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File: 1552349954703.png (316.72 KB, 800x840, 295741.png)


Why was the Yang Gang thread bumplocked?
It was evidently bumplocked just a couple days ago, with no prior notice as to why it happened.


Aside from fagged-out bastardized Trump memes, what do you know of Yang?


That he's some politician who supports UBI and claims he could somehow get the measure through Congress.


Whats a bumplock?


So nothing?


It means that the thread isn't bumping, even though people are posting to it.


Enough to meme about it.


>>4600 um no honey, shills aren't ppl.


This is your one spoonfeed


What makes someone a "shill" in this case?
I was posting memes. Memes that I found to be funny. I didn't see any rule against ironic accellerationism.


Are Yang memes not allowed on /mlpol/?


Well shilling isn't allowed. I'm sure if you upped post quality so you didn't shill and didn't spam yabggabg in every thread you'd not get treated like a spamming shill.


Well, post quality isn't going to increase if the thread is bumplocked.


File: 1552354146806.png (1.55 MB, 1450x1250, 427485__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Alright, first I would like to say that I am not the person who saged the Yanggang thread, nor did I participate in that discussion, nor am I the person who has deleted irrelevant yang spam in threads where they were off topic. But I will explain it nevertheless, as I agree with the consensus of the other 4 involved staff members on the subject.

“Yanggang” memes are either leftypol shilling, or are indistinguishable from it. Andrew Yang is a Democrat candidate who supports citizenship for illegal aliens, ‘LGBQ’ rights, ‘Climate Change action,’ ‘Equal Pay,’ The “DREAM’ Act, and a litany of other leftist positions that place him solidly to the left of Bernie Sanders. Basically, he’s a candidate that essentially no one in the user base would support. Discussing any or all of these positions would not necessarily be shilling were there any sincerity. The problem is, there is no discussion. Just spam posting of lazy retreads of old Trump memes, with no new creativity. There is no intent to earnestly discuss the candidate, only an intent to disrupt and annoy. It’s the same shit as is banned in site rules 4 through 7, and it's the spam we wanted to get away from on 4/pol/.

May it be remembered, that it’s not banned sitewide, the thread is simply bumplocked, and posts have been deleted only in instances where it was clearly irrelevant and had no other conceivable purpose than disruption. If we had actually intended to ban the meme entirely, we would have deleted the thread, not bumplocked it.


So if you just wanted to post your memes, then why would it matter if the thread is bumplocked?


File: 1552354415503.jpg (74.72 KB, 490x450, 1552343819011.jpg)

I just considered it to be like a Nazbol 2.0 kind of irony. I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to take it seriously, although guess there really are a handful of leftard NEETs who post it unironically.
There's no point in posting memes if nobody ever sees them.
The catalog is vast. It's not like it's taking up any excessive space on the board.


So you admit its not about just posting memes. Its about attention.


No, it's absolutely about the memes.
>Wanting attention on an anonymous board


If you didn't want attention, why does it matter that its bumplocked?


Because I wanted to know why a thread that didn't break any obvious rules got bumplocked without any notice.
I only made a handful of posts to that particular thread, but I was curious to see why it was bumplocked all of a sudden, and if it was due to a site-wide policy decision, or just some janny scrubbing things on a whim.


I'm the OP of that thread. I think the memes are funny and thought it would be fun to share them with /mlpol/ since I think most of you don't ever go back to 4/pol/. Do I think Yang will actually win? No because DNC corp. I do think it would be fun to have him in the debates, which he will be at this point. It's also funny to see his campaign and lefty supporters get upset by memes made to support him. If he were the nominee vs Trump I would actually have to think about it since I am unironically an accelerationist at this point. I find 4/pol/ to be genuinely fun to watch and take part in right now because of these memes.
Because I want to share memes with anons and if it's bumplocked then other anons wont see them as often or at all.

Move it to /sp/ or something if you are all actually annoyed by one thread. I don't see the harm in a Yang thread since activity is so low here anyway. /mlpol/ appealed to me originally because it was fun.


File: 1552355802329.jpeg (51.64 KB, 1080x599, received_2277721222446007.jpeg)

Please apply for political advertising through the proper channels neetshill


>Do I think Yang will actually win? No because DNC corp. I do think it would be fun to have him in the debates
Yang has an abysmal chance of winning the primary, and a non-existent chance of ever becoming president. It's not "shilling" because shills, by definition, actually try to accomplish things with their bullshit. This is just making fun of some no-name candidate and the current president with a bunch of ironic memes.
Everyone in the Yang Gang threads are just there to have fun (with maybe a small minority of idiots who think he could ever actually become president).


If you watched that video, you would know why those memes (and NOT actual discussion about Yang) is shilling. If you want to post shitty memes with no actual position, >>>/sp/


Oh please. I know shilling when I see it. That thread was just a few anons dicking around. There weren't any discord trannies trying to gum up the board.
And it's fine on the main board, because it's still political content, ironic may it be.


You're awfully quick to dismiss harmless humor as "shilling".


Uh oh guys he's not gonna get paid for all his hard work if he can't get this meme off the ground. He really will need the neetbux.


