off, and playing vidya until they die.


well they wouldn't be a laughing stock,anymore.


File: 1549047011294-0.png (1.91 MB, 1568x12341, dall harasses kovalskis on….png)

File: 1549047011294-1.png (1019.14 KB, 972x965, Thomas Dall Lion February ….png)

File: 1549047011294-2.png (18.24 KB, 558x394, Thomas Dall Discord Februa….png)

Thomas Dall has deserted his post and fled to a new twitch channel, in secret.


Unfortunately he seems to have given up on chat channel as well and moved to a new one, which is currently under investigation.He continues to deny his responsibility for his drug abuse, crime history and pedophilia against his sister. Also a number of his former fans seem to have developed stockhole syndrome and continue to support him, Including the Norwegian Vaileena.

Word is, he is raving about jews (on twitch) on there and flashing jew stars. He was also caught harassing Kovalskis on his stream me channel with 1 or 2 accounts.Theres rumors he has now taken to new drugs, which he isnt digesting well.

the lion picture is from today, allegedly drawn by dall himself. the meaning is unknown to me. I assume its his lion fursona doing some dark rituals on his perceived jew stalkers.


Anyone else ever find it odd how it seems a lot of lolcows are just fat ugly socially inept faggots at the bottom of the social totem pole, rather than anything actually reprehensible like rapists, jews, thieves, animal abusers, child abusers, insane leftists, and so on?
For example, that YandereDev guy. Is he still scamming people?


File: 1549099561803-0.png (332.24 KB, 1406x588, Thomas Dall hate poem agai….png)

File: 1549099561803-1.png (258.97 KB, 1277x476, Kovalskis is a stalker tho….png)

File: 1549099561803-2.png (43.87 KB, 402x538, Thomas Dall hate poem agai….png)

File: 1549099561803-3.mp4 (2.26 MB, 640x360, Crawling in my Sauce.mp4)

https://www.twitch.tv/cantescapefate - nuked or banned

After feeling to a new sock and being discovered immeditately, Thomas Dall wrote a hate poem about his detractors
the victim complex is massively strong 🐷🐷🐷
the twitch channel in questions was a sock, it seems to be banned already (cantescapefate)
this is the third channel he nuked or abandoned withint a time span of 4 days.

Opinions from a detractor discord:
"He spent 10 minutes furiously typing about kovalski and cult before he nuked his 3rd channel in 4 days"
""the thought of you dieing, is pleasing. As you die, my happiness is complete. You must die. You will die. You will meet your fate."
"You hear tbis shit, everyone @here? YOU'RE ALL SATANIC CULTISTS!"
"he's gone full retard"

his current mods mowbehubus and sparkybuzzard are under surveillance, rediscovery of dall is expected any day now.

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File: 1547948572577.png (436.46 KB, 1889x1889, 1491566966956.png)


The discord is a cancer.
This thread isna cancer.


What is a good alternative to dicksword?


even not having friends at all is better




(.o. )



File: 1548863078960.jpg (7.97 KB, 290x200, qrjp.jpg)


so who are rooting for in the 2019 Asian Cup Final

Qatar or Japan


I have to say I will root for Nippon.
>Also with a silent prayer that they start making late night gameshows again.

File: 1548442729172.jpg (72.35 KB, 500x750, 3810153217_23c188c6f2_o.jpg)


I'm eating Ca Kho To


File: 1548495308315.jpg (216.14 KB, 1550x1149, i.5.mLfddLzFjATnWbPPjyddQm….jpg)

Hot Tamale Balls.


File: 1548515639616.jpg (227.66 KB, 533x400, khalua-pork.jpg)

Kalua pork on rice and a peanut butter cookie from the gas station.



File: 1503714161289.png (57.79 KB, 720x566, 1510438__safe_artist-colon….png)

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Post here when drunk or high or whatever.
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File: 1547795622323.png (148.38 KB, 866x800, 9931452_orig.png)



>tfw u go for trips on the wrong board


I love me some wine.


Nigger plz


File: 1548408338530.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, _angry ponk.png)

>tfw been dry for a while

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File: 1548031894988.png (213.07 KB, 1024x760, commission__azure_ace_star….png)


I was paid to draw this
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This rating, exactly. The colors are bad and the tail is too long, plus the way it fans out makes her look like a peacock. Your rendering of the character is good.


Basically what everyone else is saying: it's a good drawing of a terrible-looking OC.


The eyes are simultaneously yellow and purple… but you managed to do it in a way that wasn't that bad.


Edgy? How so?
How would you inprove it?
I'm a good artist and I could always use more money.
The peacock tail is an intentional design choice, her seven tails are supposed to look that way.
Also, thank you.
Well, how would you improve her design?
Thank you! I'm very proud of those eyes.


