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How to get more posters on mlpol?


Wait until after finals


Browse it 1 or 2 times a day so you don't notice.


Use overboard, it allows you to see posts on ALL boards at once and the most recent posts. It is the 100% comfeyest way to brows mlpol. The other one is wait for all these damn finals to end like EVERYTHING is slow right now mlpol, mlpol's discords, game servers I play on, game communities I hang with, other discord communities I hang with and other boards I go on like this is one of the slowest times of the year so don't fret or panic it should explode in activity in a few weeks when the summer fags come back to town!


>mlpol's discords
there's the biggest problem. discord is death to all imageboard communities


You are right with most discords but I will defend the mlpol one. The mlpol one works to ensure it does not steal posts, users, or content from the board in fact we try to promote crossposting on it by linking to things on the board and pushing the board to the users as much as possible. The discord and it's staff are made out of mlpol users, and has site staff on it's staff to ensure it's existence has mlpol.net's best interest at heart. At the end of the day the discord is meant to provide a different experience than the board to ensure that we are NOT competing in the same market since we want to protect the site and work for it as much as possible since at the end of the day the site is our home and the discord is just a hang out area like an IRC.


Maybe we should try to get some Russian and Chinese anons on here. 2ch.hk is heavily shipped by the Russian government and if our software guy could make this place safe and accessible to Chinese anons we would have access to dank eastern memes that no other imageboards did.


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File: 1527150403318-1.jpg (83.95 KB, 769x479, mlpol-net-statspage-180524….jpg)


Seems about right.


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Posts per week since Nov.


File: 1529213688461.png (223.32 KB, 1015x1161, milo_by_jeremeymcdude-d7g9….png)

You know what goes great with meticulous statistics? The Denver Broncos.
Back in 1776 when the American Colonies were punting England in the taint, John Elway took a breather. It happens once every thousand years, but yes even John Elway needs a water break, and so he decided to stop being 100% Football, just for a moment. In not being 100% Football the concentration of American that emanated outward from him diminished, which the universe would not abide as the universe was not the Dude.
This vacuum of American was filled in by the colonies becoming American, and upon doing so decided to become American. It was way later that they called themselves America, and even further still that they would realize Football and become Denver Broncos.
And while it made John Elway kek to see them grow into Football, these decades were but moments to him. So to pass the time, John Elway did go back in time and smite dinosaurs with a massive magnifying glass, because it seemed like a fun thing to do. And further did he smite the Oakland Raiders, who were ancestral trilobytes at the time, and also the Seattle Seahawks, who were Oakland Raiders.


We could bring in people to mobilize during the Tumblr raid. We should bring back /cyb/ and rename it to /scig/ while we are at it since /g/ is one of the targeted boards.


File: 1532540767421.jpg (124.04 KB, 1110x926, mlpol-net-statspage-180723….jpg)

Finished bottoming out?


We need to advertise. The site is slowing down.

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