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Earlier I got a bit fussy with some shit posters on 4chan so I posted 4 pictures of horse cock. Two ladies sucking horse cock. One lady being fucked and one man being fucked. They were essentially the first pics I get when I search on my google. I am in Japan and I use google.uk to do my searches.
Obliviously 4chan interprets these pictures illegal. I am just wondering how this place stands because it does have a legal obligation and I expect that is under US law. Horse cocks only?
Horse cocks in vaginas?
Horse cocks getting sucked?
Horse cock up a mans arse?
Where is the line drawn as clearly google in Japan is quite happy to provide me with such.


I live in Euroland and google gave me same results. No idea how low stands with this in my country…

Its weird. Isnt zoophilia right under Pedophilia in the matter of perversion and deviation from normal common values? Is this ok for google to show that…


File: 1492872688998.png (1.8 MB, 1600x777, Cheesy.png)

If I actually search for child images this is what I get. Poor old Trump amongst his friends. Makes me think google are not completely unbiased.


Ye I heard he hung out with those elite pedophiles. I don't blame him. He had to do it so he could kick their asses and asses of other lowly pedophiles once he got presidency.


As I understand it servers are in some states where horsecock is a go, so everything that is allowed in state servers is in goes. Admin have to voice in on this thou.


as far as the actual existence of real pony snatch it's totally legal in the state of new york (where the server is) so have at it I guess?


It's not against site rules to post it on the main board but please, if you must post it, go to the /r/ board >>r
Europe tends to have stricter laws on Zooaphilia and pornography than the US, so it may be illegal


I have no real reason to post it. I was just curious because Japan is a degenerate place. Hard to tell if you are breaking a law in another country when your images are freely available on a google search. I know that UK is very intolerant of cartoon porn as people have been convicted of child cartoon porn. Maybe they will extend that to pony stuff as well. If the pony looks too young or less well hung. Be care UK flags if you enjoy you Cult and Filly more than you Stallion and Mares. Now I am thinking we do need some micro-penis pics in /r/


filly is not for sexual :c


File: 1492973910041.png (81.17 KB, 626x639, 1491625727207.png)

My OPINION is I don't care who's horsing who or what. As for this site go with whatever won't get the admins in trouble.


in the US for most states owning zoophillia it is legal in most states. but doing the act is illegal in most states. I would still look up your states laws just to be on the safe side



>1. You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

I could've sworn bestiality porn is legal, considering the dozens of websites that are full of it.


Depends on your state of course. Everybody has different laws. It might be illegal federally too, in the US. Not that it matters, they'll ban you for whatever, that shit is just there for legal reasons. I just got a 30 day ban for posting essentially "I dunno, better post more to help me decide." in a Would you? thread with two whole pictures in it.

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