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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1541352130579.jpg (145.97 KB, 800x600, gorndog.jpg)


How do you guys pronounce "Anon" when saying it out loud? Do you say "Uh-non" (rhymes with "The Don") or do you say "Annon" (rhymes with "cannon")?

Personally, I say "uh-non" because the word is a truncated version of "anonymous" so it logically follows to pronounce the shortened version the same way. It never occurred to me to pronounce it differently, but in voice chats and the like I hear a lot of people saying it the other way. Just curious.


File: 1541353394643.png (145.06 KB, 900x807, 1506918260524-1.png)



Dubs don't lie.


ayy non


FaGet^sabout it.😂


File: 1542195348699.png (837.06 KB, 800x800, 70_Shimakaze_Jay156_Beach_….png)

aye nis, or Anus as some say.

File: 1539883196162.jpg (174.42 KB, 800x450, 1515458109191.jpg)


Do yu no da wei?


This is the perfect meme for redpilling normies. After you teach them it's okay to laugh at ugandan things, you bring up Kony and point out what awful things, such as starvation and white genocide, Africa and Uganda's shitty black leaders allow to happen.
And now that they can admit black people aren't perfect, you show them crime statistics and blame it on resentment-driven "Crime is cool" nigger culture until they're ready to hear genetics also plays a part in the difference between black and white.


thats brilliant, glad i thought of it.


Ok guys now this is epic


Thank you. I'm still quote proud of it.

File: 1540008913424.jpg (49.09 KB, 971x546, Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg)


Orange man bad


File: 1540053071108.jpg (11.06 KB, 408x431, 1539689593718.jpg)

while (thread != 404) {
string response = Vocab.retrieveRandom("witty_responses.txt");


File: 1540413378535.jpg (12.45 KB, 350x350, werewolf_of_london_by_zdem….jpg)


Have you?
>inb4 OP wants to sell us something


Thread's title before site lost it: "Have you ever funded anything on Kickstarter"?(fixed subject for you)


How is this related to politics or pone?


I've funded a couple of games. Usually I don't unless it seems like a project that's worth funding and the artist seems likely to actually complete it.

File: 1539735515892.png (850.66 KB, 1002x792, Lez.png)


Any of you cunts seen some fuckin' choomas round here eh?


choomas. Anin't evah head of that before no sir.


I swear to god if CI3 gets uploaded within the week ill take it as confirmation that OP is jared wright


File: 1540069311269.png (671.04 KB, 982x797, Chooma 2.png)


File: 1531310212832.png (9.72 KB, 423x231, epic.PNG)







File: 1539884904480.jpg (40.2 KB, 600x532, _chad and virgin laughing.jpg)

File: 1539529747004.jpg (123.94 KB, 555x558, image.jpg)


Time for us to Digivolve


File: 1539884287302.png (7.23 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Jew NPCs?

File: 1539110956168.png (254.99 KB, 1072x641, ClipboardImage.png)


i found this randomly while looking up material


some russian faggot made this, cant understand shit. half the video is faggotry, the rest about the main board. features a porn, a zaldo and a nigel thread. dont know if the guy browses the site
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File: 1539151968115.png (460.61 KB, 4000x4000, 1511707__safe_edit_oc_oc-c….png)

But does he like football?


File: 1539242502740.png (75.95 KB, 396x553, _gropnik ponk.png)

so the Russian hackers know about us? oh no!


File: 1539242564563.png (688.84 KB, 1280x1474, _rarara hmmmmm.png)


Beeb boop cyka blyat


Everyone likes soccer! Yay, elway! And scruffy! Mods are gods! Beware of bush wolly heathens, dough, yeah, error 404, geebus has the autismo….sigh.
I blame mlpo.fag, and the internet for giving me the tism. 😞

File: 1539102387544.png (330.05 KB, 1426x942, farewells.png)


In 24 hours I'll be off to Americorps to do volunteer work and hopefully get some work done regarding learning linux/BSD. I haven't gone far from town for more than a few weeks, and here I am going off for 10 months. No training, no practice, very little working out, just shipped off. I can't get a consistent story on what's ahead of me yet - some people say they were in dorms or cabins at their camps, some people were in FEMA tents without even reliable electricity. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll be fine, but it will suck not to get regular access to the net without problems. I'll probably use whatever computer time I have to practice what I read in the linux bible and lurk here.

