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I do not like rainbow flags, and I don't like the idea of custom flags on an anonymous board to begin with, so it'd be hypocritical for me to have one.


Quit being a retard and you'll be fixed eventually.


You acted like a faggot, so they marked you as a faggot. Don't be a faggot.


I hope so. Custom Flags are like tiny avatars you can't change on a whim, forcing people to associate them with your posts.
You can't define faggot in this context, or explain to others why you see me as one, because I am not one.
But instead of engaging me in yet another round of "I still hate you a lot and I need to justify that to myself and random bystanders who hopefully don't realize how stupid I'm being"… Want to talk about something else?
Do you like Pokemon?


Nah, not really. Never was my thing.


Fair enough. Sometimes I feel like I only like that old RPG above other ones because it got to me first.
What is your favourite game?


I actually had to think on that one. To be honest my answer changes probably once every few months, as there are a lot of good games out there. My most consistent favorite, however, would have to go to either "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2", "Forza Motorsports", or "From the Depths".


Flag has been removed


Thank you.
I've never played any of those. What's that third one about?


My powers of description are failing me today, but I'll try my best.
It's a voxel-based game where you build various naval, aerial, terrestrial, and spacefaring vehicles and send them off to battle. It's an engineer's and military enthusiast's wet dream, where you can build anything from 18th century sailing ships, to modern era naval ships and aircraft, to futuristic orbital bombardment satellites, to whatever else you could possibly think of using what the game gives you to build with.


Hot pursuit 2 was the shit. Played it on PC and at the time I thought that it had the most realistic graphics I'd ever seen.
>that intro was damn good too

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