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Does /mlpol/ still accept janitor applications at this time or anytime within the foreseeable future?
If so, where would one go to apply?


May as well bump with a follow-up question.
Does /mlpol/ actually have a system by which it takes in new staff?


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How does /mlpol/ vet staff applicants?


Typically, anons are noted for their interest by posting in threads like this, or by contacting one or more staff in discord.
Ehhhh, not really
Typically, anons already vet themselves by their activity in and around the site, or through interaction on discord.

To answer your overall question, inquiry, irritating persistence, etc., the site is not actively seeking an increase of staff.


Thank you for the reply.


In the future, please refrain from publicly asking questions you've already had answered several times in several ways on discord, since you already know and/or can contact most of staff already.


At present, mlpol.net has a relatively high number of staff for the number of posts per day. Thus far, responses to spam and unwanted intrusions have been satisfactory. We are not seeking more janitor staff.

Sort of. A new applicant is brought in with the permission of Atlas, asked questions by members of the staff in a sort of Interview, and then a decision is made after every member of staff gives an opinion.

The first large batch of staff hires in the April of 2017 was done in large part by anonymous email applications, as well as by finding anonymous posters on the board that seemed promising. Since then, several applicants have been taken in by members of staff knowing them, with the last hire in the March of 2018. Turnover has been fairly low since a tumultuous first few months.


Well, for the record, I made this thread mostly because there's no actually official statement on the policy page in regards to this topic. I felt like having it answered here would make everyone better off.
I meant for the thread itself to extend beyond my own personal interests.
Thank you very much.


>asking questions you already know the answer to
>cuz you thought


Well, not really. I've been getting a lot of mixed replies by asking around discord these past few months.

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