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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1516145399295.png (153.6 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)


Hi Anon!
How are you?
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Tired. Always so tired. I haven't had a good night's sleep in ages.


File: 1517360242934.png (34.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1075756__safe_princess flu….png)

Hi Mom!
Why are you sad?


It seems like a good time to bring this thread back


File: 1520219834470.png (125.78 KB, 666x666, 678678987978.png)



File: 1525230410636.jpeg (33.17 KB, 720x566, 1495263037793.jpeg)

Doing well, the genetic therapy went smoothly.

File: 1525123694669.jpg (29.96 KB, 650x666, 1525119241576.jpg)


>be Rainbow Dash
>in human world
>had a long hard day of flying around being awesome and also having weird fedora guys ejaculate inside me
>thirsty af
>look around, see water fountain
>one is marked "ponies", guess that's the one I should use
>seriously, how do I operate this mechanism
>hooves, no magic
>who designed this fucking thing?
>wrap lips around spout, move head up and down
>try using some tongue
>fuck, this usually works on the fedora guys
>this appears to be a completely different mechanism
>poke at the handle thing with my hoof, water shoots out for a second but stops before I can drink it
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This is why I want to go to Equestria


File: 1525127903627.gif (1.32 MB, 200x200, 1515823337456.gif)

>meanwhile some nigger is using the people fountain and nobody even seems to care

File: 1524879334806.png (261.53 KB, 1040x1440, 1522607406215.png)


Do what you wish.



File: 1524887314644.png (Spoiler Image, 132.15 KB, 741x1024, 1518457153052.png)

This is just some setup to get me to say >rape and have the cops swarm my house, isn't it? Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that, Mr. CIA. I cuddle the filly and hold her hoof.


File: 1524893831928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.55 KB, 736x427, explicit26541.jpg)

I think we all know what comes next


File: 1524940155877.png (129.23 KB, 611x805, 19865134123.png)

Y-you monster!

File: 1518151746875-0.png (295.37 KB, 3650x2500, 1121386__safe_artist-colon….png)


What is she so sad about, /sp/?
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Maybe she's sad because she's a faliure as a pony? Then again, maybe I'm just projecting.


She burned all the juice, and now she has nothing to drink with breakfast.


It's 2018 and the Jews still haven't been gassed.




File: 1524816099261.png (268 KB, 1600x1141, Pinkie_pie_4th_wall_by_cpt….png)



You know what goes great with Football? Smile Smile Smile performed in different languages.

Smile Smile Smile is the best intralingual pony song ever. There is no song on earth who can elicit smiles and erections as good as Pinkie Pie singing in different languages. Many others have tried and failed to be as international. You think you can Smile Smile Smile like these ponies? Heh, get in line, cuck. You'd need to get up about 12 hours earlier and spend all morning and all afternoon performing pony songs in different languages to Smile Smile Smile like the kings of Smile Smile Smile, the Multicultural Pinkie Pals.

Seriously, faggot. If smiling was the Denver Broncos these ponies would be like the Denver Broncos of pony songs. The myriad Pies are the alpha and the omega of all smiles, the smiles that came first and last and shall be evermore the smile smile smile. They smile now and forever. Smile.

t. Pink international singing horse.

File: 1524097851218.gif (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 1524080936905.gif)


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Heeeyy… that's pretty good.


Not bad.


Nice. Really good





File: 1524215719206.jpg (36.01 KB, 299x472, Owl Huh.jpg)




File: 1523643213891.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x2000, 2743804-img_1070.jpg)


You see this beautiful beast of computer right here? For those of you that are either blind or plain ole console scum, this is the Alienware Area-51 Gaming Desktop.