Also note that a lot of the Yang memes actually have redpills in them or are just flat out anti Israel and kikery.


>spreading shill memes designed by shills isn't shilling
Okay anon


>Implying any actual shills would be concerned with attacking a board this small
You're full of shit. "Shill" isn't a buzzword you can just throw at any string of memes you don't like. We're just trying to have a laugh.
Also this. That's why I like the meme.


That could be real fun on sp. Too bad your marketing docs want the main board :^)


>Designed to shill
You obviously didn't read that deeply into the meme. If you looked at the thread for one minute, you'd see plain as day that any support of the candidate and his NEETbux idea is ironic.
You fucking brainlet. Do you actually think any real marketing doc would want to target a slow-paced, comfy board like this?
You're pulling these accusations out of your ass.


Yeah I used to go on /sp/ all the time but it's just too slow for me now.


I reiterate


Oh shit. I'm sorry man. I didn't think about your dreams… If you didn't push affirmative action you might have got that big name psyop. Sorry you're stuck with us while Shanequa gets all the big name ops.


Wtf we can't post irony on the main board.
By that logic, Nazbol memes would be prohibited.


What are you even talking about? I just want to post memes, and it's infuriating when the threads I post in get bumplocked.


Nazbol memes are allowed, no exceptions
said no one ever on /mlpol/


File: 1552356975270.png (92.19 KB, 578x578, filly.png)

You don't actually care about Yang or the memes, you just want to feel self-righteous and morally superior for complaining about 'muh censorship.' It's really tiresome.

Again, it's not banned, it's bumplocked. If we wanted to ban it, we'd ban it

Post in /sp/


There's no rule against them, so they should be fine.
There have been Nazbol threads/posts before.


But under what circumstances can a thread just be bumplocked? It didn't break any rules.


Ok that is infuriating. I'm not a mod, or a scruffy or an admin or anything but I got a buddy. He'd probably let you shit post constantly. Off the rails shitposting. The thread will even be taken off autosage. But it gets moved to /sp/.

Btw everyone who's everyone uses overboard.


File: 1552357390412.png (173.07 KB, 420x420, 1499327209672.png)

I answered that question in >>4608. You aren't looking for a real answer, you just want to bitch because bitching makes you feel morally superior. I don't care, and I don't have time to repeat myself, especially since I am not the mod who bumplocked the thread, and at least 5 people in staff chat have agreed on the subject. If you want an explanation, one has already been given. If you want your virtue signalling I think you've already done it.


File: 1552357409200.png (217.34 KB, 572x521, enoughrara.png)

>omegle raid thread
>#OIE thread
>spike nigger thread
Just wants to post memes with friends
>you just want to feel self-righteous and morally superior for complaining about 'muh censorship
When did /mlpol/ become /nofun/?


File: 1552357603980.png (58.87 KB, 891x506, milogun.png)

Ask OP about the omegle thread
It should be in /vx/ but they're not bothering anyone
How new are you?


I don't give a fuck about being "morally superior". I just get pissed when threads I'm having fun in get targeted for this kind of crap, so I made this thread to get to the bottom of the issue, and resolve it.


I am OP. I had nothing to do with the Omegle thread.


File: 1552357669213.png (54.1 KB, 800x450, No fun for u.png)

This was deceided upon in a secret meeting of the staff in the December of 2017, where it was decided, in private, that a secret 13th rule would be added to the list, but only promulgated to the staff. Any and all fun having on mlpol.net, as well as other sites owned by the staff in our vast web-wide conspiracy, would result in an instant perma-ban


They seriously can't even tell you to kill yourself


Hoershit. Are you denying being all up in and around the anonfilly thread that led to it?
Welcome to Mlpol. Enjoy your 9th post


I'm not a regular poster to Anonfilly.
I've never even used Omegle.


Not what I said. Are you denying being in the anonfilly thread that led to the Omegle thread? Yes or no?


I may have posted to it once in response to a pic, unless that was the previous thread. I don't really read or follow the content though.

Either way, that doesn't really have anything to do with this thread.


File: 1552358525482.png (765.04 KB, 1680x1050, 1491316444192.png)

I still remember some guy called Atlas posting a link to a tiny board using emojis left and right. Those were fun times but things don't last forever.
Just perma ban me now so I don't have to shit up the board in order to get it over with.


I remember those days too..
Good times..


>but they're not bothering anyone
The same thing could be said about the Yang thread…


File: 1552359644089.png (384.02 KB, 724x724, aqua smug.png)

Finally, I get to speak to you Mr Yang gang fag about damn time. Sorry I am late to this party been playing the shit out of FFXIV this evening so let’s do this shit. For starters, why total nupol shit, did you pull your memes from the yang gang discord seriously what the fuck. Been following the yang gang shit grow over the different chans, websites, and alike and overall it is some true shit tier garbage. The memes are just bad edits of trump memes, even share blue had better quality and more creativity with their fucking hijacked memes but this is flat out laziness with how shitty they are. The reason the thread was bump locked is it is low quality, nupol trash it is the type of shit that is WHY we left 4pol why would we let it back in here? The yang gang shit is clearly being pushed clearly by either leftypol, or a group of shills why would we accept it here? Why would we open our doors to a clear and present shill and shitpost campaign? I mean If you want low quality, shit tier, share blue class memes and shilling go right ahead here is a link for you http://boards.4chan.org/pol/catalog or even better https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/ they both are filled with yang quality posts. But if you want to remain in a place with quality content, quality discussion, no shills and no bullshit you are welcome to stay yeah it sucks you got your thread bump locked, but it is the death of shit threads that protects and ensures the future and well being of mlpol.net