Before I head off, I just want to say something. I've thought a lot about the traffic of the site, the volume of posts and all that. I think, as an amerimutt, I finally see the full appeal, what keeps me and others coming back. It doesn't always seem it, but this is a real community, one with its figures, but mostly a small community with very little keeping it together past ponies. And that's okay. Most of us understand at least implicitly what we want, that being an implicit expression of white culture and resurgence of the old ways, and I think that starts small no matter what we do. Not every nation can survive an insurgency, least of all being America, one of the largest and most atomized nations on the planet. We need communities like this, and we need to reach out to our friends and families whether in the name of irony and shitposting or not, to get them into the more obscure corners of the web along with us.

I've spent the last day just casually browsing the history of usenet and chan-offshoots as far back as 1997, drama and happenings included, and I think it's for the best that we're small for now. We just need to come together under an ideological consensus, even if it's broad, and advocate for it together. Create our symbols, memes and in-jokes to make ourselves more desirable. Work to spread our personal spheres of influence, talk to people in the most unexpected places (unironically, games are a great place to go about this, especially TF2 and other team-oriented games), and get others to open up at least anonymously/pseudonymously.

As an American I fully understand the appeal of localized politics and culture now. I can see why there was a minarchist/libertarian view among the founding fathers and the stock of early America, and I thinkPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't have a car. We were made to fly here and only leaders and those who are chosen can get permission to drive one of the vans.


Use Uber and Lyft son. They're your friend, especially if you go out and drink.


Be like uncle adolf. Purity = your salvation.


Not going to disagree, but its still a great way to meet people.


File: 1539370534002.png (39.12 KB, 945x945, shrugpony___derpy_hooves__….png)

Well then you're kinda SOL anon, unless you do like >>9273 suggests and get an uber. There's also the BX (which I don't know at all) which probably has all the basics as far as food/grocery, some department (electronics, automotive, etc.) supplies, including a bike if you're feeling it.

File: 1538338516483.png (177.97 KB, 386x359, 673768579654.png)


Oh great and noble John Elway, I praise you for your great powers of football and of your grand creation of football. I of late have been wanting to get into the football spirit of things but alas there is but a crisis. The NFL is nothing but leftist propaganda and they taint the very foundations of football. College Football is a bit easier to swallow but in my search to play a football video game on PC to praise your creation of football, there has not been of many choices. Axis Football sucks ass and upon my search of Tecmo Super Bowl mods, I cannot search upon any decent mods that is not of the blasphemed NFL of today.

Oh great John Elway, what would you advise of me on my search for a good football game that is not on of those inferior consoles? I wish to praise your ways of football in a game but I cannot of find any. Oh John Elway what am I to do?

Also praise be your name of football John Elway and God Bless American!


Thousands of years ago, when Equestria was merely a foaming mass of liquid hot magma, forces congealed inside the Earth's crust that would later become the mighty magnetic hypnocock of John Elway. And so it was that on a warm windy evening, Dan Reeves did explode forth from his mighty wang into the nether regions of Rainbow Dash, and there burst forth a sonic rainboom of pure Football.

Then, later, he ejaculated into her ponut just for good measure, and that which burst forth was the only non-football football officially endorsed by all football, which is the Denver Broncos. This football did later crystalize into a miniature football for all to enjoy at home.

The answer to your question is, as always, the mighty game of Electric Football

Praise Electric Football. Praise Electric American.


File: 1538038952746.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180927-030123.png)


I accidentally bronco boosted my sip and haven't been able to get to sleep for the past 167hrs. In fact I don't even need it anymore. Anyone else do the Bronco Boost™ Sips™ Monster® Zero Ultra™ Challenge and gain the ability to live life to the absolute fullest?
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horses aren't humans.