The tail is a bit much. I would tone it down to a more natural size. I'm not sure I would keep the hearts and diamonds at the end of it, either. When it comes to designing OCs, less is more.

The fuzzy hooves draw all of the attention of the eyes away from the rest of the pony, and the color clashes with the pony's coat color. Purple is a really bad choice to go with blue. When picking colors, avoid picking colors that are right next to each other on a color wheel.

The eyes aren't too bad, I suppose, but if you were going for multi-colored eyes, I would have gone for heterochromatic irises. The purple in them is still a bit of an issue.

File: 1544254944500.gif (45.33 KB, 450x510, 1537917278293.gif)


Finally snapped. Coalburning mom defended Harambe for having tossed out another $40 in my personal belongings, so I badgered her about punishing the behavior since property theft in the double digits skirts the law. After some time it got heated and, now I'm packing up to leave in about a week.

Still in debt, still poor, but about to start a new job soon. Also selling a computer on craigslist before putting together my budget one from my Americorps training - sans the fans it is up and running.

What now?

inb4 blogposting. I don't have a justification except Jameson whiskey made me desperate and I'm too tired to frame this as a general life/financial advice thread.
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Oh and the mother's offered to let me over for laundry on my off days. That's nice. Though I notice the porch monkey's necklace crucifix has a Star of David over it now. Disgusting heresy. But at least I don't feel pushed to silencing myself politically. I just got done sending my mom some leftist shit from the APA and naming the jew.


>Write for commission
What sort of things do you write?


Well I don't have an actual portfolio. I was just thinking of starting one up on fimfic. Mostly fetish stuff, cuddly stuff, romance stuff. I am a degenerate so writing anything but foalcon sounds fine by me.


I am a bit confused as to why you removed me as a friend on steam.


If you're Rebel, I just felt that after so long without so much as a laptop there was no point in having people to play online games with. That amd CSGO has really lost its charm and I doubt I'll be playing any online games at all except in summer or later.

File: 1548040773526-0.png (791.87 KB, 4800x4800, HI_ANON.png)

File: 1548040773526-1.jpeg (66.06 KB, 508x600, cheap peetzer.jpeg)




There is already an active Peetzer thread >>191540


File: 1548045563501.jpg (122.4 KB, 793x783, AnCap pizza delivery.jpg)

Did you bring it in the only Leslie Fair-approved vehicle for transporting peetzer?

File: 1547670827177-0.png (147.64 KB, 661x662, 720if0gld2711.png)


Hypothetically, what's the least amount of effort I could put info an 'artistic' medium and still be well-respected for it? Also, shitty art thread I guess


Post modernen Art
Paint a canvas orange and smear a red square one it
Congratulation you're rich now


You could become a rapper.


Believe it or not it's actually more complicated than that. Modern/Postmodern/whatever the kids are calling it these days Art is really easy to actually create because most of it is just low-effort garbage, but getting recognized as an artist in that world is surprisingly difficult. The art world is basically a rigorously structured social scene, and getting recognized has less to do with what you actually create than with being able to fit in with other artists and speak the same bullshit language that they do.

These days art ties in heavily with left-wing identity politics, so you'd probably want to have some kind of identity gimmick as well. If you're not a minority or a woman, you would probably want to consider coming up with some kind of wacky original gender or pretending to be gay or "bi" or something, because if you are a white male and want to make it as an artist (still possible, btw) you'll need to actually be able to paint or sculpt or something if you want artists to recognize you as one of their own (yes, believe it or not it is possible to be a talented painter or sculptor or something and still succeed as an artist, it's just a lot less important than being black or gay or transgender, and what constitutes "good" art is a far more ambiguous and subjective term than it was 100 years ago).

Basically, if you drew some shitty dickbutt-tier line drawing of a guy sucking his own dick and went into some artfag hangout and started showing it off, people would probably tell you you're a no-talent hack and to fuck off. However, if you enrolled in art school, started dressing like an artist (basically, wear a lot of ugly hipster ironic-thrift-store shit and/or crossdress), started hanging out with artists, went around reciting whatever the latest progressive buzzwords are (and you absolutely have to keep up to date on this stuff as it changes almost daily), became a visible fixture on the local art scene, and then drew the same shitty line drawing and showed it to people, you might be able to get it shown in a gallery. Again, it's not important what specifically you draw or create; what matters is that you can present it as "art," which basically just involves plugging into the artistic social scene and speaking their language.

File: 1547434676172.png (1.01 MB, 1200x800, mokou_by_touhousuki-d8tk34….png)


Wch 2hu wud u fuq?