Have we really regressed to the level of /ptg/ tier namecalling that we're going to dismiss all of the posters we don't agree with as "shills"? I mean, wtf, I've been a regular poster to this board for two straight years now, and now I see posters accusing me of having malicious intentions just because I happen to laugh at some memes about a dumb chink handing out wads of cash?
There are no shills on /mlpol/. No organized entity would bother infiltrating a community this small. The combination of fringe politics and horse porn keep out T_D idiots and tumblrtards alike. The closest thing we have to that is zald, but he's not even a shill, he's just a shitposter with nothing better to do.
Shills have ulterior motives to push their bullshit; that's what makes them shills. I just like this meme because it makes me laugh and I get to meme about political accellerationism.


>we dont have any shills
well i have noticed a large number of posts by a German anon that are pretty low quality.


>why total nupol shit, did you pull your memes from the yang gang discord
I'm not a member of that discord. I got most of my memes from 4chan and /pol/-related discords. I only now learned that there even is such a group.
That's the point. It's like Nazbol. Only a fool would take it seriously, but it's still funny.
And who's concern is it to judge the quality of a thread that people are still posting in? If people weren't posting to it, it wouldn't have needed to be bumplocked, because it would slide on its own.


Shitposters are not necessarily shills.


>most of my memes from 4chan and /pol/
So you got the menes from THEM spreading them, and didn't bother to research cuz 'luls' right?
Shills or not, low quality can fuck off >>>4chan or >>>reddit


>It's low quality, because it doesn't match my taste
Oh please. If it's funny, it has its own value.
If nobody we're interested in it, there would have been no reason to bumplock it in the first place.


File: 1552361894869.jpg (178.16 KB, 307x508, enjoying trash.jpg)

Yes and Nazbol was/is a colossal pile of shit and always has been one it is easily one of the lowest tier memes of nupol. Here at mlpol.net we take pride in our content, our memes, our posts, and our board, yes there is more regulation and some threads must die but they are worth it to protect the board and site from becoming 4pol part 2 let's fuck over the white race too! Yeah the rules suck yeah it isn't fun but it is better to have some regulations in place to protect our site and our quality than to be filled to the brim with shit like 4pol is. It is WHY we exist is we wanted to leave 4chan's "well it is a post and doesn't have ponies so it is good" philosophy and to have a place where quality posting, solid moderation, and discussion about politics and ponies would exist and THRIVE! As I stated earlier if you want shit tier memes, shills, and low quality posts 4chan is just a click away.


Well, if that's the decision that's been made, I can't be fucked to argue about it any further now been made clear. 'Yang Gang' memes are not something so important or interesting to me that I'm going to complain to my wits end about a single bumplock, but I just found it frustrating to see a thread that thought was fine get saged.


File: 1552363761266.jpeg (69.58 KB, 554x500, IPledgeAllegianceToTheBag….jpeg)

Yangposter did nothing wrong!


File: 1552369997883.jpg (115.63 KB, 2000x1123, img.jpg)

OK, I didn't know about this thread and the controversy about this chink.
Yes indeed I was shilling for Yang on /mlpol/ because I believe accelerationism is the way to go.
But if the management disagrees, then I will stop right now. No feelings were hurt.


Accelerationism isn't aided by jews taking power and pacifying whites.
We need politicians willing to give the common man enough gun rights to stand a chance at beating the leftists AND fighting the Globalist army to a standstill.


File: 1557623477739-0.jpg (76.73 KB, 602x532, yangsteam.jpg)

File: 1557623477739-1.jpg (361.52 KB, 1473x997, yangsus.jpg)

File: 1557623477739-2.jpg (274.17 KB, 1405x1020, yangfriend.jpg)

just came back to the site after a very long absence, and it's very disappointing to see this. the angry, knee-jerk reactions so many newfags have to things like NazBol and Yang Gang shitposting is pretty frustrating to see. facetious shitposting has always been an integral part of /pol/. generally, the people who have a negative reaction to it are newer posters who think the spirit of /pol/ is SOOPA SRS POLLYTICKS, and don't understand board culture well enough to pick up on the nuance of a lot of post-ironic maymays. as other posters have clearly pointed out, the intention of the images are pretty clear.

sad to see this community has fallen into the same trap. can't expect more from a community primarily comprised of people who had never posted on /pol/ before the merger, i guess.


This, tbh.
Memes like Nazbol and Yang Gang are just kind of ironic humor that you only find on /pol/. To dismiss it as "shilling", when those ideologies have 0.0000000000000001% chance of actually becoming relevant anywhere is just shortsighted. Even if you think the meme is annoying, it's not hurting anyone.

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