While this computer realistically only gets you to middle class in the PC Master Race, it is still a thousand million billion times better than any conventional personal computer that you would purchase at a retail store. Then below regular PCs we have gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox 1 which represents the lowest level of gaming. Think of it like comparing when you had toy cars as a child, to now when you have an actual vehicle. Gaming consoles are essentially toys for children, so this review will not use them as a reference point.
The first reason why it’s not a child’s toy is because the price tag on just the base model is $1,699.99 straight from Dell, with the top model weighing in at a modest $3,799.99. To you kids out there, that’s about the price of 425 40oz bags of gummy bears at your local Walmart. What kids will fail to understand about a computer of this magnitude is that it’s more about making a statement – I have a huge dick and I have an over-priced computer to prove it.
The second reason why it’s not a child’s toy is because it’s too massive for a child to handle. Seriously, this puppy basically has a height and depth of almost two feet, and it’s nearly a foot wide. According to Dell’s website, the base model clocks in at 60lbs, which is actually around the average weight of a 10 year old boy.
The third reason why it’s not a child’s toy is because it comes out of the box equipped with Windows 10. To those that are unacquainted, Windows 10 is so frustratingly awful that anyone under the age of 15 would have a guaranteed temper tantrum while trying to perform normal computer operations. However, anyone looking to not use their brain while on the computer, Apple has the perfect devices for you.
The last reason why the Area-51 is out of the league of the average gamer kid is because of the tech specs, literally. All the parts on the computer were hand-picked to ensure that all the numbers involved are too high for your average Minecrafter to comprehend. Intel Core i7-6800k Processor, good luck wrapping your mind around that enormous number. 8GB of DDR4 memory? I’m still learning 1+1. You can see where this is going so the 2TB hard drive can be excluded.
In conclusion, if you are someone that is into gaming on a real desktop computer AND has an urge Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I have never had sex in my entire life and I am hell-bent on keeping it that way." LULZY K3KLES! MY SIDES BTFO!


File: 1524028930395-0.jpeg (19.34 KB, 320x320, 763592__artist needed_saf….jpeg)

File: 1524028930395-1.jpeg (118.87 KB, 2000x1093, 909051__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

File: 1524028930395-2.png (195.36 KB, 466x559, 1491379130742.png)

File: 1524028930395-3.gif (197.01 KB, 293x199, 1491362039154.gif)

File: 1524028930395-4.png (4.54 MB, 4020x2087, 1511445535535-1.png)

>You see this beautiful beast of computer right here?
>While this computer realistically only gets you to middle class in the PC Master Race, it is still a thousand million billion times better than any conventional personal computer that you would purchase at a retail store.
The only thing that is a "beast" and "thousand million billion times" is the price tag on this PoS.
Just custom build. Or if you're too much of a pussy, just get a third party to build it. There are websites for that and it's still better than buying a memeware tier computer.
>8GB of DDR4 memory?
Did you seriously just try to use only 8Gigs of ram as a key selling point?

This is now a cute poners thread.


8 gigs of RAM?
I have 12, have had 12 for just under a decade, and it finally crapped out under the relentless assault of Star Citizen demanding at least 16.


I've had 16 for the past 6 or 7 years.
It's still not enough to handle some of the things I throw at it.


File: 1524031871013-0.png (3.7 MB, 3321x1963, 1448693__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1524031871013-1.png (71.01 KB, 1500x1593, 1510376002300.png)

File: 1524031871013-2.jpg (74.29 KB, 600x646, CwNCWMC.jpg)

File: 1524031871013-3.png (89.96 KB, 500x500, pretzel.png)

coot poners

File: 1523954851847.png (315.08 KB, 839x895, 1523937672310.png)



File: 1523866796469.jpg (46.29 KB, 940x960, 1523865623951.jpg)


I went to McDonald's today and got a Filet-O-Fish combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. I was eating it in my vehicle in the parking lot and listening to an audiobook when I glanced up and saw the McDonald's worker I ordered outside having a cigarette.

She waved at me and I nodded and had to wait 7 minutes before she went back inside and I could eat in comfort again. I don't think that employees should be bothering or even trying to socialize with customers outside of the McDonald's restaurant or drive through, but that is another story.

I went to McDonald's for dinner tonight and got a McChicken combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. As I was driving to the second window the same girl was still working. She was acting somewhat obsequious and attempting small talk when she asked, 'why don't you come eat inside instead of in the parking lot where it is cold'.

That really bothered me for many reasons. First of all, I don't want my routine or actions to be tracked by a fast food employee. Secondly, she should not try to tell me how I should live my life. I do not want to eat inside because I find it less comfortable and would much rather be inside my vehicle listening to an audiobook and enjoying myself and my privacy.