File: 1547436819263.jpeg (10.42 KB, 194x259, images (14).jpeg)

The smol


File: 1547444519315-0.jpg (108.11 KB, 1440x900, konpaku_youki_konpaku_youk….jpg)

youmu's dad


File: 1547523393365.jpg (224.87 KB, 850x1237, _2hu cheer.jpg)





File: 1519302662119-0.png (669.24 KB, 650x892, ricky Jesus.png)

File: 1519302662119-1.png (760.13 KB, 1246x776, ricky moonman.png)

File: 1519302662119-2.png (1.32 MB, 1346x882, Ricky Rapper.png)

File: 1519302662119-3.png (838.39 KB, 1268x710, Ricky Robocop.png)

 No.6132[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Name: Richard "Ricky" Beachums Junior
Nicknames: "White Jesus", Radical Kendamas/ Kendama Korner
Age: circa 38 years old
birthday: around june 1980
ethnicity: White/Indian (Cherokee)
Gender: male
eye color: blue
sexual orientation: Bisexual
nationality: US american
occupation: Unknown, likely currently out of work
ideology: claims to be a Natsoc
religion: Christianity
Waifu: Radditz (DBZ)
Residence: Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Pets: 2 fertile dogs (male and female, one of them a beagle)
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I think stream.me has less rules than YT and the like. Many of those expelled from YT moved to stream.me and has been allowed to stream there without problems. LiveLeak also has a community that might be more welcoming than what you might find on YT (if you want more options to look at).

Thanks for OC, and hope you're holding up well. Nice to hear that you have found friends on YT, and hope you get many more.


File: 1546143362032.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x753, _the truest redpill.jpg)


You should get the guy that runs the /mlpol/ store to sell your mixtape


How do you know it is a guy?
Traps cum in all sizes.
I thought there would have been interest in
The Alpha-Mare Art, tbh
I wanted to put it on shirts
But now…
Not so much.
Rip Terry.


Thank You.
I love me some frens.
Hope you poners are doing well.
>I heard there is an opening on YouTube for a new Jesus Cosplayer….
>I have experience in this area.
I am going to email Susan wojack
And see if she Feels me.lol.

&(. )( .)& <==that is trap

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File: 1518573379774.jpg (102.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Post some lolcows
This is Jason Unruhe or Moaist Rebel News he is a communist super sperg. He unironically supports totalitarian regimes such as North Korea and Mao's China. Here are a couple of his videos:

The Saiyan Race: Victims of Class Struggle

A Marxist Look at the Mortal Kombat Universe


File: 1547051577385.gif (3.55 MB, 720x504, BasedSydePhil.gif)



File: 1547062526015-0.png (283.16 KB, 1184x964, The Nigel Cycle.png)

File: 1547062526015-1.png (199.99 KB, 640x1040, Glimmernigel memeball.png)

File: 1547062526015-2.png (180.47 KB, 1109x614, Nigel and the Glimmernigge….png)

File: 1547062526015-3.png (273.75 KB, 941x1094, Opera Snapshot_2018-11-18_….png)

File: 1547062526015-4.png (83.64 KB, 1113x350, Nigelbrit Chan needs more ….png)

People with the name Jason seem to be humongous spergs.


File: 1547062824800-0.png (284.59 KB, 1121x657, Opera Snapshot_2018-09-25_….png)

File: 1547062824800-1.png (9.58 KB, 425x110, Opera Snapshot_2018-09-25_….png)

File: 1547062824800-2.png (129.58 KB, 500x508, Zaldo Faggot OP.png)

File: 1547062824801-3.png (657.92 KB, 1024x768, Zaldos Father.png)

File: 1547062824801-4.png (559.04 KB, 560x782, Back 2 daddy.png)

File: 1530400820564.png (70.24 KB, 380x349, 1525890798225.png)


>friendship is magic. Now that was a good show.

Post your boomers.
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File: 1539553871869-0.jpg (95.72 KB, 443x455, 1539552897262.jpg)

File: 1539553871869-1.webm (2.66 MB, 426x240, 1539551718457.webm)


Kek saw this last night. Absolute unit. Pretty sure an anon and I have worked with him in the army.


File: 1543102463441.jpg (135.68 KB, 724x540, image0-507.jpg)


File: 1546230326543.png (488.7 KB, 868x803, ac98b3abadbdcf53b544770e58….png)


File: 1546709995219-0.png (315.49 KB, 1080x646, 1546679036646.png)

File: 1545994910951.jpeg (109.59 KB, 960x540, NaziPewdiepie.jpeg)



Pewds combined together the talents of several master memers to make a Youtube Rewind that better represented the site's history in 2018.

What do you think Anons? Is there anything that should be removed, added, or changed?


It's perfect. I'd like more MLP stuff, because I like MLP, but I can admit that nothing MLP-related happened.
Which is a shame, because a few years ago, I thought Them's Fighting Herds would get a massive player base and become THE new fighting game at EVO once it released.
Guess nobody expected it to release as a buggy, unbalanced, unfinished, inferior version of a game fans had already completed and added more characters to.


wow really that sucks.

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