I fail to see the problem, here.


File: 1538999595913.jpg (8.87 KB, 320x320, _ A horrified expression.jpg)


File: 1539032231916.jpg (260.13 KB, 570x558, bullshit believe anime.jpg)


Aryanne is not a real horse, she a cartoon character and a meme.

also earth ponies are ethnically majority germanic, making them de facto a race.


File: 1539100862003.jpg (89.31 KB, 1920x1080, 1537094486028.jpg)

>Aryanne is not a real horse, she a cartoon character and a meme.

File: 1528641195404-0.jpg (137.01 KB, 625x1050, __ayano_aishi_and_senpai_y….jpg)

File: 1528641195404-1.png (253.01 KB, 2199x704, yandere simulator logo.png)

File: 1528641195404-2.png (206.41 KB, 339x424, YanDevThenNow.png)

File: 1528641195404-3.jpg (129.54 KB, 955x524, yandere dev spergout on 8c….jpg)

File: 1528641195404-4.jpg (65.33 KB, 516x389, Unity Store Anime Girl Ass….jpg)


"I am not really experienced enough to write complex character AI or do some of the other complicated things that are NEEDED to make Yandere Simulator become a REALITY" - Alexander Stuart Mahan on his programming skills


Video Games and Japanese Anime. The great Beasts of our time. You can barely go anywhere on the Internet and not find people talking about one of the other.

This current year media has probably ruined more lives on the planet than cigarettes and alcohilism combined. How can it be any surprise that this industry is full of entrepreneurs trying to make a living of it by flooding this oversaturated market with their own filth in the vein hopes of making a quick buck.

Today and in this thread I will provide you the tale of a boy that set out to make a fortune with this. Someone with the ego of Elliot Rodger, the Business sense of Darksydephil and the creative mind of Digibro.

Enter Alexander Stuart Mahan, better known under his Internet Alias "Yandere Dev" and the Magnum Opus that will brand the short rest of his young life, a game called "Yandere Simulator".

In the following posts i will offer you a variety of images, text and videos that shine a light on one of the argueably most successful scam artists turned lolcow that came out of the Chan Sphere in recent history and how the Ruination of his Career and maybe even his life might be just around the corner.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1536681949505.png (1.45 MB, 2154x1340, ClipboardImage.png)

due to the continued controversies, spergouts, exposed videos and failed damage control Alexander Mahans Patreon has now shrunken down to 3.100 dollars per month, from formerly over 4.000 dollars.

meaning about 25% of his direct financial fan support has been terminated


>3.100 dollars per month, from formerly over 4.000 dollars
Jesus Christ. I don't really know who this guy is and I'm too lazy to read the whole thread, but from what I gather this guy basically rakes in more money per month in donations from random autists than I earn from doing a legitimate well-paying job, just because he's making a game that he doesn't even seem to ever work on? Did I read that correctly?


File: 1536867303138.jpg (119.03 KB, 618x588, jews stealing money from a….jpg)


you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

hes a jewish scam artist making an anime stealth game with intense gore since early 2014, initially pitched it to 4chan, but became/was hypersensitive to criticism and sook refuge in an underage fanbase on youtube and reddit. The fact that his game is for mature audience only makes one question how his many underage fans manage to supply him with funds. he usually earns a high 4 figures salary per month with all income considered, probably similar if not higher than DSP. The saddest thing is that hes not even good at his job, only at marketing himself. Which is not only why he is getting so much hate but also the reason why he will never finish this game. Besides being physically incapable to do it, it is more profitable for him to keep it in development hell.