Overall, I think it was very unprofessional to bring this up. I should have a clean slate with each drive through visit, not have to get the third degree because I committed some sort of faux pas. Which I don't think I did, because I often see people eating in fast food parking lots. How does she know I am not busy going to work or somewhere in a rush?

How do you feel about eating in your vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant versus eating inside the restaurant?
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File: 1523883399001.jpg (91.8 KB, 800x999, 1523376113872.jpg)

Do you really eat 2 of your daily meals at donalds?
Crap op, that's a lot of burger


I'm sorry but you might be autistic.
She was probably just trying to be nice and friendly.
They're not "tracking you" she just remembered you. Jesus fuck.
She wasn't telling you how to live your life. She asked why you do something.
Humans are allowing to talk anon, is it unprofessional to be nice? She didn't give you a third degree, you're the one who is doing that.
Maybe try eating out less if social interaction bothers you that much.


One, see >>7698
Two, see >>7699
Three, go to a fucking Wendy's or Taco Bell. Variety is the spice of life even among cheap fast-food. Also, Wendy's is better quality while Tacobell is really cheap. Learn to minnax for greater rewards.


>Giving OP more suggestions for fast food
Well now you've done it, if he really is autistic he'll just give himself the diabetus and die now.


pretty sure this is a pasta.

File: 1523718425193.png (252.73 KB, 499x356, harry p.PNG)



This belongs on /sp/


File: 1523668875352.png (673.31 KB, 701x471, HOPPY, FRI, 13th, DOGGO'S ….png)


thank you for serving in the world war meme 3!
here is some puppers for all you Doge fans….
old memes die hard….
i love you all!
peace /b/ with you…..


File: 1523670810927.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

Quality memes, sire.


i appreciate the love!
you have made this "old" troll,
very happy……..
quality memes will still be made…..
i will be abandoning the white jesus schtick…..
it has run it's course,
i am more than a one trick

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1522661084060-0.jpg (123.57 KB, 564x564, 1522588778557.jpg)

File: 1522661084060-1.jpg (609.67 KB, 1412x1026, 1522589046125.jpg)

File: 1522661084060-2.png (758.41 KB, 960x700, 1522589049762.png)

File: 1522661084060-3.jpg (718.81 KB, 1400x947, 1522589112932.jpg)

File: 1522661084060-4.png (48.78 KB, 1415x936, 1522589133002.png)


Just leaving these here for posterity. You can post shit from the other teams too.
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I personally thought the team shit was gay as hell, weakest April Fools prank ever. Especially disappointing considering how epic last year was.


File: 1523093946793.jpg (1.23 MB, 1300x1839, __warcraft_and_world_of_wa….jpg)


I agree.

it was a cheap, safe and boring way to do a prank that would not blow up in the face of the mods like last years prank did. made them look like the absolute corrupt newfaggots that they are.

worst of all, i think this """prank""" was sponsored by said candy company who makes these birds.

That said, Peep seems to have nice memes, but the prank was nothing compared to 2017.


There will never be a 4chan prank such as Mlpol


for the record it was, but it was funny seeing niggers take it seriously.


File: 1523461986064.png (282.31 KB, 2000x1410, chen-64276391ca81c06db8122….png)


MLP is dying and continuing to push shitty leftist propaganda in their show. What fandom will you switch to when mlp finally dies?
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there is no other fandom and the ride will never end


2hu has a pretty autistic fanbase.
Too bad it doesn't have the same shill repelling effects as horse pussy.


You could always use good ol' fashion shitting dick nipples porn.


File: 1523534961076.gif (37.52 KB, 269x242, touhou___jo_on_and_shion_b….gif)

Ice fairy is over rated.


File: 1523395105040.png (889.86 KB, 1258x528, R.I.P. VAN WASTELL! F! SK8….png)




File: 1523416898522-0.jpg (236.73 KB, 1080x720, CUNTWHORE!.jpg)

File: 1523416898522-1.png (241.13 KB, 1278x800, WYT GE3BUZ NEW VIDEO PLATF….png)


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