File: 1538683311583-0.png (212.66 KB, 1082x591, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1538683311583-1.png (911.19 KB, 1019x508, ClipboardImage.png)


>Sample Video from the main channel of the developer of Watashi no Mono

if you are interest in this type of game, i strongly recommend you get in touch with this thing

>new yandere dev drama
some pink haired twat claims
apparently the new not-yandere simulator game is killing his channel
he already reached out to the developer and shat on him
his channel kept being shit own by new exposed videos weekly, the decline is visible on socialblade


File: 1538930256215.png (115.16 KB, 675x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Yandere Simulators Optimization Issues

Yansim runs like ass even on lowest settings
this is a new video from late september
AFTER a patch athat added an optimizations menu
it took him over 4 and a half years to put this in and it barely betters performance

less than 15 FPS average on lowest settings on a high end gaming notebook

File: 1532174170730-0.png (177.37 KB, 594x640, DSP Phil Curse Crisis July….png)

File: 1532174170730-1.jpg (44.25 KB, 734x775, dsp phil if only you knew.jpg)

File: 1532174170730-2.png (454.61 KB, 474x514, dsp phil clown face.png)

File: 1532174170730-3.mp4 (8.41 MB, 1280x720, DSP Tries it - Ultra Insti….mp4)



TONIGHT DSP got fired from his Partner Network "Curse", with which he was teamed up since Spring 2017.
Allegedly the Breakup is related to Phil Adsense account, which enables him to put adds on his videos.
It is suspected that Phils Ex-girlfriend (or someone pretending to be her) smeared him in the google customer service for fraud, which led them to deactivate his add account. Phils recent Adsense account was a sockpuppet set up under her name after he was "banned" from the service (when he told people to click on the adds to increase engagement, which was a contract violation.)

Phillip Burnel now no longer has protection of a gaming network, No regular monthly income or the ability to put adds on his channel with 50.000 plus videos. ACCORDING TO EXPERTS THIS MIGHT BE THE KILLING BLOW TO HIS CAREER IF HE FAILS TO AMEND THE SITUATION.

He held an emergency begging stream tonight to tell his people about the situation. Further coverage is to be expected in the coming hours.
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File: 1534674386848.png (1.12 MB, 1182x2965, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-19_….png)



File: 1534784768445.jpg (56.57 KB, 658x370, DSPGaming.jpg)

>DsPgaming--"getting" a ps4 pro and soon a 4k tv-|-returning to play sfv-|-money dilemma again

DSPs youtube income has been reduced by 50-66 percent according to himself ever since he illegitimately regained monetiziation of his main channel. Despite this, he will soon make some costly investments to his gaming office and return to a popular game he hates.


File: 1537894771763-0.png (505.34 KB, 999x562, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1537894771763-1.webm (545.71 KB, 640x360, dsp phil yep im toxic.webm)

DSP's Paypig Civil War - The Tutankamunnn Saga Finale: Clean House Protocol
20 minute video
Huge Meltdown in DSPS fanbase.

The guy who gave him almost 4.000 dollars worth of twitch money is being bullied of of phils community by internet drama
Phil flips his shit


File: 1538324142349.png (755.01 KB, 999x561, ClipboardImage.png)


DsPgaming--this is how you don't devour 101--OLD footage--

Snorts take on the Buttery Jack Burger from jack in the box.

this is widely considered to be one of the WORST Food review videos phils has ever done. period.
certainly one of the most disgusting ones
if you ever wanted to see a fat pig shoving literal lard in his face and chewing it with an open mouth over a fat glaced paper box
this is the video for you

File: 1537590547495.jpg (35.01 KB, 330x549, 1466127499769.jpg)


yu lik crik budys


File: 1538033677920.png (246.43 KB, 1120x891, cricket.png)

File: 1536889985066.png (265.8 KB, 680x523, 94f.png)




File: 1537548262116.jpg (4.52 MB, 4160x3120, Woodie.jpg)


File: 1537945520640.png (256.58 KB, 750x709, 1527175902800-3.png)


File: 1537991902559.png (11.18 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This board, contrary to what you may have heard, is unfriendly. You may regard this post as a reminder to that effect.


File: 1538005449312.png (35.39 KB, 232x323, 1537807461159.png)

Ummm actuulely this is consider nice board !!! lole

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